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proper, ties, Saturday afternoon or Sunday.
1200 CASH. 120 PER MONTH.
One acre, laya almost level, ha nearly
new five-room house, full baiement, south
east exposure. This Is just the placa for
a truck faruner. Price only J,So.
1600 CASH, $20 PER MONTH.
Two sores, food, nearly new four-room
house, with full cement basement) good
barn and chicken bouse; some email
fruit. This Is a real bargain at 11,600.
1016-18 W. O. W. Bide;, Dougiae 148.
Stucco construction. ( large light rooms.
Oak floors, oak and enamel finish. Price
13,800. Easy terms. Another now build
ing for is.flfto. can Douglas uzi ae.y
Walnut UNO evenings.
I. B. ROBINSON. Real Estate and Xnsur
ance. 442 Bee Bldg. Douglas 8087.
REAL ESTATE B'nesa Pipty
UAKB up your mind for S. B. A.
H. A. WO LP, Realtor. Ware Blk. Specialist
In downtown rmsiness property.
REAL ESTATE Investments
MAKE 11 PER CENT on your Investment
10room double house, front rooms and
dining rooms finished In oak; only 2 years
old; always rented; rented for $S& per
month. Price only 12,200; terms.
1015-18 W. O, W. Bldg. Douglas 34B8.
175,000, In come 11 per cent; one year
old; very fine location; mortgage 135,000
and will accept szit.uuo in traae; oai
ance cash or negotiable papers.
Douglas 1213. City Nat. Bank Bldg.
On your money In any amount by
11.00 Share,. Omaha.
630 Pint National Bank Bldg.
8. 8. JL will make your boy a batter cltlxen.
8. 8. JL tt your opportunity. Grasp It
FOR SALE or lease, fine trackage corner,
06x132, northwest corner of 16th and Burt
8ts. Harney 668.
Two good strictly modern St. Louis
flats. Income 0S0 per annum. Price, $10,
000. Mortgage, 13,200. Owner wants land
not too far from Omaha,
801 Omaha Nat. Bk. Bldg. Douglas 420.
WE have some good homes and rental prop
ertles for Neb. or Iowa land. Edward P.
Williams Co., Omaha Nat. Bank Bldg.
REAL ESTATE Unimproved
S, S. A. means success for you.
AFTER looking at MINNA LtJSA 100 dif
ferent buyers decided that It was the best
proposition on the market and they
i backed thslr Judgment by buying lota.
IP YOU will come out today you will
understand why the others are buying.
742 Omaha Nat Bank Bldg. Tyler 187.
tt. 8. A. Is something that cannot be stolen,
.cannot burn up cannot run away.
BEAUTIFUL ' ot lota, rice 1220. only
H cash and BO cents per wee- Doug 83 ft it.
WHSN will you b.n.Dt from a B. At
Wall located lot, on .aay terms. Mod
ern, attractive borne Befor. buying
b. nr. and ae
UAVn calls for Dundee homes, and would
like exclusive listings on a few bungalows
and houses from J3.5O0 to $18,000. C A,
Orlmmel, 149 Ora. Natl. Bank Bldg.
IP YOU find It hard to make both ends
meet, try J. 6. A.
OMASA people want 8. 0. A.
S. & A. Till bring yoa back to nature.
6-ACRE blk. Falracre and Brownell Ball
district. Snap. C. J. Canan.
WANTED 4, I and 6-room bouses that can
be sold for $100 cash, balance $15 per
month: send complete description first
1880 Farnam. Tel. Doug. 10 64.
LISTING houses to renter sell on smalt cash
payments, have parties waiting. Western
Real Estate, 413 Karbach Blk. D. $607.
S. & A. to ths true basis of all wealth.
LIST your I and 6-room houses with us.
CO.. Tyler 498.
WIS want desirable bouses to rent to de
sirable people. List your property with us.
R. H. Banner Co.. Ramge Blk.
Money on hand for mortgage loans. City
Nat. Bk. Bldg.
Real Estate, Loans and Mortgages.
i PER CENT to t per cent on best class city
residences In amounts $2,000 up; also
farm loans. Reasonable commission.
PETERS TRUST CO.. 1821 farnam St.
MOXtiT to loan on Improved farms and
ranches. , We also buy good farm mort
gages. Kloke Inv. Co., Ornaha.
8. 8. A. Is one road to happiness.
Ora. Nat Bk. Bid..
' 1 til Omaha Nat. Bank Bldg.
O'KEEFK R. E. CO.. 1011 Omaha Nat.
FARM and city loan. S. 6H and I per cent.
W. H. Thomas, Keellno Bldg. Dour. 164a.
CITT and farm loans, loweat rate..
E. H. LOUOEB, Inc., 688 Kaolin. Bid.
W. T. Graham. 604 Be. Bids.
$100 to $10,000 made promptly. F. D. Wead.
Wead Bia g., 18th and Farnam Bta.
dels Theater Bldg. D. 686.
Stocks and Bonds.
1,600 SHARES Onahman Iron Co. stock
for sale st $1.36. Will sell part. E. H.
Fuller, 46 6 Harriet, Minneapolis,
Abstracts of Title.
Xtavn Tltl, Guarantee and Abatract Co.,
Hell 0s 8. ,th St., trounO floor.
Bonded by Maaa Bonding and Ina. Co.
REED ABSTRACT CO., oldest abatract of
fice tn Nebraaka. 1 04 Brand.!. Theater.
Repreaent prompt pay Inaurane. com.
panlee. 444 Brandeli Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
California Lands!
'FOR SALE In Fresno and Klug count lee.
San Joaquin valley, uanrornia, meai iana
for alfalfa, grain and fruit growing, stock
and poultry raising. One-tenth down and
nine easy annual payments on balance at
9 pet. In good farm neighborhood, close
to market. Over 15,000 acres of choice
land, at very reasonable prices, to select
from. To be sure you are getting what
you want, you may lease for one, two or
three years with option to purchase on
above terms. Write for details of this at
tractive method of buying on terms in
reach of anyone. Tou could ask for no
fairer deal. San Joaquin Valley Is In the
haart of wlnterlesa California. 40 acres
enough and should pay for itself tn five
years. Tou can start here with only
$1,000 and make good. 1 will gladly
place you in touch with those having the
lands for sale. This Is such an easy way
to get a California farm that my advice
Is to act quickly. C. U Hcagravea, in
dustrial Commissioner, A. T. & S. F. By.,
2107 Ry. Kxch.. Chicago.
and stock farms, 20, 40 or mores acres, in
vicinity of Fresno, San Joaquin valley,
hoart of wlnterleaa California, greatest
raisin belt tn world: now paying good
profits: houses, barns, fonces, live stock
everything ready; crops In many Instances
naylng better than 1100 an acre,
will buy a $10,000 place, with long time
on balance. Tour farm Income will take
care of future payments, uniy limited
number of farms can be had on these
farms, so write today. I will gladly put
you In touch with those having farms for
sale. U, U BBAUHAvea, industrial
Commissioner. A. T. ft 8. F. Ry., 1007
Ry Kxch., Chicago.
Florida Lands.
Hav this winter. First cutting days:
ISO and t0 annually on $G0 land. 26
Paiton Blk. Walnut 15567 (evenings).
