Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 08, 1917, NEWS SECTION, Page 3, Image 3

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3 A
The Art Embroidery Dep't Offers
Special Sale of Fine Stamped Goods
HERE'S an opportunity not only to obtain fine
Stamped Pieces at decided savings, but also to supply
yourself with exceptionally fine summer work.
Stamped Bibs, Bootees, .Collars and Cuffs, Chil
dren's Hats, Handkerchiefs, Guest size Turk- q
ish Towels, Aprons; values up to 25c, at L
Stamped Corset Covers, Children's Dresses, Pillow
Tops, Scarfs and Centers, Towels and Nap- -in
kins; values up to 50c, choice, at ItL
Stamped Fudge Aprons, Baby's Cashmere Jack- .
ets, Dressing Sacques, Turkish Towels, Children's
Kimonos, Scarfs and Pin Cushion Sets, Carriage
Robes, Pure Linen Towels and Linen Cen- OQ
terpieces. Values up to 75c, choice, at LdUj
Stamped Pillow 'Cases, Combinations, Towels,
Night Gowns, Dressing Sacques and Caps, Pique
Dresses, Repp Dresses, Baby Dresses and QQ-
White Linen Center; values up to $1.00, at OtL
Stamped Night Gowns, made ready to embroider;
Baby Bath Sets, Turkish Towels, 36-inch rQfl
White Linen Centers and Scarfs, at OV L
Wire Frames for Lamp Shades in Pagado, Chinese
and Japanese styles, 18-inch, 22-inch (T-
and 24-inch, at $1
Elgin Maid Pearl Cotton, in white and colors,)
special i OL
Third Floor
Eastman Kodaks
and All Photo
Druf Stora
Main Floor.
biandeis Stores
Marcel Waving
in th
Hair Dring
Second Floor.
Filet Trimmed Blouses
White and Flesh
Elaborately Trimmed
SHOWING of these
beautiful Blouses we
have ever displayed.
Some with the beauti
ful hand embroidery, oth
ers with Filet inserts;
some large Filet collars
and cuffs to be wom out
aide of coat; others with
handspme frills, gome
with jabots.
$15.00 to $25.00
These are the Real Hand-Made Filet Laces which are ex
tremely scarce right now. We recommend these as some of the
most beautiful Blouses we have ever made.
Imitation Filet Lace Blouses
These are the nearest approach to the real that
we have ever seen. :
$5.00 to $10.00
Sacond Floor
Japanese Filet Lace Linens
In a -Monday Offering
The new Store for Linens, situated right at tha
16th street entrance, gives opportunity for more
attractive and better display, and to celebrate in a
small way on Monday, we have made up a special
lot of offerings that are sure to interest the woman
who likes the unusual things. .
Japanese Filet Lace Pieces
Consisting of Doilies, Centers, Tea and Lunch Cloths
The Doilies
6x6 inches, at, each 10c
12x12 inches, at, each 19c and 35c
30x30 inches, at, each $1.50
The Centerpieces
' 45-inch Tea Cloths, each $2.98
54-inch Tea Cloths, each.. $3.98
72-inch Tea Cloths, each $8.98
18x54-inch Scarfs, at $2.98
Very Special: $1 .2$ Scalloped Cloths, $1:00
. About 200 Cloths, round shape, scalloped or hem
stitched ends; made of a beautiful mercerized
Damask, 63x63 inches, special for Monday, $1.00
They were modestly priced at $1.25.
Main Floor, 16th Street Entrance
Most Desirable Ddmestics
32-inch fine quality Dress Ginghams, Parkhill
manufacture, beautiful plaids, checks and - Q (
stripes. Sale price, yard, at -LtL
36-inch newest "Blazer" Stripe Seed Voiles, beautiful sheer
washable fabric, dainty colors and printings; sale, 1 Qn
Monday, yard, at.
New Sports Suitings. Fancy checks and figures, together
with plain shades; the newest sports colors; Mon- OQp
day, yard, at ....MiJ
Beautiful Leader and. Spray Voiles, this season's choicest
colorings; neat printings, sheer and dainty; Monday, 1
yard, at . . -U
The genuine A. F. C. Dress Ginghams, all the wanted cheeks,
plaids and stripes, as well as plain pink and blues; 1 C
on sale'per yard. . . r-. , iyl
Liberty Suitings, 36 inches wide, 'made by the Amoskeag
Manufacturing company. None better, fast colors, 1 Q
very serviceable; Monday, at, a yard i.Us
i 36-inch Dress Percale, light and dark grounds, best print
ings, good grade; lengths to 20 yards; Monday, 1 Olp
at, a yard 12
, " The genuine American and Simpson's1 Dress Prints all
colors and sh'irting styles; off the bolt, Monday, rjif,
yard, at .
