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VOL. XL VI NO. 44.
News of the Week in Social and Club Circles
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Mrs. Benjamin S. Baker's friends call her a real
''joiner." If (here is any large woman's organiza
tion on the membership roll of which Mrs. Baker's
name is not found, it hasn't been discovered. Mrs.
Baker belongs to the Tuesday Morning Musical
club, the Fine Arts society, the Drama league, the
Visiting Nurse association, the Young Women's
Christian association and several departments oj
the Omaha Woman's club, which she served as leader.
Mrs. Peter Elv ad is a member of the Fine Arts
society. Her husband is president of the Bankers
Realty Investment company, which built the fine
Blackstone hotel, where the Elv ads make their home.
Mrs. hem H. Hill and, Mr. Hill, accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. Will EldYidge, leave about April 1
for San Francisco, from whence they sail April 7
for Japan, to be gone six months. Mr. Eldridge
has traveled the length and breadth of the cherry
lossom country in search of art work and curios.
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Social Calendar
Eastern Star, Vesta Chapter,
dance at Blackstone.
Monday Bridge Luncheon club,
Mrs. George Greenough, hostess.
Monday Bridge club, Mrs. Karl
Louis, hostess.
Political Equality league benefit
card party at Blackstone.
White Shrine Whist cub at Ma
sonic Temple.
Winter Dancing club party, Harte
Orpheum matinee party for Miss
Lillian Cavanagh; Mrs. Robert
McLean, hostess.
Luncheon for Miss Lillian Cav
anagh; Mrs. Garland Boswell,
Junior Bridge club, Mrs. Will
. Schnorr, hostess.
Winormissit club, Mrs. C. L. Pe
terson, hostess.
Cinosam club dancing party at
Scottish Kite cathedral.
Jewish War Relief ball at Audi
torium. Luncheon for Miss Lillian Cav
anagh; Mrs. M. K. Rohrer, hos
tess. Bridge club, Mrs. E. J. McAdams,
Luncheon for Mrs. Luther Drake,
Mrs. E. M. Fairfield, hostess.
Rockford college alumnae lunch
eon at- the Blackstone.
Eastern Star kensington, Mrs. A.
N. Eaton and Mrs. H. N. Craig,
club dance, Metropoli
tan club iousc.
Kite Dancing club party, Scottish
Rite cathedral.
Trinity Altar Guild salef at Jacob's
hall, 10:30 a. m.
as long deck walks, and perhaps as a Metz and Miss Harriet Mack, the
consequence, were poorer sailors other members of the party, have
than men. The tea dansants, which returned to Omaha. No doubt it was
were reported by a voyager return- the influence of the romantic country
ing from Panama, however, were which caused the whole love story,
said to have been purely delightful But, then, it was to be expected that
and to furnish a means whereby the some one would insist on carrying
Madam, disinclined to walk, might away such a fair daughter of Omaha
achieve the needed exercise. before long. Miss Marion is young,
People who are returning now do pretty and popular wherever she goes
not boast sea voyages. Now all that and her list of admirers is long.
one can reminisce about is the sea-
son at Washington, where unexpe- Country Club to Open Early,
rienced westerners are carried in a According to present indications
gay whirl of eight or ten affairs from the Country club will be the first
late morning until early dawn, or the of the clubs to open this season, as
beach at Atlantic City, or the golf at there is talk of April 28 for the open
Belleair, or the motoring in southern ing. This will be a month earlier
California. One returned traveler than its usual date of opening. The
lamented her return. date, however, will not be definitely
"Why," she queried, "does anvone announced until Mr. G. W. Wattle's
live in the middle west? Not only is return from California in ten days or
there a dearth of social life, but we tw0 weeks. The Happy Hollow club
are so far from every source of and the Field club will both open the
knowledge or pleasure. If you can- 1at' Par' of May and Carter
not live in the east, why not live on Lake club ,las announced Decoration
the western coast?" v ay. May 30, as their opening date.
We feel, though, that we have il,s- F- A- Nash bcfore her depart
something to live for in the middle ule for California two weeks ago,
west, if only to have had the pleasure ,,,a,lc UP l,cr dinilcr l'arty for the
01 Hearing tne lamous Lita. pro
nounced famous by the west, before
she has given herself over to the
grasping east. What if the buds are
bursting in the east and the south
and the oranges are turning red in
California with their ripeness, there
is some delight in an Omaha spring,
and, as one philosophical returned
traveler said, "The March wind blows
everywhere." The little Busy Bee
from California, who sent her editor
a tiny crate of oranges, said, "Throw
a snowball for me while I eat oranges
for you." The squirrel expressed the
same sentiment in the old poem of
the Mountain and the Squirrel. "Tal
ents differ, all is well and wisely put,
if I cannot carry forests on my back,
neither can you crack a nut."
