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Demos Almost Solid Against
Request Made by the House
for Improvement.
(From a Staff Corrupon4at.)
Lincoln, March 23. (Special.)
The present unbusinesslike and de
plorable methods used by the postal
department of the United States,
which are' rapidly disorganizing the
mail conditions of the country, are
perfectly satisfactory to the demo
crats of the Nebraska senate, judg
ing by the action of the senate to
day when it tabled by a strict party
vote of 23 to 10 a resolution passed
by the house calling upon President
Wilson to do something to keep the
system from deteriorating.
The resolution passed by the house
met with little or no opposition. The
members in that end of the legisla
ture forgot all about politics and in
an effort to stop what appears to be
utter demoralization of the mail sys
tem of Nebraska sent to the presi
dent a resolution which would give
him an idea what his postmaster gen
eral is doing.
But the senate could see nothing
but the political end. It would not
do for a democratic senate to crit
icize a democratic department of the
national government, even if it was
plain that this department was get
ting itself into a hole just about as
rapidly as is possible.
Senator Beal in opposition to the
resolution offered the excuse that the
president had enough trouble on his
hands without bothering him with
little things like this.
This brought out the retort from
Senator Bushee, republican fl.oor
leader, that he "admired the nerve of
a man who roasts another for tak
ing up time on a resolution after he
had killed a half day in the senate
on one of his own no more import
ant. He reterred to the fight that
Beal put up early in the week for
his government ownership of rail
roads. On the motion to table, Albert,
democrat, voted with the republicans,
while Spirk, republican, voted with
the democrats.
Widow Given Verdict
For $3,500 in Damage Suit
Fairbury, Neb., March 23. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Mrs. William Ham
mond of Nebraska City, widow of
the young man who was killed two
miles northeast of here October 2.
1914, was given a judgment of $3,500
against the Rock Island railroad at
noon today.
Hammond and Howard Koon of
Columbus, while traveling in a closed
buggy, were struck and instantly
killed by the Jersey passenger train.
Matt Gering of Plattsmouth ap
peared as head counsel for Mrs.
Hammond, who asked for $25,000
damages. The company 'alleged that
Engineer McLean sounded the whis
tle and that the young -men did not
observe the proper precaution in ap
proaching the road crossing.
Counsel for the prosecution main
tained the company had maintained a
dangerous crossing thirty years and
that it was negligent in allowing a
dense thicket of weeds to obstruct
the view of bassers by.
Columbus Brewery Plans
To Manufacture Near Beer
Columbus, Neb., March 23. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Final decision to
convert the Columbus Brewing com-,
pany into an establishment for the
manufacture -of "'near beer" was
reached today when George Rem
bour, secretary of the company, re
turned from an investigation trip in
the east.
The manufacture of the beverege
will be started as soon as the neces
sary machinery arrives. This will
enable the company to place their
product on the market by May 1.
Colorado Educators
To Speak at Fremont
Fremont, Neb., March 23. (Spe
cial.) Judge Ben Lindsey of Den
ver, Mrs. Mary C. C. Bradford, state
superintendent of public instruction
of Colorado, and Fred Keeler. super
intendent of the Michigan schools.
are the principal speakers on the pro
gram for the annual convention of
the East Central Nebraska Teachers'
association to be held here March 30
and 31. It is expected that 500 teach
ers will be in attendance.
liner Eeapea U-Boat.
New Tork, March 21. Paaaengeri on
board the Anchor line steamer Tuscanla,
British, which arrived today ffom Glasgow
said that on Monday, March 12, when about
200 mllea out from the Scottleh coeet the
Tuicanla encountered a Oerman submarine.
By putting on ull speed and steering a tig
sag course the Tuscanla escaped.
Easter Hats
For Men
Three to Ten
Pease-Black Co.
1417 Farnam St.
From Our Near Neighbors
C. M. BoRtrd wu a vUltor at Weeping
Water Tutlday.
MM riortno Bardlll vlilted at Wteplnf
Watar Monday.
Mrs. Frd LlnvMU wu an Omaha visitor
th flrat of tha week.
Mn. 8. T. Oearhart returned flundar from
a villi with relatives at Aitel.
Mr, and lira. Ore, E. Cope wera Omaha
visltora Wednesday and Thursday.
Mrs, A. C. Oreason returned Tuesday
from visit with Omaha relatives.
