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4 B
f fONMPKn tha LIllM." Am MM
I ., all th tinmttul iplrlt ot n-
ttcipt4 WAR how tbr bt
petit pae to our hunmr iouIi. Why
not mk ntni dlitrMd heart happy
with a bout If al pottM illy thta Eae
tertldaT Tou'll find th lovallMt one
at V Larmon'a, Fontanalta Hotel,
well aa other blooming plants aultable
for gift t thla glad awakening tirnn.
There are freeh colorful roeea and
Spring Btoeeomi, too-Hind for your
, Euter UN nothing oould be aweetor
' than one ef Larmon'a "peetal" Ivory
lacquered tmiketa filled with a. dainty
fern or blooming plant.
BBFORTB girl ti married In the
Philippines, ahe weaves ft baaket
of intricate pattern, which rep
resent the complex atory of wo
man'f life. The oenter ahowa the care
free childhood; the flrat dark lino
worea la the flrat deep Borrow these
lines eontlnue In ftlternatlon to the
top, which Is white, and tndloates ft
happy, peaceful old age. The Mar
riave Basket Is passed ftt the time
of the wedding And every guest places
hfs gift therein. If you hav friend
who la to be a. Spring bride, I couldn't
suggest anything as ft gift that would
be more lnterstlnrtr unique. The
Alls. Shop. JOT M. lltb St., noted for Ita
unusual gifts, haa these Mftrrlage
Baskets. '
e e e
01 ALL the odd little tricks of
stylo I've seen In Spring Mouses, '
there's one at Benson ft Thome's
that will certainly appeal to the girl
who wishes to be "different' It's of
lovely white crepe de chine, with
heavy Rajah silk collar on which
kneeling Egyptian sieves wafting fans
aloft and strange hieroglyphics ap
pear In (Oriental colore with hexagon-shaped
designssounds strsnse,
doesn't? Priced 6,76, and also
comes In fold. There's one In Pat
link green, with White silk poplin col
lar which haft pyramids, triangles and
circles on It makes you think of ft
problem In geometry! Ask Miss Allen,
at Benson ft Theme's blouse section,
to show you these novel blouses.
e e e .
TAL about modern sonvanlsncesl
' Too can live In tha country and
be just as comfortable through- '
trot the severs winter season as though
In city Apartment Install this
, summer the Pneummtlo Water Supply 1
System,. Including an Air Compressor
l manufactured by .the Chicago Pump
Co. This system can be veed where
electricity to available, with both anal- -;
low or deep wello end cisterns. Set '
4 or writs W. B. Hyland. COS Bss Bldg.
e e e
SPRING has awakened In us A new
. delight In dainty fresh neckwear.
The Spring gown demands the
kind treatment of an additional finely-
tucked, crisp organdy collar, hand-em-, '
broldered or with Valenciennes laoe
or one of tha pretty Georgette or
Rajah collars, all of which you may
see In the fascinating show cases at
Thompson -Belden's. There's, alao a
, smart pique stock and tie of To San
Ilk for Milady to deftly tie about her
throat This stock is one of the Hall
marks of the Raster season and adds
' the ultimata touch to ft tailored suit,
e e e
: "This maid dsmure will held your agg
Within her knitted hat:
And though you're lata, she'll keep tt
Too may depend on that
Ponny faces painted on your egg
' cups they would make David He rum
himself learn to teke the top off his
egg and sat It from the shell within
this cup.
e e e
DO TOU remember alt t told you
last week about table servicer
Well, It was at Orchard A Wll
helm's Gift Shop thst X discovered
thoee lovely aervloe plates, and they
v will gladly show them, to you, too.
' Priced 124.90 a dosen and up. The
' ones X really Ilka best were the Adam
design at lS.Oft end, oh, joy to the
heart of every title bride are the beau '
- tlful Salad aets from 110.00 to (20.0ft
and 'dosena and dosens of odd dosens
of plates, very unique In design, and
soma very moderately priced.
' T ISTKNT! Tf clothes make the man,
li the HAT surely makes the wo-
man and hats of such charm
, Ing plcturesqueness aa will he shown
tomorrow at Draho-LuttlgB SPECIAL
v EASTER DISPLAY makes very lovely
women, Mrs, Luttlg. knowing how
fond I am of pre try bats, let me look
? Into some of the big boxes containing
i the exquisite chapeaus, so that I
V might be able to tell you what a treat
waa In store for you. Hats designed
by the famed artlst-mltilners,. lime.
. Germalne, Marie -Guy, Mme. Georg
v ette and the Malson Lewie besides
smart Knox Bailors and tailored hate,
i This will be quits an event, so you'll
i not want to mt this display of the
I most beautiful Cress hats ever shown .