Alas! you are not interested in such
Inane philosophy. A thousand par
dons for having bored vou with it.
Perhaps you care to talk about the
signs of spring, of the golfers who
opening night of the Country club
and there are doubtless many otlir
hostesses who have done the same.
sill entertain theater nartlrs
Thursday evening.
The Cinosam Dancing club will
give its last dance of the winter series
Thursday evening. Election of offi
cers will be held during the intermis
sion. Mrs. A. N. Hiton nd Mrs, H. N.
Craig will on toil a in Fonteiiellc chap
ter ot tne I'.astern Mar at a kensing-
thcir home and will move next week
to 5106 California street, which will
be their temporary location.
Dr. William P. Haney has come here
from Chicago to make his home. His
wife and baby will join him here ts
soon as he finds a suitable house or
them. Dr. Haney's mother has been
living here with her cousin, Mrs.
Harry P. Deuel, for the last four
inn Thiiru av afiemnnii a! 1 11. linmo years, Having come up witn tier son
of Mrs. Eaton. Mrs. James Butter of at ,l,at ,ime ,rom Mexico City, where
r lorence will assist.
The Rockford College club will give
a luncheon at the Blackstone Thurs
day. Mrs. C. L. Peterson will entertain
the Winormissit club Thursday afternoon.
Grand Opera Parties.
Reservations for the opening night
of the grand opera scries which will
be in Omaha this week have been
made by Mr. and Mrs. Waller T.
Page for eleven guests, and Mr. and
Mrs. Luther Kouiitze for eight. Mr.
and Mrs. Luther Drake will have a
party of seven, as will also Mr. and
Mrs. A. L. Reed and Mr. W. D. Mc-
Jlugh. Reservations for groups of Among the Visitors.
he has been practicing.
Mr. and Mrs. Burt C. Fowler, who '
have been living at the Blackstone
during the winter, have returned to
their summer home, Hillcrest, it
Florence Heights, Florence, Neb.
Mrs. E. H. Sprague returned Sun
day from Chicago and is at the
Blackstone until she and Mr. Sprague
move to their summer home at Ben
son about April 1.
Mrs. Victor Caldwell, upon lier re
turn from California, will give up
her apartment at the West Farnam,
as she has leased Mrs, Theodore
Ringwalt's house. Mrs. Ringwalt
and her daughters wilt take a (mailer
six have been made by Mrs. W. J.
Hynes, Mr. H. M. Rogers, Mrs. E.
W. Nash, Mrs. Leonard Everett, Mrs.
Rathbiiru of Fremont and Mrs. Tur
ner. Smaller reservations have been
made by Walter G. Silver, Charles S.
Mrs Howard Kennedy has returned
to her home in Lincoln after visiting
her sister, Mrs. R. E, Davis. Their
mother, Mrs. Willis Cunningham of
Grand Island, will remain here for
about two weeks.
Mr. Ernest Siemssen of Pfing Tau,
Belgian Relief Benefit.
A large benefit performance for Harold Boyle will take place April 7.
Belgian war orphans will be given
the evening of April 20, and the after
noon of Saturday, April 21, at the
Brandeis theater, iy pupils of Miss
Mary Cooper. About a hundred pu
pils, including little tots of 3 and 4
years, and grown-ups will appear in
all kinds of fancy dances, solos and
group dancing numbers. Admission
will be $1 for each person, or enough
to keep a little Belgian child supplied
with food for a month. The sum which
is netted by this entertainment will be
sent to the Belgian children through
the Literary Digest.
Miss Leavitt is an old friend of Miss
Ingwcrsen and a schoolmate at Mrs.
Loring's. She will act as bridesmaid.
Mr. Boyle is a youi:.., Englishman
who has made his home in Omaha for
some time. The affair will be a
large wedding at the Kenwood Evan
gelical church of Chicago. After a
wedding trip the young people will
arrive in Omaha about May 1 to
make their home here. Miss Jngwer
sen will visit in Chicago before com
ing back to Omaha.
Winter Sojourners Return.
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Brady. Mr.
and Mrs. T. L. Davis and children
arrive home today from Belleair. Fla.,
where they have been since early in
To Attend April Brides.
