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    The Omaha Sunday Bee
"VOL. XLVI NO. 41.
News of the Week in Social and Glut) Circles
New Bridge Luncheon club, Mrs.
Mel Uhl, hostess.
Farewell reception given by Cal
vary Baptist church for Rev. and
Mrs. J. A. Maxwell.
Monday ' Bridge Luncheon club
entertained by Mrs. J. W. Grif
fith. Alphi Phi Sorority, Mrs. W. A.
Willard, hostess.
Luncheon for Portmanteau the
ater committee at Fontenelle.
Kensington for Miss Helen Miller,
Miss Adelaide Vance, hostess.
Tuesday-i .
Novelty Dancing club party at
Thimble club, Mrs. J. H. Dumont,
Elks formal dancing party.
Five Hundred club luncheon at
Commercial i club, Mrs. J. G.
Quick, hostess.
Box party for Mr. and Mrs. Luther
Drake given by Mr. and Mrs.
Howard H. Baldrige.
Five Hundred Ensemble club, Mrs.
Walter Petersen, hostess.
Tea for Mrs. Frank Selby, Mrs. W.
L. Selby, hostess.
Rockford college alumnae, Mrs.
J. L. Beaton, hostess.
Luncheon at Commercial club for
Miss Helen Miller, Mrs. H. K,
Adams, hostess. '
Cinosam club dancing party at
Scottish Rite cathedral.
Minstrel show at Metropolitan
club for Temple Israel sister
hood. '
Delta Whist club meeting at
South Side Kensington club, Mrs.
Lester Bratton, hostess.
club, 'Mrs. Harry Lawri?,
Unitarian Junior club Subscription
dance at Xurpin's.
Original Cooking club luncheon
at Omaha club, followed by
work at War Relief rooms.
Dinner for Prof. F. M. Fling, Mrs.
J. M. Metcalf, hostess.
Defta Delta Delta sorority lunch-N
eon with Miss Nan Frankish.
Jones-Hayden wedding in Bir
mingham, Ala. i I
Week-End Dancing club at tne
INTERESTS of society everywhere
are so diversified that Joseph's
eloak-of-many colors would be
a fitting mantle to throw ove'r the
motley throng, for there would be
somber or brilliant hues to suit all.
One society writer of gayety at Palm
Beach, Coronado, Atlantic City and
other places in Florida and California,
says:' "Lent is here, but judging
from the reports of festivities during
the last week, the sackcloth being
worn seems of golden fabric and the
ashes, ashes of roses."
Another, writing from New York,
sees another side of life and says:
"The drab curtam of Lent has fallen.
The social set is demonstrating that
it means to observe the season of in
action in the old-fashioned way." To
the "ominous, far-away roar of the
war" she attributes this change from
recent seasons. Smart people more
than any others, are impressed with
the awful nature of war. They have
been abroad in the midst of it. They
have helped to "nurse the wounded of
other wars to health. Tms helping
has drawn them out of themselves.
The women have become prepared
for -something bigger and better than
pouring tea in a drawing room.
Omaha women are about evenly
divided in their observation of the
season. Some are giving up bridge,
others are sewing for charity. The
number of sewing circles is one of
the chief indications of Lent. The
Original Cooking club had luncheon
at the Omaha club Friday, and after
wards went to the war relief room in
the Baird building for sewing. That
war relief room is a very remarkable
plate; by the way.
That it is clean, light and airy you
may take for granted. Everything is
arranged in orderly fashion from
sewing machines and work tables to
ravelings and scraps of cloth. There
is not a particle of waste, for each
minute thread or snip of muslin is
saved in the waste" basket set con
veniently under the table and is used
-in the stuffing of pillows. Those pil
lows are a perfect delight'to the eyes.
Around the tables are seated the
women whose names you may read
among the patronesses of prominent
and worthy movements. They work
faithfully with very little interruption
and only a little conversation to add
speed to the flying fingers.
