Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 01, 1917, Want-Ad Section, Page 3, Image 39

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' jZ South. West. Florence. Colorado Lands. , 'Wl'liTTCi SURE-FIT TRUSS
WAVERLY PARK. CORNER 23D AND A STS. s. s. A. meana .uccesa for you. Jjew BungaiOW !, AeRK 1nd- h" "" " TViQ Tinaa TW Firs
5 ROOMS - on 'e,l v1'tt crop will pay for 1 lie llTISa Allal r Ha
Ju.t being finished, 6 room., all on one Sightly location. All mod. 6 cm. 76x North. On Florenr. boulevard w. hav. . new Ei;Tor." TTrn,', 'r'n 0n'!' '1J S0 fYtT".-Mi O Vl r ?V"f ""uk"!,' K.J'SHlZi
rSSS mJmMl "WMBPWB S S SS Overland,
, S0METG close iji where ch a r les6 w'ma rt in uco. Norris & Norris TJjltSr: AI1U " ""sure i r"
310 lia Bi.ndJlaThI.lM Bldr ' PROPFRTYIS SELLING 7H Oni.b. Nat Ban Bldr. Tyler 197, eighteenth per year at per rent interest. TT 1 Fs .4- bocauss It holda the rupture In place
310-113 BrandaThcatar Bldg, IKUltKll 13 aL.lrt . m ph()i 4;J(1 Price ,10 per acre. Th. Llobler Land Co.. I I COfl ( tfl 1 I JPTlT. constantly and with ease.
FOR SALE BY OWNER smaii n..r nth . and m . a. i. .om..hin, th.i ; ". uocu vai , why suffer
' MUST BELL-AM LEA VINO CITY. II..60.0. cannot burn up. cannot run .way. , OMAHA people want 8. 8. A. Floridl Land.. MIT Farnam St. Doug. 3293. TaSd ZToinlllm guar.,
L..vlngctty. Eight room.. .11 modern. Uood 6-r. cottage, bath .nd electric n : r UAISE ALFALFA In" FLORIDA (Natal tea Call writ or ph"e
hot water heat, full basement, large attic. Tight. 82.6oO.00. Miscellaneous. FLORENCE Ileal Estate Co.. Phono Flo. 101. Hay) this winter. First cutting 90 davs; lee. lau. write or pnone.
in excellent condition. 60-foot aouth front Comer 27th and Dodge, 60x108, and two choicest building ota In Happy " Smith Side "0 and l0 annually on 660 land, 84 W. hav. the right uaed er at jour blire-Jf It IITISS LO.
lot, beautiful lawn, ahrubbery, family gar- cottage., ,1.500.00 n0,f. liTlD s0Hn?!a' Faxtnn Blk. Walnut 2567 (evening.!, prlc. for you. at your ..rvlc. on and after April S,l
den; on paved atreet., taxea paid; near Oootf t-room modern house, on 18th . " "iel 1 Belvlder. acre. lot. bout.- HOMBSBBKKB8. ATTENTION. iT r-z lllj it iK Bmw! Blda- 16 h end Doui-
church and .chool, J-mlnut. car service; near Dewey, oak tli.1.1., hot water heat, Lot . block Belt der.. acre lot, boule 0n w. , , MlSSOUn Lands. Overland, road.l.r and touring: Bulek. ' m B""Kn BM- ,,lh n(1 Dou
built for a home. 11.200 cah. balance 15.000.00. ...... it. tatwaen S6tb and lith andSpaldlnt H'e lot you .elect, built a home aftar your gMALL MO. Farm 111 ca.h and 15 nionth- Hud.on. M.jwell, Ford., both touring and
aay payment. Addresa 2028 Fowler Ava. Two 8-room modern houaea at 810-511 l" opaiaing oii yca MB py fm on .( or t.iea: highly productive wdan; Cola, P.lga and Stud.bak.r. FITS I cured my daughter by almplo dla-
. foitax l31. 8. 56th Av... t.000.00. alSfrt EDHOLM Jeweler (Owner). email monthly pa) menta. without .itr. eioa. to 1 big mar.!.. Write for xlY "Zn?.JL' x!L Ut"'
t-room modern houe on 11th north of ALBERT EDHOLM jeweler , .. photograph. nd full Information. Mung.r. Term. If de.lrrd. Ul.nd Ave., Milwaukee, tl..
VniTVT7IT PT Arr? t-rnXflT Leavenworlh bt.. lot 70.ill0. IIHAUTIFUL ' ot lot. rlca 1.20, only SOUTH OMAHA INVESTMENT CO. . ,,, v LUl, uidg. Kanaa. Cllv. Mo . WANTEDSmall child to board In Cath-
UUMiU fL,Al UM 12 ca.h and 80 cent, per wee- Doug. H92 INCOKFOKATED CAPITAL 826,000 .-. V j Out-of-town purclia.era furnlihed com- olio homa; molh.r'a care. Addrea. Boa
5023 Wirt St nearly now 1 room. W. H. GATES, ' artTliddQ 19:5 So. 24lh St. Phon. South 1217. Michigan Landi. p, information. S20J, Be
..V ..J ,hJ,,",.H. J.t.e h...' Stroeta Today. MEDIUM PRICED HOMES. T.AMTl HTTfCfrTiY MF.Ml MECHANO THEItAPV treatment. Ml
oak flnlah throughout hot waer heat. 47 Omaha Nat. Bank BWg On the Sou.t T SldJ , on full itodlota. J, , T T 7 ' 1 "I " Hall.ran, Kl-l Nevlll. Block.
