Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 21, 1917, NEWS SECTION, Page 5, Image 5

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Wonderful Array of Singing
Talent and Fine Colors
March Down Farnam.
By A. R. GROH.
Did you see the bird parade?
All the birds in Douglas county,
marching down Farnam street and
through the business section of the
city! Surel You didn't see it? Well,
I'll tell you about it.
It took hours to pass. For there
' areprobable three times as many
birds as people in Douglas county,
say 600,000.
The only human being in the parade
was Miles Greenleaf, the grand mar
shal. (He's a "bird," too, but hasn't
any feathers.)
First came the robin division, 150,
000 strong. Marching twenty abreast
and with only three feet between
ranks, this division alone was four
miles long! ,
Then came the red-winged black
birds, who live in low places around
the city.
Easy for the Kids.
"Caw, caw, caw." Here come the
crows. A fine division of big fellows.
"These crows are 'duck soup' for
the kids," the grand marshal told me.
"hey build great big nests -ut of
coarse twigs and they build them out
where everybody can see them. Not
satisfied with that, they sit around
and holler about it and call in the
neighbors and show 'em the nest. No
wonder the kids find 'em."
Here's ' a division of respectable
sparrows. Not English sparrows are
these. The English sparrows, which
are nearly as numerous as robins,
were barred from the parade, because
of their bad reoutation. These are
chipping sparrows, which live in vines,
field sparrows which nest out in hot,
open places, song sparrows and the
big Harris sparrows.
Western meadow larks come next.
They're singing, and well they may
for they are about the most beautiful
singers in the country.
Next is the woodpecker division,
the northern flicker or yellow ham
mer, downy, hairy and red-headed
woodpeckers, with beautiful color
ings. And the tittle Wren.
Here come the chickadees, the cow
birds, goldfinches, house wrens, blue
birds, bronzed grackles, chewinks.
bluejays, Baltimore orioles. The oriole
weaves its nest into a wonderful sack
like form that hangs out at the very
end of a branch.
The parade is already about fifteen
miles long, but still they come, each
division with a different song. Rose
breasted grosbeaks and brown thrash
ers pass and then comes a small but
gorgeous division of cardinal birds. All
red are they except their faces, which
are black and they are singing most
entrancingly. Then come the wood
Well, well. Look, who's here. Who!
Who! Why it's the owls screech
owls, long-eared ow ls and short-eared
Here comes a fierce division of log
gerhead shrikes or "butcher birds,"
bloodthirsty fellows, who kill small
animals and weaker birds, and then
stick their bodies on barbs and thorns
and tear them to pieces.
Have Color and Can Sing.
Another brilliant division follows,
the scarlet tanagers, crimson colored,
with black wings. Splendid singers!
And the parade ends with a division
of kingfishers, birds which nest in the
ground near the river and catch fish
for their living.
Hello! What's this rag-atag. bob
tail rabble following in the wake of
toe parade? Why tf it isn't the F.nar-
lish sparrows, chirping and squabbling
and "chewing the. rag!" They were
ruled out of the parade, but they come
tagging on behind, anyway.
Were just as good as anv bird."
they say. "Can't keep us out of this
You didn t think we had so manv
birds here, did you? Neither did I un
til I interviewed the grand marshal
and other well-informed bird lovers.
And these aren t all. Thev are onlv
the principal kinds. There are dozens
of other varieties that are seen here.
Saloon Kepers Plead
Guilty to Amended Charge
Amos Bray of Millard and Henry
Anderson of Florence, saloon keep
ers arrested in raids by Sheriff Clark
several weeks ago, pleaded guilty in
county court to keeping disorderly
houses and were fined $25 and costs
each. At the instigation of the county
attorney's office the charges were
amended from selling liquor after
President of Ministerial Union
Declares Lutheran Pastor's
Utterances Unpatriotic.
Rev. F. W. Leavitt. president of the
Ministerial union of Omaha and pas
tor of Plymouth Congregational
church, takes issue with Rev. O. 1).
Baltzly ot Kountze Memorial Luth
eran church for what he terms Dr.
Baltzly's unpatriotic stand on the
I'nited States war with Germany. Mr.
Leavitt says:
In The Bee of Wednesday evening
Rev. Oliver D. Baltzly is quoted as
saying that all day Tuesday he was
kept busy answering telephone calls
of people who approved' his published
utterance in opposition to the pres
ent course of the United States, and
that only two criticisms came to his
I desire, in just as strong and Diit
lie a way as possible, to speak for the
patriotic majority of Christian men
and women who did not call up Dr.
Baltzly to point out the error of his
conclusions and the wrongfulness of
Ms public stand.
The utterance of Rev. Charles W.
Savidge is on a far higher plane as to
tact, reasoning and morals. Mr.
