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Total of Bills That Have Gone
- Through Lower Chamber
' . So Tar.
(From a, Staff Correspondent.)
r Lincoln, March 8. (Special.) Ac
cording to a report made by the
c finance, ways and means committee,
appropriation bills have passed the
;hottse amounting to $9,581,407. Ac-
cording to the same report the ap
j propriations at the last session
. amounted to S77J,7U1, which is
$2,107,705. ,
There are other appropriation bills
- yet to be considered which will prob
ably run the amount up $1,000,000
more. This is due to the fact that
several matters involving the expen
diture of large amounts have come up
at this time which were unavoidable,
Notes From Beatrice
And Gage Coun
Beatrice, Neb., March 8. (Special.)
Mrs. M. Wonderly, probably the
oldest woman in Gage county, died
last night at her home at Adams, aged
93 years. She is survived by two
daughters and two sons. The body
was taken to Monmouth, III., yester
day for interment. ; '
George Bosworth, formerly of this
city, died at Lincoln Tuesday night
after a prolonged illness. He worked
jhere for years at the butter and egg
plant ot Oeorge Haskell and W. W.
fBosworth, the latter being a brother,
who now lives in Omaha.
: William Thimm and Miss Marie
Penner were married this afternoon
at the home of the brides parents,
Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Pennerv. who re
side near Hoag, Rev J. K. Penner
omciating. ,
Mrs. Mary Krikava. who lived
mile east of Virginia, died yesterday
afternoon at her home of cancer, aged
.ti years, one is survived Dy ner nus-
nana ana tour ennaren.
Funeral of Edward Royse
Is Held at Broken Bow
Broken Bow, Neb.. March 8. (Soe.
cial Telegram.) The body of Edward
Royse, secretary of the State Banking
Board, arrived here trom Lincoln last
night on the midnight, train and was
met at the station by a delegation of
local Masons. Services were held in
the Methodist church at 2 o'clock this
afternoon under the auspices of the
Christian Scientists, while the Masons
had charge of the services at the
grave. The funeral was lareelv at.
tended and there were many visiting
Masons from out of town.
Mr. Royse was at one time mayor
or inis city ana neid otner important
official positions before he servod on
tne stare canning board.
Legal Fight Under Way
To Get Possession of Child
Nebraska City. Neb.. March 8.-
CSpecial.) The case of Penn against
jack, up tor trial in district court,
will be hard fought by both sides,
Airs. Jack, formerly Mrs. Leon Penn,
when granted a divorce from Mr.
'Penn, was given the custody of their
daughter, tvelyn, now a child of 11
years. Now after several years the
father of the child and his parents
are trying to gain possession ot the
uaugnier, claiming mai iney nave-sup-
ported her. The Fenn family
prominent in this city and well-to-di
as are also Mr. and Mrs. Tack, Mr.
Jack being a traveling salesman out
ot Umaha.
Fairbury, Neb., March 8. (Special.)
A pretty March wedding was sol
emnized at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Louie Huber yesterday, when sixty
fuests witnessed the marriage of their
aughter, Miss Hazel to Edward
Huber of Formoso, Kan. Miss Marie
Anderson played "Flowers and Ferns"
on the violin and Mrs. Sutherland
played the Mendelssohn wedding
march. Kev. K. M. Unll ot the Meth
odist church officiated. Little lose
phine Upp carried the ring in the
heart of a white lily. Miss Marguerite
Anderson was bridesmaid and Viruil
Harris best man. The bride was beau
tifully gowned in a gown of dainty
wiiuc uigauuic anu carrieu a nnae s
bouquet. After the ceremony the
couple left for Oklahoma City to
spend the honeymoon. ,
Syracuse, Neb., March 8. (Spe
cial.) jonn n. i-oehler and Miss
Elena J. Janssen were married todav
at the home of the bride's parents by
K.CY. j. js.oeppei ot at. tnnstus (jer
man church. The bride is the riainrhti-r
of, Mr. and Mrs. John Janssen and
me groom is ine son ot Mr. and Mrs.
trnest Foehler. They will go to
housekeeping at once on the Heyer
iaiih, wniciirnc groom has leased.
North Bend, Neb., March 7. (Spe
cial.) The marriage of Glen Millar
of,North Bend and Carolyn Ladehoff
of Pleasant Valley occurred at Fre
mont luesday, March 6. Mr. and
"Mrs. Millar went to Omaha and
Blanchard. Ia., for a short visit. They
will locate on the Crowley farm.
