Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 18, 1917, NEWS SECTION, Page 3, Image 3

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8 A
The Specialty Shop
For, Misses and Small Women
Chronicles the
New Models
Daily ,
AN EVER changing,
supremely interesting
kaleidoscope of color
and fascinating design.
Never has a specialty
shop specialized more
thoroughly. PERSO
NAL is written large in
the service rendered here.
SMARTLY TAILORED SUITS, in all the new col
ors showing a silhouette that reveals the
"youthful" in every line.
$25.00 to $50.00
NEW JERSEY DRESSES, now so fashionable, are
shown here in very pleasing array no other ma
terial has ever lent itself more gracefully to this
. type of costume.
The Price Is Modest--$29.75
New Sports Suits at $29.75 to $50.00.
Afternoon Frocks at $19.75 to $65.00.
Smart Skirts at $5.00 to $10.98.
Second Floor
Handsome Georgette
Trimmed With Filet Lace
$10.00 to $25.00
GEORGETTE reigns su-
preme no question about that
and we are showing some of
. the most exquisite models here
right now. Filet Lace is very,
scarce, but we were fortunate
enough to buy early, and our
foresight now gives you the op
portunity to obtain these beau
tiful creations in variety.
Other Georgette Blouses, $5.50 to $10.00
Semi-tailored models and still others with dainty
frills." These are very modestly priced at the figures
we quote.
Second Floor.
mm t&, 1
White Fabrics Crisp and
New Variety of Weaves
All Splendid Values
THIS DISPLAY, is so wide and comprehensive,
and the prices we have placed onjthe various fabrics
ySO modest, that every woman will do well to come
here on Monday and share in the savings to be made.
White Fabrics are always extremely useful at this
time of the year and these are some of the best.
New, Crisp White Novelties for summer dresses and
blouses, in satin stripe voile, cords, cluster stripes, corded
organdy, etc., in a "wide range of patterns to
select from ; 38 inches wide ; yard
Finest quality white imported Organdy, sheer .
and clear; 45 inches wide, very special, yard
White Flaxon Madras, in small cords and cluster
v stripes ; medium heavy for waists and dresses, children's
wear, etc. Name stamped on selvage ; 32 inches r
wide ; yard , .ZOC
Finest quality white mercerized Marquisette, special
ly adapted for sheer blouses ; 38 inches wide ; . n
yard . ..f.. ...49C
. , 42-Inch English Longcloth, chamoise finish, for ma
chine sewing; pure white, launders perfectly mn rrv
..and does not turn yellow; 12-yard bolt . . . .yu.UU
27-Inch, Dainty Sheer White Pin Check Dimity for
children's and infants' wear; special,
yard .....
FOR ONE DAY ONLY, Monday, we place on sale
No. 1907, one special number of Imperial Sea Island
Nainsook, a soft, sheer, silky fabric, for ladies' and
infants' wear;"36 inches wide; 12-yard qq gOy
t) HIIUiiimii... '"nn BH
3": ."in,.?!. Hi
.JlF ........
The Curtains Part to Reveal
These Exquisite Dresses for Spring
RARELY are we
privileged to
show such, dainty,
fascinating appar
. el the Dresses in
thisdisplay breathe
of the atmosphere
of Spring, and that
elusive thing called
charm, is here in
abundance. .
attention has
been paid to the
selection of our
Afternoon and
Semi - Dress Cos
tumes in G e o r
g e 1 1 es, Chiffons,
Meteor and Taffe
tas, for every ward
robe must contain
at least one of these
dainty Dresses for
the theater, dinner
or afternoon wear.
Exquisitely beaded and embroidered creations are shown, that appeal to the most
refined taste. Colors range from navy to lighter blues, Copenhagen and Joffre; Rose,
Grays, Reseda and White.
Prices, $45.00,-$55.00, $69.00 and upward.
New Coats for Spring Make Their Bow
In the best colors and materials. Tan predominates, with citron, and trold close seconds.
styles are shown in Kosc, Keseda, Copenhagen, and rurple; also popular shades.
Particular attention is directed to Covert as the favorite cloth, shown in Tan.
Other styles in Gunny Burl, Burella, Poiret Twill, Gaberdine, and Novelties in checks and
Prices $25.00, $35.00, $49.00 and Upward
Second Floor
"Floerstyle" Gowns and Dresses
Advertised in the Last Issue of Vogue.
Are Here on Exhibition and for Sale -
There is a "Floerstyle" Gown for every occasion
Street, Afternoon and Evening wear. The first intimation
of Fashion's indicative mood is shown in this apparel.
Second Floor
Dress Goods for Spring Wear
The predominance of Serge and Gaberdine is already thoroughly estab
lished. Manufacturers have woven into these fabrics the finish that lends it
self most readily to the prevailing modes thus we find soft finishes in the Serges
and the plaid designs that are in keeping with the trend toward sports styles.
We will have on sale for Monday the best quality ALL-WOOL FRENCH SERGES,
a big assortment of fine, soft-finished fabrics that will tailor well for suite and dresses,
in all the best spring colors, 42 to 54 inches wide; special mi 1 q mi QQ 01 QQ
for Monday, per yard, pl.O7, tpl.O7
48-INCH PURE ALL-WOOL GABERDINES, a very popular fabric, desirable for Suite,
Coats and Dresses, in all the most wanted spring shades. A very fine quality; rn-j nr
Monday, per yard O
54-INCH ALL-WOOL FRENCH SERGE AND VELOUR, sport style rfnd plaid skirt
ings in all the new colorings, that will be popular for this season's wear; fln rn
priced, at yard p.OU
Main Floor
The Silk Showing Here for Spring
Is Fascinating in Colorings and Weaves
SILK is the supreme fabric, and this season more than ever makers have made an
effort to show ip, the various weaves the styles for which they are intended identi
fied them with certain types and classes. Sports Wear is in such high favor that colors
suitable for this predominate and the note of "Paisley".lends a delightful atmosphere
of "the long, long ago" that is particularly pleasing.
