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the omaha Sunday bee: march 4. 1917.
is Going On
in Society Circles
motonrc- of Womon'g club to Present Play
C tinged Ftaaa Page Oaa.)
man department in the State Agri.
cultural school. She will return in
about ten days.
Betrothals Announced.
Mrs. Nathan Sampter of Fremont
announces the engagement of her
daughter, Florence, and Mr. George
sugarman of Omaha. No date nas
been set for the wedding. Mr. Sugar
. man went to school at Ann Arbor
and the University of California, tak
ing his law degree at Creighton uni
versity. Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Sugarman
will bo uo to r-remont next week
with the prospective bridegroom to
attend an affair given in honor of
the two young people.
. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Neale an
nounce the engagement ot their
daughter, Jessie, to Mr. Ralph Weir
ich. ion of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Weir
ich. the marriage will take place
the last of March. For their honey
moon the voung people will go to the
ranch in Alberta, Canada, which Mr.
Weirkh has with Mr. Chester and
Mr. Hart Jenks.
Miss Neale is a talented musician.
Mr. Weirich is best known for his
record in athletics. At Central High
school he set records which have
never been equalled. '
Mr. and Mrs. H. Zisslin announce
the engagement of their daughter,
Sarah, to Mr. Max Weisman of Au
rora, III. The wedding will take place
in April.
Auto Week Luncheon.
Miss Alice Kushton, who has just
returned from Smith college for an
extended visit in the east, is enter
taining Miss Marian Hall of Lincoln
for a few days. Friday, she compli
mented her bouse guest at a novej
luncheon, when the table appoint
ments were suggestive of automobile
work. The centerpiece was a bowl ot
red and white tulips, and at each place
were little boxes of candy in the shape
1 of automobiles, and traffic policemen
stood guard at intervals on the table.
Favors, consisting of corsage bou-
queta of violets and Mrs. Ward roses,
were at each guest's place. After the
luncheon the party Went to the
Orpheum and they were chaperoned
by Mrs. Howard Rushton. The guests
were: ,
llaaee '
Marten Hall of
Ruth ntefarala.
Katharine Cold,
Stella Heblnaon,
Ruin Andereon,
Helen etreleht.
Wedding Anncucement.
Cards have been received announc
ing the marriage on February 19 of
Miss Helen Brandeii and Mr. John
R. Pink. Mrs. Fink is the daughter
of Mrs. Carl Brandeis and was a
teacher in the Omaha High school
until two year ago. Mr. and Mrs.
Pink will make their home in Shako
pee, Minn. '
Miss Minnie Goldberg, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. Goldberg, was united
in marriage with Mr. A.X Weinstein
at Drexet hall, Kansas City, last week.
After a honeymoon trip in the east
the pair will be at home in Omaha.
Observe1 Wedding Anniversary. ,
' Mr. and Mrs. John M. Daugherty cel
ebrated their twenty-eighth wedding
. anniversary with a family dinner
party Tuesday evening, at which were
' Mr. and Mrs. Charlea Creighton, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Daugherty, Mrs. john
Daugherty of Greeley, Mrs. F. A.
Nash and children, Miss Ellen Creigh
ton, Miss Claire Daugherty, George
Daugherty and Miss Gertrude
Patriotic Decoration Scheme.
Mis Dorothy Balbach entertained
Saturday it patriotic luncheon in
honor of Miss Mildred Foote, who
leaves soon for her home in Pasadena,
Cal., and Miss Marian Hall, who is
the guest of Miss Alice Rushton. The
table wasgayly decorated with the
national colors, the centerpiece be
ing a group of silk American flags,
the place cards representing flag and
; silk flag handkerchiefs forming the
favor. Red, white and blue balloons
which Miss Balbach' father had
filled with hydrogen ga for her
floated from each girl's chair, making
a bright and festive scene. The aft
ernoon was spent informally at her
home.. Cover were hid for the fol
Mildred Feole,
Allee Rnthon,
Mildred Rhoadee,
Hum McCor,
Baatrlea Jobnaen,
Marian Hall,
atalla Aoblnaon.
Martorle Idenold.
Marsaratha Criminal,
Dorothy Balbach.
Affaire of Past Week.
