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16 A
Some Cattle' Steady and Some
Lower for Week Sheep
Sell Higher;" '
. Omaha, (tbrarr
Official Worlds 7 T.lll
11. Ml
Official Tuaada...,
It bIS
Official Wadneadar .
Official Thuraday .
Official Friday ...
KaUmaU Haturday ,
riimn ,ijwt.,.n. ""llaltei 17.0011.16.
name flare laat week .."."J l(.R,p,,, l.oon head: market hlkh-
Nam. du. 1 wka. aco. 11,674 72.J 1 ""'!; pi,. of iroail.: heavy. 112.36
hum daya I wka. aao.Sl.4Sl 100.400 61.6M , ... .,, ..d" butch.,,. Ill.ioe
Sam day 4 wkn.
Sim days last year
Rrtpta and dinpenltlon of IIva stock at
thfl Union Slock Yards, Omaha, for twenty
four houra ending' at o'clock p. m,
terday: ,
Cattle. Hofra.Sbeep.lI ri.
C, M. A Ft. V.
union I'arlflo ...a..
C. S. W east... 1
C. IS. W.. w?at
c. st. r., M. AO.. 1
C B. A Q., eaata...
C, B. A Q., weal 3
(!., R. I. A P.. eaat 1
C. R. I. A P., west. .
llilnoli Central .....
Chi. Qt. Weil........
; ,
Tout rttetpU .... S 143
Morris A Co
Swift A Co
Cudahy Packing Co
Armour A Co ,,.
Schwarti A Co
J. W. Murphy
.. 1.3X9
. . 1..HH
. . 2.?S6
.. MM
.. 275
.. M67
..10.4 27
Cattle Receipt wore limited to five cam,
which waa not enough to make a market. 2
-ine reeling, nowever, waa steady, ror me
week recetpta amounted to tiuad,
tig the .argent vlnra two weckM a no, and
larger than a year ago by. 4.500 head.
Th market on good cattle haa bean In
very sattafuctory ahape throughout the
week and at the oloae the beat ifradim are
about ateady with a week ago. Other kind
have raotged all the way from -weak to an
mui-h aa l93ic lower on torn at t ha leut
deairabl kinds. t '
Cowa and heifers have been gradually
working lower and are now around HQZbc
lower than last week's eloso. '
Blockers and feeders have been 1a fair
request and ss the supply has been mod
erate the trade has been In a good, healthy
condition, prices at the close of 'the week
being about as high as they have been
most any time of late.
Quotations on cattle: Good "to choice
beeves. 1 10.40 1 1. J&; ftttr to good beeves,
.7tOlA-40; common to fair beeves, 11.1649
f. TS; good to choice, h I Cera. . 26;
good to choice cows, $7.fc04.o; fair to
good oows, .607,KI; common "to fair
rows, fl.lb9f.60; prime feeding steers, If, 26
10.M: good to choice feeders, J649.2&;
fair to good feeders. 17.1091.76; common to
fair feeders, I8.6097.S0; good to choice
stockers, 7.76fr8.60; stork heifers, $7,009
g. 6; stock cowa, (6,0097.76; stock calves,
17. 0091.00; veal calves, .00y 11.C0; beef
bulls, stags, etc, (7.609-60; bologna bulla,
ft. 00 9 7.00.
Hogs The week closes with tha smallest
run of hogs that has been bera since a
week ago Monday, arrivals today counting
O'Jt 146 cars, or eomewbere In the neighbor
hood of 10,000 head. The six days' total of
01.84f head Is 20,004) short of the record
breaker laat week, but Is more than 80.000
heavier than two weeks ago, and shows a
gain of over 8,000 as compared with the
corresponding week last year.
laarly wires from most points were of a
bullish nature, and with local supplies com
paratively moderate and shipping compe
tition fsirly keen, killer bogs started sell-,
tng In good seeaon at figures that looked
generally 6o higher than yesterday. Some
sellers refused to call pricea more than
steady to etrong In spots, and it may be
that packers bought some of the lights at
.out the same prices aa ehlppers paid yea
Mrday for similar kinds, but compared with
yesterday's killer trade, bulk of the sales
.ho wed a full nickel upturn.
