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What We Stand For:
A better product
Lowest bacteria count.
Absolute safety.
Milk-White cleanliness.
Insurance against disease.
Thorough pasteurizing.
Ounce of pretention.
Pko DeaflH 40.
Alamito Dairy Co.
Eggs, Butter and Potatoes
Soar to New High Prices
The Original
Malted Milk
Substitutes coat YOU Sam Price.
0 ranres are food (or
you t mora of
them. When you
order today, ask for Surw
kist. They on uniformly
Uniformly Good
Vegetables are plentiful and of
wide assortment now. The usual
early spring visitors are on hand, hut
i. early all of them are right in style
with higher prices than they com
manded a year ago.
Potatoes are selling at 83 tents
to $1 a bushel and some of the out
lying stores are reported to be get
ting even higher prices.
Butter has advanced to SO and 55
rents a pound. And eggs, which a
few weeks ago dropped ss low as 28
cents a doeen, are now from 38 to 45
cents a dozen.
Products of local hotbeds are
coming to the market in generous
quantities and varieties. Rhubarb is
very plentiful and selling around 8
cents a pound.
There is an abundance of radishes
and young onions, which cost only i
cents a bunch. Lettuce is plentiful.
The recent rains have given it a
tine, crisnv freshness.
String Beans are on the market, but
the price is 41 cents a pound, yreen
peas in the pods are also obtainable.
Very nice asparagus, cucumbers,
green peppers, water cress are abund
ant and good.
Cauliflower and cabbage, both red
and white, are on hand, around 12
and 15 cents a pound.
Strawberries are abundant and of
fine quality, from Wi to 15 cents
for a pint box.
Apples are getting scarce, but may
still be secured. The same is true
cf oranges and grape fruit. i
Steer Pot Rout, 1b MV.e
Steer Shoulder Steak, lb I7VC
Porterhouse Steek, lb 21V,e
Yount Veal Roast, lb t ISV,e
Young Veil Chops, lb IJV.e
Pir Pork Roast, lb lSV.c
Pit Pork ButU, lb
Spire Rlba, lb ISe
Ettra Len Regular Hams, lb 23V.C
Surer Cured Hems, lb 20c
No. 1 Lean Beeon, lb 32V,c
Sugar Cured Beeon, lb 26e
From a U p. m. Country Sausare,
per lb., at 10a
From to JO p. m, Porn Chops, lb ISc
Delfveriee made ta all parte af the ally.
Mall eraere filled at theea prices.
1610 Heraer St.
Deuflea 17M.
Cos With Erfrr-O-LeUum Keep Per
fect! r I no When Worth
Double or Treble
Remember what you paid for eiga
lut winter 40 oenta to 40 cents a
dosen? They'll be higher next win
ter, faena are fewer and the
demand greater.
1'reaerv. spring agga now. Means
a earing of 20 to 40 cents a doten
, next December and January, or a
profit of 100 per cent to 300 per cent
on your money.
Efg-O-Lavtum can be applied at the
rate of one dosen eggs per minute
and at a ooat of 1 cent per dosen.
There Is no evaporation, no air-celt,
no contracted odors, no deteriora
tion; the yolk remains whole and In
, the center of the eggs; poaching,
bnlllner. frvlner mnA hAtln mm If tin.
- tier a weea.
It la sruewanteed to keep fresh egg
nine montlia to a year so that tbejr
cannot bo toM from eggs laid within
a week.
Couldn't Tell From Frrwh
"I tried out a Jar ot Egg-O-Latum
last summer and it
worked fine; used the eggs In
winter and you couldn't tell them
from fresh Kirs. Olden Feed
Co.. Ogden, Utah."
."Please send me two Jars of
ir',.. r t t. .,..4 - -
jars and find preservative very
satisfactory. Have also distrib
uted some among various Cath
olic Institutions, namely: St.
Louis, Mo.; Waterloo, la.; Kirk
wood. Mo. They all think very
blghly of the preparation. Rev,
A. V. Nicolas."
. Don't pay exorbitant prices for
aggs next winter. Begin preserving
now, before the moulting season and
hot weather. Little trouble; no risk.
Beat the food speculators. Bell your
surplus at the fancy prices.
Egg-O-Latum Is prepared In CO
cent Jars, enough for to dosen eggs.
At dealers or mailed postpaid. Full
information free. Geo. H. Lee Co.,
(02 Lee Building, Omaha, Neb. Adv.
Pure Liquors
For the Home
1309 Farnam St.
Two Doors East of
W. O. W. Bldg.
The Best Goods
Are Going Fast
Don't Wait Another Day
The food prices have gone up some, but not as high as people imagine.
