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Not Mnch Change in Cattle for
. Current Day Sheep Slow
and Lower.
. Omaha. March it, HIT.
Receipts were:
Official Monday
Official Tuesday....
official Wednesday
Ultimate Thursday .
Cattle, Hoe Sheep,
(.mi t.ont 11.111
. t.tll
. t.ttt
Va-jv devs this
Ha ma ilaya hut week..ll.4St
Kama dura I Ml,
Mama dsrs wks. am-ll.ttl
Varna days 4 w"-a. a0.12.4
Kama dara laat year. . .11.401
Rerelpte and disposition of llva stock at
Ike Union stock yarde, Omaha lor tha twen-tr-four
hours andlnit at t p. m. jraatardair:
Cattla. Hon. Sheep. H'rt.
P.. M. 8t P 11
Missouri Parlflo
Union Pacific . ,
V, ft X. W weat
r. A X. W.. aaat
it ii
u ;
t " ' '
ti it
i i
lM 41 I
, f
(!.. St. P.. M. A O.
B. A Q., oaatv 1
C B. A Q.. west.. II
-.. ft. I. A P., aaat
f. R. 1. A P., wsst .
Illinois Cantral .. T
Chi. Ot. Woat....
Veraf reeelnts . .1(7
. Cattle. Hon.
Morris ft Co
lft ft Co.. 1
Cuaahy Packing Co..
Armour ft Co.......
Dchwarts ft Co
1. W. Murphy
Lincoln Parkins Co..
S. O. Packing Co....
Wilson Packing Co..
Kohr Packing Co....
Hunalngar ft Oliver..
Banton. Vansant ft L.
r. B. Lewie
I. B. Root ft Co....
3. H, BuUa
u r. hum
Rosenstock Bros.
F. a Ktllogg .
Worthalmar ft Oagon
Pennts Bros.
Sullivan Bros .-
Rothschild ft Krebs.,
Mo. ft Kan. Calf Co...
Hlltlna ..
Meyer -
Bannnar Bros.
John Harvey ,
Denote ft Pranols....
Jensen- ft Luwrsa ..
Pat O'Dav ..........
Other - buyer
ToUll 4,111 14.1SS MM
Cattle Ree.lpte ware liberal for a Thure
- day, 144 trssh ear being reported In. This
brlnn th total for the four days waok
up to 10,111 head, the largest tof many
weeks back and larger than a year ago by
iver 1,000 head. In spile of the large run
tha market wa In fair shape, prices being
around stssdy with the decline noted yes.
tarday, which means that tha market on
the generat run ef medium to common eat
tla la I(40o tower than last week, with
llrlctly good hoary beef steers fully steady.
Quotations on cattlai flood to oholee beeves,
11,(0011.(0; fair to good beevaa. 110. 760
11.(0; common to fair beevee, St.KO10.S0;
good to oholca heifers, tt.t0t10.4t! good to
.holes cows, t.liOlt.ll; fair to good oowa,
(I.00OI.7S: common to fair cows, 11.10 O
1.101 prims feeding steers, ll.(0O10,l( good
lo choice feeders, tl.Ittrt.stl fair to good
feeder. tt.eO0t.7tt oommon to fair feed,
are, Ifl.UOo.OO; good to choice,
I stock heifers, 17.IS01.18; stock
bows, 18.00O.00: slock ealvee, M.00O14.1(;
veal cslres. H.00 0 1 1.00; beef bulls, stage,
etc..! bologno hulls.,
Representative- aalaai
. Av. Pr. No.
At. Pr.
..... tit it tt
..... 140 I 41
411 t Ti
1114 I It
..... til I TI
tit It tt
1071 10 40
I It It
.....ioji 10 ti
.....1017 It ti
.....not 11 it
.....not 11
1264 11 40
.... lit It II
.... 114 I It
.... 101 to
.... 171 II
.... 171 I tt
....1061 It 16
,..,1014 10 10
,...10t It ft
....1014 It Ti
....lilt 11 tt
.... tit 11 tt
....1117 11 II
....1211 11 41
....1161 11 0
it noi 11 to
11..,,... .1515 11 Tt
.lilt 11 ti
IS7 I 40 4.. 117 I (0
lit t ti 17 Il it
... ilt It ti T. ....... "S It SB
... ttt It II II...
... fit It It . t...
...nil 11 :o
... 141 1 40 I...
... 441 I it 1...
... Tit I tt 1...
... Tit I it t...
... tit 10 00 s...
til It to
It Ti
::::,.! Ill
.... in 1 11
....1011 t TI
.... lit It II
, I. .,
' 4,
- 54.
...117 I to II........ 471 II
... 471 I II . I ttt t It
... lit 11 00 - 1 141 11 li
... lit 11 it 1 1TI 11 II
411 I It 16........ 414 t It
Ill t tt II. ....... iOt I It
Ill tt It 71 It tt
,.im it 10
noes While hog reeslnts Wert tha small.
rat alnoa Monday, they wort INterel for this
time of the week, the run being tna larg.
e,t that has been hero on a Thursday this
month. Estimates called tor lit cars, or
ll.HO head. This makes the total for the
week to date 11.011 head, which It twteo as
large aa a week ago, 1,004 heavier than two
weeks ago and a gala of about 10,000 over
year ago. - -
Conditions war In favor ot (alien this
morning, shippers having good orders and
- other points reporting advances and desplts
a fairly liberal supply the market opened
' sharply htrher. Shippers bought thatr hoga
' on a llftlie higher be, IB. Thar were etui
- paying nioat attention to llghle. but were
also tsklng some or tne heavier stun.
Packers also seemed to have good orders,
for ther soon fo lowed tha lead of ehtu-
pars, paying ItOllo higher srlooa reedllr,
The early trade waa aottve, apd the big
end of the offerlnn waa elsaned up before
It 0 clock. Before a eiearanoe waa etieotcfl,
- however, brad weakened and tha oloea waa
stow, duet buyera had filled their ordera
. by Ihla time, and upwards of twanty.flva
loana that were left when the alump oame
. had A sell at leaat a nickel lower than
. early, or not over t91to higher than yes-
- terdar. Most or the bogs mat sold on tna
close were not antra dealrable, the good
stuff having pretty well oltaned up earlier.