In Omaha.
f, rj e -a -
SUCH an Interesting vim as I had
this week at The PantorlumI If
you've never been through an
up-to-date cleaning establishment.
' you'd never Imagine what wonderful
machinery la need and the painstak
ing attention your garment receives
before It arrives, aa It does, at your
home, carefully done up in a paper
bag and looking "Just like new." I've
always been perfectly satisfied with
the work I've had done at The Pan
torium. but after seeing the splendid
methods employed I can more than
ever "sing the praises" of the hon
esty of tha work done there. Now
is the time for the rejuvenation of
- your wardrobe. Phone Doug, 061 thla
' week and have the auto call for your
soiled garments.
Philippine Broorost It's not a
'weeping" assertion to say that we
Kurt them for ornaments In our sun
parlors, though the natives consider
. them "Juxt brooms" and uas them
io the ordinary way. If you have a
I a-lUe-open fireplace, wouldn't It add
a Picturesque touch to hae one to
pt-ush up the hearth?
Colder Weather Checks -l
Rush of Water in Rivers
While there lias been a change trom
vsra to colder all over Nebraska.
iviiUir lias returned to Wyoming and
l7r;tliv nij'il tiiere; was jnow over all
t!i eastern part of that state. ome of
it 4llth's into e:lern Nebraska.
Tij the Utirlington the change from
ir.t to co!d U wclo.iietl. Tile warni
.veilS ier of liie mi l i e of the week
s.:i;'(i'(l (lie incltii'3 tl the snows in
lie; ?T..u:ni.n:ni and ;"f flood vaier
l.'y y ('.rauc iiv. r .u'jl of lib banks
I "The year's at
7 rrr t
rr c nappiiy sing
'And Spring's at the Mom"
Ourselves we'll adorn
"The morning's at seven"
What time we are given
"The hillside' 8 dew-pearled"
Spring robes are unfurled
"The lark' 8 on the wing"
Gay colors we fling
"The snail's on the bough"
We've little care now 1
"For God's in his Heaven
All's right with the world." .
EAfTTER Brides, attention! Pretty,
pk pajamaa the cutest and
daintiest everl How I revelled In
the soft, bll lowly crape de chine,
0orgette and Italian allk undergar
ments Mrs. Ponohue of the Vogue
hop. Rose Bldg., displayed for me
and, shl let me whisper, "Everything
here Is so reaaonabls In price."
e e e
OH, MAN 1 Step f Look ! Listen !
Have you a "Gordon" hat to top
your Blaster at (Ire? Do let me
remind you that Luclen Stephens'
' "hop for Men, l0t Farnam St., has
them and Just tha proper shirt and
neckwear, toot also the famous Kay
aar silk glovss that every well-dressed
man appreciates. And If you wish to
ha very swagger, a walking stick adds
tha touch debonair.
e e e
Pltet Is used so much In combina
tion with the new Georgette blouses
which come In such ravishing new
pastel shades, -
CHINESE Pilot isres rare and
besutlful beyond description, and
sold so reasonably that I urge
you to tell your friends who are plan
ning their trousseaus about them, for
nothing could be lovelier for bridal
lingerie. Tiny handkerchief medallions
for lOo others In various slses rang
ing In prices up to 13.76 wonderful
for insets In table linen. Insertions,
I3.4S to 2 75 per yd., and I to S-tn
In width. I found them at the W. H.
Eldrldge Importing Co.'s fascinating
new Shop across from the W. O. TV'.
Bldg, on Farnam.
e e '
I WAS allowed the first peek at some
very unusual frocks which had not
yet been taken from their tissue
paper wrappings when I happened In
at the A. T. Bennnn Specialty Shop,
lllia Farnam St., Wednesday morning.
Dear, dearl such lovely, lovely things,
Mr. Benson told me they were the
creations nf an Kaatern arttst-mndtste,-who
never makes two frocks alike
and he was most fortunate In securing
a few models. In one box was a frock
of natural colored pongee, rightly
named "The Perfection Automobile
Dress" because of Its charming style
: and. tha fact that it oould be easily
tubbed. Conventional flowers like
Mary's garden of "Pretty malda all
In a row" blossomed on the broad ex
panse of collar In heavy worsted em
brpldery. For. tha price, $19.60, I've
really never seen, Its squall .' V ;
DON'T worry), There's still thnt to .
secure that Raster sultt Lohr
man, the ever-popular Ladles'
Tailor, 4J8 Paxton Block, agrees to
make ft suit for you this week, .See
him at once and be happy. ' Lohrman'a
tailored suits are always satisfactory.
