Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 05, 1917, Image 14

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Tat Cattle of All Kinds Active
and Ten to Fifteen Higher
Sheep Slow.
OtnaJu, April 4, HIT.
ftattt. Hers. Bheep.
Retripti wart:
rtffietal Monday , . .
Official Vundty ....
Satimate Wednesday.
Thraa dan thla,04 . IMM
gm daya last weak. ,S(.I 47.111 II.ITl
Same dan 1 wka. ao.U,67 17,171- 27,141
flame dare I wka. aro.!l,S 43,25 14.021
Same daya 4 wka. aco.lMM 13.471 . S5.14S
am daya last year... MM 23,40 17.141
Receipts and disposition of Hre stock at
th Vnlon Stock yarda for twenty-four hours
ending yeaterday afternoon at I o clock;
Cattle. Hon. Sheep. HYi.
v v. ft St. p 4 a ,
Wabash 1
lllskourl Pacific.,.. S 4 . .. .
Tnton Partflc....... 34 IS II
C A N. W., east... 7 I ..
0, N. W . west... 41 4 I
C Ht. P.. M AO.. 11 t 1
C, B. A Q., eaet.... IS X ..
C, R A west.... 76 14
r., R. t. A P.. esst. 9
C . R. I. A P., west. 1
TIllnolK On tnil 11
Cblcaeo, QU West.. 3
TfttaU v ...171 1J7 . SI 1
1 Cattle. Ho. Sheep.
Morris A Co.... 474 1,174 SOt
Swift A Co 1,031 MM 1,376
Cudahy Parking Co... XG6 1,9h4 SS3
Armour A Co 401 1.171 1,301
Schwarta Co 31S .....
.7. VT. Murphy 2.733 ....
Bo. Omaha Park. Co. 4 .... ....
rvrr Par urn a Co 141 ....
TV I Hon parking Co... 124- .... ....
Armour, Denver...... .... .... i III
W. B. Vaneant Co.... 33
" rfunelniTflr A Oliver... 7S .... ...,
P. R. Uwfr 129 .... ' ....
.1. B. Root A Co...... ItS ..... ....
P. O. Ketloiff.., I f .... ....
Werthelmer A Degen. 9 ,
Elite A Co SO ,
Sullivan Bros !I4 . .... . ....
Mo. A Kan. Calf Co.. 34 ..... ....
rhrUtle 18
HI it Ins 3
Huffman 2U .... , ....
Veyers .........,.. 1
Raktr 1
John Harvey 141
hennls A Prancla..,i, , 20 ... ....
Jensen A Lungren.... i I
O'Day I- .... ....
Other buyers......... 438 .... 1.034
10,111 .. 4,141
...... 4, Sl
Cattle Ricetpte were very moderate for
a Wednesday, only 144 fresh cars being re
uorted In. This leevee the total for the
three days 14.040 head as against 36,443
head, for the aame days last week. Re
eel pit, however, are running larger than a
vear ago. Demand was very brlak. buyers
ad being out In the yards at an early hour,
and the market on all kinds of killers was
nctlva and 104)1 6c higher. This means -that
lust week's decline of 260400 haa been en
tirely recovered and more, too. The best
heavy cattle today sold up to 113.80, whtob
is the highest price ever paid on this mar
ket Medium grades of cattle have ad
vanced even mora than the better grades,
so that It te ears to say that all kinds of
beef cattle were the highest on record.
Stockera and feeders did not show much
change, being generally steady. ,
Quotations on cattle; Good to choice
beeves, f 11.40912.10; fair to good beeves,
I10.4043H.I0: common to fair beeves. 11.40
IM0; good to choice heifers. If.269
10.34: good to choice cows, 11.74431,74; fair
to good rows, 37.4004.74; common to fair
rowa, 14.4007. 40; prime feeding steers,
lf.fiO01O.3fi; good t Choice orders, 14.740
3.40; fair to good feeders, 88.6001.71; com
mon to fair feeders." 34.7404,90; good to
choice stackers, 3I.3B03.24; stock heifers,
47.SB03.3R; stock cows, $6.t&Ms stock
calvea, 88.00010.40; vaal calves, 33.000
IS 00; beef bulls, stage, ate, 38.0008,34;
Bologna bulla, 10. 5004.00. . ;
Representative aaltai ' i '
At. Pr, .Nn. ,
, 743 17 14 . 14
110 0011.40;
ewes, plain to calls, 7.00
Cattle Strang Hog Btrai Sfaaep and
Lamb Weak.
Chicago, April 4. Cattle Receipts. 32,000
head; market, strong; -4iatve beef cattle,
13.34013.14; stockers and feeder, 87.IB0
3.30; cows and halters, 14.40010.74; calves,
Hogs Receipts, 31,900 head; market,
strong, 10e above yeaterday's average; bulk,
3H.1O01UO; light, $14.3(014.30; mli-d.
