Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 24, 1917, Image 3

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Service, Surety of Satisfaction and Savings Saturday
Women's New Spring Coats
Quality Style Moderate Price
Up-to-date models, showing smart flared collars, deep cuffs, and
pockets that are in themselves a big feature. Deep belts, stitching and
buttons all mark these styles as distinctive.
Gunny Burl, Coverts, Gaberdine and Feather Fluff, In all the new
shades, such as Tan, Ruby, Gold, Apple Green, Navy and a variety of
checks and plaids.
$19.00, $22.50 and $25.00
The New Coat Dresses
Are especially attractive ; shown in Navy Serges, Jerseys in various shades,
and Gaberdines of Apple Green, Tan, Copenhagen, and Navy.
$22.50, $25.00 to $45.00
- Second Floor
WITH stocks replete
.with the newest
and best, and back of
this store the great
prestige which it enjoys
in the wholesale mar
ket, we are able to of
fer to our clientele the
benefit of our economies
in the manufacturing
and importing world.
Saturday brings to ev
eryone who shops here
surety of satisfaction and
The Smartest Suits of the Season
"Tailleur" Models Very Elegant
RICH MATERIALS, designed into Tailleur models that speak
the supreme style of the moment.
Models of Poiret Twill, heavy Scotch Mixtures, Men's
Wear Serges and Gaberdines.
"Finger Tip" length Coats, plain tailored lines even
severe in its contour but extremely elegant.
The largo "saddle" pockets lend ornamentation to these charming
garments. Bound with braid and trimmed with large buttons that add
to their attractiveness materially. ,
Large white broadcloth collars complete the ensemble.
Prices, $29.00, $39.00, $49.00 to $62.50
Second Floor "
N. B. The new Peart Grays are simply beautiful Tan is
tony, too. Blue and Black are good.
Adler's Washable Kid
Gloves, $1.50
All sizes, Pearl and "New
port." Women's Guaranteed
Chamoisette Gloves
White or white with black
59c, 79c and $1.00 a pair
Adler's, and Perrin's
Washable Kid Gloves
1.50, 11.75, $2.00 and $2.25 I
Kayser's Guaranteed Silk
Gloves Complete stocks
60c to $1.75 a pair.
The Specialty Shop for Misses and Small Women
Offers Dresses and Top Coats
In Remarkable Price Range
THERE IS NO QUESTION about the favor shown
this Specialty Shop there is no question about its
performance of service PERSONALIZED in the most
efficient way there is also no question that the ad
vent of these bright and ultra-smart Clothes for
Misses and Small Women is hailed with delight by
our ever-growing clientele and by the way, do you
know that we are only a few weeks old?
New Coat Dresses, $25.00 to $75.00
Made of Tricotine, Gaberdine, Wool Jersey, Silk Jersey,
Serge, and Poiret Twill the style that has risen to the brink
of the wave of popularity.
Crepe de Chine and Taffeta Dresses,
$19.75 to $65.00
Hand-beaded and braided, and one of the most orna
mentally artistic lot of Dresses we have ever shown. Apron
effects, Chemise Dresses and a variety of other styles, too
numerous to mention. t
Second Floor
Children's Smart Shoe -Top
In the Specialty Shop
The best chosen stock of Children's Wear that we
have ever shown this is not only our own opinion, but
the voiced opinion of every woman who comes here
to buy for her child or children.
Children's Shoe Top Suits, very new and youthful
models, Jersey, black and white checks, copen, rose,
apple green, gold; all good spring colorings; sizes 10
to 14 years; priced, $12.50 t0 $26.50
clt t
Children's Blouses, in voile, Jap silk, stripe, madras,
sizes 6 to 14 years, priced M to it C QA
Girls' Smart Coats, made of serge, velour cloth,
black and white checks, plaids, etc.; apple green, gold,
sand rose navy. The sizes $5.00 t0 $25.00
are 8 to 14 years, at vv,wv vww
Children's New Spring Coats, made in dainty styles
"of serge, black and white checks, velour silk, poplins
and fancy checks, in a variety ((JO 95 Jfil 5 00
of styles, sizes 1 to 6 years, at 9ff 1J,VV
Second Floor.
Ladies' new silk crepe
Handkerchiefs in Japanese
borders and designs, special,
each 19
Women's and children's
Handkerchiefs, of silk, linen
and cotton, in plain white
with narrow hemstitched
borders; also white and col
ored embroidered corners ;
special, each 15
Men's pure linen Handker
chiefs, with narrow hem
stitched borders, special, Sat
urday, each 15d
Ladies' new Handkerchiefs
in plain white and colored
embroidered comers,, with
narrow hemstitched borders
and scalloped edges. Special,
each 7 25
Blouses Charming and
Moderate in Price
Just Arrived From New York
THERE NEVER WAS a season, in our esti
mation, when prettier Blouses held sway. We
have been fortunate enough to assemble here the
most charming stock of them
k we ever had to exhibit, and,
best of all, the prices are ex
tremely modest.