. e e A -
TRIPPING daintily to ehurotr on
Easter morn there'll be many a
pretty foot encased1 tu boots
whleh came from Napier's, for It ' Is
the recognised Bootsrla for smartly
dressed women and yon can expect
reasonable prices there consistent with
good quality, for it stands to reason
that they carry the most varied assort
ment of clever boots for women In
town on account of specialising In, (he
ont line. Peek In tha Booterle win
dow. Rosa Bldg., and sea tha good
looking assortment of square throat
pumps In ths popular shades of gray,
cream, Ivory, tan, white and black
kM. Tou'll surely want a pair!
Priced tl.00 to 110.00;
e e e
EVERYBODY'S doing tt " now!
looking for the appropriate Bea
ter blouse. Why, tha blouses
shown at Thompson -Belden's are such
an entrancing Springtime study . In
their varied styles and wonderful color
scheme, that X could scarce tear my
self away from 'he ssotlon where they
were displayed. Nothing could be
mora freshly Spring-like than the
Georgettes In tints that rival the
Spring blosQoms. Then there .Is the
Mouse of Asiatic Influence called "The
Romanoff wonderful beyond descrip
tion In Its elegance made of heavy
satin or a handsome quality of Georg
ette elaborately embroidered and In
rich hues. It'stha creation of a very
phenomenal designer In tha East I
noted some new smartly tailored
blouses In plaid and striped taffetas
which would ba suitable with the
Spring tallleur;
see 1
PICTURE Hats! This time not for
grown-up ladles, but for girls at
that sweet age, I to H. . Beauti
ful hand-mads braids, trimmed with
dainty French flowers and vslvet rib
bon streamers and 4onches of hand
work. Mothers, take your girlies down
to Benson ft Thome's and buy them
aa Easter Hat which they would be
proud as a peacock to wear. You've
nsvsr sssn such pretty hate before for
youthful faces, Priced ts.Tt to 111.00.
NOW is tha TIME, Tha Muse Is
the PLACE and you are the
GIRL. If you want an hour of
pleasure and ease, remember, "MUSE
Blouses of exquisite crispy organdy
or of ths finest of French voile are
truly modish for ths Easter season.
There are heaps or Easter sug
gestions In this shop gossip
todsy. Why not clip the Hems
that Interest you? Twill be
perhaps an aid in shopping.
But if you cannot come to
Omaha, or are a shut-In In this
city, just drop me a line and
I'll be svar so glad to help
you. Please hs very careful to
stats your desires. The stores
will send things C. O. D. Write
Polly Ths Shopper.
all along the Wyoming line from Orin
Junction, through to Casper. Over
this section of the road the Platte is
crossed six times and the high water
was threatening the bridges. The cold,
however, has checked the flow and the
water is rapidly receding.
Franco-Belgian Art
Exhibit at Auditorium
Mrs. Ward Burgess, chairman of
me exiiiDiiion committee of the Fine
Arts, society, which is bringinj the
renowned l-ranco-Helgian art exhihit
. mini ?nt io yes I
the Spring"
ISN'T this a clever Idea? A three
piece costume for the dear, little
lady whose ambition Is to be at
tractively dreesed whilst about her
housewifely duties. It consists of per
cale coat dress (II. 6"), nifty tailored
petticoat (11.78) and cap (He), or
tO0 for the matched set. My friend.
Miss Cole of the Lingerie Shop, Bli
Bee Bids.,; makes tl)se sets to order,
s ee.
DISTINCTION 'Is ths ' watchword of ,
Lamond's Smart Wear for Wo
men 3d Floor of tha Rose Bldg.
There are some wonderful new arrivals
In skirts this week that you really
should aee If you're Interested In the
"Skirt Question." Pussy willow taffe.
tas with large kaleidoscopic dots and
striped Persian effects then there are
the pretty Gros de Londres In Baya
dere stripes, and marvelous skirts of
Khaki Kool. They say the "last word"
In N. T. Is the two-tone striped flanA
net skirt You won't be able to re
sist those at Lamond's,
SURELY you will want "Glad Fast"
to Join the Joyoue Easter Parade!
Be Duly Prepared! "Massage Is a
marvelous thing this time of tha year
to relieve the ache and burn from
your poor, tired feet," said Miss John
ston of the Comfort Shop, Rose Bldg.
She assures me she can remove In
grown nails and curs bunions, so suc
cessfully, too.
EASTERTIDE brings With It A flood
of memories. What mora appro
priate as an Easter gift than a
copy from ths Old Masters? You'll
find at the A. Hospe Co, 'a Shop such
sscred subjeots as Rubin's "Descent
From the Cross" 7.60), "Christ In
the Temple," by Hoffman, fl.00 to
$11,001 j Raphael's "Madonna of the
Chatr" or "The Slsttne Madonna" (for
$1.60 and up), Murlllo's "Annuncia
tion" ($?.lf). , , '"The Resurrection
Mom or "Ths Return From Cat
vary" (75c and up), and "Ha Is Risen"
. ($6.00K . ......
rY ROSARY" Havs you one?