On tho extreme Moss the early advance
was all tost. On of the packers failed to
buy many hogs and other buyers ytok, ad
vantage of this to cheapen up their own
droves, most of the hogs that came on the
last train as welt as odd loasla of just fair
stuff left from esrly soiling at prices that
vM no more than steady with yesterday,
and In some cases looked. If anything, a lit
tie easier. Most sellers fought the reductions
for a while, as other points reported no
. weakness lata, but In the end everything
was cleaned up, salesmen preferring to make
concesalotis to carrying hogs over until
Bulk of th-i offerings moved at f 11.009
1136 and several loada sold aa high aa
111.30, equaling tha racord inasU earlier In
the week.
Representative sales:
No. Av. Sh. Pr. No. Av. Bh.
11 00
12 00
43 10
12 21
84. .174 440 11 76 88. .187 ...
10 11 16
... 11 06
76, .178 ...
il.ata ...
Of. .147 ...
2. 204
01.. 301
$0 12 10
40 11 05
SheepThe run of sheep and lambs bad
heen by quite ft margin the largest In sev
eral weeks, so white rioting lamb prices
are not much more than steady with a week
ago. the trade could in no wise be consid
ered unsatisfactory. There was a steady
sdvancs the first half of the week, bulk
of the good handy weight fed westerns
selling Wednesday at fi4.36tfl4.16, which
' was around 36c above last week's close,
- while best Mexicans reached ft4.70, the high
day. Thursday's combination of adverse
i-lrcutnatancee amounted to almost a third
of the week's total, and even this might
not have broken the market so badly hsd
packers been able to get refrlgerstor cars.
"Itul as It was, with their coolers filled with
dressed mutton and no cars In sight, values
" broke sharply. A few lambs sold on the
open Inn g 10c lower, but later business was
inoaUy at pricea that wer 16c to on th
tiose a quarter lower, and even then the
supply was not cleared. Friday there waa
an additional 16c decline, leaving the mar
ket 16 9 40c under the htgh time, or Just
about where It was a week ago, Beat lambs
, might be a little better than laat Friday,
but on the other hand weighty kinds, which
broks worst, are hardly aa good as a week
ago. Friday most of the medium weight
weaterps sold around 114.00, with some on
the extreme close at 114.20, and light Mexi
cans at 114.36914.16. Heavy lambs were
sll selling "under tha bill," ranging down
ward from 113.00,
Quotations on sheep and lambs: Lambs,
light and handy, fl 4.00014.36; lamba, heary.
118.36911.00; lambs, clipped, fit. 60912-60;
lambs, feeders, flS.00914.16; yearlings,
ood to choice, $13.76 911.60; yearlings, fair
to good, f 10.60 911. T6: ewes, good to choice,
110.76911.26; ewes, fair to good, fl.609
10.76; ewes, plain to culls, $1.0091.00.
( atUa Art Weak, Hogs Una, Sheep
Chicago, Feb, 17, Cattle Receipts. 800
htad ; market weak ; native beef eat tie,
17.85912.00; Blockers and feeders, f8.269
1.20; rows and. heifers, f6.2091O.4O; calves,
.r f 1.769 14.00.
Hogs Receipts, 11,000 head; market firm.
6c to 10c above yesterday's average; bulk
or sales, 912.20 911.40; light, tu.s6912.26;
mixed, 112.06012.60 heavy. II 1.00 0 12.60;
' cough, fll.00 0 12.16; pigs, 10.40010.76,
Hheop and .Lambs Receipts, 700 head;
market steady; wethers, f ll.e9H.OO; ewes,
IO.6O0U.I6; lambs, fll.40914.76.
etV Lama Uva Stack Market.
St Louis, Feb. 17. Cattle Receipts, 600
7 Per Cent Cumulative Preferred Stock. , -
Shares $100 each fully paid and non-assessable.
100 per cent bonus in common stock.
Security is improved real estate increasing in
value each year. ' x . "
hmu!: market atrady; natrra bf afaara,
l7.b09U.7S; ycarllnc altera and belfera.
t.-&O01MlO; cowa, 6.B0(0.60: atockera and
feedera. I6.sntf8.60; prima eoutham beef
ateera, fft.00011.00; beef cowa and h.lfera,
14.2600.00; prima yearltnr ateera and belf
era, 7.tojlo,00; native calves, MOO
Hoe Receipt. 6.000 bead; market
tssdy; Hems, 112.26 11.44; plia. 000
11. 00; mlled and butchers, S1M10 12 a;
rood heavy, 112.(0012.66; bulk of aalea,
I12.264eil.60. .
Sheep and Lambs Becelpta. 260 hea4;
market eteadr: lamba, lll.764H4.16; atrea,
.00011.60; yearllna, II 1 SO J 1 1.(0.
City Uva Stock Market.