Young people of the Trinity Bap
tist church were entertained at the
home of MisnAnna Lane. The pro
gram consisted of piano numbers by
Hall Samuels, readings by Miss Em
ily Rough, vocal tolo by Lois Frei
berg, a farce, "Not a Man in the
House," by Mildreth Street, Esther
Blumenthal, Helen Kunde, Ivy Wilier,
Ruth Paddock, all students of the
Central High school. This was sup
plemented by a marshmallow roast at
the fireplace.
George GrooIcpAsr, Grand Army of
r (
Benson .
Social Circles
IMaleMacaronHoriht Millions
and I am faTfJhrHcuIarfkiwIMak rt
My StpmtMht ,
Ask ISr and Get
'(' Macaroni Products
Skinner Manufacturing Company
VWaAW..vt. USA.
y j '7-i
the Republic, and its auxiliary, Wom
an's Relief corps, were entertained
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Barothy in honor of Mr. and Mr.
beorge liarlick ot Miliord. Neb. Dec
oration were the American flags. Pa'
triotic songs were sung and violin so
los were given by Comrades Rath'
burn and Dunn. The hostess was as
sisted by Mrs. Flaugher. Those pres
ent were: ' . ,
Maaira. and Mcadamaa-
r. c. Hourh, '
doors Brown.
T. w, Slmpaon,
Ooorso Rathburn,
v. t. amitn.
William ponn,
X. O. Oaaton,
S. B. Crookar. '
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Randall enter
tained at a dinner party Friday even
ing for Mrs. Ernest Austin, guest of
Mr. Lester Westcott. when ten
couples were present, and the table
decorations were suggestive of St
Patrick's day.
Dr. and Mrs. u. e. Ludwlck enter
tained at their home -Thursday even
ing for Mrs. Ernest E. Austin of Cres
ton, Neb, and Mr. John Yeager of
this city, ihe guests included:
MoaaraJ and Moadamaa
Laatar P. Waitootl, Ulasea
Mlaaea Mario Walch.
Lnalla Caratana, P. Putnam,
LaHona Burmalatar. A. Harmon.
Alt Anaon, Baaa Anaon. . ,
rioronoo Ludwlck, - Maaara.
Maura. noland I.udwick.
A. A. SchaoKar, Bdw. O'Brien,
Jamea Uavaloa, Edw, Hart.
L. Cooper,
Mra. Arllna Anaon.
Zr. Stevtna.
Dr. B. Kirk.
The Lambs' club was entertained
last evening by the Misses Agnes and
Mamie sloup at their home. Those
present were:
franoeo Krrook.
Lamatre and Mr., and Mrs. Joseph
Berger. Others present were:
Mlaaea Mlaaea ,
Mildred Pea, Rather Knapn.
Ruth Wood. Margaret Powell,
Maria Cejnar, Mae Orady,
'Aletha MacWhlnnay, Domlcella Sumovlcfa.
I 'Ulan Hendaraon,
Meaara. Maaara.
Edward Elliott, William Camper,,
Howard Wldenor, William Thompoon, .
Kenneth Wldenor, Jnmea Bmlth,
John Talllafaro, Reed Zimmerman
Walter Ollbert, Mark Lbwo.
Stork News.
A ion was born to Dr. and Mrs. M,
I. Gordon last week.
Personal Mention.
Mr. J. C. Hammond left Saturday
Tor Denver to spend a month there
and in other Colorado and Wyoming
Benjamin Teller of Omaha, .who
has been critically ill for some time,
is now in M. Mary hospital at
Rochester, Minn., where he iias un
dergone a serious operation, tin
mother from New York and his
brother and wife. Mr. and Mr. F. E,
Teller of Columbus, Neb., are with
him. .
Roger McKenzie, who ha been ill
at Wise Memorial hospital for several
weeks, returns home today.
Mrs. Martha Heth has returned
from a two weeks' sojourn at Excel
sior Springs. F. W. Judson went to
Excelsior Springs early this week to
recover from an attack ot acute indi
gestion. Howard Baldrige is there'
for -the week-end and goes to Kansas
City on business. -Mrs.
