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The Bee
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George -
Xtonrke Manager Devotes Half
An Hour Teaching Hurler!
- To Scoop Bunts. .
. Tht Rourkes went through another
food three-hour workout yesterday
noon when the sun was high in the
heaven and the atmosphere fairly
Marty Krug started his charges at
11 o'clock in the. morning and he re
fused to let them' rest until 2 o'clock
in the afternoon. After the fielding
and batting practices, Marty devoted
fully thirty minutes to, his pitchers,
Instructing them how to field their
Men and O'Toole, both veterans of
many a campaign and both of whom
worked under Marty last year,
showed their old skill But it was the
way Murphy Currie and Wayne Bar-
ham worked that pleased the onlook
ers. Both of these youngsters proved
nifty lads at scooping up bunts and
delivering them to first. Many hurl
ers lack proficiency in fielding their
positions, ' but from the looks of
things the Rourkes will not be so
handicapped this yean With a little
practice Currie and Barham will be
as good fielding pitchers is . the league
boasts. .. '
Shag Thompson is the only mem
ber ot the. troupe who isn t in great
shape in every way. Shag has a
bruise on his foot which causes him
to limp a little, but outside of that
there is absolutely no work for the
hospital corps. ,
The pitchers have been working
long enough so that they are begin
ning to cut loose quite a bit now and
when they face the Brandeis Sunday
in the first' game of the year here it
is believed they will be able to burn
them down the groove in mid-spring
if not mid-summer style. ...
Cheney Is Wild and
Boston Americans
i , Defeat Brooklyns
Memphis, Tenn., March 29. Che
ney's wildness in the tenth gave the
Boston Americans two runs without
a hit and enabled the world's cham
pions to win over the Brooklyn Na
tionals yesterday, 7 to S. Cheney,
who relieved Coombs after the ninth,
filled the bases and followed with a
wild pitch on which two runners
scored. Walker of Boston made a
home run with a man on base in the
sixth inning. His fielding also was a
feature of the game. Score:
Barry.Zb, '
Ion.,p .
1 0
llohnsn.rf 5
OBabrqu.1. S 4
OWheat.lf a 4,ct 6
QDI.on.3b S
0Mpyere,c 1 4
OMarqrd.p - 1
OCoombH.p - S
0Cheny,p 0
1 I
0 13
1 S
1 1
J 1
i a ft
T0Ula..Sl Hail 1 TotaU..38US013 4
Boston ..............1 IMIIIIt 17
Brooklyn ......0 I 1 I 1 I I 1 I 0 6
Two-baie.hlts: Lewi, Olaon, Miller. Three
baae bit: OlKon. Home run; Walker. Stolen
banes: ' Lewie, Johnston. Double playe:
ftalner-tQ Barry, Cady to Gardner to Oalner.
Walker to Hoblltsel, Cutehaw to Daubert.
Hlte: OtC Jonei; 4 In five Inninra; off Mar
quard. S In lour, lnnlnga: off Coombs., t li
riva Inning. Bases on balls: Off .Jones, 4;
eff Mays, 3; off Marquard. S; off Coombs,
t: off Cheney," 3. Struck out: By, Jones, 1;
by Mays. 1; by Marquard, 1 Umpires:
O'Loughlin and Klem. r -
Owens Wins From Rodeston in
Third Game of Reno Tourney
Owens beat Rodeston in the third
game of the pool tourney at the ,Reno
parlor, last night. Some flashes of
brilliant work were shown by both
men, although each played carefully
and each ran into some hard luck in
leaves. Owens shot nineteen safeties
and had fifteen scratches, while Ro
deston was forced to but fifteen safe
ties and fourteen scratches. Reynolds
plays Harsh tonight. Last night's
Owairs , I. 11. II. . t. . 0, ft. f. 1.
4, 4. . ft. ft, 3, 9. 1. I, ft, '3, 1, 10, S, ft. I,
0, 0. ft, 4. 10, 0, 10 11.
Bodeston 4. 0, 0.. 14, 1, 3. ft, 1, 13, 1,
ft, 4, 4, 3. 0, II. ft, 0, 4, 11, 3, 1, 7, 0, 0, 3,
0, 1, t, ft, i, ft, ft. ft 107.
Second Team of Cubs Beats
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, N. M March 29.
The second team of the Chicago Na
tionals loaned the University of New
Mexico a battery and third baseman
and then held the local team score
less, white they drove in seven runs.
