Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 21, 1917, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 13, Image 13

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Friday, April 20, 1917-
Th April Victor Record Ll.t Includ..
"Many Noviltia Com Hoar Thorn"
Rm4 tht Nw Books in tht C.r-
"eulktlaf Library Only 2c Day"
-Phone Douglas 137
Here's NEWS from Burgess-Nash WORTH READING
Charming New Summer Blouses
Presenting some of the most
unusual varieties and values-
At $1.95
Blouses of jap silk in white, maize,
nile and flesh, sports and tailleur models.
At $2.50
Blouses of voile and batiste, very at
tractively trimmed with pretty laces and
Tailored blouses of batiste with col
lars and cuffs of handkerchief linen, in
copen, rose, green and lavender.
At $3.95
Crepe de chene blouses in flesh and
white, a wide variety of styles, and all
are just new. i
At $6.50 to $16.50
Hand-made blouses of voile and batiste, with real laces and
hand embroidery, Georgette crepe blouses, more charming than ever
jabots, frills and simple models.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Second Floor
resh Carnations
at Burgess-Nash
Long stem, fresh cut, white
and colors, 3c each.
Fresh Rote, 3c
Fresh cut, long stem, beauti
ful roses, various kinds, 3c each.
Sweet Peat, 19c
ITome-grown sweet peas, ex
quisite fragrance, assorted col
ors, 19c bunch.
BurgeM-Na.h Co. Main Floor
omen s fibre
Silk Hose 59c
An uncommon value, with
double garter tops and seamless
feet, black, white and colors.
Women's Hose, 35c
Fine quality black cotton
hose, full fashioned, full regu
lar made foot, extra good
Misses' Hose, 29c
Black ribbed lisle hose, seam
less, all sizes, fine quality, very
special, Saturday, at 29c pair.
Bunge..-Nah Co. Main Floor
t ir .
omens vests
White Cotton 25c
Low neck and sleeveless, fine
quality of white cotton, plain or
with fancy inserts.
Union Suits, 59c
Women's white cotton, with
low neck and sleeveless, cuff
knee; regular or extra sizes;
special value,' at 59c.
Union Suits, 50c
Boys' union suits, high neck,
long sleeves; ankle length or
short sleeves, knee length, rib
bed balbriggan; special, at 50c.
Burre.f-N.rii Co. Main Floor
omen's Dainty
A display that features every
new idea in neck dressing fa
vored this season; collar and
cuff sets of filet and georgette;
frilly jabots, guimpes of or
gandie and georgette, trimmed
with real filet lace; high stocks
and cravats of gay-colored
silks, plain pique stocks and
vests; price range, $1.00 to
Neckwear, at 50c
Pique, organdie, georgette
crepe and net collars, also col
lar and cuff sets, at 50c.
Burge.-Nah Co. Main Floor
Gold Plate Walde
mar Chains 29c
Plain or fancy Waldemar
watch chains, full length, com
plete with spring and swivel.
Another at 66c
Gold filled, full length, plain
or fancy link; guaranteed to
wear for 5 years; complete with
spring and swivel.
Burgea.-Nah Co. M.ln Floor
Women's Linen Handkerchiefs at 10c
PLAIN, also with embroidered corners and colored edges, fine
linen or linen lawn, 10c each.
Women's Handkerchiefs, at 15c
Fine linen with embroidered corners or hand-embroidered initials.
Men's Linen Handkerchiefs, 6 for $1.50
Very fine, with hand-embroidered initial, 6 in a box, for $1.50.
Burgea.-Na.h Co. Main Floor
Tambour Alarm
Clock For $1.95
Unusual value, 24-hour clock,
with long, cheery alarm, made
in tambour style, mahogany-finished
case 124 inches longr
2 inches wide, 6 inches
high. A dandy clock for living
room, as well as an "early
riser." At$1.9S.
BuriwN.h Co. Floor
For Saturday WeVe Reduced the Price
on Every Style of White Shoes
T'S our first sale of white shoes this season. The new models of white boots, pumps
and oxfords. The daintiest, prettiest models you have ever seen.
Women's White Pumps, Reduced to $3.15
Women s dainty white fabric pumps,
Women's white sea island duck pumps.
Women s white reignskin pumps f .