Kanaaa City, Feb. 17. Came Receipts.
100 head: market ateady; prime fed eteere,
tll.16011.86; dreaard beef steer., 19.000
11.00; weatern ateera. Is. 004 1 1.40: cowa,
S6.60At.60: helfere. I7.600 1 1.00 : storker
and faedara, 14. 76010.76; bulla, 14.60trS.00,
Sheep and Idimbs- Receipts, none; market
ptarlyi Umbo, $13.00 14.76; yearlinga,
I12.6O013.K6; wethers, $11.00012.00; ewes,
fltf.7..911. 66.
Sioux City Live Stock Market.
Sioux City. Feb. 17. Cattle Receipts. 10
hmd; market steady; beef steers, f)0.004
11.2&: butchera. fl. 00010.00; fat cowa and
botfers, f. 1,098. 60; canners. $4.6008.00;
stocknrs and feeders, $0.6009.26; calvea,
$R. 6000. 60; bull", stags, . etc.. $6.60 08.60;
feeding cows and heifers, $fi.00ft,00.
Hogs Receipts, 1,100 head; market 10t
26c higher; light, $11.60011.76;, mixed,
SI 1.80012.10; heavy, $12.1001 2.25; pigs,
fS.60010.26; bulkof sales, til. 76012. 10.
Sheep and Lam be Receipts, 800 head;
market ateady; fed muttons, f9. 600 12. 60;
wethers. flO.2f.01t.36; ewes, fO.76010.86;
Ismbs, $11.36914.16.
St. Joseph live Stock Market.
St. Joseph; Mo., Feb. 17.-Cattle Receipts,
100 heed; market steady; steers, $8,000
11.60; cows and heifers, f6.6O01O.26; calves,
17.00011. 60.
Hogs Receipts, 2,600 head; market 60
100 higher; top, fl2.49; bulk of sales, $12.00
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 100 head;
market steady; lambs, f I3.?69l4.t; ewes,
$ll.OO01l.tO. -
. . Mve Stock la Sight. ,
Receipts of live stock at the five principal
wen tern, maraeui yeniray;
7 . Cattle.
Omaha 126-
Kansas City 300
fioux OttK. ........... 0
St. I .outs 600
Chicago 100-
. 200
Total.. v.
-.1,126 34.100
Poultry Ltve: Broilers, II. to I lbs..
16c; S to 1 lbs., lc; bens, lTn; springs,
llo; stags under t lbs.. 14o; old roosters,
Uu, gene, loot ducks, 14a; turkeys, over
I lbs.. lOo; less than t lbs. half prloe; ca
pons, jver S lba tie; I lbs., and under, 20c;
guinea , 16c
, Bnttw Cholos creamery. 40c.
Eggs Fresh, No. 1, caae, f 12.00; No. S
tresb. 17.00; crax, case, 17.60.
Cheese quotations by Urlau A Co. J
Cheese Extrs fancy domestic Swiss, 42o:
muck Hwtss, llo; twin cheese, 26c: triplets,
ima a- JlIbIm. 16Uc: vouns America. 27o:
blue label brtcU, 24o: Hmbu.Ker, lie; NW
York white, 37a; Koquerort, ObC
Wholesale Prices of Beef Cut Ribs. No
1. 11ao: No. 8. 10c: No. 1. 134c: loins. No.
1, imn; No 1. 24c; No. 1. lftfeo; chucks.
i4o. 1, 14: No .3. 13o; NO. 1, izc: round.
No. J.Hc: No. 2. letto: No. I, 16c; No. 1
plates, ISW-e; No. 1, llfco; No. 1, 14 o.
Mammoth celery, per dusen, 96c,
Frosen Fish Halibut, lbo lb.; salmon,
falls, 14o Jb.; Salmon Oliver, 18c lb.; crop
pries, to lb.; trout, 17c lb.: catflnh, large.
17c lb.; Alaska eableftsh, lOo lb.; smelts, 17c
lb.: whiting, skienfd. UVhc lb: round.
lb.; pike, yellow, dressed, 16c lb.; round, 13c
lb.; pickerel, dressed, llu lb,; round, tc
lb.; tils fish, for stesks, 11c lb.; herring,
round, 74c lb.; herrti g, pan froxen, dressed,
Hc; wblteflsh, dressed medium, 16c lb.;
dressed large, 10c lb.; dressed tjumbo, 26c
lb.; round, small, lie lb.
