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Drawn for
The Bee
Star Shooters of the Alleys
Among Fair Sex Will Haul
in Money.
Tournament Standings.
FontentUt '
Wasnlte .
I'nltml 8tat National! !.'
Nrnraske Clothing Company .1 S,S
Hrrzherg Toggery M61
Miiliffk-flhankeT 1.161
n.vck-Drrk '."
starck-Moeller (West Side, la.) 1,146
Kriisther-Johnson .-. .1.131
Koudrll-Kloti . W
Frltscher 4I
-Novell, tolumhus . , . 040
Miller. nt Side, la "24
lOrtt. Krhmirr B'
Siarek, Went Side, la
Six womens' teams entered into
direct competition with the men in
the Huntington handicap tournament
last night. With a handicap of 375
pins the Herzberg Toggery team
succeeded in landing a place in the
prize list with a score of 2,661, which
is fifth place in the standings. The
Omaha .Towel Supply team rolled
second high for the evening's
matches, with 2,525. The strong A.
B. Sweetshop team won third posi
tion, with a 2,457 count. Miss Jami
son's 202 score was high individual
same and Miss Hannah Jensen rolled
lush three games with a 540 total.
Tonight will -be all-star night, with
t lie Omaha league scratch teams occu
pying the runways.
Last night's scores were:
1st. 2d. 3d.. Tot.
nun- i6 iir m 76
, Thompson 12 12 U 374
MMJreer 17 103 147 4S
r-.rowe 12 106 16 391
Rauhcr 11 115 164 408
Handicap 126 136 126 H75
To la In .ill 761 Ml 24S1
. . 1st. 2d. 3d. Tot
N,.!on 12 1 I" 407
I,uvtdnon 122 138 134 394
Rei-se 121 131 106 3S
Collin 124 114 116 964
(lUty 160 114 , 166 420
Handicap 126 126 126 375
Totals 770 77 772 2)0
1st. Id. 3d. Tot.
Murray 143 123 S4 369
Honi 142 99 113 364
jKnaen 179 161 200 640
Xrala 114 141 160 416
v.rdlgren 168 179 140 482
Handicap 125 121 125 376
Totals 866 .137 122 2626
lat. 2d. 3d. Tot.
Could 127 88 81 291
Johnson 127 125 155 407
llnvkrtt 130 126 114 872
ZlDM 116 112 101 329
ratlin 134 163 113 400
Handicap 125 126 126 876
Totals 759 726 689 2174
lat. 2d. 3d. Tot.
t;otrne 128 124 128 380
ilh'r 140 109 140 389
Hlrrnun 144 125 126 394
Union 158 144 153 466
Hugh's 186 168 148 491
Handicap 116 118 116 348
Totals 871 776 810 2467
1st. 2d. 3d. Tot.
inliornc 164 120 171 445
Jamison 140 161 202 50.1
Stanton 144 142 158 444
Houseman 139 171 146 4f5
1'lHim 144 156 140 439
Handicap 125 125 125 375
Total 846 874 941 2661
Iowa City High Team
Leads in Rifle Match
Washington, March 13. Standing
of the leading clubs in the leagues
competing under the (auspices of the
National Rifle Association of Amer
ica was announced today, showing the
aggregate score at the end of the
sixth week's matches as follows:
Cilivian club: Peters Rifle and Re
volver club, 5,959; Park club, 5,940;
Quinnipiac Rifle club, 5,930.
College clubs: Michigan Agricul
tural college, 5,764.
High schools: Iowa City High
school, 5,633; McKinley Manual
Training school, 5,342; Burlington
High school, 5,108.
High schools: Iowa High school,
5.633; McKinley Manual Training
school, 5,342; Burlington High school,
Member of Ames Foot
Ball Team Is Dead
Ames, la.. March 13. (Special
Telegram.) Operated upon for ap
pendicitis soon after the close of the
foot ball season, Ed Cotter of Co
lumbus Junction, la., member of the
Ames 'varsity foot ball squad, died in
the college hospital today of compli
cations. The body will be taken to
Columbus Junction tomorrow, ,
Dik Bayless Signs
Lincoln Club Contract
Lincoln, March 13. Manager
Ducky Holmes of the Lincoln West
ern league club today announced that
Dick Bayless, outfielder, had signed
a Lincoln contract. Bayless is a
product of the old Western associa
tion, has played in the majors and
made a Record in the Pacific Coast
Federal Official
Says Story Boy-Ed
In America Is False
Philadelphia, March 13. Stories
published here today that Captain
Karl Boy-Ed, former naval attache
at the German embassy at Washing
ton, was in this city as recently as a
week ago and linking his name with
the alleged smuggling pot involving
the two interned German commerce
raiders at the Philadelphia navy yard,
were declared tonight to be without
foundation by Frank Garbarino, head
of the local bureau of investigation of
the federal Department of Justice.