$14.74014936; heavy. 314.40014.44; rough,
814-40014.40; pigs, 110.40014.00.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 13,000 head;
market, weak; wethers. 810.40013.44; awes,
38.00013.34; lambs, $11.40 0 14.10.
83. Leak live Stock Market.
St. Louie. Mo., April 4 Cattle Recelpta,
3,309 head; market higher; native bef
eteert, $7.40012.60; yearling steers and
heifers, $8. 40013.00; rows, $4.33010.00;
stockers and feeders. $6.00010.16; prime
southern beef steers. $8.09011.24; beef cows
and 'heifers, 84.34 0 8.09; prime yearling
steera and hetfera, $7.100 10.00 ; native
calves, $4.OO0t.OO.
Hots Receipt, 1 1 ,800 head : market
higher; lights, 8iI.9O0i6.4O; pig, (in. no
13.60: mixed and butchers, $14.36018.46;
good heavy, $16.40014.40; bulk, $14.80
Sheep and Lambs Recefn Is, 3.000 heed:
market lower; lambs, $13.00016.40; ewes,
$8.64012.34; yeerlinge, $10.76014.24.
Stou City Live Meek Market.
Sioux City. la., April 4. Cattle Receipts.
4.000 head; market for etockera steady; kill
ers 10014c higher: beef steers, 319.000
13.00; butchers, 11,90010.60; fat cows snd
heifers. $7.00010.60; cannei-s, $6.6007.60;
itocker and feeders. $8.60 0 10.34 : calvea.
$7.6008.76: bulls, stags, etc., $7.6003.74;
feeding cows and hetfers, $4.4008.04.
Hogs Receipts, 8,600 head: market 10O
20o hi s her; lights. $14.64014.86; mixed,
814.86016.00; heavy, $16.00016.76; pigs.
$11.60013.00; bulk of sales. $14.80016.00.
Bneep and Lamba Receipts, 400 head:
market steady; yearlings, $12.26013.69;
wethera. $11.60012.60; ewes. $10.60 012.60:
lambs, 1 13. 60 0 1 6. 09.
KansM City Live Stock Market,
Kansas City, to April 4. Cattle Re
ceipts, 6,099 head; markot, higher; prime
fed steers, $11.80012.66; dressed beef steers,
18.60011.76; western steers, $3.36012.60;
cows, $4,00 0 10.60; heifers, $8.00011.76;
storkers and feeders, $7.36010.60; bulls,
$7.00010.00; calves, $6.00012.7$.
Hogs Receipts, $.000 head : market.
higher; bulk, $16.00016.40; heavy, $16,400
16.60; packers and butchers, $16.36016.69;
light. $14.70016.30; pigs, $11.69014.10.
Sheep and Lamb Receipts. .400 head:
market, higher; lambs, 811.79014.86: year
lings, $13.00011.76; wethers, $11.60012.76;
ewes, $10.60012.60. ,
Cash Wheat Very Dull Buy
en Hesitate to Take Even
Light Offerings.
St. JpH I4r Stack Market.
St, Joseth. Auril 4. Csttle RecelBte.
000 .markat loOlSo hla-h.r: atenra.
11.(0012.30; row. and heifers. 11.10011.00;
calvea, tt.todtl.60,
hobs Receipts, ,,o,o head: market 104B
So bl.h.ri tOD. I1G.I0: bulk of aalea. llfi.00
t6.4S. .
anas, and Lambs Receipts. t.flOft heart:
market al.w and lower! lamba. 114.000
14.7.1 awes, tll.iOBIl.Stl.
' too
Kanaa. City.
Mloux City...
St. Louis....
Utc stark la Sight.
Cattle. Ho...
. iz.von
. 4.000
. 8,300
..SI.JOO HJUt ,. 31,900
Xe. ,
-ie. .)
M. ..,
85 ... .
,Av. Pr.
. 114 1 10
. 1 I
.110 II
. 111 10 II
.. Ill II 10
.1111 11 IS
."nil it io
.1101 n is
.1141 II 10
. Ill II IS
.1111 II so
.1411 II 10
.. lit I 00 . 31..
... 171 I 10 24..
,.. 171 10 10 , 11..
,.10S7 1 10 , 51..
,. HI 10 71 :!.. ii to ; it..
..l!l& It 71 -A' 30,.,
.,1114 11 11 ' SO,,,
..MM IS Ifi ,1...
