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Omaha Student One of the Tew
of the Country to Be So
Highly Honored.
Malcolm Baldrige, (on of Mr. and
Mrs. Howard H. Baldrige, was one
of the Yale men honored at the an
nual "tap day" exercise! held at Yale
college Thursday, being tapped for
the famous Skull and Bones. It. was
one of thi honors that could be con
ferred upon a Yale undergraduate.
Young Baldrige was i member of
the Yale foot ball team last season.
He is ranked as one of the prominent
athletes of the eastern university and
has won fame as wrestler, as well as
other branches of sport.
The Omaha young man is probably
the only sop of old Eti from this city
honored at the "Up day" exercises in
recent years. Most of the Yale grad
uates of the younger generation here
were "tech" students and therefore
not eligible to societies like Skull and
Bones and Scroll and Keys. j
. L. L. Kountre of the well known
Omaha family was tapped for Scroll
and Key when he was a student at
Yale years ago.
Welkins Rustin, Omaha Hig.
school '89, '.as killed during an in
stance at Yale having been run Into
a wagon tongae on the street.
Younger former Yale men here could
not recall an instance of another
Omahan being honored at the "tap
day" exercises in the last few years.
Exercise Earlier.
"Tap day" exercises were held at
Yale college Thursday, six weeks in
advance of the customary day the last
Thursday in May, because of the ex
traordinary conditions created by the
war. Eleven of the undergraduates
elected to the senior societies were
tapped at Palm Beach, Fla., where
they are serving with the: Yale serial
coast patrol unit. Among these fit
were tapped fir Skull and fynes and
six for Scroll and Keys.
A feature of tht exercises was the
tapping of Charles P. Taft, 2d, son
of former President Taft, as the fif
teenth, or last, man to Skull and
Bones the highest honor that could
be accorded. Newell Garfield of West
Mentor, O., a grandson of the mar
tyred president, was the first man
tapped (or "Bones," the next honor
ary choice. ,
Robert B. Deins of Fhoenixville,
Pa., refused a tender from Keys and j
was tapped by Skull and Bones. I
Ethan A. Shepley of St. Louis was
tapped by Scroll and Keys after he
(tad refused an election to Wolf's
Head. Among others tapped by the
three societies were:
Skull and Bones Charles J. Stew
art, Dallas, Tex.
t i . T-. n ( .
jappea ei raim pcacn Ancmus
L. Gates, Clinton, Is.
Scroll and Keys Wilatarth ' S.
Lewis, Alameda, Cat.
Creighton Pharmacy Juniors :
' ' Give Banquet to Seniors
-' Juniors of Creighton pharmacy de
partment entertained the seniors at
the Hotel Loyal Thursday. Prof. I.
C. Arledge was toaetmester. Toasts
were by: Dean H. C. Newton,. Dr.
H. F. Gerald, Prof. L. A. Johndon, R.
A. Stewart, president of th senior
class; Will F. Gadhe, president of the
junior class, and Sheriff H. R. Bryan
of Idaho.
OF THE AIR Captain J. L.
Jayaa, If. 8. N., In chart of the
aeronautic station at Pansacola,
whera naval aviators ar trained.
i m
jjbf J
CAM. a-3. JAW.
British War Office ReporU
in Mesopotamia and South
ern Palestine. .
, London, April 20. General Maude,
commanding the British force in
Mesopotamia, has forced a passage
of the Shatt-Et-Adhem, attacked the
Turkish main positions and completely
routed the Turkish forces, says an
official statement issued today by the
British war department. So far 1,244
Turks have been taken prisoners.
The general officer commanding the
British forces in Egypt reports in an
official statement to the war office that
on April 17- the British advanced
north of tha Wadi Ghuze, in southern
Palestine and captured the Turkish
advanced positions along a front of
six art3 one-half miles.
Six Killed in Fire and
' ' Panic at Indianapolis
Indianapolis, Ind., April 20. Six
persons are dead and a score of
other are suffering from minor In
juries as a result of a fire which Is
said to have resulted from an ex
plosion of moving picture films In the
office of a film exchange here last
night. A score of women were hurt
in the panic that followed.
The dead:
DR. MARTHA B. KBM.ER. pbyelelen.
HARRY ROWLAND. II, an implore at
Ihe Col Metor company,
Robert ORtrrm. 14. '
Mrs. m. ORirrm, mother it !ona and
Robert Griffin. ',
An unldentinea woman.
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Deals Through Chicago Brok
" trs Result In Cains of Many
Millions in Two Months.
Chicago. April 20. The allied gov-
ernments, dealing through Chicago
brokers, are credited today with nav
inSr made a profit of more than
S3.500.000 in the last two months in
turns on the grain market by chang
ing irom one option to in oincr.
This profit, it is said, was made by
selling a line of July wheat and buy
ing the September option at a price
approximately SO cents below the
July option.
I be allies, it is said, tor a year nave
slmoly hsd speculative profits forced
on them. They bad .no desire to
speculste, but bought for future de
livery with the desire to obtain ac
tual wheat. Car shortages, embar
goes and the inadequacy of ocean
shipping prevented deliveries at srJeci
ified time and the contracts were
sold out at profit running well into
the millions.
