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is Going On
in Society Circles
' (CeavtlBood Tnm rote One.)
acompanied by Mrs. Richard and
their little daughter, whom he left
in New York. Mrs. Richards' niece
and her husband, Mr, and Mrs. John
Twachtman, are living in New York
City, where they have an apartment
in Washington Square.
Mrs. S. S. Caldwell, who spent the
last week in St. Louis with her
brother and his wife, Mr. and Mm.
C. A. How, returned this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wyman and
daughter, Margaret, returned Thurs
day from two months in California,
Mrs. Arthur C. Smith it expected
home from the east today, but her
daughter, . Miss Harriet, remain! to
take part in a little comic opera writ
ten by Jier cousin, Mitt Rosamund
Batchelder of Boston, to be presented
by the Spence school alumnae shortly
at the Plaza hotel in New York. Both
Mist smith and her cousin were ttu
dentt at Miss Spence't. Milt Smith
goet to Boston to bt bridesmaid at
the wedding of Miss Christina 5nel
ling and Loring Coleman of Chicago
April w.
Social Gostin.
John Knox spent part of hit Eatctr
vacation at a nouae party in Anaover
wun some yroton tcnooi irienat ana
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Craw-
iora. air. irawtora nat aow gone
back to Canada after winter in
Boston. Mrs. Crawford and her
lister, Mrt. Knox, have been devot
ing a good part of their time in Bos
ton to work with the American Fnnd
... c....k ur....j.j
Mitt Claire Helen Woodard, who
went to uilitornia with Mr. and
Mrs. D. C Bradford tht first of
February, u now with her brother
at Lewiitown, Mont, and will not
be home for thret or four weekt.
u:.. r.....i. u.r..h- .i rui
i cago will be unable to come to Oma-
v f ,L. t j : .1 i:.. i
ll 1U UI6 WSUUIlia U( HI OlMTJ
Burkley as expected, owing to tht ill.
ness of her mother. At toon as the
ii able to travel they will go east
Mrs. F. A, Brogan with Mr. Bro
gan'i mother, went to Emporia, Kan.,
Tuesday to vitit the former' titter,
Mrs. Sodeo, for two weeks.
Warren Breckenridge, who b at
Harvard law school, tpent hit tpring
vacation at Amherst
Mrt. Louis Nash and Mr. X. F,
Crofoot went to Dubuque last week
for tht funeral of George Myert. who
married Mitt Adelint Nash of this
city. Mrt, Nash and Mr, Crofoot re
turned Thursday evening.
Miss Louise Dinnina hat font Into
Red Cross work in New York.
Mr, and Mrt, Windsor Doherty,
who were here for two weekt at
the Merritm, returned, Wednesday to
.Winner, S. D.
Mrt. H, Y. Cook left Friday even
fag for a vitit with htr brother at Ex
celsior Spring, -
Brides and Attendants in Spring Weddings
Among th VUltort.
Miss Martha Fold, who hat been
traveling in Japan and Chin tine
December, landed in Vancouver
April S and reached Omaha Thura.
ill, (,.m TtnlAm ..111 k. i. .!.k
w.un n,i, ww nii will,
her brother and hi wife, Mr. and
Mrs. E. F. Folda, until the goet
to cpnraim, wit, to ner tummer
Mr. and Mrt. Alee Mossman' of
Toronto, Canada. r the guestt of
ii. uu ivii a. j. a, xiau en route
from t winter in California. .
Mrs. Frank Colpetzer i expecting
Mrs. C K. Coutant to arrive from
Chicago within a few days to be
with her until after the wedding of
. Mrt. Coutant't nephew, Lawrence
Brinker, and Miit Mary Burkley.
Looming on Social Horifott.
-Mm. F. R. Robinson and Mrs. M.
M. Murray will give luncheon for
thirty-two guestt at th Blacks tone
Mr. 0. E. Harris entertains tt din
ner t th hotel today.
Two hundred reservation hav
been mad for th anniversary musi-cal-te
at th Omaha Woman' club
at th Blaeksfon Tuesday.
Mr. John Wear will enttrtain m
honor of Mist Ann Welch whose
wedding tike ptae April 28, at
lunchwn t th Blacktton Monday,
follow! by a bridg party at her
horn. TwW guestt will bt in tht
Pirty. . .
Ooe East for Graduation.
Mr. nd Mr. C M. Wilhelra left
?.VJi"!,y t New York, where Mr.
