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New Method of
Reducing Fit
A nwi Item from abroad informs ui
that tht American method of producing a
ilim, trim fifurt If meeting with astonish
hig success. The system, which hai made
each a wonderful impression over there,
must be the Harmola Prescription Tablet
method of reducing fat. It is safe to say
that wt have nothing better for this pur
pose In thta country. Anything that will
reduce the excess flesh two, three or four
pounds a week, without injury to the stom
ach the causing of wrinkles, the help of
nereis uiff or dieting, or Interference with
one's meals is a mighty important end
useful addition to civilisation's necessities.
Just such a catalogue of good results, how
ever, follow the use of these pleasant, harm
Jess and economical little fat reducers. We
say economical because Marmola Prescrip
tion Tablets (made in accordance with the
famous prescription) can be obtained of any
druggist or the makers, the Marmola Co.,
8M Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich., for
seventy-five cents the large case, which is
a decidedly economical price considering the
number of tablets each case contains. They
are harmless.- Advertisement.
Thousand Have Discovered Dr.
Edward' Olive Tablets are
a Harmless Substitute
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablet the sub
stitute or calomel are a mild but lure
laxative, and their effect on the liver is
almost instantaneous. They are the re
sult of Dr. Edwards' determination not
to treat liver and bowel complaints with
calomel His efforts to banish it brought
put these little olive-colored tablets.
These pleasant little tablets do the
food that calomel does, but no bad
after effects. They don't injure tbe
teeth like strong liquids or calomel.
They take hold of the trouble and
quickly correct it. Why cure the liver
at the expense of the teeth? Calomel
sometimes plays havoc witl the gums.
So do strong liquids. It is best not to
take calomel, but to let Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets take its place.
Most headaches, "dullness" and that
lazy feeling come from constipation and
a disordered liver. Take Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets when you feel "loggy" and
"heavy." Note how they "clear" clouded
brain md how they "perk up" the spir
its. 10c and 25c a box. All druggists.
Sciatica, Etc.
Free Trial of a New Method That Cures by
Removing the Cause. Send No Money.
We've a new method that cures Neuralgia,
Neuritis, Rheumatism, Asthma, Sciatica,
Neurasthenia, Tic Douloureux, etc., and we
want you to try it at our expense. No matter
how great your pain, or how terrible the
torture you endure from diseased nerves,
our method will bring prompt and blessed
relief. No matter whether your case is oc
casional or chronic, nor what your ago or
occupation, this method should cure you
right in your home.
Tht MulhB.ll Method does not contain a
drop of morphine, opium, chloral, cocaine,
acetanilid or any narcotie whatsoever. It
provides ft nerve food that cures by re
moving the cause.
We especially want to send It to those
o-called "incurable" cases that have tried
all the various doctors, dopes, sanitariums,
"opathys," etc., without relief. We want to
show everyone at our own expense that this
method will end at once and for all
time, all those tortures and twinges of al
most unbearable pain that are present in
Neuralgia, Neuritis, Sciatica, Migraine, Tic
Douloureux, Neurasthenia and other nerve
This free offer is too important to neglect
a single day. Write now and begin the cure
at once. Address Mulhall Co., Boom 674,
Brisbane Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y.
Neglecting Your
17 KT.JB
When everybody lived outdoors kidney
diseases Were unknown. Lungs, skin and
Iriilnavi, wtrlrail trureihar to keen the blOOll
fresh and pure. Nowadays the thinkers, the
writers, the store and office employes, the
housewives and other indoor workers get too
little fresh air, exercise, rest and sleep. The
kidneys weaken. Backache, headacne, ner
vousness, rheumatism and urinary disorders
become daily trials. Neglect causes many
a fatal case of Bristht's disease. Don t de
lay. Use Doan'a Kidney Pills.
An Omaha Experience:
P. J. Kessel, 2218 S. Seventeenth Bt.,
awa. "Mw IrtHnova wr WPtlk for lOmC time.
At first they beftan to act too often and I
had to pass the secretions every little while.
Finally, I began to have trouble with my
back and also rheumatic pains in my knees.
After using Dentin Kidney Pills, my kidneys
got to acting right and the secretions clear
ed up. My back became easier ana ina rneu
matio pains lessened."
50 at all Drug Store
FoslerMllburnCo.Proo. BufTetoN.Y
T-l If -1,1
1 ne neaimq
Mans mant cap
Assist Nature by taking
Qoft Q QetNlfkt
Ton Will feel better, look bstter
and prolong- your life. On, of
the bout laxatives ever put on the
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We have customers who have
taken them for twenty year of
more and would not be without
them. ,
One trial win convince yon.
Ckncolatt CoattdarPUiin
BrieJ City News
kUsda lAinpe BuTgeM-OnBdas Co.
Ban Bool Print IS New Bf.con PrH.
Platinum Wedding Rings Edholm.
Thieves Get Cigars and Whisky D.