Women's white Ostend canvas pumps Hail
All with covered heels, turn square-edge soles , J
White Ostend Canvas Boots, $4.45
Lace style, 9-inch tops, turn soles, covered heels, several different
patterns, $4.45.
Sport Boots and Low Shoes
In all we have over fifty different kinds of lasts
and patterns, all at reduced prices for Saturday.
White buck lace low shoes, white leather soles
and heels, pair, $4.45.
White buck sport low shoes with ball strap,
white neolin soles, rubber heels, pair, $5.45.
White reirfskin boots with dark tan russia trim
ming, pair, $4.95.
White linen duck 8-inch sport boots, white buck
trimmed, neolin soles, rubber heels, pair. $5.45.
Bi'rg-sr-N:ih Co
Canvas shoes for vacation, tennis and outing.
best grade of tennis oxfords, $1.19.
White canvas oxfords for outing and afternoon
wear, $2.75.
White canvas pumps, rubber soles, leather in
soles, low heels, $2.75.
Women's white canvas strap pumps, $1.95.
Women's white canvas strap pumps, $1.35.
Our Kindercraft shoes for children are the best
wearing shoes made.
Second Floor
Saturday in the
Women's Fancy Silk Dresses
Receive a Decided Reduction at
IT'S a group of smart, new styles which were received too
late for Easter selling, hence the very special price re
duction for Saturday.
Crepe de chines, pongees and taffetas in pleated, tail
ored, sport styles and cembinations of taffeta and geor
gette. Finished with fancy pockets, some embroidered with
gold. The newest colors and black. Unusual values,
at $13.50. .
Children's Gingham Dresses, 59c
Plaids and chambrays, combination styles, neatly made
and trimmed ; special, 59c.
BurffCM-Nwrii Co. Down-Stair. Star.
'Hats at
A Saturday feature, includ
ing lisere braids, trimmed with
flowers, ornaments and wings.
Burgs-Na.h Co. Down Star.
EN'S Silk
Hose, 3 Pair,
Thread silk with double heel
and toe, fine quality, black and
tan only, 3 pairs, 50c. No mail
or phone orders accepted.
3urcen-Naah Co. Down Stair. Store
A Sale of Refrigerators
That Is Important to You
EVERY make that is featured here is famous for its
minimum ice consumption, for absolute sanitary
chambers, for simplicity of operation, for its beautiful
case construction and superior finish, inside and out, and
for every modern improvement that makes for ideal re
frigerating conditions.
Apartment-House Type Refrigerator
Front-door top-icing type, made of ash, natural finish, white en
amel food chamber with two wire shelves; ice capacity, 90 lbs., spe
cial, $16.50.
Top-Ice Type Refrigerator
White enamel food chamber, two wire shelves, ice capacity, 75
ids. , special, S13.99.
Three-Door, Side-Icing Refrigerator
White enameled food chambers, with three re
tinned wire shelves, ice capacity 60 lbs., special, $15.
75-lb., special, $19.50.
Automatic Refrigerators
All are three-door side-icing style, retinned, ad
justable shelves, solid bronze hardware, automatic
door fastener, eight walls of ice-saving insulation.
No. 6 size, ice capacity 75 lbs., special, $29.50.
BurfC-Naah Co. Down-Stair. Storo
A Most Uncommon Sale of
New Tailored Suits
for women, large and small, and misses, at
$19.50 and $24.50
tr h r
ViL-V Mr?.-... .WH2
iwv m' ssmaj
U. SW5--AV. J4Ea
J" 'IT v 'a i
Mi I U In
TOO much stress cannot be brought to bear upon the real true importance of this offering for Saturday. Suits the
handiwork of several of the best suit builders in this country, offered to you, at
A Big Reduction from Original Price
Suits that were made especially for Burgess-Nash just the sort that will appeal to the woman who enjoys wearing
clothes that are different. Suits that embrace quality, distinctiveness and individuality; sizes 14 to 48.
The materials include :
Point Twills, French Serges, Trico'.ines, Men's Tweeds
Gabardines, Black and White Check Woolens, Etc.
Buri...N.ah Co. itmi Floor
The colorings include:
French Grays, Copens,
L ght or Dark Mixtures, also Black
feta Umbrellas
Tape edge, guaranteed fast
black and waterproof, made on
a 7-rib, genuine Paragon
frame and steel rod, 26-inch
For Men
and Women
Handles are
I real ebonine,
plain or carv
ed, also natu
ral wood,
some have
We consider
Hhe offering
most unusual
and suggest
.e a r ly selec
tion, as quan
tity is limited.