,.1370 13 4 Si..,
. ,,H4 i; IS .' SI,.,
..M.3 1Z an , ,
.. 5 1-10 II ,,, III 1 ,
1 76 1 10.,.,,,.. tli-ttVtl
,, III IS , .,-......,I7, f 40
.. 771 , SO ' I. .,..., 710 I 00
.. 100- I 40 -,1.1.,'...... Ill 10. ,
,.1001 10 II . , ,
HoM-rTher. va. only a fair run Of hen
here lor a Wedn.eday. arrival, eountlnr out
la the aelthborhood of 140 cara, or 10.400
haad. . For th. w.ek t. dat. aqppltea foot
up 11,111 head, aa ootnparad with 41.S11 'laat
week, 17,171 two WMk. alo and 91,411 laat
yaar.' . - ' , " " N .
Uad.r th 'of 'a ahar, prlc
vanofc bote wer. 'falrl. wtlv. from
the ' oataat. Th. decline of the drat two
day. of th. week waa mora than retained,
and new hl.h l.vela war. hunt up,
at the openln. aom. hen Mid to ehtppere
that wer. not over . dim. hither, but .a
eoon aa packer buyer. tt Into the market
they rehd ahlpptnt olfera, and the reault
a that both ahlppw and killer buyera war.
aoon paytnt price that war. at lea,t ISo
hither, Th. farther the market went tha
better It tot, and a treat many aalea mad.
toward! the later and of tha trade wer loo
hither,, wkll. In apou quarter upturoe wer.
noted. ,
Aa waa th. ra. reeUrday. It waa th.
medium t. plain ktnda of atuft that re
ceived the moat advance, and th. mult f
title condition th. laat two daya haa bean
A narrowlnt In the eproad of the bulk, which
at laat week'. cloM waa the wldeet It haa
been In man I ha Moat uf today', aaleo wer.
made at, with the uaual few
acatterlnt loada on down, and tope reached . Thla la a nickel hither than waa
ever paid prevloua today, and at that then
were no real prim, hot, on offer, the choice
Kind, which wa. ao plentiful up to taat
week', cloae, havlnt nean a rarity all thla
reah. Th. taneral market wee moatty Uf)
i :0c hither, which tnrana that price are
atront to on th. medium tradea aa much
aa too hi, her than laat waek'a cloae. Aa
etad above, the markat today la the hlth
at ever recorded here.
Repreaentatlv. aalea; " '
. No. At. Sh. Pr. No. At. Sh.' Pr.
I.. HI I, It 70 II. .Ill ... 14 0
IT.. Ill 10 14 IH, II. .1,1 100 14 IS
3I..I1I ... II .0 10. .311 4, 14 i,
41.. Ill 10 11 00 U., 11, ... IS 01 .
J0..MI .... 1 1. "
Sheep Th. lamb run waa vary iltht for
the mlddl. of tha week and thea malleM
of the week to data, early eatlmatea calllnt
for only twenty-on. can, or 1,000 head. Per
the Drat half of th. - week mctpu ar.
Hthter than for any almtlar period .Inc.
. the flrat week of July laat year. Tha total
r.h,t,hr" d'" hl, "inch la
17.100 ahort .f a week aio. and nearly t.oo.
amaller thaa two week, afo, bat orer l,SM
laraer than a yaar ato,
, 'Everythlnt waa cleaned up In the and
yeaterday, later lamba, which Included the
SH'.f ."" ' '" " h. aelllnt
1SO20. lower than the pravloue day. Thla
mcrnln. all. th. offerlnta were more or
leaa ,t. alilrh made for a dratty trade,
even thouth offerlnta warn antall.. Buyura
offered eharply lower prtaa. on the epen
Int, but befor. noon had boutht moat of
the fat lamba at price, that, oonalderlnt
the wetneaa of fleocea. war. fully .toady
at yaaterJay'a decline. A top of 114.71 waa
paid for tw. cara of tod handy Mexican,
and a dKk of .atremcly lujht atuff. while
eeveral loada of deelrabl. weatem. and
Mexican, aald around ,wttA
atron, wiithta under that. . i
' At noon, thouth. then ware .till ten
or eleven cara of Umbo unaold. Almoat
all .f tin in were of th. aort that have
len I'dnt for aheartnt. Point heavy woom,
btt not even, fat. Packer, would not try
, wry hard to buy (hem and up to midday
at leaat tber. waa vary little demand from
feeder lu.-era.- who, whll. holdm, order,
for lamta er. afraid of today'a offer
Inira on account of their welneaa, Tw. or
three buycra went out about nooa to look
nt aom. of tk etuff, but aellera wer. not
- anu.lpallrir overly aatlatactory bide, aa tboy
wero carala that buyer, would want to
mak. too much of an allowance for tke
water the rlutf wa. aarryln.. . Ko aheen of
oftnw.uonc w.r. on elt.r. Nominally
ateariy price, wer. quotable. -
QuoUtlona on eheep and lamba: Lamb.