Extra quality Crepe dJO QQ
de Chine Blouses, at v.O
Dainty Georgette Crepe
Blouses, special, gg
at . . y
Dainty Lingerie Blouses
$1.00, $1.98,
$2.98 and Up
Second Floor
Late Books at 60c
Copyright Novel Formerly Sold at $1.25, $1.35, $1.50
Scores of titles such authors as McCutcheon, Jack London,
Sewell Ford, Oppenhcim, H. G. Wells, Xouise Burnham, and Irving
Millinery-Marvelous in Its Charm
Dainty, Desirable, Distinctive, Appealing
HATS hold high place in the estimation of every wo
. man right now with the Dress-Up season of the year
right around the corner the Millinery has the great
attraction. .
We are pleased to announce that we have the most
charming styles to show and that ouf efforts this
year surpass any other display we have ever made bid
fair to attain without question.
Banded Sailors Bid for Attention
Wonderful assortments of Chinese Pipings, Milan
Hemp and Real Milan Sailors, banded with wide gros
grain ribbon, fancy silk bands, etc. Colors are Shadow
Lawn Green, Purple, Gold, Navy, New Blue, Black,
White, etc. Six to eight styles:-
Untrimmed Hats of Shiny Straw
A riot of colors greet the eye in these extremely
smart Shiny Straw Shapes. Both sailors and wonder
ful varieties of irregular styles; every good type is
represented. China Piping, Milan Hemp, Five-end
Milan and Plain Hemp are the wanted straws.
At $1.95, $2.50 and $3.75
$1.79 to $10.00
Trimmings of All Degrees
All kinds of new Burnt, Ostrich, Wing and
Novelty Trimmings, in all the leading colors of the
season, including "Patria Pom-Pon." Made of
Spanish Coque and used on the front of the new
Saucer Sailors with a very smart effect.
Second Floor, Millinery.
This New and Beautiful
Shoe Store for Women
(Main Floor, Rear) -
Is displaying the most fascinating
Footwear. We mention seven styles.
A great daylight, well-appointed
Dark tan. kid vamp, with ivory
kid top, lace style. Light welted
and. stitched sole and Louis
heel. Perforated vamp.
Patent colt vamp, button
style, with white kid top. Light
welted and stitched sole and
leather Louis heels.
Dark brown kid vamp, with
marble kid top, button style,
light welted and stitched sole
and wood covered Louis heels of same.
Black kid vamp with light pearl gray top, but
ton style, with light welted and stitched sole and
leather Louis heels.
Patent colt vamp, with ivory colored kid top,
flat buttons, light welted and stitched -soles and
leather Louis heels. v
Marble colored kid vamp, repp cloth top, lace
style, with light turned sole and wood covered
Louis heels of same. J
Burnt ivory kid vamp, with buck cloth top, lace
style, light turned sole and wood covered Louis
heels of same. "
These come in all widths jrom A A to D and sizes 2 1-2 to 7
. $6.90 a Pair
All Eight Inches High.
Latest Spring Styles
Novelty Silk Hosiery, all the
very latest designs and col
ors. Boot effects, fancy
plaids, dots, stripes and a
dozen other styles; fashioned
garter tops, spliced heels and
toes; worth $1.39, (1 in
all, at V 1 1 7
Women's Pure Thread Silk
Hose, in alt new shades for
street and evening "wear,
plain and Richelieu ribbed,
all solid colors, wide garter
tops, and extra (I 1 AA
quality; all, at..PUU
Women's Fiber Silk and Silk
Boot Hose, in all colors for
street and evening wear,
fashioned and seamless
double soles, heels CO j,
and toes, at OIC
Misses' Pure Thread Silk
Hose, in pink, sky blue, black
and white, all ribbed, and all
sizes, worth S1.25, (JQ.
Electric Portable Lamp
"The Wizard"
Especially desirable
for its unusual utility
and very moderate
Wizard Electric Portable
Lamp, hangs, clamps, sticks,
stands anywhere.
' Saves your, electric light
Can be used on any volt
age. Beautifully finished and
fully guaran- tf;o vlA
teed. Each . . . . $ir7
.. Main Floor.