Missouri Lands.
SMALL MO Farm $10 cash and $5 month
ly; no in teres; or taxes; highly productive
land; close to $ big markets. Write for
photographs ana run iniormation. Hunger,
A-11B N. Y. Like Bldg.. Kansss City. Mo.
Michigan Lands.
Grains thrive. Drouth, hall unknown.
Root orops, dairying, graslng, Ideal. Fine
roads, market; 143 growing days. Aver
age killing frosts October 1. Terms easy.
George Rrwell, jr., 32 Bacon Blk.. Mar
quette, Mich.
Minnesota Lands.
240 ACRES. 46 miles from Minneapolis, near
two good railroad towns; one-nair unaer
cultivation, balance used ror pasture ana
hav: can nractically all be cultivated;
good set buildings; this land will produce
60 bushels of corn per acre; country la
thickly settled; complete set ot macnin
ery; 27 head of stock, consisting of 11
cows, balance 1 and I year olds; 4 good
horses, 26 hogs, chickens and everything
on the farm goes at $65 per acre; one
half cash; Immediate possession can be
had. Schwab Bros., 102$ Plymouth Bldg..
Minneapolis, Minn.
Iowa Lands.
WILL sell at a sacrifice 12 acres adjoining
Council Bluffs, 1$ acres bearing grapes: I
acres garden, J. S. Mosbacbor. 1636 Madi
son Ave., Council Bluffs.
Nebraska Lands.
SMALL Nebraska farina on easy pay men I
i acres up. We farm tne tarra we sen
you. The Hungerford Potato Growers' As
sociation, 16th and Howard 8ti Omaha.
Dollar as 9371.
CHOICE 160-ACRB Gage county farm, 1m-
provea ; izv acres unaer pit w, wu t
miles from town and school.
680 Brandels Bldg.
WET land made dry enough for crops or
i no pay. Is our way or draining iana. no
tract too large or too wet. Guarantee
Drainage Co., Oakland, wen.
EAST central Neb., 80 acres, highly Im
proved farm, close to town, snap, terms,
possession at once. 8. S. and R. K. Mont
gomery. 1
South Dakota Lands.
I HAVE three highly improved farms In the
vicinity of wntertown. b. v., lor saie at
right price. Might accept some good trade.
D. T. Mauller, 1067 Omaha Nat Bank.
Phone Doug 1100.
2200 Farnam St. Douglas $210.
Ford touring ...$228
Light Paige $476
Hudson "8-40," sacrifice,
Mitchell "0" $660
Burn gasoline, kerosene, distillate;
double power and mileage; cuts your
fuel cost half; money back guarantee.
216 S. 19th. P. 0288.
WB will trade you a new Ford for your
old one.
20th and Harney. Douglas 6261,
Used Car Dept.
2216-1$ Farnam St. Douglas $11.
Almost tny make at reasonable prices.
FOR sale, cheap for cash, lata model five
passenger ear. Will take Ford in part
payment Call after 6 p. m. 1426 8.
Sixteenth St.
Douglas 4442. $16 So. 24th St
H D. Motorcycle, running order, $l7ti.
lfiJS Overland, fine shape, $135.
2 IN 1 VUL CO.,
161$ Davenport Bt
SO Per Cent Saved on Year Tire Expense.
BERTSCHY "Kau-FU-It." Southeast cor
ner zvia ana tiarney pis, unugmi
Ovorland 1912 touring oar. $160. Inquire at
1712 S. 11th St. Good running condition.
110 S. 17TH ST.
Auto Livery and Garages.
EXPERT auto repairing, "service car al
ways ready." Omaha Garage, IQ1Q ear-
ney Bt. Tyler 655.
Auto Repairing and Painting.
NEB. Auto Radiator Repair Works. We buy
and repair Ford radiators. 218 So. JUb.
Douglas 7390. '
$100 reward for magneto we can't repair.
Colls repaired. Baysdorfer, 210 istn.
Tires and Supplies.
NEBRASKA Auto Repair Works. Services
and prices rig tit. 218 B. ltP at P. 7390.
FOR SALE Michigan racer, 40- H. P.
Bosch magneto, good tires. In good run
ning order. Price $200. Address Bok 204,
Peru. Neb.
THE Salvation Army Industrial Home so
licits your old clothing, rurnttore maga
sines. We collect We distributed Phone
Doug. 4126 and our wagon will call. Call
and Inspect our new home. 1110-1112 1114
Dodge St.
The reasons for the growing popularity
are Best Results and a Rate of lo per
When you want both of the above,
WANTED Small child to board In Cath
olic home; mother's care. Address bos
2203, Bee.
MECHANO THERAPY treatments. Miss
Halloran, 222-2 Neville Block.
SWITCHES made from combings, Call Col
fax 6252.
MISS EDNA, scientific massage, 226 Ne
ville Blk. open evenings ana aunaays.
LURLLA WEBSTER, massage and mani
curing. 618 Paxton Blk. Red 2400.
MAB BHUOMAN, scientific masseuse and
baths. 203 Karbarh Blk. Red 2727.
ALL Right Private Maternity Home, $011
Miami St. Webnter 2908.
SCIENTIFIC massage. 620 Be Bldg. Pbone
Douglas 6372.
MUSS LILLY, bath, massage. 1322 Farnam.
VIOLET RAY tries t ment. 42 1 Bee Idg.
Manlrurinc and mans, 1R23 Farnam. R. lY.
Baths & Massage, Staats' Insttt 1606 liar.
Dr. B. R. Tarry cures piles, fistula and
other rectal diseases without surgical op
eration. Cure guaranteed and no money
paid until cured. Write (or book on rec
tal diseases with testimonials.
140 Bee Bldg. Omaha, Neb.
WHY SUFFER T Latest and Most Sclent (Re
Treatment for All Disease. Dr. Charles
Barnes, 618-520 Rose Bldg. KiemtnatloD
and Consultation free. He Is curing thou
sands, why not tout osiays are dan
gerous. If you can't call, write. Hours
t a. m. to p. m., T:so to 6:10 evenings.
Sunday by appointment
RADIUM water baths and Rot Springs uer-
cury treatment for rheumatism. Dr. K
Pyor, 14 Patterson Block. D. $824.
RUPTURE Successfully treated without a
surgical operation, call or write Dr.
Frank H. Wray. 106 Bee Blds
Surgical operations prevented. 421 Bee Bid.
Lady attendant. 24th and Farnam. D. 729$,
Dr. C. J. Lawrence. Ralrd Bldg. D. 8461.
Dr. Frances Dawson, 602-2 Rose Bldg. T. 2866.
Drs. Johnston, 1326 wTlTwTBIdg. D. 652T
Dr. Bra dbury. No Pain. 012 W. O. W. B ldg
Taft's Dent. Rms., 308 Rose Bldg. D. 2166'
Drs. S. & L. Billlnglan. 2062 Parn. D. 7608,
Horses Live) Stock Vehicles
THRKK Boston Terrier puppies, screw tails,
dark mahogany brlndle, beautiful mark
ing; two months old; two males, one fe
male. Address E. L. Hudson, Lenox, la.
FOUR good work horses. J. F. Aull, Al
nngnt cait soutn to.
$ 10.00 costs you t $.26 for sis months.