Miss Regina Connell and Miss Eliz
abeth Davis will leave in the near fu
are venturing out on the club crolf ture to attend former schoolmates at Fehruarv.
TO SATISFY her idle curiosity, 'inks to brush up their "game" for their weddings in southern cities. Mr. and Mrs. James Ludlow ar-
Mellificia took a peep in the the summer, or probably you'd like Miss Connell goes Thursday to rived home the first of the week from
old files. Even in March of the '9 rehearse the wonders of the mu- Louisville, Ky., for the wedding of a three weeks' visit at Camden, S. C,
year 1914 events seem far dis- sical notes of Amelita Galli-Curci, her Dana Hall roommate, Miss Mar- where they enjoyed golfing and out-
:ant yet strangely familiar. Then but those arc old topics; we must garet Munn, on April 4. Miss Davis door life. ' On their way they stopped
people were having weddings and 'urn to new ones. leaves April 2 for Memphis to serve at St. Augustine, where they found
Meeting presidents "of the Fine Arts One of the largest and most far- in the wedding party of Miss Mary the thermometer registering 91 dc-
lociety and observing Lent, just as reaching entertainments of the week Falls on Easter Monday. From grees.
we are now. Then there was the will be the Jewish war-relief ball at Louisville Miss Connell goes to Cin- Mrs. F. R. McConnell returned Sat-
iame talk of enforced idleness dur- the Auditorium on Thursday even- cinnati and then east to Poughkeep- urday from a winter's sojourn at
.ng the Lenten season and other well- '"8. which will come nearer to equal- sie, where she will be the guest of Phoenix, Ariz., with her .daughter,
worn excuses for the scarcity of 'ng the famous Chicago war-relief Miss Mary Van Kleeck, who was here Mrs. Robert L. Parker, and Mr.
news which prevail now. Still far- "an man anything given in Omaha last autumn. Miss Connell will not
ther back, in the year 1910, Lenten this season. With all the induce- be home until June, as she plans to be
sewing circles held the floor and peo- ments to secure funds which have at Dana Hall for the commencement,
pie were planning their summer trips been given by generous donors ol when Miss Clara Hart of Council
jr writing home from their favorite conditional hundreds - and millions Bluffs and Miss Corinne Elliot of
resorts of the wonderful golf games this event is sure to net a large sum this city will be
they were having. ' of money. class. Miss Davis plans to visit New are expected back by April 1
Chief among the differences he- One of the greatest surprises of York befo(e her return. On her Way Mr. and Mrs. Gould Dictz are ex
tween then and now, however, is the the week in social circles was the south she will stop at Kansas City pected back Friday from their Hon-
and Mis. Moshier Colpetzcr also
went to Hot Springs from Belleair
and will be home the end of the week.
Mr. Arthur J. C'ooley has returned
frnm Winler Park, Fla. Mrs. Cnnley
will remain until the middle of April.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Scobic will
leave Florida April 4. the former for
New York on a business trip, while
Mrs. Scobic and Miss Helen will stop
a few days in Chicago on their way
Mrs. W. A. Rcdia and Mrs. W. R.
Sweatt of Minneapolis, who have
been at Palm Beach since the latter
part of January, have left there and
are expected home early this week.
Mr. J. E. George and Mr. George
Klguttcr, E. C. Twamley, R. C. Howe, riiina. is
Martin Bush, J. L. Webster, L. F. time of . Mr. and Mrs. Otto Siemssen
Crofoot, C. I. George, G. I. Zim- of this city.
merman, W C. Shannon, A. V. Kins- Dr. Roger Vaughan of Chicago tr
ier, Gottlieb Storz, Miss Kate Mc- rived Saturday morning from Chicago
Hugh, I. U. Loomis, June Graham, to be with Mrs. Vaughan during the
Dr. ( resop, Nebraska City; Frank absence of Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Lord,
Hamilton, Miss Eugenie Whitniorc, who left yesterday for a six weeks'
Louis Hiller, S. S. Caldwell, Gigrgc sojourn in California.
H. Prinz, Mrs. Edgar Morsmaiirjr; Miss Florence Stern of Savannah,
Dr. (. II. Foltz, Dr. J. M. Bannister Ga., is spending a week with Mrs. Car
and P. W. Kuhn. rie Livingston, enroute to San Fran-
Trinity Guild Eastt. Sale. Mrs. Alva E. Brown of Fremont,
The Altar guild of Trinity cathedral formerly Miss Mary Fahs of Omaha,
will hold its annual Easter sale at was tne guest ot Mr. ana Mrs. Web
Jacobs hall, Saturday evening, begin ster Mills for a few dtys.
niug at 10:30 in the morning. The Dr. and Mrs. John R. Arnold and
members of the guild, who arc mostly daughter of Los Angeles are visiting
the young girls of the cathedral, have Mrs- Arnold's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
l.-..,, l,c. ,l,,r; 1 .! ,-,l-,,, .l,;,.c I. B. Whittaker.
