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    THE OMAHA SUNDAY BEE: - MARm - 4.- 1917.
. Nebraska
Members Oppose Bills That
Tend to Injure This Form
of Work.
(From a Buff Comipqndeot.)
Lincoln, March 3. (Special The
State Board of Control is not in har
mony with tome legislation. which the
present legislature seeks to pass. This
is shown in its opposition to a bill
introduced by Senator Moriarty of
Douglas county, who seeks to prevent
the manufacture of any goods at the
Nebraska penitentiary which come in
competition with goods manufactured
in this state.
Endangers Reed Factory..
The passage of such a bill would
mean the death of the reed furniture
factory at the plant, which was au
thorized by the last, legislature and
which is going along in good shape at
the present time and employs 135 men.
The state has $50,000 invested in the
plant, and, according to Commissioner
Mayfield, the passage of the bill would
be detrimental to the best interests of
the penitentiary and the men therein.
It is said that the only business the
reed furniture making comes in com
petition with is the Omaha Reed and
Rattan company in the city of Omaha.
As to Convict Label.
Another bill which Mayfield be
lieve! would be detrimental to the
state is one by Howell, also a Doug
las county senator. His bill, senate
file No. 115, provides that convict
made goods from outside the state'
should be labeled as such. The meas
ure, excepts goods made in the Ne
braska penitentiary and the board is
of the opinion that this will force
other itatet to go to the trouble of
labeling goods and suffer consequen
tial financial loss on account of senti
ment against convict labor. This will
result m other states passing retalia
tory measures and will react against
the luccess oof the state penitentiary
factory. ; '
Legislators Find Omaha ,
Nice Place for Recreation
- '' " (From a SuaU Correspondent.)
Lincoln, March 3. (Special.)
Members of the legislature who went
to Omaha yesterday to attend the
automobile show at the Invitation of
the Commercial. club and other or
hav heen returninff to
day; pronouncing the reception re
ceived! great thing.
"One theater I attended isn t near
as bad as 'I expected to would be,"
said one member, which Is an indica
tion that he at least has. a different
opinion of some, things, in Umaha
than he had before. .
TU fn.mhara are welt nleased with
the trip and are in shape after their
little recreation to get back tcwork
Monday with, lentrTed 'vigorf ' i?
.,'' ?
Austrian Ministry
Plans to Cut Cost
Of Food to Poor
London, March 3. (Via Amster
dam.) At a conference in Vienna, at
tended by cabinet ministers, govern
ors of provinces, burgomasters and
several parliamentary deputies, Pre
mier Count Clam-Martinic announced
that the minister of finance was about
to put into opcraticn measures to
provide foodstuffs for the poorer
classes at considerably reduced prices,
according to a Vienna telegram to
day. ''We shall hold out," said the pre
mier, "with indeed great privations
and sacrifices, but we shall pull
through, Spring has come and the
Danube will be open for Roumanian
grain, thereby alleviating the food
"Peace, too. after all. must come.
but we must not cherish ihe illusion
that anxieties over the food question
will then vanish. Reasonable policies
will have to be adopted to harmonize
food production and food consump
tion." -
nw iWuii York. TT
t J ' XI -u-Mh SfMnanlal 1 JTh,
Priced bank ball-lean deta,ted. Iho Yosfc
Yotfif Mea'a. Clirlellaa 'association . team
Friday r.ub.fe to lT.Frlr.d tu pl.y.a
twenty-four giisH and . lost but ,.thre ot
ihese, ami .ouose whan th r.solsrs
Omaha Salesmanship club members
will hear F. Happy Day of Houston,
Tex.,' talk on "The Declaration of In
dependence" Monday night at Hotel
Rome. Mr. Day is a member of the
educational and vigilance committees
of the Associated Advertising Clubs
of thr World and is a director of the
Associated Advertising Clubs ,of
Texas, lie nas a nappy lacuuy 01 ex
pressing thoughts that even "ad" men
envy. Mr. Day styles himself "a
post-graduate from the school of ex
perience." "
Fourth Regiment Guard
: Companies to Be Inspected
(From a Start Correspondent.)
Lincoln. March 3. (Special.)
Companies of the Fourth regiment of
the Nebraska National Guard will be
inspected by Colonel E. A. Root of
the United States army this month
on the following dates: '
Friend band, Marcn Kearney, xtaron o
and 7; York, March S and : Osceola. March
10 and IS: Madison. March IS and 14:
Wayne, March It and If; Uordon, March 17
and ltj Stanton. Marcn zo and lit wisner.
March 11; Blair, March SS and 3i Omaha,
March It, 17, IS, St. i
High Price for Otoe Land.
-. ll'.UIl.M , ...... .11 V. V"K''""
The price of land in this county is
still climbing. Yesterday the farm
of Henry Wheeling, six miles from
town, told tor $J8,U0U. it consisted ot
200 acres. Last week the farm owned
bv the late Patrick Moran sold at
referee's sale for $38,000. This also
consisted of 200 acres. This makes
$190 per acre. Neither place had any
improvements worth mentioning,
Itch Away
The Is n1olutetri'nVtwft enema
who ever lined Mia slrapla wash D. D. I. and
did not (eel tmraodiatclr that wonderfully
calm, coot sensation that comes when the Itch
hi taken away. Tills soothing wash penetrates
the pores, rives Instant relief from tlwnont
distraslat skia diseases. SM, toe aad KM.
