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    'j'MW OMAHA " iaLilNUAV hr.iv: MAKtH 4, llf.
2 A
Appeal to Republicans to Keep
Armed Neutrality from
i "
(Ceatlaaad Pn Om.)
fact, And congress would have ab
dicated and surrender in advance all
claim to pass upon the question.
"The question here presented, he
said, "rises above any manor any
president it is fundamental.
Senator Hardwick, democrat, asked
Senator Stone ii the president , did not
have authority to defend or protect
American citiccns without authority
of congress.
''Yes," said Senator Stone, "if a war
vessel of the United States should tee
a merchant ship of this country as
saulted on the high seas and an effort
be made to destroy it, even though
that war vessel were not acting as a
convay, such warship would not
only have the right, but it would be
its duty to protect that ship. But it t
foreign power assaults merchant ves
sels of the United States when our
war vessels are not present and we
hear of it as we are hearing of these
things now, I do not think the presi
dent could direct the navy of the
United States to begin war on that
foreign power. For that he would
have to come to congress.
Congress Only Power.
"If we want to enter into the war
if the occasion is as grave as some of
the senators say, let us say to. We
have the right, the power to say so.
Congress is the only power in this
great government that has the right
and I m unwilling to establish the
precedent of shifting the war respon
sibility to the president of the United
S,"Aniericans have been selling quan
tities of munitions to the entente and
American ships have been conveying
,niniicil Senator Stone. I his
is not unlawful. It is permissible. 1
i a. via res anlil.
tions. I would not deny our people
.t,. riiht to tell to on- being-
" erent just because the other cannot
reach our market But if thit gov.
ernment thould arm merchant ships,
' put gunners aboard and send the ships
loaded with munition! to a belligerent
' we would tecome by that very, act the
f ti Mw,rnmnil benefited. .We
t any w a"-
' .,.,. M h In the war.
When debate wat resumed today
Senator Hitchcock, to perfect the
kilt's narliamentary status, had the
' unite draft, with two slight amend
ments, substituted' after the enacting
clause for the house text. One amend-
ment eliminatet the provision for
arming merchantmen "for and tft,
thus removing specific direction at to
armament The other prevents
United States' protection of foreign
t snips.
Hot Speech by Brandegee.
Brandes-ee. renublican. of
rnnn.Mu-nt. called the German pro-
hibited tone, "an ambush where Ger
many laid in wan to oeai aeain re
any one who entered (gainst its edict
; ""Shall we tit supinely and allow the
ukase of i foreign potentate now to
clear the ocean of American shipping
." and blockade our ports?'! he asked.
- "I,. r abllsed to wait for the
slaughter to be accomplished before
we defend ourselves? I trust that
, pihrr consresi nor the ('American
- people have fallen to such depths of
v degradation that they art wining to
furl the American flag and withdraw
from the high tcut at the misguided
band of pacifists seem to wish,
"There it no use to issue moral
homily or a Salvation Army tract or
' the Sermon on the Mount
to a nation that hat gone mad' and
hat begun through its military au-
mrnrv to act like a homicidal ma
niac. Must wc get off the face of the
earth lie. down and curl up? I'm for
peace, but , I am going to preserve
the liberties of my country. It the
i pacifists bad lived in the time of
iirmam Washinston we never would
have been a country and if they have
their way now we will cease to oe a
rniintrv. The neaee nrooannda. in
tome aspect!, closely approaches
treason." . - .,. ,
' Interest In Zinvnermann Interview.
Senator Sherman presented today's
news dispatches frorj. Berlin bringing
Vnrriim Minister Zimmermann't id-
mission of the attempted intrigue
with Japan and Mexico.