In tha end praetlceUy everything . was
cleaned UP.
- Today'? advance put tha market gt the
highest, levels aver touched here, . oven
though the gain waa partly :oat late. Bulk
.sold at, and tha top reached
:. 114.11, a nickel higher tbas waa over paid
here prevleua to today,
nepreeentatlvo sales:
o. Av. Sh. Pr. No. Av.
Sh. Pr.
... 14 41
, ., 14 tt
.... 14 Tt
tt It It
14 II
44. .171
It.. 114
It. .174
II 14 It
... 14 It
Ittlll Ti
... It II
71. .114
II. ,104
70.. Ill
Sheer A pretty liberal run of aheep and
ambs showed ttp for tble lata in the week.
wine forty cars, or 1,100 head, being re
ported in. ' Tha four days' total of. 41,117
aoad la 10,000 larger than last week, 1.500
leavlsr than two weeka ago, and more than
J.oot greater than a year ago. So far this
week the' supply la the largeet that haa
Men hero alnoa lata In February.
The market was slow - all day, peckers
trying for aeetlnea, but m the ana every,
thing except light Mexican sold ataadr.
- Top was Ewes were fully steady,
wavejoa again roaemag
Spring lambs sold at I17.04J1I.00.
Quotation on sheep and lamba! Lamba,
light and bandy, 14.T(91i.l(; lamba.
b'.avy, IU.tooi4.7tL lamba, clipped. Ill; laiaba. shearing, tlt.li014.Ti year
lings, good t choice. lll.fl0Oll.Tl: yeer.
Hugs, fair to good,; wethers.
fair to cholea. tll.IC911.1ii ewes, good
choice, Ill.lt912.tii ewes, fair to good.
II 1.; owes, plau to culls, 17.80
Repreaentatlvg saleai
. 14
. ti
1(4 fed lamb ,.
74 fed lambs
Ill frd-lamba ...
144 clipped lamba
lit Mexican awe ,.,
172 Mexican hush
141 fed lamb
44 fed lambs
414 fed Umbo....
7lt Nebraska feeding latuba.,
its feeding lambs
1 Man City IM Mm Market.
Mont dir. Ia , March' If Cattle Re
c-lpla, .1.31,0 head: Toarket steady ; s beef
bUiurs, (5,.ogU.0; butchers,
fat cows and kelfers,; snnere,; stocksrs and feeders, 17.110
SO; calves,; oun,v sieve, e.o.
17.(001.(0; feeding cows and heifers,
Hon Reeelpta. I.H heed;' market
to hlibar; light. 14.4t14.H: mliea.
14.((O14.70; heavy, ll4; pits,
111.; hulk of aalea, 114.(1014.70.
Sheep and lamoa itecaipis, iw no;
market steady; yoarllnn. I11.00O11.K;
weihera, 111.60fflM0; awes, 10.S011.40;
lamba, 111.00O14.H.
Cattle Steady, Ron StoM and Shoe Are
Phlraeo. III.. March it. Cattle Receipts,
000 head; market steady; native beef cat-
le, l.lOOIMOi atockers and fecdrra,
t.10; cowa and belters, se.auviv.u,
leee. i.(0O14.00, . .
Hon Reeelpta, il.000 head; market
steady at lie above yeaterday'a average;
bulk, iis.oooie.i'.; g"t,
mired, tUMttlHl; heavy. I14.40OK.I0;
rough. lll.0t H.71: plga, 10.(0O14.1(.
Sheep and Lambs Recclpte, 14,000 head;
market firm; wethera, llt.MOlt.TIi ewra,
tl.00911.10; lamba, tlS0091(.l(; eitra
fancy Meilcana,
M. IaU Ura Mock Market.
St touts. Mo March It. Cattle Re.
celpta. 1.700 head; market steady; native
beef staera, iT.K091i.lfi; yearling ateers and
halfere. II. 10O11.76; cowa, K.KOIO.OO;
stackers and feeders. to.tOOIO.OO; prime
eouthern bnef steers, tt.00911.t0; beef cows
and heifers, i4.1ol-oo; prime yeaning
ateers and fcelfrre, tT.tooie.oo; native
Hogs Receipts. 11, zoo neao; marK
higher; light,; pigs, M.109
11.(0; mixed sna wieners, fi4.7vtyift.z;
good heavy, IK.l091t.lii bulk, (11.710
Shaao and Lamba Rerelpta, 1,004 head;
market aleadyi lamba, t1i.001i,4t; twea,
ll.i091i.Ki yearunn,
bans City Live Stock Market.
Kansas city. Mo.. March It. Cattle Re.
celpta, 1.000 head; market steady; prime fed
steera, t11.7iOll.i0; dressed, beef steers,; western ateers, ll.oooli-OO;
cowa,; neirera, 11.00911. is;
stockera and feeders, it. 00 911.00; bulls,
t7.60910.00; eslves, ti.009il.oo.
Hngs Receipts, 1,000 head; market
hither; bulk,; heavy,; packera ana nutcners, in.ieii.ivi
light, llt.SOff H.0; plga. tlMiOli.M.
Sheep and Iimba Hecelpla, lo.ooe neao;
market lower; lamba. 111. 7(914.00; year
lings, wethers, tll.i09U.liS
Naw Peslmaotern a Ad farriers. '
Washington. March It. Special Tela.
gram.) Nebraska poetmaatera appointed.
Beardwell, Brown oounty, Etnel a. new-
comb, vice W. H. Newcomb. reslned; La.
vaca. Cherry county, Klleha C. Bwlgert, vice
Ktnel Jonnson, rssignea.
Rural letter camera appointed! nenrasKa;
Sargent. Walter V. Sargent; Sargent, Carl
Iowat Bloomneld. Charlie t. .Eflwaras;
Rockwell, Herbert B. Monahan. ,
W. A. Dndwnlng and C. R. Marshall have
been appointed clerks In the .postofftca at
Seward, Mob.
M. Jeeeok Lire Mack Marital,
St. Joaeph, March tt. Cattle Receipts,
400 hsad: msrket steady to 10c lower;
ateers, tl.i091l.00; cows and heifers,
11.00; rslvaa, fl. 00911.00.