Agents of the department were given
as authority for the stories, which
were to the effect that Captain Boy
Ed had come here, presumably to
visit a young woman prominent in
social circles in Philadelphia and
Washington, to whom he had been
reported engaged prior to his dis
missal fron this country in Decem
ber, 1915.
Gabarino said there was absolutely
nothing on which to base such state
ments and denied emphatically that
either he or his assistants had given
out such information, either privately
or for publication. "The stories are
ridiculous on their face," declared
Joint Committee Dry Bill
Emerges From Committee
Lincoln, March 13. (Special.)
The senate prohibition committee this
morning reported out the joint com
mittee dry bill, House Roll 793, with
out amendments. This decision was
reached at a meeting of the senate
committee at the Lindcll hotel Mon
day evening.
The bill as it now stands is con
siderably amended and modified by
house committee, of the whole amend
ments, which make many alterations
in minor provisions as compared with
the original bill- drafted by the joint
committee. .
At the same time the committee re
ported out Senate File No. 208, the
bill of the committee minority Mor
iarty, Mattes, Kohl and Albert which
places a fine of from $10 to $100 on
druggists who advertise remedies con
taining more than 2 per cent alcohol
and on newspapers which accept this
"How does this happen?" said Sen
atory Moriarty, indicating that ft
might have been his preference to
have it killed.
Issue Developing Between
Britain and Holland
London, March 13. The experi
ence of the defensively armed Brit
ish steamer Princess Melita, which
was forced by the Dutch government
to leave the Hook of Holland because
of its armament has raised an issue
which, it is believed, will assume the
nature of a test case.
It is stated that tli? British gov
ernment will insist upon defensively
armed ships being permitted to enter
Dutch ports.
Negotiations between Great Britain
and Holland regarding the retention
of ships in Dutch harbors are still
proceeding. The British government
is unbending in its determination not
to acquiesce in the policy of the
Dutch in keeping their ships in their
harbors because of the German sub
marine threat. It is hoped that a com
promise may be reached, under which
Holland can procure guarantees
from both belligerents for a safe
route for its vessels.
Captain George Holdeman
Major, of First Battalion
(From a State Correspondent.)
Lincoln, March 13. (Special Tele
gram.) It is now Major Holdeman,
Captain George H. Holdeman of York
having been elected today major of
the First battalion of the Fourth regi
ment, the votes having been can
vassed here today.
Captain I. V. Todd of Omaha was
elected major of the Second battalion
of the same regiment.
Both men saw service in the Philip
pines and were with their companies
on the border recently. Major Hol
deman was promoted to be major in
his former service in the Philippines.
Face Terrors of the Sea
For Fifty Per Cent Bonus
New York, March 13. Crews of
American line steamships are willing
to accept a "war bonus" of a 50 per
cent wag eincrease offered by P. A.
S. Franklin, head of the International
Mercantile Marine company, it was
announced today by Gustave A.
Braun, secretary of the Atlantic dis
trict of the International Seamen's
union. The men had demanded 75
per cent.-:
Won't Send Haw Cotton Here.
London, March 13. The Liverpool Cotton
exchange has been Informed by the foreign
office, according to the Exchange Telegraph,
that In order to save tonnage the govern
ment haa decided to prohibit, except under
license, the exportation of all raw cotton
from the United Kingdom.
They Make You Feel Good.
The pleasant purgative effect expe
rienced after taking Chamberlain's
Tablets and the healthy condition of
body and mind to which they con
tribute, makes one feel that living is
Huggins Will Shine Under New Owners
l i
hi r- mm
X. 4J. .V-
National league men are tickled to
death with the passing of the St.
Louis Cardinals from the hands of
Mrs. Helen Hathaway Britton into
the hands of a syndicate of St. Louis
business men. It is said that the
change means that Miller Huggins
will now be empowered to secure
Definite Orders to
"Armed Guards'" on
IT. S. Merchant Ships
Washington. March 13. Complete
and definite instructions to the "armed
guards" to be placed aboard Ameri
can merchant craft bound through
the German submarine zones have
been completed by the Navy depart
ment and approved by Secretary
Lansing. They will be forwarded to the
navy personnel aboard the merchant
craft whenever the ships which are
to be armed are ready to sail.
The nature of the instructions will
not be made public. They were care
fully prepared by navy officials and
then submitted to Secretary Lansing
at whose suggestion some amend
ments was made.
It is planned not to broadcast the
orders merely through the naval
service, but to furnish the officer in
command of the armed guard on each
ship with a copy when his vessel is
ready to sail.
The Navy department is making
every effort to suppress all informa
tion regarding armed ships, such as
sailing dates, -the equipment put
aboard by the navy, the personnel
supplied to handle the guns or any
thing that might be of the slightest
value to an enemy. It was said offi
cially, however, that no conflict of
jurisdiction be'twecn the ship master
and the gun crews would arise.
Chicago National League
Defeats Team of Vernon
Pasadena, Cal,, March 13 The
Chicago National league first team
defeated the Vernon Pacific coast
league team, 19 to 4, today in an ex
hibition game.
