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    2 B
is Going On
in Society. Circles
(Controlled Item
did not decide to go until the day
, before and will remain south until
the middle of March.
Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Allison and son.
s I .TU., fnr Achrvllle.
Hants. tti "''". l
N'. C, to remain until spring. lne'
were met in Chicago by Miss Grace
i hr-en past tor the I
Yale prom, and who accompanies
them south. .
Mrs: E. P. Peck accompanied her
'!at:gh:er; Mrs. Joseph Barker, to Cal
ifornia last week and will take a bun
galow at l.a lolla for a few Months.
Mr. Barker will join them for Easter.
Mr. and Mrs. W.- H. McCord are
expected home today from Belleair,
I- la., where they have been since early
in January. ' .
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Farnsworth
have returned from Hollywood, Cal.
Mrs. Joslyn. who went .west with
them, will remain until after the cold
eather is over.
Mrs. Frank T. Hamilton and daugh
ter. F.xelona. left last Saturday for
Los Angeles and San Diego for a six
weeks' sojourn.
Affair of Past Week.
Mrs. Milton Barlow gave a lunch
eon at hr home Friday for Mrs. Rob
ert Beecher Howell, Mrs. John L.
Kenncdv, Mrs. L. F. Crofoot. Mrs. C.
C. George. Mrs. Edgar Morsman.
Mrs. Wird Burgess, Mrs. Osgood
F.astman, Mrs. Sam Caldwell. Mrs.
K. S. Westbrook, Mrs. Moshier Col
petzer and Miss Prances Wessells.
The table was pretty with spring flow
ers. Mr. and Mrs. A. l Reed gave a
farewell tea Wednesday it the Fonte
nelle for Mrs. Joseph Barker, who
left the next day for California. The
party included Mr. and Mrs. J. deFor
rt Rirhirdn. Caotain and Mrs.
James McKinley, Mt. and Mrs. Ward
Hnriress and Charles T. Kountae.
A number of Omaha people were
guests Thursday evening at the as-
crmhlv rianre at the Grand hotel m
Council Bluffs. Mr. and Mrs. J. J
Hess gave a dinner preceding the
dance and had at guests Mr. 'and
Mrs. E. W. Dixon, Mr. ana Mrs. u
C. Redick. Mr. and Mrs. Hannan,
Mrs. Melhop, C. W. Hull,' Ben War
rn nt Charles T. Stewart.
Miss Gretchen McConnell and Miss
Eusrenie Whitmore were other
Amahi the assembly
Dr. and Mrs. I. C. Wood and Mrs.
E. F. Brown of Omaha were the
guests at dinner Friday evening of
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McConnell of
Council Bluffs. The women were
amnnir the iruests at a delightful ken
sington given by Mrs, McConnell the
same afternoon.
The Women of Viking lodge gave
urnrise oartv at the bwedisli audi
torium Thursday eveningin honor of
the twentieth birthday of Miss Engla
Miss w Eliiabeth Carr entertained
Friday afternoon at an informal ken
sington, when fifteen guests were
MfsS'OrDha Ouinn and Mrs. Oar
ence - Keeline of Council Bluffs gave
a dinner Wednesday evening to
twelve of the intimate friends of Miss
' Nelle Benton, who is to be married
Monday evening to Mr, Jere Van
Mrs. M. C. Peters gave a small
bridge party Thursday afternoon in
honor of Mrs. Elmer Bryaon of Los
Angeles, formerly of Omaha, who has
been visiting Mrs. JJrapcr smitn.
Mra. G. V. Chandler entertained at
a luncheon at her home Friday. The
following women were present:
MwUmM Uetdamaa
IS. Weberg. K. Karl.
!'. Mt.een. W. .fobs of
K. Culbertaoa, ' rremoat,
J. Brown, ' J. rloutharlasd of
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Shubert enter
tained at a valentine party at their
home Wednesday evening. The eve
ning was spent io playing cards and
games, Mra. C J. rernandes winning
the prise, those present were:
Measra. and llieaaasas
B. B. Anderson, M. B. Hollttigawartb. af
J. Fernandas. - Council Hla&e, la.
Otis Ketchnsji.