1200 garage: lot 60H26; beautiful .hade D. 1294. KEAI.TOK. W. 26S8. ---- r,, from 11.1,00 to 13.000 In different our..lf Oood land for Wl VQ- MIS8E"i)NA. .cl.ntldc manage."" 228 Ne
tree, and hedge. Will .ell at . .acrlflce .,. r.,r RFAI FSTATF SUBURBAN lotallllea. with all city Improvement. I" ,ru"' " ' "r1 II ill.T KJ villa Blk. Open evening, and Sundays.
or trad, for ...lafactory bungalow In good WATCH THE PROPERTY REAL -- 1 A 1 1. S--UK- Al lri church,.: can b. bought I 'S l. Ho" LUBLLA WEBSTKR, inaaapge and
. nd.hborhood. Phon. Webster 6278. Advance In price on H.m.y -I- ' "olm'oM AHA iTvESTafKNT CO. down, balance .mail nonlhly" or yearly f 1 J curing. 8 P.ton Blk. Red 2
There Is a irood buy between 28th and . TTii,i?i payment.. Writ, for big booklet free. I I 7 1" I Q f MAE BKUflM AN. .dentine moaeuaa end
BUNGALOW BARGAIN. 9"!AviS e00d WHEN will you bened. from 8. 8. At u. tldd OWmtgKD.lMWUl WVLldlHX hatha. 1.1 K.rbaeh Blk. Red 1727.
Nat. Bank bldg.. Chloago, 111. ALL Right Private Maternity Home, sun
Manderaon, near Florence Blvd., well H. GATES, Dundee MlgCellaneOUI. FOR SALE CLOVER -LAND FARMS. Miami 8t. Welxter 1908.
built 5-room. all modern oak finish, .mall ' - Oralna thrlva. Drtiuth, hall unknown. I m ( SCIBNTIFIC mauaage, 620 Ilea Bldg. Phone
lot. 826 . month rental. Only 12.100. This 64; Omaha Nat. Bank Bldg. . i c,'ln S. 8. A. will bring you back to natura. Root "V' dairying, gra.lng. Ideal. Fine Il.a Dougla. 8S7S.
la at lea.t 82S0 under value. Ea.y term. D. 1294. REALTOR. W. 2688. Dundee bOeCialS , . road, market: 111 growing day. Aver- ..v. MISS I ILLY bath massage 1322'
nFDRf.F (": WAI I AT"!' . . ' ., wl, age killing frost. October 3. Term. ea.y. Mtga,l,i. pain, massage, u-g earnain
oriiTASc . .-. t . , m. i, ,fl 6-ACHK blk., Falracro and Brownell Hall Oeorg. R jwell. Jr.. 11 Bacon Blk., Mar- TT J f T i VIOLET RAT treatment. Ill Be. Idg.
REALTORS. SI 7f) ' l.SOO Two-story frame house and dlatrtct. Snap, t . J. Canan. n.n aitnh I IdrtH I O Y I ll,T - -r- r-
ll Keellno Bldg. . ' " rage, located In a fin. neighborhood, uiHuTlioTind-Q qu.tte, Mich. U ScQ Vdi UQlJl. Manicuring and ma... 1623 Farnam. R. !
- B THIS PROPERTY 8ACH1K1CEU ' 8100 down, 16 per mo. 7-room house. J ..T.nd" Mnm" o Street. Today. Minnesota Landj.
1813 North Sllh. Slake your bath. gaa. sewer, 3 blka. to car. Call .1"Ln,,ii . ,h.d. leonine 1 310 ACRES, 16 mllea from Mlnneapoiu. near S0IT r.rn.m Bt. Doug. 11IJ. MEDICAL.
own price and terms-It must be i. Mil during offl-e hour, and Coltaa "r: " " ' mJ"' nu b'''"' ---- two good railroad towna: one-halt under . '
aold; 8 room., modern: nice root 3450 after 6 p. m. E. I. MORROW. Sk ita,,h dotaln and hard 1.310- PPAI FSTATF WANTFIi cultivation, balance uaed for paatura and TARRY
hous. off furnac. room: good -MT)NLlRBUALOt?; Mtr2 mi. FrltlSmM REAL EalAlh WANItU hay: can practically all b. cultivated: "ARRT,
.had, paved .treet on. block muZZm.luZYntitn,. D' Vp L" WANTEb-lTTlt7ou7 rL."''?'"''; 'SI', l,VWur?''l. PILES FWT-LA"
."pi"1"; ?'!?-tr"u2 "k "o. nm-' n',l"lL Prl" tram. hou,. In good ba .old for 8100 c.h. balanc. 116 p.r fJ.J... c". ! .5 T.?htl FISTULA
xto 6. Phone Walnut lj,a. 1J.800. Easy terms. Another now build- c.ii, fl. .hade tree, and shrubbery. month; .end complel. de.crlptlon flrat '"kly .ettl. d: e npl.t. ..t of martin- '..
Ing for 13.660. Call' Dougla. 1721 day. Llvln, 'room, dining room, kitchen and letter. SV 1 .Id I vesr olds' I good CIRED.
OVERLOOKING MILLER PARK, w.mut uso evening.. ,,ry ,.t nr, ok tini.h. i bed- w. FARNAM SMITH & CO. h0e. i ' Zti. chtk.n. .nS .Veoi'm, ,IITr, -.,.-,. Hni-cir
FOR SALE 57 feet, 22d and Manderson (lot rooms, bath and sleeping porch on 2d F,m Tel Dou. 1081 oS tha farm aoea it 166 Per acri- one- AUTO CLEARING HOLSE.
Beautiful frame and atucco house fin- 2. blk. 11). 82,600. Wrlto H. w. Huntress. floor, large well ventilated attic (unfln- "Z"L""m' T'ttl"! JSr.'JS.U LARGEST DEALERS IN USED
Ished In oak and white enamel. Built-in Pittsburg. Cal. Ished): good cement floored basement. HAVE customer, for 6-room cottago north Srhwab Bro... 1028 Tlyinouth Bldg,, ' AUTOMOBILES WEST OF Dr. B. It, Tarry cur., pile., fistula and
5s r s.?rur Tt'b"f,h: fe.rr.s; - - 'ffrr- srs pxzx L AqTOM?HicAGa F r rr -
living room Fireplace Built for . home S 5i 11,750 Her. I. an up-to-date bunga- .ubatantlal cash payments. Phon. Doug. Mississippi Land. Steam. Knight touring four oylln- .ration. Cura guaranteed .nd no money
rms. Call owner or" D. 8106. " WORLD REALTY CO., "bum",'' low that 1. built right: all finished in oak; JL.?."i"J?ld, ORl3AriRa"ATNS l6doVn786 monthly , ll model, ...rifle. ..... paid until eur. Writ, for book .n reo-
r5iTT-STSw-6 room bungalow. R. 8. TRUMBULL. 5SS aln'g" ffi WILL PAY SPOT CASH ZXrVX "S 1 Kl ' ""' "
:o;rT.,r rnd, sr.'T.,i.r.:?; jikwv,: gKSAys cadin..,..
