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7 A
Court House Eow Between
Clark and Lynch Takes On
a New Angle.
Sunday, March 4, 1917.
Telephone Douglas 137.
News of "Goings-On" at Burgess-Nash Monday
Big damage knits against the
county are now threatened as one of
the results of the raid by a force of
sheriff's deputies on Lakeside club,
commonly known as Shay-shay's
road house, according to the attorney
representing the majority of the thir
teen people arrested and held for sev
eral hours in jail.
Court housers see in the raid an angle
to the rumored feud between Sheriff
Clark and Commissioner Lynch
arising out of the jail-feeding row.
Adherents of the commissioner assert
that the sheriff believed he was raid
ing a resort in which the former had
an interest Commissioner Lynch
was at the court hpuse bright and
early and gave out the following
signed statement:
"Sheriff Clark's statement that. I
told him I own one-half of Lakeside
road house is absolutely and deliber
ately false, and" everybody who knows
me knows that it is false. I do not
o..n any interest in Lakeside or any
other road house. I could not afford
to if I wanted to on account of my
"John Ford, manager of the road
house, is a former neighbor and
friend of rm..o. Clark is aware that
this fact is generally known and that
I have no other interest in tf place.
He thinks that will make his false
statements more probable.
"If Clark is honestly intending to
enforce the law, I ' am fer him.
Whether he made this raid for spite
work will be shown by his subsequent
Will Keep Lid On.
The sheriff declares no personal
feeling enters in the raid, but that he
is going to keep the lid on in Doug
las county, regardess ot whom it at
fected. '
Charges of being inmates of a dis
orderly house were placed against the
eight men and five women arrested,
according to the sheriff, but their at
torney says no charges were placed
against them. "I have no record of
the arrests," said Chief Deputy Fos
ter. All of the person? taken to the
county jail as a result of the raid
were released a few hours later on $50
cash bonds. The money put up for
the bonds was refunded when the re
leased alleged road housers appeared
at the court house.
"We can get them again if we need
them," said the sheriff. "They've all
given their words that they'll appear
if wanted."
To File Charges.
Fbllowing a conference with County
Attorney 1'agney ' Chief Deputy
Sheriff Foster declared that com
plaints charging selling liquor with
out a license will be brought against
Frank Galloway, bartender, and John
Leonard, who Foster says" is the raan
ager of the Lakeside resort
Meanwhile the jail feeding row goes
on, the county board refusing to al
low Sheriff Clark's claim for Janu
ary's purchases for the bastile.i They
want him to submit an itemized state
ment of his actual expenditures for
The sheriff has borrowed $500 at a
bank to pay bills incurred in feeding
the prisoners. He borrowed $1,000
last month, besides using both his
semi-monthly pay checks and other
moneys coming into his office.
Eryine Brandeis
And His Bride Come
Back to This City
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ervine Brandeis
arrived last night from their honey
moon tour in southern California.
They come in time to spend Sunday
with young Mr. Brandeis mother and
sister, Mrs. A. D. Brandeis and Miss
Leola Brandeis, who leave Monday
for the east. The young couple were
married in San Francisco a month
ago. The bride was Miss Madeline
Employes of the Brandeis stores
filled the Brandeis suite at the Black
stone with flowers to greet the
Willard Elected Head of
National Defense Commission
Washington, March 3. Daniel Wil
lard, president of the Baltimore &
Ohio railroad, was elected chairman
of the advisory commission of the
council of national defense today at a
joint meeting of the council and com
mission at the War department. He
succeeds Dr. Hollis Godfrey of Phil
adelphia, who resigned the post be
cause of pressure of private affairs.
Reorganization of the commission
was completed with the formal elec
tion of W. S. Gilford of the American
Telephone and Telegraph company as
director of the council and Grosve
nor B. Clarkson of New York City as
secretary. Mr. Gifford and- Mr. Clark
son will continue in their new posts
the work they began in connection
with the industrial mobilization un
der the direction of v the naval con
sulting board.
Rear Admiral Peary laid before the
council today his project for a coastal
airplane patrol
Automobile Burned at Griswold.
Griswoldj la., Mirch 3. (Special.)