C W. Hackemeier (nee Carc-
Nynne Kaufmann), wife of the late
Charles William Hackenuier, nas re
turned to Omaha to make her home
here with her mother, Mrs. Mary
Mr. Ronald Paterson has returned
from an extended western trip.
Mrs. William Ramsey, who is ill
with typoid fever, has now passed the
crisi and is much improved.
r. aadii.
Maria Vaako.
Anna Pleuler,
T. J. Cralf,
A. O. Oatronle,
Lao Mlakonky,
Billy wataon.
Tony Bedll.
Frank Vaako,
Itooa Maallka,
Mary Miner.
Emma Km ent,
Bd flwoboda. J
Frank Krycek, 1
W. F. Bedll.
11. Camel,
J. Kunck
Joaeph Swoboda.
Fraternity Enertatna Coed.
Thet Phi fraternity of the Uni-
vertitv of Omaha entertained a num
ber of the coed of the school Friday
evening at the fraternity house, 3519
North Twenty-fourth street The
house was decorated in purple, white
and gold, the fraternity colors. The
evening was spent in playing games
and singing. A musical program was
given by Miss Mildred fee and Ken
neth Widenor. The chaperones were
Miss Enid Beatty , Mr. Harry De-
Beat American Make, 8-Day,
Cathedral Strike, Perfect Time
piece. Guaranteed and kept in
repair free of charge for 6 year.
$18.00 Clock........ 812.00
$16.00 Clocks., 10.00
$12.00 Clock....... 8.00
$ 9.00 Clock 6.00
$ 6.00 Clock 4.00
Came Early While the Selection la
Still Complete.
Brodegaard Bros. Co.
President Signs Bone
Dry Postoff ice Bill
Washington, March 3. President
Wilson today signed the postofnee ap
propriation bill, containing the "bone
dry prohibition provision.
Everything in social lines stepped
i to one side the past week for the
"Epidemic, first in the history ot this
A. J. Senger of Lincoln and Dr.
James Hanna of Chicago were guests
last week at the W. H. Leochner
Miss Helen Jorgenson will be hos
tess for the Christian Endeavor on
Tuesday evening, when the annual
election of officers takes place.
Mrs. A. L. Snyder entertained for
the Good Times club on last Thurs
day afternoon.
Miss Evelyn Kelland is spending a
few days with her father in Sioux
The P. E. O. Sisterhood will elect
new officers on Monday at the home
of Mrs. E. A. McGlasson.
The Woman's club meeting was
postponed last Thursday to March 16.
A son was born on Tuesday . to
Mrs. T. J. McCormick of Omaha, for
merly Miss Edna Selling of this place.
J. W. Welch acted on the com
mittee for the Rotary club birthday
party last week.
Mrs. E. H. Ehlers and Mrs. M.
Martins represented the Baptist
church at the Golden Jubilee in
Omaha Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mutz of Platts
mouth, spent last Wednesday at the
home of the latter's sister, Mrs. E. N.
Mrs. E. B. Torrance entertained for
her sister last week, who came down
from Lincoln for a short visit
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Dixon and
family have moved from Sixty-second
street to the south side of town.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Killian celebrated
their wedding anniversary last rri'
day with a dinner for six guests.
A son, David Peck, was born to
Mr. and Mrs. W. F.- Vernor last
iuesday. i
Miss Madeline Horton came down
from Clarks, Neb., to spend the
week-en, with relatives.
Miss Pearl Mattson will be hostess
for the Augustina Luther league
Tuesday evening and Mrs. S. Bjork
tor the t-adies Aid society on Ihuis
day afternoon. '
Mrs. E. N. Bowerman returned
home Monday from a week's stay in
the hospital for an operation on her
Mrs. William Bliss, of Schuyler,
spent a few days last weej at the
home of her sister, Mrs. William
Miss Margaret Love accompanied
Miss Bessie Bedell to her home in
Peru last week for a few days' visit.
Mrs. N. H. Tyson has returned
from a visit in Det Moines and other
points in Iowa.
' Mrs. F. M. Beckmeyer has returned
home from a five week' visit in Illi
nois and Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. V. R. Shelly enter
tained at dinner Wednesday in honor
of Mrs. H. Hedding, who is here
from California to visit her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lowe.
