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Natural Color Brought
Back by Q-Ban A Sim
ple Healthful, Guaranteed
The right way to restore hair to natural
color and make your hair really beautiful,
soft, luxuriant and healthy, hi by the use of
Q-Ban Hair Color Restorer and not danger
ous, dirty; sticky dyes. Q-Ban is a liquid, all
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Restorer like s shampoo and no matter how
gray your hair may be or how faded and
lifeless, back will come an even, soft, natural,
dark shade, surely, safely and permanently.
Besides Q-Ban will give your hair true
health, so that it will be glossy and abund
ant and handsome. This helps you to look
young and attractive. Remember, Q-Ban is
not a dye, not a patent medicine. It is a
simple, natural, healthful preparation, fully
guaranteed. Get a large bottle for 60c at
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co. or at any
Rood drug store, or write Heasig-Ellis Drug
Co.. Memphis, Tenn., mentioning the drug
gist's name. Illustrated, interesting book,
"Hair Culture," sent free. Try Q-Ban Hair
Tonic, Q-Ban Liquid Shampoo, Q-Ban Toilet
Soap also Q-Ban Depilatory (odorless) for
removing superfluous hatr. Advertisement.
Keep Uric Acid
Out of Jojnts
Tells Rheumatiim Sufferers to Eat
Less Meat and Take
Rheumatism is easier to avoid than
to cure, states a well-known author
ity. Wc are advised to dress warmly;
keep the feet dry; avoid exposure; eat
less meat, but drink plenty of good
Rheumatism is a direct .result of
eating too much meat and other rich
foods that produce uric acid, which is
absorbed into the blood. It is the
function of the kidneys to filter this
acid from the blood and cast it out in
the urine; the pores of the skin are
also a means of freeing the blood of
this impurity. In damp and chilly
cold weather the skin pores are closed,
thus forcing the kidneys to do double
work, they become weak and sluggish
and fail to eliminate the uric acid
which keeps accumulating and circu
lating through the system eventually
settling in the joints and muscles,
causing stiffness, soreness and pain
called rheumatism. x.
At the first twinge of rheumatism
get from any pharmacy about four
ounces of Jad Salts; put a teaspoon
l'ul in a glass of water and drink be
fore breakfast each morning for a
week. This is said to eliminate uric
acid by stimulating the kidneys to nor
mal action, thus ridding the blood of
these impurities.
Jad Salts is inexpensive, harmless
and is made from the acid of grapes
and lemon juice, combined with lithia
and is used with excellent results by
thousands of folks who are subject
to rheumatism. Here you have' a
pleasant, efiervescent lithia-wate
drink which helps overcome uric acid
and is beneficial to your kidneys as
well. Advertisement.
Be Cwefel in Using
Soap on Your Hir
Most soaps and prepared shampoos
contain too much alkali, which is very
injurious, as it dries the scalp and
makes the hair brittle.
The best thing to use is just pfa-in
ntulsihed cocoanut oil, for it is pure
and entirely greaseless. It's very
cheap, and beats the most expensive
Fpaps or anything else all to pieces.
You can get this at any drug store,
and a few ounces will last the whole
family for months.
Simply moisten the hair wtih water
and rub it in, about a teaspoonful is
afl that is required. It makes an
abundance of ri(?h, creamy lather,
cleanses thoroughly and rinses out
easily. The hair dries quickly and
evenly, and is soft, fresh looking,
bright, fluffy, wavy, and easy to han
dle. Besides, it loosens and takes out
every particle of dust, dirt and dan
druff. Advertisement.
Guaranteed to Remove
Superfluous Hair Roots
(Wond.rfiil w Method)
Glorious news for women troubled with
disfiguring hairy growths! By means of
an entirely new and very simple method
ynu can now remove net only
linlr, but the roots ss well! Just get a
stick of phelactlne from your druggist, fol
idw the easy instructions see the hatr
loots come out before'your very eyes! Ye,
yeu can hardly bellevo your eyes, the work
is dono so quickly, completely, harmlessly.
Phelactino Is non-odorous, non-polsonln
couldn't hurt a child to eat it. So effec
tive that satisfaction is guaranteed. money
!rick if you want it. Advertisement.
mi fuss vm
lustcrole Works JEasier, Quicker
and Without the Blister
There's no sense in mixing a mess of
ustard, flour and water when you can
. :?ily 'relieve pain, soreness or stiffness
,:th a little clean, white Musterole.