BurgMa-N.h Co. Main Floor
lanaTi 4ffl
Cranes Linen
Lawn 2 lcmd 49c
Odd assortment of high-grade
stationery, including Crane's
linen lawn, priced to clean up,
Saturday, at 21a and 49c.
Burf.a-Na.h Co. Main Floor
Breakfast Sets
Skirt and Jacket
Good quality percale, rose
bud pattern, collar and pockets
of plain materials, finished with
wide belt; sizes 36 to 44.
Breakfast Sets, $1.75
Light colored percales, as
sorted patterns, out sizes, 47,
49 and 61; skirt and jacket for
Kimonos, at $1.25
Jap crepe kimonos, plain col
ors, floral or striped patterns,
large assortment of colors.
Buriaa.-NMh Co. Scono! Floor
Spring Hat
BETTER came here Saturday
and pick it out. We'll as
sure you there's no better place.
A style to suit every face.
Hats, at $2.00
Burnasco Spe
cial hats, soft
or stiff.
Hat., at $3.00
Burgess - Nash
feature hats,
soft or stiff.
Sutton Hat.
You know the worth of a
Stetson; many new styles as
well as the old favorites, $3.BO
to $10.00.
BurfM.-N..h C Fourth Floor
Men's High Grade Shirts Reduced
For Quick Selling at
THE sale will include all our high grade summer French
flannel -shirts which formerly sold at the highest price
of any shirt in our stock, and posi
tively unobtainable under present
conditions, together with tub silks,
satin stripe, pure fiber crepe and a
big assortment of silk mixtures,
some of them are a little soiled. Our
inability to buy more of these
French flannel shirts necessary to
keeping up the line, was the cause
of our decision to close them out at
such a big reduction in price.
Men's Union Suits, $1.00
Knit and athletic styles, big assortment of qualities, assembled In
one lot to close "odd" lots and broken lines, at sweeping reductions
now, at the beginning of the season; price, $1.00.
Pure Fiber Silk Hose, 25c
Pure fiber silk hose, all colors, also white, at the mark-down pries
of 25c.
Men's Pajamas, at $1.98
Silk and other soft materials suitable for spring and summer wear;
some soiled, shop worn and mussed, but you will want some of these
pajama suits if you see them at the price, $1.98.
Burf M.-N.h Co. Main Floor
Drug Specials
Pond's vanishing cream, 18c.
Large powder puffs, 10c.
Djer-Kiss face powder, 50c.
Djer-Kiss talcum powder, 25c.
Face chamois, 10c.
Chappedine, 25c.
Almo honey and almond cream,
at 25c.
Burgess-Nash vanishing cream,
at 16c.
Burgess-Nash cold cream. lc
Military brushes, 29c, 59c, 79c,
Transparent handle tooth brush
es, 25c.
Dr. Graves' tooth powder, 15c.
German face powder, 39e.
Le Sprit de Eosc face powder,
at 75c.
White ivory powder and puff
boxes, 75c.
Medicine and toilet bottles,
white ivory case, 49e.
White ivory combs, 49c.
Colgate's tooth paste, 10c-20c.
Sayman's soap, cake, 7c.
Pebeco tooth paste, 29c.
Burge...waan 10. Main rioor
Men's Suits Specially Priced
For Saturday in Three Groups at
$15, $20 and $22.50
THREE great groups that represent the very best men's suit
values you'll find anywhsre in Omaha.
Suits that are in variety of model and patterns that will appeal
to the young man as well as the more conservative dresser.
Every garment is strictly hand tailored throughout, according
to our specifications, the
Biirgess-Naslh Staimdairdl
which means the very best possible at the regular price.
The materials are plain blue serges, homespuns and worsteds,
in the season's most approved styles, including the pinch-back,
form fitting, semi-fitted and box models. Single or double breast
ed, skeleton, 14, or full lined.
There are all sizes for everyone stouts, slims, stubs and regu
lars and we know you will not only find the style and kind of
suit you have in mind, but at a special price reduction.
BurgM.-NMn Co. Fourth Floor