Miss Phoebe Kate Parker and Mr.
George Nelson were quietly married
in Omaha last week. The marriage
waa a surprise to the young couple'
friends. They will reside in Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Justin enter
tained fast week for Adofph Kyriss of
Clayton, Neb.
Mrs. C. C. Jacobsen entertained at
dinner Thursday in honor of Miss
Lizzie Schott and Henry Schott of
Atlas, la., who are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. J. Lauritzen.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Roth entertained
at dinner on Sunday for Miss Nellie
Megrue and Mr. and Mrs. A. Megrue
of Scotia, Neb.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lauritzen enter
tained at dinner for Mr. and Mrs.
B. Hansen, who left Benson some
time ago and have returned to this
Mrs. A. Lbngstaff entertained a
number of little folks at her home in
honor of her small son's birthday an
niversary. The minstrel to have been given by
the Eastern Star chapter last Satur
day night has been postponed indefin
itely. Mayor Bailey has returned from
Kearney, Neb., where he spent a
few days last week.
Give your Want Ad a chance to
make good, Kun it m ine pee.-
rn NATURAL to experiment with hotela. But iHlmltaly one sets beyond the
experimental atage. beeauae EXPERIENCE YIELDS FACTS.
rn HAT'S WHY Fontenelle guests
come back. They know they get
comfortable rooms and something
1 really good to eat at the Fontenelle
year in and year out They know
that the organization, as a body, is
working for the comfort, conveni
ence and service of its guests as a
regular expected thing. ,
rpHEY KNOW that the Fontenelle never grows old
that its renovations keep it always up to the best
standard. And they know that if any place is home
like, that isn't home, it's the Fontenelle.
Management, JOHN F. LETT0N
N A TEST conducted Thursday morning in the presence of the partiek given below,
the Wilmo Manifold showed an actual increase in mileage, per gallon of gasoline, ot
71 as compared with the regular equipment of a Ford car. The terms of the test and
the results are given here in a sworn statement signed by those who witnessed the test.
Results of Gasoline Mileage Test Made at Omaha, Neb., March 1, 1917, Under the Following Oonditionas
Car used.was a Ford roadster with standard equip
ment, top and windshield up, and carrying three passen
gers, namely, Joseph P. oodlock, Herman Beal and R.
H. Findley.
First iXain fuel tank was disconnected and a two
quart auxiliary tank was attached to windshield and con
nected with carburetor. This auxiliary tank was filled
with gasoline and car run until fuel was entirely con
sumed, and 6.6 miles were secured, or at the rate of 13.2
miles per gallon. No stops were made.
Second The exhaust and intake manifolds, which
are standard equipment, were removed and the Wilmo
combination one piece manifold was installed. The car
buretor was readjusted to meet the new conditions, the
gasoline tank filled with fuel and car was driven at same
, rate of speed as in former test with standard equipment,
namely, 20 miles per hour, over same course and under
like conditions, carrying same passengers. One complete
stop was necessary owing to traffic congestion and 11.3
miles were securedVor at the rate of 22.6 miles to the gal
lon, or an increase in mileage of 71 per cent
The Above Test Was Witnessed and Is Hereby Attested to By the Undersigned:
Herman BeaL
AtsJ. Engineer, City of Omaha
R. H. Findley,
Supt Track and Roadway,
0. A C. B. t Ry. Co.
S. E. Smyth,
Assistant Secretary of
Omaha Automobile Club
P. H. Patton.
Sow E. Ohamberlen,
Assistant SpOrU Editor,
Omaha World-Herald.
J. V. Woodlock.
Raymond A. Fogan,
Feature Advertising,
The Omaha Bee
John E. Clarke, jr.,
Omaha Dally Tribune.
Commission expires September 8,1919.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2nd day of March, 1917.
L. R. WILSON, Notary Public
This Is Not An Accessory. But An Improved Part .
. The One Device That Materially Decreases the High Cost oi Motoring
Home Office
z The Whittier Co.,
. First Nat. Bank Bid?.,
Chicago '
Automobile Necessities Co.
610 Brandeis Theater Bldg., Omaha
Omaha Service Station
H. W. Levering
Machine Co.,
311 S. 12th St., Omaha