U still Hint their high gratia good, at tha following low pricssi
Extra Tuner Hindquarters; of Lmt, par
Ik, at 21 He
Extra Fancy Forcquartere of Lamb, per
lb., at 17V,c
Extra Fancy Lamb Stew, lb ISc
Extra Fancy Lamb Chops, loin or rib,
par lb., at ,,. ate
Choice StMr Sirloin Steak, lb 22V,
Choice Steer Boiling Beef, lb laVfcc
No. 1 Choice StMr Rib Roasts, lb., 22 ' ic
Choice Sirloin Roasts, lb tOc
Choice Steer Beef Roasts, lb., I7Vi, 20e
Young Vaal Roaati, lb 30c
Ettra Fancy Veal Cutlet, lb 25c
Veal Round Steak, lb 30a
Choice Beef Tongues, lb ...,22V,c
Pure Lard, per lb 25c
Sugar Cured Breakfast Bacon, lb.. 27 Vic
Strictly Sugar Cured Lean Ham, half or
- whole, per lb 2BV4c
Extra Lean Pork Chopi, lb.., 2Sc
10 Ibi. Granulated Sugar $1.00
Tea Sif tinge, two Mb. package! 28c
Yeast Foam, I pkgs., for ..10c
Ail brands of Creamery Butter, lb,,. 45c
Fresh Country Butter, lb.
Fresh Sauer Kraut, 2 lbs ,,..lSc
Eitra Fancy Dried Peaches, lb 10a
Diamond C Soap, 9 bars 35c
Special, large bottle of Tomato Catsup,
2 for 35c
Extra Fancy Sifted Peas, I cans for S5c
tiood. Tender Peas. S eana 28c
Jiffy Jell. I pkgs c
Jelle, I pkgs., for.,.,, ...,.2Bc
Ice Cream Sodaa and Sundaes, always Se
Hot Coffee, Chocolate or Cocoa Se
All Sandwiches 5c
Extra Fancy Strawberries, per box
at 10c, 12V,e, lSe
Navel Sweet , Oranges, dosen. 15c
Thin Skin Lemons, dosen 20c
Extra Large Grape Fruit, I for 15c
Large Bunches of Radishes 8c
S bunches for ..IOe
Large Leaf Lettuee, each 8c
Extra Large Head Lettuce , .10c
We bava on hand auch as string and
wax beans, fresh peas, cucumbers and
tomatoes, water cress, French endive,
always on hand.
All order south to Martha and west to 48th St., leave every day at 9i30 A. M.
All order north to Amee Ave. and west to 46th Stu, leave every day at 2 P. M.
Order must be ms half an hour before delivery leavea.
.He? Mtvrr uo-Brm
na Jwmaaiv mmra mv
rum mioolu evtar
Bee Want Ad bring results.
Everybody's doing it now or wishing they could. It looks like the
family speculators who are stocking up on foods are making good sav
ings. Our big supplies and low prices are saving such families hun
dreds of dollars.
Our stocks move fast, keeping foods always fresh. Omaha sales
last Saturday $10,010. Did you gat in on these savings?
Seedless, pkg., 14e seeded, pkg.,
Currants Washed, bulk, lb,, 22e
16 ounce pkg 16o
PeachesFancy Muir 14e
Prunes Large size, lb...... 14c
Pears Mountain Bartlet, can, 21c
Peaches Master Halves 23e
Apricots Large can 23e
Crackers, Graham, lb ,14e
Dates, Dromedary, pkg 13c
Corn Flakes, National, pkg.... 6c
Corn Flakes, Krinkle, large 15c
pkg. for 12c
Mustard 8-oi. tumbler, Set 3
for ,22c
Catsup Armour's, 25c size.. 21c
Hawkeye, 25c size 22c
Cleanser, Sunbright, 4c i 3 for 10c
Cleanser, Light House, can, . ,4c
Flour Ask prices at stores. Mar
ket very unsteady.
Oranges Cheaper than potatoes.
Case from $3.17 to $3.68; dozen,
26c, 24c, 21c and several other
sizes at all stores. .
Lemons Juicy kind, dot., 16c to
Coffee Flavor and aroma few
can resist. - Steel cut, 35c grade.
