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-lashes fiom F
1 E.S . H
IN ,
"Aladdin From Broadway"
Theater Beautiful
Carlyle Blackwell
June Elvidge
"The Social Leper"
Bills for Current Week
8nn Brilliant and attractive Alloa Brady
is at the Sun theater today and Monday In
-uarKMC KUMia. ' a plctura remarkable
because It shows the prs-revolutlon condi
tions In Russia with auch truthfulness and
forecasts the victory of these downtrodden
people. A good comedy and latest event
of the world In motion ploturaa complete the
but Clonal Barrymore ana irena Howley
are shown on Tuesday and Wednesday In
"His Father's Son." a Ave -act Metro won
derplay, an Intensely Interesting atory of a
barum-acarum college lad whose father beta
him l,000 that he can't hold a I6 Job for
thirty days. Ha wlm out, but how tnakea a
itrong play that wine smllea and atlrs the
heart. Mr, and Mrs, Sidney Drew are also
shown In their latest comedy entitled "On
of the Family." On Thursday, Friday and
Saturday Vaieeka Suratt surpasses her many
triumph In William Fox's plcturtzatlon of
Rider Haggard'! famous novel. "She." Mlsa
Suratt, contrary to her ordinarily wonderful
array of fashionable gowns, appeara In thia
production only In the beautiful, almpla
flowing draperies of ancient Egypt but In
From the Celebrated Play of the Same Title
f. 'N Today-Monday
BJSili'i i i" '
Alicfe Brady
Timely I Vital! The Pre-R.volutton Conditions la Ruuia Ara Depicted
With St.rtlinf Fidelity and tha T.rribla Struf'ites of
These Down-Trodden People for Liberty
Coming Thursday VALESKA SURATT in "SHE"
"The American Girl"
By Frederick R. Bechdolt
, xln wonderfully vivid and powerful photoplays, '
this typical daughter of the plains meets the most peril- "
ous situations with calm courage and ready resource
fulness. Mounted on her favorite horse, she is always
like the wind when duty or danger calls.
A new picture every week each a
comt)lete storv in itself Pi ova1 Kir
Mann Sais. Produced by Kalem, world- ,
iamous tor superior short stories... V,tf
Lincoln, Nab.
14th and Doug laa
Daa Moines, la.
Tarkio, Mo.
Lincoln, Neb.
25th and Cuming
Beatrice Nab.
: GEM .
Siosm City, la.
Lincoln, Nab.
Council Bluffs, la.
Lincoln, Nab.
Fort Dodf a, la.
Plainview, Nab.
Nabraaka City, Neb.
Sioux City, t,i,
Wymore, Nab.
. Wednesday
16th and Dorcas -
Sioua City, la.
Das Moines, la.
Seward, Nab.
. 24th and Fort
24th and Franklin
Grinnall, la.
Grinnall, la.
16th and Binaay
Fort Dodfa, la.
Cadar Rapids, la.
Grinnall, la.
' Das Moinaa, la.
Oltumwa, la.
24th and Lake
York, Neb.
Narad. Ia.
Grinnall, la.
Grand Island, Nab.
Jewell, la.
Sioua City, Ia. v
Acklay, la.
: Cherokee, I a.
Nebraska City, Nab.
Iowa Falls, la.
South Omaha '
14th and Douglas
Das Moinaa, la.
13th and William
Das Moines, la.
v Melehor, la.
10 c Jll j 10c
Ithesa she reveals tha nam artist te skill
which has made her modern creation fa
mous tne worm over.
Kmpreas A week of eiceptlonat photo'
plays I offered patron of the Empress be
ginning today. The sixth Installment of the
most notable war picture will be ihown
during the first half. These picture show
war aa It actually la. None of the picture
were especially posed and In their realism
they bring home to tha spectator tha exact
conditions that are to be met with at the
front with the fighting forces of tha Allies.
Tha proceeds of these plcturea are to go
to the various relief funds of the Allies and
tha plcturea themselves are controlled by
tha English government, which took thfm
for historical purpose only, but recognised
their value In raising relief! funds in this
country, Dorothy Bernard la also aeen In
tha first half of the week In a five-act
drama, "The Rainbow." The last half of
tha week the photoplay number fa William
Courtenay and Marguerite Snow In "The
Hunting of the Hawk." The atory was writ
ten by Oaorn B. flcits. fkmntiss thai am.
