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Flashes from Filmland ?
General Film Company Now
Announces Interesting Bit
of News for Exhibitors.
Two big Kalem aeries, "Tne Ameri
can Girl" and "A Daughter of Dar
ing,1 are oon to be issued by the
General Film company. "The Ameri
. can Girl," will be of special interest
(to those who follow "The Girl From
"Frisco" series, featuring Marin Sais.
Miss Sais, who scored so heavily in
.that series, has been chosen to play
the title role in "The Amercian Girl."
The famous fiction writer, Frederick
R. Bechdolt, who is making his bow
I to the picture world as a scenario
'writer, will write the stories. The
first of the series will be "The Black
Rider of Tasajara," and will deal with
a respected westerner, who turns out
to be a famous bandit It is the
American Girl, Marin Sais, that
cleverly unmasks him, and the inci
dents leading up to this denoue
ment provide the drama with ample
dramatic value.
Miss Sais is well known to the pic
ture fans as a girl- of splendid phy
sique, of remarkable ability as a rider,
and moreover a sterling actress. In
the first episode of "The American
Girl," she pursues the "Black Kider,"
who turns in his saddle and shootB
her horse from under her. Miss Sais
takes what appears to be a tumble
which would seriously hurt any girl,
but such is her skill as a horsewoman
that she effects the fall without mis
hap. Undaunted, she continues with
her search for the bandit, and her
untiring efforts are finally crowned
with success.
The importance of the announce
ment of this series is rivaled by the
coming of the first episode of a new
"thrill" seriet,""A Daughter of Dar
ing," featuring Helen Gibson. This
beautiful, fearless girl astounded the
world of picture fans by her dare
devil performances in "The Hazards
of Helen," but that series did not
seem to exhaust her fund of thrill-producing
ability. Helen is always ready
to risk her pretty neck to show the
thrill-loving audiences that hard luck
has no terrors for her. She keeps
hundreds of scenario writers through
out the country thinking up schemes
to make Helen' life depend on her
akill and courage.
The first episode of the new series
will be "In the Path of Peril," and
calls forth the utmost from this fair
, "daughter of daring."
Petrova a Writer as
Well as Hhe Actress
Madam Petrova is recognized as
one of the really great stirs of the
silent drama. Not only is she a star,
but it is proven absolutely that she
is a playwright of no mean ability, as
the photoplay "Bridges Burned,"
which shows at the Sun theater Tues
day and Welnesday, was written in
its entirety by her. When still in her
'teens she took up newspaper work,
later becoming book and dramatic
critic for the London Times. She
then became ambitious for a stage
career and after having had varied ex
periences in this lint she in
the Folies Bergerc in Paris. Henry
B. Harris saw her there and engaged
her for a sii.iilar role in his New
York Folies Bergere. When the had
terminated this engagement she was
starred in ranthea and J. he Re
volt." She then bec-ne a screen star
under the Metro emblem, where she
has starred in a great many successes.
"Bridges Burned" is a story with a
new love appeal one that will strike
at the heart strings of any audience
even more forcibly than did "The
Black Butterfly." You see Petrova
in this picture as an Irish lass of in
dependent nature. Sh. is beautiful,
sympathetic, appealing and affection
ate, Marguerite Clark a Real
Little Wonder in Her Way
One ot the many reasons which
make Marguerite Clark so irresist
ibly charming on the screen is the
fact that she seems to have no limit
of versatility. The more roles she
plays in Famous Players productions,
th more the teemt to increase her
mastery of the art of screen acting.
Always charming, .she possesses the
rare gift of approaching each new
characterization with a fresh view
point and of enacting her role in some
new and unexpected manner.
The fact that she is olavine an
actress on the screen for the first
time in "The Fortunes of Fifi," which
is her latest Famous Players-Paramount
picture to be shown at the
Muse theater on Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday, lends add
ed interest tu this photoplay. How
will Miss Clark play the role of an
actress? Of course she will do it
charmingly, but it will be interesting
to know just how she will do this
most difficult of all roles upon the
screen. .