HOae Kecelots. T.500 headt market 19
ltc higher; top, 111.10; hulk of tales, 114.90
Sheep and Lambs-Rrrolpts, 1,000 head;
market steadyl lambs, tll.OOOH.OO; awsa,,
lie Stock h Right. '
Recslpts of llva stock yestsrday at tha
five principal western markats:
cattle. Hon. noeep.
Slouc City ,
. 1.100
, 4.000
, 9,000
Chicago . . . ,
Kansas City ,
.uouis .
TcUIs ,..
.14.000 69,Ut 94,700
Hew Trk Montr Market.
New York, March St. Mercantile Paper
4044 per cent.
terllng Exchange 40-day bills, 94.71;
commercial 00-day billa on banks. 94.71:
commercial 90-day bills. 94.70 ( demand,
14.70 t-ioi canies, i.7 t-ii.
Stiver Bar. Tie; Mexican dollars, 16 c
Bonds Oovernment steady i railroad. Ir
Time wane steady: o ana so aaye, m
Qi per cent: sla months. 24104 per cent
can Money menu y: Ulan, zu per cent:
low. tk per cent; rullnr rate. 2U per cent:
last loan. 2tt per cent: closing bid. 214 per
cent: offered at iu per vent.
B. 2S. re... tf "M..K.AT. IRt If TS
oo coupon.. a, si "m. r, con. as. ,ios
V. 8. 3s, ret., .100 Mont. Powsr Is. MH
"do coupon... 100 14 ff. T. C. deb. 0s.lOU
V. a 4s, reg...l0T N. T. C. 4Mb... 107
do coupon.... 101 New Haven . fa. 101
A.T.4T. e.49.1H No. Pac. 4f t
ngio-Frenoh 6. oitt do is sou
At eh. gen. 4s... 04 O.IL ref. 4s.. 92
B. A O. 4a l2Pac. T. A T. s.)0
Bth. St. ref. Be. 100 Penn. con. 4Ua,10s4
Cent. Pea. let... i do gen, 4Hs.. tt'j
C. A O. cv. 4Hs. 90 Reading gen. 4. 94
B. A Q. It 4a. OT Ho. Paa. cv. As. .103
CM.ASt.P. c.MieiH do ref. 4.... 91
ri.p. rr, 4a 7iv bo. ny. ioi
C. A fl. ref. 44a, 23 Union Paclflo 4s. IT
Tf, A R. Q. 0. 4a 71 Co cv. 4s ffl
Brl van. 4..... 06 U TT. fl. Rubber Is.l02ti
Oen. Klectrlo M.ltl4U. M. Steel Is.. .10s
Ot. No. 1st 4. 01'W. Union 4Ho. 144
I. C ref. 4e...'t - Pom. of C, 1131. !!
t. c. h, reL is.iSftV Bi4U
U A N. un. s.94
. Cff Mark. ;. ' ..,!
New Tork, March II. The morket for
coffee futures a little more than recovered
yeeterday'a loaeea during today' trading.
Ther wis no aggressive or general demand,
but offerings were light while there waa
some trade buying and poesibiy a nut sup.
port from investment amircea on a more
optlmlstlo view of peace prospects. Opening
prices were I to 4 points miner ana active
months sold 10 to 12 points above last
night's elos daring the afternoon, with
July touching T.llo and December l.lte In
the late traainc. uioeing prices were at
nearly the beat point, showing a net advene
I to li point, sales were B.toe baa.
Maroh, 7,46c; April, t.oi May 7.10o: June,
77c: JMly, T.IBc: Anguat. T.tooi September,
.lie: October, 1.04c: November, I.OSc; Pa-
camber, f.lOo; January. I.llot .February,
Spot coffee, dull; Rio Ta, IHc; Bantoa 4a,
o. Fw trean orrera were reports a in
the oost and freight market, but tt was
reported that a bid of mo had been ac
cented for Santos s and 4a. Lonaen creaus,
out bo mention waa maueor tne aeaonp
tlen. The official cables reported an ad
vance of 75 rela In the Rio market. Santos
spots wer unchanged and futures SI to 90
rela lower.
Cottoa Market. -
New Tork, March 31. Cotton Putaree
onened steady: Mar. lt.lOe: Jutr. 18.10c
October, 11.07c i December, ll.ltrCj Jenuaryi
Cotton futurea closed steady; Mar. it.oic
July, ll.stct October, ll.Olcj December,
la.oioi January. ia.oio. spot, quiet: mia
dllng. 19.10c.
The cotton market eloaed steady, hat
nolnta hlaher to I Points lower.
Liverpool, Marcn as, uotton npot.
strong 1 good middling, 13.13c; middling,
i.iioi' low miaaiing, ii.B4c; uiea.
bales. -
Omaha Hay Market.
Prairie Kay Receipts light, market higher
en better aradea or hay and alfalfa i d.
mand continues good. Vpland: Choice, 912.10
14.00: No. 1, 912.!0.913.00; No. I. 910.I0O
oot No. 3, ii.0QOf.D0. Midland; No. 1,
111.000 12.10! NO. 2. 60010 60, XAwland
No. U II.30O9.00; No, I 9T.I0OS.90! Nav t,
Aire ra -cnoiee. sir.nnnzo.oo: rro.
9ll.009ll.00t standard, H5.oniMT.00! No. 2.
U8.ooni4.oo: no. . IlO.tPOlJ.SO,
niraw vati ot,oqt,o; wneat, fs.oeo
Metal Market.
New Tork. March 10. Me tale Lead, owlet
et e.7H ssaea. sjpeiter, eutet: spot, Bai
St. Louis delivery, 9l0.40Oi0.7l. Copper,
ajii; eiectroiyuc. a pot ana nearby, nominal
aeeond quarter. 9st.00O3l.0O, nominal; third
quarter, fii.ooosi.eo, iron, nrm and an-
changtv. Tin, ateady: spot, iH.ioosi.oo.
At leondon Copper; Spot.- f ISO: futurea.
1119 IPs: electrolytic, iti, Tim spot. 131
Si; futurea, 1214 lie. Lead, M 10s. Bp el.
ter, ?, f ; 1 ' '
' Bagmr Market,
Kew Tork, lyarch 20. Sugar Raw. firm
centrtfugai, o.sf tis.oje: moiaseee. 1.02
l.l.e. fteflned, firm; fine granulated, T.2I
O 0.00c. Sugar futures opened firm and
active today, on continued buying by the
Cuban Intereate aa well aa euonort from
nommlseton house. At Been prices were
u ft points n.gner.