Kthor of 'The Iron Claw." It was produced
under tha direction of Oeorg Fltxmaurlce.
Tha atory la about a gentleman crook and
center about a bold attempt to steal a valu
able necklace. The heroin falls In love
with Desselway and later haa reason to be
Have that he I "The Hawk." a celebrated
International thief. The action develop Into
a powerful and thrilling climax.
Strand Irene How ley, Dorothy Dal ton
and Louisa Glaum ara tha featured d layers
at tha Strand tht week. Miss Howley and
raca uevereaux are seen Bunaay ana Mon
day in "Her Father Keeper," a rattling ;
good breesy comedy drama, full of mirth I
and excitement, while Monday night the
Menoma ehorua will offer a atlrrlng patriotic j
program at notn performances. Dorothy
Dalton In "Tha Park Road.' Tuesday till
Thursday, could be called "Cleopatra Rein
carnated," for she la a most lovely as well
aa captivating creature who playa upon the
heart-itrlng of men. "Her Clrcua Knls-ht"
1 tha Keystone mlrthmnker, which I full
of amusing Incident and thrilling climaxes.
Friday and Saturday Louisa Olaum 1 eeen
In another adventure role, tht time play
ing the part of a woman spy, with the great
war aa background. Beginning Sunday,
April at, for a week' engagement comes
the film of the hour, Vltagraph'a greatest
preachment for preparedness, "Womanhood,
the Glory of tha Nation."
Hipp Lovers of mystery and photoplay
excitement will bo well rewarded at tha today and Monday when the
taiesc jsiuemra picture story, "The Girl In
the Checkered Coat,'' will bo unfolded by
uuruiiiy -nu ups ana a ciever aupportlng
company, Her hero will be William Stowell,
and Lon Cheney, villain of villain, will be
ins ny m ine ointment" or this fair girl's
Stars Who Will Shine onscreen for Omaha This Week
.i.ii MS. T v I g ...f: I Sf J-" 9 1 M
h 5w- 4 : ' . V yi '
v- ' ' a i j : ",i y ?K
ovr 1 m :. :h x : 3, ; w
Sn ll....ara -fc. '..ST': '.V- naaw--..::
.ATjrtte QKAHO
Bluebird Photoplays Present
Dorothy Phillips
-in- ' ,
."The Girl in the
Checkered Coat"
A gripping melodrama ! atystery, tat
which Misa PhUUpa playa two eeparat
roles, both being ahowm m tha acreen
at the aaeat) time.
photographic progreaa. A splendid comedy
wiu eaiao oa onerea on tne same bill.
Miie Earle Willlama In his latent char
acterization, "The Hawk," begina a two-day
engagement at tha Muse atartlng today.
The story tell of a husband and wife who
conduct a gambling establishment, though
they worked well and profitably together,
they inspected one another. Tha husband
thought her affair with a young French
nobleman was due to her Initiative rather
than tha man'. And when the husband of
fered to give her up, ah did not realise that
h did o because he thought ah wanted
to be free of him and the life he lived.
Only when the gambler waa ruined, then she
discovered the crash had come because he
lavished everything upon her. Then she
realized how he loved hen Thus thev be.
came .reunited In tha fight back to fortune
and happiness. The latest events of the
war will be seen In the HearstPathe News
weekly. "Sleeping Fires," with Pauline
Frederick In the part of a devoted wife and
mother, but able to display the claws of tha
primitive tiger-woman when attacked
through her child. Mrs. Vernon Castle will
be aeen In tha last episode of "Patrla."
House Peter and Louise Huff will be th
attraction for the last two days of the week
In 'JTha Lonesome Chap.'' The story Is out
of the ordinary and has to do with the
solitary life and lost love of a wealthy
young miner. . . . !
Fnrk A solendid bill ha hsm rr.nkji
by Afanager Willlama for presentation at
thla theater today. A western drama.
"Shattered Ideals," will be tha main attrac
ts, full of thrills, "punch" and action.