R. R. B.
Chirac .i. ........... 11 1
University of New Msilco 0 3 i
Batteries: Reuther and Bentoa; Zabet antf
Quick Relief from Colds.
' "I have found Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy to give the quickest relief
from hard colds and bad coughs of
anything 1 have used," states Mrs. T.
Sowman, Decatur, 111 Adv.
' 1 ji" 1 jr'i"'" f
, ' C3 j t f V
: I M I C
Sport Calendar Today
Golf Seventh Miml ftmtoaNpn.fMlott
Oompetlt.oB at Pintshwat, ti. C.
Grninastlr-E.itni lntrcoltof ehaia
ploiufalpa, at ftw UavB. ,
Trak--Ciitral Amatonr Aiblotlo vaton
champlonibip. at Chleagne
BaM Ball BoRtoa ImirlMH ti. Bmakljra
NatlonaUp at Oklahoma Cltjr. Boston Na
tloaalii v Ktrm York AtneHraoi, at Monl
trte, Ga. Wanfalnataa American! Ta Clncla-
nmtit at loolnvllle, Detroit American vs.
Nw York Nationals, at Fortb Wortb.
Boxlnr Frank Moran Tom Cowler,
ton roundi. at New York. Johnny Kllbane
t. Tommy Toahajr ton rounds, at Now York.
Al Btraberf va. youbv MCAauiro, twit
ronndt, at Now Haven. Howard. MoRao to.
PMnnoy Boyle, twelve ronnda, at Boston.
Saairny Goode, . WlUle Hoppe, tea roonds,
at Sacramento.
Young Shelton Hat Wonder
Wrestles to Draw With
Light Champ.
Minden, Neb., March 29. (Special
Telegram.) Owen Daily of Minden,
light weight champion, wrestled to a
draw with Charles Fesek of Shelton,
the 19-year-old boy wonder, in two
hours, and thirty minutes last night,
under the. auspices of the Minden Ad
club. Daily threw Pesek in thirty
seven minutes. It took Fesek only
nineteen minutes to put Daily to the
mat in the second fall. The third
round went one hour and thirty-four
minutes and Daily could not put
Pesek to the mat Nineteen times the
scissors were put to Fesek and each
time Jfesek would drag Daily under
the ropes until time was called and a
draw was decided. Pesek is ten
pounds heavier 'than Daily. '
Omaha Woman Bowlers to
Clash With Chioagoans
A telegraph match between quintets
of Omaha and Chicago women bowl
ers will be held shortly.
."Dad" Huntington yesterday made
arrangements in Chicago with Mrs.
Dornbhuer, the leading woman
bowler of Chicago, for the event Mrs.
Dornblazer will select a nicked five
of the best woman bowlers in the
Windy City, while Huntington will
choose a hve ot the Dest pin tumDiers
among Omaha's fair sex. They will
roll on ther own alleys and the
scores tallied by telegraph. The date
of the event will be announced when
Huntington arrives home in Omaha.
Base Ball Games,
MemnhU. Ttnn., March Errori caused
the MtmnhU Southern aMOdatlon team to
lone to the Bt, Louli Amorlcano today, I
to 3.
Jdfiksonv e. Fia.. March at. xne rnna-
del phi Americans easily defeated the Jack
sonville South Atlantic league team today,
14 to t.
Houston. Tea.. March ?. tio unicago
American regulars jan wild on the bases
against the Houston (Texas teagut) team
today and won, 7 to I. Score: B. H. B.
Houston 2 0
Chicago T'H 0
Bitteriest Glenn ana Koxes: wougang,
Runnel and Lynn.
New Orleans, L,a., Marcn iv. pancnea
hits enabled the Cleveland Americans to
defeat the New Orleans Southern association
squsd today, 9 to 4. Score: R.H.E.
Cleveland 0 H I H 1 1-
New Orleans ..3 09 0 9 0 1 8 4 I
Butteries: Coveleskle and Billings: Kelly,
Wi Ilia mi, a. Miller and Stansbury,
Louisville, Ky., March 29. Score: K.H.tu.
Washington Americana 4 7 S
Cincinnati Nationals... e s s
Batteries: - Shaw Pumont, Henry ana
Alneworth; Schneider, Senders and Huhn.
Dothany. Ala., March z. score: n.M.tu.