Iltht and handy, 114.10,) 14.10; lamba. heavy
111 t0 140;-lamba. freer, ehorn. Ill.soa
1I.IS-, Umbo, .haartni,; yMr
llnta. ,tMd t. choice,- 111.004,11.71; year.
'' llnta, fair to trood, I13.I0O11..0; w.thera.
fair t. chdc, I11.S.013.76; ewea, tood to
choice,. IU.40qtl2.lti .waa, fair re food.
Sutar fntara. Open Imtular and Cfoa.
' Firm que Httnr. :
Kew Tork, April I. Flour Held firmly,
Wheat Snot. Irreaular: No. i hard.
Il.ioy,; No. 1 northern, rjuluth. II.40U: No.
1 northern, Manitoba, 12,17 U, f. o, b. New
York. '
Corn Snot, alronn: No. 1 yellow. Il.aiu.
c i, r. new torn.
Oala Spot, eaay; atandard, 77Ue.
Hldea Quiet: Boaota. 43044c: Central
America, tan.
I,eai her Firm; hemlock flrata, I7e; aeo.
onda, SSc.
Provlalona Pork, ' atront; mcaa, 137.00:
family, I31.00,11. 00: ahort clear. lJ7.S0f
II. SO, Beef, firm; mean, IIS.00O21.00; fam.
Ily, 131. .021.00. Lard, atront; ' middle
Treat, .,i,,
Butter Steady; ' recelpta, 1,171 tuba
creamery, hither than oatrao, 46 0 4SHc;
eairaa tra acore), 44Ot4u,0 nrala, 420
42tic: aeconde, 3ltt041t,c. .
Cheeae Irreiular; recelpta, 4,137 boxei;
atate, held apeclala, S7027HO; alale,, av
erata fancy, II HO I.e.
Btta Firm; recelpte, 11,311) caaca; freah
fathered oatraa, 3S3iVc: freah tathered
atorate packed Urate, lllicj freah tath.rod
.Poultry Dreaeed,' Arm chlckena, .11021c
fowla. UVjOamc; turkey,, UQ34C, ,
. Cm and Wheat Rctloa BuUetla. '.
At Omaha, for th. twenty-four Dour, and,
mi at I q. m flth meridian tlma, Wednee,
day,' April 4:
Temo. Rein- ...
Hhrh. Uiw.t fall,
,. SI . 11 .11
. II, 41 .11
., II 3.
.11 13
.14 III
. 13 ' St
Auburn -Broken
Bow .,
Columbti. . , , ,
Culbertaon . , ,
Fairmont . , .,
Grand ,!aland
Lincoln ......
No. lxuip . . . ,
Nik Plaltel .,
Red Cloud ,,,
Valentine! ...
SI , !
II . 11
II .11
II 13
PL cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Snowlngi .
Cloudy '
Clear, .
f Tweat '
twenty-four houra endlnt at a.- m., flth
meridian time. JTho loweat temperature
ior iweiva-nour period .ndtnt a a. m.,
Twenty-four-hour rainfall at lova ela
tion.; Alta, .SO; Carroll, .10; Clarlnda, .11;
Creaton. .11; Dea Molnea, .10; K.ihervllle,
.10; y.rt Dwlfe('.lo; Sioux City, .11,
Summary of th. corn and wheat ration:
Rainfall occurred .Tar the treator portion,
of Iowa and Nebraaka, alee north and went
Kaneaa, northweet and central Mleeourl, and
aouthern Mlnneeota, belnt moderately heavy
In tha northern area named, and moatly
Iltht In th. aouthweat portion. Th. weather
la aomawha! warmer In Montana, but 1. allll
unaeaaonably cool In th. pl.lna atatea, with
rraealnt aa far aouth aa weatern Kanaaa
Temperatura la Maine and waaonabl. aaat
of th. Mle.lulppU
h. A. WELSH. Meorolo,l,u
. Cot tea Market.
New Tork, . April 4. Cotton Future,
opened ateady; May, II. lie: July,;
October, II. lie; loomber. 11.44c,
Cotton futurea eloaed llrm; May,;
11.41c; January, 11.41c, Spot, quiet:
ajlddllnt. 10.11c. '
Tk. cotton market eleaed ateady at a act
advance of I to thra.-fcurtba polnla,
.Liverpool, April 4 Cotton Spot, dull;
prlcea ateady;- sood ' mlddllnt, ll.lld;
mlddllnt. ll.lld; low mlddllnt,
Sale. 1,001 balea.
" . MMal JdaraMi. : ' ' '
New Tork. April 4 Metala hi, quiet;
offered at IMS. Spelter, qulett apot aaat St.