At the opening of th market to
day lulv wheat shot up 7 cents to
$2.11, and September 13H cents to
Natal Market. '
nam Tttrlf. Aorll IS. Metale Lata, set
imot4. Spelter, nominal! spot aaat at. Louie
Siltverr. ILIIH . Copper, eulets electro,
lylie, apot end aecona quarter, 110.00$ SJ. 00,
u.i..l. thi. Mturlar. l2f.00CU0.QO. iron.
eteady and iinchsnffd. Tin. ftrm; spot, SSS.60
Omaha Women Rejoice at Progress
Of Suffrage Bill in State Senate
Mrs. Anna 0. Mttcalf Gives
Credit to Co-Workers for
Prospective Enfranchise
ment in Nebraska.
War and the way Nebraska women
are organizing to "do their bit" had
nothing to do with the favorable re
oort on the suffrage bill by the sen
ate committee, Omaha women believe.
It was Mrs. Barkley ot Lincoln
working away at the senate, sitting
there day after day and watching the
status of the bill, to whom credit is
due," said Mrs. 'Anna Cornish Met
calf, president of the Equal Franchise
league. .
Mrs. Metcall said the greatest joy
she had ever experienced was when
she notified her board members
Thursday of the suffrage victory.
Their surprise and joy was touch
ing," she said.
' The progress of the prohibition bill
during the. last week made the out
come of the suffrage bill certain," was
Mr. H. C. Sumney's comment. "It
was bound to come. Any set of men
with a sense of justice and fair play
would see it.
Mrs. Sumney, with Mrs. James
Richardson, Mrs. Edward Burke and
Mrs. T. E. Brady, worked unceasingly
in the campaign, deluging members of
the legislature with telegrams, tele
phone calls and suffrage literature.
Mrs. t. Ai. ratrnem, formerly city
central suffrage chairman, was not
inclined to rejoice prematurely. "I
can't believe it until the governor
signs the bill," sh said.
"The assurance of the franchis for
women in England and Russia, Presi
dent Wilson's stand that the demo
cratic party was pledged to give
women the vote and the six or seven
States which recently have given
whole or partial suffrage to women
this winter must have had some
weight with tht Nebraska legislators,"
she said. .
"The antis have helped, too, in the
way they have rallied to do patriotic
service as the suffragists also have
done. The antis have demonstrated
'that woman's place is not in the
home.' When there is work to be
don out of the home it must be
don," she added.
Stecher Throws Linow
.In Two Easy Falls
Kansas City, Mo., April 20. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Joe Stecher has
again displayed his ability to apply
the body scissor hold. With 4ts use
he defeated Ivan Linow, a giant Rus
:n, last night. He won in atraight
falls, the first being gained in eight
een minutes and the second in thirteen
minutes, Stecher's physical condition
was not what it had been in former
contests here, due to a strenous cam
paign. But he was too powerful for
the - Russian, although Linow out
weighed him by about twenty pounds.
Frank Gotch referetd.
Mrs. McEwan Says Husband In
sanely Jealous He Charges
,Her With Infidelity.
Mary E. McEwan brought suit
against Hamilton McEwan for divorce
in district court. She alleges that her
husband is insanely jealous and fre
quently threatens her, She allege
that he has a habit of falsely accus
ing her of infidelity in the presence of
Nettie Shafer, plaintiff in a suit
brought against James L. Shafer,
complains that he "has such a temper
that she is afraid he will kill her and
her mother, with whom he ha for
bidden her to associate."
Anna Estelle Rumley alleges that
her husband, Albert J. Rumley,
"wastes his wages in idle pursuit,"
James B. Garnsey Is suing Grace L.
Garnsey for divorc on grounds of
alleged desertion.
The following decrees were grant
ed: France E. Crawford from Wil
liam A. Crawford, May Eckle from
James Eckles, Agnes Von Scoy from
George Von Scoy and Louise Marks
from Harry Marks.
Central Hlfk Wlxa.
Cantrat High aehaol naat ball alna won
from tha Cralghton High acheol on tha
lattar's flats yaatarday sftarneon by a
accra ot S to S. Thta la tha flrat eama
ot tho aoaaon for Central la the newlr
forma oltr high aoheol league. Commer
cial ana South High aeheola are tha ether
Five Italians Who Refused to
Sbont for Germany Set Upon
by Mob and Badly Beaten.
Chicago, April 20. Five alleged
anti-American rioters are under ar
rest today, following the dath of Gre
garic Inquandi, who was beaten to
death because he shouted "Vive Amer
ica." Inquandi, with four ether, was
set upon by twenty men while walk
ing along West Grand avenue singing
American songs and waving American
.lags. Four of the men assailed es
caped, but with broken ribs and
biuises. Inquandi was knocked down
and kicked and beaten and his skull
iracturcd. He died, at a hospital.
The victims were walking along
the street when accosted by their as
sailants and ordered to throw down
their flags and shout forvGermany.
This they refused to do and a fight
ensued m which four wer badly
beaten and Inquandi suffered fatal
injuries. All of the five were of Italian
Alleged Traitor Arrested.
Steamboat Springs, Colo., April 20.
Nick Eiloff, a Bulgarian, was held
in jail today on a charge of treason,
having been arrested by county offi
cer yesterday while a crowd was
threatening to attack him for threats
he was alleged to have made against
the life of the president. William
lilkis, a commissioner, argued with
the crowd until the sheriff arrived.
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