Willard Forsythe, farmer living
seven miles north of Griswold, lost
his automobile yesterday when it
caught fire and was totally destroyed.
Mr. and Mrs. Forsythe were on their
way to town when the car commenced
to backfire and almost immediately
burst into flames. This is the sec
ond automobile to burn up here within
the last week, the other belonging to
William Forsythe, an uncle of the
man whose car burned yesterday.
Bank Passes Two-Million Hark
Kearney, Neb., March 3. (Special.)
'The City National bank of this city
set a new mark yesterday in depos
ts When they passed the $2,000,000
mark. Kearney has two other banks,
which almost total the $1,500,000 mark
in deposits. The last year has wit
nessed an enrnmous and steady
growth in deposits in the banks.
Recent newspaper announce
ments tell of the improvements
under way and planned, total
ing the enormous expenditure
of approximately
Some idea of what Omaha's
future development will be may
be gained by the amount
Even more interesting to us,
however, is the increase in pop
ulation the new Directory es
timating at 223,000 showing
an increase of 6,000 over that
given by the 1916 census.
Right in line with th rapid moni
clpil growth, this store is continually
growing and expanding iti ipher of
helpfulness and atrviet.
We know there are fully 223,000
people in Omaha who should shop at
BurgeiiNath, because with a store
"filled to the brim" with seasonable
and dependable merchandise for the
nan, woman and child as well as for
the home with efficient salespeople
with a united service that cannot
be equalled and with the store motto
"the greatest service to the greatest
number" we "merit" the responsive
ness from each and every Omaha inhabitant.
Manufacturer's Sample Line
of High-Grade Stationery
Monday -The Quire 21c
A MANUFACTURER who is nationally known as the
maker of fine quality and correct stationery sold his
entire sample line to us at a price that warrants a most
substantial saving if purchased Monday. This lot in
cludes white, tinted and colored borders, also specially
prepared gift boxes containing three, four or five quires
to the box.' Unusual values, Monday, at 21c the quire.
"HurdV Envelopes, 10c Package
An odd lot of "Hurd's" envelopes; everyone knows the worth
of these envelopes and at the price, Monday, they will go in a hurry.
Brass Desk Sets, Monday, Underpriced
All open stock of brass desk sets and odd pieces, including ink
wells, calendars, clips, pencil holders, small poker sets, etc The re
duction Monday is very extreme.
History Paper, 10c
Large size history notebook
paper, 100 sheets, in the sale,
at 10c.
Lead Pencils
All well-known makes of lead
pencils', special, Monday, at 45c
the dozen.
Fountain Pens, 50c I Tablet, at 3c
A splendid pen for school; self
and regular filling styles; Mon
day, 60c each.
Burgosi-Nub C. Mai. Floor
Letter size writing tablets, all
Ink paper, choice of ruled or unruled.
Important Values in
An Exceptional Sale of
New Spring Hats
Three Remarkable Groups, at
$5, $7.50, $10
IN view of present merchandising conditions these spe
cially prepared groups of hats offer extraordinary
values values which would not have been possible with
out keen purchasing foresight.
In this attractive array may be found the trend of the
millinery styles fof spring. Sports hats, tailluer hats,
dress hats; in lisere, hemps and other braids. The trim
mings are decidedly chic and parisian. All fashionable
colors are represented.
BurgMS-Nuh Co. Soeond Floor ,
Your special attention
is directed to the new
Spring Silks of Quality
Shown at Burgess-Nash
Fashion's latest word on silks finds expression in the
new silks shown in this display, and the really smart
dressers will inspect this selection before purchasing
their new frocks, suits or skirts.
Sports Silks, $1.49
Real imported pongee silk in the natural color with pretty sports
figures and stripes, in the very smartest colors; will launder per
fectly; 32 inches wide; special for Monday, at $1.49 yard.
36-Inch Poplin, $1.25
Silk poplin in all the pretty colored grounds, with smart sports
stripe effects, for dresses, skirts and suits; 36 inches wide; Monday,
$1.25 yard. V
"Yo-San," Much in Demand, $3.50
Yo-San, the newest and the smartest of all sports silks; comes In
light and dark grounds with all the bright stripe effects; full 36
inches wide; at $3.50 the yard.