Wilhelm will remain for th gradua
tion of their daughter, Esther, from,
Mist Spence' tchool on May 23
Mr. and Mr. C E. Yoat expect to
Jev Thuraday for Detroit to vitit
Mr. Yotf lister for two weekt be
fore going on to New York to it
tend th graduation of their grand,
daughter Mis Virginia Offutt, also
from Mis Spenec'a School, t Mr.
Charlet Offptt. who hai been t th
Gotham in New York all winter, and
her daughter will return horn with
Mr. and Mr. Yott after the gradua
tion. ,
Social Crab Meet
The Efficiency club of th Atamito
dairy gave surprise prly on Mr. F.
J- Kerna. Monday evening at hit
ham. A moit enjoyable evening
was tpent with music and dancing,
Ihos present were: .
mows. ene Heedem.e
' . s Jft
V m 1
Yf ,
, MYV &
M4nt4U 1MI-
J7 rtUtt,
H. Sohwager
0rtrud VeCftulty,
LillUn NIok,
. Inu Ktrnti.
Mm, MoKwImk.
T). ft. Ak.
C. r. Ichwaiert
F. L. Krnui,
El l McDennH,
Harrttt Mbt-w,
eTuiik Fianvk.
Hi lprllnr,
Own DrtMll,
L Frd Grefl,
A. W. Barrtt
D. DU(M '
C. Rfcnd.
,.Srf'J-m.h1"am itrtm4 the G.
W. club Thursday afternoon at cards.
Priies were won by Mrt. F. Snyder.
Mrt. F. H. Kroll and Mrs. J. R..Riha.
The next mrptinv will k u,i,k i
iv. Kina iway 4. inctt present wer
n. a. Ralmm.
f. H. Kroll.
a. J. Ondnsk,
M. Andsraen,
R. Kaaanar,
f. 8n dr,
Charlai Btanbrouih.
Cl.ranca WblM,
Otto Jurseaa,
Ro , iwarlial.
' Jaroma Paalntr, :
J. R. Rlba,
K. X. Kolba,
K J. Ell.a,
r. Zaiman. '
C A Kantikr,
J. Kl.mra. ,
Hieater Parties in Prospect
Mr, and Mrs. Ward Burgess will
lave a large box party for "The
Passing Show of 1916" at the Boyd
metier Diuraday. Miss Mane Dil
ion ot Ncoia, la.,
horn of Flattamouth will entertain
nartlM At la,ht C D Usm-m 1. -1
Council Bluff, J, H. Hrtnttj Dr. J,
e. oummtr, Joseph fiarkar and E.
W. Mulligan, partita of six. Smaller
reservations have been mad by B, C
Whitmor. A, K. Donnell, T. H.
Cmpbll, S. DeHoff, Dr, W. K.
Foota. W. T. Bnrna Pa,, I W.-.I...
E. T. Mulllck. J. O. Russell. C L.'
Schneider, M. A. Wellt, F. A. thatch
r of Kansas City, Coit Campbell, T.
Gahan. A. lohnaon. W. I Vinalt ma
M. A, Milder. .
Mr. Towlt't Vint Aid Cite.
Tha rlaaa a.ra.ani-.rf h. B...
B. Towl for the study of first aid
under th Rid Cros tociety. will
mt Tuesdat and Thundiy o( each
week at th Nnrana' liik Tka U..
Uieiudet! ..
MllIHSt Mwlfla i.-W,.:
r. li H )b.)b 1a.ia aHi..u.
Jahai Patla W.W.,.. n.A. a,
- ; ----- 7 .-- . i-aai
.iibii,, av. a. MOSI
W. p. ItMlar , T. L. Davis
Ramael Burn, girl Jtoailar
J0h t UcCal-M .
MltW- MlM-
JY.1' Wiit Pavis -Msller
South Side
Social Gossip
Affair of the Put Wiek. '
A number of friend of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas E. Gerin turprittd them
Thursday awftnintr af their ham, tka
occasion being the eiahteenth anni
versary of their wedding. Cards
were played, after which the eom-
pny wer entertained by Mr. Fran.
cla I. f.Arin BnH Vfiaa HlaN
ecomplished muiiciant. '
uavisn m decorating and novel In
Idea, the L Mar'i club electrical
dance wu ntla rf th mnat a,i.aa
ful of th club' teaton. Over ont
hundred and tixty couple enjoyed
th festivititi. th club will givt
anothir danci May i.