"Shorty" Hamilton will also be shown In
one of his inimitable faatuiwttM. "Rhnrtv
Promotes His Love Affair." The comedy
16th and
"Tha Conscience of John David"
Tuesday and Wednesday
In a Wm. Fox Super De Luxe Feature .
portion of the bill will be .offered by Pan
Russell In a comedy of much mirth, "Pippy
Pan's Polngs,1' and of course It's an L-KO.
Monday will be Dorothy Davenport In a
Red Feather feature, "Tha Girl and the
Crisis," aa well aa a comedy, "Boomer BUI
Goes to Sea."
forth at thla theater today In a William Fox
feature, "The Bitter Truth." The story Is
a gripping and vital one which will bold
your attention. Idlss Pearson adds further
laurela to her ability in thla production. It
Is produced In the manner this company Is
noted for. A good comedy may also be
seen. Monday will be "Unci John'
Money," "Nabbing a Nobis" and "Going
Monroe B. K, Lincoln and June Elvidge
will be tha attraction at this theater today
in a World production, "The World Against
Him." This noteworthy team Is sen to
splendid advantage in a picture story of In
tense human Interest and compelling situa
tions. Paths News will also be presented.
Monday a Red Feather photoplay. "Mr. Po-.
Ian of New York." Jack Mulhall Is the
stsr of this breesy cdmedy-drama and It Is
said that the best work, of his career is
seen In this pieture.
Loth rop Edith Storey, Antonio Mareno
and William Duncan, who will be remem
bered for his work in "God's Cauntry and
the Woman," will be the deilrhtful trio who
appear at thla theater today and Monday In
mo idicni. Tiisiajrapn leaiure, "Aiadaln from
Broadway." The atory Is a comedy-drama
of a man whe makes a wild bet In a New
York eafe which carries him to Egypt,
where many exciting and humorous situa
tion occur, but he Is always lucky enough
to come out on ton. A bis "V' nmariv
complete the bill.
Ideal Crane - Wilbur will he th . ftMM
tlon it thla theater for today In his latest
screen success, "The Conscience of John
Pavld." It la a eplendld picture, in which
thia handsome star Is shown to good advan-
" uoa comeay win also be on the
bill. Monday a Vltagraph Blue Ribbon of
fering, "Th Olory of Yolanda," starring
vaults, mnwin, a sweet ana clean a play as
one would wish to see.
auburbaa Alice Brady will be the offer
ing at thla theater todsy In a World pro
duction, "The Dancer's Peril." Miss Brady
leads the Russian Imperial ballet, assisted
by the famous Alexis Kosloff, and also de
picts the rolea of mother and daughter to
good advantage. One of the new Mack
Bennett Keystones. "The NIck-of-Time
BaTiy," will also be presented and you may
make up your mind that you will see
something different This Is the only
suburban show that 1 showing these new
Apollo A notable array of talent Is pre
sented at this theater today In a Paramount
.photoplay, "Maria Poro." Gerald Ine Far
rar is the principal star, while Anita King,
Wallace Refd and others of note complete
what might really be termed an all-star
cast. One of tha popular "Shorty" Ham
ilton featurettes will also be presented on
the bill. Monday a splendid team, Louise
"The Dancer' Peril"
Also "The Nick of Tima Baby"
9 ' Sunday and Monday
Irene Howley and
Jack Devereaux
. IN . . '
! 'Her Father's Keeper"
A taPPy combination of yonth, laughs,
thrills and a. few serious moments, all
blended together into one of tha best com
edy dramas you ever saw.
Monday evening, April 23d, Special Pa
triotic Song Recital by Menoma Chorus of '
sixty voices, in addition to regular program.
Week April 29th: "Womanhood,
a I T a .a a. .
, ine uiory ot the Nation"
ia ai w j. ... . . . i, sir
fTI II ' . monaay evening, April 23d, Special Pa- i n
L HJ ' c Sont ReciuI y Menoma Chorus of ' Yf
yV VI sixty voices, in addition to regular program. ' X
Wl PA Week April 29tht "Womanhood, J.
