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Elect lee Huff President of
Organisation to Watch
Business Problems.
Lee Huff, Omaha, president.
Elmer King, Lincoln, vice presi
dent. Clarke G. Powell, Omaha, secretary-treasurer.
Three-year term directors: Ed
Cgier, North Platte; D. B. Young,
Fair bury; Ed Kietx, Hooper; John
Branegan, Columbus; D. G. Bell,
Two-year term directors: C. R.
Livingston, McCook; George Spiegel,
Beatrice; Gus Sherman, Hastings; A.
W. Breyer, Norfolk; A. V. Zabell,
One year directors: James Corn
ish, Teitamah; John Mounich, Fre
mont; Mont Harris, Omaha; George
Petring, Nebraska City; W. S. Jack
, son, Valentine.
Speed of autos is nothing when'
, compared with the speed of auto men.
Six hundreu successful business
men, with, their stomachs well-lined
with iuicy beefsteak, sat Thursday
in a banquet room at the Fontenelle
hotel and voted, without one dis
senting voice, to organize the Ne
braska Automobile Trade sssociation.
No sooner was the vote than
the deed was done and the men
adopted a constitution and by-laws
without even reading them or having
thera read. Then they elected of
ficers. 4
The organization of this society,
which hopes to include in its roster
2.00Q autc dealers of Nebraska", -was
effected within "thirty rhls.utes and
; Lee Huff of Omaha was president of
a new society with 110 charter mem-.
beta, whose first-yea dues and initia
tion fees were all paid up.
Menus Helped Some. ' .
Perhaps the menu acted as an ac
celerator to the banqueters. It read,
"Beefsteak, baked .potatoes, water,
coffee, beer, more "beefsteak, more
baked potatoes, more to Jrink, still
more ".beefstca: , still more baked
potatoes, still more to drink." With
the cravings of the inner man thus
appeased, ' the auto dealers just
smoked and organized.
. ' Engle Is Honored.
Ed Engle of Norfolk was chosen
national vice, president. The national
delegates are W, Beckman of Lincoln
and W. E. Harvey of Newman Grove.
The last three will represent the Ne
braska auto men at the convention of
the National Auto Trade association,
of which the newly-formed body will
become a member as soon as its ar
ticles of incorporation are filed.
J. C Thorpe of Chicago, general or
ganizer of the National Auto Trade
association, was a guest at the ban
quet. He it was who helped to form
the local association and it was upon
his word that the auto dealers adopted
without a reading the constitution and
. The new association will serve the
three-fold purpose of protecting and
advancing the political, economic and
social welfare of its members, it is
To Watch Legislation.
It will try to ward off all legislation
that might prove injurious to the busi
.ness. By means of .pertinent litera
ture it will conduct a correspondence
college to enable its members to keep
abreast of the newest practicable ideas
of the trade. It will hold semi-annual
meenSgs to let the members know
one another more intimately.
"It will be a clearing house for sug
gestion," said President Huff, opti
mistically. "I believe it will benefit
us all greatly, because when 2,000
men, experienced in one business,
start to swap trade ideas there is sure
to b'e some benefit to the man who is
alert" -
Chalmers Pulls Engine
Uf) Steep Hill to Fire
Oiyi of the most enthusiastic visit
ors at the auto show is Alva Able of
Kullerton, Neb. He tells an interest
ing story of an experience he had last
week. , - - i -
The imposing edifice on the sum
mit o( Mt. Jehu, a '. igh hill directly
west of Fullerton, caught fire one
night last week. The road ascending
the hill is so very steep and rough,
due to washouts, that it was a prob
lem for a long time as to how to get
the heavy hose cart and firemen to
the. top of the hill in time to make
their work effective. It was solved
by Mr. Able, who attached his Chal
mers 6-30 to the fire fighting ap
paratus and with fourteen men in and
on the car climbed the hazardous path
in, record-breaking time. .
York College Quintet -Defeats
Hastings Five
York,' Neb., March 1, (Special Tel
egram.) York college defeated Hast
ings college in a game of basket ball
this evening, 38 8;
The girls of York college defeated
Grand Island college girls in a game
of basket ball this evening, 26 to 10.
Cutaway Chassis
Of Chalmers Motor
Interesting Exhibit
One of the most interesting exhibits
at the auto show is a stripped cutaway
chassis of the Chalmers 6-30 which is
lectured on for the Western Motor Car
company by Al Wingert of Detroit,
one of the old timers in the automo
bile game, and one of the best posted
authorities in automobile lore.
Mf- Wingert -has been making the
show circuit for years and has a per
sonal acquaintance with every man,
woman and child who has been con
nected with the automobile industry
in the show cities.