SSK,r: v f h, Id.hL.nd.. .T. . dr. K. R. tXrrt,
hfit Hi-qiTtTa a n. a.Tif' T BFAI F5TATF R.... p,Vlii VSCant payment., hav. partlea waiting. Wcatern FARM FOR SALE Mild climate, artealan Chalm.ra ali-cyllnder touring,
BEST RESULTSA FAIR RATE. KLALUlAlt B TieSS IT pty cvvcviit. Real Estate, 113 Karbach Hlk. D.3607. wells, alfalfa, fruit, bwrlea. locu.t grova, Urea, .legant shape..... HO jlOBo.Bldg. Omaha, Nab.
The reason, for the growing popularity r-frrTjFSTnfTirir larae bulldh hatha aaa railroad Bulck touring, 1915 model, run vary
r. Beat Results end a Rata of lc per SALE HIGHEST BIDDER. GETS. 83,760 Beautiful lot In Evanston, .... ,,, . J,. tkrm old '
; word. BUSINESS PROPERTIES. 126, overlooking Elmwood park and Happy S. 8, A. 1. th. tru. basis of .11 wealth. "'Vl,? guy Add M whiaf B-'ck tourinV. 1916 modal B-87, fin. :
When you want both of tha abova, 1309-11 HOWARD. 2709 FARNAM Hollow Golf club. This 1. choice. SI?rr! S,i.d .loVk T Benin? .,' shapa 175
:ALL TYLER 1000. MERCANTILE OR INCOME INVEST- 12.700-Here I. another lot In Evanaton. Ut,T your 6 and 6-room house, with ua. F.a'rel" 720 acre. S125 Ford touring, In perfect condition, d.- . ',
NEW BUNGALOW. MENT. - located on the corner of 61th and Harney WE SELL THEM. OSBORNE REALTY "'. .,. ' Voo .rie. L.ed wheat mountbl. rlma 136 WHY SUFFER? LteBt and Moat Scientific
Fl-a room., .trlotmodern, finished In To b. .old Monday, April 2. 10 a m. at Sta .1,. 79x136. Can you beat 117 CO.. Tyler m. and belui' land n crop lf wlntel Da" Ford touring, rn.rhanlc.lly perfect.. 100 Treatment for All Dl...... Dr. Ch.rle.
oalt. Located at 3923 N. 25th St. Price font door court house; abstracts 82,100-Another on. In Evanston on 63d LIST your 8 ,d 6.roora i,i.r"v7ith f.fc-wXre Lewfcton Idaho Overland touring, 1116 mod.l, run rary Barnss, 618-610 Rosa Bldg. Examination
33.150. Term.. Will take .mall cottage showing clear tltl. furnl.hed. Come and Ave between Dodge and Farnam atrects; voWAXa T. WILLIAMS CO Doug l20. . , ll.-Wllce, l.Jlatonaho. m ,d Conatatlon fr.j. B. la curing thou-
In tradft make an offer. beautiful cation .t a bargain price ' " Iowa Lands. V Chevrolet touring, 1918 mod.l 850 aanda. WHY NOT YOU7 Delay, ara dan-
NORRIS A NORRIS, . 2'0 -N'c8 lot 60x135, on 6 at Ave., , - , okoboll summer home Ford, with Smllh-Form-A-Truck at- " a "'' H."r
1,0 Be. Bid.. Pho,. Dougla. 1278. MAKE up your mind for 8. 8. A. SSTSaSSfg,." It"'" W- FINANCIAL De." g? tb-..J. .Ik. new 1.0 g :"
IIX-ROOM house, two lots, store room. 5 II lie Attrt. location In Evanston rinAHUAL room, al,d ,ara,, .,!, I4,000. Moon touring .Ix-cyllnder. 1918 mod.l, -unuay oy
closets, .ummer kitchen, barn, coal shed, H. A. WOLF. Realtor, Ware Blk. Specialist on 63d St.. just north of Farnam, 60x136! H. W. BINDER. DR. C. A. ROEDElt, run vary
chicken house; fruit; close to .chool and (n downtown business property. 81.760 Fine sit. for a homo In Evan- Money on hand for mortgage loan. City 831 Brandnls Theater Bldg., Omaha. National apaedster, Rudg. Wbllwortn..
"fir ?o-K4h "d '"Shtlyi '2'0(", C'" Go to 43d and 4 "35. " Jt aonth of Nat. Bk. Bldg. WILL .ell at a aacrlflco 12 acre, adjoining p.w',.hht".'i, .',;;.: ' i, " Vh'."" III
' 3' . Street. Today. Do.d,g?; , Council Biuff.. 12 acre, be.rlng 2 1.11 iauTinllM model brVni RADIUM water bath, and Bat Spring. .r-
... , . t t , ..'.''S00-?" V"d,rwood Ave- Ju,t Mt Real Estate. Loans and Mortgages. " sarden. J. 8. Mo.b.cher. JOSS Madl- M"""" KIU"n m'- ,n , 0ry treatment for rheumatism. Dr. i.'.
I. S. A. revealed .oon. Watch the dally - - 62d St.. size 60x128. with paved alley In ?"! " son Av Council Bluffs. " V ." .V ill Pyor, II Patterson Block. D. 1811.
paper.. . . . rear. Don't pas. thl. up. 5 PER CENT to 6 per cent on be.t clan olty , , -. 3 Stud.bak.r touring. Una ahapa...... 176 n rsuan aama, aa.
p p , REAL ESTATE Investments re.idenca m amount. 82.000 up: also Nebraska Lands, this is just a partial list of
IviB 'aaiF anm m. p A P;,l T)ll,. farm loan. Ra.onabl. oommlaalon. WHERE CAN YOU MARKET THE HEAVY STOCK OF CARS WHICH RUPTURE Successfully treated without a
!. r . T J" d r,on - L. A. UnmiTiel, KelatOl PETERS TRUST CO.. 1822 Farnam Bt. , ii. 1. 11. w ij nliml WE HAVE ON OUR FLOORS AND WILL .urglcl operation. Call or writ. Dr.