Mra. J. A. Baattv. air. T. Thorns.
A surprise party was given for lira.
F. E. Boyce Thursday afternoon at
her home in Council Bluffs. Those
present were:
J, R. Klser,
O. B. Kins.
' Mark Mohler.
.1. B. Robinson.
. W. Waldo.
J. S. ShaADoa,
J, W. Sbaa
U CaMtar.
Blaarba Lamanc
W. airtart.
Goatts of Visitors. .
Miss Nan Murphy it visiting in
Sioux Citv for two or three weeks.
Mr. and Mrt. Clarke Coit expect
Mr. Coit't mother to arrive today for
an indefinite stay with them at the
Mrs. Camobell Fair, who has been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Reed and
Mr. and .Mrs. E. P. Peck, left Wed
nesday for Fort Podge, It., to .visit
her son, Campbell.
Mrs. William Fitzgerald and little
son, who have been visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Byrne, leave
Monday for their home in troy,
X. Y.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Doorly of
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Players' Club Members at Rehearsal for "The Amazons"
Society folk are looking forward
with interest to the presentation
Tuesday evening of Sir Arthur Wing
Pinero's "The Amazons" by local
amateurs, members of the old Play
ers' club and others. The perform
ance it for the benefit of the Ameri
can Ambulance in Paris, which is an
added reason for the large seat sale:
The play tells the amusing experi
ences of the three "Amazons," who
were brought up as boys, taught to
hunt, shoot, ride and indulge in all
the sports that men enjoy and di
vulges what happened when they
met the three men of their choice.
Box parties for this event will be
given by Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Kountze,
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Reed, Mr. and
Mrs. A. C. Smith, Mrs. ,T. L. Kim
ball and Mrt Victor Caldwell, among
others. Large line parties will also
be entertained. i ,
The cast includes:" ' ' '
ldr najrttojordan MIm Jar ttlsflna
Uadr Noalln ftalturbet Miss Aaaa Burto
Lady Wllhelmlna H-l'orbt
...Mra. Miriam Haltaraoa Bovac
Lady Ttaonaain Belturbat., t... i
Mm. Harry rjoorly
Oareaaiit dhutar. . . . Mlaa Araballa Klmkall
lrd Uttanr ,..a Morakallaa
Lord Twsanwaya . . . . . , ..Ilebart Blout
Monataur Ia Orlvat. Oanrva Melntrra
Bv. Roaar Mlnehla. ; . Roaa B. Towlo
Touatl (Mtlarl !, ...Bab.rt Oanaall
Hltton (aaaiaaaav. ,.Pvl Conlay
Oris (pdmettmr.,. .'. Ray Lowa
England arrived Sunday evening and
are guests of hit brother, Harry
Doorly, and Mrt. Doorly. Mr. John
Doorly it a Christian Science lec
turer and it returning from a lecture
four of the wett.
Mrs. F. A. Heller leaves today for
her home in Chicago after an ex
tended visit with Mrs. Fred Wallace.
Co-eds Meet to Sew. - 1
The Utopian society of the Univer
sity of Omaha was entertained Sat
urday afternoon at the home of Miss
Mamie Kiuian. Moat ot tne time
was spent in doing fancy tewing,
after which a light luncheon was
served. Those present were:
Maria Cnjnar,
Makla Nantt.
Jaanatla Boyd,
Lulu Mlllan
Olea Joraoaaon.
Iwills Kly.
LllllaA Hendervon,
Olsa Andenwa.