Cold Cash Of fer That
Means Business to Fans
v In hard cold cash $500 is a lot
of money at this time when you can
take a pockettul ot potatoes and buy
most anything that your heart de
sires. This amount, thuugh is to be
given away by A. C. Hartman of the
Omaha Film exchange under certain
condition! that are mentioned in his
ad in this paper today. This hat been
advertised tor tome time, but the fact
of the matter is, no one has been able
to win the money. Looks like with
all the talk about the H. C of L. that
someone would "spruce up" and try
and get the money. The Omaha Film
exchange is the oldest firm of its kind
in the city, dealin. at it does in mo
tion picture machines, supplies of all
kinds and even taking and developing
of motion pictures, to yoa will tee
that the offer it bon. fide.
For WmtliM.
" Moan's UaUaut to th painful put
at all ra a. PlB at no. Only
. (te, M nif1ut JUwtlMinral. .
Filmland Favorites
Mary Pickiorif is the vice president
and leading woman of the Mary. Pick
ford Film company. She was born in
Toronto. Canada, April 8, W)i, and
began her stage career in juvenile
parts at the age ot 5 as a member ot
the Toronto Stock company. She
joined Chauncey Olcotl's company,
and later scored a success in Belas
co's "Warrens of Virginia," Her
screen career was first with the Bio
graph company under the direction
of D. W. Griffith, but later joined the
Imp-Universal company. She then
returned to the stage for Kelasco's
"A Good Little Devil," and then went
to the Famous Players company with
the entire cast' for the film version.
Other pictures arc: "In the Bishop's
Carriage," "Hearts Adrift," "Tess of
the Storm Country," "The F,agle's
Mate," "Such a Little Queen," "Cin
derella," "Fanchon, the Cricket;" "The
Dawn of Tomorrow," "Little Pal,"
"A Girl of Yesterday," "Madam But
terfly," "The Foundling," "Poor Lit
tle Peppina," "The Eternal Grind,"
"Hulda from Holland," "Kags," etc.
She then formed her own company
with the pictures to be released by the
Artcraft Pictures corporation, where
she made "Less Than the DustV and
"The Pride of the Clan." Her next
picture will be "The Poor Little Rich
Girl." Studio address: Mary Pickford
Film company, 729 Seventh avenue,
New York City.
Max Winthrop Buys Out
Paul Le Marquand's Stock
It is announced this week that Max
Winthrop hat purchased the entire
stock of Paul Le MarquanJ in the
Fontenelle Feature Film companj and
will continue the business in th: fu
ture. This concern deals in nothing
but the best of state right features.
Besides owning "The Witchii.g Hour"
for Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri, the
company has Lina Cavalieri in ' Ma
non Lescaut," Mme. Petrova in "The
Tigress," Jacob P. Adlcr in "Michael
Strogoff," Thomas' Jefferson in "Kip
Van Winkle, 1 he Kagged Jtarl,
"The Education of Mr. Pipp," House
Peters in "Salomy Jane," Ethel Barry
more in "The Nightingale," Mabel
Taliaferro in "The Three of Us,"
Thomas Jefferson in "Short Acres"
and Thurlow Bergen in "The Spoil
ers of Souls," and for only Nebraska
there is Frank Keenan and Enid Mar
key in "Wart Women," Paul Swan
and Baroness von de Witz in "Diana
tl.c Huntress" and for Nebraska and
Iowa they have Beatrice Michelena
in "The Unwritten Law." As special
features for children they have "Little
Lord Fauntleroy" and "UncL Tom's
Cabin.". .
"Groceries" Was Label
On Shipment of Liquor
For violating lection 240 of the fed
eral criminal code, regarding inter
state shipments of liquor, the Italian
Mercantile company, zlh Pierce
street, has pleaded guilty and paid a
fine of $iU in federal court.
The law requires that all thipments
of liquor between states shall be la
beled with information concerning the
kind and amount ot contents and the
names of the shipper and consignee.