New York Americana 1 10 1
Boston Nationals .'. B S
Rt.MFia flhtt.wkev. Russell. Nunamaker
and Walters; Tyler, Rudolph, Barnes and
Little Rock. Ark., March 21. Score t
Brooklyn Nationals 1 4 1
Boston Americans 9 8 0
Batteries: Dell, Cadorc, Miner ana
Myers; Ruth, Ponnock, Thomas, Cady and
Sale of Cardinal Stock.
St. Louis, Mo., March Jf. Sales of stock
tn the popular subscription company that
has an option on the St. Louis Nationals,
now exceed $142,000, according to figures
given oat today. Slightly more than 91,090
Is to be raised by Friday night to assure
the payment of $176,000 . to Mrs. Helen
Brltton, owner of the team, In accordance
with the option.
Coffey Slops Keller.
ww Tnrk. March 81. Jim Coffey, the
Dublin slant, stopped Tarry Kellar of Cali
fornia In. the intra rouna oi a ten-rouna
match In Brooklyn tonight. Keller's sec
onds threw tn the sponge. Coffey weighed
200 pounds and Kellar 170.
Beatrice Man Caught Under
Auto and Nearly Killed
Beatrice! Neb., March 29. (Spe
cial..) E. B. McGirr narrowly es
caped ebing killed last evening when
his touring car struck the abutment
of a stone bridge four miles north
of Beatrice and turned over. Mr. Mc.
Girr was buried under the car and
was rescued by James Wiggins and a
stranger who were riding with him en
route home from PickrelL He was
removed to a hospital, where it was
found he had sustained a badly
wrenched back and several bruises
about the body. The other two men
escaped by jumping. The car, which
was an Overland, was completely
New Catcher for
New York American Lose
Battle at Oordele, Ga., Three
to Nothing.
Cordele, Ga., March 29-Th Bos
ton Nationals defeated the New York
Americans yesterday, 3 to 0. Ko
netchy, who hit a home run and
singled, was responsible for two of
the Boston runs. Darkness stopped
the game. Score:
Ollh'ler.n 1
OM.rVe.M S
0Bv.n,!b 1
OBalley.rt I
OTw'bly.rf 1 I
ISmlth.Sb 3
1 1 1
0 10
0 0 1
0 0 0
0 10
210 0
1 1
0 3 0
13 3
0 0 3 s
MalieUb 1 t
Baker. lb 8 S
r'lt'p'ft.M 1
Nun'ker.o 3
Wa.ltera.0 0
3tl6well,R S
Oowdy.o 1
ONebCp 3
jjOve.ii . Q
ToUK.,11 4 11 ( 3 Total... 17 i IS 4 0
New Tork..... 0 Mil 00
Bo.toa 0 2 1 0 0 J
Two-bam hit.: Hlrh, NunamaKtr. Horn,
run: Konetch. Htolen base.: Kelly,
Oowdy. Doubl. play.: PecblnpauBb to
Plpp. Nunamaker to Mala.1.' Baae. on ball.:
Off Caldwell. I; off Love. 1; off Nehf, 2.
HIU: Off Caldwell. 4 In four Inning..
Struck out: By Caldwell, I; by Nebf, 3.
Umpire.: Hart and Tann.hlll.
Is Declared Valid
Albion, Neb., March 29. Special.)
District Judge F. M. Button has
handed down a decision in the Cavey
against Reigle county commissioners'
case. '
The finding of the court is that the
effect of the election statute passed in
1905 was to lengthen the term of com
missioner's office from three to four
vears: that the office was a statutory
one and so governed: that the elec
tions held in Boone county since 1906
on the theory that the term was three
years could have no effect in changing
the terms. Cavey was elected in 1909
at what was supposed to be the ex
piration of the former term, but in
stead he was merely elected for the
unexpired one year of that four-year
term, and as his predecessor vacated
the office, Cavey became a dejurc
officer and remaining therein and ex
ercising the functions of. his office,
Cavey has since remained de jure of
ficer. He submitted himself to an
election in 1912, which was not a
legal election and had no effect upon
the term of commissioner in his dis
trict, since which time no election has
been held at the right time. Cavey re
mains as a dejure officer until the
regular expiration of the term of the
office of commissioner for the dis
trict, January, 1919.