Lllllaa Aadaraas,
Bathar Kakpb,
Clan Llndtar,
Peraonal Mention. ;
Mr. C C. Belden. who is on his way
home from New York, will spend to
day in Indianapolis and will hear Dr.
frank Loveuna preacn. Lr. Love-
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aW t W M t SSSaSBWtaBOBS LB. .Ill
In the upper group ia shown the company of the Players' club
that will present "The Amazon." Standing Miss Arabell
Kimball, Robert Stout, George Mclntyre, John Railey, Ross
Towle, Paul Cooley, Robert Connell, Miss Lillian Fitch, direc
tor. Seated Miss Anna Bourke, Miss Joy Higgins, Miriam
Patterson Boyce and Mrs. Henry Doorly. In the smaller
group is shown one of the interesting scenes from the play,
the actors being Miriam Patterson Boyce, Miss Anna Bourke
and Mrs. Henry Doorly.
land was formerly the pastor of the
First Methodist church in this city.
Mile. Marie Andre of Brownell Hall
received news last Sunday of the
death in France of her mother.
Madame Andre baa been In failing
health for some months and Mile.
Andre had planned to go abroad to
see her this summer if possible.
Mrs. W. A Fraser, who was oper
ated on Friday afternoon at the Clark
son hospital, is resting comfortably.
She will not return to her home for
three weeks.
Dr. and Mrs. Roy A. Dodge and
daughter, Mist Violet, and Miss Le
nore Williams have returned from
I'lattsmouth, Neb., where they at
tended the anniversary dancing party.
Mrs. Worcester Woodward - of
Lewis, la., is the gaett of her niece,
Mrs. Clara Crum.
Omaha women who assisted at the
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Be Sure To Come Up
reception given Thursday evening by
Governor and Mrs. Neville at the
governor's mansion were: Mrs. Jens
Keilson and the Misses Katherine
Newbranch, Sybil Gantt and Myrtle
J. H. Millard it recovering from
the fall he sustained two weeks ago
and ia able to be about the house, but
is not yet at his office
Mrs. W. G. Templeton was called
to Mason City by the serious ill-
Burgess-Nash Company.
"numoorU stor"
(50.00 IN PRIZES
For Boys Who Build the
Best Bird Houses
A Novel Burges-Nah Contest in Which
Every Boy Will Be Interested
cozy little house for these little friends to live in?
Eight Chances to Win Prizes
Full Particulars About Prizes at Sporting Goods ,
Department, Fourth Floor
' ' Make your plant now to enter this contest, fill out the coupon;,
mail it to us or deliver in person at the Sporting Good: Department.
Houses may be built of wood, bark, brick, concrete or small tree
limbs, old lumber and varion other articles. Even if you don't win
s prise we will help sell your bird house for you. . ,,
Judges fully competent will make the swards.
The contest will begin Saturday,' March 10th, and will close
Saturday, March 17th. Houses entered in the contest will be ex
hibited on Fourth Floor, where boys may see their own and other
entries. .
Fill in coupon mail or bring in person to Sporting
Goods Department
Burgess-Nash Company
Bird House Contest
' Please enter my name aa s participant in the Burgess-Nash
Bird Bouse Contest. .
Name ..... ..... i
- Address.
ncss of her sister, Mrs. Alex Tipton.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Beard left
yesterday for an extended eastern and
"southern trip.' .... ,.
Mr. W. D. Bancker of Indianapolis
was recently called to Brooklyn by
the death of his mother.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Berryman moved
from the Hamilton to the Colonial
Mrs. Edward Lang has returned
from a sojourn of several months at
her old home in Savannah, Ga.
Miss Cececilia Stasch gave a sur
prise party Thursday evening for Mr.
rj vi Wonl! Sticks and for Miss
Anna Schlegal, whois leaving the city.
The evening "was spent in playing
games and Gancing.
rtatex for Dancing Party.
rt. I Mar rlnh Dre-Lenten
dance to be given at Keep s Dancing
academy Tuesday evening will be
a patriotic dance. The hall will be
beautifully decorated with American
flags. The club will give no more
dances until March 17.
The Cinosam Dancing club will
give a George Washington dance at
Scottish Rite cathedral Thursday
,; The hall will be decorated
especially for the occasion. Patriotic
...Tn i. r, 1,l Kv a aelerted
songs win uc ub "j
choir. George Washington refresh
ments will be served.
The Friday Night Dancing club will
give its usual dancing party this week.