Fresh Fish Catfish, 18c lb. : halibut, 20c
lb,; baracuda, 17c lb.; Spanish mackerel, 10c
lb.; rock cod, 14c lb.; black bass, large. 20c
lb.; order else, 25c lb.; sinsil, ISo lb.; red
snapper, 17o lb.; flounders, -12c lb,; codfish,
eastern, 16o lb.; bluefleh, edlum, 16o lb.
Smoked, Halt and Spiced Fish Smoked
white chubs. 14c Mb.; kippered salmon, 18c
lb.; finnan ttaddle, "17c lb.; t'oilflsh, old
fsshtoned Ocorgcm lc lb. : Puritan cod.
12o lb,: pollock, large, Ib KKKK
herring, 10c tb.; bloaters, $1 7101.00 box;
kippered cod. 30c box; whlteflsh, 140 lb.;
Holland herring, spiced, HsO lb. -
nvrntmpmKlnr- Galm ar them standards.
$1.80 gal.; selects, $2.0u !.. counts, $2. al
gal.; Cheaapeaxo stanoaras,- 11. so gai,; ss
lects, gal. '
s'ruiis sua vegetnble quotations furoisbsd
tiy Ollinskl Krult company:
Fruits Oranges: tt0s. 281a. 134s, SS.76;
llta. $300; all other alias, $1.11. Lemons'
rancy. i- . 300s. 8I.V9. cooice Jtoa, ati.
I ..60. Jrspstrult: 16s, $4.76: 4n. $4.00;
44s. $0. 0s, 84.. 0. nrspes! Malaras.
owing to quality, -7.00, tT.60, lt.00 keg.
Applies: Arkansas BIscka, choice, $1.60;
Arki Blacks, fancy, tl.00; A r kanaaa
Blacks, extra fancy, $8.64; W, W. par
malnos, fancy. $2.0j W. W. Pearmalnes.
extra fancy, ii.lh; Oanoa, extra .ncy, $1.76;
Oonoa. fancy,; Roiug Beauties, $1.76;
ork Imperials, bble.. $6.U. Cranberries
Pbls., 110.00; boxes, tt.60. Bananas, 4fco lb.
Vegetables Ce Is ry, Csllfornla, $1.00; tur
nips, beats, carrots, parsnips, bagoes, 4o:
cabbage, tc; caultfitwsr, crate, , $8.60;
cucumbers, doa., $3.31; toamtoes, orate,
$ .60; 00 ions, lb.. So; onions, Spanish, $3.00:
nweets puds, hampered, $2.60; potatoes, S3. 60
Miscellaneous Horsy, $3.60 case. Cider
Molts. $4.33.
Coffee Market.
New York, Feb. 17. The market for cof
fee futures Hhowed a further Improvement
todsy. Indications of larger clearances
from Santos to Kurope, small primary re
ceipts, and the recent absence of selling
pressura from Brail Uatt shippers. In spite
nf comparatively full slocks, appeared to be
bringing In little fresh buying from out
side sources. There was also a little de
mand from trade and after opening; un
changed to 1 points higher active months
sold about 4 to 13 points above last night's
closing figures. Further liquidation of
March in the way of switching to later
months appeared to bo readily absorbed
and that delivery rallied front 1.20c to 1.26c.
while May sold up from 8.86c to 8.45c snd
December from 8.66c to 8.67c The close
waa t to 7 points net higher. Sales, 61,000
bags. February, 8.31c: March, 1.34c; April,
8.33c; May, t.31o; June, 8.46c: July, 8.6O0;
August, 8.64c: September, 1.87c; October,
1.42c; November, 1,47c; December, 8.71c;
January, 8.18c.
. Spot coffee was reported In moderate 'de
mand at 10c fnr Rio 7s and 10 for
Santos 4a. Offers of Santos 4a were re
ported In the cost and freight market at
10c to, London credits, and of Rip
Ts at t.t&o to t.60c, London credits.
Freights were said to be easier, with
several steamers now In Santos offering
room, while Insurance rates were also re
ported easier. The official rabies reported
no change In Bra at Man markets except for
au advance or s relit in Santos futures.
Metal Market.
New1 York. Feb, IT. Metals The copper
market has shown Increasing firmness dur
ing the last week. Buyers for spot and
nearby deliveries have found It very diffi
cult to aecura supplies and quotation
ranging up to f37,00 and even $37.60 have
been mentioned In connection with smalt
lota on spot. Offerings tor th second quar
ter have also become sesreer, with quota
tions of $38.00 to $36.00 mora or less nom
inal, while leading agencies today quoted
$22.04 for July and $31.00 to $33.00 for th
third quarter. Iron was unchanged.