Sold 3 carloads last year, lb. . .29c
Cash Habit, 30c grade, lb... ,24c
Thrifty Habit, Santos blend, lb.,
for 20c
Economy, pure coffee, lb.... 19c
Washington Instant Coffee, small
pkg 28c
Teas Mayblossom, finest nstural
leaf, uncolored Japan, tt-lb.
pkg 23
Uncolored Jap or Gunpowder, 65c
grade 44c
Lipton's 14-lb., 19C; H-lb.,36C;
. lb., 67. ,
Loju Loganberry juice. It's a
splendid drink, pt 24
Mapelene make good syrup your
self; 35c bottle 284
Rice Is one of the most economi
cal and wholesome foods.
Cream of Rice, 16c pkg.... 134
Puffed Rice, 15c pkg 14a
Fancy Jap, 10c grade, 4 lbs. . ,26c
Fancy Head, SH lbs 25c
Seeds 2 pkgs., for Sc
Sugar 10-lb. standard pkg...97e
Or by the sack ask price at stores.
Raisins Seedless, bulk, lb . . . . 14e
15.00 Order. Delivered Free Within a Reasonable Distance
Soulier Orders, Over $1.00, for se
Our Sanitary Markets handle
the best of Meats, both Fresh
and Cured.
Cheese Full Wisconsin Cream
or Brick, lb 30c
SaltWhiteFish, lb., 7et 4 lbs. 25c
Herring, Rolled Mop, lb., , . .4c
3 lbs., for 10c
Assorted Mackerel, No. 1, 18c
No. 2 14c
No. 8 9c
8-lb. pail $1.47
Milker Herring, 8-lb. pail. $1.18
Crisco 41c, 82c, $1.56
Sawtay 28c, 56c
VIRGINIA (d -v Large
We fcvre offering our enormous stock of high grade wines and liquors at spe
cial cut prices. See us first before buying.
Luxus Mercantile Co.
Doug. 1889.
109 N. 16th St., Omaha.
We Deliver
3ome. Scovomics epartrnept
: r' t?r S i e"7s -Cf' fPt J-'- -a " -I
Sponge Cake
Perhaps some of my readers won
dered when the subject of cakes was
trested that sponge cakes did not
follow butter cakes. At the time eggs
were ajtry high and we had hopes that
the prices would sink to normal as
soon as spring came. Well, spring
hss arrived, but we no longer have
hopes of any prices falling in this
year ol terrible costs. Ana we do
indulge in sponge cakes occasionally,
especially in the. kinds of cakes suited
to these H. C. of L. days. A Sponge
cake is expensive when one consid
ers just the nutritive value; but -if you
stop to think that it is a very diges
tible food, so that it is well assimi
lated, and that it makes a most de
sirable dessert at the end of a heavy
meal or is delicious with a very rich
ice cream, for light refreshments, its
expense is somewhat offset by its
other advantages.
Now that the strawberry season is
approaching, the shortcake looms up
before us. The traditional shortcake
is of biscuit dough, but an equally
delicious cake is made with a sponge
cake foundation. If we compare the
two in every respect we find that the
biscuit dough costs about 18 cents and
gives approximately 2,000 calories, or
units of food value, while a sponge
cake (using the cheapest recipe given
below), costs about 22 cents, and
gives only 1,500 calories. But the
sponge cake is far more digestible
and equally attractive in appearance
and navor.
The old fashioned sponge cake
recipe called for many more eggs
than the average housewife can afford
nowadays, and more than any house
wife ought to afford at present; the
newer recipes lessen the number' of
eggs and add baking powder. The
method of making is the same in all
cases, and the baking is similar. The
Readers are cordially invited to
ask Miss Gross any questions
about household economy upon
which she may possibly give help
ful advice; they are also invited to
give suggestions from their expe
rience that may be helpful to
others meeting the same problems.
1 T. lemon Jules
Few grains salt.
more eggs used the finer the grsin
of the cake will be; but a four-egg
cake, such as given below, makes a
very good texture indeed. The cheap,
est cake, the two-egg cake, is the
most difficult for the amateur to make,
as it may be coarse, but it is really
S eggs.
1 c. sugar.
1 c. flour.
Beat the egg yolks till thick and
lemon-colored, add sugar gradually
and continue beating. This first part
of the process should be thoroughly
done. Add lemon juice, then fold in
egg whites, which have been beaten
till stiff with the salt. Be very careful
in folding in the egg whites that ss
few of the cells as possible are
broken. Lastly fold in the sifted flour,
mixing very gently, and do not stir at
all after the last bit of flour has dis
appeared irom view. Bake in an un
greased floured pan. The oven should
be moderate, time forty-five minutes
for a loaf, twanty to twenty-five min
utes for small cakes. This recipe will
make one large loaf or two loaves
the size of ordinary bread tins. A
circular tin with a funnel in the cen
ter is good because it prevents the
possibility of the cake being soggy
in the middle. When the cake is done,
allow it to cool in the pan before re
moving. The pan should be inverted
if possible, but it must be inverted
so the top of the cake does not touch
a solid surtace. 1 he air should cir
culate underneath.
eggs. 1 T. lemon Juice.