Vifl the Glory of the Nation'' j)
14th tnd
Vaudeville and Picture I
Tha But of Picturas, with I
s George) Orey Shorty Hamilton
? and a Thrilling Drama I
1 . 1 and Hit ,
Direct from Columbia Thaater, s
I New York 1
Huff and Jack Plchford In 'Great Expecta
tions." Grand. Carlyle BlacHwetl will be the of
fering at this theater today In "The Social
Leper." It la told in an unusual and grip
ping manner and Is replete with many ex
cellent characterisations. The story Is of
a man accused of murder and the third de
gree methods used In endeavoring to ex
tort a confession are very realistic. X Big
V" comedy wilt also be offered on the same
bill. Monday the latest happenings of "Tha
Oreat Secret," starring Francis X. Bush
man, and a Fortune Fotoplay, "The Phan
tom Bhotgun," as well aa a Vim comedy
will complete tha bill.
If agio Virginia Pearson will be the offer
ing at this theater today In "Sister Against
Sister,' the atory of two sisters, who, born
equal, lead -decidedly different lives. She
portrays the roles of both sisters, as does
also little Catherine Lee.' Special attention
la directed at the offering Tuesday and
Wednesday, when William (Bill) Farnum
will be the attraction in a Fox Super De
Luxe feature, "A Tale of Two Cities." It
Is the screen version of the famous story
of the same nsme. It Is said by many to
be the best work Mils realistic actor turn
ever been seen In tnd he certainly does add
uny laureia to nis great art.
Boulevard Dorothy Dalton, Billy Burke,
Virginia Pearson apd Wilfred Lucas are the
stars who will presented at this theater
for the ensuing week. Sunday and Monday
Dorothy Dalton will be presented In a Tri
angle production, "Chicken Casey." Tues
day wilt be a special treat, as It Is the day
that Billy Burke will be presented in her.
first and greatest photoplay success.
"Peggy." Laid In the land of the Bn.erald
Isle and with Miss Burke'a personality. It
is a play you will never fortret. Wednendnv
and Thursday Virginia Pearson In Fox
play, "The Bitter Truth," while Friday and
Saturday will be Wilfred Lucas In "Jim
Bludso," which is the screen version of the
poem by the late Secretary of State John
Hay.v - ...
Bex This treat er offers a big double bill 1
to Its patrons today In the way of vaude-'
villa and pictures. A good drama aa well
as George Ovey In a comedy and "Shorty" '
Hamilton In a featurette wilt constitute I
the photoplay part of tha bill. Lew Rose, I
better known as "Isxy," will furnish the
vaudeville part of the bill. He will be as
sisted In this riot of fun hla Kentucky
Belles, of whom there are five. Many new
songs and danoes ara promised and his
many admirers wilt be pleased at tha an
nouncement j that he haa returned to
Omaha. "The End of the World," a special
feature, has been arranged for at thla
theater and will be presented en Monday
and Tuesday.
By Dirk Willis.
Neck or Nothing No, Kitty Gordon did not
"back out," she has always been "back''
Yes, one million dollars, I believe,
I. O. War Tea. Chester Conklln used to be
called ."Walrus." No, his teeth are not
prominent. We cannotsay If ha la an
adept at swimming. -
Bnftch and Haltch Jay Bslasco Is a Lon
doner and la known In the "Strand"
(comedies). He la acquainted with the
Rhodes in Holly Wood. Thanka. It's
mutual. '
Micky No, I hardly think that Mabel will
appear In the two a day. If she appeara
In the one a year we will all be happy.
Randolph Certainly I think that Mra, Ver
non Castle Is a splendid dancer.
Anxious, Utah You must not believe auch
gossip. It la not correct to assume that
Nat Goodwin Is going to be featured In
"Henry the Eighth" wtth his own former
wives In the cast. That's a goodwln.
Artist Bessie Love Is very good at the
Fine Arts, draws well.
Saint alee Yes, Grace Cunard la married.
She likes her present state much Moore.
General No, Helen Gibson does not live
near Omaha, nor la she Scotch to our
knowledge; besides May 1 will soon be
here. "Hoot mon." !