-est, ura renn entertained th
Happy Hour Kensington club Thura
day afternoon when twentv ueata
wv nraaanl Vftialr, faMikaJ ,L.
divrtion for th ftrnoon,
Pronl Mntlon.
' Mr. Anl Rararmatl aa4 la..-,k4M
Henrietta, returned (rem th east to-
Mist Myrtle Fit Robert hat re-
tliman I-vum it It:..
...... .( ip. mia
Roberti tttended eevtral vocational
guidance conferences.
Mr. anit Vfra lim,a U Ct-.l
n. ween oner, vv nit Sulphur
Spring!, W. Va., for few weeks'
loiourn. Mr. Boylt it teen on th
golf link daily.
Mr. N. L, Nathanton of Toronto,
Canada, arrived Saturday to join Mrt,
Nathanton, who haa been visiting her
partntt, Mr. and Mrt. Barney Harrla,
tyJljS Charlet E. Fanning
and H. H, Baldrige are at th Waldorf
naiuna in new soric.
Ten $500 Gifts to
Y, W. Girls' Fund
Insures a Camp
Ttl .(.00 ,t. V-..-
'--- -7 w .11- auuna
Women Christian association sum
mer camp fund practically assures tht
aroal nf 2niW in th.
by Omaha butinest girli, Foster-
cancer inturane company made the
tenth gift of $500, conditioned by
Mra. Inh C U'k,n. ah. J .
of thtt turn. E. M. F. Leflinr. it
it announced, wtt th unnamed
donor who encouraged th butinest
girll by a contribution earlv in th
A sIW gift of Mr. Frank Col
petaer brings th total up to $17,195.
Th ramnatam aUia, -a n.l-.l. k4
by which time the girl hop to hav
rcacnta tne -mu.uuu marK.
Patriotic Celebration
By Tel Jed Sokol Girls
Ted Trrl Snknl mill .M a ..l.k..
tipn Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
m their hall, Thirteenth and Martha
itreeti. Patriotism will be th ky
note Of th affair rlrlllinn ku k. k....
being one of the main featurei of the
proBram. m addition to th drill
work, girls' classes will pretent folk
dances and fw mmnln a( lna-
nd H, E, Soliga-gm 1 also carded for th afternoon.
Tma, an f ! Im
m aBT.a, a aiuucni m uaiiicTU
lege, has joined th National Guard
ana gong to s-incoin.
Mrt. Jamet Parsley hat tlmoat re
covered from her recent illneia.
Dr. r. Vf T)av 1. .n.rlinar th. ma.t,
.a a II.
t nmH c'Jiicge.
Day and Gail Knight ar fluaran
ttned at their home with meatle.
TUm urk... ,
mjtfMV iiuiacn Will
card party and entertainment Thura
dav aveninar. Snecial nriu mll h
Mrt. Margaret Fric Ml returned
fn nr nnm, in nnitrrlaa' AX7um .4...
... aim
aH aaiiusu viait m mil T3llr
v St Luke's Lutheran church hld
. r..w.. ... Mv.iu, mi in,, aiiiiiniiion
clan at McCrann't hall Friday vt
Mrt. C C Wilson ntrtind th
laaies 01 tne Metnodist church Thura
day afternoon.
Mr. Walt.r XTnrl-n -nl. .!.. J .L.
Thursday Kensington club this week.
Mrt. West1 of New York wat guest
of the afternoon. Mrt. Irvin How
will be the next hostess.
fiaa l.rtrrla Pali. .hI..,.!..J
...... vv. .. -v.,1,1 .uiciiaiucu llic
Luther league of St Luke' Lutheran
church Wtdnaiday evening. About
thlrtV irtl.ata su.r. n,....l a. J ....a
-- J S T.W.V fivmi, BIIU BPvlll
the evening with music, followed by
uiuiy mncn, .
.,Mr,-.9?or8 Brewer, assisted by
Mn. William Gunold, entertained the
Eattern Star Kentingtoa club on
Thurtday afternoon.
' SatiirHau au.nlni- ak. AJ.k -1
tr. Clril.r nt lrBa,... c. k.u
dancing party t Keep' cdemy.
nnoni iorty couple wer present.
St, Mary' guild met at th St.
Martin a . T. . . j ,
. ,.,ui , wu luima, waning.