24th St. car line, 8 bock, from Ml er o Ti J, ' tnlt," lnLJI" y0ur product, to the ne.t auinniager 4HB.r to nRMnNHTRAT. ANY Frank H. Wray, 208 Be. Bldr
T:"" Seven Rooms, Modern, Ji!iii? "StS.h 5 y"SS tZZ.WZ Ef8'S 8ur.,c.,-B..Bid'
"MTra Walking Distance JS 'ZZZZZ AUTO CLEARING HOUSE SBsixsg
fax 2013. . S. S. I. one road to h.pplnc... '''""Slllxer. needed) J20 Farnam St. Tel. . 1IH. DR. KNOLLENBERO, SANITARIUM. '
' Qo to 43d and Q Fine PlCCe Of ImprOVed Jjj i'omaha, -The Tarket Ton-Si Opon Sunday.. Op.nav.nlng.. Lady attendant, 31th and Farnam. D. 72.5.
, Streets Today. niird 0 flllrt a god houM wtni A(rpacrf bhopfn A ro privath monft goM Ao"" ""I "-','""1"1 '" Dr. a J. Lawr.nco, Balrd Bldg. D. .161.
0, walking distance, so don't toae any lime nVICctgC HHOrtN a cu PKHArH MONEY. bMt E,rtcultural and stock-raising coun- Dr. France. Dawaon, 602-8 Rob. Bldg. T. 2366.
oonln" seeing tills property. Owner Is leaving . . try In the world offer, advantage, un- Dr. John.ton 13"5 w o. W Bid. D 5T
. . city shortly and has put a price on thl. 9 Rnfki?Frnm far Tilld tlLan l'ITV GARVIN BROS.. aurpaaaed by any other market. ura. Johnston. 13.0 w. o. w. Bldg, p, t..
PATHFTlRAT TlTCiTPTPT vroperiv that make. It a good Investment. " JJiJ.n.n l l um Kjai AJ111C o 2 O LOANS. Om. Nat, Bk. Bldg. Fortune, are being made on Nebraaka Dentists.
IjAinfiUMU DlIVl.t Price 83.650. Can be handled on reason- . , K7 MOIIEY HARRISON & MORTON 'arm.. Let mo aend to you authentic In- Dr. Bradbury. No Pain. Ill WOW. Bldg
PR A PTTr A T T V T17W able term.. v t-room bouse, modern except bath, full O 0 816 Omaha Nat Bank Bldg. formation, absolutely FREE. R. A. Smith, i r..T . ... ' ' " ' .
trKAKj I ILALLl INW basement, cemented, south front; beaull- - -.'i J4 J L- . Colonisation and Industrial Agent, Union , Taff. Dent. Rm... 108 Roa. Bldg. D. 3160.
CJQ firI ful yard with maple treea, flower., "ieieS i? ini. o i . m ? Paclflo Sy.tem. Room 1022. Union P.cltlo USED CARS Dr.. a L. Bllllngl.n. 3063 Farn. D. 7508.
PO,OOU ' TTj fi. rnTvmcn1v J". ytn - driveway; chicken ..; CO., Omaha Mat. Headquarters, Omaha, Nebraaka. , UBUU VAIVO M 1 l Srot.ltVliirlia
Her. I. a frlst-clasa 8-room. completely fliail VjOmpdliy, house with cement floor; chicken yard FARM and city loan., 6. 1 and 6 per cent. Tiu,r irPPCT-11 A V.V B'lWTfNTV" npriei LIY JtOCK--veniCIBS
modern house and good-sized let In on. fenced: one well and cistern; a fine vine- w. H. Thoinaa, Keellne Bldg. Doug. 1648. l,OW I Jft W C.3 WUIlli THREE Boston T.rrlsr puppies, .crew tall.,
of th. very best district. In Omaha to 245-7 8 Omaha Xat'l Bk. Bldg. Tylr 60. Jard ; bearing cherry trees and other fruit. cTTYrSfannanariowearTaTea: NEBRASKA. If VOU Want USCQ CaFS. a,rk mahogany brindla, beautiful mark-
b. had at . price far lees than the house ' Th" p'"'? comprise. 1 1-5 acre, of ground E 0UOEK. Inc. 638 Keclln. Bldg Nina mile, aouthwe.t of Chadron. ' 0U0 ' Ing; tw. month, old: two males, on. f-
It.elf could be built for. Every modern inil, CJi.. T.,nc,t,nr,4- V , "yS,,;"' l'1- Krrin ' -iTiiniivrri Siv.- " vr' '"rm tan'1' balanc. . . . ,, , mala. Addre.. K. 1,. Hodaon. Lenox, la.
convenience; finished In finest oak; lo- 16th btl'eet Investment ; " ' pmft;'i" HMt "X'e vUw W T Gram 6?4 Be. B?dg paaturo. heavy grn... NO SAND. DHCed Hgllt, See the FOUR good work h.r.e.. J. r. Aull. Al.
eatml on a good east front lot near 10th , ,J. .,!,? PV,J ,. i"l"ct. u me view -r?:Er Plenty of timber for fuel and po.l. oresk bright Call South 160.
and lsard atreet.. There I. a straight ff-fl nnrt of the oountrj'. Price 14,960. 8100 to 110.000 made promptly. F. D. Wead, .nd never-falling aprlnga. One ot th. boat ! . I
loan of 12,500.40 on ah. property draw- pOU,Wlf Wead Bldg., J8lb and Farnam St.. combination place. In Nebraaka. Prlc. . xiriTCt A TTrnrt HORSES for .ale 1718 Wehat.r St.
Ing I pet., which hae Bevoral year, yet Tx. r, LOW RATES. C. O. CARLBERG, 113 Bran- 816.00 per acre, ea.y term. Call or write (,, VV. rjvAlNClb AU IKJ VjU.
to run. 81,150 will handl.. Xliatt LOmpanV, del. Theater Bldg. D. 685. for full particular. MONEY TO LOAN
Atrncirmncr WaloTi Cn ti,i. is a s-siory building m the retail r geXTv. .nj p i. KLOKE INV. CO., inuri-i iu wtni
ArmhirOng-VVdlbn KjO., district, all well rented. Slot, on the first 246.7., 0m. Nafl Bk Bldg Tvlerto -A i-? 5: 815 Omaha Nat. Bank Bldg., Omaha. Neb. TWnrjf Snv Molo LOOKI LEGAL RATE LOANSI LOOK!