Mill Remnants Fancy1 Striped Batiste, peat figures Qlp
and printings, Monday,-yard t21-
Main Floor ,
NEW, crisp, bright Draperies at the windows, make all the difference in the
world in the appearance of your home. In announcing this Home Craft
Week we seek to interest discriminating women in our offerings of
"Quaker Lace" Draperies. W.e have always found them to be so good, that it
is a real pleasure to tell you of their sterling qualities.
There are special offerings here for Monday that will Interest every
woman who desires to obtain what is best, and at the same time does not object
to a tidy saving.
Quaker Lace
50 Pieces of "Quaker Craft Lace,"
in the newest form of window cover
ing, the very latest designs ; special, at,
a yard 49c
75c Quaker Lace, 59c a Yard
For this event we are featuring the
newest drapery effects, with the finest
materials to carry them out with. These
laces are the prettiest we have ever
shown ; special, Monday, at, yd 59c
Quaker Lace Curtains
Have earned their reputation for dis
tinction because of the rare beauty of
design and practical durability. Our
new stocks are ready at the following
attractive prices;
$2.50 Quaker Curtains, a pair. . .$1.95
$3.98 Quaker Curtains, a pair. . .$2.95
$4.98 Quaker Curtains, a pair. . .$3.95
Third Floor
THE "TAILLEURS" are braid
and button trimmed, severe in
their silhouette, but extremely
In colors and fabrics eminently
fashionable. Some with large col
lars, others with smart plain tail
ored collars. A myriad of buttons
Of best quality Men's Wear
Serges, Gabardines, Poiret Twills,
Tricotines, Hair Line Stripes,
Wool and Silk Jersey Cloths.
$25.00 to $50.00
Petticoats of
Pompadour Silk
Deep ruffled and flounced, flowered and gayly col
ored striped Taffetas, showing unusual combina
tions; even the street shades reflect the brightness
of spring. Colorings are sunset, watermelon, pinks,
all shades of blues, etc.,
,$3.5Q to $8.98
Second Floor
38-Inch All Silk. Jersey, $1.95 a Yard
Plain and stripe effect, splendid, firm
weave and weight; one of the most popular
silk fabrics of the season; in pink, ivory,
emerald, rose, citron and gold.
36-Inch Satin Messaline, $1.00 ' '
In all the season's most wanted shades. A beautiful, rich, shimmery silk.
40-Inch Silk and Wool . f"N ' "Yo-San," the Silk of the
Poplins, $1.69 'Hour, $1.95
In all the newest sports ef-
"Tailleurs" In Smartest Phrases
Jaunty Sports and Dressy Afternoon Suits
Tailored with perfection that
distinguishes Brandeis apparel.
Dressy Afternoon Suits of Silk:
Many copies of Paris creations,
developed in the Tight new silks;
beautiful in coloring! and featur
ing many novel styles. Hand em
broidery and brilliant beads, silk
and metallic threads, introduced
on the most elaborate models in
Chiffon Taffetas, Faille Silk, Gros
de Londre, Georgette Satins, Silk
Poplins, Satin Charmeuse and
Combinations of Satin and Duve
tyne. $39.00 to $165.00
The New Spring
$7.50 to $12.50
In Black and Navv Blue Taffetas, striped and
plaid Silk, Sport Vclour in plaids and stripes, Serges
and Poplins, in pleated styles, with naval belts;
sports styles with large pockets, and stunning col
ors; also skirts for general wear, waist bands from
34 to 46.
Splendid Silks at Surprising Savings
The Season's Most Wanted Styles
THIS HAS BEEN AND WILL BE a tremendous Silk Season, and, be-
cause we anticipated this, we are able today to offer Silks that are exception
ally fine and fascinating, at prices that are simply remarkable. Every woman
knows what Silk good Silk such as these, are worth. Now look at the
40-In. Black Swiss Chiffon Taffeta, $1.39
Beautiful soft suede finish, good weight,
rich, deep black and an ideal silk for separ
ate 'skirts and dresses.
fects and popular color com
32 and 36-In. Satin Stripe
Tub Silk, 98c
For Men's Shirts; in all of
the newest color combina
tions; will launder per
fectly. 40-inch Silk and Wool
Poplin, $1.10
Beautiful Silk and Wool
Poplin in the new citron,
grays, taupes, gold, green,
blues, etc.
in s
The season's most popular
silk fabric, in plain and
stripe effects.
Bia Raye Stripe Taffetas,
The last note of newness
for the latest style skirts; in
an array of new color combi
nations. 36-inch Chiffon Taf
feta, $1.00 ,
This season's most popular
silk, in four different shades
of Navy and Copen, soft
finish, good weight.