New Teacheri at Lyons.
Lyons, Neb., March 8. (Special.)
At a special meeting of the Board of
Education Tuesday evening, Feb
ruary u, tne tonowing teachers were
re-eiectea tor next year: V, L. Frank
lin, superintendent; N. V. Franklin,
principal; Miss Clara Newmrvrr
assistant principal, and grade teach
ers as follows: Misses Kate O'Con
nor, Thersa Burns, Bessie. Murtha,
ousic maims ana ioua fotras. N V.
Franklin later declined the position
at Lyons and accepted the superin
tendency of the Craig school.
I ! v' Some Oood Advice.
Dont think too much of your
unu lueinoaj. watcn otner people s
ways and leain from them." Thi-is
-good advice, especially whe.i bilious
or constipated. You will find many
people who use Chamberlain'3 Tablets
for these ailments with the best re
sults, and will do well to follow their
example. Advertisement. 4 , w .
Rochambeau Hasv
Gun Mounted Upon
Its Forecastle
New York, March 8, Two guns,
one forward on the forecastle head
and the other aft, were mounted on
the French hue passenger steamship
Rochambeau, which arrived here to
day from Bordeaux. The gun for
ward was a rapid fire naval piece,
and that aft was the. usual four-inch
gun which has been on French ships
for several months. The Rochambeau
is. the first ship to arrive here
equipped with guns forward and aft
since the war began.
If it can get a crew the 14.000-ton
freighter Manchuria of the Atlantic
transport line will sail for London
today unarmed. The Manchuria is
the first vessel under the American
flag to load mails for a pVohibital
port since the American line can
celed sailings on February 2.
The crew struck yesterday for a
75 per cent war bonus. The company
had already granted 50 per cent and
dedined to give any more on the
ground that a further increase would
be unfair to the men who Jiad sailed
two weeks ago on the Mongolit sat
isfied with a 50 per cent bonus. Offi
cers of the company said they ex
pected the men would come to terms
or they could get a new crew in
time to send (the vessel out before
The Adriatic, from Liverpool, is
expected to arrive late Saturday or
on Sunday morning. A wireless mes
sage received by the White Star line
said that all was well with the liner.
Brodeaaard Firm Sues:
Wants Stocks Canceled
Fred BrodeK?ard, the Omaha Na
tional bank and Tohn C. Wharton are
named as defendants in a suit brought
in district court bv the Brodeuaard
Jewelry stores, Inc., seeking to cancel
an issue ot stock, alleged to nave
been made by Mr. Brodegaard by
Wiimself without authority. The
Brodegaard company, now in the
hands of a trusteeship, alleges that
Fred Brodegaard "faudulently and
unlawfllv caused to be issued
himself 149 shares of capital stock
in the company to the face valuexof
$14,900." '
Ihe company asserts that the issue
was unauthorized and is now void and
of no effect. The stock is in the
possession of the bank and Mr.
W harton, according to the company
petition. The court is asked to de
clare the stock null and void.
Jefferson County Farm
Land Has Big Boom
Fairbury. Neb.. March 8. (Stiecial.)
During the last month Jefferson
county real estate has bounded sky
ward in prices, and not m the history
of the county has so much land
changed hands. During the week just
closed real estate transfers in this
county exceeded half a million dollars,
aggregating S712.819.18. Altogether.
seventy-one transactions, principally
involving farm lands, were made. The
largest deal was the purchase of the
Jack Hughes ranch in the southeast
ern portion of the county bv K..
McCullough of this city for $40,000.
td burkhart. a farmer living six
miles northeast of Fairbury, recently
turned flown an otter ot S15U ner acre
for his quarter section. A 100-acre
tract, two miles north of the city ei?s
Cole Creamery Company
Sues Collector Loomis
After paving an assessment of SI
169 to the department of internal rev.
enue under protest, the David Cole
Creamery company has filed suit in
federal court against George L. Loo
mis, collector of internal revenuc.'to
recover the money. Revenue officers
sereed 630 pounds of butter made by
tne nrm, it oeing aliened Hv the au
thorities, that there was more than
the permittedamount of water in the
bread lubricant. This was not so, the
creamery s petition asserts, so the
firm wants reimbursement.
Plan New Road in Cass.