O. Eleaeser's saloon at 2002 Vinton
street was broken Into by thieves,
who stole 100 cigars and three bottles
of whisky.
Five Dollar In Pennies Stolen
Five dollars in pennies was the loot
obtained by burglars who broke Into
the grocery store of Jepsen Bros., 160
Cuming street
Central Park Play "Parquln'a Lov
ers," a three-act play, will be staged
Friday night, April I, by the Cen
tral Park Social center folks. There
are eight women in the cast
Warning to Peddlers City License
Inspector Hoffman states he will start
to round up peddlers who have failed
to take out 1917 licenses. He would
like to give them a warning before
making arrest.
Fined for Speeding Douglas Bowie,
3556 Dodge street, was fined $1 and
costs in police court on a charge of
speeding. R. Houck, 2204 North
Twenty-first street, was given a sus
pended sentence of $2.50 and costs.
Dog Licensee Selling Fast The city
clerk Is selling many 1917 dog license
tags, but Indications are that many
owners of canines have as yet failed
to protect their pets against the dog
catchers, who have started their sea
son's work.
More Money for Summer Camp-
Funds for the summer camp of the
Young Women's Christian association
were Increased $218 Tuesday by nu
merous donations, none of which ex
ceeded sio. The young women are
raising money to secure the old South
Omaha Country club grounds ' for
their summer camp.
Omahan and Wife
Enjoy Long Flight
In a Hydroplane
M. G. Colpetzer returned from
Palm Beach with the information that
hvdroolanine is a roval snort. He re
ceived this information first-hand, be
cause he made a flight in 1 hydro
plane, ascending 1,600 feet, remaining
in the air forty minutes and traveling
at the rate of sixty miles per hour.
Mrs. Colnetzer made a similar aerial
journey, traveling, however, 400 feet
higher than ter husband,
"There is a peculiar fascination
about hydroplaning. You do not seem
to appreciate you are up so high, nor
do you realize that you are traveling
so fast," said Mr. Colpetzer.
This was Mr. Colpetzer's first aerial
trip. He said that the big machine rose
gracefully from the water and circled
the island and then crossed the island
several times, descending in a manner
known as volplaning. He could view
the entire island of Palm Beach from
the hydroplane. Before starting on
the journey he stuffed his ears with
cotton to escape the noise of the en
gine. The hydroplane he was in car
ried only an aviator and one passen
ger. "I want to go higher on my next
trip. It is such a pleasant experience,"
added the Omahan.
Pacifists Leave the
: Capital, Convinced
Their Mission Fails
Washington, April 3.-Most of the
pacifists who fame to Washington
under the guidance of the Emergency
Peace federation to protest against
war had returned to their home to
night convinced that their efforts were
useless. Every train leaving the city
today carried some of them away.
Incoming trains, however, brought
in more "pilgrims of patriotism." Sev
eral delegations arrived from cities in
the middle west.
The remaining pacifists continued to
seek to pledge votes against the war
resolution asked for last night by
President Wilson. They tried to see
the president, but he could not re
ceive them.
The headquarters of the Emergency
Peace federation in a Pennsylvania
avenue store room was raided several
times during the day by citizens and
National Guardsmen. A Guardsman
threw a pail of yellow paint over the
plate glass window in front. Despite
police protection, the pacifist leaders
decided to abandon a meeting sched
uled for tonight.
Missionary Federation
Council Meets at Y. W. C. A.
"We need a woman assistant at the
City Mission who will give twelve
months of the year, each day of the
month and twenty-four hours a day,"
said Miss Nellie Magee, in a talk be
fore the Woman's Missionary Federa
tion Council at Its meeting in the
Young Women's Christian association
Tuesday afternoon. "In fact, wi need
five or six women to give that much
of their time. Other cities have it, but
although Omaha needs it, it does not
provide. All the volunteer help is
good. W can usa all we get, and
more, too, but a regular paid assistant
would be a Godsend.
The interests of the daily vacation
Bible school were presented by Na
tional President Bovllle of New York,
who has been in Omaha for two days.
Announcements were made bv Mrs.
Daniel E. Johnston in regard to the"!
educational campaign in missionary
work which will be conducted by the
Presbyterian Missionary societies of
Omaha at the Worth Presbyterian
church, April 19 to 22.
Representatives from four Baptist,
two Lutheran, three Methodist, three
Presbyterian, two Christian and two
Congregational missionary societies of
Omaha and the South Side attended
the meeting of the council. What the
council will adopt as its special line
of work for the year was discussed
and will be decided at the May meet
ing. To Reveal Officers of
Congressional Union Soon
Miss Beutah Amldon. Congressional
union organiser, who worked in this
city some weeks ago, and Miss Doris
Stevens, an Omaha girl activ in Con
gressional union circles, will Coma to
Omaha the first week in May to set
the Omaha organization on its feet,
according to a letter received by Mrs.