' ' ' ,; (Ml si
Savaanah, Oa.. March It. Turpentln
Firm; 44c. eaiH, 1 bbi.; recti pta, ill
ahlpments, 2: stock, 9,714.
Roaln-Plrmt eatnt, 279 bble ! reoelpte,
341: Htitpmente. ion: L'ook. 00.478. Qnote
a. fl, i' antt p. ii bo: r, u. h una 1. n 40
K. 1.J0, 3t, N and WU, ti.Ui Wxr,
.All Market! Are Substantially
Higher, but the Trading is
Kather Slow.
r Omaha, March , HIT.
Today'fe. reeelpta of raln wart vary food
and wklla all markets war avbatantlaUy
talghar, tha trad waa rather alow twcatiM
of tha fact that aaveral of tha acllira held
out for better prleea en wheat and corn.
Tha demand, however, waa not over active,
and It was almost noon before the buyers
beyan to bay-corn, althoofh there were
quit few sales ef wheat and oats re
ported during tb early part of tha ses
sion .
The wheat market waa very stronr ai
an advance of 2c to 4c, and while there
were a few cars of mixed wheat sold, the
bulk of the sales were made up of the No.
and No. l trades of hard winter.
No. hard waa quoted at 11.01. a record
price; No. I hard brought 12.09, no. i
mixed aold at $3. OS. and on car of No.
mded brousht $2.00.
Tha corn market aencraiir waa quotea ic
hlvher and, with the eiceptlon of a few
la of the No. 1 aradee of wnit ana yel
low corn, all the corn aalea war made at
Tna oars maraei w Try miront
compared with the other market, and this
cereal sold much more readily than wheat
A new hlrh price of fflo waa had for a
choice car of No. 1 white oat, and there
were aeveral sales of ordinary No. I white
: etc 10 itc.
There wis onlr a Mant trad in ry nd
barley, and these market were again quoted
nominal):' firm.
Clearances were: wneai ana noar aqua.
UMOO bushels; corn, 30,dq vusaeia;
oats, bushels.
Primary wheat receinia wer ves.uutr no.
and ablpments of Ml,000 bo., aralnnt re-
Ipta of i.w.qoq bu. ana antpments or
040,000 bu. last year.
Primary corn receipts were 7S,oni mt
and ahlpments of 447,000 bu., against re
ceipts of 441,900 bu. and ahlpments of
ftftS.OOO bu. last year.
Primary oata receipts were 78H,oob nu.
and ahlpments of. 784,000 bu.. r-
ipts ot 123,900 bu. ana snipments or
6)1,000 bu. last year. '
Wheat.. Corn.1 Oats.
Chicago S , 110
Mlnneapolla 400 ... ...
Duluth t
Omaha 43 17 22
Kansas City ......... 10 HO . 70
8t. Iiula ...107 2 : 19
Winnipeg 147
Theae salea were reported today:
Wheat No. t hard winter: I can. 13.01.
No. t hard winter: X oar, $2.00. No. 4 hard
winter! 1 car, 92. Sample hard winter:
t ear, 11.10. No. 4 durum mlied; 1 car.
l.M. No. I mixed: 1 ear, 22.01. No. 4
mixed: 1 can 92.
Barley- Rejected : 1 ear, 11.12.
Corn No, 2 whltet 7 cars, 91.11,
whiu: 1 car (shipper's weights), : t
cars, 91.11; 1 ear, 91.17; 2 care. II. ITS.
No. I yellow: I cars. 11.11; 2 care, 9117.
No. I yellow; 1 car, 91.13; 1 car, 91.17; 9
cars, 9MT4; 1 car, 91.17. No. I mixed:
car, 11.16; I II ".
Oata No. 1 white: 1 oar, ooc. standara:
oar (shippers weights), etc. No. I
white: 1 car (shipper's weights), 14 c; 1
car, 04 c; 2 cars (ehlpper'a weights), 04c;
cars, 04c; 20 car, 040. xso. wnite: 1
car 04c.
Omaha Cash Price Wheat: no, I nara,
II.0BO3. Of: No. I hard, 9l.05O3.0l; No. 4
hard, 91IBOI 04; Corn: No. t white, 9117ft
1.11; No, I white, 91.17 01.11; No. 4
hit, 9l.UOM7; No. 9 white, 9M0
1.17: No. white. 91 It 1.17: Nof I
yellow. 9l.lT01.Ut No. t yellow, 11.17 O
II: No. 4 yellow, 11.1701.17; No. 0 yel
low, l.ll01.1THi -No. 0 yellow, 1.1I0
I7t no. 2 mixea. si.ieai.ivvi; no,
mixed. Il.ll01.1l: No. 4 mixed, 91.10O
N e mixea,; no.
mixed. 11.1601.14. Oits: No. I white,
4Otlo: standard, !4OI4a; No.
white, t404c; No. 4 white, t3O04o.
Barley: Malting, 91.1701 37; No. 1 feed. Rye; No. 2, 1.6l.ll MO.
91.01 Ol.OO.
Oaaah Fataree.
A bullish sentiment prevailed In the wheat
market aa a result of the continued dry
weather in the west, and while the market
declined a trifle during the early houra,
baying pressure forced almoot a 4o advanoa
in mat article.
The trade on the whole today was not
very active and was confined mostly to the
wheat and corn markets.
There were very few of the traders who
are willing to risk the abort side of the
market as long as the present acut. crop
situation exlits, and while the marked may
reeaive temporary setbacks, tne general
belief Is that prices Will eventually be much
May wheat opened irm tt a ho aavane
over yeeterday'a close; July wheat closed
practically unchanged, wntte tne neptemper
ruled a fraction lower.
All the corn out one advanced, nut tna
biggest gain waa made la the May article.
which closed lo higher, wnne juiy corn
advanced 1, and the September article
oloeed lc , higher.
The oats market was quiet. Mid while
May oata ruled a fraction higher at the
dose, tha July and September options closed
Local range of prices!
Art. I Open. 1 HigH. , Lovr.j Close. 17.
