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is Going On
in Society Circles
(Continued from Pai One.)
white satin, with long drapery of net
embroidered irt silver, nd over this a
drapery of net embroidered in white.
The tulle veil caught with orange
blossoms formed the train. The bride
carried a shower bouquet of sweet
peas and wore a platinum lavelier set
with diamonds, the gut of the groom,
The couple left for Los Angeles
and Del Mar, California, where they
will spend part of their honeymoon.
and then take the ocean trip from San
Diego to San Francisco, Vancouver
and Seattle. Alter May 1 they will be
at home at Hunter Inn.
Jamcs-Tohnson Weddings. .
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
A. Johnson Wednesday evening the
marriage of their daughter, F.thel, to
Mr. Lloyd James, took place. Miss
Lilly Johnson, a sister, played the
Mendelssohn wedding march before
the ceremony, which was performed
by the Rev. A. A. Delarme of the
1'irst Baptist church.
The bride was attended by her sis
ter. Miss Mildred Johnson, and Mr.
,'ames was attended by Mr. I age Ahl
berg. A reception followed the serv-
ice. at which about 100 guests were
present. J he choir ot the first Bap
tist church sang during the reception
Mr. and Mrs. James and Mr. James'
mother of Missouri Valley, la., were
at the Blackstone until Thursday
morning, when they lett on a honey
moon trip to Chicago.
Wedding Announcement!.
Mr. J. Bernerd Lesh and Miss
hrma 1). stover were married at the
Dietz Methodist parsonage Thurs
day afternoon. Kev. C. N. Dawson
officiated. Mrs. W. H. Seibert and
Mrs. M. I. Dawson witnessed the
Betrothal Announced
' Mr. and Mrs. J. Sterrett announce
me engagement oi tneir daughter.
May, to Mr. Leo C Green, son of
Mrs. Sarah Green.
News of School Set.
' Miss Helen Walker, who attends
.Mrs. somcrs school in Washington
D. C is in New York with a party of
incncis tor trie week-end.
Clarence Peters, who is a junior at
Vale, was recently made "king" of his
fraternity, an honor usually conferred
upon a senior. Mr. i'etera will remain
east during the Easter holidays.
Miss Margaret Williams, who is
attending Wheaton college, will
spend her vacation at Marblehead,
Mass., with a group of college girls.
Social Clubs Meet.' ' r
The Lambs', club was entertained
Thursday evening by Mr. J. Watson
at nis nome. I note present were
Meaara. -Tom
Kllan Camel ,
Kay Corloy
J. r. Kuncl
Jknun Badll
Mleeea -Bmma
Roae Maallktt '
Avne, 8pup
Mr. and lira. 3. D. Watson. '
' The Friendship club wilt meet Fri
day evening at Metropolitan club
house. The next meeting will be
held Friday, April 13.
Mothers' Club Invites Fathers.
The West Omaha Mothera' Culture
club gave an evening affair for hus
bands of member! Friday evening at
the new home of Dr. and Mn. Blaine
Truesdell. in Dundee. Mr. W. F.
Baxter talked on "Single Tax," a gen
eral discussion following, and musical
numbers were given by Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Thiem, Miss Gertrude Thiem
and Mr. Will Hetherington. Present
Dre. and afeadjMuee
P. T. Barter, A. F. Tyler.
Newell Jonee,
- Meaara. and Ueedemee -
W. N. Baker,
T. W, Co
John Cooper,
J. C Ouaan,
Clinton Hamilton,
3. A. Hamilton,
B. A. McFerlane,
Mra. L. F. Vlokery,
Ml, Mavnueon.
Wen P. Badll
Lao Mlakovak
Joa Bwobodn
14 Awohoda
J. Chloborad
' Anna Pleuler
Maria Vaako
Mamla BiMip '
C. W. Korea,
O. A. Roberta,
K. C. iHtater,
C. B. Bwan.
T. F. Bonordea,
T. J. White,
W, F. Baiter.
Last Week-End Club Dance.
The last dancing party of the series
given by the Week-End Dancing dub
at the Fontenelle was held Saturday
evening.. The member of the club
are: ; ,,. ,
Meaara. and afeedamea-.
