Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 21, 1917, NEWS SECTION, Page 7, Image 7

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    pnty of Satisfaction and Exceptional Savings
t "V ... I r .
Selling Knit Underwear
Right at the Seasonable Time
At prices which are extremely moderate, to say the least.
The best makes, and shown here in complete assortment,
for women and children. We are the sole agent for the
celebrated "Munsing" Union Suits, which are the best to
be obtained.
$1.25 Women's Silk Top Lisle Body Union
Suits, all sizes, at
$2.00 Venetian Silk Bloomers, pink only, all M CQ
sizes, only 1 i,s'
$2.00 All Silk Embroidered Vests, very spe- $1 gj
$1.50 Venetian Silk Vests, silk beading tops, tf 1 in
all sizes, at P.17
$1.25 Venetian Silk Lace Trimmed Camisoles, 1 A A
all sizes, at tfl.UU
85c values in Women's Cotton Lisle Union Suits, CQ.
tight and lace-trimmed knee, Saturday 07C
Special Union Suits for Women, cotton lisle, OE-
worth 50c, at 00 c
Cotton Lisle Vests for Women, worth 85c, spe- OC.
cial, at ,oc
Kayser Vests, hand crochet yokes, pink and EQ-
white, at OJ7C
"M" Suits for Boys and Girls, all styles and CAr
sizes, Saturday, at UUC
Odd lots of Children's Union Suits, good values,
for ODC
Children's "M" Knit or Muslin Waists, Satur- OQ-
day, at AI,C
Children's Vests and Pants, worth 19c, Sat- Oi
urday, at , U2C
Main Floor
and "Prince Charming," Will Be Here Saturday
fARdQTQlld. Bringing Beautiful Hats for Little Girls
Cinderella will be here seated on her throne on
Saturday, from 10 A. M. to 12 M., and 2 to 4 P. M.,
and with her this year her consort Prince Charming.
She has made so many little friends each season
she has come to the Brandeis Stores, that we anticipate
a great throng on Saturday, so if you want your little
girl and little boy to see her you had better come
The "Cinderella" Hats
Are Simply Wonderful
and will certainly grace any charming little face they
frame. Never were there so many and such a varied
selection and the price, as you know-
$2.00, Always
Stamped Dresses, Towels etc.
In Art Embroidery Sale
A VERY SPECIAL offering for Saturday in this Art Em
broidery Store unusually low prices.
Children'! Stamped Dresses, all ready made. Pique and Batiste,
ready to embroider; sizes 2 to 12 years. Values 75c to $2, at 59
Stamped Bath Towels, Pillow Cases, Night Gowns, Linen Towels,
Centers and Pillows, values up to $1.00, choice, at 39
Boudoir Baskets, with cretonne, In enamel and mission finish;
regularly 75c to $1.00, choice, at. . , 25
Third Floor
W&igHave Just Arrived
The Princess Cinderella sent us, from Fairyland,
a message to the effect that one of whom she thinks a
great deal, will be with her this season, to stay with
the Brandeis Stores as a permanent resident
"Billiken," Who Brings Children's Shoes
and the best Shoes for little folk we have ever seen
we have installed them in a special department in the
Main Floor Specialty Shoe Shop and after you have
come here Saturday and paid your respects to the
dainty little princess and her consort go down to the
Shoe Store and see the smiling Billiken and
Get one of the Souvenir he will pais out to good
boyt and girls.
BILLIKEN SHOES are five-roomed apartments
for little feet, with a room for every toe. All sizes
from infants' to grown boys' and girl's THE ACME
onable price.
1 1 (icrpmu I
5000 Untrimmed Hats for Women, Values up to $5.00, at $1.19 and $1.69
We have just completed a big purchase in Chicago that enables us to quote this price, just at the time when you are ready to trim
your second hat. An endless variety of the very best quality China Piping or "Lisere."
Beautiful Hat Shapes
In wonderful Sailor Shapes, Revolutionary Tricorns,
Smart Mushrooms, Narrow Brim Hats with turned down
edges, side roll shapes and, in fact, every and any shape
you may be looking for.
Every Hat exceptionally well sewn and properly fin
ished and nearly 75 per cent of the lot are BLACK ;
which is so much in demand. In addition you will find
gold, cherry red, navy, sand, purple, etc.
Second Floor
49c to $1.50 Trimmings. 19c and 39c
On Main Floor Bargain Squares
From the Big Chicago Purchase also thousands
of novelties in Burnt Goose, Ornaments, Wings, Flow
ers and Fancies; the assortment is so varied that it will
not permit of individual description. AH styles and all
colors. Two big lots, 19c and 39.