Mrs. Fred Bartel entertained the Contre
fattonal ladles aid Thursday afternoon.
The Woman's club was entertained at
the home of Mrs. E. T. Oearhart Wednes
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cooper returned at
first of the week from a visit with relatives
at Lincoln.
The t-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Drummer died Monday after several weeks
Illness. Funeral services were held Wednes
day and Interment was made In the North
Branch cemetery.
Harold Stebere; Is taking treatment at the
St. Catherine hospital In Omaha.
Miss Rosy Lewis of Superior and Miss
Helen Lewis of Lincoln were Sunday guests
of Mlsa Amy Lewis.
I. 0. Clarke returned the first of the week
from a several weeks' trip through southern
California. '
J. R. Wilson and A. R. Morrison attended
the funeral of Mrs. Mary Donahoe at Qretna
Misses Frances Kennedy, Eva Kennedy
and Pearl Carpenter are attending the dis
trict Christian Endeavor convention at Fre
mont. Mies Doris Clarke returned Tuesday from
several days' visit with Miss Marlon Brown
and othsr friends at the University of Nebraska.
Weeping; Water.
Mrs. F. B. Wolcott has gone to Pass
dena, Cal.. to spend two months vlstlng
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Marshall of Lincoln
visited over Sunday at the A. I. Ralston
homo and with other friends.
Mrs. John Murphy of Melrose, Is., vis
I ted the first of the week at the home of
her brother, Michael Slattery.
A. J. Wright captured In a trap Tues
day night a large wolf that has been prowl
ing around the premises for some time.
Mrs. Oeorge Hag-imun ha returned to her
home at Wray, Colo., after a visit st the
home of her parents, and Mrs. Frank
L. W. and Carl Gregory shipped the first
of the week with a carload of machinery
and Implements to Imperial, Neb., where
they will make their future horns.
Dlok Koestsr drovs 70s shsep In from his
farm south of town and shipped to the
Omaha market. It was estimated that the
bunch would bring about 110.000.
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pe tenon motored to
the olty Thursday.
Mrs. John Rlx and children were Omaha
passengers Thursday.
Mrs. John Schuldt and Mtss Ella Clausen
were city visitors Thursday.
John QreKgers and daughter, Miss Freda,
were Omaha visitors Wednemlay.
Mrs. John Denker end daughter war
sightseeing In the city Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Homin and Mrs.
J. W. Housley were at Omaha Thumrtay.
Mrs. Mflke entertained the Ladiee' ken
sing ton Thursday, A nice lunch was ssrved.
Mr. and Mrs, Joseph McArdls are the
parents of twins, a boy and a girl, born Isst
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Cocker 1)1 of Omaha
visited the latter s parents from Tuesday
until Sunday.
Bert Donahoo came In from his home In
Blaine county Thursday to look after his
Interests hers.
I. C. Qulnn of Sprlngvlsw Is hsre this
week visiting his mother, Mrs. John Qulnn,
and buying a carload of cattle to take
Mrs. Wllhelmlna Calvert came out from
Omaha Saturday evening and vtalted over
Sunday with her sister, Mrs, Mangold, and
Mrs. H. G. Sandy attended the state con
vention of the Royal Neighbor lodge at Fre
mont this week.
Walter Connor, who Is attending Crelgh
ton Medical college, was home last Satur
day and Sunday.
The Kensington elub visited the normal
training and the domestic solence depart
ments of ths high sohool Thursday.
The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oor
such gave them a surprise party Tuesday
evening'. The occasion was Mr. Gorauch's
Mies Florence Sandy went to Lincoln
Thursday to attpnd the formal dancing
party of the Achoth sorority, to bo given at
the Lincoln hotel Friday evening.
The following person represented Clrrttu
HlKh school at th Surpy county duclHinn
tory contest at Pspilllon Friday ev.iiiinit
Katherlno Reynolds, Lillian Uundy aru
Clara Rlehet.
The funeral acrvlcM of Mrs, Mary Pona
hoo were held at the Catholic cliurvh Moi
day, Mrs. Donahoo urr 74 years old and
wss a pioneer or Qretna. She Is eurvlvsd
by six children, all of whom are marrlod.
Francis O'Neal is on ths sick list this
Harold Andersen is quits sick with pneu
monia. Mrs. W. Finch Is critically HI with pneu
monia. Mrs. Guild of Florence Is vlalttng at the
Scsnlon home.