Inanother room sits a solitary
firurt busily measuring, cutting and
stamping. This woman, whom busy
Mrs. Harold Gifford frequently con
sults, is "Grace Redick," official ship
ping clerk of the organization. Around
the room stand filled and partly filled
boxes and trunks of pillows, bandages
and other clean, neatly folded articles.
On shelves, carefuly covered, are
bundles of blanket samples which will
be matched and made into large and
wa:m coverings for wounded men.
The greatest lack still is old linen to
use inside the packing boxes. Thursday-
afternoon there was a special
- treat in the shape of delicious sweet
nats from Chicago, which the Misses
.Millard were sharing with the work-
- ?rs.'
Vi-Tied Lenten Obeservances.
Trinity Parish Aid society, is mak
ing tray cloths and garments for hos
pital patients. The Altar Guild of
Trinity cathedral is sewing for a
aiar, which they intend to give
iftcr Easter. Other clubs are sew
;"K for the Child Saving Institute and
w"'"1!!" 'riranizations. Nearly cv-
Omaha Woman's club, Metropoli
tan clubhouse, open'meeting of
oratory department, 2:30 p. in.
P. E. O. Sisterhood, Benson chap
ter, Mrs. E. .A.McGlasson, hos
tess, 2:30 p. rh.
P. E. O. Sisterhood, chapted B. K.,
Mrs. F. D. Wilson hostess, 2:30
f. m.
Temple Israel Sisterhood, at
Temple, 3 p. m. .
Child Conservation league, Dun
dee circle, Mrs. Fred Martin,
hostess, 2:30 p. m.
Omaha Woman's Commercial club,
Van Sant school, 8 p. m.
Business Woman's council, court
house, 11 to 2 p. m.
Business Woman's club, Y. W. C.
A., 7 p. m.
Omaha Woman's club, oratory de
partment, 10 a. m; parliamentary
practice, -:ou p. m.
South Omaha Woman's club, li
brary hall, 2:30 p. m.
Drama league, Blackstone, 4 p. m.
Belle-Letters club, Miss Terra
Tierney, hostess, 2:30 p. m.
Jewish Ladies' Relief society, Y. M.
H.-J., 2:30 p. m.
Custer Woman's Relief corp, Sun
shine club, Mrs. S. A. Bowes,
Prettiest Mile Golf club, Mrs.
George Swoboda, hostess, 8 p. m.
Malva White Shrine, Sojourners
club, Mrs. B. Woolstencraft, hos
tess. Chautauqua circle, Tennyson chap
ter, public library, 2:30 'p. m.
W. C. T. U., West Side union, Jen
nings M. E. church, 8 p. m.
Omaha Woman's club, literature
department, 10 a. m., followed by
luncheon at the Blackstone.
Mu Sigma club, Mrs. C. W. Axtell,
hostess, 9:30 a. m.
Association of Collegiate Alumnae,
story tellers' section, Mrs. W. H.
' Abbott, hostess, 4 p. m.
Clio club, Mrs! W. R. McFarland,
hostess, 2:30 p. "m.
Miller Park Mothers' circle, Mrs.
J. T. Bailev. hostess. 2:30 o. m.
Wellesley -club,' Miss Halcyon Cot
ion, nosiess, j p. m.
Wyche Story Tellers' league, pub
lic library, 4:15 p. m.
Association of Collegiate Alumnae,
drama section, Mrs. William
Locke, hostess, 4 p. m. '
P. E. O, Sisterhood, Chapter E,
Mrs. S E. George, hostess, 12 m.
Omaha Woman's-club, home eco
nomics departmetn, 10 a. m.
Florence Nightingale club, all-day
meeting, Mrs. Julian Swanson,
hostess. .
Deborah Franklin club, Commer
cial club, 12 m.
Central Park Mothers'- league,
school auditorium, 2:30 p. m.
Child Conservation league, North
Side circle, Mrs. Brown, hostess,
2 p. in. , i
West Omaha Mothers' Culture
club, Mrs T. W. Cox, hostess,
2:30 pm.
Society of American Widows, Mrs.
B. C. Turpin, hostess? 8 p. m,
Scottish Rite Woman's club, at
cathedral, 2 p. m.