Main Floor Bargain Squarw for Tail
Fine Sweets at Low
Our home made delicious opera
fruit roll, rolled in chopped
nuts, a lb., at 29c
Made while you wait in our can
dy square; Cream Chip Cocoa
nut Square, vanilla and choco
late, lb., at 19e
Special Cream Peanut Nuggets,
vanilla, strawberry and choco
1 late, lb., at 19c
. Old Fashioned Black Walnut
. Taffy, at, a lb 29c
Fresh Maple Confections, cara
mel glazen, maple gems, maple
cocoanut balls and maple pen
ochio, a lb., at. , 25c
Our Chocolate Fompeian Bitter
Sweets and Swiss Style Milk
Chocolates, nut and fruit cen
ters, a pound box 29c
Main Floor, Pompcimn Room
Stylish Gloves
lodest Prices
I s Kid Gloves
p icially interesting for Saturday,
'ishable Kid Gloves. In all the
II prettily stitched backs, every
il i ; at $2.00 and $2.25 a pair.
ial for Saturday
c res, not in all colors, priced for
t pajiv"
Bt Silk Gloves
i line of Kayser's Silk Gloves, we
attractive, beautiful white silk
s, at 85c a pair. Every pair of
raer Gloves, absolutely guaran
n I by us.
hite Kid Gloves
Saturday only, we are offering 60
11 vts, imported from France, worth
li .parent market quotations; while this
( 00 a pair.
en's Gloves
jj special attraction in Children's Gloves
ed quantity of Children's Light Weight
: ir white, ages from 1 to 10 years only,
two to .three times the price we are
ort Saturday, at, a pair 391
jiia Floor
Beautiful Georgette Crepe Blouses
at $5.98 to $10.00
NO ONE NEEDS an introduction to the best
blouse material of this or any other season
Georgette Crepe and no one will need a second
invitation to buy these fascinating styles, once they
see them, at these prices.
Frills, large and small large fancy collars with
imitation filet lace. ' Some in fancy colors with
embroidered designs. Square neck, some V necks.
Large pearl buttons are employed very effectively.
One model shows horizontal tucks forming
from collar and continuing clear around. There
is an unending variety of styles in this display.
All the most popular colorings; sizes 36 to 44.
Some are beautifully bead trimmed.
SMond Floor
Recipe File
Mara Floof, Stationary Dept.
3x5-in. oak
Card File,
with 100
cards and A
to Z index
for address-,
es or cook
ing recipe
index for
the house
Special, at
Foods Are Very High You Know It
Then Why Not Keep Them Properly?
The best Refrigerator you can buy is none too good
to keep the foods you have to pay so much for.
Bohn Syphon Refrigerators
(Seamiest Porcelain Lined)
Are the very best we know of.
The cold, dry air of a Bohn Syphon Refrigerator is
reliable and will keep the foods you deposit in it in per
fect condition, helping to reduce the high cost of living.
real economy to purchase the Bohn Syphon Refrigerator.
Prices From $45.00 Upward
Very Special for Saturday
WHITE LINED, three-door type Refrigerator, ash case, with golden oak finish; heavy
inside case and well insulated ; all hinges and latches solid brass, nickel c QO
plated; 60-pound ice capacity, priced at '
Here's Great News for Boys
Unrivaled Offers
for Saturday
' WE HAVE established the rep
utation of the "Du-Plex" Suits
they are BEST that's settled
because with the double knees
and seats, and two pairs of pants
to a suit, they will outlast any
suit we know of they are su
premely stylish as well, and the
price range from $5.00 to $15.00.
Now Here's a Very Remarkable Offering
About 300 Suits, short lots and odd suite that we have grouped together from regular
stocks many suits with 2 pairs of pants REPRICED FOR SATURDAYryour choice t
$5.00 a Suit
All Bizes to start with, and a wonderful little price for them.
A Corking Sale of Boys' Waists, 45c
Hundreds of Sample Blouses, tot-ether with many from our own stock that are slightly mussed.
Regular collar' blouses, Eton collar styles, sports collar styles and neckband styles.
All standard makes, K. & ., Bell, K. & S., and Cadet
ONE DAY ONLY, at 45c Each
High School Boys' LonzTrouser Suits. J 10.00
The snappiest models, real smart patterns in the newest fabrics. Sizes 14 to 19 years.
Wash Suite in "Trench" Styles
Nobby styles, just arrived, with cuff bottom
pants, in variety of colors; Sport Suits with sport
hats to match. Also Navy, Middy and Norfolk Suits
with navy cap and all wash suits, 8Se to $5.00.
Top Coats for Youngsters
Prices from $2.80 to $10.00. Every new style,
every new fabric, every new coloring- and lots of
them come and see.
Third Floor
OurSemi-Annual Sale of Linoleum
Begins Here on Monday Next
Details will be published in Sunday's papers look for them.
This has become a standard event with hundreds and hundreds of women and
they wait for the wonderful offerings we are able to make because of our immense
buying power. With linoleum quoted at sky-high prices in the wholesale market
you will simply marvel at the figures we will quote on Sunday watch for them.
2000 Pieces of Fine Dinner Ware
To Close Out Saturday
Delicate pink rose design, with green foliage,
full gold trimmed, fancy shape, Less Than Half
Price. We are desirous of making room for the
incoming shipments and so we have quoted these
remarkable prices to make new owners for these
pieces quickly:
Large Water Pitchers,
each, at
Large Covered Dishes,
each, at
Large Meat Platters,
each, at
Covered Butter Dishes,
each, at v
All size Plates, Qr
All size Bowls,
Large open Vegetables Dishes,
each, at
Water Pitchers, medium size,
each, at ......i,... ....
Cups and Saucers,
pair at ...... .
Medium open Vegetable Dishes,
each, at
A- I Fruit Saucers, each
Main Floor
mmm. M.n mMm Jl "I fflh fA rfffl MNJ h
1 foSS
1 L