" .vnin wit tpent with music,
iHiiiianea uy in soutn Mign Olee
c Mb, who wer th guestt 6f th v
ning. .
!'- Mrr- Volt. tasUted by
Mr. Filkenar, entertained St, Mr
tin', guild Tbundty afternoon
Dundee "..
Society Notes
meet this Thuraday with Mrs, J. W.
Rev. Harry Foster and Frank Pugh
attended the Presbyterian spring
meeting at i-yons, incd, tne past
Mrt. Gov S. Davit will address the
congregation of the Dundee Presby
terian cnurcn tnit morning.
Mist Dorothy Sanford of Chicago
is the guest of Miss Gertrude Aikin.
A number of pre-nuptial affairs were
given the last week for Mist Aikin
and Mr. Willard Slabaugh, whose
wedding takes place Tuesday.
Dr. and Mrs. Henry B. Lemere,
who have tpent ten dayt in New Or
lcant and Hot Sorintrs. Ark., ar v.
pected home this week.
Mr, and Mn. E. A. Beardilev hav
gone to Hot Springi, Ark.
Benson '. ,
Social Circles
Mrs. Loechner and Mra. Hnw n.
tertamed Tuesday at the home of the
latter in honor of Mra. O. S. Brooks,
who leaves todav. Lunch wa lirrvarl
after musical numbert by Mrs. Mar
shall, Mrt. How and Mitt Alice Mo
Mist Irene Fenet waa nreaentrrt th
gold medal by the Daughter! of the
American revolution ot Umaha on
Friday for th beat esaav In th utitnr
clan of th Benton High tchool. Tht
essay waa on the Lewis and Clark ex
position. : '
A on was born to Mr. and Mr.
R. J. Viola last week. ,
Dr. and Mrt. Brookman hav gont
for three weekt' ttav at Exeeliinr
Mrs. W. R. Mors haa aront for a
week' viait in Fremont
Mn. J. KOthona will b hnalria for
in aui wieaertenen club at her homt
next Wednetdav.
Mr. F. O. Falk will be hostess for
tn uorcn tociety next Friday even'
Th Woman' elub arava a farewell
reception on Friday afternoon at the
horn of their former president, Mrs.
O. S. Brooks, previott to her depar
ture, for Ticoma, With, on Sunday.
n uamiy luncneon wa icrved and
th guest of honor wtt pretented with
jilver spoon by th club members.
Min Gertrude Penny wa pleasant
ly aurprised at her horn last Tuesday
evening by th member of St.
Bernard s church choir.
Miaa Marv Arndt and Mr Ath.-t
Grottc. both of Benson, wer married
last Wednesday.
Mr. C C. Sawtell wa choaen vie
pretident of Benson diitrict tt th
meeting of the Omaha Pretbyterial
tociety held tatt week in Omaha.
Mr. and Mrt. Chat let Voat enter
tained about twenty guest last week
in honor of Mr. Von' birthday.
Mrt. R. H, Cast it entertaining for
Mr. L. Sonneland. who is nn hrr wav
from Columbus, O., to Harlan, la.
Mra, H, C Campbell entertained a,t
a thower in honor of Miss Eleanor
trOwn 01 Dundee, who is soon tn he
married in California.
Mr, n, O. Wulff entertained last
Sundav at dinner for her itT Mr
J. C, Neal, of Kennard, Neb.
Mr. and Mrs. D. $. Williams enter
tained at their guestt last week Mes
dames W. J. Morrison and J. Morri
ton of Gretna and W. W. Gamble of
Thou from th Woman's club who
funded th open meeting in Omaha
tnuriQay were ueioi,mei w. M. Tv.
laa Vf tnulMa. D D TJ..1... T
W. Wtlch, F. B. Oliver, G. W. fr-
uais ana w. n. wueox.
Mr. W. E. Yarton cntrtinrl nn
Wdnidy for th Wtt Farnam
iveniington ciud.
- Rev. and Mrt. Kelton will attend
th Lutheran conference at Hnnmr
during the coming week. Mrt. Nil.
ton and Mr. C. H. Timme will tct t
delegates from th Lutheran church
About sixteen frienda aurnriiad
Miss Thyraa Fair in honor of her
birthday anniversary.
Mr. John McMahon and daughter,
Grace, of Lincoln, were guests at the
i. jaicuuire nome last week.