Tub Silk for Spring, 98c '
Tub silks' in a large assortment of pretty' stripes; very desirable
for waists, dresses and men's shirts; will launder perfectly; 36 inches
wide; special for Monday, at 98c the yard.
Burfaao-Naah Co. Main Floor
Standard "Rotary" Sewing
Machines $39 to $65
SPRING sewing is in the minds of hundreds of Omaha
women right now and it is not a bit too early to
pick out the machine that is going to mean an extensive
wararoDe at a moaeiaie cost.
We are sole representatives for the "Stand
ard Rotary" sewing machine, because it is the
best sewing machine on the market and is fully
worthy of a Burgess-Nash guarantee. The ad
vantages the "Standard" has to offer are:
Light running Fast sewer
, Wear resisting Noiseless
Lock and chain stitch
Which makes practically two ma
chines in one.
You can make no mistake in choosing a "Standard Rotary" for
your sewing machine.
A Special Offer for Monday
To the first five who visit the Sewing Machine Department on
the Fourth Floor, Monday, we offer a "Standard"-madc, rotary shut
tle, ball bearing, easy running, guaranteed sewing machine (on easy
payments), at $28.00. .
Burrow-Null Co. Fourth Floor
DOYS! Bird
"House Contest
Starts March 10th
CONTEST is open to every boy
. under 18 years. Those who
intend to participate in the con
test must enter their name either
by mail or in person with the one
in charge of the Sporting Goods
Department, Fourth Floor, not
later than Thursday, March 15 th.
Write or come in for full par
ticulars concerning the contest.
For Immediate Travel, Motoring and
General Daytime Wear
New Coat Fashions
$14.75, $16.75, $19.50
and Upward
A LARGE and varied showing of women's
and misses' spring coats (one model illus
trated), in belted, topcoat and "barrel" models,
featuring large sports and distended pockets,
gauntlet and tight-fitting cuffs and novel collars
Fashioned in English tweeds, coverts, ve
lours, bolivias, serges, poplins and taffetas, in a
wonderful variety of light and dark shadings.
Women's Tailleur Suits
$25.00 and Upward
The strictly tailored and more dressy suit
tailored models, indicating fashion's trend in
mannish twppHs. Poiret twills, gaberdine, genr
es, silk poplins, novelty wool weaves, taffetas,
in black and choicest shadings; 34 to 46 size?.
Buriaaa-Nath Co. Sacond Floor
r I
We'll Cut, Fit and
Pin Your New Dress
Free of Charge
AS a special feature of our piece
goods sections we have se
cured for a limited time the serv
ices of
Mrs. Moulton and Staff
Of the Keister Dressmaking
School, who will cut, fit 'and pin
any material you may buy at 98c
a yard or over, without charge.
Mrs. Moulton and staff are
masters in women's garment con
struction. They have knowledge
of styles, of fabrics and trimmings
in the widest sense.
BurgeBB-Nash Co. Main Floor
Real Filet and Irish Crochet Lace
OUR" Lace Department announces a showinpr new spring ideas these new real
filet and Irish crochet lace and insertions lO match, also medallions and motifs
are very attractive, in widths of 1 to 4 inches. Price range, 39c to $3.50 the yard.
Venice Edge '
Fine point Venice edges and insertions, me
dallions and saloons. Very new and much in evi
dence, combined with georgette crepe; 1 to 5
inches wide. Price range, 15c to $2.00 the yard.
Linen Filet Lac
Perfect copies of the real and more expensive
filet. ' Also insertions to match in widths of one
to three inches. Price range, 15e to 25c.
Burgooa-Noah Co. Mala Floor
EW Silk Dress
Nets $1.35
New spring goods in black, white
and the delicate) pretty evening
shades, full 72 inches wide.
Dress Nets, $1.00
Silk dress nets, in black, white,
blue, grays, brown and tan. A
splendid quality at $1.00 the yard.
Flouncings, 59c
Fine Swiss and batiste flouncings
with filet lace edge, 18 and 27
inches wide.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
Egyptian Suiting Will Make
This Attractive House Dress
At Very Little Expense to You
For the house dress, illustrated at the right, No. 7139 Pictorial
Review pattern, we recommend egyptian, sailor girl suiting or linene,
These materials make up pretty and look, launder and wear like linen.