Pond's Vanishing Cream, 25c
size jar 14c
Woodbury's Facial Soap,
25c Bize cake 14c
Sanitol Face Cream, 25c
size, jar 14c
Pebeco Tooth Paste, the
tube, at 28c
Graves' Tooth Powder,
the can 12c
Madame Yale's Face
Enamel, $1.50 size. . . .89c
Java Rice Face Powder,
the box 24c
4711 White Rose Glycer
ine Soap, the cake.... 12c
Lustrite Nail Enamel, the
box 16c
El Perfecto Veda Rouge,
the 50c size 28c
Madame Ise'bcll's Cold
Cream, 50c size 28c
Melorose Rouge, 50c size,
box 28c
Peroxide Soap, the 10c
cake Be
Kirk's Jap Rose Soap,
the cake Be
Horlick's Malted Milk,
hospital size $2.69
Lydia Pinkham's Com
pound, the bottle 67c
Glycothymoline, $1 size,
bottle 67c
Sal Hepatica, 50c size. . .29c
Our delicious creamy nut
divinity, vanilla, strawberry
and chocolate, at, a lb., 29
Fresh cocoanut balls,
cream dipped, rolled in Pe
can nut, chocolate and vanil
la flavors; a lb.. .... . .29
Assorted cocoanut kisses,
vanilla, chocolate and straw
berry, a lb 10
'.'Du-Plex" Suits for Boys
Are the Best Offering Yet
This is the opinion of hundreds and hundreds of boys and their
mothers and word of mouth advertising by those who are so well
pleased with these Suits has resulted in the sale of scores of them.
"Duplex" Two-Pair-Pant Suits
Are the Big Feature Here Now
Here is an opportunity for every mother to outfit the boy with a suit that
has double life, with double interwoven knees and seats, which really is two
suits for one price. We have them in many different styles and models that
appeal to even the most particular.
The Suits, at $5.00 to $12.50
An assortment of models and styles of worsted fabric ; suits in grays
and browns, in neat mixture effects. They are great for wear and all of
them with the double seat and knees.
Suits for Confirmation and Dress-Up Wear
A very complete stock of blue serge suits in all the new spring models for Dress-up;
every suit a pure all wool fast color serge, qq $J2 50
Boys' New Spring Top Coats,
$2.50 to $10.00
Just arrived, new spring Top Coats, the
snappiest models, and styles are here in
abundance, cheviots, tweeds, serges, coverts
and worsted, in plain colors, checks and
plaids, in the new mixture effects; sizes from
2 to 10 years.
Wash Suits, 50c to $5.00
Washable Suits for youngsters, the big
gest showing ,we have ever had. Every
new fabric, every new color, greens, tans,
pinks, blues, browns and whites, in plain
or combinations; many of these with hats
to match.
Third Floor.
Drandeis Stores
Knit Underwear
1 For Spring and
Summer Wear
Woman's Silk Top Lisle
Body Union Suits, prettily
trimmed tops, tight knee,
pink and white, regular and
extra sizes, a tf AA
very good valde vltvU
Women's Kayser make Un
ion Suits, hand crochet
yokes, also band tops, um
brella style; special, CQ
garment, at, only. . OIC
Women's Hudson Mills
Union Suits, special weight
for spring wear, tight knee,
regular and odd sizes, in
pink, extra fine CQ
quality, at ....... OIC
,M" Knit Suits for Children
in any desired styles for
spring and summer wear,
such as long sleeve, ankle
length; high neck, short
sleeve, knee length; also low
neck, no sleeves and knee
.etng!h.50c.nd 59c
Wall Papers
It if needless to attempt
to match these Wall Paper
values. Every item is a sav
ing of fully 60 or more at
Parlor, Dining Room and
Hall Paptn.
Borders and ceilings to
match, selections from the
best wall paper mills,, sold
everywhere for 18c and 20c,
special, Saturday, roll, lOtf
Bedroom Papers.
An immense assortment to
select from, only the best
grades and designs, dainty
cut borders to match, regular
value everywhere 20c, Satur
day, roll 12fct
Dainty, Filmy, Fine
Was there ever a sea
son more replete with
beautiful Neck wear?
Was there ever a time
when every taste could
be so well satisfied as
this? i We think notr
come and see for your
self. Beautiful lino of Georgette
Neckwear, in white and col
ors. Vestees, Collar and
Cuff Sets and Collars, hand
embroidered and also Venice
filet effects, lace trimmed.
Very special assortment
of Georgette, embroidered
and lace trimmed,
at 4 DC
Beautiful line of Net, em
broidered and lace Pn
trimmed, at OUC '
A splendid assortment of
Georgette Collars, lace trim
med, also embroid- PA,.
ered, at OUC
A splendid lot of Swiss Em
broidered Collars, rtP
dainty effects, at.. iOC
Fresh Cut
Large bunches of Fresh
Fancy Sweet Peas, 50e reg
ularly, Saturday, OC
bunch OC
Also a large assortment ot
Spring Flowers at special
prices. ,
. Floral designs our spe
cialty. Cut Flower Department,
Entrance to Pompeian Room