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    8 A
Delegation to Appear Before
House Committee to Protest
Enactment of Measure.
Twelve men representing imple
ment houses, coal dealers, retail dry
goods, shoes, music and many other
mercantile lines in Omal a, are, to go
in solid body to Lincoln Monday to
1: hca,rd before a house committee in
opposition to what is known as the
"landlord's lien bill." The bill is Sen
ate File No. 164.- It has passed the
senare. ' .
It provides that delinquency in rent
on a residence, apartment or farm
shall constitute a hen on any oror.
erty on the premises, with an exemp
tion of IJJU.
The implement men are afraid that
where they sell implements on time
to a renter, the landlord may drive m
a day after the rent is due and haul
off the self-binder, the wagons, the
grass mowers and other implements
which the renter has not yet paid for.
1 he coal dealer is atraid the landlord
will crowd his renter customers and
haul their roal out of the cellar before
it is paid for. The retail merchants
are afraid the furnftiire. piano, phono
graph, ladies' cloaks and other goods
cold on time may be snatched by the
landlord if the customer's rent is
Think Bill Unfair.
They want to take no chances, to
tbey are going before the house com
mittee, since the senate committee
Save them no chance to come before
it, but passed the bill without giving
the retailers a hearing.
The delegation from Omaha is to
be headed by William H. Schmoller
of the Schmoller & Mueller Piano
company. Other members of the
delegation are Mr. Clausen of the
Crane company, Frank Sturtevant ot
1 lie Lininger Implement company,
James Taylor of the Burgss-Nash
company, Thomas Flynn of Hayden
Brothers, Ed Malone of Brandeis, H.
R. Uowen of the Central Furniture
company, Henry Rosenthal of the
I'nion Outfitting company, H. Fel
heimer of Hartman's Furniture com
pany, George E. Mickel of the Ne
braska Cycle company, Robert Rosen
iweig of the Drexel Shoe company,
Kay Goddard of the People's Coal
company, W. G. Brandt of Orchard
Wilhelm Company and J. W. Met
calfe, secretary of the Associated Re
tailers of Omaha.
That is not all. . ,
Out-State Merchants Aroused.
Retailers are coming from other
towns in the state with strong dele
gations to protest against the passage
of he bill. Fremont, Nebraska City
and Grand Island are sending delega
tions of retailers to protest.
Saturday afternoon the Fremont
Retail Merchants' association tele
graphed Representative Norton, chair.
mail of the house judiciary commit
tee, the following:
"In behalf of the business men of
Fremont we protest against Senate
File No. 164. The statement that the
rent dodger is the only knocker on
the bill if untrue. We have inter
viewed most of the business men.
They are all opposed to the measure.
View it as uniuat. unfair and ttnMrm.-
, Sneaked Through Senate. ' -Secretary
J. W. Metcalfe of the As
sociated Retailers of Omaha said,
"We tried every way pqssible to get
a hearing opposing this measure be
fore the senate committee, but they
dodged us at every turn, and finally
passed it without giving us a chance
to be heard. Senators Strehlow, San
derson and Sooat were the only men
ever allowed to appear on-the meas
ure before the senate committee, and
they are the men who have been all
along crdited with having framed the
measure. Merchants from Grand
Island, Fremont and Nebraska City
also wrote many letters to the com
mittee seeking to be allowed to ap
pear before the senate committee to
voice opposition, but no attention was
paid to them.
"If this bill should go through, the
retailers, would be compelled to be
come at least 25 per cent tighter in
the matter of credits," said Metcalfe.
Mr. Metcalfe says Representative
Norton, chairman of the house judi
ciary committee, before whom the
hill is now pending, has consented to
give the retailers a hearing. The
hearing is set for 4:30 o'clock Mon
day afternoon. , .
Dorchester Gives Annual
Home Talent Plav tn Crnwrl
Dorchester, Neb., March 24. (Spe
cial.) The Dorchester concert band
gave its annual home talent dranm
entitled, "The Detested Mormon's
Reward," to the largest audience in
Dorchester for years.
Russell Freidcll, the detested Mor
mon, and nib henchman, Vern Byers.
played strong parts and the rest of
the cast was well balanced.. Nellie
Byers, Blanche ' Smith, Lester Joy,
M. M. Wall and William Sanborn
flayed the comical parts with great
.-asc, while Clinton Groscup, Walter
llttxford, Rhea Freidcll and Damie
Rettig played the character leads with
The play will be taken to Milford
map shows the) extent of the allied advance following the
German retirement in France. The lighter h lading shows
the progress made by the British (north of Ham, roughly),
and French troops on the first day of the general retirement;
the darker shadirigsahows the advance reported on the sec
ond and third , days of the withdrawal. .The "Hindenburg
line," where the Germans are expected to make a stand, is
also shown.