New Rugs at Moderate
For This Spring - Time House
The soft tones of a good Rug, in appropriate de
sign, give the foundation not only for decorative
scheme, but for comfort in your home as well. That
we have the right Rugs, at prices much below those
we would of necessity have to charge if we bought
them in the present wholesale market today, are self
evident truths that every woman will quickly realize
when she reads these prices and the more forcefully
will this be brought to her notice when she actually
comes here and sees the Rugs.
$35.00 Rugs, at $25.00
Very Special Seamless Wilton Velvets, 9x12 ft., $25.00
Seamless Wiltons, 9x12 feet $45.00
.Hartford Bussorah Axminsters, 9x12 feet $30.00
Hartford Bussorah AKminsters, 8xlOH feet.. $27.50
Hartford Bussorah Axminsters, 6x9 feet $17.50
Hodges Rattania Fiber Rugs, 9x12 feet. $13.50
Hodges Rattania Fiber Rugs, 7MxlOV4 feet $10.50
Hodges Rattania Fiber Rugs, 6x9 feet $7.50
Printed Linoleums, 6 feet wide, a square yard 80e
Inlaid Linoleum, at, a square yard. . .$1.00, $1.25 and $1.40
Third Floor
Smart Tailored
Dressy Hats
Styles to Suit '
Every Woman
TIME NOW for the "second"
Hat, and we are splendidly
prepared to cater to your every
want here.
we show Smart Sailors, with
pastel feather bands, in wonder
ful colorings or lisere straw fac
ings with the ton of the hat
softly swathed in 'crepe, with
perhaps a long pheasant tail laid flat on the crepe or the
crown. Also others with flowers that blend with the crepe. '
FOR THE DRESSIER TYPE we have Transparent Hata
of Tulle or Hair Lace, in some instances with solid crowns
with a beautiful wreath of flowers or lacquered fruit, or a
smart trimming of burnt plumage or aigrette. ( ,
Yesterday's Style Letter From Newt York '
had this very interesting thing to say
"Last Sunday, on the 'Avenue,' we noted the unusual
number of American Beauty or Cherry Red Hats that
were worn. They stand out brilliantly from the mass of
'blacks.'" . .
We have both of these lively colors here $10 to $22.50
Second Floor, Milljnory Salon
The Fad for Filet Laces
Makes This Announcement an
Extraordinary One
OF COURSE, the best liked is many times the most
scarce and that it is so in this instance, is evidenced
by the fact that more and more is this scarcity being
Paris has given Filet first place in lace trimming
and it is being used, lavishly on Gowns, Blouses, Lin
gerie and Neckwear.' The demand has never been so
great for Filet as it is today.
We made an Important Special Purchase under
such favorable conditions, that we have thousands of
yards of these most fashionable Laces and are able to
Filet Edges and Insertions ; , ;
Fine patterns for lingerie and neckwear, at 8c,
15c, 25c and ....... 39c
Filet Edges and Bands
Real lace designs, appropriate for dresses and
blouses, at . : 50c and 75c
Filet Mesh Valenciennes
Edges and insertions, a very attractive' assort
ment of patterns, at, a yard ........ . ... ..... . . 5c '
Main Floor
White Goods In Array
English Voiles, in new sport effects, plaids and '.
stripes, exclusive designs, 36 and 40 inches n r
wide; yard, at t. f OL
Another beautiful imported Voile in the cluster
silk, stripe effect, in the new evening tints for
junior reception and banquet frocks; 40(T- eyr .
inches wide, yard, at .tpitOU ,.
Finest quality French Organdie, in flesh, pink, nile. blue,
canary and white; 45 inches wide; yard, (jj
Ask to see our new Tezzo Silk for undcrmuslins, slips, etc.
Looks like silk and wears better, in every wanted CCp
plain shade; 36 inches wide, yard, at OOt
Main Floor
Colored .Wash Goods
Sports Fabric, in white and tinted ground, in all the OC
new gay colorings and designs, 36 inches, yard, at ...Out
Very fine quality 44-inch Voile, in all the new tints r A
for blouses and frocks; extra special, yard, at i 0Jj-
Linen Pongee, for suits and dresses, middies, etc. Natural,
blue, silver, gray, brown; launders perfectly; 27 OQ'
inches, yard, at JU
White Voile, embroidered in dainty colored de- KQ
signs, 38 inches. Special, yard, at O 0
Shantung, a highly mercerized fabric, comes In all plain
shades and white. Beautiful material for outing and OQ
- indoor wear; 27 inches, yard, at iMJs
Printed Voile, An this season's patterns and colorings, in
stripes, florals, orientals and Persian designs; large Of. :
assortment to select from; 40 inches, yard, at uOs
Basement Section
Main Floor