Musterole is made of pure oil of mus
tard and other helpful, ingredients, com
lnned in the form of a pleasant white
...ritment It takes the place of out-of-J
; t e mustard plasters, and will not blister.
.Musterole usually gives prompt relief
'i m sore throat, bronchitis, tonsilitis,
t r. ttp, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, head
ache, congestion, pleurisy, rheumatism,
lumbago, pains and aches of the back or
i. !nts, sprains, sore muscles, bruises,
chilblains, frosted feet, colds of the
chest (it often prevents pneumonia).
Re-olar Sises 2e, Me, ll. At Druggists.
Government Flans to Make
Present Generation Pay
Costs of Struggle.
Washington, April 8. President
Wilson's policy, outlined in his ad
dress to congress, of paying Amer
ica's war fcyjl so far as possible while
the war is being waged, leaving a
minimum debt to posterity, was re
flected tonight in a Virtual decision
by leaders in the house and senate to
raise 50 per cent of the first year's
expenditures by taxation.
Under this program congress would
be called on to raise war revenue of
$1,750,000,000 through new and in
creased taxation during the fiscal
year ending June 30, 1918. This is ex
clusive of the $5,000,000,000 bond is
sue, authorization for which will be
sought this week. The total demand
upon the financial resources of the
country during the first year of war
under this program would be $6,750,
000,000. Three Billions to Allies.
Of the bond issue $3,000,000,000, it
was definitely stated tonight, would
be loaned to the entente allies. The
entire issue will bear interest of i'A
percent. It is proposed to make the
loan to the allies at this interest rate,
which is lower by far than the rate on
their previous issues.
The remaining $2,000,000,000 will be
applied, as necessary, cm the cost of
the military and naval establishments
and other war expenses of the United
States. "Indications are that with the
new war revenue measures in effect
the full amount, $2,000,000,000, will
not be entirely exhausted at the end
of the first year.
In requesting authorization for a
$5,000,000,000 bond issue administra
tion leaders have in mind the neces
sity of allowing for a slight margin
of safety so that the work of the War
and Navy departments would not be
handicapped by a lack of funds due
to the possible failure of proposed tax
measures to raise the entire sum of
50 per cent desired.
Details Not All Arranged.
Details of the proposed' bond issue
have not been fully disposed of at
present. The proposal that congress
authorize immediately the issue of
$3,000,000,000 in bondS'to finance a
loan to the allies and afterwards take
up the request for $2,000,000,000 for
the army and navy is considered in
some quarters.
In support of this proposal it is
pointed out that the need of the allies
for funds is more immediately press
ing than American needs, the money
to be obtained for the latter purpose
being expended over a period of four
teen months. A proposal simply to
issue bonds to finance a loan to the
allies, it is said, miglvj be passed more
speedily by congress than if it were
coupled with a proposal to provide
for the American war bill at the same
In One Lump Sum.
Indications are strong, however,
that congress will be asked to au
thorize the $5,000,000,000 in one lump
sum. Legislation to this effect will
be: considered by the ways and means
committee, within the next day or so,
possibly tomorrow, and probably will
be reported to congress for action
before the end of the week.
To Chairman Kitchin, who was
called to North- Carolina by his
brother's death and therefore was not
consulted with reference to the de
tails of the proposed legislation, will
fall the honor of carrying through
in the house the administration's im
mediate financial program. Recalling
Mr. Kitchin's opposition to the war
resolution, members of the commit
tee are prepared, however, to relieve
him of this duty should he personally
oppose the plan. In that event it
probably would devolve upon Repre
sentative Rainey, ranking majority
member of the committee, or Repre
sentative Hull of Tennessee to carry
through the program.
Confer With McAdoo.
Chairman Simmons and his col
leagues of the senate finance commit
tee have been in frequent conference
with Secretary McAdoo during vthe
past few days with reference to the
Indications are that the administra
tion's financial program will meet
with overwhelming support in both
houses and that the proposed bond
issue will be authorized without loss
of time.
Considerably more time, it is
thought, will be consumed in the
passage of the war revenue measure.
Sentiment in congress, apparently
crystallized in support of the pro
gram of advancing an enormous loan
to the allies, varies greatly as to the
methods to be pursued in raising
revenue through taxation.