Governor . Neville Answers
Eastern Query as to View
of Donation to Trance.
Gage County Farmer f
Says Much Wheat Dead
Beatrice, Neb., March 24. (Special
Telegram.) Edward Bartlett, an old
resident of this city, returned today
from a trip to the Ellis vicinity,
where he examined the wheat in
eight fields. He reports that more
than half of it is dead. He says there
will not be a half crop of wheat in
Gage county this year.
Finish New Hotel
Fremont, Neb., March 24. (Spe
cial.) The finishing touches to the
exterior walls of the new Pathfinder
hotel, which the Fremont Hotel com
pany it building, have been com
pleted and the contractors will turn
their attention to the interior. The
partitions for four of the six atoriei
have been installed and a force of
men it at work on the plumbing and
wiring. Foreman Moore of the J. C.
Mardis company saya he will have
the structure complete by June 1.
Persistence la the Cardinal Virtue
in Advertising.
Two Full City Tickets
In Field at Aurora
Aurora, Neb., March 24. (Special.)
Two full city tickets are now in the
ctj 1 L. -. I
ricm aim pontics Dciwcen now anu
April 3 will probably be warm in
Aurora. Because of trouble over the
nomination of councilman in the Sec
ond ward at the first city caucus, an
other one was held and full tickets
W. E. Lounsbury was today named
to take the place of C. W. Wentz,
who declined the' .nomination for
mayor on the second ticket. W. I.
Farley, former member of the lcgia
lature, is the opposing candidate for
mayor. Frank A. Burt was named
at the second caucus for school board
and he has declined to accept the
nomination. W. S. Shaneyfelt has
been named to take his place.
the two city tickets are the fol
lowing: W. I. Farley and W. E.
Lounsbury, mayor: Glenn R. Hi-
worth and John Quinn, city clerk; R.
K.ChaDman. Clarence K. acovill and
James Schoonover, councilmen on
one ticket; John Davis, John Grisel
and Ed DeWaters, councilmen on the
other ticket; F. E. Edgerton and S.
C.' Stephenson, for school board on
ona ticket; June Klumb and W. S.
Shaneyfelt on the other ticket
Nebraska City Bandit' '
May Be Murder Suspect
Nebraska City. Neb.. March 24.
(Special Telegram.) St. Louis police
suspect that Joseph Endaley, alias Ed
Jackson, one of the men under arrest
era for robbing the Petring garage
and who later almost killed Jailer
Swanson in effecting an escape from
the Otoe county jail, is Frank Lewis,
wanted in St. Louis on a murder
charge. A description of the St. Louis
man is being sent here in the endeavor
to complete the identification.
Mallow. Jackson s companion, has
admitted that he is the son of George
Mallow of St. Louis, where his par
ents and sister now live. He has been
implicated in a number Of minor of
fenses in the Mound City, the officers
there declare.
ail. Suiininn fnnnittnn rfmiiii.
dangerous, but not necessarily fatal.
Earl Reynolds Re-elected
President of Endeavorers
Fremont. Neb.. March 24. (Spe
cial.) Schuyler was chosen for the
1918 meeting place of District No. 2,
Nebraska Christian Endeavor Union,
at the business meeting Saturday
forenoon. The following officers
were elected: . President, Earl C.
Reynolds, Omaha, re-elected; vice
resident, Miss Mabel Lester, Schtiy
!t: secretary. Miss Eva Kennedy.
Papillion; treasurer. Miss Allie
C'ruickshank, Fremont; superintend
ent of missions. Miss Ida L. Wolley,
Omaha: junior superintendent, Miss
Pearl Holloway, Fremont: interme
diate superintendent, Mrs, J. H. Ells
berry, Omaha.
State Buys More Land
For Valentine Hatchery
(From ft Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, March 24. (Special.)
The state of Nebraska has just com
pleted the purchase of 478.4 acres of
land from the city of Valentine, for
the use of the state fish hatchery at
that placee. Appropriation for the
purchase was made by the 1915 legis
lature, but the deal was not consum
mated until the last week. The price
was only $597.50, or $1.25 an acre.
Governor Neville Refuses
Requisition for Bolton
Lincoln, March 24. (Special.)