C. A. Anderson.
A luncheon and reception (of the of
ficers of the local Congressional
Union, who were said to be elected at
the time of Miss Amidon's former
visit,' but whose names were never
Tlven out to the public, will b held at
that time. Mrs. Anderson says.
First Fighting: Force of Half
Million Men Formed From
Young Unmarried Men.
Washington, April 3. Administra
tion plans for raising an army on the
principle of universal liability to serv
ice to be submitted to congress as
soon as the pending war resolution is
adopted are based on selective con
scription of young men to be sum
moned to the colors as rapidly as they
can be trained and officered. A de
tailed scheme for the registration of
eligibles has been worked out.
After married men, others with de
pendents, those whose service is re
quired in industries have been ex
empted, others within the age limits
fixed will be examined physically, and
those found fit will be selected, possi
bly by lot until the first 500,000 to be
trained are secured.
Half Million Not Enough.
It was made clear today that 500-
000 is nowhere near the limit needed
and that it is expected that more than
500,000 available will be found in tht
first classification. Others will be
trained as rapidly as possible by offi
cers from the regular army. National
Guard and orhcert reserve corps.
Maximum and minimum age limits
for the first call are fixed in the ad
ministration plan but will not be made
public until presented to congress. In
recent discussion a minimum ui 10
years and a maximum of 23 years
have been mentioned. Preliminary
military steps possible under existing
laws were added today to those al
ready taken. They included direction
bv Secretary Baker that the first class
at the West Point Military academy
be graduated April Hi, supplying li
highly trained young officers.
At the Navy department it was an
nounced that steps have already been
taken to insure close co-operation be
tween the American fleet and those of
the entente allies when the necessary
authority has been granted. The
American embassy in London has
been in close touch with the British
standardization ot the munitions in
dustry Willi be one of the first direct
steps taken under direction of the Na
tional Defense Council. A continuous
and adequate flow of weapons and am
munition ot all kinds win De insured,
not only for the American forces, but
to the entente armies.
The National Defense council has
been planning to recommend legisla
tion to standardize prices for army
supplies and munitions, but it has
been discovered that under the na
tional defense act of June 3, 1916, the
supplying of all kinds of material is
made obligatory on all firms and indi
viduals at "a reasonable price to be
determined by the secretary of war."
In case of violations the govern
ment is authorized to seise plants and
institute criminal proceedings. So far,
however, firms generally have indi
cated entire willingness to co-operate
with the government.
Only one big move In preparation
for war remains to be made in the
Navy department. That is mobiliza
tion of the naval militia and th vari
ous classes of the naval reserve. The
former will go to the reserve ships of
the line, filling out skeleton crews and
making the ships ready for action.
From the latter will come the men
for the coast patrol and submarine
chaser services at well as additional
men for line ships.
Probably 15,000 men could be added
to the navy personnel at once by this
mobilization. It has been estimated
that double that number would be re
quired for full patrol of the Atlantic
coast by motor boats. It seem prob
able that unless sufficient volunteers
respond promptly, the universal srv
ice system may be invoked to fill up
the navy's ranks.
In connection with the army plans
it was pointed out today that under
the present national defense act the
National Guard can be brought to its
full war strength by draft. The force
has an authorized total strength of
440,000 and its present strength is
about 160,000. Orders to muster out
men with dependent families and
those in the government service or
at work on government contracts may
reduce this number considerably. It
is not known whether the War At
partment contemplates any change in
the present status of the Guards.
These troops would not be available
for service in Europe under-existing
law and in addition the full number
may be required for police work at
The Wreckers Are Coming
Th Parisian Cloak Company goes
out of business and over $30,000.00
worth of Coats, Suits and Dresses
must be closed out before the build
ing is to be torn down, which will be
-u healthy
plants, with 3
4, 5 or more
buds and
Other Plant
Spirea, cin
erarias, mar
guerites, yel
low and white.
Easter greet
ing geranium,
baby rambler,
tulips, hyacinths and daffo
dils. On tale, Main Floor or
Down-Stain Store.
Burgess-Nash Company
home. More than 60,000 are now so
In any event. If th Guard i to be
recruited to full strength, it is as
sumed that provision will be made to
prevent conflict between that serv
ice and th new national army to b
raised. Probably recruits for the
Guard would be sought among men
excluded from the new service by age
limitation. The new army undoubt
edly will be formed of young men.
The authorised strength of the regu
lars is about JOU.UUU men ot all
branches. That service, unlest a
change is made in the law, would be
filled up with volunteers, men who
wish to engage in soldiering as a pro
fessional occupation.
Wisconsin Town Votes Ten
To One Against Entering War
Monroe, Wis., April 3. Monro
voters went on record today ten to
one, as opposed to a declaration of
war by congress under present conditions.
A hat with the reputation for
quality such as Lanpher en
joys simply must maintain it.
The Lanpher Hat $350
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Miss Amidon and Miss Stevens are
working in Virginia.