1 c. sugar. H e. het water.
1 e. flour. Few trains aalt.
1 t. baking powder.
Proceed as above. Sift the flour and
baking powder together. Add the hot
water with the lemon juice.
I ogee. Few grains salt.
I c. flour. 4 e. hot milk.
I e. sugar. 1 t. butter.
I t. baking powder. 1 T. Ismon Juice.
Proceed as above, adding the butter
dissolved in the hot milk at the end.
This is the most successful recipe for
a cneap sponge cake that 1 have ever
found. It was published under the
name of the chef of the Morrison
hotel in Chicago.
Possibilities of Sponge Cake.
Shortcake Sponge cake may be
baked in two or three layers and put
together with any kind of fruit or
jam between. Whipped cream or
.neringue on top makes a fancy des
sert. Individual shortcakes are attrac
tive. Neapolitan Baskets Hollow out in
dividual cakes, fill with fruit and
whipped cream. Make basket handles
of angelica. Garnish with cherries.
Confection Delicieux Slice the top
off of a sponge loaf, carefully remove
the inside, leaving a hollow box. Line
the box with jelly or jam, fill it with
whipped cream; replace the top and
ice with any desired frosting, garnish
ing with nuts or cherries. This cake
should be prepared shortly before
serving, but if filled with charlotte
tusse mixture it may be. made ahead
of time. The whipped cream may be
flavored as desired.
Bird's Nest Pudding Pare and core
small apples, place in a floured bak
ing dish and pour sponge cake bat-
For the invalid as well as
those in perfect health
Bakerb Cocoa
is an ideal food bev- wmTmm
erage, pure, delicious
Walter Baker & Co. Ltd.
1 e. tour milk.
4 c. flour approxh
1 t. baking odft,
H t. lilt.
t. cinnamon.
1 t. vanilla.
Lixre Mxcyvopi Fadorij ii? (In) erica.
ter over the apples to cover. Bake as
usual Serve with cream.
Petit Flour Bake sponge cake in
a shallow pan, cool, and shape, using
small fancy cutters. Split, and remove
a small portion of cake from the
center of each piece. Fill cavities of
one-half with a cream filling flavored.
Cover with remaining pieces, and
press together. Ice the little cakes on
top and sides, or dip in melted fond
ant. Garnish with nuts, candied vio
lets, cherries, etc.
Chocolate Sponge Cake Sift 3 T.
cocoa or grated chocolete with the
Hour. Very good with a marshmal
low frosting.
Jelly Roll Line the bottom of a
dripping pan with paper; butter pa
per and sides of pan. Cover bottom
of pan with mixture, and spread even
ly. Bake; take from oven and turn
on a paper sprinkled with powdered
sugar. Remove paper and cut off
a thin strip from sides and ends of
cake. Spread with jelly or jam which
has beaten, and roll. An easier jelly
cake may be made by baking three or
four thin sponge cake layers, and put
the layers together with beaten jelly.
Tested Recipes
(Measurements Full Unless Other
wise Stated.)
1 doin sardines. I small plokle.
S hard-boiled eggs. 2 stalks celery.
1 bottle pimentoe. Lettuce.
Skin and bone the sardines and pick
meat from bones, add eggs, pimentos,
celery and pickle and put all through
a grinder. Serve on lettuce leaves.
4 T. butter or
1 T. manufactured
1U c, eusar.
I esse. V
ltt squares bitter
chocoleted melted Fat ror irylnff.
over hot water.
Cream butter and sugar. Gradually
add well-beaten egg, beating con
stantly. Add melted chocolate, sour
milk and flour; mixed and sifted with
soda, salt and cinnamon, and the va
nilla. Add more flour if necessary to
make the dough stiff enough to han
dle. Toss part of the mixture on a
floured board, knead slightly, and pat
and roll out to one-third of an inch
in thickness. Shape with a floured
doughnut cutter. Fry in deep fat
and drain on brown paper.
Baked Ham.
A baked ham is said to keep much
longer and is more delicious than a
boiled one. The ham should be first
soaked twelve hours previous to
cooking, and then wiped dry.
Stick cloves into the ham, an
inch apart. Make a coarse paste of
flour and water and cover the ham
with this, taking care that it is of suf
ficient thicknes- to keep in all the
flavor and gravy. Place in a large
pan and bake in a moderate oven for
about four hours. Take off the crust,
remove the skin, and cover the ham
with finely powdered bread crumbs.