Rosaries mane from r-I
rose petals, In embossed .
metal, poxes Lovely crucifixes, too
make the most appropriate Easter
gifts. Bee them In ths Alia Shop
window, 101. S. rlth tt,. , ji
. .., ( ( e e ,
YOTT can bs a good deal on your
Rearer Hat by going np- to the
Bsjpony. Floor, Paxton . Blk. .
Frances Zemat designs mtghty clever
hats of alt kinds of braids and touches
ot hand-work They're n two. Alike.'
iLr, sea, ,t 4
BUSY! V Yes, one of ,; the busiest,,
placeg I ,vls1t In my rounds about ,
town Ha tha Ideal Button-and
Pleating Co.V-no .wonder, though., for
their work Is .always so perfectly .dope f
and women ,do appreciate It 'This'
week I waa shown s. handsome gown
being smbrolifereoV. for one of our
Smart Set In thai Wast Farnam dhrtrlotv '
In queue de rafe embroidery (having '
the feminine abhorrence I dislike to .
attach the English-words to anything .
so beautiful) looked sxftctl Ilka ex
quisite hand-work, but -waa dona by
an expert on an embrolfiery machine,
sea , - v ft ' - ., .
YOUTH, must be servedand the
"particular" Mother, who wishes
to please her -fanciful daughter
and at the soma tltna havs her a pto
turs of sweet girlish simplicity, should
see the exquisitely lovely whits frocks
at Benson ft Thome's so suitable
Just ' now for Confirmation dresses.
The dainty materials used and tha
workmanehtp Is tha beet there le.
Miss Peterson, who haa charge of the
"Misses' Section," will be delighted to
show these lingerie frocks to you In
organdy, voile and batiste quite be
witching In style.
' see
ISN'T It astonishing how. one can.
change one's opinion about cer
taln things (being a woman, of
course, I have that privilege). There
Is one thing fvu found out though.
In this shopping game I'm playing.
Although X knew that Orchard ft Wll
helm's had wonderful things, X used
to think they were high-priced. Ah,
but now X know quits to ths contrary,
for In my frequent visits to this store
I've had time to Investigate and note,
their prices. It must ba their ability
to purchase In enormous quantities
that gives them tha advantage to
offer such splendid values.
Spanish pottery bowls and jugsIt
Is tha appreciation and possession of
these odd bits that make tha horns
of culture and travel.
IT TOU wish to see Fashion's latest
whims In silk hosiery, aek Miss
Leech at Thompson -Belden's to
show you ths new Rembrandt rib
hose . tn shades of bronse and Rus
sian calf to match tha shoes that
are so vogulsh now. Then there are
tha new affects a stripes open clock
stockings in white patterned after
French models silver, white and black
hosiery for party wear that Is of
excellent quality. I know my readers
who havs small daughters will be
glad to hear of the pure, silk ribbed
hoas for misses and Infants that coma
In pretty packages suitable (or gifts,
CLKANINBSI la one of the surest
roads to health and longevity.
Tha New Excelsior Bath Insti
tute. IIS Ross Bldg., should ba A boon
to seekers after health, tor not only
Is it beautifully equipped, but the
best of care is given you by expert
' e s e
Now Readers, let ma tell yon true,
( I'm not a "myth" 'tis sure. I'm really, .
truly flesh and blood (if you X must
4 assure), and for the appreciation you
express to me by note. I'm very, very
I bappy tf I've helped by what I wrote
In column er In letter, or my eerv
' Ice has to yon been ft help and a con
i venlence, that Is just what tt should -
do. Remember me kindly to all your
t friends. POLLY,
1 , Advertisement
iMoines Friday to view the collection
which is on exhibit thre. It is a stu
pendous collection, including several
hundred I paintings and pieces of
sculpture, two of them by Rodin, and
already lu.OUO have viewed it, accord
ing to Mrs. Burgess.
The Auditorium is the only place in
Omaha large enough to accommodate
the exhibt, so it has been engaged
'for the two weeks the pictures will be
'shown here. This will necessitate a
greater expense for special lighting
ana Hangings than usual. "
PMic.M. RilM.,i.inn I ,h. D..J
to burcec
HIS week afford, a lull in
I the visit of great musical
I I attractions, and the weath
er ana omer unmisiaKame
signs foretell that soon
the ereat outdoors will be
the chief interest, and the musical
season will gradually come to its cus
tomary end. But many tnmgs are
scheduled to happen before this
comes to pass. This is not to be a
season that mildly gives up to the
inevitable: rather it is goine to be
one which will defy fate, and fight for
its life with all its might, and if
firesent indications do not fail, it will
ast well along into the month of
May. There will be several local con
certs which will awaken interest, and
be of sufficient importance to deserve
co-operation and support. There will
be one or two recitals by visiting
artists, the Menoma Chorus with the
Omaha Symphony study orchestra,
the Mendelssohn Uioir May concert
and the usual crop of pupils recitals
i .l- ! ti.. : .
wnicn will Keep mc musically iiilci1
ested busy for some time to come.