"Of all the shows I have made this
year, Omaha is equal to the best of
them. Chicago and New York have
been no better except in size. And
the interest shown by the dealers and
retail prospects in the Chalmers chas
sis exceeds at Omaha anything I have
seen elsewhere," says Mr. Wingert.
The stripped chassis is one of the
most imoosinsr. and incidentally, one
of the most expensive mechanical ex
hibits that has been shown on the cir
cuit this year. To one with a mech
anical mind it cannot help but appeal.
It shows in detail every part of the
mechanism, no matter how minute,
just as it moves and works under
road conditions. The parts of the
mechanism are enclosed in glass,,
others are cut away entirely, the en
tire mechanism is operated by an elec
tric motor.
One sees the immense 97-pound
iirome Nickel crank shaft revolve on
its exceedingly large bearings, sees
the sturdy gears shifting from speed
to speed on their heavy Hyatt bear
ings; the easy vibrationless action of
thi 12-ntinrp T.vnitp ntstnns. and all
ft lie other mechanical details which
generally are hidden from the view of
the buyer.
Nebraska City to Have
Two' New School Houses
Nebraska City, Neb., March 1.
(special.) Measurements have been
taken for the excavation of the new
$25,000 school building, bonds for
which were voted last year, to be
erected on the Fourteenth street
grounds. It has also been decided
to submit' a bond issue proposition
this spring for a $35,000 school build
ing to take the place of the present
Sixth Street school and have both
schools ready for the starting of the
fall term. Aside from the two new
school buildings, Nebraska City is to
have two new garages and a new ma
chine shop erected; also about one
and one-half miles of new paving.
Free Garden Seeds for
Ambitious Poor Folks
Nine big mail pouches of free gar
den seeds have just been received by
Mrs. George W. Doane of the Asso
ciated Charities for distribution to
persons who may apply. Free distri
bution of these seeds is intended to
help needy persons in raising garden
truck to cut down the high cost of
Dr. Belt's Plne-Tar-Hon.jr.
For your cold and bronchial couch use
Dr. Bell's Flno-Tar-Honey. It outs tho
phlegm, rellevea congestion. Only 16c All
druggists. Advertisement.
The Raymond
' Being Sold ,
But to you, the retail buyer.
Come in and save on your
Spring Furnishings.
Smith For'm-a-Truck as a Fire
Iowa Probably
Will Discontinue
Track Athletics
Iowa City, la, March 1. (Special.)
Track athletics at Iowa probably
will be abolished this spring by ac
tion of the athletjc board unless stud
ents rally to the support of the sport.
Action taken by the board yesterday
afternoon called a meeting of presi
dents of student organizations and
classes for some evening next week.
At this meeting a member of the
board will present the situation.
The facts are that Iowa has lost be
tween $2,000 and $3,000 each year for
the last six years in this branch of
athletics. While track is also a los
ing proposition at other schools, most
of them have some glory and honor
to show for the expense. Iowa has
won one dual meet in the last six
years, beating Drake in 1913. In
state and conference meets the Hawk
eyes have never ranked high.
The meeting of students next week
will be asked to undertake getting
men out for track. If sufficient inter
est is shown, then the sport will be
tried again this spring. If not, it is
probable that three weeks will see
the end of track athletics at Iowa
for the present.
Give your Want Ad a chance to
make good. Run it in The Bee.
A Prize Worth Winning
To the one bringing to our "MOTORCYCLE AND
BICYCLE EXHIBIT" during the week starting
February 26th the best answer in less than 100
words, why one should be the possessor of a
1917 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and Side Car.
One of the $75 Exquisite and Wonderfully
-,.t Toned "Victor Roo" Phonographs '
Those submitting reasons must deliver same in
person at our exhibit, which will be at our Sales
rooms, 2701-03 Leavenworth St, before 8 p. m.,
Saturday, March 3d.
2701-03 Leavenworth Street
.kJllB.SH -H
General DUtributora
Little did Ralph Madsen think
when he left his farm home near
Creighton, Neb., last Monday that
Within a few days he would be riding
tfirough the streets of Omaha on a
bright-red fire wagon, ringing a gong
and commanding the wonder of the
Ralph is seven feet two inches in
height, and the Smith Form-a-Truck
people have employed him. He
wears a fireman's helmet, which
further accentuates his height.
Fairbury Men Say
Great Western Wants
To Run in Nebraska
Fairbury, Neb, March 1. (Special
Telegram.) Announcement was made
yesterday here that the Kansas City &
Northwestern railway had passed
from the hands of the receiver and
that the new officers were all Chicago
Great Western men. Fairbury men
recall that this road was built in the
early '80s as a branch of the Missouri
Pacific railway, starting at Wyan
dotte, Kan, and halting at Virginia,
over in Gage county. It. was the in
tention of this railroad at that time
to build the road on through to Fair
bury and west.