Equal Franchise society, Fling
lecture, court house, 8 p. m.
eryone is sewing, for that is a pleas
ant penance.
Miss Menie Davis said the other
day: "None of my friends are observ
ing Lent in any unusual way, but
-fiiost of them are going to church.
That helps some." Many others are
following the same-plan, so that Bible
classes arid church schools are flour
ishing. One delightful matron,' you
may guess her name, said, "Mother,
I think I shall try to go to church'
every day this Lent." Her mother
looked at her soberly a minute,
then replied, "Daughter, couldn't you
spread it out through the year a
Aside from these usual wavs of ob
serving the timevbf abstinence and
good deeds, Mrs. T. R. Rutledge has
hit upon a really novel way of chas
tening the spirit. It is an altogether
up-to-date thing to do and one calcu
lated to reduce the High Cost of Liv
ing, about, which everyone is talking
in these troublesome times. You must
have guessed already that Mrs. Rut
ledge is doing without King Potato
,in every way, shape and form. Mrs.
-Franklin A. Shotwell has a really
constructive way of observing Lent.
Instead of denying herself any spe
cial thing she has elected to follow
the Boy Scout motto and do one kind
deed cac .ay.
Unitarian Juniors' Dance.
The largest affair yei arranged by
the energetic young people of the
Unitarian church will be given under
the auspices of that church Friday
evening at Turpin's hall. A large
subscription dance, the proceeds of
which will swell the building fund for
the church to be erected at Turner
boulevard and Harne;- streets, in the
spring, will be the attraction. The
committee in charge consists of the
Hisses Leefa Holdrege, Agnes Rus
sell, Adelaide Fogg, Dorothy Par
sons, Mary Newton, Helen Bennett,
Minerva Quirlb,, and the Messrs. Alan
McDonald, Dan G. Cary, Sam O. Cot
ner, Arthur L. Palmer, Ned Aitchison.
The dance program will consist of
both old time and popular dances.
Patrons and patronesses for ihe
event are: Messcrs. and Mesdames
Walter H. Abbott, W. F. Baxter,
Frank Boyd, B. W. Capen, N.NP.
Dodge, H. C. Evarts. Arthur English,
Harold Gifford, C B. Horton, G W.
Holdrege, J. P. Justmn, Louis Kyle,
John- McDonald. H. S. Mann, Grant
Parsons, Kenneth Reed, C, W. Rus
sell, Rudolph Von Luttgcn, A. D.
Hoag. A. W. Jefferis, G. J. Iiigwer
scn, R. -F. Lcavciu, W. J. Dcwinter,
R. B. Tedrow, F. W. 'Fogg, L. J.
Quinby, H. G. Nasburg, R. M. Jones,
frank Barrett, W. h.. Bingham, and
James Richardson; Mesdames A.
Bennett, AImi Palmer, and E. A.
Observe Nebraska's Statehood.
The fifth annual banquet of the Ne
braska Legislative Ladies' league was
held Thursday evening at the Lincoln
hotel. State officers and members of
the legislature Vere guests of honor
at the dinner, cVlebratint; the fiftieth
anniversary of Nebraska's graduation
from a territory into a state. Flags
were draped on the walls of the large
room and each place was marked by
a small silk flag and vases filled with
goldenrod, the state flower, alternat
ing with yellow tapers in crystal
sticks. Three hundred were present.
Mrs. A. E. Sheldon, president of
the league, introduced tfce following
toasts: "Our Guests," by Mrs. Keith
Neville; "Our Honorary Members,
by Mrs. Edgar Howard; The Tree
Planters," by Mrs. Lloyd Thomas;
As We aee Uurselves, by Mrs.
Laurie J. Quinby; "As Others See
Us," by Mrs. Richard Neal; "Nt
braska and the Fine Arts," by Mrs.
William A. Appersoit; "Beyond
Fifty," by Mrs. Allen W. Field. A
"Nebraska" song, written by Mrs.
George Write, was sung.