The Tuesdav Morning Musical club
closes its activities this week with a
business meeting and student's pro
gram. This club has presented one
local concert, and numerous visiting
artists, all of whom have shown the
wisest choice and discrimination in
their selection and who reflected great
credit uoon the program committee.
The Boston National Grand Opera
company has come and gone, giving
rarely beautitul performances unaer
ideal circumstances, but for some rea
son financially unsuccessful.
This Sunday and more especially
next Sunday the music of the church
will lead in importance, and many of
the great masterpieces of music writ
ten to commemorate Easter, will be
heard in the various churches. The
Sincere music lover finds his greatest
inspiration from the highest type of
church music, when it is well pre
sented, for there is to be found in it
a nobility, grandeur, inspired lofti
ness ot thought, ana an etnereai
beauty which appeals to the best in
one, and which gives such music a
most important part in the uplifting
influence of religion.
A recital unlike any probably ever
heard in Omaha will be the harp re
cital by Miss Loretta DeLone at the
Hotel Fontenelle this evening at 8
o'clock. There will be harp quartets'
and many interesting and novel lea
tures, besides the novelty of a harp
recital itself, which with the excep
tion of the recital. Miss DeLone her
self gave a few seasons ago, have not
taken nlace in manv vears in Omaha,
although one occasionally reads of
them elsewhere, this is a L.enten
musical' and Miss DeLone wishes to
announce that it will be an informal
affair, in order that all who are in
terested in the harp may conveniently
attend. A number of musical people
will have dinners at the Fontenelle
preceding the concert. The following
program indicates what may be ex
pected: Mf.rp Qoartt Mr Obrthur
.'- T)l.i,-lr.. Tlrama .nd 8h.n.
Brief Hl.tory of Hup
Mis. DeLons. '
Bars Soil () Meditation .Thoma.
(b) Bf tb water, or. jaDyion...aaoei
- alia, DeLone.
Tenor Solo (a Hosanna to Oar Xlor. Allen
.(.) Meotlnf or tn. water (mng. wun
'- Irleh harp) .a
() Uliutr.1 Boy
Mr. Lrnn Saekett
Harpolofu. The Fool. Prayer... Roland Bill
Reading, wltn harp aocompaniment,
Mlu DLon.
Harp Quarttt Scherao VorSalle
U1M DeLon., accompanied ot jenwe.
Dl.rka Tlmms and Sheen. i
T.nor Solo If with All Tonr Heart.,
"Elijah" uenaeiafonn
tUr. Lynn Sackett,
Harp Soil (a) Andante Rellaloao. .Plern.
(DK All Tnroug-n me nisni.l.... iaoniu
Ml.. n.Tina.
ir.rpolonie The BraveM Battle ' that '
sver wa. JTOUBM Anon
Htae DeLon. '
T.nor BolaTho Publican. .. .Van d Water
Mr. Lynn Sackett.
Harp Soil (by requeit) (a) Melodise..
(b) HumoreaKe
fc Dana. de. Sylphe, Qodefrold
Harpolo.ue The Horn. Beyond
Truth. Meaiaa.
Th. Golden Rule
Mlaa DeLone.
Tenor Solo Th. Palm. Faure
Mr. l.ynn rjaolteit, accompanies, uy
four harp, and piano.
Harp Quartet Marche Trlumphale. .Gounod
Mia. Deruon., accompanied oy jaiam.
Dlerka, Tlmmi and Sheen.
At th. piano. Ml" Edyth. Mehaftey.
The Tuesdav Morning Musical
club will, hold its annual business
meeting Tuesday afternoon, April
3, at the Brandeis theater at 3 o'clock.
Officers for the coming year will be
elected and a revision of the constitu
tion considered. The students pro
gram, the last program of the season,
will begin at i:M and win be at fol
part I.
Murmuring Zephyr.
Margarat Bourk..
(a) Impatlenc. ....Sohuhert
(b) When Song I, Sweet Sana-Soncl
Oertrude HUlworUL
Oondollera, d Suit. Fran. Rle
Flora Shukert.'
Th. Lark. Song Tachalkoweky
KUanor. Baiter.
No. 4 Student'. Conoertlno.... Adolf Huber
Roe. Dubnotr.