. Rev. C A. Johnsoi. was fnrmallv
installed at pastor of Augustana
church last Monday evening. Rev.
C. F. Sandahl and Rev. C. G. Bloom
quist took part in th services.
Member of th Royal Neighbor
lodg will tntertain t a auffragett
social next Thursday ivening in their
lodg room.
Osrauui Bm. H t.
Kaw Tork. Acrtl SO. Dr. Aliralla Duaa.
eftnaul aantral of Colombia, announo4 to
nlht Uat ka ha raealvad tnstnulloni from
bis varnnaat I danr abaolutalr that than
la any baala lor raoorti of a Otrnwn auk.
marina baaa kavla Una aatabllahad aou
.ii ana.
Florence .
Social Items
Rev. I. Will Miller. Tacoma.
Wash., spent last week aa th guett of
nis lister, Mrs. e. t. Babbott.
C L. Nethaway ipent the first part
of last week in Chicago, visiting his
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Fox and fam
ily spent Sunday in Valley, Neb, vis
iting friends and relatives.
Misses Dolly and Thurma Morgan,
who have been visiting relatives in
Tekamah, Neb, returned home Sun
Mrt. Idt West visited with relatives
In Merman Sundav.
Richard Brewer, St James, Neb,
wat the guest of Mr. and Mrs. N. A.
Pike several dayt last week.
Mn. Hugh Glasgow entertained the
Dorcas society of the Christian church
at ner bom Wednesday afternoon.
After short business meeting a
uncneon wat served during which
Mrs. Glasgow and .Mrs. Pike were
each presented with a beautiful vase
in appreciation of their efforts in be-
nalt of the lociety. Mrs. Tuttle, Mrs.
Thies and Miss Clara Storms were
each presented with a bunch of car
nations for their work during the
year. Mr. A. i. Lemon will enter
tain th society Thursday, May 3.
The volunteer firemen of Florence
entertained with a banquet and a
dance Thursday evening at th Fon
tenell hall for the member and their
Jamet Nicholson will leave the first
of thit week for Douglas, Wyo, where
he will file on homestead.
J. A. Dibble, Emit Kaufmann,
George Gamble, F. S. Tucker, F. A.
Matthews, E. L. Plata and J. H.
Crouch leave thia evening for Ne
braska City to be gone for aeveral
Thomas Ritchie arrived last week
to spend some time visiting hit ions.
Mr. Ritchie it located in the western
part of the ttate. . .
Wedneiday evening ' Mrt. John
Tuttle wai surprised by the member
of th Christian church. Twenty
three were present and passed the
evening with garnet, eonundrumi and
musical telectiont. During tht lunch-
ion Mrs. Tuttle wa presented with
many handsome and useful presents.
Mrs. W. T. Granger, Simms, Mont,
who hat been visiting her titter, Mrs.
Grant Fox. returned to her home
Announcement wat made the first
of last week of th engagement of
Miaa Utuwa .Hn.. h. ..J T
ving B. Allison, Florence. Mis Mai-
ley wa formerly a teacher in the
Florence schools. Th weddintr will
occur lata in the summer.
Mr, and Mrs. C. H. Knia- enter
tained Sundav when their suesta were
Mrt. Frit Krute, Dr. and Mrt. C. A,
borenion and Mr. and Mrs. John
Monday evening recention was
held for Rev. R. C. Harding, pastor of
the Christian church, by tht teachers
ot tne training ciast.
John Bebentea moved to hi new
farm horn near Gretna th first of
last week.
Ted Kruse, who hat been vititing
in lowa returned homt luesday.
Dr. and Mr. C A. Sorenson enter
tained at carda Monday evening, when
their guests wer Mr, and Mrj. John
Kyan ana nr. ana Mrt, v n. Knag.
C. J. Kierle, who hat been ill th
greater part of th winter, is rapidly
convalescing and wa abl to be about
town Wednesday.
Persistent Advertising ! th Road
1 o Success.
West Ambler
Social Activities
Put Color
in Your Cheeks
Thar Is a aneeoaaful Imltstloa f
tha slow at hwltk.
Rich, red Moo atiowlnf ttumwb.
tron-lucon. skin naani not only
baautj. hut haolth. Whoa vut color
fadea you will find that your heart
palpitate on aught xertion, eneh aa
climblne itafra, and that your breath
ia ihort and yu laek ambition. Now
la tha time to ma aaullon.