Betrothal Armooncement.
Mr. and Mrt. Harry Daon of North
Platte Saturday announced the en
gagement of their daughter, Harri
ette Beecher, to Dr. Frank M. Con
lin of this city. The wedding will
take place early in ApriL
The University Mixers' club will
give an informal dancing party at
the Blackstone Tuesday evening.
The patrons and patronesses for the
affair will be Dr. and Mrt. A. L. Barr.
Dr. and Mrt. E. H. Breenmg and
Prof, and Mra. J. E. O'Brien.
HERE'S an excellent chance
for boys to Bhow their
talents along manual training
lines an opportunity to make
some spending money m a con
test full of lively interest and
keen competition.
There's more in this contest,
it has a humane aspect in that
many little homes will be made
for the little feathered friends
who will gladden our summer
with their songs, and what boy
wnnlri not ha nrond to build a
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dansky announce
the engagement of their daughter,
Pauline, t Mr. Israel Krasne of Oak
land, Neb. The wedding will take
place in the spring.
Wedding Announcements.
Miss Lucy K. Dodson of Wake
field, Kan., and Mr. Lynn Smith of
Reverton, la., were married Wednes
day by the Rev. T. J. Mackay of All
Saints' church. Mrs. Etta Tucker and
Miss Kate Schaefer of Omaha wit
nessed the ceremony.
Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock at
the Central United Presbyterian
church will take place the marriage
of Miss Jennie Ma Hislop, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hislop. to Mr.
James Carlisle Kimble, son of Judge
Sam Kimble of Manhattan. Kan. The
young couple will leave immediately
after the ceremony for Chinook,
Kan., where they will make their
Social Events in Prospect.
The Prettiest Mile club will play
golf Tuesday morning at Clark's in
door golf course, and from there will
go to the Blackstone for luncheon.
Evety two weeks the women of the
club plan to hold these luncheons un
til their new club house is com
pleted. The Rotary club will entertain at
a dinner-dance at the Fontenelle
Tuesday evening. February 27, in
celebration of the twelfth anniversary
of the club. Wives, sisters and friends
of the members will be honor
Mrs. Roger Homan will entertain
the J. F. W. club at luncheon at the
Blackstone Monday. Covers will be
laid for twenty-two.
Kiaor-Morrison Nuptials.
The marriage of Miss Grace Louise
Morrison, daughter of Mrs. J. E. Mor
rison, to Mr. Orville C. Kisor, son of
Mr. Joseph Kisor of Frankfort, Mo.,
took place Saturday evening at 8
o'clock in the apartment in Drake
Court, where the young people expect
to go to housekeeping immediately.
The Rev. C. E. Cobbey of the First
Christian church performed the cere
money. Only the relatives and intimate
friends of the young people were pres
ent Mra. E. R. Smith and Miss Mary
Louise Smith of Lincoln came for
the wedding. Pink roses were used
as decorations throughout the rooms.
A wedding supper followed the serv
ice. The bride wore a gown of Delft
blue taffeta with a corsage bouquet
of frezia, lilies and yellow roses.
For Visiting Girls.
Mrs. Clay H. Thomas entertained
at bridge at her home Saturday after
noon in honor of her week-end guests,
the Misses Florinda and Lenora
Young of Macedonia. Ia. Two Lin
coln girls who are the guests of Mrs.
C. L. Lewis, Misses Daphne Stickle
and Josephine Lane, were also mem
bers ot the party, i lie otner guesrs
included :
Meedamee MeadamM
namill Beldec. Anan Raymond,
R. B. Pnrla. Morris Dunham,
Ckeater Walla. Honjamln Harmon,
Paul Wadaworth Goorre Pratt,
ot Council Bluffs, C. L. Lowta.
W, H. Thomaa,
Benefit for Wsr Relief.