Good Cash Demand Forces
Wheat Prices Up Corn and
Oats Axe Unaffected.
Omaha, February 17, HIT.
A goo4 cash demand for wheat forced a
small gain in the pride of this cereal and
while the demand for corn and oats was
equally as good as for wheat, these cereals
ruled In price from steady to 4fce lower.
Today's receipts were only fair and most
of '.he sanrples were disposed of before the
closing hours of the market.
Wheat bricee ruled around tl.
on No. 1 harrt. to $1.77 and fl.78 on fin. $
naru, wruie tne no, narc, was a
slow seller, brought around $1.73.
The trade In corn was excellent and white
corn, which was especially la demand, sold
at a rather wide ran re over both the yellow
and mixed, although yellow com commanded
a small premium over the mixed graae. rno
better grades of white corn sold at tic, the
top of th market, while the high marks
on yellow corn was S&lae and 16c on. the
mixpd. ,
Oats, -while they re In fairly, good de
mand, did not sell quite so readily as wheat
and corn and prices ruled from steady to
r, lowr.
Rye and barley were fairly active, rye
advancing lc and barley being quoted
Clearances were; Wheat and floor equal
to 318,000 bu.; corn, 141,000 bu.; oats, 123,-
000 bu.
Primary wheat receipts were 863,000 bu.
and shipments 179,000 bu., against receipts
of 1,407.000 bu, and shipments of 717,000 bu.
last year.
Primary com receipts were 828,000 bu.
and shipments 818,000 bu., against receipts
of 1,808,000 bu, and shipments of 718,000 bu.
last year.
Primary oats receipts were 801,000 bu.
and shipments 460.000 bu., agalnM receipts
of 120,000 ou. and shipments of f76,VO0 bu.
last year.
Wheat. Com. Oat.
rhlcsgo 63 168 06
Minneapolis .221
Omaha 40 -87 32
St. Louis 73 102 26
Winnipeg 266
These sales were reported today:
Wheat No. 1 hard winter: '1 car, $1.80
No. 2 bard winter: ' t ears, $1.80; 3 cars,
$1.7H- No. 1 hard winter: 1 car. fl.78:
8 cars, fl.73; 2 cars, $1.77. No. 4 hard
winter: 1 car. $1.72; 1 car (smutty), $1.1.
Sample hard wlntsr: 1-6 car, $1.74; 1 car
(smutty Montana), fl.tO. No. 4 spring: 1
ear $1.74.
Rye No. I: 1 ear, $1.1$. Sample: 1-$
car, $l..
Barlsy No. 1 feed: 1 ear, $L01; re
jected: 1 oar, $1.0044. Sample: 1 car, ttc.
Com No, 2 white: 1 car, ttc No. $
white: 4 cars, to. No. S yellow: 1 cars,
06e. No. 1 yellow: 3 cars, t6c; 11 cars,
ttc. No: 4 yel low : 1 cars, 1 60 ; 1 car,
t44ic. No, 1 mixed: 2 cars, t6c. No. 1
mixed: cars, t4c; 22 cars, 140. No.
4 mixed: 1 car (shipper's weights), 14 c;
1 cars, t44o. No. 6 mixed; 1 car, Mfcc;
1 car, t4c.
Oats No. $ white: 4 cars, 6Bc. No.
4 white: 1 car, 654c; 1 car, $6c Sam
ple white: 1 car, 64c,
Omaha Cash Prices Wheat: No. 2 hard.
$1.7901.20: No. 2 hard, $1.7ftt0t.7t; No.
4 hard, $1.7001.72; No. 2 spring. $1,760
I. 12; No. 1 spring, 31.7301.80; No. 1 durum,
II. 7301.74; No. 1 durum, fl. 7191-74, Corn:
No. 1 white, 069!6c; No. 1 white, S6V60
08c; No. 4 white, t69S6c; No. 6 wbtte,
tt60S6c; No. t whits, t40!6c; No. 3
yellow. 160t6Uc; No, 1 yellew, 04 0160;
No. 4 yellow, t4tt06c; No. 6 yellow, 14H0
04$io; No. 8 yellow, 1404ttc; No. 2 mixed.
140t6c; No. 3 mixed, f4tt0t4n; No. 4
mixed, t4tt0t4c; No. I mixed, !204c.
Oats; No., 3 white, 6606c; standard,
6uH066r: No. 1 white, 664066c; No.