WhtTT "1 : 1
May t'14 1 99 114 111 104
July 1 01 1 66 10S 1 lfi 160
Sept.; 1 10 1 12 160 1 10 160
May 1 14 1 16 114 1 10 114
July , 1 11 1 14 113 1 14 111
Sept. 1 10 HI 119 1 11 110
Mey 12 : 12 01 61 03
July ' 60 10 66 66 66
Sept. 40 41 40 41 46
Chicago eloalng price, furnished The Bee
by Logan A Bryan, stock eM grain brokers.
115 south sixteenth street, omana:
Art. Open. High. 1 Low. Close. Tee.
Wht. I I
May 1 19 1 91 104 1 II 194
July 1 17 1 66 100 1 00 160
Sep. 1 91 1 16 1S1 1 94 113
May 1 1T 1 19 117 1 II 117
July 110 1 17 116 117 116
Sep. 1 14 1 16 114 1 13 114
May; 11 11 11 63 91
July 16 .60 66 61 66
Sep. ,61 91 II 13 62
May 14 71 14.60 84 II 34 II 34 90
July . 94 01 34 09 12 96 II 17 SI 17
May 19 97 20 20 II II 20 II 19 17
July 19 02 19 37 29 17 20 22 II 16
May II 30 II 17 19 30 16 33 IS 19
July II 17 18 66 til 27 13 60 13 20
Wheat Advances 9 Maw High Reeertl Be-
: cause a fBaUleh News,
Chicago; March 29. Higher- war prices
yet were touched in the wheat market to
day, the quotation for May delivery jumping
to wiinin o or a ousnei, uooaya
record, which resulted from excited, rushes
to buy, waa the topmost ever reached by
any future delivery sine 1660. Sensa
tional crop damage re porta, eepeclally from
southern-Nebraska, la rgely-responsible
ror the new upturn. The market eioeed un-
nettled at -the sams aa-yeaterday'a finish
to 3q, higher, with May at 91.07 to
9116, and July at 91.09 to 91.66
Corngalned lo to lo net;, oata, o
to ic. and provisions e to 27O30e.
wild trading in wheat developed soon
after th atart, the apeeulatlve crowd being
greatly wrought up by report indicating
that 79 per cent of the winter crop In the
eouthern half -of Nebraska had been so
badly damage by drought: that the fields
were being ploughed over and sown te oats
ana barley. Kansaa reports told also of a
vere damage and seemed to Imply that un-
leaa rain fell soon the yield in many sections
might be almost a total failure. The effect
of such sdvlees was undoubtedly heightened
by the ract that tne reoent enforcement
of an embargo In Argentina had led North
America as tha only aourc of breadstuff
supply readily available for Europe. In thla
connection the high premiums being paid
ror ,cn wheat wer taaen aa pointini
clearly to the urgency of tha demand and
tha emallnese of stocks at consuming point.
Striking news of a big defeat for the
Turks In Palestine acted at one time aa
aomethlng ef a check en the wheat bulls
aa the dlaster te the Moaelems. suagested
a renewed likelihood of the opening of the
Pardanellee. However, wires soon
soaring again and showed no further Im
portant reaction until realising of profit
became free In the last hour and mad th
pit nervous. .
Com ascended with wheat. All deliveries
went to new hleh price levels for thls ee
wma crop. IteftMpte here were notably
small and rural settling meager, Oata
came up to within a fraction of the tiptop
season values scored last November.
Provisions advanced eharply on parebasea
credited to commission housee and packers,
snd Impelled by the upward awing of the
hog market and o f grain. Lard especially
waa In demand, and like wheat and corn
smashed some of tb existing high price
Cbtcago Cash Price wneat: No. 1 red.
nominal: No. 3 red,. 3,06 2.00; Noe. 2
and 3 hard, nominal. Corn: No. 3 yellow.
nominal; No. 2 yellow, 0I.ZIOl-Zl, No. 4
yellow, I1.30OI 21. Oats: No. I white. 640
66c; standard, 65066c. Ryo: No. 3,
11.70. Barley, 31.1001.36. '' Seeds: Timothy,
14. 0006-76; clover, 113.00011-00. provisions:
Pork, 13.4.06; lard, :0.00O20.26; ribs, 118.60
Batter Hi gner; creamery, id v tic,
Erse Higher; receipts, 13,336 casei ;
firsts, 30 Sic; ordinary firsts. 2 0 21 c;
at mark, cases Included, 27030c.
Potatoes Unchanged; receipts - twenty
care. ....
Quotations of the Day on the Various Lead-
teg Commodities.
New Tork, Kerch 21. Flour Strong;
spring patents. 10.06O10.30; winter pat
ents, 9I.70OI.I&; winter straights, 60.300
360; Kansaa straights. 910.06010.30.
Wheat fiDOt. stronc; No. g hard, 0Z.Z7;
No. 1 northern, Duluth, 12.38; No. 1 north
ern, Manitoba, 13.32. f. o. b New Tork.
Com spot, strong; no, 2 ye now,
I. f.. New. Yor st-
Oats Spot, firmer; standard, 77c
Hops Dull; state, medium to choice, 1016.
36040c; Paclflo coast, medium. to choice,
Provisions porn, strong; mess, tdo.iuitr
37.00; family, $3.flOSj1.00; short clears,
937.00030.00. Beef, firm; mess, Z6.oo
20.00: family 927.00020.00. Lard, firm;
middle west, 920.40020.60.
Hides Uulet: Bogota, 43044c; Central
America, 43c.
Leather Quiet; hemlock firsts, 07c; sec
onds, 66c.
Tallow Firm; city, izc, nominal; coun
try, 12013c; special, 13c.
Butter Firm; receipts, e.ees tuos; cream
ery, higher than extras, 44atc; cream
ery, extras, (02 score), 44c; firsts, 40O
c; seconds, S7voc.
Esse Firm: recelpte, 11,362 cases; freeh
gathered., storage packed, firsts, 34 c; fresh
gathered, firsts, 33 034c.
Cheese steadier receiprs, i.iuo noire:
state, held, specials, 27027c; same, aver
age fancy, 26 037c.
Poultry urwsaea, strong; cnicxens, iety
20c: fowls, 18024c; turkeys, 18034c.
tve, firm; chickens, 31Z3c; fowls, 2&0
26c; turkeys, 26c. v ,
OMAHA 4i EN KM At. tt.lKECT.