, The Chicago Great Western, rail
road men here say, has long been
desirous of crossing the Missouri
river with a line that would eventually
reach the coast, and for years had its
eyes on the St. Joseph & Grand Is
land, passing through Fairbury, but
since the Union Pacific took over this
railroad the idea was abandoned.
Certain Fairbury men have secured
inside 'information that since the
Great Western has secured thia road
as far as Virginia eventually the line
may be extended.
Fairbury is already division head
quarters for the Rock Island and is
laying wires for any other roads that
mav Dass bv.
Oaths, Mebntts -it
2, ' 1917.
Traverses Florida Bogs for
Long Distance With Won
derful Endurance.
Tampa, Fla, March 1. Taking a
route that involved the risk of sinking
out of sight in the great Withlachoo
chee swamp in central Florida if his
motor stopped, Percy W. Gibbs, De
troit 'automobile driver, this week
established a remarkable new motor
car speed and endurance record for
the 276 miles between here and Jack
sonville and attained the distinction
of having been the first man to cross
Florida's second greatest bog locality
in an automobile.
Gibbs used a Maxwell touring car
on the run and he carried three pas
sengers besides himself.
The route through the twenty-five
miles of chee swamp cuts twenty-five
miles off the distance between the
two largest Florida cities.
Gibbs left Jacksonville at 1 a. m.
and was in Tampa at the start of the
business day. The total distance cov
ered was 276 miles, and this his car
negotiated without car or motor stop.
His average for the run was approxi
mately forty miles an hour.
The route through the twentv-five
miles of swamp was made with the
aid of a Seminole Indian native and
guide, who piloted the car from high
spot to high spot and whose final
caution to the driver was to avoid
allowing the car to stop at any point
within the water logged district Fre
quently the car was in water holes
two feet deep, while water stretches
axle-deep often continued a half mile
or niore. There is no sign of life
in the gunfle other than the alligators,
their native reptile companions and
the tropical birds.
Trie Withlachoochee swamp lies
It will be well
1814-18 Farnam Su
northeast of Dade City, above the
Withlachoochee river, and the district
is second only to the Everglades as
an impenetrable bog district. Gibbs
crossed the swamp in darkness, using
two extra regulation headlights at
tached to his windshield to light up
the ttail the Indian had marked out,
Solon Songbirds
Make Rafters Shake
With Their Melodies
tVrom a Staff Correipondont.) '
Lincoln, March 1. (Special.) A
legislative quartet that took members
of the session by surprise today at
the Nebraska obserance program, was
composed of Senators Oberlies and
McAlister and Speaker Jackson and
Representatives Shannon. Some of
their songs were original parodies
that "took off" the members and
brought roars of laughter and ap
plause. Speaker Jackson has i deep bass,
which at one time seemed to jar the
very rafters which hold up the roof
and many anxious looks were cast
SUjl ct '
Dodge Brothers
The winter months have witness
ed no let-up in the country-wide
demand. ' ; " .
The one problem continues to be
the production of a supply sufficient
to meet the demand, t
worth your while to examine this car
The gasoline consumption is unusually low
Ths tfrs mllsaga is unusually high
Touring Car or Roadster, $786; Winter Car or Roadster, $950;
Sedan, $1185. (All prices f. o. b. Detroit)
Spac 23 Automobile Show.
Phona Tyler 123
above as he struck the low notes.
Senator Oberlies has a ric'. baritone
of fine range, while' Representative
Shannon and Senator McAllister took
the tenor parts in fine shape.
Some of the verses follow'
Tune. "John Brown's Body:- '
Urave Jerry Howard It a soldier of the folk.
From Florence down to Albright he canaget
the people's votes. ,
Let corporations so to heck. all wicked .'
men and hones,
Whlle-Jerry inarches on.
Ed Howell's got a busy bee ta knock Jim
Dehlman out.
He's purer much than Ivory soap, lor virtue
dnth he shout,
But why those wicked bucaneers should try
to put him out.
When he Is marching on,
Tune, "Hold the Forti" .
Hold the wells, the roof la falling, ,
There she goes ge-bump. V
Stand from under, hear ua calling,
Olve us placs-to juhp.
Tune. "Marching Through Oeorgini"
Presiding (lov'ner Howard with, the hair
around his ears,
And sines the price has gone as high It
seldom sees the shears;
But he can paint a picture with his lips
that melts to tears, .
Ills mallet's march on.
Hoo-ray, Hoo-ray, we sing days agone,
Hoo-ray, Hoo-ray, we Join la Jouyous song.
Twere foul Indeed to ecourn a hot thet
traveled right along.
When we are getting soused and
Basket Ball
lUealTwtl Direct From Coul
TwiM Wok
live Lobsters a Specialty
at the show ,
Omaha, Nab.