Louie delivery offend at 110.60. Copper,
quiet; electrolytic apot and aecond quarter,
I31.00ftl4.oo nominal; third quarter, ill. 00
O3I.00. Iron, arm: No, 1 northern. 141.01
042.00: No. I northern,. I40.S0O41.S0; No.
.'0O0t: No. I aouthern.
I14.IOOH.SO. Tin, Arm; apot, IS4.S0OSS St.
At London: Copper: Spot, 1131; futuna,
HIS; .lactrolytlc, till. Tint Spot, 1314: fu
turea, till. Lead. II. 10a. Spelter, 111.
' , , Oaialaa Ray Market. '
Prairie Hay Receipt. Iltht, market hither
n better trade. 01 hay and alfalfa; da.
mand continual tood. Upland: Cholo.. I11.S0
,.'.4;00i,,".,."'1,l,o N no.soo
Ji.'IiJ.i' ;-0a-0'. Midland: No. I.
Si?' WiMielt 'i ' Lowland!
I0O7 Vl fc 'I
..f!J!il?rfh ii.oooi.oi no. l.
I1I.00O1I 0H; atandard, lll.00O17.Mr No. a.
ll.MO14.0t; No. 1. I10.S0O11I0. "
, JJr-o.".0O.M wheat, IIIOO"
OU and Ink. - :
.,f,,,". - Arl! Turpemina
Firm. 41Ho; aalea, 71 bbl..; noatpta .
ahlpmenta. 117; .took. 11,110. "
Roeln Firm: eal.a. Ill bbl..: recelpte,
4I; ahlpmenta, 141; atock, lM.nt, 6.iV
A, B, a and D, 11.40 to 11.41; E, ( so to
M.SS; r. IS.ll; O. IS.IO; H and I, till ,.
WO, 11,11; WW, II.... . '
Mlaawlla Grata Market.
Minneapolis April 4. Wheal May
11.17 HO 1.17 14 1 July. 11.11. Caahi No.
hard. !2.im0M:ti; No. 1 northern
Vu ' """"
Com No, I Fallow.' 11. Ildji.m,,'
Oat-No. I whit.. IJSJlc. s "
Planted Ii.iih o 1.MH.
Omaha, April 4, 1117.
Th. caeh wheat altuatioa waa very dull
today and while th. offerlnta were rather
Iltht only a email part of the recelpte were
dlapoaed of, the buyera In moat tnetancee
retardlnt th. prlcea aaked by the eellera
aa belnt too hitb la comparlaon with the
The caah markets however, waa rather
weak and only a few of the aellera cured
to dlapoee of their orrertnte at a decllm
tha market belnt qdoted from ateady to
lo tower.
No. 1 herd wheat waa quoted at 12.10;
No. I hard brotat ht 12.00. Theee were
few aalea of hard reported at I2.09O2-0I
and one car of No. 4 hard Bold at 12.06 and
a few cara of mixed wheat broutht I2.04O
The corn demand waa excellent and moat
of tha aamplea were dlepoeed of at an
advance of I to 4 Ho over Monday', mar-
Whit, corn Bold at a premium over the
yellow and moat of the better aamplea
of yellow corn Bold ellthtly In advance
of mixed corn of the aame trade.
The commercial tradea of whit, corn
broutht II. 2301. 22 : yellow corn .old
around 1.22H01-21 and tha bulk of the
mixed Bold at 1.2261.23.
Tha oatx market waa very actlv. at
comparatively tood advance and there waa
an excellent Inquiry for tnia cereai.
No. I whit, oata wbb quoted at eft
ISc, while No. 4 whit, broutht C&Ho and
aample white 04tnibc.
Rye aold. at ateady prlcee, but the trtde
In thle article waa quiet on account of
Iltht recelpta
Barley waa In tood demand and there
waa an active trade In thla cereal at firm
prlcea. . '
Clearances were, wheat hnd flour, equal
to 410,000 buahele; com, 100,000 buahela;
oata, 411,000 huehell.
Primary wheat receipt, were 1,001,000
buahele, and Bblpmente 1.244,000 buahela.
a.alnet recelpta of 1.011,000 buahela and
ahlpmenta of 1,173,000 buahela laet year.
Primary corn recelpta were 1,606.000 bueh
ela and ahlpmenta IG2.000 buahela, atalnat
receipts of 1,004,000 buehela and ahlpmenta
of 063,000 buahela laat year.
Primary oata receipts were 2,031.000 bush
ela and ahlpmenta 1.171,000 bushels, atalnat
receipts of 1,416,000 buahele and ahlpmenta
of 1,074,000 bushels laat year,
' . Wheat Corn
Chlcafo II 284
Mlnneapolle 1.2
Dululh 11
Omaha It "1 43
Kanaaa City 171 106 43
St, Louk, 101 113 II
Wlnnlpet 211
Theao aalea were reported today:
Wheat No. 1 hard winter, 1 car, 12.10.