Poultry Alive Broilers, 1 to 2 lbs., 30c;
broilers. 2 to 2 lbs., 26c: hens, under 4
lb., 10c; hens, over 4 lbe 18c; springs, ell
elses, smoooth legs and soft under 6 lbs..
2c; old roosters and stags, 14c; geese, 14c;
duoks, 16c ; turkeys, 20c ; capons, over I
It. 24c; capons, 9 lbs and under, 20c;
guineas, each, 26c; squabs. Homers, 14 oa,
each, per doxen, 94.00.
H.t ter Choice creamery. No. 1 40et No
Eggs Fresh, No, 1, case, 97.90; No. I,
fresh, 97.30; erax, caae, 90.60.
(Jbeee ouotatiuita by (Iriau tt Co. I
Cheese Fancy domestic, 42c; block, 32c;
twins, 26c; daisies, 27c; triplets, 37c;
young Americas, 28o; Blue Label brlrk,
24 c; Hmburger, 2ftc; Herkelmer (N. Y.)
white, 28c roquefort, 0&c.
Wholeeaie price of beet rutai
Beef Cuts Ribs: No. 1, 2:0 lb.; Ko. 1,
30o; No. 2, 10c. Loins: No. 1, 26c; No. 2,
24c; No. 8, lie. Chucks: No. 1, I6c; No.
16c; No. 3, 14 Ho. Hounds: No. 1. 17c;
. 2, 16o; No. I, 16c Prates; No. 1,
13c; No, 2, 13o; No. 2, Uc.
Onion Sets Tellow. bu.. 14.00. red. 11.20:
whit. 94.60.
Msmmotn eatery, per oosen, sso.
Frosen Fish Salmon Falls. 14c! Salmon
Stiver, lie: trout. 17c; cat flab, lie; Alesks
sablefleb. 11c; smelts. 18c; whiting. 16c;, lo; pike, yellow, dressed. 17c:
round, i4c: picasrei, aressea. ibc; rouna.
6c: herring, round. 7o; herring. 8c:
jumbo, 260; round, email, llo; til fish for
sieaKs, 1x0. .
rish rresn nanout, id., ib: iresn catiisn,
large, 20c; medium, llo; froxen salmon, 17c;
fresh frosen smelts, Ic; herring, dressed, 7c;
pickerel, round, frosen, 9c; pickerel, dressed,
frosen. lie; yellow pike, round, nc: pisck
froxen, 16o; crapplea, Ic; silver bass, white
perch. Ic: yellow perch, Set catfish, 16c; roe
shad, 10c; fresh black base, 35010c; smoked
whiting, headieea, mc; Kippered saimon, iso;
black cod. alaska sable fish, lie.
Smoked, halt and spiced Fish Smoked
white chuba, ltc; kippered salmon, 18o; fin
nan naaaie, 110; coatisn. noi ruruan coa.
!(.; puooi, vai cvrvixn. nurrius, ivu
hlrttra. Kfl trt box. 11.70: 100 to box. 13.16
l,c; PC 1 10c K, Bc; ivp.iv jx nerring, ivc;
kippered cod, 10-lb, bssketa, lOo; whlteflsh.
No. 1. 40 lbs.,; 10 lbs., ii,40; horrintt,
spiced. 40 lbs.. 13.86: 10 lbs., t&o.
Oysters "King Cole." large cans, stan
dards. 40oi selects, 46c: counts, 60o
Fruits Oranges : 260. 238s. 124s, 13,00;
200. 216. 61.76: 100s. 126s, 160s, 176s, 14.00.
Lemons: Fancy 100s, 860s, 6.0o; choice
200s. 860s. 14.60. Oraoefrult: 30s, 14.00
46a. 24.26: 64a. 84.S0: 64s. 80s. 16s. 16.00.
Apples: Jonathans, -extra fancy, 92.36;
Jonathans, fancy. 12.16: wine saps, 176s,
entailer, 93 00; W. W. Pearmalnes, extra
rancy, fl.eo; vv. w. rearmaines. xancy,
93.86; Ben Davis, orchard run. 91. IOt Mis
souri Pippins orchard run, 11.60. Bananas,
Veaetab ea Potatoes Ratlnr. I3.8P hu.;
Early Ohlos, 92.21 bu. Sweet poUtoes. 13.09
hamper; sweet potatoea seed, ox.ze dpi.
Celery, 91.00 dos.; crate, 94.60. Turnips,
carrnta. earanlos. rutabaaoea. 4o lb. Cab-
base, le Ib, Lettuce. 94.00 crate, 91.35 do.
Cauliflower, 96.60 orate, 92.00 doi. Cucum-
hsra. extra, rancv. aos. Tomatoes.
97.00 crate. Onions: Red, 12o Ib.; Spanish,
910.00 orate.
MlscellaneotM Cider, mo tie, s.z xer.
Onion sou: Tellow, 99.00 bu.; red, I&.60
bu.; white, ll.oo bu.
Minneapolis Grabs Market.
Minneapolis. March 20. What May,
11.13401.02: July. 91.8601.8&. Cash:
No. 1 hard, 83.10O9.U; No. 1 northern,
93.00Q1.04; NO, 2 nor mem, si.yeo
Corn No. I yellow, 11.1801. 30.
Oats No. I white, 62062c.
Flaxaead 22.88 WO 2.17.
Floor Second clean advanced 26c, quoted
at 86.80; other grades unchanged.
Barley i.oio--
Rye 91 6401 66.
Bran 316,0034.00.
London Stocks and Bends,
London. March 30. American securities
were uncertala pending action by congress
on the Stock exchange today.
Silver Bar, 16 14-184 per ounce.
Moniiv 1H nar cent.
Dlecount Rate Short bills and' three
months, 4 par cent.
" Dank Cleavrtaig.
Omaha. March- 81. Bank rlearinga for
Omaha today were 90,727,037.06, nd for
the corresponding day last year, a.Bie,
161.21. ' Leaden Sxehaag Will Close.
London. March 20. The stock exchange
here wilt he closed April I, 7 and f, Easter
holidays. .
