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Williams Says La Toilette's
Speech Would Better Be
come Hollweg's.
OnMMi tnm Pur Ox.)
-ny man who stands up in the senate
at this time applauding the common
enemy, who also is the enemy of the
human race, and has not one word
in praise of the American president
.r the American people.
Tired of Such Utterances.
"I am .a little tired of utterances
!ike that of the senator from Wiscon
sin denouncing the entente allies.
Which would you rather do, fight
Germany now with France and Great
' Britain and Russia, or fight her alone
later? You've got to do one or the
other. I tell you, if Germany does
win that fight on the continent of
Europe, she will begin building and
getting ready to whip us unless the
English fleet prevents it.',
"I'm getting tired of this talk that
this is a Wall street war. That's a lie
Wall street did not sink the Liisi
tania. the Arabic, the Sussex, and
those other ships. I'm tired of lies
like that and I think it is the duty of
the American congress and people
brand them as lies. -
Senator La Follette, In his address,
declared that the sentiment of the
poor against war would make itself
heard, "and, I hope, in a peaceful and
orderly way before long, when if we
take this step prices of necessities
will multiply and they will come to be
taxed double again and again. If a
vote 'were taken among the Amer
ican people it would show tei to one
against war,."
Says Not Leg to Stand On.
. Senator La Follette said: "We have
not a leg to stand on to support this
war declaration."
Reverting to the president's asser
tion that the German people were
thrown into the war without an op
portunity to say anything about it,
the senator asked:
"Will the supporters of this war bill
have a vote on it before it goes into
effect? Unless they do that, it ill be
comes us to speak of Germany. Sub
mit this question to the people. By a
vote of ten to one they would reg
ister their declaration against war.
The German people, he declared,
have been more solidly behind their
government than the people of the
United Statea will be behind the pres
ident in waging a war on Germany,
People Who Will Rot
Asserting that a minority frequent
ly is able to shape the national policy,
Senator La Follette digressed from
his prepared speech to make a plea
that the people make themselves
"The poor who are called to rot
in the trenches," he declared dramat
ically, "have now no organised
mouthpiece, they have no press, but
some time they will be heard, I hope,
in an orderly and peace way. and be
fore long, when if we take this step
prices ot necessaries will multiply and
they will come to be taxed double
sgam an again. 1 ne people will be
heard: thev will have their dev."
The resolution- was not reached' in
the house, however, - as had been
planned, and is to be taken up at 10
o'clock tomorrow morning under an
arrangement to remain in session un
til it is passed. v
The senate's resolution was adopted
by the house foreign affairs commit
tee aa a substitute for its own and
favorably reported for passage with
only two members of the committee
against it They were Representative
Shackleford, democrat of Missouri,
and Representative Cooper, repub
lican of Wisconsin. . . . . ' 1 .
In the senate patriotic speeches ol
support for the president and a de
termination to press the war with all
vigor were made by democrats and
republicana with pledget of nonpar
tisan consideration for all war ques
tions. ( . - -,' . ;
Hitchcock in Charge.
Senator Hitchcock, in charge of the
resolution for the president in place
of Senator Stone, who would not
; support it, declared that aa much as
he wished and had worked to avoid
, war, he could not vote against the
Senator Lodse. ranbin renuMiran
of the foreign relationa committee,
pledging the support of the repub
licans to the president, called on the
government to scire all German ships
in American waters to replace those
destroyed by submarines and in pas
sionate terms called on the govern
ment not to conduct a half war.
Senator Vardanun. democrat, of
Mississippi, was the first to announce
he would vote against the war resolu
tion. He was followed by Senator
btone, who announced his opposition,
but, like Vardaman, pledged his sup
port to the war when it is begun.
Norris Blames Newspapers.
Senator Ksrris. republican, of Ne
braska, told the senate he was "bit
terly opposed to the United States en
tering the war." but did not flatly
state that he would vote against the
war resolution.
Wall street interests. Senator Nor
ris asserted, are interested in profiting
from the United States entering the
war. He also declared a "large num
ber of newspapers and news agencies
have been controlled and enlisted in
(he vreateat orooannda that the
world has ever known to manufacture
sentiment for war.
Senator La Follette. who yesterday
forced the resolution over until today,
was no in the chamber when Sena
tor Hitchcock got unanimous consent
to take it up.
Almost every other senator and
many house members were present
when the debate began. 1
Hitchcock's Opening Statement
In a brief opening statement. Sena
tor Hitchcock, in charge of the reso
lution, said the present was a time
for "action, not discussion." (
"The time for discussion has
passed," he said. 'The president has
already stated clearly, effectively,
most conclusively, the reasons which
make this grave step necessary. The
resolution provides lor war against
the imperial German government It
is framed on the lines of other war
resolutions. It places responsibility
for the. war squarely upon the
shoulders of the German government
charged with repeated acts of war1
against the United States. It is also
unquestionably a declaration of war.