REALTORS. floor. Close to the new 10-alory building i "'ag- T""r "' ONAHMAN IRON CO. STOCK. K-Y, .a. n. nnrihnT MOSt AHV MaKe I 10.00 .oat. you 1.16 for all month.
Tyler 1686. ' 838 Rose Bldg. at 16th and Harney sts the new eight- TTT.T 1,600 SHARES Onahman Iron Co. .lock y"K . vln fJrf .TZ a' 103.00 eoala you 10. S7 for one year.
story Burgesa-Naah Store and the new DUNDEE for .ale at 11.35. Will sell part. E. H. ''" ?, . .. T'''Ti Vnyjn VaMmna fi,, onrl 166.60 oo.t. you 11.10 for on. year.
M i , 7, 8-atory Orchard & Wllhelm building .oon . n,, Fuller. 4656 Harriet, Mlnnenpoll.. " c! f"''! "i-! rim. OrilS, -ICCtnCS, I1VC and 104.00 cut. you 10.80 for on. year.
Modem rUn?alOW to be erected. Investigate for full par- VACANT CORNER at. p .,n . . , ', .... to break; good house. 29x28; barn, catlls ' ' 100.00 co you 60.00 for on.
6 tlculars -V .IX i. VjtVi, hull SALE810.000 of 6 pet. Brat mortgage shed, well and windmill; phona In house , Other .mount. In proportion
. , - . 70X13,1. o'io'v n,rtb2l'dv A'.h'iv i'i UriI' ,n'1 ' go0'1 '''rhood i miie 10 seven-passenger cars, all in baby payments, utmost privacy.
SlX ROOmS and Bath IV-lOO 01 any w J. par : cash only no trad'. .i. A arir, ju.60 p.r acre. O OMAHA LOAN COMPASY.
"wiuo avv " PpniTTP A.' fomnflrtV $1 750 Frank P, l'.ager, 1855 P St., Lincoln, Neb. Address Robt. Ulakely, Dunning, Neb. , , , . , 110 Paxton Blk. Tel. Doug. 1286.
Finished In oak and beautiful oak noors. r " ' Her. la one of 'th. flna.t eomee' let. Financial Wanted. SMALL Nebraska farms on easy payments- tile DeSt 01 Silape. FURNITURE, planoa and note, aa aocurlt
Everything up-to-date. Very large lot. all REALTORS. " ?r ,,,ls rinffTflPMnnV 5 "'" "" W. '""J ',rn' V" '. mo B. gooda, total Tost, 11.60.
paving paid. 2517 So. 32d Av.. Price 13,950. .. ... v. ! n, ... price Tfar In. .than thai 7 .i I uLh LAOH U1V11JJNU U I you. Th. Hungerford Potato llrower.' As- 810, 6 mo Indoraed not.., toul co.t, 12.60.
Terms. . 9H2 City :.l I Bit. Bldg. Doug. 756. I" .1. lea s than that of any aurround- TTXTr,T - CAM ftTT iA . sedation, 1 6th and Howard Sta., Omaha, il TIT TTRAMPT1? ATTTfl PO Smaller, larger am'ta, proportional, rata.
INVESTMENT i MfStlm. F.v u Portunlty of JiNLL fc)AM UIL CU. ' Douglaa 9371. U. W . f XvAiNVjlO AU 1 U JJ. PROVIDENT LOAN SOCIETY.
Nnn-ie Xr Mnin'o , i.,.li, h,,,'.,!. i,li .... A l -tir 1 1 r' Uncle Sam Co. declared caah dividend. CHOICE 160-ACRE Oag. county farm. 1m- ' Organlaed by Omaha Bualnesa Men.
won is & norm JaVJZs ! i tSXfZJZi Ai-mstrong-Walsh Co., . . - w. proved: 120 .ere. ;;r ... Maxwell D stributors " fM" nthy:":r- "
ci .nil .i- vV ii,. lonlni tr REALTORS offer few aha res at one-third value. mllea from town and Hchool, m pct. nn Da Ornwi. 410 N Uth. R 181
-,W BP Phone Doug. 4270. V'nr'c'ellS":' pay. W.r 1638. REALT0RS,3, 0.e Bldg. MO, .hares, one cer.lllc... 121.50 ARCHER REALTY CO..
HANSCOM PARK. 'C VCAKLBeT K..r nnnPP grn T.TTXTnr.L-i SS eSiiKl;:::::::;:: wet ..nd rgsrzr Salesroom, 2216-18 Famam St. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS
iVoVi- ilvii T-rhe'eie "iiSI" DODGE ST. DUNDEE ". on. crtinct. OS.OO pay, I. our way of draining land. No Dono-lna fifil nT Cros. to Barker Co.. Blnn.y
?Ufl Sni'TH i:tu CTRi-TT tfrandels theater rliug. Uncle Sam Co. haa 8 refineries, 200 miles trsct too largo or too wet. Guarantee AtOUgias OOO atreet, 884.68 feet .aat of Tblrtlath
a;jw ouuin join oiRCt-l. APARTMENT. 50XlO rip. lines, 80,000 acrea leases, 20 rlga now Drainage Co.. Oakland, Neb. . str e, atreal. north .Id.. 41x131.6 1 1
Owner leaving city will ancrlflce his 6- ' tO OKft drilling; brought In four oil guahera past 30 ,,.AT ceMTtl ,n,.u., jo acres, highly Im- Service Citation, lit Harney St. Michael L. Clark, sheriff, to Norrla at
room strictly modern bungalow. Living 875,000, In com. 13 per cent: one year " tp,jOU days at Jennlnga and Cushlng, Okl. Great proved farm, cloae to town, snap, terms, Norrla, Twenty-fourth atrast. 86
room, dining room, kltrtten and two bed- old; very fine loc.tlon; mortgage 125,000 This is the only vacant lot between 48th ui9, n possession at once. 8. 8. and R. E. Mont- we will trade yot a new Ford fort your north of Kansaa avenue, aat ilde,
rooms and bain. Cement basement: fur- and will accept 820,000 In trade; bal- and 60th on Dodge street that can be J' F' HOLLICKH CO., stock, and Bond., gnmery, old on.. 41x110 176
tlace bent. Large lot; east front; paved anc. cash or negotiable paper. purchased for less thsn 176.00 per front 106 E. Hrst St.. Wichita, Kan, $2,600 CASH 86,500, 0 per cent. 10 year. INDUSTRIAL OARAGE CO., D. F. Neff and wlf. to Robert L. Davl.,
atreet. Price 82,660. A genuine bargain. foot. It la unrestricted aa to Improve- Abstracts of Title time, buy. ail of section 1-16-29, Lincoln lotb and Harney. Dougla. 836L northwe.t oorner Fifth and Hanover
CALKINS & CO., ments and would be a first class location r r. r: county Nebraska. Write Michael V. Rufdy, 5J VtT tzoivrie ATrrri rr atrsatB, Florsnca, 66x84 , 1
PAYNE IXVFSTMFNT CO Dougla. 1313. City Nat. Bank Bldg. for apartment., flats or garage. Our prlc. lTfrr T"le' auar"nIe n1 Abstract Co., Albion. Neb. V. PKAPiLlS AUAU lU. Harry Forman at al to Roly Cohn.