102.00 costs you 20.27 for one year.
156.00 costs you $1.20 for one year.
204.00 costs you 40.80 for one year,
300.00 costs you 60.00 for one year.
Other amounts In proportion.
840 Paxton Blk. Tel. Dong. 226.
FURNITURE, pianos and notes as security.
$40, mo., H. goods, total cost $8.60.
840, 0 mo.. Indorsed notes, total cost $2.60.
Smaller, larger am'ts, proportionate rate.
Organised by Omaha Business Men.
432 Rose Bldg.. 16th and Farnam. Ty. .
2tt pet, on Die Gross. 410 N 16th. R 0R1
Motorcycles and Bicycles
Bargains In used machines. Victor H. Roos,
"The Motorcycle Man," 37th and Leaven
worth. TWIN Excelsior cheap. Webster 2100.
Queen Incubators and colony hovers. Stew-
art s Been store, us h. nth. Opp. p. o.
Screenings, $1 76. 100. Wagner. 801 N. 16th.
WHITE WYANDOTTE setting eggs, $1 set-
Fred Ward Sumption, sr.. will please take
notice that his father died on February 14,
1917, leaving snare in hie estate to him.
providing he call personally on undersigned
executor, Cleveland. 0-, within one year from
March 8, 1917. W. H. BENHAM.
2038 East Ninth Street. Executor.
Cleveland, O.
r-n 1 - '"aana BB aw
Poultry Alive Broilers. 14 to I lbs.. $0o:
broilers, 2 to 2 lbs., 25c; hens, under 4
lbs., 10c; hens, over 4 lbs., 18o; springs, all
sizes, amoooth legs and soft under 6 lbs.,
22c; old roosters and stags. 14c: aeese. 14c:
ducks, 16c ; turkeys, 20c; capons, over $
ids., zc; capons, ids and under, 10c;
guineas, each. 26o: squabs. Homers. 14 os.
each, per dosen, $4.00.
H'.tter Choice creamery. No. 1, 40c i No.
1. 160.
Eggs Fresh. No. 1. ease. 17.10: No. t
fresh. $7.20; crax, case, $6.(0.
unease quotations b uriau sk Cat -Cheese
Fancy domestic 42c: block. 22a:
twins, 26Hc; daisies, 27c; triplets, 27c;
young Americas, 28c; Blue Label brick,
24Ho; II mourner. 2Bo; Herkelmer (N. Y.)
white, 26c; roquefort, 66c.
wDoiesaie prioea of beer cutst
Beef Cuts Ribs: No. 1. 28c: No: 21Uc:
No. 8, Hc. Loins: No, 1, 27c; No. 2,
26c; No. 8, istfco. Chucks: No. L Iflc;
No. 1. lflc; No, 2, 16ttc. Rounds: No, 1,
18c; No. 2, 17c; No. a, 17c. Plates: No.
1, 14C! No. 9, 14o; No. 8. 18c.
Onion Seta Yellow, bn.. .aa. rri. ii.ik.
white $4.60.
Mammoth celery, per dosen. Mo.
Frosen irn
Sliver, 18c; trout, 17c; catfish, 16c; Alaska
sableflsh, 11c; smelts, 18c; whiting, 16a;
erapplea, to; pike, yellow, dressed, 17c;
round. 14c: pickerel, dressed, lauo; round,
He: herring, round. 7o; herring. 64e;
whltefish, dressed, medium, 16o; large, $0oi
1umbo. 5ei round. smalL lie! tils fish far
Steaks, 120,
jnsn jrresn neimut, per id., loot fresh
catfish, 12c; frosen aalmon, silvers, 17c;
falls. l4o; fresh frosen smelts. 9o; herring,
7Ho; plcherel, round, frosen, $Hc; pickerel,
dressed, frosen, 10c ; yellow pike, round,
froien, 12Uc: black bass. 16o: oronnles. 6o:
yellow perch, 8c; catfish, 16c: roe shad, 80c;
black bass, o. s., 16c; medium and small,
20o; large, 17o; smoked whiting, headless,
16c; kippered aalmon. 18c: black cod. Alas
ka sabls fish. 11 Ho.
amokea, salt ana spiced Fish smoked
white chubs, lie; kippered salmon, 18c; fin
nan haddte, 17o: codfish, 12c; Puritan cod,
12tto; pollock, Bttc: KKKK herring, 10c;
uiuaioia), uu iv init) tvv to mix, o.o;
kippered cod, 10-lb. baskets. 20c: wblteflsb.
No. 1. 40 I be., $6.16; 10 lbs,, $1.40; herring,
spiced, 40 lbs.. 13.8&: 10 lbs., flo.
Oysters "King Cole," large cans, stan
dards, 40c; selects. 46c; counts, 60o
Fruits Oranges: 250s. 22Ss. 224s. 12.00:
200s, 216s, $2.76; 100s, 126s, 160s. 176s, $4.00.
Lemons: Fancy 100s,' 260s. $6.00: choice
300s, $60s, $4.60. Grapefruit: 16s, $4.00;
461, 14.36; D4S, 14,60; 84S, SOS, $0.00.
Apples: Jonathans, extra fancy, $2.26:
Jonathans, fancy, $2.16; Wine Saps, 176s,
iraallur, $2.00; W. W. Pearmalnes, extra
fancy, $2.60; W. W. Pearmalnes, fancy,
$2.26; Ben Davis, orchard run, $1.60; Mis- I
sour! Pippins, orchard run, $1.00, Bananas,
6o lb.
Vegetables Potatoes Eating. $8.85 bu.: I
Early Ohlos, $2.26 bu. Sweet potatoes, $2.66
hamper; sweet potatoes, seed, $3.26 bbl.
Celery, $1.00 dos.; crate, $4.60. Turnips,
carrots, parsnips, rutabagoes, 4o lb. Cab
bage, So lb. Lettuce, $4.00 crate, $1.26 dos.
Cauliflower, $3,60 crate, $2.00 dos. Cucum
bers, extra fancy, $2.00 dos. Tomatoes,
$7.00 crate. Onions: Red, 13o lb.; Spanish,
lio. crate.
Miscellaneous Cider. Motts. 84.26 keg.
Onion sets: Yellow, $6.00 bu.; red. $6.69
bu.; white, $6.00 bu.
Omaha Hay Market.
Prairie Ray Receipts light, market higher
on better grades ot hay and alfalfa; de
mand continues good. Upland: Choice, 112.50
914.00; No. 1, $12.60018.00; No. 2, $10,600
11.00; No. 8, $8.0000.00. Midland: No. 1, !
$12.00012.60: No. 2. $9.60010.50. Lowland:
No. 1, $8.6001-00; No. 1, $7.6008.00; No. 8, !
ss.toV7.og. I
Alfalfa Choice. $11.0050.00; No. 1,1
$18.00018.00; standard, $16.00017.00; No. $, i
$18.00 0 14.00; No. $, $10.5012.60. I
Straw Oat. $7.0007.60; wheat, $6,00 0 i
6.50. I
Sugar Market.
