Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 22, 1917, AUTOMOBILES, Image 37

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All Super-Six Machines Are to
Keep Going Till the Gun
. "Hudson's fleet of Super-Six racers
virtually will run from back of
scratch' in all the important 'events
this year," said Guy L. Smith.
"The handicap is self-imposed. In
order to satisfy Hudson airs, all of
the cars it enters in any of the great
races must finish. .
"When one considers the compara
tively small percentage of racers in
1 tie big speed events-which finish at
all, it is at once apparent that the
Hudson has assumed ilmost. an im
possible impost. ("
"But in winning alt worthwhile rec
ords last year the-Hudson was never
extended to the 'limit of its endur
ance. There alwav-s remained a big
reserve of powetland endurance that".
was never requ(ret tverr m those, ter
rific tejtS. V - i ...
UltiiMW TfrtJ -J
"This year, therefore." the Super
Six will be put to the ultimate test.
Long distance races at frightful speed
will be required of the cars and all
must finish to' satisfy Hudson. An
honest exposition of these' qualities of
endurance and power demands that
the race cars adhere closely to Super
Six stock structure. This has been
done. The principal change is in
shortening the chassis. The Super-Six
racers will be pitted against specially
constructed freaks -in which every
quality has been subordinated to
speed. They do not even distantly re
semble the stock cars of the names
they bear. Therefore, (heir perform
ance signifies nothing of what
expected of their stock car. In the
course of a year of ordinary car usage,
one of these cars would consume
thousands of dollars in fuel.
"But the qualities which the Super
Six racers will demonstrate in these
speed events are the same that the
purchaser of a Super-Six stock car
gets. That is why the Hudson did not
radically depart from stock car struc
ture in building its racers.
"The Hudson does not expect to
tike first place in all or even a few
of these races. But it does expect the
Super-Six to maintain a high average
speed always among the leaders
and always to finish."
Dodge Brothers Car "
Used to Chase Coyotes
Coyote chasing is rapidly becoming
a favorite outdoor sport with a num
ber of Dodge Brothers owners in the
northwest country.
While touring with his brother and
sister-in-law eighteen miles east of
his home, E. A. Grant of Barons,
Alta., jumped af prairie wolf, which
was the beginning of a five-mile chase
that ended in the death of the wolf.
Mr, Grant's letter reads, in part:
"My brother said to me, 'Why don't
you catch him?'
"I replied; "A1! "rigtif, we'll, give
him a -little- work-out.'
"We turned the car after. Mr. Wolf
and for the first two miles everything
went beautifully 'with him except
that his tongue was hanging out and
he seemed a trifle -warm.
"The next three miles I ran, over
him four times. The last time fixed
him. All tie needed was a knock on
the head which my brother gave him
with the engine crank."
This -car, which was driven five
miles cross-country, cutting, turning
and twisting after a fleeing coyote,
had been driven 13,000 miles without
a single replacement or repair.
Browns Sign Davis to
. Act as Coach and Scout
The St. Louis Browns have signed
the veteran, George Davis, to' act as
coach and scout.
American Motor
Men Are Victims
Of Metric System
"Will the present war change our
automobile measurements from the
English inch standard to the foreign
metric system?" asked R. L. Heising,
chief engineer of the Moon Motor
Car company of St. Louis. "The fact
that we use the English measurement
has been a very great handicap to
American automobile manufacturers
in the shipping of motor cars.
"While our standard measurement
is English, it must be said to the
credit of English motor car builders
that they use both the inch and foot
measurement, and the French metric
system, and all other European coun
tries exclusively use the metric sys
tem. "I predict that we will fall into the
metric system, in order to meet the
world-wide demand for American
made motor cars. My own company
is developing a very large business in
shipping cars to foreign countries,
such as to Spain, Norway, Sweden,
the West Indies, and all of the South
American countries. We find that our
difficulty lies in the fact that unless
we send parts to our agents in these
countries they are handicapped be
cause miscellaneous parts needed bv
them, such as nuts, bolts, etc., are all
cut on the metric system, and thev
must have American parts because
they cannot use the metric. The me
chanics in these countries cannot even
cut threads to fit American cars he
cause all of their dies are metric."
President Friend's Hobby
Is Building Sales Force
Twelve years ago President Otis C.
Friend of the Mitchell Motors com
pany, Inc., was a salesman marketing
automobiles. J he business obsessed
him and he grimly remarked that he
would be a major league city dealer if
he had to work day and night. There's
an old sign still hanging, bearing his
name as dealer. Mr. Friend became
general manager of the Mitchell com
pany and made the point of personal
contact with Mitchell dealers in all
the states of the union his most en
gaging work.
"Today that list of Mitchell dealers
is one of the most remarkable lists of
loyal, enthusiastic and earnest men
that it is the honor of anv manufact
uring company in this country to
have. I pride myself upon remember
ing tnese men and never miss an op
portunity to cement a friendship with
the newcomer among the dealers."