The last number was a play, "The
neDrasKa woman a atuay in r re
gression," by Mrs. Homer K. Bur
ket's League players in their first ap
pearance. The play was given in
three scenes, depicting life of fifty
years ago or the ppen plains when the
Indians roamed at will: the women of
twenty-five years ago busily engaged
:.. r : 1
in inc lormuig ui vdiiuu.tiuus, aim
the present day, when the women ap
peared before the court to show why
ther should or .should not have suf
frage debate, but, like the "white
in the first scene, appeared in the suf
frage debate, but like the "white
man," were divided in their opinions.
The scenes were full of clever witti
cisms, and the last one held several
"take-offs" on the work of the present
legislature. The cast included Mes
dames C. H. Aldrich, H. K. Burkct,
Dexter Barrett, Grant Martin, J. C. F.
McKesson, C. B. Lettpn, .Edgar Pol
lcys, A. W. Richardson, S. K. Kier,
W. A. Clemmons, W. L. Bates and
Miss Berna Miskell.
The committee in charge of ar
rangements for the banquet consisted
of Mrs. Edgar Howard, Mrs. C. P.
Peterson, Mrs. C. W. Beal, Mrs. Wil
lis Reed, Mrs. A. V. RichardsoH and
Mrs. Keith Neville.
The Officers oi the league are: Mrs.
Keith Neville, honorary president;
Mrs. Addison E. Sheldon, president;
Mrs. Edgar Howard, vice president;
Mrs. William L. Bates, secretary;
Mrs. Willis Reed, treasurer.
Out-of-town guests were: Mr. and
Mrs. Laurie J. Quinby, Omaha; Mrs.
Henry Richmond, Omaha; Mr. and
Miss Roddy, Nebraska City; Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Nutzman, Wyoming; Miss
Grace Frances, Crawford; Miss Ger
trude Gardner; Kearney; Mrs. J. Peter
son, Crawford; Mrs. Harry - Adams,
Chadronj Mrs. R. E. Jones, Spring
field; Mrs. Jens Nielsen, Omaha; Miss
Leaji Jones, Springfield; Mrs. -H. M
RexCreston, la.; - Miss Virginia
Broome, Valentine; Mrs. Gates,
Omaha; Mrs, Weathers, Atlanta, Ga.
Gossip of Winter Sojourners. -
Mrs. John A. and Miss Marion
Kuhn, Miss Gertrude Metz atftl Miss
Mack reached Honolulu Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gould Dietz landed
Tuesday in San Francisco from Hon
olulu and have gone to Los Angeles
to join Mis. Dietz's mother, Mrs.
Putnam. , ' -
Ben Gallagher, lias returned from
California, having attended the Mardi
M'C-t -':rf .Wir r-
x cavf iioi; ) m v
Gras ball at San Francisco. His
mother, Mrs. Gallagher, is now at
Coronado Beach, having gone there
from Beverly Hills last week.
Mrs. F. A. Nash and , children,
Emma and - Junior, leave today for
three or four weeks at Beverly Hills,
Cal. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nash also
leave today for California.
Mr. and .Mrs. John W. Towle will
be hotne next week from Beverly
Mrs. A. B. McConnell has gone to
California for a few weeks.
lohn D. Creighton is at Asheville,
N. C, with his daughter, Mrs. C. L.
Allison, and Dr. Allison, who have
taken a cottage there.
Mrs. Charles Turner, who went to
New York two weeks ago, is now vis
iting iriends who have a cottage at
Palm Rearh
Mr. F. W. Clarke leaves Beverly
Hills tomorrow for home, but his wife
and daughter, Miss Helen Clarke, will
remain longer.
What Society Has in Prospect.
Mrs. P. S. St. Clair, Miss Estellc R.
Morrison and Miss Ellen H. Frank
ish will entertain the Delta Delta
Delta sorority at "luncheon Saturday
at the home of Miss Frankish.
Miss Mariorit Menold will entertain
at an Orpheum party Wednesday aft-
honor of Miss Marian Hall
-r t: i.. i n - t.-J.
there to sew at the War Relief room
in the Baird building.
Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae asso
ciation will be entertained on Tues
day, March 13, at the home of Mrs.
R. A. McNown.
Mrs. J. M. Metcalf, president of the
Equal Franchise society, will enter
tain Prof. F. M.' Fling of Lincoln at
dinner Friday evening before the first
Fling lecture.
. The Week-End Dancing club will
entertain at its fortnightly party Sat
urday evening in the Fontenelle ball
room. '-
The committees of the Drama
league which brought the Portman
teau theater o Omaha are having a
luncheon at the Fontenelle Monday.
Mrs. Edgar Morsinan of the courte
sies, and Mrs. Sam Burns of the pro
gram committee are arranging the
The Friday Night Dancing club
will entertain at Strehlow Terrace
club house this week, Willis C.
Crosby will introduce new dance num
bers. Miss Dorothy Bingham will enter
tain at a kensiugton tea for a coterie
of young girls who meet every week
for an informal afternoqn together,
at her home at the Hotel Rome.
The Winter Dancing club will give
Its next dancing party March 13 at
Hart hall in Dundee.
Mr. Harry Koch and Mr. George
Engler will en'tertain at an Or
pheum party Monday evening in
honor of Mi,s Laura Stone, the guest
of Miss Elizabeth Keed.
For War Relief Fund. ,,.
Perhaps the largest affair attempted
by the, local Jewish community is the
war relief ball Thursday, March 29, at
Mildred Foote who leaves -t - . s " J?) X&K
here soon for her new w " v v ' ' X' ' "j i TV
home in Pasadena, Cal. v . . n,- Jt t jr ,
Miss Stella Robinson will JT JF t xf ZA , -l A
give a luncheon Mon- f V V 1 A '
day at the Blackstone in fr. ,, oiZkli i ' .--? J, t i
For some time to come ' L ' aSP , ?- tfjT L A. 1 H. V
the Original Cooking club, l, A 'V , A S W I - V '
instead of having its regu- v , tv J if 4 1 V wt , Vjl'f i MU i A V'
lar luncheon at the homes f S, . s f ii S " M , A&LJg II 'Ei l t . 7 Jl 1 I
of the member,, will take i Ji , icr Jf ' M W t- JVil S I
luncheon at the Omaha V t ?Xi S" . fj 'rf A li V, I '
club and adjourn from f , J iX3 V -v S Vi V f - 1 ,
Mks.NE Dodge. t$x aitdPhihjp!
the Auditorium. Old and young arc
enlisted in the corps of workers who
arc aiming to make this a successful
affair in order that a large .sum may
accrue to the war relief fund.
Miss Hcdwig Roscnstock heads a
group of young women who will take
charge of the sale of American flags,
(lowers, candy and cigars. Miss Jes
sie Kruger will lead a baud of fortune
tellers who will be installed in gypsy
tents, and other unique, features are
planned. ,
News of Visitors.
Miss Lizbeth Biicknam of Warm),
III., arrives'this morning for a, short
visit with iir. and Mrs. F". H. Cole.
Miss Bucknam is a daughter of the
late Dr. A. F. Bucknam, who, with.
Mrs. Cole's father, Dr. Byron G.
Pierce and Dr. Leroy Crummer's fath
er, Dr. B. F. Crummer, were associated
in practice in Warren. Dr. Bucknam
was also a friend of Dr. Godfrey of
Galena, III., whose daughters, Mrs.
Leigh Leslie and Mrs. Charles Leslie,
live in Omaha.' Miss Bucknam plans
to go to New Mexico later.
Mrs. Albert Nebe of Detroit, for
merly Miss Alice Thrall jf this city,
arrived Friday, to be the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hyde.
Mrs. George Tuttlc, who was a
guest at the C, W. Lyman home, re-
turned to St. Louis last week.
Miss Alice. Langford of North
Platte-, Neb., who has been the guest
of Mrs. W. F. Crook for hc last week,
left Friday for her home.
Mr. Bruce Leslie of Muuising,
Mich., is a guest of Mr, and Mrs.
Charles Leslie.