Ril sfa hi E A C 26th and
111 Willi VU
i Faraara
"The World Ainit Him"
20c and 10c
and Photoplaye
Open 11 a. m.
to 11 p. m. Daily
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
SUA fattUllmrat el tat frMUst of all war pfetarn ever talent atplcttas
',. as II actual! b. Pictures takes la the track,.
Art Drama la Five SUrriag Act.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
The Hunting ef the Hawk" la ana el the greatest gentlemas. crook plays that
has ever been offered the photoplay Public,
Thrills, Faat Action, Suspensa and a Twist at the End
UCH eicltement haa been caused la
movie circles by the announcement
that the Divine Sarah haa under
gone an operation. The reason be
ing that she will soon be relessed In a pic
ture from the World studios, "The Mothers
of France." Local Manager Hyman. how
ever, announces that the picture la entirely
completed and will soon be released on the
regular program. Not as a special.
Oensrar' Taylor breaks forth Info rhyme
this week with a toast, "To the Reel Fel
lows.' We only hope that he has It com
mitted to memory and Will repeat tt to us
post haste meaning before May 1, Poem
Here's to your health, to your Joy, your
For the boys of your kind ara too few.
There's something to gladden, to beartea
and bless,
Ia a bunch of "Reel Fellows" like you.
So I pledge you again, and oan say only
And It springs from a sentiment true.
X shall always regret, every hour that I
From a bunch of "Reel Fellows" tlks you.
Barry Goldberg said that he wanted us
to put his name In thla column, and aay
that he expected a "Russian" business, but
wanted aa to keep t the "darkest'' kind of
a secret, and that there would be a revolu
tion if it wasn't In. We didn't know that
anybody read this "Junk," but then we
guess ha must be suffering from a Sunstroke.
Is there anybody at all. anvbodv we snv.
who has never heard the name of Ella
Wheeler Wilcox? If so ther . are either
deaf, dumb and blind, or else don't know
tnat tneyre alive. Anyway, the most of us
have read her human poems, and now we
are to see her notable works in film form.
uorrt anow just when It will be. but they
are In the making right now. -
In the eighth enlsode of "The Hull ma 4
Raiders" Helen Holmes makes her way
along the outside edge of a bridge, using
her hands only. In full alaht of the .udl.
ence without any cutbacks.. She then dropa
aiop ox a moving train ana then the film
IS cut. for when the scene waa taken she
rolled to the edge and only Just manaaed to
save herself from being thrown from the
roor oe tne car she alighted on. It was a
very close shave and enough of tha film
has been left In the cutting to show her
going towards the edge. Talk about real
ism. Whew!
Hasal Daly, Bryant Washburn's leading
woman In the "Skinner" pictures, "Hugs
awfully good." At least, that's what a lit
tle girl admirer told her. It's a good thing
Bryant'a wife Isn't jealous,
What do yotl think of thin? Vaek Sen.
nett has taken over an entire circus. No,
not for good,- but lust to make scene
for the latest Keystone scream, "Her Circus
Knight," with Ora Carew In the lead. Yep,
tne ciown en stilts will be there, a lot of
wild animals, clowns, acrobats and every
thing that goes to make up "the greatest
show on earth." And just think, they do
aay that Mai St. Claire, who plays the part
of the. animal trainer. Is thinner than "Slim1?
Bummervme. it s a pretty thia atory any
way, but we'll bet lt'a a circus.
It would be a good thin If soma ceonla
who go to shows just owned om for a short
time. Wouldn't It make you mad, when you
are aoing everytmng you can to alva the
pnbllo a great big show for the money, and
men someooay always "craosT" That isn't
ths worst part of It though, they get vsod
to that and Us just like water on a duck's
back. But this Is the limit. People are
peculiar, "even as you and I," and manv
times wa think we lose things certain places
wnen we later nna mem aome other dIrop.
The most common place to think you lost
something la perhaps the "picture show,"
and did you ever go np to them and aay
you were positive you had lost such and
such a thing and It's funny they haven't It?
w ny, tne way some people aot In a case of
this kind you would almost think that their
main object In running a "plctura" show
was to collect lost articles so they could
start In the second-hand business. Next
time, when you later find the article, tell
them you were mistaken and you don't
know how good It will make them feeL
A cyclone of comedy" and "a tornado of
laughter" are the terms being used by Para
mount'e P. A.'s (meaning press agents) In
describing Fatty Arbuckle'a latest comedies.