No. 3 hard winter, 6 cara, 12.01. No, 2 hard
winter, SS car, 12.01: , cars, 12.01; 1 car,
12.07 H- N I hard winter, I earn, 13.07: I
cara, 12.06; 1 car (emutly), 2.uu. nampie
hard winter, 1 car, 11.03; 1-6 car, 11.10.
No. I mixed, 1 car, 12.07 U ; 1 car, 13.06. No.
4 mixed, 2 car,, 12.04.
Rye No. 4, 1 car, 11.12.
Barley-i-No. I, 1 oar. 11.17, No.' 4, t car.
11.36; 1 car, 11.11.
Corn No, 1 white: I car (shlpperi
watthta), 11.21. No. I iwhlte: 1 cam
(ahlpprra' welthtsl, 11.31: '1 car, II. S3 "4:
I cart. 11.13 H. No. , white: H cara.
1.33. Ko. 4 white: 1 car, ll.asv No, 1
yellow; 1 par, 11.22'i. No. 3 yellow: 1
car, 11.13. No. 1 yellow: 1 car. 11.23: I
cara. 11.22 H, No. 4 yellow: I cara, 11.23,
No. I mixed: 1 car, 11.13; IVl cara, 11.22',,.
No, i mixed: I cars, I1.22H: " cars. 11.23.
No, 4 mixed: 1 car, 11.22: I cars, I1.31H.
No. I mixed: 1 car, 11.21 H: 1 car, 11.31.
Oata No. 1 white: 4 cars, 6S.;c; 12 cars,
ISHc. No. 4 white: 1 car, '66Hc; 6 cats,
66tc. Samp), white; S cars, 66cl 1 car,
HHc t
Omaha Cash Prices Wheat: No. I hard,
11.011,8 1.01: No. I hard, ll.07HOI.0l; No.
4 hard, I2.00O2.0I. Com: No. I white,
ll.S3U01.2S!,; No. S white, ll.2SH01.33;
No. 4 white, 11.120 1.32 H; No. t White,
II 21 01.12; No. I White. ll.tlM 01.21 ;
No. I yellow, I1.I2H 01.21; No. H yellow,
I1.22H01-32H: No. 4 yellow, Il.2ia401.22;
No. I yellow, 11.21 140 1.21 : No. yellow,
11.2101.2114: No. 3 mixed, 11.22 01.31: No.
I mixed. 11.12l.!JH; No. 4 mixed. Il.llu,
0112; No. I mixed, 11.2101.21 H: No. I
mixed. 11.30 Ol.SI H. Oate: No. t white,
lOOIIHo: standard, I6I1OI60: No. I white,
06V,OS6o: No. 4 white, 1606644c Bar
ley: Maltlnt, 11.1601.21: No. 1 fed. 11.01
1.16. Rye: No. I, 11. 9101.16; No. I,
Omaha Future,.
Tha future train situation waa decidedly
bullish today and eubetanllal talna war.
mad. In all markets, . wheat and corn belnt
particularly atront. . - ' -
Tha May option on both wheat and corn
opened atront and while there waa a de
cline during th. early houra heavy buy
ing forced a aharp use and the May article
cloaed on th. hlth quotation of the day.
Th. trade, however, waa very active In
corn and oata while wheat, with tha ex
ception of tha July option, waa rather quiet.
Oata opened firm and cloaed tio hither
on May and So hither on th. July. , v
. ... -1 . I .
Art. I Open. I Hlth. Low. Close. TesT
Wht. I I
May S 02 OH 1 O3V200'i 1 OtHflOlu,
July 1 I70S1 1 HHjlllH 1 I04SII67
Sept. 1 12 1 S1H:U1 1 SlHlliltt
Corn. f 1
M.y, ISO 122 120 1 22iilllH
: July 1 II 1 21 III 1 31 11IH
Sept. 1 16H 1 17 HSU 1 17ll3H
Oala I
May 01 95 H 14 (5 li
July 61 61 61 68 6)
Sept. I 50 I SOH 60 'I 60! 50 'i
Chlcato cloalng prlcea, furnished The Bav
by Lotan Jtiryan, atock ant train broker.
316 South sixteenth afreet. Omaha:
Art. I Open. High. ' Low. Clone. I Yea.