Jfew York, March 81. Sugar Futures
market was fairly active this morning and
prices were firmer, principally the 'hear po
sitions on covering and buying by Cuban
interests. Closing unchanged to 7 points
higher; May, 6.04c; July, 6.18c; September,
8.62c; December, 1.47c. Raw, steady; mo
lasses, 6.01c; centrifugal. 6.89c. Refined.
steady H fine granulated, 7.1608.00c,
Dry Ooods Market.
New York. March 21, Cloths were stead
ier and quieter today. Yarns, linens and
knit goods were Arm. Burlaps wore steady.
Educational Notes
Hastings College.
Carl B. Pratt, olaes of 1016, was recently
elected superintendent in tne ernooi oi Bui
ton, Neb.
uim nuih Halle, a niece of Mrs.
Knauer, has been visiting at the home of
Dr. Knauer and at the college tne last w
The May queen was chosen at the college
ehapel last Friday morning, out nm inemur
of the queen will, as usual, be unknown un
til May day.
Dr. Knauer gave a splendid talk at chapel
on the work of Miss Mary Slessor. who spent
her life as a member of the Scotch Presby
terian church at Old Call bar. Africa,
The Olee club began Its annual trip Sat
urday, going to Henderson, Neb. On Mon
day It was to fee at Sutton and the rest of
the week at Fairmont, Edgar, Holsteln,
Mlnden and St. PauL
Senior recognition took piece at the col
lege chapel Friday morning. The class con
sists of thirteen members. President Crone
presided. Prof. Unruh sung a solo. Prof.
Logadon gave an address to the class In be
half of the faculty and Mise Mary Sims on
bebalf of the junior class.
The home prohibition contest took place
at the college chapel last Monday night. Of
the five entered, only three remained tn to
the ei.d. The Judges awarded second place
to Mr. Murray and first place to Miss Delta
Bowen, who will represent them In the state
contest to be held at Hastings In April.
College vacation begun Friday night. A
number of the faculty are to spund their
vacations out of the city. Prof. Kent ot the
natural science department gos to New
Mexico, where he Is interested In a collec
tion for the college museum. Prof. Logmlou
wilt spend her time in the city visiting
friends. Miss Fisher will be at Bellevua
with a sister.
No classes were held at the college Thurs
day and all the prospective teachers and
the faculty were given a chance to attend
the association. President Crone wae chosen
president of the college section and instruct
ed to continue to offer scholarships for the
tauMva.vfinp chool of Nebraska on the
same basis they have been offered In pre
ceding years, except that no scholarship
will b issuea nereaner tor my ym umr..
a request comes before the first ot October
following graduation date.
Peru Normal Notes.
Wo ynderman Is nursing a broken shoul
der received In a tall last week.
mih Nellie Kelly will fill out a vacancy tn
the science department at Exeter for the
remainder ot the year.
a aneMal train carried the Peruvians as
fur as Lincoln on their way home for spring
vacation on Wednesday. School reopens on
KnTt Frldav Is Peru day at the Southwest
Nebraska Teachers' association at Nebraska
City. The Normal will take a vacation to
enable students and faculty to attend the
meetings and a special train win return
to Peru In the evening. .
The committee on the pageant which Is
to be given on the fifteenth anniversary of
the founding of the Normal haa completed
Its plans. The pageant will be presented
in a natural amphitheater In the Peru
woods near the Normal and some three
or four hundred persons will participate In
the scenes which will depict ths early life
of the country and the school.
Tin. f nil a win is a list of recent senior
elections: Nell Houdersheldt, Eustioe, third
and fourth grades; Catherine Kelly. Hamp
ton High school; Gladys Train, Humboldt,,
first grade; Florence Fuller, Tllden, do
mestic science; Mary Pease, Rlverton, kin
df.rrfl.rten : Clara Run van. Drinclual, Elk
Creek; Mary Wickham, primary, McCook;
Edna Uaous, imra graae. mains v,njr,
Amelia Chard, assistant principal, De Witt;
William Kuebter, superintendent, Shubert;
Edna Owen, Pender, fourth grade; Leroy
Benedict, principal, rreston, b. v.
Chad ron Normal School.
At the meeting of the Chadron Culture
club last Wednesday Miss Clark read a paper
entitled "Recent Irish Drama."
Dp. Leavltt addressed the current history :
class Friday on "The Custodial Farms for
Criminate.' He aleo spoke at chapel on
Friday and Monday mornings.
The Normal closed for the week on Tues
day of this week, owing to the fact that the
fnftultv is attending the North Platte Valley
Teachers' association held at Sidney.
A hnctng club for Tuesday and Thurs-
days will be organised this week, now that
the basket ball season Is closed. As soon
as the ground li dried off base ball practice
will begin.
Many ntcturea Illustrating Schiller's "Wll-
helm Tell" and the Tell country are being
displayed upon the bulletin board In the
German room. These are not only interest-
in, but also very helpful to the aerman vj
class, which la studying this play with great
interest, , t
The library has recently added old vol-
umes of Harper's Monthly, Atlantlo Monthly
and the Century The first ninety-three
volumes of Harper's begin with 1850, the
first thirty-six volumes of Atlantic Monthly
begin with 1857 and the first forty-six vol
umes of the Century begin with 1870,
The orchestra left Wednesday morning for
Sidney, where It had a prominent part on
the urogram of the North Platte Vatley
Teachers' association. En route It stopped
at Alliance, giving a matinee and evening
concert. On Its return it stopped In Craw
Qoatations of the Day n the Various Lead
ing voinnuKuitea.
New York, Marcn 81. Flour Quiet.
Wheat Soot, eaavi No. t hard, $8.24; No.
1 northern. Duluth, $3.86; No. 1 northern,
Manitoba, $8 II, f. o. b., New York.
Corn spot, steady; no. J yeuow, oi.ii.
e, t f.. New York.
Oats Spot, steady; standard, totiho.
Hons Dull: state, medium to choice, 191$.
2$O40oi Paclflo coast, medium to choice.
Provisions fofk, strong; mess, sis. sua
27.00; family. $39.00041.00; short clears.
137.OQOi9.oo. seer, nrm: mess, izd vud
22.00; family, $27.00029.00. Lard, steady;
middle west, $10.70010.80.
Hides Quiet; Bogota, 42044c; central
America, 42c.
Leather Quiet: aemiook firsts, i7ot sec
onds, 66c.
Tallow Strong: city. 12Uot nominal;
country, 12H013c; special, 13c.
Butter Firm; receipts, tune
creamery, higher than extras, 46 O 46 H c ;
creamery extras (92 score), 44044Vko;
firsts, 4204Stto; seconds, 78H041Hc.
Eggs Unsettled; receipts, 15,859 eases;
fresh gathered storage packed firsts, 8S&0
34c; firsts, 88HO88H0.
Cheese Irregular; receipts. 4, mi boxes:
state, held specials, 87 27 Hot state, aver
age, 2727c( state, average fancy, 8HO
Poultry Alive, quiet: fowls, 28U02tUo:
no other prices quoted. Dressed, quiet;
prices unchanged.
Sioux City Live Stock Market.
Sioux City. March 11. Cattle Receipts.