T. w. Baumer,
Frank C. Beat,
A. F. Bloom, ,
W. T. Bourke,
V. W. Boylea,
H. Burna,
W. U Carey,
Henry Claueaen,
T. J. Donahue,
J. 1 Ferclot, .
F. A. Fttaa-erald.
Henry D. Frankfurt,
J. A. Preeland.
C. J. Herrtam. '
O.orae H. Miller,
M. U. Murray,
H. O. Naaburt,
Al Nabatedt,
A. O, Mchole,
Henry Nyaaard, '
Allan Farmer,
Louie W. Platner,
W. H. Plainer,
C. A. Pratt,
V. D. Reynolda,
t:. ti. T, Blepen,
Howard B. Urahara, Frank Roberta,
J. Orotendlck,
F. W. Hadley.
A. B. Hamilton,
K. M. Harrla,
J. M. Hoiran.
L. M. Ilolllday, -C.
R. Jewelk
U. W. Johneon,
W. 3. McCaffrey,
Tom 8. Xelley,
B. E. McCasue.
John 3. McMahon,
Charlea A. Martin,
J. H. Martin,
a P. Maoon.
Dra, and Meedame
A. L. Barr,
L. A. Dermody,
A. W. Fltaalmona,
H. L. Rarrar,
J. J. Aleiandar,
II. B. Boylee.
B. Penny,
Jam W. Hurley,
Roy W. Moore,
Babies' Social Function.
Rev. and Mrs. F. W. Leavltt of the
Plymouth Congregational church
gave a baby party at their home
Thursday afternoon in honor of the
8. Rutherford.
E. H. Bchunamen,
Charlea F. Soneraier,
A. C. Brotl,
Q. W. Shields,
O. It. Smith,
Paul Themanaon,
Robert 8. Trimble,
K. H. Ward,
J. W, Welch,
R. B. Wilder,
H. Q. Wlndholm,
H. L. Whitney,
F. A. Wood.
H. B. Newton,
H. A. wahl.
Orant Wllllatna,
Q. A. Btomhalmer,
A. B. Bwanaon,
3. M. Tanner,
Dr. T. T. Harrla.
FORCED to move out of our
four-etory warehouae, we will
aell at auction or private aala
the entire (25,000 stock of fine
furniture, ruga, stoves, etc. Do
not miss this opportunity. Our
loss is your gain. You'U be well
paid to attend this sale.
When Big Crowds Convene.
State Furniture Co.
Corner Mth and Dodge Sta. ,
, Omaha, Neb.
Young Mothers Bring Children to Visit Grandparents
k,f H ML ;yr - i
Pa y ' ?
Jeer- ' "
ent as a precaution against an epi
demic. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Welch, formerly
of this city, but now living on their
ranch near Los Angeles, are at the
Blackstone. The Welch ranch, "Aha
Lona," forty miles out of Los Angeles,
is a charming spot where many
Omaha people are entertained. Re
cently Mrs. Joseph Barker and her
children, Miss Virginia and Joseph,
jr., spent a week-end there and Mr.
and Mrs. George Mayne of Council
Bluffs and Mrs. J. E. George were en
tertained there just before Mr. and
Mrs. Welch came east.
0,,t i i a '
C A f at I
Social Circles
first birthday of Master William
Leavitt. Twelve babies of ages from
2 months to 2 years were present.
They were: Mary Elizabeth Hitch
man, David Chase Hazard, Helen
May Malum, Richard Printz Phelps,
Marjorie Kittell, Owen Fisk, Helen
Woodford, Joseph Benjamin Ogden,
Marguerite Hazard, Winifred Balzer
and Betty Lou Stringer.
Stork News,
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Lester Anderson of this city on
March 14. Mrs. Anderson is at the
home of her parents in Kansas City,
Pleasures Past
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Low cele
brated the latter1! birthday Tuesday
with an informal supper at their
home. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mc
Keen, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Judson,
Mrs. Remington. Charles L. Saund
ers and Harry McCormick were the-
guests, i
Miss Eleanor scott, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar H. Scott, en
tertained a few of her young friends
at a supper party Saturday, in honor
of Miss Daisy Richard's birthday.