Income Tax Probably Revised.
In general terms it seems certain
that the bulk of the additional reve
nue will be raised through revision
of the income and excess profits tax
laws. It is also likely that the tax
on whisky, beer and tobacco will be
As to what outlines the income tax
law will assume upon emerging from
the committee, one man's guess, an
official said today, is as good as an
other's. There appears to be a gen
eral sentiment for lowering thfe pres
ent exemption and raising the rates
heavily on large incomes. A grad
uated scale may be adopted in revis
ing the excess profits tax law.
Suggestions that part of the war
revenue be raised by the imposition
of stamp taxes on checks and other
documents and that a consumption
tax be placed on sugar, tea and cof
fee have been made in both branches
of congress, and it appears likely
that these will be considered.
Officials in charge of the financial
program found themselves today the
center of a cquntry-wide bombard
ment of telegrams and letters of ap
proval. Assurances of Support.
From every section came assur
ances of support. Offers of co-operation
were received from individ
uals, organizations, firms and banks.
Many of the latter offered to place at
the disposal of the proper authorities
all means within their power for dis
tributing and aiding in the sale of the
Expecting the usual variance of
opinion generally manifested with the
Mi Carolyn Barkalow and Mr. O. S. Goodrich signing up
to join Uncle Sam' force now at war with Germany.
announccmentNof any proposed finan
cial legislation, officials were stirred
by the. unanimity of the approval and
the unmistakable note of patriotic
support in the great volume of com
munications received. They expressed
their satisfaction with predictions
that when the big bond issue is of
fered for sale the response of the na
tion will be such as the world has
never seen before.
Omaha Asked to Join Nation
wide Move of Enthusiasm
fof April 19.
Mayor Dahlman will bring to the
attention of patriotic, religious, educa
tional and civic organizations and of
ficials a request from the recruiting
committee of the Committee of Na
tional Defense, for a nation-wide ob
servance of April 19 as .national re
cruiting day.
A telegram was received by the
mayor from Alexander Hemphill of
New York, who has charge of this
demonstration. The date mentioned
will be the anniversary of the battle
of Lexington.
Mr. Hemphill wired that the dem
onstration in iiis city will include a
reproduction ot the ride of Faul Re
vere, distribution of war alarms by
aeroplanes, tolling of church bells,
ringing of fire bells and blowing of
steam whistles; also reading of, the
poem of Revere's ride in theaters,
schools and churches and projecting
the- poem on screens of movie thea
ters. Insofar as it may be possible Mayor
Dahlman will urge that similar ob
servance be given in Omaha. The
school authorities will co-operate.
"We want this to be a day of gen
eral demonstration," stated Mr.
Hemphill in his telegram.
"I will be pleased to co-operate in
every way that I can and I feel con
fident that organizations and individ
uals of the city will lend a hand to
make the Omaha observance a suc
cess," said Mayor Dahlman.
Bluejacket Routs
Pacifist Speaker ,
And Forces Apology
How one of Uncle Sam's blue
jackets, out on recruiting duty, put
the quietus on a pacifist speaker and
swung a mass meeting of 500 people
into line behind Old Glory, is tersely
and modestly told in a report to Lieu
tenant Waddell of the navy recruiting
station here.
Boatswain's Mate Frank Harper at
Emerson, Neb., to get navy re
cruits, wrote to his superior officer in
effect as follows:
"The postmaster, mayor and citi
zens of Emerson bad arranged a mass
meeting, and the schools and all busi
ness were suspended lor an Hour
for it.
"The high school principal tried to
prevent a patriotic demonstration by
opening the meeting with an appeal
to the folks to retrain from respond
ing to the war call. He even slan
dered the men of the army and navy.
I then took the floor and talked
for fifty minutes, and must admit I
surprised myself in my speech. I
won over everybody and forced the
principal to publicly apologize before
the whole crowd.
"Got a list of orospective recruits
lined' up, and the first of them will
soon reach Omaha for examination
and enlistment."
Minneapolis to Play Host
To Thousands of Shriners
Omaha Shriners are making plans
to attend the big convention of mem
bers of the order at Minneapolis from
June 24 to 29, inclusive. Advices from
the Minnesota metropolis are that
Mill City Shriners intend to entertain
visitors on an elaborate scale.