Plattsmouth.'Ncb.. March 8. (Sae
cial.) Today about seventy-five
farmers of Cass assembled at the
court house, where they addressed the
county commissioners, who were in
session, on tne matter ot establishing
cross-county hisrhwav to connect
at Murray with the Omaha-Kansas
City highway and in the western por
tion ottne county with the Omaha
Lincoln highway, thus giving all the
towns in the county an opportunity to
enjoy the good roads which have been
established. The delegation was ac
companied by the Murray Commercial
club and alter the heannir haM been
had before the board of county com
musiuivcrs ine ueiegaics present com
pietcu a county organization, electing
C. M. Andrus of Manley president and
W. Boedaker of Murray as secre
tary and members of the board of
boosters trom each precinct.
Funeral of Mrs. Harriann
Nebraska Citv. Neb March 8
(special.) ihe funeral of Mrs. Mar
shall T. Harrisoi. was held yester
day, from the. familv home. Mr
Harrison was'instrumental in building
the fine Presbyterian church at Dun-
ar. -
Lieutenant Governor Howard
Names Them on Committee
for Phone Probe.
(From a Buff Corraapondent.)
Lincoln, March 8. (Special.)
Lieutenant Governor Howard today
appointed a committee of three con
sisting entirely of democrats to in'
vestigate the charges made by a dem
ocratic senator that certain demo
cratic state onicers had been accept'
ing favors from a telephone company
in tne way ot tree service.
In making his explanation of whv
he appointed all democrats on the
committee, the lieutenant governor
saw that it was entirely a tamily af
fair and, therefore, he thought that it
was nest to nave democrats invests
gate democrats, as they knew demo'
cratic tendencies and could.therefore.
make investigations along lines which
a republican knew nothing about.
The committee appointed consists
ot Wilson ot Dodge, thappell
Minden and Adams of Dawes.'
Prominent Madison
Man Dies Sudenly
Removes Hairy Growths
Without Pain or Bother
(Modes of Today) 1
It is not necessary to use a painful
process to remove hairy growths, for
with a little delatone handv von ran
keep the skin entirely free' from these
beauty destroyers. To remove hair,
make a stiff paste' with a little pow
dered delatone and water. Spread
tliis on the hairy surface arid in about
2 minutes rub off. wah the atin anH
the hairs are gone. To guard against
disappointment, be careful to get real
delatone. Advertisement
k Friday and Saturday
in the Raymond Stock
1513-15 Howard St.
Madison, Neb.. March 8. fSneciat?
James B. Hume died suddenly while
sitting in a chair about 7 o c ock yes
terday morning. Death probably was
aue to apoplexy. Mr. Hume was
large property owner in and about
the city of Madison, having been en
gaged in the lumber, grain, elevator
and flouring mill business. He was
also extensively engaged in farming
ana siock raising, owning a large
ranch several miles northeast of
Madison. From the day he set foot
in Madison thirty-two years ago he
has been closely associated with every
movement wnicn naa tor its end and
purpose the building up of the city,
and was invariably on the right side of
every civic movement, and in his
death the city loses one of its most
helpful and progressive citizens. He
was born April 10, 1850, at Hillsbor
ough, Ireland. When 21 years of age
he came to America. He is survived
by his wife, Emma D. Matthews
Hume; one son, George Hume, and
two daughters, Mrs. Myra Pearse and
Mrs. Dorothy Basse, all of -fhis city.
nc-was a memDer ot the Presbyterian
church and oi-Globe Lodge of Masons
of this citv. Funeral service will fair.
place at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon at
ine iamiiy residence.
Potash Suit On Trial in
Chadron Federal Court
Chadron. Neb.. March R fS
reuerai court tor JNehraska, Chad
ron district, convened Tuesday mnm.
ing, with J. W. Woodrouuh of Omaha
presiding judge. Accompanying him
are R. C. Hoyt, Thomas J. Flynn and
Charles W. Pearsall. This is an ad
journed term, with jury, to try the
case of Nebraska Potash company
gainm roiasn rspauce company.
From present indications it will tab.
a week in which to complete, there
Deing a long list ot witnesses; title to
land and value of products being at
issue. This is Tudee Woodrnnirri'.
nrsu appearance , on the bench at
i New Trustees Named.
Plattsmouth. Neb.. March 8. fSn.
cial.) btockholders of the Platic.
mouth Loan and Building association
i uicir annual meeting elected as
members of the board of trustees Dr.
W. E. Cook, John M. Leyda apd E.
P. Lutz, whose terms expired. The
association has a monthly payment of
stock of $153,144 and declared a divi-
aend ot SJ.7I4.50.
Nted Attention In March er Ficc
Mar Stay Covarad.