Prud., Cycle of Life Landon Ronald
Mrm. Joeenhon Barton. Jr.
Dorothy Arter.
Luilnghlor, B.1 Ragglo
Macel neatei.
Last Movoment.tNlntll Concert.. .D. B.rlot
Clara Schneider.
Th. Cry f Raohel Mra, Sumner flaltar
Bertha Coffey,
Scotch Bonn MacDowell
Nancy Hulat.
Rlgaudon Monilgny, 17IMS1T
Gartrud. Thlem.
Cherry Rip. Charles Bon
inunio. uonaway.
Is th. Wood.
Mildred Mebery.
Spanish Dane.
Mabel Html..
Th. Prophet: O Hon File....
Hum uoraon.
N octane, X Piatt,,. Chopin
Ann Axtell.
A Spirit Flower Campbell Tipton
Mihdred Prudden Roger.,
Capiio. Vlennol, Krelaler
Olga Bltner.
Madam. Butterfly. "One Fin. Day".Fuoclnt
Myrtle France. Wyatb -
' . The Menoma chorus, James Ed
ward Carnal, conductor, will make ita
second annual appearance at the bran
deis theater Thursday evening, April
19. The chorus drew a great many
friends to its hrst concert last year,
when it presented a widely varied
program of accompanied and unac
companied numbers. Mr. Carnal is a
most conscientious director, and the
program for the coming concert prom
ise to . exceed that of last year in
worth and merit The Menoma chorus
perhaps is the ontv chorus in Omaha
composed entirely of young men
certainly it is the only one that ever
does any public work. This chorus
takes great pleasure in inviting the
musical public to its concert, for it
feels that it has something of interest
in a musical way to offer. The chorus
has made a happy selection of so
loists, presenting Louise Jansen Wy
lie, soprano, who is well known to
the music lovers of the community,
and Henry G. Cox and his orchestra,
Mr. Cox playing some solos as well
as directing the orchestra. The per
sonnel of the assisting artists and the
chorus will undoubtedly attract an
interested audience to the coming
Another interesting announcement
is of a union formed to aid women
artists, which was formed at the HO'
tel Astor in New York City on
March 13. The purpose of the insti
tution is to render practical assist
ance to alt women artists of the mu
sical profession, in the following
ways: (1) An emergency fund, (2) ad
justment of rents, (i) summer vaca
! m fund, (4) legal advice, (5) medi
cal attendance and medicines, (6) cos
tumes, (7) engagements secured and
funds advanced for concerts, lessons
and necessities, (8) raising a fund for
a home for retired musicians. 1 his
is a branch of a similar organization
in Paris, which was established in
1910, and now regarded as a public
utility. Members of the American
branch while in Paris will be entitled
to the privileges, courtesies and pro
tection of the French union. The
undertakine is sponsored by people
prominent in social, musical and finan
cial circles.
Movie Notes
. According to th. Musical Courier, Kath-
erin. Shary, soprano, gave a ary enjoyable
song recital in her beautiful atudlo. 6U
West On. Hundred and Flfty-.ev.nth street,
N.w York, on Tuesday evening. March IS.
Mrs. Shary wa,' for many year, a rasident
of Omaha before ah. went abroad for the
cultivation,. of her voice.
Mia. Bella Robinson and throe ot her art-
fat pupils, Mrs. Klnniman Sauer of fit
Joseph, Ho., Mis. Martha Murphy and Miss
Nina Garrett, and Miss Mabel Allen, artist
pupil, of Mrs. Douglas Welpton, presented
th. program of th. must, department of the
Omaha Woman's club March 29. Miss
.Bella Robinson raid a short paper, "Method
in Pianoforte Playing.' Schumann's "Ro
ne." and a Chopin Folonaia. were played
by Mrs. Sauer. Mis. Orac. Slabaugh ac
companied Mis, Allen. Thla program wa.
of great interest to the member present.
Mlaa Myrtle France. Wyatt .an th.
soprano aolos in tha oratorio, "The Holy
City," by A. R. Gaul, tn, the First Presby
terian church at Hiawatha, Kan, Sunday
evening last. On next Tueeday afternoon, in
th. atudent program of tha Tuesday Morn
ing Musical club, she will aing "One Fine
Day," from "Madam Butterfly," by Puccini
On Easter Sunday evening at the First
Methodist church she will sing the soprano
solos In th. oratorio, "Elijah." by Mendels
ohn. Miss Wyatt is a pupil of James Ed
ward Carnal.
Mies Jessie Conaway. who has been absent
for several weeks on account ot th. illness
of her father, has returned to Omaha, and
ha. opened her studio in th. Baldrige block, j
Punlla of Effle 8 ten Kittleson met last
week at her studio and organited a club
for the study and production of the drama.