Defendant company admited that one
of its shipments of liquor to Fort
Dodge, Ia was labeled "groceries."
This was done by mistake, the pro
prietor! alleged.
DOROTHY GI6H ll on her way to
New York to nurchsss new gowns
and sea sora ot the latest' then
trlcal successes on Hroadway. be
fore leaving Los Ar.geles, ahe was
presented with a dainty pair of haitd-jew- I
eled Chinese anklets, the latest wrinkle In
l.os Anfeles tor femlnlna decoration, but
they doubtleaa will not be used In Omaha
until the low shoe aeaaon starts, and poa.
slbly never with sir. lea who are bleaaed
with food understandings.
C. E. Holah, newcomer to --.uaha, and
manager of the local Palhe exchange, pur
chased a car that he might get better nc
iiuatnted with this great town of ours. But
there aeeme to ' quite an epidemic of
autoa getting out of commissi with the
filmland aubjecis of late (that Is for the ones
lhat can afford them) and Holah had to
"get in on It. Uolng jp a "nice" little
hill, the Interior of the car d.-ctded It
would leave. He discovered that Omaha
people are very hospitable aa he aecurcd
the loan ot a. basket In which he put the
unruly parta and atarted for the office
overland, that ho might obtain a better view
of the surroundings.
The title of Charlea Chaplin's next pic
ture wrj announced as "The Health Re
sort," but baa been changed to "The Cure."
Te Editor was conspired against a few
nights ago. Being at the Hun tbeator about
11 o'clock, he waa convinced by certain
persons, Ed. Uorton, 8am and Ha:ry Gold
berg, that a spin In Ilrton's car would be
conducive to a tood nlght'e rest. It was
one of those nlght'e when the mercury waa
about "nothing" that this crew atarted on
this eventful ride. Of cou.-ai the air would
tie beat In the back seat, so y editor waa
there placed (yes, the Up was down). Na
turally the country air Is more refreshing
eo without a word the route led atralght
there. No doubt if II. O.'a hit had nut
left his head, the party would now be In
'Frisco, but It did and this waa then the
turning point. On the way back to Omaha,
Neb., something ad to no wrong with thu
"whatyoumacalllt" on 'he "tblngamajfg"
and there we atopped, many mllea from
home and mother, not to men! u the nice,
warm bed. It waa not thought that any
one elso would have nerve enough to
motor on a night like this, so It was un
animously Rf.- that a "watch party"
would be held and Wj would set there and
watch, the Sun rlae. However, after many
long inlnutee, a car hove Into sight, and
H rton was delog. d to go to Omaha for
relief. Many tours passed and It was
noticed by the Eskimo! that the Bun was
rising over yond. r Mil, but Jc. upon Joy,
It waa not the Hun, but Edward Horton In
a relief boat coming ba.k to the rescue.
Moral Keep awuy fro; i the fellow who
owns a automobile, on winter "lghte.
Wha would the laow-s be without
The hono:t young farmer?
The country girl who toea to the cttyT
The Prince Albert cm. and -oM-headed
The Vampire who most vamplshly?
Sylvanus Smucker has Joins the Elite
Feature Film Company aa aa expert
thrower ot custard pies.
Sometimes, we feel confident that no
olergyman ever appeared to the movies
without wearing aldiburne.
There was ung man from Vlrglnya
Who aald to his girl, "We'll rontlnya
To go to them ehows
Where they can't see your tlothes,
Ah' If anything busts, I oai. Flnya."
In order that the smaKesl dttall of looat
color should not be neglected, stewed
prunes were served In the boarding house
soene In the trama, "They Met and Then
Tou have all read more or less about
Jealousy among movies actors and actresses,
but one would hardly think that it extended
even to the bran, offices whe-e the film
Is eold, jut It Is true and It le right here
- jsf MiYrf fuoro
.A.. van HUSAN
A few months ago F. A. Van
Husan, then local manager of the
Universal Film company, decided that
he -would go in business for himself.