Benefit Dance for Base
Ball Team of the Stags
A benefit dance for the baSe ball
team of. the Order of Stags will be
held tt the Swedith auditorium Sat
urday night at 8:30. All of the funds
derived from the dance will go to
ward the purchase of uniforms ana
equipment for the nine. All of the
base ball player, and fans in Omaha
have been invited to attend.
Daily Mats., IS-M-gOc
Evan'is, 15-JS-SO-75C
as tB..a.ia4 mm ttssaealMsaa lallltlH ait HetatflM
Israseu Aensals. a Fame at tas Nnr Tars wiam
(Flssl Ferlornsaee Friday Nut)
. .meat n.MS I.. Titles wru nave.
Sat Mat. Wk: Trad Irwin's Majesties."
Mb mtlm. Ml: Ntttrt. TMt WmH.'
KOUNSi ! niiiri imi rinufi MMaren
L.til at ttlM. A rattans. Trmvtil WaeklV.
Pr4m: Mat. Klfwv, I9a: tat Mali wft Biter-
Mf Mfl tyj. .; aHju, iw. zm, ta hi m.
rOUalS 319IUU lc nwt ;
DurrET wunn
CblMraa'a Mat. Ubirdmf 10 A. M.
Market Counterpart of Dull
And Irregular Session
Of Previous Day.
New Tork, Marcb tt. Except tor spo
radic movement. In special atocks, mainly
at ht.h levels, today's market waa a coun
terpart or tlie dull and Irregular seeeion
of the previous day. Trading was again
restricted almost wholly to tha professional
elements, whloh brought and aold according
to its caprices or th. sxigencles of ths hour.
Banking Interest, were somewhat appre
hensive during the morning on the sudden
suspension of the market for exchange on
the Teutonic center, but wheat condition
waa overcome later when rates on Berlin
and Vienna stiffened substantially. Declara
tion of martial law In Spain gave rise to
further misgivings regarding tha general,
European altuatlon.
Over tt - per cent of the total of &70,too
sharea took place In the forenoon, the last
three hours recording an almoet ateady di
minution of operations to the accompani
ment of tower quotations, in which rails
yielded with the general list.
Next to United Ststes Steel which ranged
between 114 apd 114H, closing at 114,
a net loss of ii ot m point, the most active
stocks of the day included two newly listed
issues Blrwlatre Oil and Mldvale Hteel.
Sinclair, made an extreme gain ot 4 points
to tilt, but Mldale'a maximum of 61
waa a gain of only to 1 point over Its
final quotation on the "curb."
Wilson Packing made the new nigh reocrd
of 13 on another rise of t point, and
Ohio Oa. also aought a higher level on
Its advance to 182. with the aubscrlptlon
"right.'' at4. but both failed to hold
at top levels. Other epeclaltlee and utilities
shaded on small offerings and metals, ship
pings and minor rails wer. lower by 1 to z
Motor and Leather Issues, were early fea
tures ot marked strength, but declined ab
ruptly In the laat half hour with Sugar.
and some of th. secondary equipment and
supply Issues, Including Petroleume.
General news embraced an analyals of
February Import, and exports, the latter
item aggregating 467.ff83,406, an Increase
of almoat 66,000,OUO over tha aame month
of mo.
Th. only noteworthy rail statment for
February waa that of th. Lehigh Valley
railway showing a net decreaae of 1644,311.
Bonds were irregular with a decline of
t point In Pennsylvania railway 4s.
Bond sales, par value, 12,860,000,
United State bonds wer. unchanged on
Sales; High. lw. Close.
Am. Beet Sugar... 16,100 18 6
Am. Can 28,800 11 60 60
Am. Car 4 F ndry. 2,100 71 6S 61
Am. Loco.
1,000 7Z 71 . 71
6,000 106 104 104
2,700 113 113 113
400 127 127 127
800 27 36 36
1.800 84 85 83
300 104 104 104
10,600 61 i 69
300 7 71 V. 7!
Am. Smelt lb Ref.
Am. Sugar Ref...
Am. Tel. ft Tel....
Am. Z., L. AS...
Anaconda Copper,.
Baldwin Loco
Baltimore A Ohio..
Brook. Rap. Tran,.
B A 8. Copper... -
300. 46
600 24
California Petroleum
Canadian Paclflo..
400 164 164 163
Wool bunting flag's, best
Size 6x10 ft, $10.50 Size
Secure Your
Friday or '
Vivian Martin in "TheSpirit
Human Interest
THE 8TORY "The Spirit of Romance" la aptly named. Briefly. It la tha story
. romance enaoies ner to point out
HUMAN ntTERESTOf course, the little drudge's Idee W a retular time would he to be turned loos In candy store, ,
so it Is cult, natural she should round up all the kids in the neilhborhood and turn them loose in confectionery
shop. Is there anybody in the world who wouldn't like to see this scene, oven tt they oouldn't take part in it? Aiid
. from the psthetie moments, this picture abounda in comedy.
( One impromptu bit by Colin Chase la a Una of experiments with a tea ksttle, which will "rock ths house" with
laughter. .
THE AUTHOR Trie whlmtlcal story.
. screen by Adele Harris.
iiS(0) IS
. - in
1000 - n'ftufc
14.101 12 10 11
1,40. 61 10 60
1,100 84 18 3
4tt 111 117 117
Corn Producta Ref. 10,100
Crucible Steel. rt.. 7,700
68 K
Dlstlller'a Sec
Oen. Electric
OU Northern pfd..
Ot. No. Ore Ctfs...
Illisoi. Central....
Inter. Con.ol Corp.
Inspiration ,Copper.
I. IOt
600 166 161
200 lit 116
1,800 36 34
700 106 106
1,200 12 12
1,700 11 60
Inter. Bar., N. J
Int. 11. M. pfd. ct(a. 20,100
K. C Southern i..
ti 81'
Kennecott Copper ,
L. A N :.
Mexican Petroleum
Miami Copper
Mo. Pacific, new...
Montana Power....
National Lead
Nevada Copper....
N. Y. Central
M. T., N. H. A H..
Norfolk A Western
Northern Paclflc...
Pacific Mall
Pacific Tel. A Tel.
Ray Con. Copper..
Rep. iron A Steel. .
Shattuck Arts. Cop.
Southern Paclflo...
Southern Railway..
Studebaker Co
Texas Company....