1 Senators minifested such keen in-
terest in the dispatches that they
were read twice.- Senators who had
been inclined to denounce the cele
' brated Zimmermann instructions as
a forgery or a British plot showed
nartieular interest . -
"japan has denied receipt of over
tures," Senator Sutherland of Utah
interjected. "I sk if there is any
significance to tne tact tni our great
- and gooa mena, uenerai i,arranza, in
nnr ni-iirhhnrlna ,. friendly republic,
has not made any denial.'.
' BUI-Meant War.
"Are we going to lie down on bur
backs and let this monstrous rrtn
enstein trample over us ruthlessly?
resumed Senator Brandgee. "i am
' not deceived by the effect of this bill. !
' The effect will be that the next pas
senger or freight thip with American
gunners aboard which attempts to
enter a British or neutral port in the
war xone wilt be attacked by a Ger
man submarine. That meant thtt
there will be war if thit country it fit
' to live. If perchance our defensive
gunners should sink a submarine,
that would mean war."
That he and tome other( foreign
relations committee mem', .rs wanted
to amend the bill to "direct" and not
merely "authorize" the president to
arm American merchantmen! was
stated by the Connecticut senator.
Mr. Brandgee urged the passage
of the sending: measure and not the
, . house bill, because by its terms the
ttatut of othcers or men on e mer
chant thin resisting attack from t
- war vessel would be dearly estab
lished under American law, and t cy
could not be treated at pirates, as
they might be treated without tuch a
"I want tuch men," he said, "to be
treated at pnionefs of war, acting
iiider authority u
j-rest and not to be hanged at the
yard-arm at pirates.'
: J Aittn Wlaa Atsla., Neb.; March 1 8p.elal. Ths
. Audi Athletic eluto baakt ball learn de.
- ' f;lrd the Kearney MlUtury academy on
Ike local floor in a olesn-r-ut. rsthur roie-
sWeil same, St to 1(. The Ajctf-U team
has not Iwea d.reatrd slitoe It oreanlssd.
Kaiser Bars Changes
In Women' 8 Fashion
Tendon. March 3. The German
imperial clothing committee hat
earned a warninc that styles in
women's clothes cannot be allowed
to change every six months, ac
cording to an Amsterdam dispatch
to the Bxcnange icicgrapn cum
pan. The committee says that
women may wear winter dresses
throughout the coming summer
and winter without disgrace and
that drastic measures will be
taken against a change in fashion
and the consequent waste of materials.
., .
(Coatloasd Erom Fas On.1
Notes from York
And York County
Vnrlt. Neb.. March 3.-Licenses to
wed have been issued to the follow
ing: Homer u. rnce ana niiucunc
Stine, both ot inayerj. ueorge u.
Friesen and Marie .Peters, ootn ot
Henderson, and Walter Junge and
Helena Tappe, both of Benedict.
York friends have received the an
nouncement of the marriage of Miss
Nellie McCarthy, daughter ot Dennis
McCarthy, formerly of this county,
now of But!er, Mo, to Mr, Frank
Wells of Kansas City.
Mrs. V. L. Kohn, aged ot years,
died at her home near Benedict,
Wednesday morning.
Alonzo Lewis, agea ou years, aicu
the familv home. 921 Burlington
avenue, Wednesday morning. He is
survived by his widow, five daughters
and three sons. The body was taken
to Stockham and laid to rest in the
Stockham cemetery. -Mrs.
Minnie E. Codding-Stratton,
daughter of A. B. Codding, of this city,
led at Uemer, toliowing an opera
tion. She wat a prominent tchool
teacher in the county for teveral
yean. She wrc a gracur.te of the
state university. '
Soldiers' Home Notes
Oram). Inland. March I. (BmoUI.) Tht
body of Frank Poty. formtrly a tnomber
ot the Burkett Soldlflra homo waa tent
from Omaha to this plaeo for Intorment on
Tuesday. Mr. Doty's wlfs prscodod hlra In
daath on Octobor I. 1S11, passing away at
ttu West hoaplMl hers.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Riisy, in eottaes
No. 4, ars sntsrtalnlnt thalr srsndson, who
asms from Pairbury this wsek.