Now is the time to take anarinl
care of the complexion if you wish it
to look well the rest of the year. The
March winds have a strong tendency
to bring out freckles thet mav atjiv
ii cummer unless removed. Now is
the time to use othine double
strength. ,
This prescription for the removal
of freckles was written bv a nrnm.
inent physician and is usually so suc
cessful that it i is sold by druggists
under guarantee to refund the money
if it fails. Get an ounce of othine
double strength, and eyen a few ap
plications should show a wonderful
improvement, some of the smaller
irecxies even vanishing entirely.
Advertisement. .,
Try This If You
Have Dandruff
There is one sure way that n.vir
tails to remove dandruff completely,
and that is to dissolve it. This de
stroys it entirely. To do this, just
get about four ounces of plain, ordi
nary liouid arvon: apoly it at nieht
wnen retiring; use enough to moisten
the scalp and rub it in gently with
the finger tips.
By morning most, if not all, of your
landruff will be cone, and nr
our more applications will complete
ly dissolve and entirely'destroy every
single sign and trace of it, no matter
now much dandruff you may have.
You will find. too. that all itchinir
and digging of the scalp will stop in
stantly and your nair will be fluffy,
lustrous, kiossv. siikv and soft, and
look and feel a hundred times better.
You can get liquid arvon at any
drug store. It is inexoensive. and
four ounces is all you will need. This
simple remedy nas never been known
to fail. Advertisement.
Pain In Side,
Baekaehe, ,
-Any Leoal
fartrf m Wftrfaf
.i.oo.duP I III I II III-" I A . III! Ill !l-l
Sale of Hair
Switches Friday
and Saturday
20-inch Switches,
fi.ou value, at 79c.
24-inch Switches,
good bargain, $1.19
This Big White Bargain Basement
Offers Rousing Values for Friday and Sat.
Every department has joined in this movement to present an array of offerings that will give
back to each one who purchases here, sufficient savings to materially increase the bank account. Great
TTte111 hlSh cost of ,ivin ia in everv newspaper and magazine one looks at. THIS
' Rugs it Low Prices
36x63 Lhemile Bath 1 on
Rug, worth S3.00, at Ilafa7
ztx do Kag Kugs, worth OQ
75c, at OtfC
27x54 Black and White
Hag Rugs, worth $1.35,
27x64 Grey and White Qb
Rag Rugs, worth $1.60, atiOI
27-in. Smith Axminater 1 QO
Rugs, worth $3.50, at V I a70
I yard length Karadi Wilton Car
pet, worth $2.25, 69c
Leather Bags Special 59c
benuine leather bags, purse Inside,
gold plated and German silver
frames, worth $1.00,
Every Item Exceptionally
' lntareatina
One big lot of Remnants of Scrim
plain and fancy bordered, all in
desirable lengths, special,
yard, at OC
5,000 yards of fine voiles, mar
quiaette and dotted Swiss, plain
ana satin tape edging in the white
cream and ecru, 5 to 10 yard
lengths, worth 2c per
yard, at . 1 1 C
One extra large table of fancy Art
lickings and Tapestry Cretonnes,
satin finish, aome are reversible,
a large assortment of new color
mgs, 2 to 10 yard lengths, 1Q
worth 39c. at. yard 1 H C
One special- lot of Muslin Curtain
Material with rennaisance edging
and insertion, 20 pretty patterns
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a yard, at. IOC
Trimmed Hits it $1.95
Hundreds of neatly trimmed hats
in this lot to choose from, in all
pood shapes, trimmed with ribbon
stick-ups, flowers, etc. Hats that
regularly sell for 1 QP
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plenty of blacks, t 1Q
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Mattresses, Bed Pillows
45-lb. All Felt Mattress, perfectly
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ticking, our regular $12.00 value,
ypri.c.e ...$8.45
The genuine A Combination Mat
tress, 45 lbs. weight, neat, fancy
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finished, $8.50 value, pO.0
Our regular No. 2 Combination
Mattress, fancy art ticking, best
grade filling, well tufted and fin
ished, ?6.du value, sate d 4 HE
price, each O
All cotton Sanitary Couch Pad,
2 inch box, covered
ticking, $5.50 value,
sale price
Feather Bed Pillows. 3 and 3
lbs. weight, fine quality sanitary
pillows, covered with fancy tick
ing, $1.50 value, KQ
each OUC
2-lb. Bed PiHows, fancy art tick
ing, fine filling, size 'JC.