Baltzly cannot be denied the right to
have his private opinions, but if he
persists in rallying about himself the
unsympathetic element of our dodu a.
tion, he will fall to the rear and miss
the greatest opportunity of his life to
neip in the spiritual liberation of man
kind of the German people in par
ticular. Prcsiden Wilson, knowing more
than any of us could, of intrigues and
outrages, kept the nation out of war
until the moral sense of the nation
was thoroughly aroused and the pres
sure for war became irresistible. Even
if no American lives had been lost
and no American property damaged,
we ought to ally ourselves with all
our power against the ruthless de
stroyer of human lives and human
rights, of national safety and inter
national covenants.
We can hold up our heads and bear
our sacrifices, knowing that America
is once more true to the richtenus
principles that animated the founders
of our nation.
414-16-18 S. 16th St.
Noteworthy Drapery Specials
Voile Curtains
In ivory and ecru, with laca
edge front and bottom; ex
cellent values for d (J
pair v 1 Ols
Window C hades
Made up, all ready to hang; 36
inches by 6 feet, spe- yA
cial, at WC
36 inches by 7 feet 45c
Sofa Pillows
, Carefully made up and covered
in assorted cretonnes, QC.
j extra values, Saturday OC
Curtain Voiles
: Of a quality above the average;
I extra special, Saturday, in
per yard IOC.
36-Inch Muslins
Especially desirable for bed
room curtains; special, 11
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tage. See the Saturday specials,
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18c, 23c and 35c
Attractive Reed Rockers
Extra Values (
Carefully built by hand of select
reed stock, finished baronial black '
and dantily upholstered in pretty i
cretonnes. Reserve stock limited.
Stirring Saturday Specials
From th Midwest's Grsatsst Showing of
Dependable Floor Coverings
A goodly selection of cross-seam rugs, made from travelers'
samples, at prices that mean a saving up. to 60. A big assortment
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Patterns and colorings to suit every requirement.
Wire Door Mats Hassocks, 69c
One of these at your door will Substantially built and covered
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Headquarters for Good Linoleums
Five carloads of Linoleums received during the past week
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Inlaid Linoleums, QCj Printed Linoleums, j
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Is the satisfaction it gives its
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Built of Oak Lined
with spruce wood, with either
I; plain or white enamel in
terior iimsn, wire Bneives, re
movable ice-drip pan, dry cir
culation and thorough insu
lation are a few of the
features that make the Her
rick supreme. Priced
$17.50 10 $35
For Family Sizes
Jacobean Oak Dining Set. 5 Pieces
4 Chairs
And Table
4 juuuu ,. T,j
Massive Colonial Dresser g
T- . I r I - . T
urB vsiue,onn r-r
Saturday. . . $tfDJ
Best dresser you'll see in many a
day at anything like the low price
quoted. Carefully built of quar
tered oak, nicely finished, golden
polished; size of top 22x42 inches;
bevel plate mirror 24x30 inches.
Suite in
cludes four
full -boxed
leather slip-
seat dining
chairs (like cut) , built of quartered oak, and fin
ished Jacobean, and a 54-inch dining table (like
cut), built of select quartered oak, and beauti
fully finished Jacobean; table can be extended
to 6 feet when emergency demands. 1
New Reed Carriages
For Baby' Outing Days
Designed in every detail with an
eye to baby's and mother's com
fort and convenience.
Reeds are choice imported stock,
finished in baronial browns, French
gray, ivory, black and natural.
25 styles to select from. Price
$19 49 $58
IHoosier Kitchen Cabinets Sold t Easy Club TermtlfV-
Bear mi farnam Benn
Announcing a Selling Event for Saturday That
The Women of Omaha Will Long Remember
A Truly Marvelous Sale of Suits, Coats and Dresses
and briefly we'll tell the reason for it
When our country recently declared war, we surmised it would give many manu
facturers with large stocks on hand an uneasy foeling. We immediately dispatched
our buyer to New York to take advantage of the opportunity if they began unload
ing. Our surmise was correct; manv of our manufacturers offered cut prices and we
ought merchandise last week at prices unheard of since the Kurnpean war began.
They're sll in stock and they go in this big sale Saturday. You just can't afford
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) N 1
Suits that were $25, for
Suits that sold to $45, for
This lot includes serge, poplin, wool jersey
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gray, rose, navy and black and white
checks. The styles are tailored or semi-
fancy in the season's best models; sizes are
16 1o 44
This lot includes high grade models from
New York's foremost suit makers. Ma
terials include new novelty cloths, such
as gunnyburl and burella, also taffeta, silk
faille and silk jersey, in the season's best
Charming Dresses Underpriced
M vl.95 ! (Mn.75
For Dresses to $21.50
For Dresses to $31.50
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. All Other Dresses Offered at Special Prices
Smart New Coats at Reductions
$1495 $19
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All Other Coats Offered at Special Prices
A Special Saturday Offer in
Georgette and Crepe de Ciiine
Qualities That Are Often Found
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Something every woman will want, a beau
tiful hanger for waists or dresses, hesvlly enam
eled In pastel shades, with nickeled hook and
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ment from slipping off. One wtth every purchase.
A Beautiful Stock of
Taffeta Khaki Kool
Silk Jersey , Pussy Willow
$7.50 Silk Skirts, for S5.95
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iimiMi.immmmiii I I! '.J
lay? Ittaraay!
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