The I-ntiifi' Aid met at the church for
dinner Wednesday.
Mrs. John Hendrlckson visited her son
at Fremont Tuesday.
Margaret Andersen and Jessie Williams
were Omaha visitors Monday.
Mr. and Mrs, John Pltaulon of Omaha
visited at ths Scan Ion home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Williams attended
the funeral' of Franc it Tlier at Omaha
Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Smith atten-led the
Royal Neighbors convention at Fremont
Mrs. Psln and Mrs. Alfred Williams vis
ited at ths Walter Madsen horns In Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Spring and family of
Bsnson wore entertained at ths John HUeck
horns Sunday.
Mrs. fly more of La Harps, 111., and Mrs.
Beard of Omaha were entertained at the
S. R. Brewster horns Thursday,
Gering Community Club
Employs Paid Secretary
Gering, Neb., March 23. (Special.)
The Community club of Gering
has employed N. R. Reasoner of
Hastings as its secretary to devote
his entire time to the civic work. It
is believed that this city is the only
one of its population in the state
which has a paid secretary on the job
devoting his full time to community
work, but it is also believed that the
conditions of progress fully warrant
the expenditure. A budget has been
prepared sufficient to finance the
needs for the coming year.
OrMn Brothers
1519 Douglas Street
f , r . m a1-. aim
I I l ui Jim
4 1
Smart New Spring
&jl That Will Create a Sen
sation Saturday at
W vra? Jl I J - X
V' ol ine 1UW price vi
If you want the BEST EASTEE SUIT that has
been shown in town this season for $21.75, you will
i be here bright and early Saturday morning You'll
nave to compare tnese witn usual $ do.lK) Suits to get
the measure of their true value
The Model Illustrated at $21.75
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GREAT SALE. Fashioned from fine all wool Serge
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collar and Silk Faille and smart flaring skirt also
choice of Over Twenty Other Styles in
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Fine Velours
Colors are gold, apple green, mustard, brown,
Spring blue, Copen, navy and black Sizes for misses
14 to 18; women's sizes, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46.
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Fine Voiles
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less styles to choose from with beautiful cascade frills dainty
tucks touches of embroidery new Dutch necks large square
or pointed collar, etc. ,
Colors are Nile Green, White, Flesh, Maize, Peach, Spring Blue,
Bose, Etc.
Other Waists Featured at $1.95, $2.45 and up
Hiss Xollie Greenberg fs In Charge of Our Blouse Dept
Legislators Take
Recess Over Sunday
(From n Stuff Oorrrsiiolnt.nt.)
Lincoln, Neb., March 2.1. iSpe-
cial.) Both houses of tlc legislature
have adjourned over Saturday and
Sunday in order that the members
may take a trip home. The senate
adjourned at noon today, while the
house adjourned early in the after
noon. The house today voted to kill all
bills remaining in the hands of the
sifting committee Wednesday noon.
Quiet Days at Burwell.
Burwell, Neb., March 2.1 (Spe
cial.) Very little interest is being
taken here in regard to the city elec
tion. The democrats have placed in
nomination the present members,
William Hoffman and I'. 11, Green,
and the republicans did not hold a
convention, so have no nominees. W.
T. Anderson, who has been city mar
shal for two years, has resigned to
accept other employment, and Edgar
Thompson has been appointed in his
Sunday Dessert
i(TF I lived in Omaha I'd plac
I standing order so that I could
A enjoy one of those tempting Sun
day Special Ice Cream Desserts every
week, said an enthusiastic womun
Tomorrow the famous combination will be
A blending of Vanilln Ice Cream with Maras
chino Cherries and English Walnuts.
Thar, is always a dialer nurbjr who tells
4 J
All Ice-CreaT
tj Br
Orchard & Wilhelm Co.
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Saturday Last Day of
Spring Drapery Sale
A3 previously announced, this stock was bought from a well-known
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3,000 Yards of
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Bedroom, Sunroom, Living Room or Dining
682 Yards 10 different designs, per yard. . . .18)
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1,000 yards at intermedial prices, but all
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12 154 184 204 254 404
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Drapery Materials
Upholstery Fabrics
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William and Mary Period
Dining Table and Chairs
the table
as illustrated; made from quarter-sawed
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Mattress, $7.50
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Down Stairs
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ugs Second Floor3
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foWt"-vV-" Vt -Orchard & Wilhelm Co.Vnryw ryw i.HfrmrfflwP