He organized the Western Supply
company, located at Twelfth and Har
ney streets, whose business was sup
plying equipment and supplies neces
sary to the operation of a modern mo
tion picture theater. "Van" as he is
best known among the movie men,
was successful in working up a large
and prosperous business. But, once in
the movie game, always, so we now
tind him back at the head of the Uni
versal local branch as manager, still
retaining the Western Supply com
pany. Jake Mitchell, who was made
manager at the time "Van" resigned,
will remain as assistant manager.
George A. Rogers, who has assisted
Mr. Van Husan at the Western Sup
ply company, has been made man
ager of the concern.
In dear old Omaha, too. It was upoMd
In thesa uolunma a for weeks a bo that
jjeBinr Bturm, u manager, .as a proud
father. Uno ot the salesmen by the name
of Morgan Walsh now announces that he
also Is In this class, but he was so over
Joyed at being a i . a, that he Is a nervous
wreck and I lulu up In bed. The very
young man s name has not yet Deen decided
on. but - Is an even bet It wl be George.
The reason, of course. Is that Qeorce Walsh
Is one of the leading Vox stars. One of the
foremost d I recto, on the pa;.'1 of this
company Is Raoul Walsh. If many more
Walsh's join the Fox organisation, tt might
Just be possible that the nan. would be
changed to w :v jnim company.
New Tork Is I. ot actors with touching-
Inclinations, great Ideas, and no money.
They say that i . (a rare kind of meat),
has advanced In price.
Marian Bali, the Kalem star, has several
hobbles (not horses). One Is the collection
of saddles and bridles, the possesses Dine.
five of the saddles having been given her
by the big-hearted cowboys who have ad
11 A. M. to 2 P. M.
and 5 to 8 P. M.
Good Music WhiU Yoa Eat
Cream of Chicken Soup
Young Unions
Fried Spring Chicken
Cream Gravy
Breaded Pork Tenderloin
' Tomato Sauce
Roast Stuffed Goose
Apple Sauce
Broiled Lamb Chops on Toast
Green Peas ,
Roast Young Turkey
Sage Dressing, Cranberry Sauce
Prime Roast Beef, au Jus
Roast Stuffed Spring Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Boiled Potatoes
Green String Beans
Fruit Salad
Apple Pie Peach Pie
' Lemon Pie
Apple Cobler Cream Sauce
, Vanila Ice Cream
Tea Coffee Milk
"A Daughter of Daring"
featuring Helen Gibson
The girl who startled the world with her
daring exploits in photoplays.
This beautiful and fearless girl astounded
the world of picture fans by her dare-devil
performances, is now being featured in a
new railroad series.
Is the first appearance, of Helen Gibson in
her new wonder series to be released week
ly through the General Film Company, Inc.
See for Yourself!
This first of this new series calls forth the
utmost from this fair "Daughter of Daring."
mired her fearless riding; four are costly
purchases, one onderfully tooled saddle
he in bouKht from a convict. Marian's i
stable U a model of comfort and neatness, i
Now that many "effects" are employed by
orchestras to heighten the realism of the
movies, why not taKc anoiner siep ana in-
stall automatlo sprinkler ej items to be
turned on when there are rain acenesT
It Is said that .Han HaJil'.Dr who ap
pears In Mutual-Vogue receives zj many
itt.ra nroDosina marrlasa t: jt Che has
ordered 10,000 postcards to be printed as
I am not married.
I do pot want to gat married.
I do not want to marry you.
I have one bunwlow now; 1 do not want
I can earn my ..n ltvlng, thank you,
I live with my mother.
I am perfectly conU..ted ai X am.
Brazil Journal
Hotly Denounces
Carranza Intrigue
Rio Janeiro, March 3. General
Carranza is pictured as a tool of Ger
many in newspaper comment here on
the Zimmerman note to Mexico. O.