Governor Neville has denied a re
quisition for the return to Colorado
of R. 0. Bolton, wealthy cattleman
of O'Neill, Neb., wanted at Sterling,
Colo., on a charge of perjury. He
was accused of making a false as
sessment return on a large herd of
cattle he owned near Sterling in the
spring of 1915. '
Persistence Is the Cardinal Virtue
in Advertising.
(From ft Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, March 24. (Special.)
Nebraskans can't get heated over a 6
per cent war loan to t ranee when
they have to pay from 8 to 10 per cent
for money for local development.
That's Governor Keith Neville's
opinion of a proposed $1,000,000,000
gift to France. He says so in his re
ply to the following telegram from
the New York World:
To obtain loan of IIM0D.0M In Wall
itreet France, has been compiled to pay
more than S per cent Intereat and to de
poilt 1120,000,000 tn storks and bonds as
collateral. We are Imposing pawnbrokers'
terme on France. Durln American colonies'
flsht for Independence French government
expended hundreds of millions In helping
them. Not ft dollar has ever been repaid to
France. The World advocates a gift by the
oomlng congresa of 11,000,000.000 to France.
It would pay our debt to France and would
be best and quickest way we could par
ticipate In war. Will you not kindly wire us
your opinion aa to whether congress should
not take such action or action similar to
1U Thanking you. .'
Governor.! Reply
To which the governor of Nebraska
responded: '
People of the western states would be '
mora exercised over the charge of c per
cent on war loan If a greet part of them
ware. .not compelled to pay 8 and 10 per
cent to sscure money for local development.
Franco did not expect a bonus for services
rendered the states In 177C; the United
States does not expect reward for succoring
Cuba In lass nor for the expenditure of mil
lions In behalf of the peeople of France,
Belgium and other European countries ren
dered daatltuta by the war.
Methodists Hear That Movies
1 More Popular Than Church
Fremont, Ne"tfc, March 24. (Spe
cial.) Dr. J. L. Fort of Chicago,
speaking at the district efficiency
cqnvention of the First Methodist
church Friday evening, declared that
nearly twice as much is spent in
America for seeing' the "movies" as
is contributed to the church for all
purposes. Expenditures for all
Protestant churches in the country
durjng the last year totaled $300,000,
000 and $500,000,000 was spent for ad
mission to the picture shows.
Dr. U. G. Brown of Omaha, super
intendent of the Omaha district, pre
sided at the sessions. Dr, F. M. Sis
son of Fremont was appointed cap
tain of the group for better organiza
tion and more efficiency. About thir
ty delegates came from Blair, Arling
ton, Kennard, Leshara, Valley and
other places.
Nelson High Debaters
Defeat Hildreth Team
Nelson, Neb., March 24. (Special.)
The Hildreth High school debating
team was unanimously defeated last
night by the Nelson High school. The
judges were S. C. Zimmerman, law,
15, an attorney of Lincoln and a
former Nebraska varsity debater;
Ralph Canaday of Minden, and D. C.
Eldredge of Omaha, both University
of Nebraska debaters. The speakers
for Nelson, who supported the affini
tive, were: Helen Goodrich, George
Barber, Clive Ferebee, and Lloyd
Follmer, alternate. The Hildreth
team: Frank Samuelson, Wilson and
Ohms. This was a semi-final debate,
Hildreth having won over Lawrence
and Nelson over Shickley. The ques
tion was the Nebraska league ques
tion, the abandonment of the Monroe
France Puts Further Limit
Upon Articles tor Import
Paris, March 24. By authority of
the cabinet the minister of commerce
today issued a. decree prohibiting all
imports whatsoever except such as
hlay be authorized specifically by the
government upon application.
The decree provides that all appli
cations for the importation of foreign
goods must be referred to a commit
tee tn which the ministries interested,
Parliament and the Chamber of Com
merce of Paris are represented.
' All products imported and special
permits on the recommendation of
this committee will be distributed
among manufacturers and merchants
pro rata to their indispensible re
quirements. Streams in North Part
Of State Back in Banks
Floods in the northern . ..of the
state are rapidly subsiding and the
streams are getting back within their
banks. Service on the Omaha road
has been resumed on all the branches
and trains are making sch-'li ' ilnic-
On the Northwestern s Aiobrara
branch the bridge over the Verdigris
creek between Niobrara and Verdigris,
washed out Thursday, ha- been re
placed and trains are running across
Around Norfolk the streams have
receded and no more trouble is an
ticipated, as the ice has all run out
and most of the snow has disappeared.
German Raider Moewe Takes
Six Hundred Captive Sailors
Into German fort.