Wht. I I ' I 1 1
May I 01 10! 118 2 01flll
July, 1 11 1 10 107 1 70il07
Sep. 1 II 1 66 164 1 6'lt4
Corn. I I
May 1 24 1 25I122 1 261122
July 1 23 1 24 121 1 24 120',
Sep. 1 21 I 21 IU 1 21 US',
Oata. , I
Mity ' 66 68 I 63 64f 13
July 10 60 61 00 61
8. P. 61 tl lit, 64 63
Pork. J II
May f 33 00 86 32!34 16 36 IE 34 76
July 24 30 34 16 134 20 34 16 34 00
Lard. 1 I I I
May SO f:i SO 16 20 12 SO 16 20 37
July 30 10 20 77 20 60 20 80 ISO 40
Rlba, I
May IS 66 11 66 IS 10 IS OSVrll 40
July 18 73 11 It 18 05 18 80 18 67
All Oraln and Meat Products Advance De
cs use ef War Situation.
Chlcato, April 4. Impendlna; war with
Oermany tav. Irresistible force to buying
movements on the Board of Trade today and all grain and provlalon. upward to
what Bome big dealera referred to aa nearly
a lamme oaaia. v. neat Jumped to 12.02 a
bushel for May delivery, more than double
the ordinary value In tlmea of peace. The
clooe waa wild, at the tODmost nolnt
reached. 12.01 to 12.03 for May, and
11.70 to 11.70 for July, with the market
aa a whole IHo to 2a above Mnnrlav'.
finish. Corn gained SHo to 3o net. oata
c to lc, and provlalona 22o to 66c.
Excitement over war meaeurM .hA n
be formally decided at Washington wae at
a man pucn wnen tne wne 1 marker .ncnut
and It waa scarcely an Instant before price
records for future dellverlea had been
manned, cash wheat, that la, wheat for.
inmeuiaie delivery, recent y haa been com.
mandlng steeo premiums, which h,v, .n
abled holdera to realise the first time that
above 12 baa been obtainable for a future
delivery. Peaslmfstlo cron reoorte. Inch,,,.
Ing an estimate that the condition of winter
wnoai wae aa low as 70.1 per cent of normal,
added to tho fever to buy, but many longs
had been waiting for luet each an oppor
tunity fo unload and others were Influenced
y im o, a iineunooa 01 government con
trol of prioes. -
Although reactions, due In part to setbacks
in in, new lorn Block market. tmn.Hiiu
carried wheat backward after the Initial
wu,av, ireen aavancea look place later, espe
ciauy 11, tha final our. A feature of tits
lata dealing, waa heavy purchasing of May
and July by eastern houses, with much at
tention being attracted to report, of possi
ble solium of Oarman ships In American
porta and th. chances of the dispatch of a
v,m.ou Bxpeaiuonary lorco to Europa,
Deaplte profit takhi. on .....
com advanced with wheat. Breaka were of
Short duration. Oat. sympathised with other
...,, uu, wrre reiatrveiy weaker than other
cereal, owing to competition of Canadian
Provisions. Ilk. .rein, felt ,h. .tiM..i
of war demand. Diminishing w.r.Knl...
'rcsn advances in the hog mar-
. . " auu'ni atrengtnenlng factors..
.nicsgo cash rrtces Wheat: Noa. 2 and
.,.,.ta, ,.u. naro, SS.IICyz.ll ; No. 8
Jard ll.ttO2.06. Corn: No. 2 yellow,
H.I71.3t; No. 1 yellow. 1.J61.28
No. 4 yellow, I1.3601.I7. Oats: No.
white, 664?9?4o; standard, 07 OI8c. Ryo
nominal. Barloy, I1.08O1.37. Seeds: Urn..
"'j, ciover, ,11.00018.10. Pro
visions: Pork. 136.16; lard. ribs,
I8.42018.76. ' ,'
. Butter Steady; creamery. 36043c, ,
Egga Hither; receipts. IS, 111 casca: Srsts,
ll31c: ordinary firsts. l0O30c: at
mark, cases Included. 28031c,
.Potatoes Steady; receipts, 21 cars; Idaho,
Colorado, Oreton and Waahlntton, I2.46A
1.66; Wisconsin and Mlchltan, 12.2662.26
roultry Alive, unchanted,
Kansas city Oraln Market,
Kanaaa City. April 4. Wheat No. I hard,; No. 2 hard. 12.1202.18; No. 8
rcd.gt2.0SO2.13i May, 2.00O2.00; July,
Corn No. I mixed, J1.S2 01.26; No. 2
white, 11.2601.27; No. 1 yellow, 11.168
1.26; May. 1.14: July, 11.13)4 01.23.
Oats No. I white, 10 0 6014c; No. I mixed,
Butler Creamery, 43c; Ural., 40c; Seconds,
29c; paokera. 80 c.
Rtts Firsts, 10 c. ' - . ''
Poultry Hens, lie; roosters, llUci tur
keys, ,4c. . . .. ' ;
St, Louis Orala Market. .
St. Louis, April 4. Wheat No. l' red,
12.2203.26; No. 1 hard, 12.1602.21; May,
2.04; July, l.ll.
