Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 21, 1917, NEWS SECTION, Page 6, Image 6

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A Series of Saturday Sales Offering Gertaf
!500 Women's Suits-Kftiitl
In the Best Styles This Season, (M (Th Jfni
Worth Up to $65.00, at $O.OT
This is positively the best sale of its kind that we can remember. If we were to place every one
of these in regular stock and tag them with the regular prices you would gladly pay them and you
would be paying as high as $65.00 in many instances.
Now imagine getting any one of these exquisite suits for $19.50 and you have a fair picture of the
wonderful values we are offering here for Saturday.
It is absolutely impossible to describe them, because they are all different, and one is just as much
entitled to description as another FOR THEY ARE ALL VERY BEAUTIFUL.
The Materials and Styles Are:
Check Shepherd, hair-line stripes, and an as-
sortment of black and white.
Tricotines Smart as they can' be these are
positively the most artistic styles we have
shown this season.
Gunnyburl That wonderful fabric that has so
many devotees this year. Linings of figured
silk in beautiful quality.
Gaberdines Plain tailored and belted effects
t very stylish.
Chartreuse, Beige, Copenhagen, Purple, Gold, White, Grays, Rose,
Greens, f Orange Tan, Blues, Eookie, Cream, Burgundy, Browns.
One of the Big Facts Is-All Sizes in This Group,34 to 52
Poiret Twill Shown in beautifully embroid
ered silk and wool twills big pockets and
belts, also the charming plain-tailored models.
Serge Plain tailored, belted models and
some elaborately trimmed with buttons. Also
beautiful white serges.
Sport Wool Jersey Showing all the new color
features; button trimmed and with large
ffHIS GIVES every woman an interest in this sale. We can fit the tall and the short, the stout and medium figures and
Blender figures A SUIT HERE FOR EVERYONE and a price that is simply wonderful.
Your Choice on Saturday at $29 SO
Second Floor IT
Sale of Drugs
Azurea Face Powder, special, the box, at... y. ...... 75
Java Bice Face Powder, the box. at & .24
Pond's Cold Cream, 50c size jar .............28
Madam Ise'bell's Cream. 60c size. at. .r... ..'.!...? 2!
Ida May Face Powder, the box, at. .1
Dorin' Brunette Rouge, the box. at .-.v......24
Dier-Kiss Talcum Powder, the box. at. ...... . . ... . . . .24
William's Talcum Powder, the box, at .10
Mary Garden Talcum, the bottle ........... 39
Jersey Cream Soap, 10c size cake, at .7
Melorose Natural Rouge, 60c size, at -
Cream Oil Soap, 10c size cake, at 6
Rubber Sheeting, yard wide, $he yard .28
Household Rubber Gloves, the pair, at... ........ ...24.
Listerine, S1.00 size bottle, at ....,.;. .j... .59
Lustrite Nail Enamel, 25c siz6 tit v:vv ' u
Ricksecker's Toilet Water, 60c size, at .39i
Mary Garden Perfume, original ty-oz. bottle, at. 89
Dj er-Kiss Vegetal, special, the bottle, at ..... 89
Mentholatum, 25c size, jar, at. .16'
Stanolind Paraffin Oil, the bottle .49
Pure Witch Hazel, full pint bottle, at . ..18t
Phenolax Wafers, 30 in bottle, at . ... .... . 2lt
Aspirin Tablets. 6-graln, genuine, per dozen. . . ... .16
California Syrup of Figs, 60c size, at . .-.:. 29c
Lysol Antiseptic, 60c size, at .-... 29c
Large Powder Puff, regular 25c value, at .-, . .12t
Special sale of Fancy Toilet Soaps, too many kinds "tH
Eastman Kodaks
And Photo Supplies Here in Complete AMortmeat, j
Main Floor
Sale of Cut Flowers
Remember a birthday your wife's anniversary ok
make this Saturday's home-coming a particularly pleasing!
one by bringing beautiful Cut Flowers to brighten upVhfj i
LONG STEMMED Roses, all colors, a
uozen ww.'. ...
Large Bunches of Sweet Peas, all colors, a 9C J
vl. ... .. .... Aui
v,uiiw ..... ....,,.....- . .
Cut Flow.r Department, Mam Floor, Entrance to Pomp.Ln Room.
Children's Coats Maker's Samples
150 In The Lot
Worth $10.00 to $20.00
Choice on Saturday
VERY HIGH GRADE Coats everyone of
them some of the smartest styles it has ever
been our privilege to show.
They come from one of the best New York
makers and every one is simply fascinating in
its style and makeup.
The Styles:
Large Collars, high waisted and shir
red effects and full skirts; all nicely
lined. Sport styles in great variety also.
TfoMi&eriftl: I
SU Poplins, ,Wool Poplins, Taffetas,
Serges, .Velours, Gaberdines, Fancy
.Worsteds, Shepherd Checks, etc.
IN FAOT, there fa such a wide range that everything of note is represented
Sizes 2 to 6 and 8 to 14 years.
The price we ate asking, $3.00, hardly covers the cost of the material.