rniimiMUiJitm iu, ..r-r; la only 146.00 per front foot XaBir 806 S. 17th St., grounC floor. . ... aoutheaat corn.r and
637 Omaha Vai l Bit Tilde D 1781 7 GUARANTEED YOU Ainc.ti.rivirr WolcT, Bonded by Maaa Bonding .nd In.. Co. South Dakota Land. 321 -l Farnam St Dougla. 868. Blnn.y alreata, 18.26.90 I
' "m h - ' 0 AlTOStrOng-VValSh LO., reed ABS'riTA'CTarolde.b,tr.ct of- i HAVE three highly Improved farm. In th. 'mo.t any make at re.aonabl. prlc... lqui.. 0w.. .nd u.b.nd to Qeorg. ..
TV l J il l. t-- i i rrXiirTi tvtttt rtrmri t REALTORS. flee In Nebraska. 206 Brandels Thester. vicinity of Watertown, S. D., for sale al ,ort h ch . ... , ,. ,, (lv. T. Morton, Decatur atreet, 160 feet
Field Club District HOME BUILDERS, Inc t u Miscellaneous rT.a'uiorrhrN'rS: tHkrf X ;r...:r....":".V .
yearsraTdrrVur'S1 INVESTMENT aTb GET , STARTED. f Sixteenth St. MARAQg' &.WTO !
rToms i bath T on tS. aecond floor Ve. SPECULATIVE PROPERTY. lion and Block double. In prlc. April 20. Texas Lands. CROSSTOWN GARAGE we of Tw.nty-thlrd .tr.Bt. aouth
Stafl. laraS living room dlnln. room A. P. TUKEY & SON. We have a very desirable 6-room bun- Neoaho Co., K. C. Life Bldg., Kansaa City, .or- m-nrD.rrn ""J1?." if"- , So' V'h ??',. aide. 76x120 1
butler'. pantrJ " aid Mtchcn on fhe fir REALTORS. ga low In Dundee, situated on corner lot ARE YOU DISCOURAGED H D Motorcycle, running order, 17. j.mi . Lyona and wife to Mary B.
floor Boxful lre ot will take . .M " Flr' N'tlon.l Bank -Bldg. with larg. garage, all paving paid In full. CAT I AfUVD t, VFIcnM . 1913 Overland, line shape, 1136, 0,nb, ,,. .treli ,,,,, WM,
t,S ,rad Located 3332 Walnui ' Hous. haa 6 rooms and delightful aun par- GALLAGHER & NELSON wllh the High Cost of Living In N.- ,96 FOR flve-paasenger touring car; Stude- of Tw.nty-.lhth avenue, north aid.,
lit Price 86 750 Loc"le1 3332 "0,nl" , a . , k, vor b(lv . ,,, ., lor, all on one floor, oak noora and oak ".I,re!n! ;rom,Dt, W lnM com- braakat Then come wtlh ua on our next .k.r "20;" good condition. Walt M.y.r. 43xl!0 1
St. Price 85,760. 8. S. A. will make your boy a better citizen. flniah In every room, full cement baae- P"lM' ' BrandeU Bldg.. Omaha. Neb. excursion lo the Trinity River Valley 2,02 Bahl.r St., City, ' Hugo G. Schonl.n and wife to Oscar
' -VT o xt v roent and full floored attic. Owner Is leav- or Eaat Texaa on April 3. Wo want you T, T . niMifi vv A. Danlelson. Burt atreet. 40 feet
) NOITIS & NomS G 10 43,1 and .m town and I. anxlou. to do business. . , - . . , , , ,vllgll, our cr . ,. wifaVrtnif .xwrt mechanics .uf o "? far. ? north aid"
I Street. Tod.,. Price ,4 600 Very, a.y term, FARM AND RANCH LANDS l,"?,l"dW!.,ir '."."" ST SZ -HarnV""'.'"'''- 4tlll .. ...!....'.'. 1
----I PJoJ ) PAYNE & SLATER CO., ., p"r'ch."' a farm'of your'o.'n nrTVLCO ..1".? gSf V.n.'y"
oril FCT1TF TDA'i,-A-r REALTORS. card Index .yslem for listing real estats In thla "Sura Crop Country." where the .V. " ,!'.!, ,. J,.. i
! BIG BARGAIN REAL ESTATE TRACKAGE -,. ... n.,. bM,. Doug w. pXXLT' rn i. .mP,. .nd .n. ,.m... d- p,r c;7PYr.,.rStT,r. t&tiZZY. 1
8 S A la your opportunity Gr.p It DIIInFP" "eb '"" ' For u th.r Information call or writ. UltTBCHY "K.n-FI.-lt." 8th.i-c.T- "rd. Chicago ,tr..t 150 f..t w..t