Corn No.. S. Sl.28UAl.fa. v
, w e-..n; July, ,1.34.
rS A.. Q.l. -i .lSi
Additional Sleeping Car
Service for Passengers
' to , v ;
San FranciscOrj
Los Angeles
and Portland
Effective Saturday, March ' 24th, Pull
man twelve-section drawing room sleep
ing car, Omaha to Cheyenne, will be
added to present equipment of Train No.
19 Pacific Limited, leaving Omaha
12:40 midnight. ,
Car will be ready for occupancy 'at
Omaha Union Station at 9 :30 P. M., per
mitting passengers to retire at a reason
able hour. Passengers for points west of
Cheyenne transfer, into through cars
next morning without leaving train.
Union Pacific
5 Daily tains fo California
2 Daily Trains to Pacific Rortfwest
3 Daily Trains to Colorado
For travel literature and further train
service information, apply to . , , -
a- '
City Paaaaag.r Ag.nt.
1324 Farnam., Omaha, Naw, Pfcon. D.uf, 4000.
Dreas Up .
Brandeis Stores
All Through
the Store
The Mark of Distinction
In Your Easter Clothes
Copyright Hut SchaffnereV Mux
"A small thing to look for, but a big
thing to find" the little label
Hart Schaf f ner & Marx
Now comes the time of all times of the year
when a man wants to be correct and look
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Your Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our merchandise is all chosen with that in
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satisfy our customers; our sales force is
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. the interest of the customers.
That's one reason for our specializing
in Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothea. We
have Suits and Overcoats here of the
highest grades, as fine as those the best
custom tailor makes and our prices are
about half. '
Blue Serge Suits, $25.00
Made up in snappy designs. Now is the time to be
gin to wear these splendid Blue Serge Suits. Many
men have learned by experience that this is one of
the most serviceable Suita they can wear. We are
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The New Trench Coats
Are coming-in to their own -"catching on" at a
great .rate there's a snap and go to them that Is
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. Fabrics, quarter and a half silk lined: in all the new
est colorings. ,
Ride Up on the "Moving Stairway"
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Beautiful Silk Scarfs For Easter
Men's Furnishings in Great Display
This is the most select and worthy presentation of Easter
Scarfs and Furnishings we have ever made. The prices, in
every instance, considering the quality of the merchandise, is
very, very moderate. !
' ' Silk Four-in-Hands, at $1.00
This Neckwear was selected especially for this Easter sea
sonand every Scarf in the lot was chosen for some special
mark of merit. All made of beautiful silks, in the very latest
designs and colorings. The shape is new very new moder
ately large shown in New York and "caught on" imme
diately. Special Lot of Scarfs, at 65c
Pure silk, large open-end four-in-hand, "slip-easy" neck
band comes in different groups one group of Persians, an
other of college stripes and another of neat and conservative
effects,, etc.
Neckties Unequalled at 50c
There are hundreds of patterns and colorings to choose from and each one is very desirable.
These are patterns copied from higher grade Neckwear into a 60c silk. Many of these you will find
duplicated in the $1.00 or more sort This is a very complete stock.
In Shirts we are showing the very best makes, such as "Manhattan,"
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From the most luxurious Shirt of pure silk to the every-day Shirt of sterling
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Everything you will need in Easter Furnishings HERE.
Garden Tools, Fencing Etc.
Plant Your Garden Now
We are offering a few Garden Accessories which should interest eyeryone con
templating a garden. All of thee items are exceptional values, so come early and
share m this sale. .,.-,:
"aakro" Seed Tape
A package goes further than three 6-cent packages of
the ordinary kind. Cuts the labor of planting and
tending in two, no thinning necessary when "Pakro"
. seed tapes are used, per pkg ...10c
Poultry Fence
Doubl. GalraniiMi Kind It lasts twice as long. Two-
inch mesh, 1 14 c per square foot, or per d An
ar m aw v
Full size High Grade
open back ?Q
shovels. . .'.OIC
4-Tine Strap Ferrule
. Spading
. Forks, at....
Garden Ra kes,
100 square feet, in full rolls, at. .
' Lawn' Fence ' '
"Cyclone" fancy woven wire lawn fence, per
foot, op from
"Cyclone" fancy woven wire, flower bed
' border, per foot.....'
"Cyclone" fancy woven wire, flower trellis,
for vines, per foot. :
-- Screen Wire
All widths, black screen at 3c per sq. foot,
or per sq. foot, in full rolls, at. ........ .
. ' Baa.m.nt Hardware Dept. -
.. 8c
.. 7c
4-Tine Strap Ferrule
. Manure
Forks, at. . 7C
Pruning Shears,
California OQ.
pattern. . , OIC
Rubber Hot
B-ply H-inch
hose, at...... .
6-pIy fcsnch.
warranted 1
hose, at... IvC