200 head; market steady; beef steers, $10.60
Oll.oo; butchers, 89.oooi0.50; beef cows
and heifers, $9.60010.60; can are, $5,600
7.60: Blockers and feeders. $7.6009,66:
calves, $7.50O$B0; feeding cows and heifers,
Hogs Receipts, 7.000 head : market
steady, 5c higher;: lights, $14.65014.75;
mixed, $14.80016.00; heavy, $15.00016.05;
pigs, $11.00012.6; bulk of sa s, $14,700
Sheep and Lambs Receipts. 100: market
steady; yearlings, $12.00018-25; wethers,
111. 50012.50; ewes, $10.60 12.60; lambs,
St Louis Live Stock Market
St. Louis, March 21. Cattle Receipts. 800
head; market steady) native beef steers,
I7.60O12.26; yearling steers and heifers.
88.60010.00: cows. $5.26tu10 00: Blockers
and feeders, $6.00010.00; prime southern
lerr steers, S9.oorall.oo; beet cows ana
heifers, $4.2609.00; prime yearling steers
and heifers, $7.6001000; native calves. $6 00
Hogs Receipts, 0,000 head: market
steady; lights, $14.80016.80; pigs, 89.760
i.fru; mixed ana outcners, 11t.KDfififi.4i1;
good heavy, $16.36016.60; bulk of sales,
sneep and Lambs Receipts, none: market
London Mocks and Bonds.
London, March 21. American securities
were quiet and featureless on the stock
exchange today.
stiver Bar, 16 4 d per ounce
Money 844 per cent.
Discount Rates Short bills. 461 per cent:
three months, 4 per cent.
OU and Bos in.
Savannah, Oa.. March II. Turpentine
Firm; 46o; sales, 29 bbls.; receipts, 7 bbls.;
shipments, 152 bbls.; stock, 11,169 bbls.
riosin nrm: sales, nn nois.: receipts. 100
bbls.; shipments, 1,487 bbls.; stock, 103,410
bbls. Quote: A. B, C, D, E, F, O. $5.60; I,
16.76; K, $5.7005.60; M. $5.80; N $6,700
6.861 WO, $6.760680; WW. $6,00.'
ford and gave and evening concert at thai
The Young Women's Christian sMoctatlor.
meeting last week was very interesting. Miss
Jane Baboork gave a splendid talk on "Per
sonality." The muaio was especially good,
Miss Hasel Beokwlth giving a vocal solo and
Miss Mary Wilson playing the prelude. The
attendance was very good, showing that the
girls appreciate these excellent talks which
are beiug given eacn inursaay morning.
The children In Miss Fraater's room are
00m pie ting the study of Holland and the
Dutch people, and have made a collection
ot pictures. They have dons valuable work
in connection wun tne stones, among wmrn
are the painting of tulips and the cutting
and sewing of little windmills that will
stand In the sand table. This work is undor
the direction of Miss Marguerite Walsh.
Nebraska Wesleyan Vnlverelty.
F. C. Kllppel, '17, has nccepted a position
In the Gordon High school.
Euaene Haaklne. '17, has been offered a
fellowship In physics at the University of
Chancellor Fulmer spent the latter part
of the week In addressing Teachers' associ
ations out In the state.
Principal H. C. Bradford of the Univer
sity Sohool of Agriculture gave very In
teresting vocational talk to the men at
chapel Thursday morning.
Unusual interest In tennis has developed
among the girls with the result that thrve
extra courts are to be provided for them In
addition to those usually alloted to the men.
Spring vacation began Saturday morning
and will continue unni Tuonany morning.
April 10. The vacation period was allowed
to extend over Monday in nrdpr to allow
students to be at home Easter Sunday.
Chancellor Fulmer presented "W" csrtl
ftratrs to the basket ball squad at cnn
vocation hour Wednesday. The following
men received the coveted certificate.
Hushes. Fets. Coiler, Kahm, Anderson.
drove, Hefner, Payne, Keeeter, Blodgett and
Chaplain O. J. Nave addressed the women
of the university at chapel hour Tuesday
morning. Chaplain Nave Is now a resident
of Los Angeles and Is now In Nebraska look
ing after the sate of his 'Topical Bible"
and "Students' Reference Bible," the pro
ceeds of which he haa given largely to
Cottier University.
The Olee club gave Its concert at the
Tabernacle church in Lincoln Tuesday eve
ning. Joe Reeves, 18; Frank Brokaw, 16, and
Russell Lemmon, '14, were Bethany visitors
The methods and observation claas, from
the school, visited the legislature Monday
Misses Julia Cottier and Florence Thorp
went to York Saturday to attend the Young
Women's Christian association cabinet con
ference. Mrs. T. F. A. Williams, Instructor of so-
otology at the University of Nebraska, gave
an Interesting talk to the Young Women's
Christian association Wednesday evening.
The regular Wednesday morning musical
was given this week by Miss AUngra
Thomas and Mr. Carl Smith, pupils of Ves
pers! a Luce, instructor in violin, in the
School of Mualo.
Four plays, "Elner Muss Helraten, "The
End of the Task,' "The Cross" and Eata
Blta Pie," ware presented by the Dramatic
club In the auditorium Thursday evening.
Tite Bind or the Tack" was dramatised by
Miss Cella Elliott. 'The Cross" and "Eata
Blta Pie" were written by Miss Dean Asnln-
wall and Miss Laura Wolfe, members of the
play writing class of last semester. The
work was done under the direction of Prof.
Leon Snyder, head of the school of expres
sion. Poena College.
Mrs. It I b of McCook vlsltet. her deuth-
tar, Helen, at Gaylord hall, Wednesday.
Spring vacation began Friday and will
last until a week from Tuesday. April 10.
Mrs. Ernst Walter, formerly Miss K re user.
of the aerman department, visited Doano
last week. Her home is now in Lincoln.
Mrs. Carlson and Mies Wlttmann chap
eroned, a dosen college students, pupils of
tne ptann department to Lincoln on Monday
to hear the Bauer recital.
The Doane debators, who won both de
bates with Cotner and Bellovue last wek
here, are corresponding with Peru and Mid
land college, Kansas, concerning dates for
debates. ,
Miss Adella Dodge, territorial secretary
of the Young Women's Christian association,
met the Young Women's Christian associa
tion of the college and made a chapel ad
dress Tuesday,
Grand Island College,
Spring vacation began Saturday, Marnh II,
and will continue until Monday, April $.
Dr. Elmore attended the Teachers' asso
ciation at Haslngs last Thursday, and gave
an address at one of the afternoon sessions.
Dr. George Sutherland supplied the Bap
tist pulpit at Columbus yesterday, and will
probably preach for the same congregation
the following Sunday.
Ex-President Taft, now In Chicago, visit
t& his horns and the college last Monday.
The faculty and atudente gave blm a re
ception at the girls' dormitory Monday
Sentiment la Favor of Higher Prices En
couraged by Weather and War Outlook.
Chicago, March $1. Wheat prices averaged
higher today as a result of failure f eg
pected rains, especially ln Nebraska. The
market alosed unsettled at 9l.$$Ot-B14 for
May, and $1.$401-4H for July, with the
market ae a whole c off to le advance
oomttared with ' yesterday's finish. Corn
gained Koi oats closed Ho down to Ho
up and provisions at losses of from IHo to
Uneasiness regarding the long continues)
lack of moisture throughout Important sec
tlons of the winter crop belt dominated the
wheat trade during the earlier trading, and
was offset only In part as the session ap
proached a close. In addition to drouth
fears, the tightening of the erlsls between
Germany and the United States encouraged
sentiment for higher prices. Subsequently,
however, the Oklahoma crop report made a
surprising ex hi hit, showing an Improvement
of 6 points during March and this develop
ment counted as a factor In lowering values.