KB. B,
Tecumseh Man Has Leg
Badly Crushed Under Log
Tecumseh. $eb.. March 3. fSne-
cial.) John F. Costello, a farmer liv
ing west ot tecumseh, had his right
leg badly crushed when a large walnut
log rolled upon it. It required several
minutes for his companions to Ret Mr.
Costello from under the heavy timber.
His leg was broken just above the
knee and the bone was splintered into
the joint. Dr. A. B. Cramb took Mr.
Costello to Lincoln tor an X-ray ex
amination and for surgical care. The
wound had to be opened to allow a
repair of the fractured bone.
Crete Wins Prom Beatrice.
nuiw, ainrn a. vopeciSI. - I no
Beatrice High school basket ball team went
in crote yesternay atternoon, where It met
defeat by the score of 45 to 11. Johnson,
center for Crete, made twenty-nine points
for his team, throwing twelve baskets. Dur
ing the season Beatrice has won but two
Would Retain Ownership
In Mineral Deposits
(From a tftarc Correspondent.)
Lincoln, March 3. (Special.) The
possibility that Oil and7 perhaps
other things of value may be found
under the surface of teh earth in Ne
braska has led Representatives
Stearnes and LaBounty to introduce
a bill known as House Roll 580, giv
ing the state power over deposits of
this kind and also clay and gravel
when discovered on state and school
lands. .
It gives the state power to lease
these lands on a royalty, which shall
not be less than $25 a year and no
person can remove clay ot gravel
from these lands without first malt
ing a contract with the State Board
of Educational Lands and Funds. .
Olsen Entitled to Get v
His $3,500 Damages
Lincoln, March 3. (Special.)
Earnest Olsen of Omaha is entitled to
recover in full his $3,500 verdict
against Grandison Ferris, for the
alienation of his wife s affections, ac
cording to a supreme court commis
sion decision handed down today.
, In reviewing the evidence, the com
mission found that Ferris, after meet
ing Mrs. Olsen at a public dance in
September, 1913, was guilty of mis
conduct with her almost continuously
afterward. At one time afterward,
Olsen took his wife to Wyoming, but
she became dissatisfied and would not
remain. . , . , ...
Charles Edson and Family
Narrowly Escape Flames
York, ,fieb.,. .March 3. (Special
Telegram.) An early fire today
burned the butcher shop of Charles
Edson. The fire-was caused by the
explosion of a gasoline stove. The
building was also occupied by the
tamily; Most ot the household goods
were saved, but all goods and tools
were lost Mr. Edson was taken
from the room in an unconscious con.
dition. It is Supposed he ran against
some obstacle in Jii effort to escape.
ihe building was insured tor $1,000,
Druggists' Good Reports
for Kidney Medicine
We have been selling Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root for the past seven years
and during that time we have never
heard a complaint. All of our custo
mers speak in the highest terms of
the results obtained from its use and
all are well pleased with it as a kid
ney, liver and bladder medicii.e. We
think it is a fine remedy and we sell
a great quantity of it,
Very truly yours, "' '
Dec. 17th, 1915. 1 . Gdjden City, Mo.
Your preparation has been a very
satisfactory article to all my patrons
who have had occasion to use such a
medicine. In fact, during the twenty
years that I have sold Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root I cannot recall ever
having received a single comnlaint.
I believe it is specially fine when used
as a laxative and diuretic, after hav
ing received very good results from
its use. i ,
v Very truly yours. ;
: W. T. STEPHENSON, Druggist.
Uct. 3, 1916. Jvirksville, Missouri.
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do For You
- i There is only one medicine that really stands out pre-eminent as a remedy
lor diseases of the kidneys, liver ad. bladder.
. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root stands, the highest for the reason that it has
proven to be just the remedy needed' in thousands upon thousands of even
the. most distressing "cases. Swamp-Root, - a physician's prescription for
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Send 10 cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co.', Binghamton, N. Y, for a sample size
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Bondholders Should Have .
Been Made Defendants
- tProm a BlaK Correspondent)
Lincoln, March 3. (Special.)
Since the bond holders of a completed
paving district in Norfolk are not
named parties in the action brought
by Burr Taft and seventeen others to
enjoyi the collections of paving taxes,
the Supreme court commission affirms
the demurrer sustained by the Madi
son county district court
. Although George De Graw, living
near Northport, Morrill county, had
seven head of cattle killed when six
teen strolled over s cattle guard and
walked down the Burlington tracks,
September 19, 1913, he cannot recover
the $512 he asks, says the Nebraska
supreme court
The plaintiff had declared that the
ll3-W as VI' is tfV-Vly" -
fencing was not adequate, but the
high court, in affirming the district
court found that so many cars were
using the particular switching trai'.;.
that to have proprely fen:cd the lo
cality would have endangered life.
- ' SMT Z-eODie WD. ..uvea - .
A elugileb. liver causes an awful lot or
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