"I am impressed with the solemnity
of the occasion. Some may be filled
with joy at the prospect of war. To
me it is depressing and dreadful The
enormous cost which the people must
fiay, the great increase in the cost of
iving, the enormous burden of taxes
the people must bear and the still
greater heritage of death stagger my
mind. The awful sacrifice of lives
that must follow sickens my heart. I
am sure many other senators feel as
I do.
For Justice and Liberty.
"We want no more territory," Eaid
Senator Hitchcock. "We will de
mand no indemnity. We have no his
toric grudge to settle nor racial antip
athy. In this respect we diffe from
the other countries already involved
in this awful struggle. There is Pan-
Slavism against Pan-Germanism. Italy
wants back the Trentino, France its
lost provinces; Great Britaih has Ger
man commerce and German colonies
almost in its grasp; Russia wants Con
stantinople, and Germany, besides its
place in the sun, wants to dominate
Europe. ,
HWe of alt nations will spend our
treasure and our blood and sacrifice
our lives without the thought of pos
sibility of Rain. We are going to war
to vindicata our honor and indepen
dence as a great nation and in defense
of humanity. - Such quarrel as we
have with Germany is not of our
choosing. It was forced upon us and
we did much to avoid it. For nearly
three years the president congress
and the American people have hoped
to avoid it But one desperate act by
the imperial German government has
followed another. I do not mean to
say Germany has desired war with us.
l flo not believe mat. But tne im-
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perial German government has been
desperate and has taken desperate
American neutrality, the senator
said, had first been shocked by the
invasion of Belgium; then the sinking
of the Lusitania almost caused war.
He said, however, he did not con
sider that German had violated any
pledges it had given after the sinking
of the Lusitania because it had ex
pressly reserved the right to revoke
that pledge.
During Senator Hitchcock's speech
Senator La Follette was absent most
of the time conferring with Senator
Gronna and others who are expected
to oppose the resolution.
Senator Hitchcock said he had
hoped armed neutrality would avert
wr. ,
'Unfortunately the opposition of
the filibuster against that bill re
sulted in word going out to the world
that the official branches of the gov
ernment were at loggerheads," he
said. "The result has been that our
rights have been more imposed upon
than ever; more American ships have
been sunk; lives of American citizens
have been lost Armed neutrality has
passed as an expedient against war.
"I have been bitterly opposed to
war. I have used my influence to that
end. Even when I knew the people
were calling for war and a majority of (
congress overwhelmingly was for it,
I sought out the president and begged
him to remain longer, if possible, un
der the policy of armed neutrality as
an expedient for peace. But the presi
dent had information in his posses
sion which made it impossible.
' Country and Congress Ready.
"The country is ready and con
gress is ready. While the vote has
not been recorded, the decision has
been made. It is war.
"I cannot vote against war. Sena
tor Hitchcock concluded, "without do
inir a vain and foolish thing. It would
only serve to weaken my country in
the lace ol the enemy ana tne worm
when war is inevitable. I am ready
now to take my place with those who
will back up the president for the
honor and protection of the nation."
Solemn Promisee Broken.
Senator Hitchcock spoke only about
twenty minutes and was followed by
Senator Swanson of Virginia, who
said the German government "has re
peatedly and grossly violated its
treaty obligations to us and wantonly
broken solemn assurances,"
"The issue is not peace or war.
Senator Swanson continued. "War
has already been declared upon us.
The issue is whether we shall accept
To set tt cnulna, call for full nam,
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In Una uay. J.C. AQV.riw.nwni.
war or abject and cowardly submis
sion." . ...
Reciting the sinking of American
ships, German plots and outrages in
this country, Senator Swanson said
the Zimmermann plot to incite Mexico
against this country "reaches the low
est depths of national turpitude."
"We have long suspected a disposi
tion by Germany to dispute the Mon
roe doctr'ne. Now is the time to
teach this mischief-making German
government that our territorial sov
ereignty cannot be made a subject of
war bargaining.
"The advocates of peace now would
place upon this nation the shame of
a still greater submission. They
would endure still greater affronts
and suffer still greater submission."
Not Bluffs or Boasts.
Reciting the warnings given to
Germany against ruthless submarine
war. Senator Swanson asked if they
"were mere empty boasts and bluff or
the solemn voice of a resolute peo
ple." "No," he answered. "Congress
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