17x24 inches, sale price, OOC
White and Colored
Wish Fabrics
Specially Priced for This Three
Days' Sale.
Ripplette, the rough dry fabrics,
splendid assortment of pretty col
orings, in stripes, checks and plaid,
for children's frocks and rompers,
house dresses, middies. The name
''Ripplette" ia stamped on selvage.
27 inches wide, at, per 1 A 1
yard ..'
No. 1910 Imperial Sea Island
Nainsook, beautiful, soft fabrics,
for infants' wear, undermuslins,
slips. Made from fine combed
Egyptian yarns, 42 inches, 12-
Vor.b:: $2.95
Imperial Long Cloth, chamois
finish, pure white, free from fill
ing, medium light weight for ladies
and children's undermuslins; 36
inches, 12-yard bolts jj g(J
Mill length, fine qualities nlain
white Flaxon, linen thread finish;
name stamped on selvage; comes
in 1 to 6-yard lengths, many to
match;. 36 and 40 inches, IP
t, per yard ..;
Framed Pictures
with fancy
Framed Landscapes and Marines
lliat thu ItinH vnil hava Kaan wait
ing for; beautifully colored, 16x
20 tn 20x3(1. pirpnaaian walnut fin.
ish. They aell here evtfj in
ery day at $2.60. . . . . . J 1 1 7
"Cupid Awake" and "Cupid
Asleep," two separate pictures;
your choice, two 39c
. These are well knnwn nlpt.nraa
appropriately framed.
Ready-to-Wear Offers
Women's Suits, $5.95 and $7.95
About 600 &uits in two lots. They are all spring suits, but not this
season's styles; late last spring models, many of them just the same as
this season's, others are good, practical styles for wear of all kinds at
any time. oi a suit maoe to sen ror less than $10.00 to $20.00. You
will find in these lots fine all-wool materials of many different kinds
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Women's md Misses' Suits. $12.95
Women s and Misses' Newest Stylo Spring Suits, made to sell at
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ruby, Belgium blue, new tans and browns. These suits are all copies
nf hiirh n.inaJ mnnlo Tt..... L- J ,. , ,, . .
...... luuucu. aiii-jr tunic wim new, nig nouDie collars, nig
sports pockets, all wool materials, new Paisley linings, fc 1 1 f, C
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Girls' Colored Wash Dresses, several styles, values are 35c, OO
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Women's white, full length, Muslin Petticoats, embroidered on
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Women's New Spring Dresses it 69c
Women's New Spring Dresses, new. riirht Un-tn-Hnt.A atvlna. frosh
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Women's Wash Waists at 19c
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Women's md Misses' Serine Coats at S5.95
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..vr...u vvii i-JwuiD, ovi.1 .uu&i-nB vi Htyies.
The Genuine Everett: rlamin TW,D r? in .!..,. u-., -j.
: - , , m.v v.,,,,,,.,, nunc ucbLcr maue, an
wanted styles, checks, plaids and stripes; 15c values, yard, 1 A 1
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-The Genuine Simpson's Dress Prints, Fame brand, full pieces in
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valita vim! i W.
umuu rcrcme, iignc and oarK grounds, o 1
neat figures; our regular 12c quality, sale price, yard lg
27-Inch plain and fancy Outing Flannel, Scotland, Smyrna and oth
grades, the season's clean-up at less than mill cost today; sale
a HI
price; yard, only .- ivC.
tnnwr u? ki j u" . ' alI,the wanted li(tht "nd dark shades.
onl ..... ovjico, vmueu, yara, 7 A
u iTiAenLuine 3?,'Inc!1 Moraine Dress Zephyrs,' fagY colors.' beautiful
... visits, yinjuu anu swipes; 10c vai- 1 O 1
ues, on sale, only, yard la&iC
Bleached Sheets. 81x90 inrh OR. lAnmdri in nanta ....111..- n
...... ...... guvu bjouo siieeung, on sale, eacn,
On Sale Friday Only
36-Inch Plain and Fancv Curtain S,Tim nt ni.;. j r .
borders, lengths to 20 yards, Friday Sale, only, yard... . OC
oil. uiiu tunc jrriiiLB una ureas i ,r .civ ipno-t hi fn i r. t.UM
. - , .r..e.u jrun.
J ,
40-Inch Bleached Universal Pillow Tubing, off the bolt.'
Friday, yard
tot 1.