. Tak our Mineral Sprinf Hatha and
drink our bealtk-nvlvin Mineral
Brown Park
Mineral Springs
Jflth and O Sta.. South Side,
Fbow South 7.
OatoofHttblo rkytklaa at Char.
Mra T V fianaaal ma ..11. J
- 4. --. wiibi, " - - veniaia ,o
Haitingi, Neb., last week by th ill
ness of her mother.
Kv. and Mrt. E. A. Rustell, who
tOint tha winter with their rlaiia.Vit..
.Mr. W. B. Howard. nd Mr. How.
rq nav returned to tlwir bom in
Ord, Nb. . t -
Mn anrl Mao T n B.., . a.
Gibbon, Neb, last week, accompa
nying the body of Mr, Putman' tit
who died l Chanut. Kan.
. Mr. and Mra C p C....1 I l.
. . . ' " t-. . wrvaunaiiu neve
moved from Newman Grov, Neb, to
i nirty-suttn ana Charles streets.
T.fra. 5iwanlanrl waa fr.-H..1.. tt:..
Wilma Howard.
Mra. J. B. Ruth returned from her
winter sojourn in th south last Sat
urday evening.
Th Dundee Circle of 'the Child
Conservation league met Monday
with Mra. W. E. Burroughs.
Mr. N. J. Baker entertained
company at hr horn last Saturday.
Mrs. D. L. Johnston' Bible class
waa postponed last week btctoie of
tn eHiiratirtital .n(...... .l .
v. ., vv . ivwi,is,Tiiii.Ti i me
North Presbyterian chureh and wilt
' "I hd been ovrworking for year
ftfltri TtV ttAMatlk aWD n Tn4 T L.J
J "","v-- UUffa IMQ HQ
appttit and what I at formed gn
and soured. Wa always constipated.
Nothing helped until I tried Imck
thora bark, glycerin, te., a mixed
m oanr-rn, urn, oruuiNruii as
tonlihad ma with It INSTANT
tion." Because Adler-1-ka amnti
BOTH Iars-e and small Intestln it rt
lievea ANY C. ASH! ....t1..ti..
, ......j.H.i.ii! aim
stomach or gaa and prevent appen-
uicius, in naa wutrvcoi action oj
anything w ver sold.-The Sher
man A M(Cnnnll riniM C lAlk ..J
Dodg. and Th Owl prug'Co., 16th
m narnay. Aavaruaament,
of never rnisrepresentinsr our goods, of sellintr only
high grde, standard wake pianos, combined with our
different methods of merchandising, resulting in better
pianos for less and considerable money-saving to the
purchaser is evidently appreciated by the piano-purchasing
public. In no other way can we account for
the wonderful manner in which our piano business has
grown, Among the celebrated makes we eell are:
Imt&Pmd -HaimSnt, BAning
Smith & Barna SehaffBm. Armstrong
1 ' Kohler A Campbell Brewster '
- Auiopiano
; . Upright Pitinos, Player Pianos,
$65.00 and up, $275 and up.
' Prices on our pianos are lower, and the quality
and character higher than ever before. Now is the
time to purchase.
Oat-f.twii ustotnew write for vrleeo, terma. itearriptlo
tit articulara t tht BURQESS-NAaK COMPAMV wer
t teUin that save atoeiey,
Mrt. Mary Adami, of Central City,
wat the week end guett of Mr. and
Mrt. Arthur King. ,
Mrt. Hattit Edgar, who hat spent
the winter with her son, Park Edgar,
and family, left for her home at
ScottsblufT, Neb, Friday evening.
Grant Sill, who is preparing to be
a medical missionary, has filled the
pulpit at Jennings church for two
past Sundays.
Miss Marie Carlsen, who came from
Lincoln Saturday evening to spend
few day with her mother, left Mon
day for western Nebraska.
Gilbert Thompson and bride, who
were recently married, have taken th
Randall eottag on Forty-ninth and
Pacific itreeti for the lummer, '
Mrt. H. Nielson and small daugh
ter, Jane, left Friday evening for Har
lan, Iowa, to spend the week end.