Wright of Council Bluffs arc expected for the sale There will also be a Mrs. Alfred Francoeur of Glencoe,
home from California this week end. r:imy tMe mlWr ,le lllanaKcmellt 0f Chicago who was with Mr. and Mrs.
.uis. utuisc win iciiiuiii in i .Mutua rs Wa ter Roberts. .Miss S dnev Konaiu raterson last weeK. will Ot-
Stebbins, Miss Elizabeth Davis, Miss vide this week between her aunt, Mrs.
with her father until later.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Farnsworth have Meliora Davis, Miss Thunim 1, Miss John R. Dennis, and her cousins, Mr.
returned frohi three weeks at Holly- Mary Marston, Mrs. Georg Voss, Mrs. ad Mrs. Donald Neely. She expects
wood, Cal., Mherc they have been Harold Pritchett, Mrs. Ralph Peters, to leave for her home Saturday,
twice Ibis winter. Mrs. George B. Thuinmcl, Miss Mary Mrs. Elwood Bailey and daughter,
Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Lichtenwallner Fahs, Miss Louise White, Miss Eliza- Ruth, of Jackson, Mich., and Mrs.
have returned from l winter spent in beth Keed, Miss Dorothy Brown, Miss Frank Wilkins and small son, James,
California and have taken apartments Alice Carter and Miss Emily Keller of Detroit, are guests at the J. O.
at the Sherman. arc some of those who have contrib- Phillippi home.
uted their work to the sale.
Looming on Social Horizon.
The Junior club announces Friday iaence v-nanges.
irequent mention ot sea voyages, luniorca ana nan-conlirmed engage
One long paragraph was devoted to ment of Miss Marion Kuhn to "Peck"
I disquisition on walking on board Griffin of tennis fame. Miss Kulin
ship as a cure-all for seasickness. and her mother are no.v in Los An
Women, said the chronicler, were gelcs, where they expect to spend
less given to such strenuous exercise some lime, although Miss Gertrude Leavitt, whose marriage to Mr. James two weeks before coming home. Mr.
Parker, who make their home there.
Mrs. Frank T. Hamilton and of. Easter week. Aoril 13. as the date
daughter, Exilona, have returned for its spring dance, which will be
from a five weeks' stay in California, given at the Blackstone.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wharton have The White Shrine Whist club will
in the graduating gone from Belleair to New York and give a luncheon and card party at
the Blackstone April 5. Mrs. L. r.
Shrum and Mrs. G. R. Ledyard have
charge of the arrangements. The
club will hold its regular meeting at
the Masonic Temple Monday after
noon. . Mr. and Mrs. Luther Kountze, Dr.
N. H. Mercer, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Towlc and Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Sum-
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Barstow have
gone to Chicago, where they will
make their home in the future. Mrs.
Barstow has been prominent in the
work of the ladies' auxiliary of Trinity
Scott-Warren Wedding.
Saturday evening, at the apartment
of the bride's mother, Mrs. L. F.
Warren, in the Knickerbocker, Miss
Mary Myrtle Warren and Mr.
Thomas Winfield Scott were wedded
by Rev. C. E. Cobbey of the First
Christian church. There were no at
tendants. Preceding the ceremony
for a day or two with Miss Mildred olulu.
Butler. " Mr. M. C. Peters and Miss Daphne
Miss Helen Ingwerccn is In Chicago Peters left Belleair for Memphis,
for a visit with Miss Bessie Leavi't, where they will spend Sunday, going
daughter ot Mr. and I-'.s. Wellington from there to Hot Springs, Ark., for
W. M. Rainbolt gives up his local if ?"" '"e rem?ny
business connection April 1 to take U?V ."ra,e Me
charge of his farm interest, in South V '1T ,V T- a V, w
Dakota. He and his family will spend
the summer at their Mi inesota camp
and in the autumn wi.l make their
home in Pierre, S. D.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Davis have sold
Mengedoht on the violin and Mrs. W.
M. Simpson on the piano. The apart
ment was prettily decorated in green
and white. The bride's gown was of
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