It will be called th. Studio Players dub.
At th. Sehmoller ft Mueller auditorium
Tuesday evening William A. Lawson gave
a demonstration of th. Stack pianola grand.
Florence BasTer-Palmer. soprano, and Mrs.
Will Hetherington, violinist, presented a
program accompanied by Mr. Lavton on the
Stock pianola.
A play waa given thia last week at the
Castelar center which was coached by Miss
Ethel Mulholland from Mrs. Kittleson's
Mi. Ann!. Glasgow's primary ensemble
claese. will meet thle week. Great Interest
1. being taken by the Junior pupils In thi,
branch of musical study.
When Mis, Id.ll. Patterson sang in th.
gnat Greek -atadium that glorifie. th.
ground, of th. University of California,
accompanied by an orchestra of fifty piecee
ah. had aung an aria anding In a beeutlfully
rendered trill and cadenaa. Tha vast audi
ence, deeply stirred, eat motionless as If
under a apell. At that moment the birds
(Phonograph Records I
Yon cut bring hi yoni phonograph
reeordi and tt otbsra tn xehanf at
a vtry small eott.
' Drop In oar office and lot u tell
you all about It we know you'll ljo
miihtjr pleased with our proposition.
Hail orders riven prompt attention.
Omaha Record Exchange
Ask About Our Club Plaa
Wonderful Music
Probably every music lover knows
that the "Sextette" from "Lucia"
stands alone as one of the most gor
geous pieces of ensemble singing in
the world. So a new Victor record of
it by artists who are supreme on the
operatic stage is an event to thrill the
great Victor audience with anticipa
tions of keenest pleasure. Caruso
and Galli-Curci blend their voices
with Egener, De Luca, Journet and
Bada in a powerful dramatic inter
pretation, and in consequence the
"Sextette" should take a fresh and,
if possible, stronger hold on the af
fections of music lovers.
Three of these artisti Caruso,
Galli-Curci and De Luca with Per
ini, unite to create another record
of importance and great vocal beauty
in singing anew the "Quartette"
from "Rlgoletto." As this character
istically Italian composition is in this
record sung by an all-Italian quar
tette of artists whose fame is world
wide, it is not probable that Verdi
himself could have selected voices
more perfectly adapted to hie master
piece. The whole world of the opera is
talking of the wondrous success of
Amelita Galli-Curci, the latest of the
great Victor artists to "arrive." Her
triumph during the season of opera
just closed was of "the kind you read
about" a genuine old-time ovation.
Galli-Curci has a coloratura soprano
voice of extraordinary flexibility and
tone quality, and so it is a pleasure to
learn that for the first of her three
offerings this month i she has chosen
that superlative coloratura aria, the
waltz song from Gounod's "Romeo
and Juliet." She does not hesitate to
give us also that test of the colora
tura soprano the "Mad Scene" from
"Lucia" a test in which many of the
foremost coloratura sopranos of the
past have won their laurels. It is a
song which displays Oalli-Lurcis
marvelous virtuosity brilliantly and
Though American opera lovers
hope Galli-Curci feels at home with
us, for our highest honors have been
showered upon her, still few singers
have so touched heart with the home
longing as she -in her "Home, Sweet
Home," her third record of this
month. With voice of sensuous beauty
she sings the old song with a sim
plicity that will make this a greatly
admired record. '
Besides singing in the sextet and
Rigoletto quartet this month, Caruso
gives us one of the most forceful and
beautiful records in his entire reper
toire, a song of extraordinary dra
matic appeal from Samson and Delila.
The exotic beauty of Salnt-Saen'a op
era has long been known in America,
mainly through Victor records of the
passionate contralto song, "My Heart
at Thy Sweet Voice," and now Ca
ruso offers a song which will make
appreciation of the opera still more
widespread. It is a song of power
ful appeal, exceptionally suited to the
histrionic and vocal gifts of Caruso.
"O Bright and Fleeting Shadows,"
in the urronndln treei began to warble
and chirp In a chorus of delighted response
to the linger. Then the spell broke and
the massed tiers at the stdlum burst into
Wild applause,
Hiss B. Crowell. a soprano from St, Fan),
will ains; "X Know that My Redeemer Liv
eto," front Handel'e "The Messiah," darinc
the morning; at the First Methodist
The "Queen Esther" eantata will be given
by the Choral society of the Y. M. and
Y. W. H. A. Sunday evening, April 22. at
the Boyd theater. Hairy Disbrow. ISadie
Holland, Paul Sloven, Jennie Spigle and
Mollie Oland will be among the solo singers.
Hungarian and Egyptian dances will be pre
sented by Dorette Adler and nine girls.