4 white, 66056SC Barley: MalUog, $1,120
I. 20; No. 1 feed, f8c0$1.1t. Rye: No. 3,
II. J701.3l; No. $, $1.8701.31.
Omaha Futures.
The wheat market closed higher today,
mainly as the result of profit taking by
shorts, the sentiment generally being in
clined to the bear side. Shipping facilities
are somewhat ImproVecf and traders sre
inclined to look for lower prices with any
loosening up of the oar situation.
The Argentine corn situation also shows
considerable Improvement, although thi
northern reports from tha country are still
Oats were quiet with lower closing prices
on the May article and unchanged on July.
Local range of options: .
Art- 'Ipso I High Utwj Qlost. I tvsT
vt'ht 1 I .
May 1 1 71HI 1 7211 711 1 73K m
July' 1 41 1 46 141 1 46 14X
Sept. I 131 1 31;i31 . 1 33131W
, My I 07l 971 IT I tT 17
July I 9t 1 161 tf I 9ttfl tt
mi - " 1
May I 661 ' 66 tBVfcl M Bf.
July I MVi! 6H4 61Vj 6141 61 H
Chicago closing prices, furnished The Bee
by Logan A Bryan, stock and grain brokers,
316 South Sixteenth street, Omaha:
Art. I OpenTl"it.rgh. fLow. Closs. " f 'Ycsl
Wht. I "1 1 "
May 1 78 1 71 172 1 78 173
July 1 4"U 1 49 147 1 41 141
Sp. 1 37 1 11 137 1 31 137
May 1 01 I 01 100 1 01 101
July 19 tt It j 99 99
Oats. r
May 6 It $ 44 M
July 64 - 64 'U 64 64
May Tl tK 20 17 21 16 20 16 19 16
July It $6 21 42 21 16 60 21 10
May It 71 If IS 14 72 If 15 14 70
July II 10 If 9i 1 If 17 If 16 If 42
May 1$ tO IB ft IS 90 16 86 It 76
July 16 90 16 93l6 76 16 g 14 8G
Crop Damage Reports From West Tend
To Raise Wheat Yalaea.
Chicago, Feb. 17. Crop damage reports
from the southwest and west tended today
to lift wheat prices. Continued dry weather
was given as the chief causa of Injury. The
fact that soma Improvement wa noted
In the number of railway cars available
for shippers here counted also as a bullish
factor. Opening quotations which ranged
from c off to c up, with May at 11.72.
to fl.73 ana JUiy at i.i to xi.4.
were followed by an advance all around to
well above yesterday's finish.
Absence of any new export buying ops
rated later as a check on upturns In prices.
The market closed unsettled st the same
as yesterday's finish to le higher, with
May, fl.7301.71 and July at fl.49
Corn averaged lower as a result of sltgntly
better conditions for the movement of rail
way freight. Predictions of a cold wave
had only a transient buHtsh effect. After
opening c off to o up, tho market fluc
tuated within a narrow range, with tho ad
vantage chiefly on the bear side.
Some Inquiry from the seaboard gave a
little Armneas later to com. TH cloee wan
steady at the same aa yesterday's finish to
0c higher.
Oats duplies ted the- action of corn. The
The charm of this delightful state during the period
when the entire North may be in the throes of snow, bliz
zards and zero weather are all that are characteristic of
a semi-tropical climate. Warm sunshine, bright, clear
skies and bracing ocean breezes combine, with the best of
hotels and other living accommodations to make it, along
with New Orleans, at once pre-eminent among places to
visit during the winter.
TRAIN SERVICE: The "Seminole Limited" of the
Illinois Central, with the exclusive feature for the ac
commodation of its Pullman patrons of a San Parlor Ob
servation Car included in its modern all-steel equipment,
affords superior southern service between Chicago, St
Louis and Jacksonville, Fla., via Birmingham. Leave
Chicago 10:15 P. M., arrive Jacksonville 7:35 A. M.
(Second morning). 'Tlorida and En Route," a booklet
pertaining to the route of the Seminole Limited and
points of interest in Florida, gladly given to those inter
ested upon request at
Illinois Central, City Ticket Office V
407 Smith 16th St Omaha, Nebnwluu
District Panenger Agent Douglas 264.
market was easily Influenced owing to the
acantlness of dealings.
Scattered buying lifted provtslona On :
the advance, however, packers turned to the I
sellins side.
Sugar Futures Are Fairly Active, But Cn
dertone Is Still Unsettled.
New York, Feb. 17. Flour Steady.