Advices were also received that work In
Important parts of the Canadian spring
wheat belt was one week to three weeks
ahead of normal
Price rallies which took place In the
wheat market at the last were due chiefly
to week-end adjustment of trades. It was
apparent that selling on the Oklahoma crop
report, a forecast of showers In Kansas and
on other bearish hews had been overdone
and there waa an upward swing in progress
all around when the final gong cleared ths
Corn showed stubborn resistance to selling
pressure. Talk of $16 hogs before tall did
much to uphold advances. Brisk demand
from the east and south gave Independent
firmness to oats. There was persistent buy
ing of May by strong commission houses.
Provisions swayed In line with the hog
market. An early advanoe was followed by
setbacks due to free selling on the part of
houses that of late had been purchasing
frcMy. The bulk of the trade was In lard.
Cash Prices: Wheat No. I red, nominal;
No. 2 red, 13. 0302. 06; No, 2 hard, $2.04H
02.04; No, 2 hard, nominal.. Corn: No. 2
yellow, $1.22H01.23: No. 8 yellow, $1.21
Ol. 2214; No. 4 yellow, $1.20. Oats: No. $
white, 64-!tO6aa; standard, 66' (p 6 8 Ke
lt ye: No. 2. nominal; No. 2, $1.04, Barley:
$1.1801.36. Timothy, $4.0005.76. Clover:
$12.00018 00. Pork: $34.62. Lard: $20,120
20,22. Rlbe: $16.00018.45.
ButterHigher; creamery, 86042Ht
Eggs Higher; receipts, 19,0(17 cases;
firsts, 21c; ordinary firsts, 800300; at
mark, cases Included, 28O30tto
Potatoes Unsettled; receipts,' 28 cars;
Idaho, Colorado, Oregon and Washington,
$3.4502.66; Wisconsin and Michigan, $2.26
Poultry All v, unchanged.
Bank Clearings.
Omaha. March $1. Bank clearings for
Omaha today were $6,816,706.61 and for
the corresponding day last year $2,171,
433.60. The total clesrlngs for the week
ending today were $88,607,439.4$ and for
the corresponding week a year ago $21,
440,800.94. The total clearings for the
month ot March were $164,068,917.62 and
for the month of March last year, $114,
298,714.88. Statement of Clearing House Banks.
New York, March 21. The statement of
the actual condition of clearing house banks
and trust companies for the week show that
they hold $112,807,160 reserve In excess of
legal requirements. This is a decrease of
$28,968,210 from last week.
Persistent Advertising" Is the Road
to Success.
Cattle for the Week Twenty
Five to .Forty Higher Than
for Week Before.
Omaha, March 21, 191T.
ReceiDts were: Csttte, Hogs. Sheep.
Official Monday 9.916 .8,088 17,8X1
Official Tuesday 10,949 It. SO 10,190
Official Wednesday .. 6.016 17,882 11.094
Official Thursday 4,097 14,116 10,168
Official FrldHy 1,307 11,881 S,6fl
Satlmate Saturday.... 800 6,600
Sic days this week. .82,648 81,808 t7,ft99
Sarins duvs last week.. 20,804 50.408 4T.560
Hame days 8 w'ka ago. 27,714 TM71 60,790
Same daya 2 w'ks ago, 24,870 69,269 48,224
Same days 4 w'ks ago. 23.890 67.9A7 41.490
Same days last year. . .26,182 68.889 46,277
Receipts and disposition of live etock at
the Cnlon Stork Yards. Omaha, ror twenty
four hours ending at 8 p. m. yesterday;
Cattle. Hogs. Horses.
C. M. A St. P 8
MlHsourl Pacific IT 1
C. A N. W., east 1 4
C. & N. W., wost 72 $
C, St. P.. M. A 0 14
C, H. A Q . west 1 VI 1
C, R. I. A P., east 2$..
C , R. 1, A P . west 1 $
Illinois Central 11..
Chicago Oreat Western. 1 1
Totals. .
Morris ft Co 1.266
Swift A Company 1.136
Cudahy Packing company.. 2.032
Armour A Co 2,240
Schwarts A Co... 681
J. W. Murphy $.094
Cudahy, Denver.......
Totals 10.296 1.688
Cattle There were no settle ot any con
sequence In eight this morning, but for the
week receipts have been very large, ehowlng
heavy gatna over all recent weeks and over
a year ago. The cause for the large run Is
ascribed generally to the fact that prices
were high and that the country took advan
tage of thorn to unload surplus stock and
thereby escape lta assessment for taxation.
Prices on good heavy beeves, that Is oat
tie selling at $11.60018.80, havs been steady
all the week, the demand being good and
the market firm. All other grades, on the
other hand, have eased oft not only here,
but at other selling points as well, and at
the clone of the week such oat tie are 260
40c higher than last week.
Cows and heifers, even good kinds, have
eaeed off, being around 15096o lower, with
the medium to pretty deceut kinds as much
as 86O40O lower.
The best fleshy stocks and feeders have
shown very little change, being In moderate
supply and fair demand throughout the
week. Less attractive kinds havs been
slow sellers at weak prices,
Quotations on cattle! Good to choice
beeves, $11.60012,60; talf to good beeves,
$10.60011-80; common to fair beeves, $9,960
10.60; good to choice heifers, $9.85010.26;
good to choice oowa, $8.7609.76; fair to
good cows, $7.5008.76; common to fair
00 ws, $6.(007.60; prime feeding steers.
$9.60010.25; good to choice feeders, $$.760
9.60; fair to good feeders, $8.0008.78; com
mon to fair feeders. $4.7608.00; good to
choice Blockers, $8,2509.26; stock heifers,
67.I50V.25; stock cows,; stock
calves, $8,00010.28; veal calves, $9,000
11.00; neer cuue, si age, etc, 9s.uuv1.gv1
bologna hulls, $6,6008.00.
Hogs A good Saturday run of hogs
rounded out a week of liberal receipts. About
196 cars, or 9.800 head, were reported In,
bringing ths total for ths week up to 68,808
bead. This is ths heaviest run since five
weeks ago, being $8,000 larger than last
week. 10.000 heavier than two weeks ago.
and almost 26,000 greater than for the same
days last year.
All of this week's markets have been ir
regular, but today's wae without doubt the
hardest to quote. Shippers bought some
hogs early at prices that ranged from strong
to lOo higher, or ware generally a full
ntcaei nigner. Rignt on nrst rounds a
few scattering loads sold to packers that
were as much as 6010c higher, but as a
general thing, killer buyers were out for
steady prices, and when they finally did
make the bulk ot their purchases, they were
mostly steady to not over to nigner any
where. General quality ot the offerings
lacked a great deal of being as good as on
previous daya of the week, and this made
the market hard to quote, ror wnne indi
vidual sales looked steady to 8a. and In
extreme caeeo 10c higher, ths cost of drives
was no more than steady, and on paper
most packers' costs were lower than yes
terday. The presence of a good deal of just fair
light stuff, and also a good many highly
mixed loads tendod to make the market
slow, especially after the bulk of the good
hogs had been cleaned up. While the market
dragged until noon or after without a com
plete olearanoes being made, however, the
laet hoge to sell showed little or no ohange
compared with yesterday, and It looked ae
though In the end all the fresh arrivals
would be cleaned up without any great
concessions having to be made.