Sale of Shoes
BOY'S Shoes, in boy n,K and trim m.f.1 1.. ..J .
button, V, double sole, sizes 1 to b, at. .'. .. JaC.19
Lot 2. Youth's heavy box calf and gun metal calf, bit-' i nn
ton and black style, sizes 9 tol3H,at J1.07
i .kv8, ,Womcn'8 2-trP house slippers, light kid'stock, OO
leather heels, sizes 24 to 8, at... HlSC
Women's High Grade Footwear
.nd wl"? Pai womn' odd,8 ni e"" Shoes, in patent colt, dull leather
and white canvas. Sizes only from 1 to 4. Hand welted sole and IT A
leather Cuban heels, per pair, only. 59C
Brown bamboo, in cake,
sandwich and flower bas
kets,' values 10c to 25c; all
,5c each
to go
Sizes from 7 to 13 inches high
and 3 to 10 inches wide.
Boys' Clothing
A Rousing Sale of
Boys' Appirel
Boys' Waih Suits, 49c
Tommy Tucker styling and one
piece suits, a big assortment. One
price for the entire lot. Many
worth double the price, plain
white, fancy stripes and plain col
ors; sizes 2 to 8 years,
Two-Pair Pant Suits at $3.75
Boys' 2-pair-panf Knickerbocker
Suits, which are exceptional val
ues at this price; 2 pair pants with
each suit, patterns are in light
grays and dark grays; djo "7C
sizes 6 to 18 years, at SpOt I 3
Bargain Lot of Long Pant
Suits at $5.39
A bargain lot of Long Pant
SuitB, odd suits from last season's
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ably more; sizes are fcE QQ
15 to 19 years, at. .. . pO.O7
Blue Serge Suits at $4.39
A smart, new spring model Blue
Serge Suit of strictly all-wool, fast
color blue serge; sizes are 5 to 11
years; a real bargain, J (J
Hosiery md Underwear
All Splendid Values
Women's fiber silk boot hosiery,
black, white and colors, seconds of
26c quality, at, per 1C
pair , IOC
Women's cotton black hosiery,,
seconds of 15a quality, Q
pair SC
Children's cotton, black 11.
durable hosiery, all sizes. . 1 1 C
Knit Underwear
Women's cotton union suits, in
umbrella and cuff knee, styles, in
all sizes, each, , OO.
at tCOC
Women's gauze sleeveless vests,
sizes 4, B and 8, 10c qual- f i
ity, each, at I JC
Children's odd lota of fleeced
vests and pants, each, J s
Children's gauze sleeveless vests,
ages 2 to 10 years, each, O
at OC
Handkerchiefs and Laces
it Lowest Prices
-Women's fine cotton and lawn
handkerchiefs, in fancy initials
and embroidered corners, in white
and colored designs, also "
plain white corded, each, . . . OC
Men's good size cotton handker
chiefs, in plain white, colored bor
ders, pillow top and red and blue
bandanas; your choice, (
each ..-.DC
Big lot of val. laces, scores of
pretty patterns to choose
from; special, yard OC
Six yards. OC
at J .SOC
One big lot of sample price
and remnants of laces, each 1 C
Silk Gloves it 25c Pr.
Women's Long and Short Silk
Gloves, seconds of the 50c to 69c
kind. This is an exceptionally low
priced item and should sell quickly.
Come early and pick out or
a pair, at 4 ...... , aiOC
Notions-Good Values
J. & P. Coats' best crochet cot
ton, ball 4
Rust-Proof Dress Clasps, card 2
i. & P. Coats' Best 6-Cord
Fast Colored Darning Cotton, 3
Thread, soool 3
spools for. 5
One big lot of imported Rick
Racks, tape edging and other tapes
worth to 16c, at T&6
Real Human Hair Nets, all
shades, each 4g
Limit 2 to a customer.
Notion boxes each
Betsy Boss Crochet Cotton, ball
at 6tt
Large 2-yard bolt of Rick-Rack,
each 18
Pearl Buttons, card 2it'
One big lot of "American Maid,''
ball 5Hc
Bias Tape, large bolts! ...... 5,$
Drugs and Toilet Articles
Trailing Arbutus Talcum Pow
der .6t
Elderflower Soap, 10c cake 5
Odds and ends of French Face .
Powdetf worth 50c, special. 164
' ' Manicure Files, worth 25c. 84
Rubber Sheeting, in yard and
yard-and-half lengths, special, the
yard ....274
Ladies' Dressing Combs, worth
60c, special, at ..184
Espeys Fragrant Cream, 26c
size for , , , , 124