Manager Fred Mitchell and twenty
five players left here tonight for
Modesto, Cal., wherr the Cubs will
play tomorrow. From Modesto they
will go to Oakland, Cal. Score:
R. h. r.
Vernon 4 7 6
Chicago 1 20 8
Batteries: Vernon. Arellanet, Qulnn and
Sullivan; Chicago, Vaughn, Demaree and
German Submarine
Is Lurking Off Florida
Miami. Fla . Tis'arh 13 At a
ing of Florida naal militia here last
nip-lit R. M. Thnmnann former naual
officer and president of the Naval
Academy Alumni association of New
York, said he had '"positive informa
tion" that a German submarine is lurk
ing ott the coast of Florida "waiting
for the overt art nrprinttatintr war
with Germany to hecrin deafriir-rinn
of American commerce."
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16th and Capitol Ave.
new players and that in due time
the Browns will experience some real
competition. There is no doubt of
Huggins' ability to manace a base
ball team, but he has been handi
capped in the past. He is one of the
best posted base ball men in the pro
fession. '
Nine Persons Hurt
In Fire in Hotel
At Los Angeles
Los Angeles, March 13. Nine per
sons were injured and twenty-three
overcome by smoke and taken to hos
pitals today in a downtown fire that
blocked traffic for hours. The dam
age probably will not exceed $125,000,
according to insurance adjusters.
Scores of persons were carried
from the Occidental hotel down lad
ders and fire escapes, many of them
scantily clad. Sales girls from sur
rounding department stores and from
the burning building fainted and
some were overcome by smoke.
Among the injured were eight fire
men. Benny Leonard Wins
On Points From Tillman
Philadelphia, March 13. Benny
Leonard, the new York lightweight,
won easily on points from Johnny
Tillman of Minneapolis in a six-round
bout here tonight. Each man scored
a knockdown in the first round, but
neither was a damaging blow. In the
fourth round Leonard again floored
Tillman for a count of four, with a
left hook to the jaw. The New
Yorker was the aggressor throughout.
Leonard weighed 138 pounds and
Tillman 139.
Bud Kearns Fixes It So
South High Can Have Team
South High will have a track team
this spring through the benevolence
of Bud Kearns, physical director of
the Young Men's Christian associa
tion. Kearns has promised the South Side
athletes that they may use the run
ning track on two nights each week,
which insures plenty of time for
"feeling out process."
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Abandon Their Main Dofeniive
System West of Bapaume,
British Report Says,
contestants were heavyweights.
No decision was given in a bout
between Mike Yokel of Salt Lake and
Walter VViltouglihy of Heaver Dam.
Wis., middleweight. Yokel won a
fall in 27:46 with a headlock and a
leglock, The -men wrestled for
thirty-five minutes thereafter without
a fall and decided to call the match
a draw.
London, March 13. The official re
port from British headquarters in
France announces the abandonment
by the Germans of their main defen
sive system west of Bapaume, on a
front of three and one-half miles. The
British troops drove back the Ger
man rear guard to a depth of a mile
and occupied Grevillers and Loupart
The report reads:
"In consequence of our bombard
ment of positions yesterday the en
emy abandoned his main defensive
system along the forward crest of the
ridge west of Bapaume on a front of
three and one-half miles. During the
day our advancing troops have driven
back the enemy's rear guard in this
area for a depth of a mile and have
occupied the village of Grevillers and
Loupart wood."
A further retirement of the Ger
mans on a front of between 4,000 and
5,000 yards and to an unknown depth
is reported by a Reuter dispatch from
the British front in France. The
movement was still in progress when
the dispatch was sent.
The British have gone right through
strong German positions in Loupart
wood and seized the village of Gre
villers (west of Bapaume. The re
tirement followed a heavy British
bombardment and was made tinder
cover of haiy weather.
Farm Loan Bank's Charter
Arrives; Capital is Coming
The Federal Land Bank of Omaha,
is now a chartered institution. The
bank's charter arrived Tuesday morn
ing. As soon as the officers or di
rectors have been properly bonded
the federal government will forward
its part of the capital stock and the
bank will be ready to do business.
President D. P. Hogan of the bank
is going to Washington, where he
goes to attend the conference of the
presidents of the twelve banks with
regard to a uniform system of ac
counting and other details.
Secretary Frank G. Odell is on
the way to Des Moines on business
for the bank, and while there will ad
dress the Chamber of Commerce of
Des Moines at noon, explaining the
working of the bank, and the Iowa
and Indiana Telephone association in
the afternoon on rural telephone sys
tems in Europe.
Olin Wins From Roller and
Cutler Defeats Henderson
Chicago, March 13. John F. Olin
of Worcester, Mass., defeated B. F.
Roller of Seattle In a wrestling car
nival here tonight, winning the first
fall in 41:51 with a body lock and the
second fall in 4:04 with a body scis
sors and bar-arm lock. Charles Cut
ler of Chicago defeated Mort Hen
derson of New York, taking the first
fall in 5:15 with, a body scissors and
wristlock hold. In each match the
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