Wheat Spot firm; No. 1 hard, 13.02U;
No. 1 northern, Duluth, $2.12"; No. 1 north
ern, Manitoba, fJt.lOfc, f. o. b. New York.
Corn Spot firm; -No. 2 yellow, $1.1414,
C I. f. New York.
Oats Spot steady: stands rd, T307$ttc.
Hope Quiet; state, common to choice,
lilt, aeft4c. 1
Hay Steady; No, 1, $1.16; No. 2. $1,000
I. 06: No, 2, 00096c; ehipplng, 70090c.
Hides Steady; Bogota, 43 04ic; Central
America, 42c.
Leather Firm; hemlock firsts, $7c; sec
onde, 66c.
Provisions Pork, firm; nww, $32,00 0
23.60; family, $33,006 36.00; short clesra,
$33.00 0 36.00. Ticf, firm; mess, $23,000
22.60; family, $28.00028.00.. Lard, firm;
middle west, S17.OO017.1O.
Tallow Quiet; city, 1144c, nominal; eouiw
try, 11 H 013c; special, 12c.
Butter Barely steady; receipts, 7.821 tube;
creamery, higher . than extras, -4704744c;
creamery, extras, (92 score). 4B04SHc;
flrnta, 31046c; seconds, 36U03S fcc.
Eggs Unsettled ; receipts, 6,686 esses;
frenh gathered, extra firsts, tfcc; ft rets,
44046c; refrigerator, finest, 42042c; good
to average best, 41041 Vic,
Cheese Firm; receipts, 1,673 boxes; state,
held, special, 2tc; same, average fancy,
Poultry Live, easier; chickens, 2122e;
fowls, 25c; turkeys, nominal; dressed very
quiet, prices unchanged.
Sugar Market.
New York, Feb. 17. Sugar Market for
futures was fairly active today and the un
dertone was still unsettled owing to the
state of affairs In Cuba, Rather more fa
vorable advices were received from some of
the producing sections, however, and prices
reacted slightly under realizing for the
over the week-end period, closing un
changed to 7 points net lower; March, 4.51c;
May, 4.61c; July, 4.61c; September, 4.62b.
Raw, firm; molaases, 4.4604.77c; centrifu
gal, 6.6206.44c. Refined, firm; fine granu
lated, 7.0007.60c
Omaha Hay Market.
Omaha Feb. 16. Receipts light, market
Arm and steady, demand good.
Palrte Hay Choice upland, $12.60912.00;
No. 1, $11.60012.00; No. 2. $10.00011.00;
No. 3, $1.0009.00. No. 1 midland, $11,000
II. 60; No. 2, $9.00010.00.' No. I lowland,
$8.60090.0; No. 2, f7.6O08.OO; No. 8. $6.60
Alfalfa Choice. $17.60018.00; No. 1,
$16.00017.00; standard, $13.00016.00; No.
2, $11.00 0 13.00; No 3, $10.00011.00.
Straw Oat. $7.0007.60; wheat, $8,000
MhrwfSipnlts Grata Market.
Minneapolis, Feb. 17. Flour Unchanged.
Barley tlc0fl.ll.
Rye $1.4301.42.
Bran t33.OO034.Ot.
Wheat May, $1.78; July, $1.72. Cash:
No. 1 hard, $1.1191-; No- 1 northern,
$1.7101.I2; No. 2 northern, $1.74
Com No. 1 yellow, $1.00 01.01. t
Oata No. 1 white, 66066C.
Flaxsosd $2.73 02.82 .
Cotton Market.
New York, Feb. 17. Cotton Futures
opened steady: March, 16.82c; May, 16.92c;
July If. 02c; October, 16.44c; December
(offered) 16.74c.
Cotton Futures closed steady ; Msrch.
16.73c; May, 18.01c; July, 14.07c; October,
16.04c; December, 16.79c, Spot, quiet; mid
dling:, 16.16c.
The cotton market closed steady at a
net advance of 4 to 7 points.
IT ansa City General Market.
Kansas City, Mo., Fen1. 17. Wheat No. 2
hard, fl. 8201. 86: No. 2 red. fl. 8001. 84;
May, $1.73; July, $1.4601.45.
Corn No. 2 mixed, 9c; No. 2 white. 98
019c; No. $ yellow, 99Mc; 'May, 980
98c; July, 17c.
Oata No. 2 white, 59 0slc; No. 2
mixed, $70610
St. IeJs Grata Market.