I he iriday Night Dancing club
gave its usual party Friday evening
at the Strchlow Terrace club house,
with forty-six couples present. Next
Friday evening1! party will close the
chili's season.
Mrs. J. F. Binder entertained at din
ner last Sunday in honor of Mr. Bin
der's birthday. The guests present
Meaara and Meadamee
C. J. Paaalok. Fred Prlbnraky,
Charlea Prlboraky, Joaepb Prlboraky.
joeepn Hiaiovlo,
la, V J
Dorothy MUlevlr.
Caroline Prfbonky,
T.lllUn Psttlnk,
Marun mndur.
A surorise oarty was triven Thurs
day on Miss Rose Svacina at her
home. Ihose present were
Jonaph Houcik,
Cha.rl Bwanioa,
Otto Bthltrk,
Anton Horky,
Anton Fuxa,
Frank Krecek,
Anton Krtcek,
Frank Marhal,
Jnmci My era.
Ami I Prohatka,
JoiApb Bart a.
R. F. Prnhaska,
Mary flvarlna,
Km ma Sltnanek,
, s rV
at ' iST 1, ' - r y-. . f -A 1 a I
Birthday Dinner-Dance.
A surprise birthday dinner-dance
was given Saturday evening at the
Home hotel in honor of Miss Kuth
McKeon. American Beauties formed
the table decorations and old rose
and ivory in the ball room. Covers
were laid for:
Mleeee Mlaaea
Amy Fltawllllama, Luclle Johnaon,
Vera Waaln, of Weeplns Water,
Jeeelo Drasoo, Ruth MoKeon.
Meaara.- Heeara.
Wlllard Cooper, I.eroy Buaaard,
O. Olaon. Charlel Draioo.
Vincent Shook,
Social Gossip, ,
Miss Louise Dinning has been vis
iting Mr. and Mrs. Walter McCor
mick in Baltimore, but is now back in
New York with Mrs. Charles Turner
at the Madison Square hotel, the lat
ter having returned from- a visit at
Palm Beach.
Mrs. S. D. Barkalow and Miss
Barkalow have decided to remain
east longer and are now in New York
at 14 East Sixtieth street.- Mrs. W.
S. Poppleton is also stopping at this
same hotel
Mrs. Charles T. Kountze is expect
ed home the middle of the week from
French Lick Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Stevens and
her daughter, Mrs. Ben Wood, jr.,
leave today for New York and At
lantic City for two or three weeks.
Mrs. G. Steunenberg, wife of Major
Steunenberg, is stopping at the
Mrs. Fred P. Hamilton left Pheo-
It U V
Omaha's Most Beautiful
Indoor Play Ground
It the way in which man? Omaha paopla raftr to
th Black ttont Hotel the building of which marked
the beffinnlnf of new epoch la Omaha social
Luxury prevails en the eighth floor of the Black
atone -the entertainment floor where every poi
alble appurtenance Is at hand for the convenience
and comfort of thoae who delight ta coming to
gether, to entertain or to be entertained.
The dinner-dance, the dancing party, the reception,
the card party, the banquet or the lecture, in fact. -any
variety of the higher type of social diversion
' or entertainment may bo staged here in moit de
lightful fan talon.
Information relative to reservation! for each en
tertainment may bo obtained by telephoning
Haraajr 945.
nix., Ariz., Thursday for Pasadena,
where she will spend about ten days
before coming home.
Mr. Samuel Burns is staying at the
Omaha club during the quarantine of
his wife and little Barbara and Mar
gery is with friends ii) Kountze place.
The Holyoke school, which Barbara
attended, has been closed for the pres-
N. H. Tyson has returned from a
few days' stay at Fort Dodge, la.
Mrs. M. C. Berry has returned from
the coast, where she spent the winter
Mrs. J. F. Marshall was hostess for
the Omaha Mothers' club at her home
last Wednesday afternoon.
Messrs. P. A. fiailor of Crete, Neb.,
and A. W. Gailor of Zap, N. D., were
guests last week at the J. F. Marshall
The Royal Holland Bell Ringers
will give a sacred concert Sunday
evening at the Methodist church.
G. W. Edgerton of Hugo, Okl., was
a guest a few days last week at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. V. Kinney.