Most promising is the outlook for
the success of the large card party
for the Jewish war relief fund, which
local Jewish women are sponsoring,
at the Blackstone Wednesday, Feb
ruary 28. Already twenty beautiful
prizes have been donated and the
ticket sale has assumed great pro
portions. Tickets may be secured
Men and Women
Who are accustomed to things of
excellence, whose judgement is
soundest, invariably surround them
selves with settings which appeal to
their comfort and happiness.
Physical and mental comfort and
that complete satisfaction which one
has in the stopping at a hotel of un
questioned prestige are embodied in
the FONTENELLE and if s service.
In appointments and finish the
FONTENELLE attains the ultimate
Peraonal Supervision ot a
Widely Experienced Management
enjoyed by Omahans and visitors
alike for its
Rates, $1.50 and up
; Management JOHN F. LETTON .
The moat talked of and best thought of hotel
between Chicago and San Francisco
Omaha's Greatest Hotel Enterprise
from any member of the executive
committee, which includes Mrs.
Charles S. Elgutter, as chairman:
Mrs. Nathan Mantel, secretary, and
Mrs. Morns Levy, treasurer. Other
women serving on the committee are:
Maadamaa-r Maadanwa
Simon Mayor, - - H. Unvoraaat, -Harry
A. Wolf. PhlUp Shar,
Frederick CokQ. Cora Wolf.
Victor Roaewawr. Arthur Roaanbhlm.
Honry Hlller, . Fred Hadra,
8am Frank, Honry RoasnthaJ,
Harry Willnaky, Lonkj Somroar, j
Jacob Sloaborg. Jr., Max Bnrkanradd, (
R. Knlakofaky, Morria Carta.
B. A. Simon. William Harrki.
William Holzman.
MUaoa M)aM
Hedwls Roaanatoek, Erca Hadrm.
With the Social Clubs.
The Bluebird Social club met
Thursday evening at the home of
Miss Mary Barry. The next meeting
will be held the first of March at the
home of Miss Doris Boardman. The
members present were:
Mlam Mlaaaa
Edith Tllloo. Bdllh Work.
Frances ZtanMSll, Dorla, Boartfman,
Margaret Barrr, Rath Aelheimer,
Pearl MattaoD. Mary Barry.
Mrs. L. H. Oldfield entertained at
a valentine party Wednesday for the
W. W. club. The table decorations
and ptace favors were suggestive of
valentine day. Lovers were lain ior.
J. Jacob Ueaa,
P. Marlla.
J. K McCombe,
P. Brubaker,
Oeorse Swoboda,
B. F. Dlffonbachar,
W. 8. Hampton,
H. r. Shearer,
N. Martin.
W, C. Prloa.
I H. o aneia, .
Mrs. Watson Townsend entertained
her Neighborhood Bridge clnb at her
home Thursday. In two weeks the
club will meet with Mrs. McAdams.
Y. W. Girls Get Option
For. a Recreation Park
The Athletic club of the Young
Women's Christian association has
purchased an option on the South Side
Country club and some adjoining
land, which they are planning to con
vert into a recreation park and sum
mer camp. The camp will not be
limited to the use of the Athletic
I'.ub, but will be designed to meet
the needs of girls who must spend
their vacations in Omaha and those
interested in out-of-door recreation.
Brodegaard Stores Sue
Three Men for Diamonds
The Brodegaard jewelry stores are
suing H. J. Abrahams, Harry Willm-
-I XtrA P.rnrlro'sarri for 7.000.
said to represent the value of eighteen
diamond amounting io iwcnijmn
karats, which, the plaintiff alleges,
the three mer. took possession of and
rnnv.rtr4 to their own use on or
about August 1, 1914. -
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teiimeu: revolting at nanaeating dmae,
afraid, of violent exercise, dreading the un
welcome tnd unsatisfying diet, nntil the.
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ing their ideal of figure, with a smoother
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ously harmless formula aa the Marmola
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satisfactory, beneficial effects of this great,
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7Se for a generous sixed ease, or sending a
like amount to the Harmola Co 8S4 Wood
ward Ave.. Detroit. Mich., with reqnest
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Prescription IBOieia. nnrtruBcmtiiu
John F. Letton
BROS. 0.