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    Daily Bee
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Want-ad Service
Night or Day i
Tyler 1000
VOL. XLVI. NO. 263.
0 TrilM. at Hotili,
Hiwi standi, tic, ,
Commerce Commission Cen
sures Officials of System and
Bankers Who' Aided Them.
Washington, April 20. The finan
cial downfall ot the Pere Marquette
railroad and the Cincinnati, Hamilton
ii Dayton railway is attributed in a
nag report made public today by the
Interstate Commerce commission pri
marily to "breach of trust by cor
porate officials, often for personal
"That downfall with its deplorable
consequences," the report reads, "can
be traced only to betrayal within and
not to compulsion without. Neither
rivalry, nor low rates, nor regulation,
nor all combined, can be found on this
record to have contributed in any ap
preciable degree to the disaster.
"Nothing disclosed in the record be
fore us is more to be regretted than
the readinesj of great hanking insti
tutions to loan enormous sums of
moniy upoi, exceedingly precarious
security in aid of such schemes as
have been devised in the wrecking of
these railroads.
"Not only this, but the high officers
of such institutions while acting os
tensibly as directors of the railroads,
have in fact been little more than
'Most Beautiful Womanin Colorado
Dies in Paupers Hospital in Gotham
Denver. Colo., April 20. Mrs. John
V. Springer, divorced wife of the
Denver banker and capitalist, once a
society leader and called the "most
beautiful woman in Colorado, died
last night in a paupers' hospital on
Blackwell's Island, New York City,
alone, save for one friend, who re
mained true to her, according to ad
vices received here.
Because of Mrs. Springer, two men
are dead and one is serving a life
sentence in the state penitentiary at
Canon City, Colo.
Mrs. Springer had been married
tools and dummies for the promot
ers." The commission asks if the fate of
these two railroads cannot 3crve to1
avert similar happenings to other
roads in the future.
"Perhaps not entirely." the report
continues, "but it will help if minority
stockholders are more watchful and
if bond holders assert their rights be
fore their security fades away for
lack of upkeep, purposely neglected
in order to pay interests and dividends
"It would, in our opinion, render
exploitation mote difficult if the is
suance and marketing of all securities
of common carriers were subject to
federal regulations. As to that we
renew the recommendatio-t repeatedly
made to congress in our annual re
ports." '
two years when, in 1911, Sylvester
Von Puhl and George E. Copeland
were killed by Harold F. Henwood in
a local hotel in a discission of Mrs.
Following this Mr. Springer sued
for divorce and Mrs. Springer was
granted $5,000 and went to New York.
Little was heard of Mrs. Springer
until recently. Then she began posing
occasionally for motion nicture con
cerns in the cast. Her funds ex
hausted, and when she became ill a
short time ago she was forced to go to
the hospital on Blackwell's Island.
Limit Put On Discharge
Of Married Guardsmen
Washington, April 20. Discharges
from the National Guard will not be
granted enlisted men solely because
they are married, according t in
structions sent out by the militia bur
eau. Where a soldier has indepen
dent means which will prevent Jiis
family from becoming a charge upon
the government he will not be mus
tered out.
The War department has been
flooded since the original order was
issued with inquiries and protests
from national guardsmen, many of
whom have been discharged under
the dependent family rule and against
their wishes, because they were mar
ried men.
The Spring Drive
Is N
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TOPCOATS ever placed on inspection
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Top Coats
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2d Floor Rose Bldg.
Nine Seized German Ships I
Nearly Ready for Sea
Washington, April 20. Vigorous ,
steps are being taken by the govern-,
ment to repair the seized German !
ships and it is believed nine of them
will be ready for sea in the next thir-1
ty days.
A bill to empower the shipping
board to take foreign built craft on t
the ways and pay for them probably j
will be introduced in congress next
week. Nearly 1,.'00,000 tons now is I
building for foreign interests.
1 he scarcity of ofneers for the
great fleet the shipping board plans
may require legislation to relax some
of the restrictions of the present law.
Treasury Will Issue Notes
Only as May Be Necessary
Washington, April 20. Treasury
certificates of indebtedness, author
ized up to $2,000,000,000 in the $7,
000,000,000 war finance measure now
Chairman Hoover Asks
Boys to Raise Beans
New York, April 20. On the
JTound that beans are the best of
oods for war emergenciea. Her
bert C. Hoover, chairman of the
naiiunai roou cunimasion, urges
the Boy Scouts of America to de
vote their energies to the cultiva
tion of thil crop.
before congress, will be issued, Secre
tary McAdoo announced today, "as
may be necessary to meet the re
quirements of the treasury" as soon
as the bill becomes a law.
The bonds authorized by the hill
probably will not be offered before
sixty days. Meanwhile certificates of
indebtedness maturing June 30 and
bearing accrued interest in payment
nf subscriptions for bonds will be
old. v.;
German Papers Express
Hope of Speedy Victory
Amsterdam, April 20. (Via Lon
don.) German newspapers express
the opinion that the record figure of
the sixth German war loan will prove
to the entente that the attempt to ex
haust Germany's financial strength is
a failure and that thil, coupled with
the American crop shortage and the
German submarine exploits, must
biing a speedy victory.
The Vossische Zeitung attributes
the success of the loan to the "fires
that flamed up in German breasts at
president Wilson's repulsive treat
ment of us."
The Deutsche Tages Zeitung says
:hat "this 'U-boat' loan showed that
even a world power like the United
States is- unable to shake the con
iidence of the German people" and
that it is made plain that Germany
wants "no business peace, no renun
ciatory peace, but victory full and
Ambassador Elkus
Seriously 111 With
Spotted Typhoid
The Hague, April 19. (Via Lon
don, April 20.) United States Am
bassador Elkus is seriously ill at Con
stantinople with spotted typhoid
fever, according to a dispatch from,
Berlin. The Vossische Zeitung says
a German specialist is assisting the
embassy physician.
Washington, April 20. Ambassador
Elkus at Constantinople is suffering
from a light attack of typhus and
every attention is being given him,
according to dispatches.
Minister Morris at Stockholm tele
graphed that the Swedish minister at
Constantinople reported that Ambas
sador Elkus had "spotted typhus."
Store Talk
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