W. have two .mall cottages on one lot, S' S' " Pl,,1"ll)r- GrI DUADLL. N 20th H ( Dou f Fortythlrd street, north aide.
lloth In aood condition and a verv hr . SLND your name today; receive offers from c T.'rjAXTtr . -. .. i 60x128 16
bargain Tat the price ,j u?. V 37,16 TRACKAGE building on le.aed ground; Just listed, a 6-room strictly modern land owners, agents, everywhere. United W. S. rKANK, -C5"r,R, JUR "SE Elm.r 8. Redlek to Charle. Horn,
iavmg paid- located '33 South 20th ground rent nominal: excellent, close In full 2-story home. Living room, dining Realty Associate,. .Toilet, 111. ... ,..,. k .. k t . AOTO KX CHANGE, 2107 FARNAM, D. 8088. rinkney Btre.t, 46 w..t of
paving .11 paid, located .133 South 20th toca 7S0- To, Bed 8H8. room and kitchen on first floor, finished In p-j., 1 , ; .- 201 Nevlll. Llk.. Omaha, Nebraska. oefl.nd 1913 touring car. 1160. Inquire at Twenty-alxth ra.t. north .Id., I6x, ,
HADDTO p XTrtTJDTC 0,k flooril; 8 nlce bedroom, and i-'nci. Vt&h Lant. "U 8- H" St. Good running condition. 100 1
lUlVIVlO INUrClUO, blh second. Full . cement basement; FOR SALE In Fresno and King counties. h-..,V.r-;ir.... W13 PAY CASH FOR FORDS Michael Fenton and wife to Hana P.
DIJAB CCTATt? T c L furnace heat. Lot 60,160; on paved Han Joaquin Valley, California, ideal land FREE homesteads, 320 acres, circular free; " " ,u"m Sherman. X atreet, 17J feet weat of ,
400 Bee Bide Phone, 4"7 REAL ESTATE To Exchang atreet Thl. property I. priced at ,1,000 for alfalfa, grain and fruit growing, .lock good "',c'11'"" JT.",b" r.?.".. 'T" Thlrty-thlrd avu, uth aid.,
-SS Phone Douglas 4-, a. 5 , (ruJ( . I.M than lu value. and poultry raising, on.-l.nth down and .leader.' Guide, Salt Lak. City. Utah. AutO Livery and Garages. 80x117 ...... !.. J 1.050
A mnn TJI-vhc "d cult. Will subdivide to suit your DlVMr umil-ctwi-vt -n nine easy annual payment, on balance at -m 1 11 ,,v1..,.,,t ., ...rvl r .1 Agnea D. Roberta and husband to El-
A bUUU HOME. wlintB Reasonable PAYNE INVESTMENT CO., Pl. In good farm neighborhood, close LaPLRT auto repairing, sorvlce car al- , Boom, Nicholas .tr.t, 150
...... INTKRSTATB REALTY CO., . t to market, over 15,000 acre, of choice FARM LAND WANTED V" Tver ?ata f-t" e.t ot .tr..t. MUth
84.2..0 for an 8-r.. strictly modern house, J-9-30 City National 837 Omaha Nat'l Bk. Bldg. D. 1781. land, at very reasonable prices, to select ney St. Tyler 666. 14 (0xl35 .. 1 00
"X "e" I" r"Jlr', ls-s s; Sunday. Walnut 1629: Dougla. 8862. T, ,ur ou r? "h" WANTED To hear from owner of farm or Auto Repairin (nd Painting. Nela Jensen to Sam Negeff and wife. '
28th St. Near schools, churches and r r.r..- r-r- ni'vncr you want, you may lease for one, two or unimproved land for aala. O. K. Hawley, cinnua. i,ip itMai lao feet weat or Thtrt.
handy to car line. TWO-STORY and baaem.nt bric k buaineaa DUNDEE. three year, with option to purchase on Baldwin. Wia. 8100 reward for magneto wa can't repair. ?,,. ';,; . ian.i.?. aen
building In county seat town, to trade for above trrma. Write for details of this at- wANTFlTn hear from owner of aod Coll. ropalred. Baysdorf.r. 310 N. 18th. ,, V, ,"k. V " iillL
WORLD REALTY COMPANY. Z" ?,! 48TH AND DOUGLAS. "y'i "fflyZ TZ'- p Tire, and Supplies, T ZZ? ;
Dougla. 63,2 sun Theater Bldg 6-room nearly new bungalow. .1, on on, Sfrer ae."' Joaquin Valle"?. In' In. ' Bu.h. Minneapolis, Minn, WB h AVElTkTndTofakland and Carter- BM.bta.nth and Doroa. alreata, 66x
40, 80, 160 SOUTHEAST Nebraaka farms. floor. Built-in features. Including fire- heart of wlnterless California. 10 acrrs . car parts for sals. On. IS H. P. Spring- 'iL'ii" 'v'nV.l '.Vj 'h,',ii,l'.V 't.VnV.'
r all good level com and alfalfa land; place. Hot water heat. Lot 60x137; aoulh enough and should pay for Itself In five AUTOMOBILES field ataaolln. angina for .ale. Dunn St. Frl","J ' tli 7k,' j VSC
i-ILLD CLLB. wnnt cheaper land or Income. Huffman, front: on paved Btreet. If looking for )'" You can alart her. wllh only -. Repair Bhop. Tel. Douglaa 1628. fik .r? .. . an.
413 Bee Bldg, something new and nifty, ae. thl. at once. 11.000 and mak. good. I will gladly 0 attap'hwk-J NEBRABKA Auto Repair Wnrka Bervlcea 13ft atreet, aaat aldt, 60s.