Mrs. Walter Hopewell of Tekamah
came to Omaha to attend the Kappa
Kappa Gamma luncheon at the home
WiMtftH V ! '
of Mrs. BB. Davis Saturday. She
returned to her home the same day.
Residence Changes.
Mr,, aiur1 Mrs. John Dumont and
little son, sRichard, arrived Friday
morning frrfm Toronto, Canada, which
has been their home for the last
four years. They will make Omaha
their home from now on and arc tem
porarily with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Dumont.
Mr. -end Mrs. Fred Daugherty will
leave soon for the Daugherty ranch
near Ogalalla, Neb., where they will
iive-most of the year, except for two
or three months in the winier.
Mr. and Mrs. Ford E. Hovey have
taken a house at 5104 Dodge street,
which they will occupy the. last of
this nioih. Mr. Hovey is vice presi
dent of the Stock Yards National
bank, having come here from Denver.
Mr. and Mrs. Bridge and daughters,
the Misses Laura and Nona Bridge,
have moved from the Colonial to their
new home at 5024 Webster street.
Social Gossip.
Mrs. Charles Kountze is in a hos
pital in Chicago recovering from an
operation for the removal of her ton sils
and will not be home until next
week. .
Miss Regina Connell plans to go to.
Louisville in April for the wedding, of
a school friend and afterward to Cin
cinnati and Portland, Me., to visit.
, Mrs. W. J. Foye is at St. Joseph's,
hospital, where she underwent an op
eration for appendicitis Thursday.
Miss Anna Bourke, who came to
take part in "The Amazons," has re
turned to Washington, stopping 'in
Detroit for a day or two on her way.
Mrs.Arthur Keeline returned Sun
day from several weeks in Chicago
MRS. N. P. DODGE, Jr., Is pro
pond by the nominating com
mitter of the Tuesday Morning
Musical club as. one of tho new
members of the board of di
rectors. Mrs. Dodga is not only
a patroness of music, but she Is
herself a talented violinist. Be
fore her marriage Mrs. ; Dodga
was a Boston girl. Her interest
extends to the Drama league and
Fine Arts society and to the Ne
braska Anti-Suffrage association,
on which board she also
Mrs. Dodga is one of the patron
esses for the large Unitarian sub
scription party Friday evening.
Philip, her little son, is not the
least of Mrs. Dodge's Interests.
with her sister, Mrs. Louis Jaques,
and Mrs. Conrad Spens. Mr. Kee
line, who accompanied her, returned
a week earlier.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Keogh went
to New York Wednesday for a two
weeks' stay.
Mrs. E. W. Nash is expected home
today from Dubuq"ue, where she
stopped over a few days enroute from
the east. Mrs. L. F. Crofoot and Miss
Frances Nash are in New York and
will be home this week. -
Mr. W. J. Connell left Friday even
ing for Kansas City and Excelsior
Springs for a week's business trip.
Mr. John D. Creighton, 2d, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Creighton,
who has been very seriously ill, is
now out of danger and is conva
lescing. Mrs. Edward .A. Creighton
was also ill with the grippe.
Mr. and Mrs. J. deForest Richards
left Thursday evening for Denver.
They will return the first of the week.
Mfs. Richard Carrington has re-
turned from a delightful visit with
friends in St. Louis, Mo.
Mrs. G. Alexander Young is an un
tiring worker for the Visiting Nurse
association and the Nurses' Registry.
Today V Bee pictures Mrs. Young
with her. small daughter, Margaret,
for the first time. j
Mr. Lyman Phillips has returned
from Washington, iD. C, where he
took his examinations fcT West Point.
Miss Alice Rushton will accompany
her guest, Miss Marian Hall, to Lin
coin Tuesday, where she will remain
a week, attending the Bachelor's
dance at the Lincoln hotel and the
Kappa Kappa Gamma formal. From
there she will go to Manhattan, Kan.,
to visit her sister, Mrs. Cortclyou.
Mr.-Cortelyou is the liead of .-the Gcr
. . v ; ' -
Contluueil on Pnce Two-, ColumaOatt)