Hugo Nordln'a orchestra will furnish the
accompaniments. Part of the proceeds of
this concert will go to the' Jewish war relief
Eats Candy Bat
Loses Her Fat
Hr.'. jovfol new. for avarjr fleshy per
son who love, good thing, to cat,
thorn who ar. denying thamaelves th.
things they liko most hecauso of their de
8 ire to keep down their weight or to reduce
tha fat with which they ar. already bur
Th. famous Marmola Prescription haa
been put up In convenient tablet form and
is now sold by druggist, everywhere at
only 75 cent, per large case. To get rid of
fat at the rate of two to four pounds a
week, limply tak. on. of these little tablets
after each meal and at bedtime until you
have reduced your weight to where you want
It. Mo wrinkle, or flabbines. will remain to
show wharf th. fat sera. off. '
Simply us. Marmola Prescription Tablet,
according to directions; they are harmless,
free from poieonoua or injurloua druga and
can be used with perfect safety. Try them
for juet a few weeks and get reault, with
out going through long eiege. of tiresom.
exercises and starvation diet. Get them at
any good drug store or send price dirwt to
Marmola Company, 864 Woodward Ave., De
troit, Mich., and a full sisa package will
be mailed to you direct in plain wrapper and
postpaid. Advertisement.
Next Saturday
100 Roll, of
P.r Roll
Only on. roll to a
-L other factors so trustworthy, so affording assurance
against disappointment, as the HADDORFF PIANO.
Haddorff experience, and Haddorff resources, which
employs the best of fcoth brains and materials, Had
dorff stability and integrity upholding one of the high
est reputations are at your disposal. Call and see these
pianos and players.
Bay Direct from Us and Eliminate
. the Dealer's Profit
Columbia Grafonolas, Record, and Supplies
Haddorff Music House
Factory Store
1807 Farnam Street
is Now Made
to All by Records
though from one of Verdi's earlier
operas, Ernani, is a famous song and
beautifully displays the gifts of Giu
seppe de Luca, noted baritone of the
Metropolitan opera. It will havelieeii
noted above that De Luca is one ol
the great company of six in the new
rendition of the "Sextette," and one
of the artists in the new Rigoletto
Furious Rush Just
Before "Easter"
Dresher Brother, Cleaner, Introduce
"Same Day" Service). 2Se extra
Bringe Suits. Dreasea, Etc.,
to Your Home in a Mat
ter of Hours.
Dresher Brothers, the imraenst
Cleaners and Dyers at 2211-221
Farnam St, will be fairly inundated
with work this week, for, Easter Sun
day comes in upon us April 8th. Th
time is short and you will admit you
should bend every effort towards get
ting your clothes nere early for a
complete renovation.
For those who insist upon "same
day" work Dreshers have devised a
"Special Service" plan. For a mere
25c extra you may send a suit, dress
or coat and have itcleaned and press
ed the same day the garment is re
ceived. The small sum extra is neces
sary only to defray the extra expense
incurred in getting out work so quick
ly, but the 25c means scarce, any
thing to those who require garments
to be cleaned in so short a length of
"Same Day" Service cannot be
given hats, gloves and the like, for
the processes used in cleaning such
items always take more time and can
not successfully be crowded into a
single day.
Please send in your work as early
as possible. Phone Tyler 345 and a
man will call, or leave work at
Dresher The Tailors, 1516 Farnam
St., or at the Dresher Branches in
the Brandeis and Burgess-Nash
stores. Advertisement.
Studioe Booms 4 and 5, Baldrige Blk.,
20th and Farnam Sta.
Residence Telephone, Harney 27SE.
Concert Organist, Pianist and .
Teacher ,i
436-437-438 Rose Bldg.,
Sixteenth and Farnam Sta,
Tyler 2467-J.
Florence M. Rhoades
Studio 514 McCague Bldg.
Studio 60S Karbaeh Block
tot South 16th St. . Phone Bad lit.
I Effie Steen Kittelson
Technique of the Speaking Voice,
Physical Culture, Pantomime,
Dramatic Art -81
Balrd Bldg., 1703 Dtmghu Strwt
Pkon. Tyler 1111
Walter B. Graham
Studio, Suite 1 and 2 Wead Bldg.
Phone Red 4444
Xlan-mr ffv Musician, Educator
Henry KjOX Pattenon Block
Three Great Secret, of Musical Pedagogy
Develop Beauty of Expreasion -Challenge
Ing Comparison.
Florence Basler-Palmer
Coaching In German and Italian Songs
Pupil, prepared for concert and church
Position. Voice Hearing. Free. '
StU'Ik), 1(07 Farnam St, Omaha, Nab.
Phop. Douglas 8634.
From Factory
to You--
m HaMorfl