Full 34 to 36 inches wide. Price range of material, 15c and 20c. Pat
tern of house dress, ISc.
New Voiles for Dainty Blouses
Our new barred and checked voiles are decidedly different from ordinary or
"past season" blouse materials and would make up charmingly, either in tailored or
fancy effects after Pictorial pattern No. 7003. Full 36 inches, wide, at 40c the yard.
, Soft Nainsook for Gowns
' Look up Pictorial Review pattern No. 6974 notice the full cut and desirable
gown shown then walk two aisles over to the "Daylight" Linen and White Goods
Department and ask for No. 20 nainsook, which is just the right weight and texture
for this gown. This is also desirable for making anything in the underwear line.
Monday, $1.65 the bolt of 10 yards.
Bur.a.cNaah Co. Main Floor )
Annual March Housefurnishings Sale
Presenting a Remarkable Range of Economies for the Thrifty Housewife
This annual event has received more than the usual preparations. Every consideration has been given to the needs
and requirements of the housewife with a thought of conve nience and economy, these items listed below will serve as
guide posts to the splendid benefits the sale affords: , ' I .
Enamelware, Special
Monday at 10c
Percolator, $1.95
Water Pails, 39c
Gray enameled water
pails, 10-quart size, 39c.
Water Pails, 25c
Galvanized water pails,
10-quart size, at , 25c.
Percolator, made of
heavy brass, heavily nickel
plated, makes delicious
coffee; 6-cup size, $1.95.
Step Stool, 85c
Step stool, made of
hardwood, varnished, ex
tra well bolted and
braced; special, 85c.
Step Ladders, $1.00
Step ladders, made of
Norway pine, 6-foot size,
at $1.00.
Clothes Wringers,
' Chemical clothes wring
er, Horse Shoe brand,
warranted for 6 years; an
exceptional value, $3.95.
Toasters, made of blued
steel, toasts 4 pieces of
bread at one time; spe
cial, 10c.
Gas Plates, $1.59
Gas plates, with
two powerful burn
ers, very special at
Seed I Seeds!
It's time to think of
seeds. Thirty varieties
of vegetable seeds and
18 varieties of flower
seeds, package, 10c.
Gray enameled bread pans, fry pans, covers,
wash bowls; exceptional values, at 10c.
Big Wonder Mops, 39c
Big Wonder, triangle
shape, chemically treated
mops, special, at 39c
Berlin Kettles, 49c
Gray enameled Berlin ket
tle, with cover, 10-quart size,
at 49c.
Electric Irons
Electric iron, heavily nickel'
plated, 6-pound size, complete
with detachable cord, warrant
ed, special, $2.98.
Wash Boilers
Extra heavy tin
wash boilers with
heavy copper bot
tom, stationery
wood handles:
No. 8 size, $1.69
No. 9 size, $1.89
O'Cedar Mops, 59c
O'Cedar mops and polish, O'
V Cedar triangle
shape oil mop,
oiled ready for
use; special, 59c.
4-oz. size,.19c.
12-oz. size, 38c
Bath Room Fixtures
Glass towel bars with nickel plated
ends, 18-inch size, at 28c.
Wood towel bars, white enameled,
with porcelain ends, 18-inch size, 19c
Rubber bath mats, oblong shape,
for 25c.
24-inch glass shelves
with nickel plated
U! DracKets, special oc
IW Brass nickel plated
do.. ..j holder, made to fit on any
bath tub, special, 39c.
Toilet paper holders, made of brass,
heavily nickel plated, 45c
Nickel plated brass tumbler hold
er, for 45c
Combination tumbler and soap dish,
brass, nickel plated, special, '$1.10.
I Tea Kettles, 39c
Gray enameled tea kettles, 3
quart size, special, 39c.
Dish Pans, 39c
Gray enameled dish pans, seam
less, 17-quart size, special, 39c
Coffee Pots
Gray enam
eled coffee
pots, 2-quart
size, 25c.
8-quart size,
for 35c.
Bursua-Naih Co.
Down Stair, Stora