The reason? Smith's Center, Kanaas, prond-
1v Atalmsi that rllallTintUn . Wln ku hi.,.-
place. Little wonder that a creation from
mis noiaoie state oomes honestly by his
Whirlwind comedy methods. .
Speaking of Pipe Dreams s
It was the opening day of the base ball
season and all the movie men are thro,
and speaking itf a "General" way tha Wn
tual" feeling of Joy was "Universal." Sweet'
spring zephyrs were wafting to and fro and
the little "Bluebirds" were twittering hither
and thither In yonder treetops. while the
"Butterflys" were flitting lastly from dan
delion to dandelion. A large crowd was on
hand and "Path A" as well as B and C were
loaded to the guards. Hartman said It waa
a good thing, or the movies would flllum.
but Williams had the laff on them aa he
was reclining restfuliy in the "Park." The
Joy of again seeing the National game waa
'Taramount" as they watted for the "Fam
oua Players" to appear on the scene, and '
the rooters were anxious for the "War."
Gosh. It was hot. but Han-v Ooldhstrr In.
slated on setting In the "Sun" as he said
that was his favorite pastime. Just then
Ben Cuttle passed the "Magic' word that
the players had arrived and a shout went
up that waa heard along all the "Boule
vards' and even reached to the farthest
"Suburban" districts, and Eddy Monaghan
got so excited that he stood on top of -a
post and looked all the world like the Greek
God, "Apollo." Tou should have seen "Hal
gren." (That's a deep . one). Well, tha
game finally got started and It was decided
that Freeman should pitch the first bail
which he did from the "Palm' of his hand
and the "Ideal" game waa on, Thomas
was sure excited when at a critical time a
player waa "Strand" -ed on third base and
sat down with a "Blank" look on his face.
Jensen was there, too, with his collar melt.
ed down and looked just like a drawlns- bv
Charles Dana Gibson. Just then the umpire
called "Foul" and then Hyman thought of
chicken, but Le Deaux and Kirk finally
"Empress"-ed on him the fact that the
grans he saw was not part of a Hawaiian
costume and he would not need a lawn
mower. Holah, though, thought that soma
of his Gold Roosters were loose.. Bob Shir
ley and Jule Rachman didn't see much of
the game aa they were having a Private
game of Trap shooting, but had a "Grand"
time nevertheless that left them something
to "Muse" -over. A bunch of "Reel Fel
lows" were there and "General" Taylor,
'Van' and "Curley' were having, oh. just
the beat time, and don their best to drink
all ths Red Sody Pop they could find
B'Gofih. Oh. "Watts" the use. anyway. It'll
be "Oliver" In a minute, just "hut your eyes.
Company, attention. Fire. We think your
"Hipp" to, us anyway.
Synopsis of . Events Covered ha Psthe
News, Released Taday.
NEW YORK CITY The mobilisation of
armed forces proceeds rapidly, and the
23d infantry leavea for duty aomewhere
m the east.
LOS ANGELES, CAL- A Holt tractor model
Is employed by the California militia to
teach recruits the modern methods of war
JACKSONVILLE, FLA. A spectacular
blase of unknown origin completely da
stroys the large pier of the Clyde Steam
ship Compsny.
HEN LEX, ENGLAND Circus elephants are
being used to help England's land army
Increase the production of food neces
sities. IN FRANCE Patrols on the Verdnn Front
are provided with akis4o JhcUitate their
frequent trips over the snowcovered hills.
ON THE ATLANTIC A British warship
enters American port for first time since
the beginning of the European war.
INGLE WOOD, CAL. Eleven army aviators
participate to a long cross-country flight
to demonstrate the usa of airplanes for
patrol duty.
JERSEY CITY, N. JReernUmg station
are opened on baseball aHla to enlist
patriotic fans am one; the) saowds that at
tend games. i
TO ARMS I Te war fa avemwt to 'oar
shores. The first naval eawflict takes
lae off the New. Engine, jms