And Don't Forget This, No Two Alike
. i Seeond Floor
In the Specialty Shop for Misses and Small Women
Smart Coats and Dresses, $15 and $25
POPULAR PRICES for apparel for Misses and Small
Women, that possesses "youthful" lines so much sought
alter oy every woman.
The Coats
Coats of Velours, Feather Fluff, Gaberdine, Poiret
Twill, Serge, Gunnyburl and bright sports effects the
latest and most effective styles.
For example, one coat of Feather Fluff, in old rose,
with stitched back, collars and cuffs. Big square collar
and great array of fancy buttons for trimming, $22.50.
Beautiful Dresses
Made of Satin, Serge, Georgette, Crepe de
Chine, Taffetas and combinations, in a variety
of trimmings.
One model of Navy Blue Taffeta, with large barrel
pockets and "jupe tonneau" tilhouette, trimmed with
Paisley on pockets and cuffs. Twisted cord belt and
large square collar with over collar of White Geor
gette, at $22.50.
A Splendid Showing of Suits
Suits at every price, and in every good style all the best materials are employed.
The most beautiful trimmings and buttons and braids. Prices range from $16.50 to $75.00.
Second Floor
Put Your Furs1
In Storage
Place them safely
our vaults, where neither
moths nor thieves can get
at them. The cost of stor-,
age Is very moderate, and
the sense of security in
valuable. If you desire tor:
have them altered or re
paired we will do this;
work for you now at very
moderate cost the sum-n
mer season being our com-.,
paratively dull time. When
you want them in the fall
they will be ready for yoa
nn it Mrnxr
Store Your Fur. N
Women's Coats $18.75
son, shown here in complete assortment, at the mod
est price of $18.75. New Gunnyburl, Feather Fluff,
Poplins, Serges and Gaberdines. Colorings are Rose,
Apple Green, Gold, Tan, Copenhagen, Navy and
Ruby. Coats that you will want for cool evenings
and motoring and sports wear. Coats that are splen
didly made and finished and possess all the newest
ideas that Fashion has adopted for Spring and
Summer. -
Coats that would readily bring much more money
than we ask for them.
Charming Dresses at $25.00
Made of Georgettes, Satins, Crepe de
unines, etc., in an tne most popular color
ings. Double collars with white over col
lar; stitched and belted, with big pockets
and flare sides. The latest "silhouettes" are
shown in these models.
Second Floor
Shrubs mi'
Hardy Perennials
This Sale starts at 8 :30 Saturday morning and if you will profit by our exper
ience, you will heed our admonition to COME EARLY. .
The recent rains and warm weather, has put the soil in just the right shape for
the planting of these Shrubs and Bushes and you simply cannot equal this price any
where that we know of.
This is the overstock of a prominent grower including thousands of Rose bush
es, in the following varieties Killarneys, Richmonds, American Beauties, Climbing
Roses, Garden Roses and Tea Roses.
Twenty Different Varieties
Ornamental Shrubs, such as
Lilacs, Hydrangeas, Wygelia, Dulcia, Spirea and many others. Phlox, Blue
Bells, Columbine, Yucca, etc.
THE STOCK IS ALL HOME GROWN, adapted to this climate and in healthy
This is the best offering of Bushes and Shrubs we have ever made, and that
means a lot.
Your Choice, Saturday, 5c
At Very I
We mention, as especial
Adler's and Perrin's Wishal
new spring shades, wits pr
pair guaranteed washable ; 6
One line of these glcjees,
Saturday only, at $1.50 ajpai
Kayser Si
From our complete line
mention as especially atte
gloves with black backs, at l
these, like all other Kayser 1
teed by the makers an l b;
Women's V hit
Ai a great attraction fo Sat)
dozen Women's White Kid G ves,
more than $1.60, according t fs
limited quantity lasts, only $ .00
Child en
Here is an extraordinary spe
for Saturday. Only a limited ju
Overseam Kid Gloves, in tan or w'
These should sell at from two t1
going to clear them out for on S
s -Mainl
Ladies' Neckwear An Attractive Showing
Two very special lots of Georgette Crepe Collars.
Lot 1
On lot consists of a large square collar, hand
embroidered, Venice and filet lace trimmed ;
reduced price 98
Beautiful lay square-back collar, trimmed in
pretty filet lace effect, at 98tf
Square-back filet-effect medallions, em
broidered, very dainty; reduced price...98
Lot 2
Georgette collars, hand embroidered; trim
med in frilled net 50t
Embroidered Collars, very dainty; also plain
square collars, trimmed in Venice filet com
bination effect; each, at 50
Ostrich Boas A most excellent value, in
black and colors; up from $3.25
Wall Paper!
Are You Going to Paper
This Spring? t
Living room, hall and dining!
room patterns; suggestions ofj
character and decorative value
all this is new; cut decorations)
with each. Your choice from!
00 patterns, very special,
ron, ai 184
JJed Koom Papers Really tha
most original and newest til
fects in the city. A large asj
noranent or ail colors. Wortn
20e roll, only 11 c
Also a showinr of lifhtiand
dark colors, full eombinatuws
auiuiDie ior any room in npe
nouse, roil, at st
Main Floor
Third Floor