Faiz says:
"In spite of the ingenuity of the
Machiavellism of Germany it is be
yond doubt that the proposition to
make General Carranza a tool of Ber
lin is fortunately unsuccessful. The du
plicity of Carranza has been oppor
tunely unmasked and will give a fin
ishing blow to his project for a Latin
American conference. A conference
including a power which is engaged
in an intrigue against the United
States, and from which the latter
country would be excluded, would be
a just cause of irritation to the people
of North America. That is why we
are convinced that tho Brazilian
chancellory should abstain from con
senting to invitations ot Aigcntma.
A Eooca says:
"In this intrigue, which might cover
with blood American soil, ti.o ego
tism ot General Carranza is an im
pressive fact. Carranza would not
hesitate to set all America on fire.
The energetic attitude of the United
States in demanding satisfactory ex
planations proves that Carranza s in
famy mijht cort nun dear."
Impeachment Charge
' Against Gov. Ferguson
Austin, Tex., March 3. Impeach,
ment charges against Governor James
E. Ferguson were filed .'n the Texas
house of representatives this morn
ing1 by Representative H. P. Davis.
Although Two Other Candidates-Are
in Field, They
Show No Strength.
(Correspondoncs of Ths Associated Proaa.)
Mexico City, Feb. 22. Little doubt
is expressed throughout Mexico as to
the identity of the successful candi
date for president of the republic at
the electio'ns to be held Sunday,
March 11. Although two other can
didates have announced themselves,
General Venustiano Carranza, first
chief of the constitutionalist army in
charge of the executive power, prac
tically has no opposition. The two
other candidates who have announced
themselves are Nicolas Zuniagay Mi
randa of Mexico City and Francisco
A. Garcia of Zaragoza, Pueblo. The
first is known as the perpetual can
didate, as he has appealed to the vot
ers for their ballots at every elec
tion for twenty years, opposing Diaz
and Madero. lie is not taken seri
ously and neither is Garcia, who is
practically unknown.
The races for seats in the Cham
ber of Deputies and for senatorial
memberships, however, will provide
many close contests. There are many
candidates in the field, some nominat
ed by political parties and some run
ning independently.
. Voters Must Take Part.
Politicians will have little difficulty
"getting out the voters" at this elec
tion, as those who are eligible, reg
istered and have not some excellent
excuse are subject to a penalty of a
month in jail or a fine of from 20
to 200 pesos each if they do not cast
their ballots. The new constitution
provides that the exercise of suffrage
at elections is one of the duties of a
Mexican citizen snd this provision
will be placed ir effect. .
Nor will the voters be forced to
stand in a stuffy booth to mark their
ballots. These will be delivered to
them in advance and may be pre
pared at home.
The decree which accompanied the
call for the election of president,
deputies and senator! provides the
following procedure:
The vote will be based on the cen
sus of 1900 (one deputy for each
60,000 inhabitants) and on the terri
torial division of 1912. The municipal
divisions and precincts will be the
same as obtained in the election of
deputies to the constitutional con
gress last October. The roll of vot
ers will be the same as in the Octo
ber election, revised to eliminate those
dead, incapacitated or removed from
the district and to add those eligible
who were not previously registered.
Safeguards for Ballot.
The ballots or "tickets" for presi
dent, deputy and senator are prim
ed on one side only and in such a
manner that when folded the contents
of the face may not be read. The:!:
tickets will be distributed, each tick
et numbered. Each voter must re
ceipt for the ticket handed him which
bears the same number as his name
on the voters' list.
On the day of the election the
superintendent of elections of each
district, his alternate and the three
registrars will meet at the polling
place at 8 a. m. If before 9 a. m.
nine voters have not presented them
selves the officers will call on the
police to bring sufficient votes to
make up that number. These nine
voters will select from their num
ber a board of five composed of a
president, two secretaries and two
wStchers, who will act as judges of
The polls will open formally for
toting at 9 a. m. and close at 3 p. m.
and any voter who has not cast his
ballot before the closing of the polls
is subject to imprisonment or fine.
Each voter must present his ballot,
to be placed in the box signed with
his name and folded. If he is un
able to read or write he brings a wit
ness for him. In the presence of
the officials he then, declares in a
clear voice his choice for president,
deputy and senators, and his ballot
is made out and deposited in a sep
arate box provided therefor.