"And when Mr. Friend says: 'We
have material bought and stored for
the output of 20,000 Mitchell cars for
1917 and will make the deliveries as
per our contracts with you,'" savs
one dealer, there is not a dealer
the country-wide organization that
does not realize that Mr. Friend
means every word he says.
Steam Airplane Said
To Be Not Far Away
Steam, as a motive power for air
planes," said Abner Doble, vice presi
dent of the General Engineering com
pany, "possesses certain advantages
over the -internal combustion motor
just as in automobile work, but they
are not so numerous nor so tully developed.
"Mr. Wardrop, managing editor of
Aerial Age, came itr to see us a few
days ago, and inquired into the avail
ability ot our present power plant for
use in airplanes. I admitted frankly
tnat tnere was a great deal of experi
mental work to be done before I
would make anv bromises. hut nut.
lined some of the probable changes
that could be made.
"The power plant used in my car
develops one horse-power per ten
pounds weight, which is a better ratio
than that of the complete power plant
of a gas car. When the internal com
bustion motor is used in a'n airplane,
however, it is not encumbered with
clutch, change-speed transmission, and
"YAM Swto vJT
why- Sjy
dossiit )
A. He's down with T punc-'
ftured tires and there'll
h'J the mischief to pay.
Q. t Surely his reason for
'keeping her waiting is e
sound one?;," ...
A. It won't be in her eyes.
IVou see, her father found
- 'out the disadvantages of
the use of ordinary tires
and she has told her best
beau again and again that there's
only one make of tires to- avoid
these trying delays.
Q. And these tires are ?
A. Lee Puncture Proof the only pneu
' . matic tire made that'll take care of all
the puncture ills and ailments ot
ordinary tires and, going even further,
that has a Zig-Zag tread that gives
you the real confident feel against
skidding a feel not given by any
other tread of standard tires. You
4 can get all the information from
20B1 Faroam St. - . Phena Dauf. 831
. L"
Standard Tires
Give mora tire comfort
and mileage than ever
before claimed for any
standard make of tires,
Lee Tubes
thickness and rugged
nen. They ire extreme
ly aupple, tough, resil
ient and long wearing.
3.000 miles guarantee
starting apparatus, and the ratio of
weight to power L greatly reduced.
"1 can unquestionably reduce the
weight of our steam plant, but just
how much, only time and much ex
perimental work can tell. The boiler
and engine will be lightened very con
siderably by careful adaptation ot de
sign and the use of special materials.
It is probable that our electrical ap
paratus can be virtually eliminated by
taking advantage of the draft supplied
by the propellor and the velocity ot
the plane.
"Our water supply can be greatly
reduced for aviation work, and the
weight of our lubricating oil supply
would be negligible.
"The greatest advantage, however,
will unquestionably lie in longer con
tinuous service without trouble or
overhauling. The life of an internal
combustion motor is relatively very
short in air wotjg Another very
strong point for steam is the tremen
dous reserve power and rapid accelera
tion. When in troubl a motor car
driver applies the brake, but an aviator
relies on additional power and speed,
which steam will invariably give him."
Chalmers Touring Sedan
Is His Oflice-On-Wheels
Decidedly versatile in methods was
the automobile salesman who recently
disposed of a Chalmers touring sedan
to Gordon J. Gordon, real estate man
of San Francisco.
Mr. Gordon, who resides in Sail
Mateo, a suburb of Sun Francisco,
had refused to buy a closed car.
Gordon lives about an hour's ride
from his office ami this time was
formerly wasted. Since purchasing
the Chalmers sedan, he has had the
car fitted up with a small table and
typewriter. Now, he simply calls lor
his stenographer and spends the hour
in dictating the day's correspond
ence. He arrives at his office pre
pared to tackle the real problems of
business and has gained an hour on
his c.impetitors. As Gordon (iRiires
his time to be w orth' $10 per hour, he
will have more than paid for the car
before tile .year is out.
Many Improvements
On Lincoln Highway
Near Lexington, Neb.
Lexington, Neb. Lincoln Highway
travelers through Lexington and Daw
sou county the coming year will note
many improvements of excellent
calibre in the way of actual road bet
terment. A twenty-foot cement cul
vert is being placed on the route to
do away with a particularly objec
iouable bad spot and more than seven
miles of road will he graveled, prob
ably before the heavy tourist traffic
Lexington expects to install perma
nent iron road signs on the Lincoln
highway, giving directions for sev
eral miles cither way, and further to
pave the route for a considerable
distance through the city,
lice Want Ads Produce Results.
Maxwell Price Booost
Is Less Than it Seems
Running up and down the scale of
increases in motor car prices during
the last year, the advance of $.10 an
nounced as applying to two of the
Maxwell models after May 1 stands
out as amounting to only $10 as far
as the buyer this spring is concerned.