LeRoy Proctor, with the Pease
Bros, company for the. last seven
years, has taken position as manager
tor the Premier Hat shop, a store tor
men located in the First National
Bank building. 306 South Sixteenth
street, with a full line of haberdash
. Scarlet Fever in Gretna.
Gretnai Neb.. March 24. (Special.)
There are two cases of scarlet fever
in Gretna. Gerald Connor and Wil
liam Peterson are the patients. They
are both freshmen in the high school
and it is feared other cases will de
Copenhagen, Friday, March 23.
(Via London, March 24.) The return
of the German raider Moewe to a
German port, having on board about
600 sailors, - the crews of merchant
men captured during the last part of
the cruise, may give rise to a new
Yarrowdale case, as it is probable a
number of Amricans who were serv
ing on armed merchantmen were cap
tured by the raider. According to
the German rule, such men would be
tt-A4 tort fie nrioMiArc n( u-ai"
Among the British steamers de
stroyed after the Yarrowdal' was sent
to Germany, the Governor, 5,524 tons
gross; Demetertoa, 6,048 tons; Otaki,
9,573 tons, and Brecknockshire are
specifically mentioned in the official
account of the Moewe's return as
having been armed.
Leg Sore
A huffe sore very deep full of foul diV
r iia-je. Affonjf all day; no rent at Difht Tinny
-jost few drop of the gentle, cooling liquid,
D. l. D. Irritation and pain gone. Sweet, re
freshing alecp at night. In due time, complete
cure. We guarantee D.D.D. tic, 60c and $1.00.
TJtxss tcoiitl'Waah
I n
ft a rs t-i r. w . t "
mere Are Dig ranor Mores in Lincoln,
Des Moines , and Sioux City
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Mt Save You Money There Are Reasons
Furniture News from "The Ray
m ond" Discontinuation:
F price alone were the only criterion, then values would
become merely a string ot figures. The unquestioned
quality ot the merchandise carried by the Raymond
Storj Is known to every shopper and every visitor who h.i
taken the time to look over the sales floors since the open
ing ot that splendid stock ot housefurnlshlngs a year ago.
Since taklng-over the Raymond, and following our de.
termination to discontinue It, it became necessary that we
make the prices that have moved many thousands of dollars worth of these elegant fur
nish 'nga front our floors Into Omaha homes during the past few weeks. For the reason,
that this stock combined with our own ind many cars oi Incoming goods, bought on the
past January market, made too great a retail stock for any obtainable quarters in the
city to hold under one roof, hence the last of values that so large a number have en
joyed because of this emergency.
Alter a week ot ondrous "Dining Room Furniture" selling, we return to a THREE
DAY FEATURE SEASON la Livlaj Room Furni things. Monday, iuesday and Wed
nesday we will move from our floors at both stores, by actual count. One Hundred and
Ten Pleas ot Living Room Comfort, Including 18 large over-stutfed DAVENPORTS, in
as many different designs and covered In as many different fabrics. Tapestries, Ve
lours, Damasks, Leathers and Cretonnes. 42 large over-stuffed Chairs and Rockers and
59 Mahogany, Oak and Walnut Rockers in various smaller sizes and designs. All these
pieces are from the Raymond stcck whether shown at our home store or at the Ray
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iays, BECAUSE the price will not permit ot any remaining pieces In stock after you
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very pieces ot enduring furniture which you will get.
Big Easy Wing Chairs and Rockers
Covered in every popular material among the Velours, Tapestries, Leath
ers, are priced $16.75, $18.75, $22.75, $26.75. '
The Chair here illustrated is covered in an imported Cut Silk Velour
of soft blue. It is amply filled with curled hair over a spring construc
tion that will endure. ft j' mr.
The price" has been reduced to.- , PKj0(J
There's a Davenport to match it, proportionately reduced.
The following general list among 1he heavier pieces are pointed out as unprecedented val
ues, and described as fully as this space will permit:
An Overstuffed Davenport, in very high grade of Tapestry, spring arms, all Q'f rf
hair surfaced , pOuU
An Overstuffed Davenport in Rose and Green Tapestry, three loose spring ft jr ms
cushions, very high back, welt seams throughout .r: p4s OU
An Overstuffed Davenport in a very unusual Tapestry of Green and Tan, a hair rt '7E
surfaced piec and a marvel of luxurious comfort $65.00. Arm Chair to match poy, U
Among the 18 Large Overstuffed Davenports are pieces yet lower priced, and there
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Chair or Rocker
The greater part of, the
Rocker assortment com
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strong, serviceable Rockers in Oak and Ma
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Living Room Rug Bargains
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