The injunction against Reigle is
made continuous until January, 1919,
and the injunction against Cavey, the
county clerk and treasurer, relative to
drawing or paying warrants for sal
ary of Cavey was dissolved and dis
missed. ' Lou do. Tbrww. OUluk
Sioux rail., a D., March SO. Jim Londe.
of stonx Fall, won two atraifht fall, from
Key OI11U sf Wbltlni, la., bar. tonlsht In
13 and 35 minute., reepctlvely. London
welched 170 pound., Ollll. IIS. Br arr
tnent th. atranti. and to. hold, war barred.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road
to Success.
- ' ' ! HIW.IU.U , , . 'ii
the Rourkes
(CootUoed from Vat Oao).
many formally approved the plan, al
though no treaty has yet been con
cluded with it. Shalt we repudiate
our own plan the first time mt have
an ODoortunitv to employ it? If, as the
president recently declared, the Amer-
lean pcopic uu uui w,ui w,
not worth while to try the peace
plan before bringing upon the people
the horrors of war? Until an attempt
is made and fails, no one is able to
say that it would be impossible to se
cure the suspension of 'ruthless' sub
marine warfare during the investiga
tion for which the plan provides.
Shall we denv to ourselves the credit
of trying to settle the dispute with
the treaty pianf ,
Thinks It Worth Trying.
"And is it not worth while to do
our part in trying to avoid injury?
Would it not be better, as well aa
cheaper, for the government to carry
on it own vessels such Americans as
must go to Europe rather than to en
gage in war to vindicate the right
of citizens to disregard all risks and
ride upon belligerent ships?
"Is it not worth while to separate
passengers from contraband cargoes,
so that the captains ot passenger shi
can give their entire attention to the
safety of the passengers? Our nation
is the world a foremost advocate ot
peace. If we go to war it should be
for a cause which history will justify.
Suggest! Referendum.
"If you reach the conclusion that
nothing but war will satisfy the na
tion's honor, is it too much to ask
that by a referendum you consult the
wishes of those who must, in case of
war, defend the nation s honor with
their lives?
"As one who expects to live up to
a citizen's duties, if war comes, I
plead with you to use all honorable
means to preserve peace before you
take the responsibility of plunging
our beloved land into this unprece
dented struggle, begun without any
sufficient cause and conducted by
both sides in utter disregard of the
well settled rights of neutrals."
Peace Federation Pushes Propaganda.
New York, March 29. Prominent
women in laree cities throughout the
country received today irom tne
women's committee of the Emer
gency Peace Federation telegrams
urging them to hold meetings and
raise funds to support the peace
demonstration to be made in Wash
ington at the opening of congress on
April 2. "The women of America,"
said the messages, "can and must
keep America out of war at all costs."
The peace federation has tegun a
campaign to raise $200,000 for propa
ganda. Ten thousand dollars was
contributed at a meeting here last
night and part of it waa spent for
page advertising which appeared this
morning in the New York news
papers, The pacifists, especially the women,
have stationed missionaries at the
army and navy recruiting places who
urge young men not to enlist Two
of these speakers were rescued by
the police yesterday from an angry
crowd, -j-
Les Darcy Will Meet Jeff
Smith at New Orleans
New Orleans, March 28. Les
Darcy of Australia and Jeff Smith of
New York will fight twenty rounds
to a decision here May 4, according
to the announcement tonight of a- lo
cal promoter.
Thirty of Fair Sex and Six
Boyi Honored for Their
Miss Ann Russell.
Miss Olive Lehmer.
Lincoln, March 29. (Special.)
Two Omaha girls were among the
thirty-six seniors of the University
of Nebraska accorded Phi Beta Kaona
honors here today at the annual Phi
Beta Kappa convocation. Announce
ment of the Phi Beta Kappa awards
was made by the president of the
society, S. B. Gass.
Two fewer seniors won Phi Beta
Kappa honors this year than in 1916,
which was one of the largest classes
in the history of the local chapter,
The scholarship was higher this year
than last, however, with the hignest
average of 94.2, two points higher
than in 1916.
Of the thirty-six, thirty were girls
and six were boys. Not a fraternity
man won the coveted scholarship
honor, while the sororities claimed six
Omaha Girls Winner.
Miss ' Ann Russell, one of the .
Omaha girls to capture Phi Beta
Kappa honors, is a member of the
Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Miss
Olive Lehmer, the other Omaha girl,
belongs to the senior girls' society of
Black Masque, representing the thir
teen most influential co-eds in the
senior class.