Starting Sunday, June 24, the six
days' program will be filled with en
tertainment for the visiting Shriners
and their families. St. Paul is to join
with MinncaDolis in makine the con
vention of Shriners a notable occas
ion. One of the features of the con
vention is to be the laying of the
corner stone for a new half-miltion-dollar
home for Zuhrah temple in the
presence of the imperial officers ajid
nearly all the past and present po
tentates of the Ancient Arabic Order,
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.
The Wreckers Are Coming
The Parisian Cloak Company, 318
320 South 16th St., in the Schliti
Block, is going out of business. The
building is to be torn down soon and
new merchandise is coming in daily
which must be disposed of. Hurry,
come tomorrow and every day here
after and secure your Spring Apparel
at great reductions, for the WRECK
Carolyn Barkalow and Mrs. 0.
S. Goodrich First to Enlist
for Woman Service.
Miss Carolyn Barkalow, daughter
of Mrs. S. D. Barkalow, and Mrs.
O. S. Goodrich were the first Omaha
women to enroll in the National
League for Woman Service when
local headquarters were opened in the
First National Bank building at 10
o'clock yesterday morning.
Miss Barkalow has just returned
from New York, where women's re
sponse to the call for service was
prompt and generous. Miss Barkalow
was urged to join some of the eastern
detachments, but waited until she
cached home before enrolling. Miss
Barkalow, who has had a course in
Red Cross nursing, has organized a
group of young society girls to pre
pare surgical dressings under the new
Rfrt Cross chapter which Gould Dictz
will head.
"We expect the charter to arrive
some time today. The local execu
tive committee will then be an
nounced," said Mr. Dietz, who, with
W. G. Ure, was among the men who
dropped into the women'., "recruiting"
station during the morning.
In enrolling, women designate what
sort of work they can do, how much
time they can give to it, and whether
they are prepared to go to any local
ity where needed.
A Urge meeting is planned for early
next week, at which some out-of-town
speaker well versed in Red
Cross wdrk will outline the league's
plan of work. An executive meeting
to arrange for a larger one will be
held Saturday morning at 10 o'clock.
Mrs. Harvey Newbranch will re
place Miss Euphemia Johnson as cap
tain of the general service section,
since Miss Johnson will be out of
town. Mrs. E. P. Peck, Miss Johnson
and Miss Sinclair of Brownell Hall
will serve on Mrs. Newbranch's staff.
Mrs. Louis Clarke, captain of the
motor driving volunteers, has a staff
which includes Mrs. O. S. Goodrich,
Mrs. George Redick and Mrs. E. E.
Stanfield. Miss Mona Cowell and Miss
Irene McKnightare her commandants.
The staff of the commissariat,
headed by Mrs. R. Beecher Howell,
includes Mrs. E. M. Syfert, Mrs. E. H.
Scott and Mrs. C. J. Anderson.
Welfare Section Formed.
Mrs. Lowric Child's social and wel
fare section is the most completely
organized up to date. Her staff in
cludes Mrs. Victor Rosewatcr, Mrs.
Luther L. Kountze, Mrs. Frank T.
Hamilton and Mrs. C. M. Wilhelm.
Under these are detachments for
which the commandants arc: Red
Cross work, Mrs. C. T. Kountze; Wo-
For Skin Blotches
There is one remedy fiat sel 'om f-.ils
to clear away all pimples, blotche. and
other skin eruption.. and that makes the
skin soft, clear ard heal hy.
Any druggist can supply you with
Mo, which generally overcomes al
skin diseases. - Acne, eczema itch, pim
ples, rashes, black heads in most cases
mvo wav to zemo. tremien :y. minor
blemishes disappear overnight. Itching
usually stops instantly. Zemo is a safe,
antiseptic liquid, deal, easy to use and
dependable. It costs only 25c ; an extra
large bottle, $1.00. It will not stain, is
not greasy or sticky and is positively
sate Torienaer, sensitive sums.
The E. W. Rose Co., Cleveland, O.
Ashamed of her
bad complexion
If you, too, are embarrassed by
i pimply, blotchy, unsightly com
plexion, try Resinol Soap and Res
inol Ointment regularly for a week
and see if they do not begin to make
I blessed difference in your skin.