Return to the oven and brown.
1 ess. 4 c. flour.
c. sugar. 4 t. baking powder.
1 c. sweet milk, 1 o. shelled peanuts.
1 t. salt.
To the beaten egg add .he sugar
and milk. Beat in the flour which has
been muted and sifted with the salt
and baking powder. Then add the
peanuts which have been run through
the coarse knife of a food cutter. Let
rise twenty minutes in a warm place,
then bake one hour in a moderate
oven. This is delicious for sand
wiches. Chantilly Potatoes.
Prepare mashed potatoes in the
usual way, adding a half tablespoon
ful of finely chopped parsley. Beat
until light and fluffy and pile in the
center of a hot serving dish. Beat a
half cupful of heavy cream until stiff,
add a half cupful of grated cheese and
season with salt, pepper and a bit of
cayenne. Spread this over the pota
toes and place in the oven until deli
cately browned. Mothers' Magazine.
Woman's Club Will
Plant an Elm Tree
At House of Hope
The Omaha Woman's club will
plant an elm tree at the House of
Hope in Florence Saturday at 2:30
o'clock to oberve Arbor day. The
conservation committee, including
Mrs. Edgar Allen, Mrs. William
Berry and Mrs. Edward Phelan, have
it in charge. Mrs. E. M. Syfert, the
president; Rev. Charles Savidge and
George H. Payne take part in the ex
ercises. The conservation committee will
give a tea at the Old People's home
following the tree-planting.
Rev. C. A. Payne of the Redpath
Lyceum bureau, a brother of George
Payne, gave stereopticon views of the
Hawaiian Islands at the House of
Hope Wednesday evening.
Prize for Girl Who Sells
Most Tickets for Ice Cream
The Benson & Thorn's company will
give the Young Women's Christian
association girls complete charge of
their balcony Saturday from 9 a. m.
until 9 p. m., when they will sell ice
cream and cake to helo raise the bal
ance of the fund for the South Omaha
camp site. Ihe Benson & Thome
company will donate the ice cream
and the girls will bake the cakes.
in addition to this the management
has offered an attractive $15 blouse to
the girl selling the most tickets for the
tee cream festival.
Six Cadets Dismissed From
The High School Regiment
Six cadets were dismissed from
the High school cadet regiment yes
terday after they had acauired the
necessary number of demerits.
the dismissals, it is said, are in
conformity with the plan to increase
the efficiency of the regiment. The
following were dismissed: Morton
Alpirn, Norton Carlin, Holovichiner
Smith, Elroy Peterson. Lerov Smtr
and Robert Olmstead.
1 !-.""-
LAMBS! LAMBS! NO GOATS Fresh, Not Frozen
liTO raf l- . Mam v-t. mm
riva rUKfw LO IS'gC
rur rora Roast, lb.
PIS Pork Butts, lb
Steer Pot Roast, lb
Steer Shoulder Steak, lb
loans veei Koast. lb..
Younr Veal Chops, lb
Porterhouse Steak, ib
Spare Ribs, lb
Extra Lean Regular Hants, lb. . .
. aic
. .S2V,e
Sugar Cored Hans, lb.,
No. 1 Lean Bacon, lb ... .
8ugar Cured Bacon, lb..
Frees I te I s, m. Pork Chops, lb, . ISc
From S to 10 p. m I smb Chops, per
lb., at UVie
Deliveries meds to all parte ef the city.
Mail orders filled at these prices.
113 North lath St.
Douglas 1307.
10 POUNDS SUGAR for $1.00
With Each Order of $2.00 or Over
Strictly Frtih Country Kcrfft, dosen, Mc
Bwehwood Creamery Butter, lb.... 49c
E. C. Corn Flftktc, pkg.... Sc
Sfie feottl Queen Olivet 24c
86c Jr Pure Fruit Preserves 24c
Tall Cant Alaska Salmon 15c
Snnbrite Cleanser, i cans 10c
Swift's Pride Washing Powder, I for 10c
Oil Sardines, per can , .Be
Sweet Navel Oranges dosen . , ,
fancy strawberries, x boxes..
No. 1 Bacon Backs, lb , .
Fresh Hamburger, lb
Home Dressed Chickens. Ib...
No. 1 Pot Roast, lb
Choice Rib Roast. Ib
No. 1 Steer Chuck Steak, lb
. -22V,c
Stein Grocery & Meat Market
Free Delivery Mail Orders Filled Praesptlr at Above Prices.
113 South 24 tk St, Telephone Douglai