To aum up the 'general market as well
as was poaslbts, most ot ths desirable hogs
sold steady to a nickel higher, and In ex
treme instances lOo advances were noted.
Packers didn't buy the lights until they
had to In order to fill out their droves.
Representative sales
No, Av. Sh. Pr.
91. .176 S40 14 60
79.. 194 80 14 76
T1..119 . 160 14 86
No. Av.
Sh. Pr.
40 14 70
40 14 90
... 14 90
$0 16 00
... 1$ 00
... IS OS
69., $07
88. .817
64.. 80$
76.. 881
40.. 216
66. .280
66.. 267
14 96
16 00
26 OS
65. .216 100 IS OS
Sheep After a week hf dull, Irregular
markets most of the lambs are selling Just
about where they were a week ago. On
most of the handy lambs current prices
look higher, but that Is mainly due to the
fact that quality the last few days has
been exceptionally good. A few extremely
light Mexicans received the benefit of the
pre -Easter demand for that class of stuff
and advanoed 10026c, selling as high as
$16.86. For the bulk of the light and handy
Mexicans $16.00 Is the outside figure,
though, and handy westerns are selling
around $14.70014.90, with strong weights
on dowta to $14.00. Navajos were in poor
demand on the close, packers finding when
they came to sen the skins that they had
been appraising the lambs too high. Yes
terday's offerings of Navajos did not sell
until late In the day, when some were
bought around 16o lower at $14.70 and oth
ers that were In quarantine showed much
greater declines. A shortage of refrigera
tor cars was more or less of a hindrance to
the trade all week and made demand slack
on the close for anything except the most
desirable stuff. Lambs recently shorn sold
at $12.10012.20, the high day. None have
been here since. Small packages of spring
lambs brought $16.00018.00 Thursday and
Quotation! on sheep and lambs: Lambs,
light and handy. $14.66016.26; lambs,
heavy, $14.00014.60; Iambs, clipped, $11.60
012.60; limbs, shearing, 214.26014.76; year
lings, good to choice, $13,00018,78; year
lings, fair to good, 812.00O12-00; wethers,
fair to choice, 811.60012.75: ewes, good to
eohlce, $1 1.40 18.20 ; ewes, fair to good,
$10.0001140; ewes, pisin to culls, $7,000
Cattle Steady, Hogs Weak and Sheep Wen
Chicago, III., March 21. Cattle Receipts,
400 head; market, steady; native beet cat
tle, $9.10012. 90s stockers and feeders.
$7.0009.80; cows and heifers, $6,60010.80:
calves, $9.50014.00.
Hogs Receipts, 12,000 head; market,
weak at yesterday's average to lo lower;
bulk, $16,20016.40; light, $14.60016.40;
mixed, $14.90016.46; heavy, $14.75016,60:
rough, $14.76014.90; pigs, $10.76014.26.
Hheop and Lambs Receipts, 8,000 head;
market, steady; weathers, $10.60 0 12.90 :
ewes, $9.00 01840; lambs, $12.00O1660.
Kansas City Moe Stock Market.
Kansas City. March 81. Cattle Re-
cepita, 1,000 head; market stesdy; prims
fed steers. $11.76012.50; dressed beef steers,
69.76O1L60; western steers, $9.00 0 12.00;
cows, $6.00010.60; heifers, $8.0001150;
stockers and feeders, $7.75OH-00i bulls,
$7.60010-00; calves, $8.0001800.
Hogs Receipts, 600 head: market higher:
bulk of sales, $14.80016.26 ; heavy, $15,260
15.40: packers and butchers. $16.00016.85;
light. $14.60016.10; pigs. $11.60014.00.
Sheep ana Lambs Receipts, 500 head:
market steady; lambs, $12.0016.00; year
lings, $18.00012.86; wethers, $11.50018.76;
ewes, fio.DOfjpii.iiQ.
St. Joseph Live Stock Market.
St. Joseph. March 81. Cattle Reoelpta,
100 head; market steady; steers, $8,600
12.00; cows and heifers, $6.6001100; calves.
H oks llecel pt s, 1,000 Head ; market
steady; top, $16.20; bulk Of sales, $14,900
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, none: market
nominally steady.
Lower Prices Prevail Despite
Excellent Cash Demand
Hard Wheat Hiti Record.
Omaha, Marco ,1, HIT.
Thara wa. an eaah damand for
train in lb. local narkat tody nd -till,
prlcea ..narallr war. altfhtly low.r th.
,,Hra war. lneltned ta lat At
offering, rath.r than tak. chanoM n a.
further dacllna en Monday.
The wheat market waa quoted from tin
ch.nied to le lower nd a good part of
today'a off.rtnv. war. aold at th, deellno,.
although one car of chnlc. No. I hard
aold at 13.01, a record price for thla trade
of wheal.
Salea of No. t hard made at SIM
I. AT; No. I hard aold generally around $1.01
0S.OI and No. hard brought from 11.11
to 11.01.
The demand for off-vrnd. wheat .waa
much better today and quit, a few oara
of aampl. hard were aold at prloe. ranrlng
from 11.10 to 11.11.
Th. corn market waa alao quoted from
unchanged to le lower and the .ellera had
little difficulty In dlepoatne- of thalr gam
pi t at the prevailing prlcea. 1
The better gradea of white enrn were
quoted at tl.17HOI.HH; the commercial
gradea of yellow brought from 11.17 to
II. 17H and mtied oorn ranged In prtc
from 11.11 to 11.1714.
There waa an excellent trade tn oat.,
with th. market quoted from a fourth to
a cent lower.
One car of No. , white oat. brought ISO,
hut the bulk of the offerlnge aold around
3(11o, and a few .aloe war. mad. at
63 Ho.
Rye wa. rather quiet and aold oft about
lc, while barley wa. dull at nacbanged .
Clearance, were: Wheat and flour equal
to ln.oo. buahela; corn, Jtl.OOO buahela:
oate, 17,000 buahela
Primary wheat receipt war. l.Ht.toO
buahela, and 710,000 buahela
agalnat receipt, of 1,0.0, 00, buahela, and
ehlmnanta of 1,9,00, buahela laat year.
Primary corn receipt, were 7R,,0ft, buahela
and ahlpmenta 41,00, buahela agalnat re
oelpta of 600,000 buehale, and ahlpmenta of
SRO,000 buahela laat year.
Primary oaU reoelpta wera ,01,00, bmhela,
and ahlpmenta 104.000 buahela agalnat re
celpta of 633,000 buahela, aad ahlpment of
163,00, buahela laat year.
Wheat. Com. Oata.
Chicago H . 141 llf
Mlnn.apolla til
Omaha I '.
Kanaaa City , II 7t
St. I-oule ..1 II
Winnipeg l '
The., aatea war. reported today:
Wheat No. I hard winter, I can, 11.17;
1 car, linH: I care, $3.01. No. I bard
wlnur, 1 car (Kanaaa), 13.01; t car, ,1.07;
I car,, 11 0rl oara, II. Ot; 1 car, 13. 0. No.