They also help make red, rough
hands and arms toft and white.
end Otntmentaretold brill dniffiits. Fnrtrtsl
tree, write to Dcpt 20flR..iool, fiellunore.
man's Press club, Mrs. Myron
Learned; Central High school teach
ers, Miss M. A. Landis; Commercial
High teachers. Miss Helen Drum-
mond; Miss M. L. Proulx, MrsrJ
Charles A. Tracy, Miss Aiahell Kim
ball and Mrs. Louis U Nash.
Mrs. Clarke will ask automobile
men to furnish her mechanicians for
one hour a week to give instruction
in the motor driving classes. Dick
Nuxated Iron to Make New Age of
Beautiful Women ancLVigorous Iron Men
Say Physicians Quickly Puts Roses Into the Cheeks of Women and Most Astonishing
Youthful Vitality Into the Veins of Men It Often Increases the Strength
and Endurance of Delicate. Nervous "Run-Down" Folks
100 Per Cent in Two Weeks' Time.
Opinion of Dr. Schuyler C.
NEW YORK, N. Y. Since the remarkable
discovery of organic iron, Nuxated Iron or
"Ker Nuxste," as the French eall it. hat
taken the country by storm. It Is conserv
atively estimated that over three million
people annually are taking it In thta country
lone. Most astonishing results are reported
front its use by both physicians and laymen.
So much so that doctors predict that we
shall soon have a new sure of far more beau
tifuL rosy-cheeked women and vigorous iron
Dr. Ferdinand King, a New York Physician
and Medical Author, when Interviewed on
this subject, said: "There can be no vigor
ous iron men without Iron. Pallor means
anaemia. Anaemia means iron deficiency. The
skin of anaemic men and women la pale;
the flesh flabby. The musclea lack tone:
the brain fags and the memory falls and
often they become weak, nervous, irritable,
despondent and melancho'y. When the iron
goes from the blood of women, tht roses
go from their cheeks.
In the most common foods of America,
the starches, sugars, table syrups, candles,
polished rice, white bread, aoda crackers,
biscuits, macaroni, spaghetti, tapioca, sago,
farina, degcrminated cornmeal, no longer Is
iron to be found. Re.'lning processes have
removed the Iron of Mother Earth from
tk... 4.nwi.ri,.hilt funds nnd nilly methods
of home cookery, by throwing down the
waste pipe the water in which "our vege
table., are eookeil. are resooiutble for an
other grava Iron loss.
Therefore, if you wish to preserve your
youthful vim and vigor to a ripe old age,
you must supply the Iron defieituc in your
r..nA kv iiaintr a.mi. form of onranic iron.
just as you would use salt when your fuod
has not enough salt."
Tr. E. Sauor. a Ronton physician who haw
studied both in thi country and in great
European medical innuuiions, saia:
have said a hundred times over, organie
rnn i th crontett of all strenKth build
ers. If people would only take Nuxated Iron
when they feel weak or run-down, instead
of dosing thorn selves wtih habit-forming
drugs, Btimulaats nnd etfoholto .leverages.
I am convinced that in this way they could
ward otf duense. preventing It becoming
organic in thouands of cases and thereby
the lives of thousands might be saved ho
now die evory year from pneiimonln, grippe,
kidney, liver, neart trouhlo and other dan
gerous nervous mnladU'. Tho real nnd true
cause which started their aiscaHO was noth
ing more nor les than ft weakened condi
tion brought on liy lack of Iron in the blood.
"Not long ago a man me to mo who
waa nearly half a century old and atked
me to givo him a preliminary examination
for life Insurance. I was astonished to llnd
him with the blood pressure of a boy of
iwenty and as full of vliror, vim and vitality
as a young man; In fa-t, a young man ha
really was, notwithstanding his are. The
secret, he said, was taking iron Nuxated
Iron had filled him with renewed life. At
30 he was in bad health: at 46 he waa
careworn and nearly all In. Now at 60 after
ill 1IIISMIIIH Wllllllilillllllll Illlllllllllllllll
1 Cr.::.:-Xa.
TTHE young men and women who are
forging ahfead today (as always) are those
who equip themselves.for responsible positions by well-directed
study. . -
Modern Electric Lighting assists greatly to promote . home
study with the least strain to the eyes. '
The clear, attractive illumination provided by Electric Light
ing is an invitation to self improvement. ,
Two or three cents a night spent for efficient lighting in the
home may cause your boy to fit himself for a highly paid pro
fession. .