Mra. A. Miller was the guest this
week of Mn. Henry Parkt and daugh
ter, Mn. L. Barr, in Monmouth
Fred Goodnough returned on Fri
day evening from Arcadia,' Florida,
wher he (pent the latter nart nf th
Mrs. Glen Gerkin entertained this
week for her house guests, Mesdame
William Frl.nfi-M .,) T IT D..I
of Villisca, Ia.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Fulmer have had
as their guest thit week their father,
P. L. Van Meter, of Hamburg, la.
Mrs. Edward Wajth, accompanied
nv hir eiet.r VT.a r l -T . C
Portland, Ore, left Monday for their
old home in New Jeney, where they
will spend the tummer.
Mr. and Mri. Glenn Fratt wel
corned a ion into their home on Mon
nav. Ura. TTvatt ar,. ...).. vr:..
Gertrude Roessing of west side.
Mrs. A. E. Koplin entertained at
dinner at hir knrn. :n T7 1,.
- .. ..v...v ... l.llll lll.fl U(l
Thursday for Mrs. W. W. Col and
and on, Billy, and Mrt. Allic.
It.. D T? . ...
., d. r., uant? eniertainea th
W-.T Cl'H. Wmn..1. rU.:.l! T
..... ..Univ.,! a viiiiaiin i cm
perance Union on Thursday. A pa-
trinli- w : ( I
i.hi. wiujuiii wu given ano pians
,u ,v.iii wui k lur lne aoiqier ooyt
m camp were made.
it. u arown arrived on Friday
from Jacksonville, Fla., where he had
tpent the winter, to vitit tome tim
here with his daughter, Mrs. Edgar,;
before returning to his home in Den
ver. v .
Mrs. H. G. Claggett, assisted bv
her daughter, Mrs. E. Stevens, will
entertain the all day meeting of th
Ladies' Aid society Thursday, April
26, at ther new home on Leaven
worth Heights.
Tuesday afternoon the marriage oi
Floyd G. Hensman, eldest ion of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hensman, and
Miss Laura Frieber, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Frieber, took place
at the parsonage on Eleventh and
Dorcas streets. An old friend of the
bride, Rev. R. Hilkerbaumer, officiat
ed. Mrs. Frank Thomas, sister of tht
groom, was bridesmaid and Mr.
Thomas best man. After a honey,
moon with relatives at Sutton, Neb,
they will be at home to their friends
in their new bungalow at Thirty
fourth and Taylor streets.
Mrs. Bert Polley entertained the
Jolly Ten member of the A. B,
Towel club t her home on Saturday
afternoon. Those present were:
Mesdames. R- G. Sutton, Grant
Hayes, A. Hatfield, A. Wiig, S. Kern,
N. T. Thompson, S. Westin, L, T.
Bullock, M. Peterson. .
Whltteok at Han.
Havre, April IS. Brend Whltlock, Unite
States muilatar t Balilum, arrived to ae-
sume bll dutlae at the present seet Ot the
aeitiaa aovernmont aero.
Cash Prizes
. Offender
Paralta Plays, Inc.
. Tea New Motion Picture Co.
$50 to the perioa who mbmki the
beat trade nark detvgn; $50 for '
die brat catch phrase lor advenit
iaf, and $50 for the beat special .
type i lenatiai for Paralta Plan,
lac. Tbeaowlhroemillioodollat I
olio picture corporatwo opens
this coolest to ereriUaJy. You
ay wia all J the three prut, ,
sutraf atotaloDIM). The cos. .
test closet at audmeht May 15,
1917. Send a self e&reasodea.
elope aad w will aua yea fall
peraculan as to the etrau aid oo
, cbioot f the cootest.
Paralta Plays. Inc.
72$ Sereeta Avse-aa, New York CKy
Special SALE-
Monday ONLY-
At an inducement to hav yon visit our beautiful Oriental
we offer 100 Orib Bowl for th special price of 1.00.
Oribe Wan mi lint made in
seta in tha yaav 1604 and la
considered by collector on
f the rareat ot old Japanese
ottarlei., These bowls are
xaet eoptee of the ancient
Oribo Wart in their wonderful
ahapea and eoftly blended co).
era. Vlilt ui en Monday and
cure one of these beautiful
Iwwli. .
(AeroM from W. O. W. Building.) ,
"It's EairToI!iEU7
I - al .
ICOTJL haMly beltera U myaelf,
when t flret saw with what re
markable ease bleokhaada could
be entirely eliminated, 1 believed
ae tht-ueanda of ether do to thli day
i that plnehlntr and face eteamln were
the only method, which force out theae
beauty-dettroylnv peiti. You all know,
-or should know that pinching? the ahln
la vlacee, to remove blackheads, pre
dueea red aneti, and after a time the
whole face la full af Irreamlar patohee.