I hard winter, 1 oar (oata mixed), 13.01; 1
car, 31.10. Sample hard winter, 1 car. ,1.18;
1 car, II 10; 1 car, 11.30. No. I mixed, 1
ear, 11.03. No. 4 railed, 1 car, 31.00; I can,
RywNo. i, can, 31.11.
Corn No, I white, can, I1.13H; t
oara, I1.1SH N I white, 1 car, 31.UH:
can, 11.13; 1 can, I1.17H. No. 4 white, 1
car, 11.17 H. No. I yellow. 1 car (ablpper'.
welghta), 11.17! I can, I1.17H. No, I yel
low, 1 car, I1.17H; I care, 11.1714:, I can.
$1.17. No. 4 yellow, 1 car, I1.10S; t oar,
I1.10H, No I mixed, 1 r. 11.1714: 1 car,
11.17: I can (ahlpper'a weight.), 11.17, No.
1 mixed, , care, I1.10H; 1 car. I1.1IH; I
oara 31.11. No 4 mixed, t oar, 11.11. No, I
mixed, 1 car, 11.11. Sample mixed, 1 oar,
Oata No. I white, 1 oar. Me. Standard,
I can. 3114c. No. I white, 1 car (ahlpper'a
weight,), 114o: II oar., 681401 I can, 430
No, I white, 1 can. ISo; 3 oara, :o; I
oar, 01 Ho, Sample white, 4 can. Ito.
Omaha Caah Prlcea Wheat: No. I hard.
I3.00V3.O7; No hard, 3l.0tOl.07; No. 4
hard, 11.364)3.01. Corn: No. I whit., 31. UH
Ol.UH: No. 3 white, 31.17H4H 1IH: No, 4
white, I1.171.17H; No. I white, 11.16140
1.17 No. I white, I1.14H01 114; No. I
yellow, II.17H 01.1744; No. I yellow, $1.17
91.1714: No. 4 yellow. 31 llHOl.U : No.
3 yellow, ll.KHOI KH: No. yellow, tl II
Ol.UHl No. I mixed, I1.1014O1.11V4: No. 31.16Ot.10Ht No. mixed, 11.161
01.11; No. i mixed. .ll.16Hei.16; No. I
mixed, 11.1114 OI. 1614 Oata: No; I white, v
04O66OI atandard, 0ll4O63Ho: No. , white,
n.lfJMHc; No. 4 white, 4114 010c Barley:
Malting. 11.1701.11; No. 1 feed, tl.Olel ll,
Ryot No. 3, ll.40Ol.ll: No. I, 11.6,4)1.60.
Omaha Fat una.
The trade In the local market wae T.ry
qul.t today and wheat oloaed Arm oa protlt
taking by long..
Then wa. a feeling among th. traden
that wheat had made aufflclent advencee,
for the preaent at leaat. and moat of them
did not can to hold their optlona until
aome definite conclusion could b. nachad lo
regard to the coming wheat crop.
Only a few tradea wen made In the Cora
and oata market, and theaa cereala, clued
Wheat opened ancut vncnaogea on tne
Hay, about 44o higher oa July, and Sep
tember wheat cloaed Ho higher.
Local range or prlcea:
Art "pen. i High. Low. Cloaa. Xfo
I i
May 10114 1 1744 11114 INlMH
July 111 1 13 H H114 illtlRlH
Sept. 1 41 t 4114 147K 1 4IVf 14744
May 111 I IT 111 1 IT 111
July IIT4 IIH 6044 ' '
Sept, I'll til 111 111 111
July I IIHl 104V CO 34 4044
Sept, f 41 HI 4JIH I 40 I 4, 40
Chicago oloalng prlcea, lurn ehed The Be.
by Logan 4V Bryan, etock ana grain broken,
111 South Sixteenth etnet. Omaha:
Art Open. High. I Low. Cloaa Tea.
Wht I
May 1 II 1 If 111 1 1614 1061
July 1 14 1 II 10344 1 14 H 1614
Sep. 1 1014 1 II 111 I I1H ISO
May 1 1SH 1 1, UIH 1 1144 ll'i
July 1 1TH 1 1744 1K44 1 1TH H
Sep 1 li 1 1644 11444 ' 1 II 1144.
July 1044 10 1144 1374 6S H
Sep. IIH IIH ll IS 13 S
May 14 70 14 TO 84 10 14 6114 14 Tl
July IS SO IS 10 83 10 S3 10 31 00
May 10 10 SO IIH 30 tt 10 1H 10 SO
July 20 31 SO 40 30 16 10 37 H 30 IS
May 18 40 II 40 II SO II 13 H II 37
July 18 ITH II 47H 1 47 II 60 18 35
Mlnneapolle Grain Market.
lllnneapolla, .arch SI. Flour TJn
ohanged. .
Barley I1.02O1. 31.
Rye $1.061.67.
Dran 337. 00038.00.
Wheat May. ll.03;July, 11.11. Caah: No.
1 hard, I1.1103.1S; No. 1 northern, 12.01 0
3.06: No. I northern, ll.08O2.0S.
Corn No. S yellow, 11.171401.1114.
Oat. No. 1 white, I203o.
flaxseed 13.01 03.00.
M. Loan Grain Market
St. Loula, March SI. Wheat No. I, 13.01
02.13: No, 1 hard. 83.10OS.10; May, I1.I6H
Ol.OOHl July. 31.61T4,
Corn No. 1, $1.18; No. I whit., I1.SSHO
1.24; May, 11.1344 01.11 Hi July, 31.11)40
Oat. no. t. lie: No. 1 whit,, 1714.
Egga Flreta, 3$o.
Kanaaa City General Market.
Kanaaa City. March II. Wheat No, I
hard. 32.0803.16; No. I red, 12.0703.111
May, 81.8314; July, 11.(3 14.
Corn No. I mixed, 11.1,01,11: No. t
whltet. I1.21H: No. I yellow, H.llHi May,
11.17 4; July, 11.1614.
Oata No, 1 white, 66 14 0 67o; No. I mixed.
I4H03IC .
Cotton Market. ,
New Tork, March II. Cotton Future,
opened Heady; May, 18.76c; July, I8.630;
October, 17.63c; Deoomber, 17.llo; January,
Cotton futuna ctoaed ateady; May 18.14c;
July, 18.6$o; October, 17.74c; December,
17.77c; January, 17.640, Spot quleti mid
dling, lO.SOc No aalea.
Tbe ootton market cloaed point.
off from the under nallxlng, but the
ton. wa. rery ateaay at a net gain of 6017
polnte. ,
Motal Market,
New Tork. Maroh SI. Metala The cop
per market haa been quiet during the laat
waek with the altuatlon showing little or
no change. Small lota for nearby and aec
ond quarter delivery hav. been offend at
oonoeaatone. but mon generally .peaking
the market today waa nominally unchanged
at from 133 to 833 for the second quarter.
Some ot the .metier dealen wen a&ld to
be offering electnlytto for the third quarter
around 1.10031, but the larger agendo,
quoted 131032, Iron wag unohaiiged.
7 '.