How a $.10 advance is in reality but
a $10 bill is explained by the com
pany pointing out that, while the
lift of $30 is distinguished in itself
as the narrowest price advance the in
dustry so far has announced, it is nut
onejiiird of that amount when the
Maxwell buyer this year realizes that
the price-after May 1 will be but $10
more than the Maxwell's tost was
this time last year.
Buyers will recall that Maxwell, in
the face of price increases that were
general throughout' the industry, last
year lowered its retail figure by $00.
I'his was one of the surprises of last
season. Considering the increase this
spring in relation to the decrease last
year, th." Maxwell purchaser finds the
company is going ahead with its pro
duction of a hundred thousand carl -annually
on a basis of manufacturing '
efficiency so marked that the price
change sums up to an advance of only
two $5 bills. '
American Flag Emblem
Of Every Cole Eight Car
An American flag with every car
is the latest patriotic step taken by '
the Cole Motor Car company of In
(iianapolis. Every car that leaves the Hoosier "
riant has the national emblem in a
prominent place on the windshield
and thousands of these banners have
been sent to Cole distributors and
dealers in every city in the country
so that every owner of a Cole ear
may procure one for the asking.
The windshield emblems show the
American flag unfurled to the breeze.
They may be pasted to the glass and
a e visible either from within or out
side of the car.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
iS sS
.... I
Act Now if You Want This
Famous Automobile at the
' Present Price .
At Midnight April 30 the Present Low Price on the World's
Record Non-Stop Champion Car Goes up to $665
Quick action will save you money on the price of your Maxwell until May 1st the
price remains at $635.
High grade steel and other raw materials used in the Maxwell have been steadily
costing the Maxwell Company more and more until at last the factory reluctantly has
been forced to increase the price in order to maintain Maxwell quality. v
For it is the fixed policy of the Maxwell Company never, by even a hair's breadth,
to change the sterling quality of the materials parts, accessories, and refinements of
the Maxwell car except, if it were possible, to change for the better!'
. TbVpieseut low price of the Maxwell has been the wonder
'of the automobile industry.
The amazing thing i even before the coat of the best auto
tnobQe material began going up by leaps and bounds how the '
Maxwell was built to sell for so little as it has.
Of course the reasons are:
a magnificent factory organization of men and machinery,
die result of many years of experience and development,
and a vast quantity production, now at the rate of ove
100,000 cars yearly.
Maxwell Leadership Unchallenged
In the Maxwell you have an automobile which, for results,
is the equivalent of far higher priced cars.
Here is a car made of the very finest materials,
with all of the accessories and refinements of costlier cars,
with all of the comforts and luxuries that you expect to
pay a great deal more for,
with the famous record-making Maxwell motor that has
power and speed to spare,
withan economy of gasoline consumption that is more
than amazing,
all these master qualities in the Maxwell at a price which
is within the reach of every family.
Master Motor of the Maxwell Car
The marvelous Maxwell engine has earned for the Maxwell
car its enviable reputation for fuel economy,
this notwithstanding the fact that it has as much, or more,
power than the majority of much heavier and costlier cars.
Vi Cents A Mile
One example of Maxwell fuel economy is the recent trip
made by Prof. (Mrs.) Miriam Seeley of the Oregon Agricultural
College, from Portland to Boston and back to Portland, a dis
tance of 9,700 miles.
-and this racking tour over mountains and under every road
condition was made at the amazingly low running cost of lV4c
per mile for gasoline and repairs,
AH Prices f. o. b,
far, lower, than the rate per mile for pasnigug fmtmrng)'
travel. . .
This is but one example among thoiiaandswlnchiareani:
in the Maxwell factory office.
Amazing Maxwell Endurance
Never before has any other aiiliaiMtnfla '
accomplished such a manetcma teat of
World's Record.
A five-passenger Maxwell stock 1
miles under the auspices of the Ana
tion without a motor stop or a atop for any i
This in itself is an amarimr thinz.
but on top of that, this car. mdorfhei
stances of the endurance test. ave
gasoline. - -
Think that over and what feawsw town Bail
Act Now If You WantA)
We offer yon at this pnaeui ansnsuisjyl
a car which is a marvel at endax
Beer in mind that our April I
all sold.
And the price on our April i
on and after May lstscnmcS
seu a Maxwell for one cent
The difference will go a
toward paying for, your tarrmmr
tion in a Maxwell.
Come in quick and get any fczm c
demonstration you want.
Sales Rooms
2216-18 Farnam St.
Douglas 853.
Tim Payment! If Desired.
Strrico Station
2212 Harney St.
IrchrtililjhbCTlA&TOhohoQkrillh. y' MvaduMta d Ruiba Uode una BV