City Chemist Teaches
Uni of Omaha Food Class
Prof. Leland Lewis, head of the
chemistry department of the Univer
sity of Omaha, took his food chemis
try classes to the Minne Lusa water
works Friday, where they took a long
lesson under Andrew Jacobsen, chief
chemist of the city water department.
Mr. Jacobsen gave the students a de
tailed account of the water they
drink, taking in a chemical, physical
and bacterological analysis.
Give your Want Ad a chance to
make good, Run it in The Bee.
Story by Herman A. Blackman
Directed by Waited Morton "
Helen, telegraph operator at Lone Point Helen Gibson
Gypsy Joe George Routh
Engineer Compton L. T. Whitlock
Anita, Gypsy Queen ., Lillian Clark
The Sheriff G. A. Williams
Gypsy Joe and his band camp near Lone Point 'station, where
Helen is. Anita, queen of the band, spies Helen and Compton in
the station, and enters to tell Helen's fortune for a piece of silver.
The engineer rewards her for painting him as her suitor. Anita
tells Joe that a girl stands between them and the station safe. Joe
leads his men on the station, and is overpowering Helen when he
is spied by Compton's fireman. The fireman takes the throttle,
Compton jumps, and puts the band to rout. Joe is locked up, but
Anita gets him out He plana to wreck the freight, climb aboard
and kill Compton. He throw the siding and derails the rear truck
of a flat car at the end of the train. Helen hastens after the train
on her motorcycle. Seeing the dragging flat car she puts on a
burst of speed and ridea up the slanting surface from between
the rails, abandoning the machine to catch the grips of the freight
car ahead. She frees Compton and brings the runaway to atop.
At the Following Theaters This Week
Sunday Today
South Side
Grand Island
Ottumwa, Iowa.
Lincoln, Neb.
Saturday .
Dea Moines
Coming at th Following Theaters!
Sioux City, Iowa
Marshalltown, la.
16th and Binney
14 th and Douglas
16th and Dorcas
45th and Grand
Council Bluffs
Fremont, Neb.
24th and Lake
18th and Vinton
Sioux City, Iowa
24th and Ames
24 and Parker
25th and Leavenworth
What Would You Do If a Masked
Man Suddenly Confronted You?
Madge King, a typical American girl, fearless yet sensible,
ran away to return another day. But when she did return she
was ready to unmask .
"The Black Rider of Tasajara"
Seeing Is Believing
We don't ask you to take our word for it that
Series of Two-Part Western Dramas
will achieve great popularity and that it sets a standard of excel
lence never before approached by two-part productions. It is far
ahead of serials in plot and action.
This new series will be released in fifteen episodes, one two-reel release
each week. It is one of those western series that portrays true American life in
the Golden West. From the opening scene to the finish of each episode comes
the feeling of suspense, brought about by the wonderful action and punch por
trayed in each release.
A SERIES Not a Serial Featuring MARIN SAIS
Sunday, March -4th
South Omaha, Neb.
Mand-y. March Sth TMir. March St truR
Lincoln, Neb. Omaha, Neb. . Omaha, Neb.
SatnrdagMarck 10th Suadajj Uth
R.w.rrf Nh. Ottumwa. Iowa. ' Omaha, Wen.
S..-J u.-.i. ,,.w X....J.. M.r.h ISA Wednesday. March 14th Thursd.y. March I5lh
61 m " uiPPhnROME LYRIC LTKic
Thursday, March Sth
Omaha, Neb. Omaha, Neb.
Friday. March 16th Saturday. March 17th
Omaha, Neb. . . Omaha, Neb.
Friday, March 30th
Lincoln, Neb.
Wednesday, March 14th
Sioux City, Iowa.
" Sunday. March lath
Dea Moines, Iowa.
Saturday, March Slat
Lincoln, Neb.
Sioux City, Iowa.
Tutaday. March 20th
Omaha, Neb.