Weat of Hanscom park. An 8-r.. all- WILL trade strictly modern ten-room hnuaa v''r" f"a '" tl,u,'h wlth thoae having the ATTACHMENT. and nrl?.. 116 im lith il I? 78.0 , 130 , ," ,, '
mod. house. 4 year. old. Sleeping 1 HJ,?, ,,"''1 Knt Place Albino PAYNE INVESTMENT CO lands for sale. This Is such an eaay way , and prlc. right. 216 S. 18th Bt. P. 7890. , ,
porch, garage, large living room. Sr.! 3 rt.lh il! INVJlolMfcNr CO., , t'.llforn,. farm that m, advlc. THE CAMEL-FORD, $40 Miicellaneous. ' .
wrreTat", i ! Thl."T. h J? " 53, Omaha Nat'l Bk.n,dg. d-trtaVl Double, carrying capacity 0, '.nord ,c-f J J'J-
,.rthR.'mV.,?rnD0.,4eo7a- E-H-Be,- UeVVrN'eb'-orrwTirnr'ErarTF- CHOICE BUNGALOW tSSS rB,T DAIRY hay.'for Sil, M rW4rLK
: . . William. Co.. Omaha Nat. Bank Bldg nuil rUiNUAUW. lOH fr'MPROV;J FRUIT, DAIRY day.. Dealers, thl. I. the only logical Ford Nb. " "V1 7
CATHEDRAL DISTRICT 7 7 A6-nrt,M.ton,.,.,,d.,,t. '.JTLtJSS. !&AjX$2ftS : frr')
New 7-r .leepg porch, oak and birch WATCH S. 8. A, veniencc, aun room, dining room and llv- heart of wlnterless California, greatest MAllfcMUUNT MANUFACTURING CO.
Inlah; buffet and bookcaaes. beam cell- Ing room finished In oak. two bedroom. r.lsln belt In world; now paying good 816 S WABASH AVE CHICAGO MotOlXycIet nd BlCycUs 11 f hOn S II
i Ing, double floors, mirror doors floored 160 ACRES In Clay county. Minnesota, will ""' D"h ln "hit. .n.mel. Located two profits; houses, barns, fencea, llv. stock ...!" ihii-auu. a a a UVU
at Us- best Material and workmansmo exchange for 6 or 7-room modern house hloclca from car line. Prlc. 18.500: will everything ready; crops In many Instancea PROMINENT motor truck manufacturer de- HARLEY - DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES I flrf 1 ill
throughout' nut front cloa. w r elol. In good location Cal 1 Benaon 747-J consider small down payment, . a.y month- paying better than 1100 an acre. 12.500 sires local representatlv. In county. Bargain. In used machines. Victor H. Rooa, If I I VlPr II
tnrougnout aouth front, close to car. close in gooa location, callenson 747 J. ly paymenls. Phone Dougla. 3628 day.: will buy a ,10,000 place, with long Urn. A re.pon.lhle .concern or. tndlvldu.l .Itu- "Th. Motorcycle Man." 37th and L.aveu- 1 1 1 J II
wnfxL notiniAH -s- S Hd and Q Harney 3666 evenings, or call at 318 8 on balance. Your farm Income will take 'd to use a truck wher. It will also worth. If 4JAAA SO
m w r,n. oomms .a.. Streets Today. 18th St. car. of futur. payments. Only limited serve aa a demonstrator can mak. a very twim Excelsior cheap, Webster 2191. If iUUll II il7. 11
. ,, , , ... . 4-ROOM cottage, 22d and Orac. ....310.00 IlIIMnFI? P RnpiroTI PS number of farma can b. had on these Jdvantageoua arrangement. Apply prompt. n i i in II ' II
CATHEDRAL DISTRICT MAY 1. 6-room house with barn 12.00 lot. 2 .7.V ma terms, so write today. I will gladly put 'r?;riLC"k,f!: J'"fSi S"-,Man. II X 16 . II
6-room house. 4169 S. 17th 22.50 W located lota on .asy terms. Mod- you In touch wllh those having farma for ager. 3132 Wabash Av... Chicago. Ill, 1! . UU 1 ff
N.w whit, atucco, 6-room house with Huffman. 118 BeC Bdg, SI .ol. .oa ... ' ' ' "'' C' L' SEAORAVES.lndualrlal A limn nr jr a rTTri TT-.TTCIT7 PERSONAL 111 XZjf"mW. Lli "
.un room, aleeplng porch. Hied bath room. 120-240-320 Southwe.t Iowa farms: can u.e " npnRrF TO Commissioner A. T. A 8. llly.. 2007 AUTO CLEARING HOUSE the: A.T. Indlal Horn. a. I I 'T CWUe II
French door, mahogany woodwork, cheao land or Income aa Huff. t-ibUKIjh. & LO., Ry Exrh.. Chicago. ' .,. - - nm.ei.. mo THB S'""'" Army Induatrlal Homa so- Iff 1 I I
5r,oWIU ';;, to '" malUBe0.' BTdr " PW""'- """ HAVE call, for Bund-., home., and would "CALIFORNIA!" Fordtour."'. " 'llT, l'" nl II Lt Tl tW TTt-i- V
Prlc 350. Harney 8778. 310 ACRES Fremont county, la, all level k Il.tlng. on a few bungalow. Th. golden weat. land of wealth, aun- Light "6" Paige .. ......... ....176 and four mllS If tV ,,IVfcr TEH- '" 1
,613 WOOLWORTH AVE.-Modern l-r. and corn and Vfalfn land- wi I and houaea from 13.500 to 812.000. C. A. ahlne, fruit and flow.r.. In Ih. f.moua Hud.on "l-IO," .acrlflce. P?" "' "1 "i f.VJ II IT 11
finished sleeping porch, oak floore: would land or lncomJ T Huffman 113 Bee Bldg Qrlmmel. 649 Om. Natl. Bank Bldg. Ban Joaquin valley, where the r.l.lns Mitchell "6". 1560 Jt or . In UJO-ml UM I - , U II
consider trad, or equity. Call evenings. Iw ,,A , . u i grow. I am sacrificing my 90-acre vine- ytrTTir-n.r, ... grrr., . ...,k .v. " B a afcMiBnaa"ar
Dougla. 1472. Richard H.Witt, 118 M. ,1,?slL,1. k'if,'"" "'T' IF TOO find It hard to mak. both and. ,u" ""'" ""' "rchard, b.r- COflr'Jl?. 'k,' .ki i BEST RESULTS A FAIR BATE. ' n . W -
w.nNoUd.&.nKr,"B'w .?tSi'i'z"u'm"'tlhnt- xtxxrz yirmss: jr&mz :--, Ji Advertising I. th. Rotd bo to 4is and q rWS! .S you w., both ef ,. ab,vfc
to, Street. Today. (owner), P. O. Bog 23, Lakeslds, Neb. Meti roadator, ln good condition. WaL 2066. CALL TYLER 1006. .