This is the first year that Latin,
Greek and mathematics has been
omitted from the requisites for Phi
Beta Kappa honors, but it did not
seem to bring up the representation
of the entleffe men. - '
. Following is the list of students
winning Phi Beta Kappa honors:
Ccar William Aim, Opportunity.
Boa. Ou.tav And.raon, Gothonbruff.
Ella Ollv. Bayle., Seward.
Anna Driver Burkhart, Lincoln,
H, Iff. Burr, Aurora.
Caroline Catherine Cllek, Hay Bprlnn.
Ray Clark., Pawnee City.
Loulao Co., Nebraska City.
Marl-are Iaabel Crue, Tllden.
Ada Laura Rlllott, Lincoln.
Ura Heater Ellison. 8uperlor.
Mary Irene Goodrich. Lincoln.
Arthur William Inmraoll, Syraouae.
Marnaret Olivette Kauffman. Hardy .
Lillian Muriel Lans, Plymouth.
Ollv. Lehmer, Omaha.
Pern Alloe Loniraore, Dodge.
Ralph Morton Marre, Bayard.
Elisabeth Jewell Perrln, Lincoln.
.Matilda K. Pater., Lyone.
Alarschetl. Harnly Power, Lincoln.
Florence Alva Read, Mama.
Beulah R. H. Rhoden, Lincoln.
Ann. Ingham Russell, Omaha.
Charlea Kdwln Schofleld, Lincoln,
Floreno. C. Schoenl.bor. Bethany.
Vernon Medellno Storey, Red Cloud. .
Anna Marl. Sturm.r, Jan..n.
Fay Ev.lvn Teel, R.d Cloud.
Dorothy M. Wallace. Llnooln.
Beth Walker, Douglaa.
Dor!. Alellne Weaver. Lincoln.
Mildred Jennl. Wnnn, Oakland.
Helen Ida White, Lincoln.
Mary Rdlth Woodburn, Alma.
Mary Magdallne, Lincoln.
Must be sold before May
1st, regardless of cost.
The best articles will go
first, so don't wait. Buy
nowvBe prepared for a
bone" dry Nebraska. s
Miller Liquor Co.
(EstabIUh.d 1889)
1309 Farnam St.
Phone Douglas 1241.
Mail Ord.r, Fill.d.
Send for Prie List
Put a Case or Two,
Ask Any Dealer or Write
JARVIS BRANDY CO., St. Joseph, Mo.
iVIs'iaiAi' i$i,m4b""'li "Aim u Vtr-vl
Women May Be Yeomen or
' Wireless Operators in Navy
Official instructions have iust been
received from Washington by Lieu
tenant Waddel! of the navy recruit
ing station concerning the enlistment
to pay only $12.50, and receive
a $20.50 value! "Ah," said thous
ands who read off this claim yester
day. "It's too good to be true."
But-lt IS true-you'll see proof off it
on Saturday next, Shirley's Open
ing Day. !yy
Friday's newspapers will tell all
about Shirley, and what he pro
poses selling at an absolute
saving off $8.00.
Shirley will oceupy the former "Black The
Hatter" store, 109 South 16th Street, Omaha
Let The Omaha Bee help you
with your Spring Shopping
The Bee maintains its Shopping Service as a
convenience lor those of its readers who cannot
come to the city to shop, or for "shut-ins" in
town who are unable to see for themselves the
new things displayed in the stores. Polly The
Shopper will gladly help you with your needs,
so there's no reason why you should shop hap
hazardly .through .Eastern catalogue houses
when you can have someone personally superin
tend your shopping for you in the metropolis of
your state, where merchandise is arriving dally
from New York. Watch for the gossipy notes
of the new things in the shops and about town
by Polly The Shopper in the Society Section of
The Sunday Bee.
ii i r ' . j
Ceaeral Distritatstt
as fl i se i sa ,ttlmmiJl rliV si mJlf w i1tVo .rflAfaWljV sa, wtTf
or Keg, or Barrel of Jarvis
of women. Acting on the advices,, h
has prepared blank applicationa fot .
the enrollment of women as yeomen
or clerks, also as wireless operators,
in the coast defense class of the naval
reserve. . .
Miss Nina Embraa, 2224 Fowler,
was the latest applicant as yeoman, t
Ocuha, Nebraska
1877 Brandy Away