Union Pacific
U. a Ind. Alcohol.
U. S. Steel........
U. S. Steel pfd....
2,600 46 46
400 130 130
200 t3 10
1,100 41 40
1.300 31 30
t.000 108 104
1,200 61 60
98 17
2,400 134 132 132
400 106 106 106
1,700 104 102 102
s.ouo ZZ9 226 226
4,200 141 140 140
1,600 126 123 123
12,800 116 114 114
ww IIS 118 117
utan copper 4,300 111 110 110
tvaoasn rid. "U".. 400 26 . 25 .. 26
Western Union 600 17 97 97
Westing Eiectrio.. 4,900 13 62 52
' Total sales for the day, 170,000 sharea,
Three Resign from Guard
To Join Regular Army
Three members of the Fifth Ne
braska1 National Guard have resigned
to join, the regular army.. They are
Charles I. Shaul and James M. Puett
of Lincoln and Lon M. Richardson
of Beatrice. They will be sent to the
army training camp at Fort Logan,
Colo., if their resignations from the
guard ar accepted. The Fifth regi
ment has not yet been called out by
the president.
Four New Boy Scout -
Troops Are Approved
Four new Boy Scout troops were
approved by the executive committee
of the scout council at a noon meet
ing at the Commercial cluh. Thev
are the troops of Scoutmaster Fred-
navan, tlanscom Park Methodist
church; James Drummond, St. Mary's
Avenue Congregational church; Paul
T. Hill, Oak Street Methodist church,
and George H. Bowley, St Luke's
When the
Central Leather
C. ft O ,
C, M. A St. P..,
C. A N
acct paid
Chino Copper. . .,
Colo. F. and I. . .
Anticipating the requirements of
"Old Glory" this store displays a
embracing large and small
ikllflflVV ' tiAiAwn1 lUsjenslMM
vuinuig, uauviieu wuiiiviiig,
cfii ri an
aim ring ah mouniea wrcn gin spears,
each .10c to $3.50
Muslin Flags White sticks, bright colors, from
per dozen, 5c, to each ... .35c
Sewed Stripe, fast colors, canvas heading,
brass grommets, clamp dye blue field
Size 3x5 ft, ea..$1.00
Size 4x6 ft., ea..$1.69
Size 4x8 ft., ea. .$2.25
National Bunting Flag, sewed stripes, sewed
stars, canvas heading, brass grommets, clear
fast colors
Size 6x10 ft., ea . $6.98 Size 4x6 ft., ea . . $3.75
Size 3x5 ft., ea. . $2.98
grade worsted, heavy canvas
5x8 ft. ; .$8.50 Size 4x6 ft. .
Story ay Well-knowm AuUer, Produced ay
tna road to happiness to (rouchy old
"The Spirit of Roma ace,"
waa written by
"Real War Pictures"
is the phrase on everybody's Hps that have seen these
"History Pictures." There are still a few who cry
"fake," but they will be convinced they are wrong
when they see for themselves.
The Authentic British Government-made Pictures of
Exhibited aa thla vicinity under th auspice l
They Ar tha Most Wonderful Motion Pictures Evar Produced
Don't Misa Tkam at tha
EMPRESS THEATER, Omaha, Neb, Sunday, Men day, Tuesday and Wednesday,
April 1. 2, a, and 4.
MAJESTIC THEATER, Cedar Raplda, la. Today and Saturday.
NICHOLAS THEATER, Council. Bluffs, la, Tueedey, April 24th Wed, April SSth.
PALM THEATER, Omaha. Neb, Saavday. April th Monday, April 30th.
PLAZA THEATER, He. tin is Neb, Tuesday. May 14th.
PLATTE THEATER, North Piatt. Neb, Monday. May 20th Tueeday, May Hat,
LYRIC THEATER. Broken Bow, Neb.. Wedneedey. May 30th.
ORPHEUM, South Omaha, Monday, April S.
Sheriff Avers Charges
Of Prisoners Are Absurd
' Sheriff Clark characterized as "in
sidious" and "contemptible" the at
tack made upon him through the
medium of a one Bert Osborn, a
prisoner, in a statement regarding
alleged bad conditions in the jail.
Osborn, who served a sixty-day sen
tence, was supposed to have written a
statement that prisoners in thp jail
were not properly fed and that the
food was insufficient and in some
cases spoiled, causing sickness among
the inmates.
"Utterly absurd," asserted the sher
iff. "Absolutely untrue. If this Osborn
went to bed hungry a single night,
it was his own fault. He got as
much to eat as the other prisoners
and none Of them have complained.
It's silly when he says he was put 'in
the hole' in solitary confinement for
thirteen days.
"This fellow made himself so ob
noxious to the other prisoners that
they kicked him out of their cells
and we had to put him in a cell by
himself. The cell was no darker than
any other, unless Osborn put some
thing over the windows.
"I buy the meat fresh every day
from one of the biggest and most
reputable stores in Omaha. I pay
a good price for it and it is good,
clean meat. This store is just as in
censed as I am over this fake about
tainted meat.
"Dropping notes out of the jail
window is a physical impossibility.
No notes could be thrown out of a
window and there would be no rea
son to throw any .out. Any 'notes
Ofjborn wrote evidently got into the
hands of the 'right' person at the
'right' time." ,
Civic League Meeting to
Have a Patriotic Air
The annual meeting of the Omaha
Civic league, to be held Friday night
at 7:30 at the Commercial club rooms,
will probably be more of a patriotic
demonstration than a civic meeting.
Secretary Stanley Rosewater of the
league, when he attended the patriotic -meeting
at . the Commercial club at
noon, invited the representatives of
all the organizations present there to
come to the Civic league meeting
Friday night, as he said he believed
every civic organization should make
national patriotism a part of its life
and activity.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road
to Success.
Call Came
extraordinary demand for
readiness with flag stocks,
sizes in government wool
J 1T 1 1
atv buk or musun prints.
xj ..i ...
Size 5x8 ft., ea..$2.49
Size 5x10 ft., ea.$2.98
Size 6x10 ft., ea. $3.50
heading, brass grommets
.$5.50 Size 3x5 ft. . .$4.50
Every Home
Display the
of Romance"
Pallas Pictures.
of a little flrl
whose natural love ef
millionaire and a young Inventor.
George Hopkins and prepared for the