Patr ok Ml requeued a rurlousn ror
sixty days yesterday mornlne to visit with
friends In Columbus. Neb. Hs will also visit
Omaha snd uouncll jsiuns wun reiauvea.
Word from ths St. Francis hospital In
Grand Island Is to ths altaot that Mrs,
Unttla Rhodes IB IMttsr.
Mrs. Hslen Dyks died shortly aftsr mid.
tilsht Tuesday at ths csnsrsl hospital In
Grand Islsnd. Bhs was admitted to ths
Boldlsrs' Home at JSUrKsu on ftovemoer s,
J90I, from Lincoln.
Furloushs win Issued Thursday to W. 8.
Bain,' for llvs days, and to teth Lakln tor
thirty days. i .
Mr. ana Mrs. j. vr. Miner os oottsss
nd Mr. and Mrs. John Tioton of the
dormitory wsrs sntsrtalned by Mrs. Wooley
of 611 Ksst Fourth strsst, urana isiana,
on Wsdnssdajr.
Wsml Mtsv IMss ts Kesieeaw. o
UuJ Ttlwae. Neb.. Uarah 1. t8neelal
Telegram.) Ths Wood Klver Hlfh school
basket ball team lost a wen piarea Bsraa to
Ifeneeaw here lset nlsht. 34. to it. The lo.
cals didn't est started In the Trst half, but
defeated ths visitors. S to 7, In ths last naif.
Alsbouss starred Kqr sienessw ana j-ieisou
lor wooa nivsr. ;
ports about instructions from the
ministry of foreign affairs to the Ger
man minister in Mexico City, in the
event that Germany, after the
proclamation of unrestricted submar
ine warfare, failed to keep the United
States neutral. These reports are
based on the following facts:
"After the decision had been taken
to begin unrestricted submarine war
fare on February 1, we had to reckon,
in view of the previous attitude of
the American government, with the
possibility of conflict with the United
States. That this calculation was
right was proved by the fact that the
American government severed diplo
matic relations with Germany soon
after the proclamation of a 'barred
zone and asked other neutrals to fol
low in example.
.Move Only Precautionary.
Anticipating these possibilities, it
was not only the right, but also the
duty, of our government to take pre
cautions in time in the event of a
military conflict .with the United
States in order to balance, if possi
ble, the adhesion to our foes of a
new enemy. The German minister at
Mexico, therefore, was instructed in
the middle of lanuarv that in the
event of the United States declaring
war he should otter to the Mexican
f overnment an alliance and arrange
urther details. These instructions,
by -the way, expressly directed the
ministers to make no advances to the
Mexican government unless he knew
for a certainty that America was go
ing to declare war.
How the American government re
ceived information of the instructions
sent by a secret way to Mexico is not
known. It appears, nowever, mac tne
treachery, and it appears there must
have been treachery, was committed
on American territory."
A Central news dispatch front Ams
terdam sayt the Berlin telegram in
regard to Secretary Zimmerman'a in'
structiont to the German minister in
Mexico is semi-omcial.
Body of Mrs. Clegg is
Buried at Falls City
Falls Citv. March 3 (Special)
The bodv of Mrs. Joanna Clegg was
brought yesterday from the family
home in iienver, t-oio., wnere sne
passed, away on Thursday morning.
The funeral service wtt held' at the
Catholic church at 9 o'clock and bur
ial followed at the Steele cemetery.
Mrt. Clegg wat the wife of the late
Rohert Cless-. who was prominent in
business and politics while a resident
of Failt City. He served the city as
mavnr a number of times. The fam
ily was prominent in social and church
fl..1a Atirlna thir mMv veara' resi-
rlpnrli In Falls Citv. iShe leaves two
daughters and one son, Miss Anna
jClegg, and Mrs. Keiler, of Denver, and
frank Clegg ot rvansat my.
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