TUNG, in all the new sports Jq nr
shades; per yard. , .pZ.SO
"HOULAH SILK," the sensation of the
season, in the new variegated color com
. bination; 40 inches wide; An nr
yard . . . f). tO
did weight, soft finish; in all the rt-i op
wanted street shades; yard $1.0
FON, TAFFETA, in the new Citron, Char
treuse, Blues, Shadow Lawn, Greens, et ;
beautiful soft, drapy finish, at, q-j qjt
per yard ipl.iO
Cupe, Radiums, Pussy Willows, Foulards,
etc., in the new Stripe Plaid, Dot, Paisley
and many other beautiful effects in all the
newest color com- mi nr j jyi nr
binations; yard. . . .pl.0 10 tp'l.tO
We are also featuring in exclusive combinations
Yo-San Pussy Willow Prints La Jerz Crepe dc. Chine
Sport Tussahs Georgette Crepe Khaki Kool
Gold and Silver Embroidered Novelties
Main Floor
Splendid Rugs at Reduced Prices
French Wilton Rugs, sizes 9x12 and 8 ft. 3 inches by 10 ft. 6 inches; a a A nr
regular price $75.00, at .. . tf44. t 0
Royal Wilton Rugs, Sizes 9x12 and 8 ft; 3 inches by 10 ft. 6 inches; good moi nr
patterns and designs; regular price up to $55.00, Monday poJt.t0
O 1 T" A 1 1 T1 n r. j ,
ouiuuru oeauviB nxminsier ivug, size xiz, i4u.uu value, cforr rn
at tpZ.OU
Hartford Uussorah Axminster Rugs, 11 ft. 3 inches by 12; $40.00 value, on fiO
Monday, at JpZt7. iJO
, ' ' Third Floor
Latest Arrivals From , New York
Tn St-vlisli Suite ,
For Women
notahle is the utility of both
long and short Jackets
plain and pleated Skills.
The real piece de resist
ance, however, is the em
ployment of Egyptian trim
mings and also designs that
show the influence of Chi
nese, Japanese and Greek.
ILLUSTRATE is made of
Navy Blue Faille ; long coat
effect, with the new ,sash
that ties in front: deen collar
with long revers and pointed gauntlet cuffs. Trim
med with buttons and the Egyptian braid. Beauti
fully lined with soft taffeta. This identical model
sells for $89.00. ' .
In tne better grades of Suits we are quoting the
prices of $49.00, $55.00, $62.50 and $75.00.
Cloth Suits Are Extremely Smart
One that we mention is of Poiret Twill or
Bombay Velour, navy blue and beige. These are
plain tailored, braid bound and button trimmed and
perfect the latest silhouette. A tight sleeve, but
toned to the elbow.
There are scores of others, just as interesting.
Socond Floor.
Women's Smart Boots $4.90
Combination and Al lover Colored Kid
We have re-grouped small
lots of high grade Footwear
and because in some in
stances, sizes '.are missing,
we have repriced them down
wards for quick dispersal.
It is an unalterable policy
here to keep our stocks clean
of all short lots, in order to
be able to show newest Shoes
as soon as they arrive. Our
dispersal time is your oppor
tunity time GET A FINE PAIR OF SHOES NOW for
little money. All this season's styles, but not every size
in each style.
. About 15 different styles in all every one desirable
Main Floor.
Dainty Laces
There are so many uses for these Dainty Laces that
no woman should have any hesitancy about purchasing
a liberal quantity of them. Fashion has put her unqual
ified seal of approval upon them for trimmings.
Filet Laces, also combination filet and venise, look
like the real. Beautiful for trimming collars and waists.
Also used for camisoles; -r ,
yard 15c, 25c and 39c
Wash Laces in great variety, linen cluny, filet vals.,
matched sets, all widths ; also German vals, plain
and dotted footings, cream and white, yard ..... . . .uC
Metal Laces, comprising solid effects as well as com
bination of metal with colors. Beautiful flouncings with '
rows of gold and silver on silk tulle nets, metaline
cloth, 36 inches wide; gold, silver rr. ,
and colors oyc ana 98c
Beautiful assortment of metal laces in gold and sil
ver. Dainty lace flouncings, shadow patterns, in iJ(
silk and fine cotton ; yard .OiC
Main Floor .
Special Sale of Tri-Colored.
Jap Lunch Sets
These are NEW and we think they are extremely
pleasing a dainty little conceit for a breakfast table
this is one note of newness from many in this Linen Store.
Doilies 3c
8 and 12-inch Doilies, each
for 5c
18x54-inch size Scarfs or
24-inch Doilies, each 49c
54-inch size Lunch Cloths,
each 4 . 98c
Special Spreads, $1.65 '
These are the crochet "kind, plain hemmed, all very
pretty patterns, large size, heavy quality ; special, each,
. . ; .$1.65
Extra Damask, 39c ;
Full bleached, in the highly finished mercerized cloth,
all pretty patterns, 58 and 64 inches wide; special, yard
at .. .j . . ..... ; .39c
12 c. Household Crash, 9c
Full bleached; fancy borders; wearing quality unex
celled. For Monday, yard, only . . . . . . . ,9c
Main Floor ., .: ' . ,
- Basement.