A number of affairs were given last
week in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Faussett, who leave next week.
E. J. McArdle gave a stag party
last Saturday evening for a number
of friends.
Miss Pearl Mattson was hostess for
the Bluebird social at her home on
Thursday evening.
Miss Flora Titzel entertained at
dinner Monday evening for five
Omaha guests.
Mrs. Harry Corrington entertained
Thursday afternoon in honor of her
sister, Miss Maud Meeker of Deca
tur, la. i
Mrs. A. E. Carter entertained at
dinner Tuesday evening in honor of
Mrs. Frank Parkins of Park City,
Utah, and Mrs. Pauline Brisco of
Cheyenne, Wyo,
Miss Gladys Babcock and Miss
Agnes Davis entertained at lunch in
the domestic science room for the
fo.-mer and present instructors, Mrs.
L. Moon and Miss Mable Shipperd.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Faussett were
surprised at their home on Monday
prior to their leaving Benson. The
guests were Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mar
shall, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. ' Young,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Longacre, Mr.
and Mrs. G. L. Loomis, Mr. and Mrs.
G . Wolslager, Mr. and Mrs. T.
Penny, Misses Vera Marshall and
Gertrude Penny, Messrs. Roy Loom
is and Harvey Sagar..
The Baptist Missionary circle met
at the home of Mrs. E. C. Fuller last
Wednesday afternoon, when the pres
ent officers were re-elected.
Mrs. E. J. Whistler was hostess
last Wednesday for the Methodist
Ladies' Aid society for a social and
business meeting.
Mrs. E. A. McGlasson entertained
for the P. E. 0. chapter Thursday
afternoon, Miss Nora Killian, state
organizer, being present to inspect
the work.
Mrs. Roy Marshall has returned
from a visit with relatives in Kansas
Mrs. H. C. Campbell was hostess
for the L. P. 'club last Friday at her
home. The guests present were Mes
dames S. R. Butler, G. Sherer, D. E.
Fields, A. Davie, C. S. Chapman and
A. Edelman.
About fifty couple! were present at
the "Shamrock" party given by the
Rebekah Social club, Saturday even
ing, a week.
Mrs. Lew Raber was hostess for
the Presbyterian Ladies' Aid society
"open day" meeting last Thursday. A
program of "How I Earned My Dol
lar." Poems were given which were
interpreted with music. Luncheon
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Burgess-Hash GompmV.
'everybody!? stork
was served to about forty-five guests.
Miss Lola Byars will entertain for
the Loyal Daughter's club at her
home next Tuesday evening.
Miss Margaret Erickson of Omaha
spent the week-end at the home of
her sister, Mrs. Sidney Butler.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Faussett have
sold their home and furniture and will
leave Monday for Gothenburg, Neb.,
to visit. They expect to settle on a
Three girls' and one woman's gym
nasium classes have been organized
for Wednesday nights. Misses Grace
Forney and Merle Hughes, Mrs. G.
Stahl and Mrs. Ed Janke will be the
The Maple Leaf Chapter of Omaha
will give a minstrel at the Odd Fel
lows' hall next Saturday evening,
under the auspices of the Woman's
Mrs. Vincent Kenny of Benson
hurst left Friday morning to spend
the week-end in Lincoln.
Mrs. Harman Hawkins will be the
hostess on Friday afternoon for
the Women's Christian Temperance
union, when the essay contest work
in the schools will be discussed.
lew System cf
Fat Reduction
Here's a new way for all tmt people to
laugh together at that old bugaboo obeilty.
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THE usual method used for re
moving superfluous hatrs la
barbarous, to aay the least.
There are any number of things
which will remove thtse halre but
many of them so Irritate, burn and
redden the akin as to make tt a sight
to look upon. It la no longer neces
essary to go at It In such a savage
manner. Superfluous hatr can now
be removed by an application which
Is aa safe aa water and never falls
to remove every hair so thoroughly
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be seen. There Is only one thing
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merely moistened with It for a few
momenta and then the hairs are seen
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ways successful.
FRETFUL The trouble Is that the
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tle or no results. Many of my stage
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astonishing results In a few days. You
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the crow's feet and "mouth" wrinkles
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MISS ADEPT Don't waste time with
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