Get some aeroxln at any drug attye and
sprinkle a liberal amount en a aponre
wet with hot water. Then rub tt en
the places where tha blackheads are.
for a few memento. After waahln
the face yen will And that every black
bead btr and little, has disappeared
from sight completely. This should also
be done every little while to prevent
them from reappearing.
MLLJC. X. It's the ecalp that needs
eleanainff even more then the hair, But
soap cannot remeva the fatty films and
scales. - Then, too, the alkali In soap
dries up the scalp ell. The way to
thoroughly clean the scalp Is by dissolv
ing away the fatty substances. Eggot
Is the only thing that will do this. A
teaspoonful of eggel In a half cup ef
weter makes en extraordinary rl-'h
shampe and hair cleanser. Too will
have a cleaner scalp than ever before
and this will help tt Itt the hair gruw,
see .
Visa HOW There are very few drug
stores that oan't supply you with the
bet-r4pio for making up my "heir
foreer." but If you cannot secure It send
the price flfty cents, to "Secretary ia
Valeaka Vuratt. Thompson Bldg., ChU
cage." and my secretary wilt forward
tt ta you immediately.
MRS. I. Ten can make your hair
grew about an Inch a month and la a
, short time. Instead of your hair being
only to your shoulders, H will be down
to your watat, silky and luaurlant, and
those thin apota will be all Ailed with
new growtng hair. Ton can rely on this
renult. Hundreds of my frlende are hav
ing thla experience. Tog oan make up
aver a pint of this remarkable hair
grower, by mixing one ounce of beta
o. ai no I with either a half pint each ef
water and alcohol, or else with a plat
of bay rum. This costs lea than any
prepared aalrtraatment you can buy,
and It never fall aa others do. Zen't
taU eft It t . ... . . . .
"Almost In a Twinkling;, Thty
Coma Right Out." Sugfosts ... j
Valesfca Suratt, th Stags
Botaty 'That Never
MIM A. H. Well, you are the girt
that will be surprised If you will use
my formula for beautifying the akin. X
can promise you really and surely an
exquisite complexion In a mighty short
time, with a tint like the ross, and spot
less as the Illy, If you will make thla
cream at home yourself and use It Now
get from your druggist one ounoe ef
slntons and mix It with two tablespoon
fuls of glycerine In a pint of water. This
makes a rich, satiny cream. Use it freely
every day end yea will hav your
dream come true. - ,'
UNCOMFORTABLE B very morning
and during the day if possible, apply
freely some hydro I lied talo to tha arm
ptte and the terrible perspiration will
be entirely controlled, the odor will eeasa
at once, and you'll ruin no mora gown
or suffer embarrassment. It la really
magic la Its work. ;
' MRS. J. K. M. This formula trlnga
the skin back to all its original plump
ness and vigor. An astonishing result
Is tho gulck disappearance of wrinkles
little and big. crows' feet and lines of
sge. It Is simple and can be prepered
In a few moments, by adding to half a
pint of water, one tablespoonful of gly
cerine and two ounces of eptel, obtained
from your druggist. This takes years
from your appearance, and la always
sure and positive in Its work.
MRS. w. P. Avoid mechanical in
struments for bust development, Veo
a safe formula, by mixing two ounces
ef rue tone, half a cup of sugar and
hlf a pink of water. Two tables peen
fuls nf this after each meal, and sna
at bedtime, will tn most Instaneea do
wonderful work. Of course no one can
promise sura results to any one case.
SUPER -Well. I warped you' before
not to use any of the 1ml r "burners"
commonly sold. Remember? Moisten
the hairs with sulfb solution, which
you can get at the drug store, Thia
will make the hair literally wither away
in a few minutes. It can't hurt the ten
dereat skin, and It always does the work-.
It leave the skin soft and fair, without
spots or redness.
e e e
MISS J. t. It Is very true, nearly
all feoe powders ere much too chalky,
and do not He evenly on tha skin. This
Is why I had my faa powder mads after
my own formula. It Is wonderful in Itg
flneneea end ta Invisible when applied,
giving a bloom to the akin which la
perfect. It Is new sold tn drug stores,
as "Valeaka Buratt Face Powder," for
ftfty cents, in white, flesh and brunsttte
tints. Advert Istment.