Let us tell you about the modern way of wiring a home No
matter how long ago it may have been built does not dam
age Walls or floors or interfere in any way with household
Stewart has already Volunteered the
service of one mechanician.
Mrs. W. G. Ure and Mrs. Lucien
Stephens are the publicity commit
tee.. To co-operate with the army and
navy, not to do work on its own
initiative, the object of the League for
Woman Service, the members say,
Women may join as many branches of
the work as they choose. To cen
Jaques, Visiting Surgeon of St. pi iaa bath's Hospital, Now York City
.ill- r ' ':'umr
taking Nmated Iron, a miracle of vitality ,
and his face learning with the buoyancy of
youth. Iron is absolutely necessary to en- 1
able your blood to change food into, living
tissue. Without it, no matter how much
or what yoj eat. your food merely passes
through you without doing you any good.
Yoi don't itet the strength out of It, and as
a oonsfiuenre jou become weak, pale and
sfrkly, just like a plant trying to
grow In a soil deficient In Iron. If you are
not strong or well, you owe it to yourself to
make the following test: See how long you
can work or how far yon can walk without
becoming tired. Next take two five-grain ,
tallies of ordinary nuxated Iron three times
per day after meals for two weeks, Then
tent your Ktreiigtl. again and ree how much
you hnve gninl. I have seen doxens of nerv
ous, iun-rioJuii people v.'ho were ailing all the
while double their atrength and endurance
and entirely rio themselve" of all symptoms
of iynpepnia. liver and other troubles' In
from ten to ourteen days' time simply by
Inking iron in the proper form. And this,
after they had in some cunra been c'octormg
for months witnout obtaining any benefit.
Hut d'jn't take the old forms of reduced
Iron, n act-tnte, or tincture of Iron simply
to save a few cents. The iron demanded by
Mother Nature for the red coloring matter
in th hlood of her children In, alas I not
that kind of Iron. Vou must take iron in a
form that ran be easily absorbed and as
similated to do you any good, otherwise, it
i may prove worse than useless. Many an
athlete and prize-fighter haa won the day
simply because he knew the secret of great
strength and endurance and filled hia blood
v.-ith iron before he went into the affray:
while many another has gone down in in
Will llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illlilllllliiiilllilllllllllillllllllllliillffl
Omaha Electric Light &
Power Company
; ' . By George H. Harries, Rresideri
tralize alt Red Cross and war relief
organizations in the city will be the
firjt move. Trained leaders for all
departments will be named soon.
Detroit Sends McKe
Out to Pacific Coast
Catcher Ray McKee has been re
leased' by the Detroit club to San
Francisco, of the Pacific Coast league.
glorious defeat limply for the lack of iron."
Dr. Schuyler C. Jaques, Visiting Surgeon
of St. Elisabeth'! Hospital, New York City,
said: "I have never before given out any
medical information or advlea for publication,
as I ordinarily do not believe in It. But In
tht case of Nuxated Iron I feel I would be
remiss in my duty not to mention it, I hava
taken It myself and riven it to my patients
with moat surprising and satisfactory re
sults. And those who wish to increase their
strength, power and endu ranee will find it
a most remarkable and wonderally effective
NOTE Nuxated Iron, which is prescribed;
and recommended above by physicians in
auch a great variety of eases, is not a
patent medicine nor secret remedy, but one
which is well known to druggists and whoso
Iron constituents are wide prescribed by
eminent physicians, both in Europe and In
America. Unlike the older Inorganic Iron
products it is easily assimilated, does not
injure the teeth, make them black, nor up
set the stomach: on the contrary, it is a
most potent remedy In nearly oil forma of
indigestion as well as for nervous, run-down
conditions. The manufacturers hava such
great confidence in nuxated iron that they
offer to forfeit (100 to any charitable in
stitution if they cannot take any man or
women under 60 who lacks iron, and increase
their strength 100 per cent or over in four
weeks' time, provided they have no aerioua
organie trouble. They also offer to refund
your money if It does not at least double
your strength and endurance in ten aeys
time. It Is dispensed in this city by Sherman
A McConnell Drug Stores and all good dtre
gists. Advertisement.