St. Louis, Feb. 17. Wheat No. 2 red,
$1.1001.92; No. 2 hard. $1,8601.91; May.
fl. 7401:74; July, $1.44. "
Corn No. 2, $1.00: No. 2 white, $1.01;
May. $1.01; July, $1.00.
Oats No. 2, 68c; No. 2. white, nominal;
May, 6tfc. ; .
Klgta Batter Market.
Elgin. EL, Feb. 17. Butter 42c.
New York Money Market. .
New York, Feb. 17. Prima Mercantile
Paper 40 B" cmt-
Sterling Exchange Sixty-day - bills,
14.72 Vfc: commercial sixty-day bills on banks.
$4.T2; commercial' Hixty-daj' bmv' $4.7;.
demand, $4.76; sables, $4.76 7-16., TSc: Mexican aouara. flor.
Honda Government, steady; railroad.
U. 8. r. zs, reg. vx .M. iv t. 1st es yt
do coupon ... 99 Mt. P, con. 4a.. 104 H
U. S. 3s. .reg... .100 Mont. Power 6s. 99
do coupon ...100N. T. C. deb. 6s. 109
U. 8. 4s. reg....!07N. T, City 4s..l07
do coupon ...109 New Haven c. 68.100 104 No. Pacific 4s... 94
Anglo-French 6s. 92 do 3s 66
A ten. gen. 4s.... fHHOre. 8. L. ref. 4s 93
B. A O. 4s...... 02Fac. T. AC 6s.. 100
Beth. St. ref. 4s. 100 Penn. con. 4s.l04
Central Mac. 1st. 90 do gen. 4s..l01
C, B. A Q. Jt. 4s 97Readlng gen. 4s. 94,6s 106 80. Pac. cv, 6a. .100
C.,R.I.AP.ref.4s.. 76 do ref. 4s 11 .
C. A 8. ref. 4a. 84 So. Railway 6s. .101
1 A R. U. c. 4s. 81t'nlon Pacific 4s. 97
Krle gen. 4a..... 47 do cv. 4e 92
Oen. Klec. 6s... .108 IT. S. Rubber 4s. .102
Ot. No. 1st 4s 99 IT. 8. Steel 6s... 105
I. C. ref. 4a..,.. tlW. Union 4s.. 94
K. C. 80. ref. 6s. 88 Dom. of C 1931. 98
UtNnfl.1l.., tl Bid.
Statement of Clearing' Hoose Banks,
New Tork. Feb. 17. The statement of
the actual condition of clearing house
banks and trust companies for (he week
shows that they hold $166,716,220 reserve
In excess of legal requirements. This Is
an Increase of $1,268,470 over last week.
The statement follows;
Loans, discounts,
etc $2,444,142,000 $241,721,000
Reserve In own
vaults . . . , C 26,900, 000 6,624,000
Reserve In federal
reserve banks... 196,017,000 4,004,000
Reserve in other
depositories .... 66,709,000 1,114,000
Net demand de
posits $.641,167,000 40,109.000
Net time deposit. 164,489,000 866,000
Circulation 28.716.000 2,000
Aggregate reserve. 776,446,000
Excess reserve.... 146,716,000 1,264,470
Summary of stats banks and trust com
panies in Greater New York not Includ
ed In clearing house statement:
Loans, discounts,
tc $ 762,169,100 $ 163,200
Specie 66,402,100 799,700
Legal tender It, 041, 700 930,100
Total deposits 173,933,400 4,4!,900
Banks cash In
-vaults 14,472,000
Of which f444.2B4.0OO la specie.
London 8tock Market.
London, Feb. 17. American securities
were steady, but very few transactions were
recorded on the stock exchange today.
Silver Bar, 18d par ounce
Money 4 per cet.
Discount Rates Short and throa months'
bills, 6 par cent.
All Branches of List Reflect
Further Confidence Dur
ing Session.
New Tork, Feb. 17. All branches of the
stock list reflected further confidence dur
ing today's brief period of trading, dealings
being on a larger and broader scale than
any previous day of the week. Under the
lead of United States Steel, industrials rose
1 to 4 points marked strength being mani
fested by J.ackawanna Steel amd Republic
Iron. Toppers snd equipments advanced
as murh. the entire metal group being ma
terially strengthened by unconfirmed reports
of the sale of a moderate amount of "spot"
copper at the unprecedented price of 37
cents per pound.
Shippings were the most active features
next to 'Steel and Iron shares at average
gains of 2 points, their rise being accom
panied by a decline in marine Insurance
rates. Indicating sn abatement of the recent
apprehension in that quarter.
Motors and accessories registered mod
erate advances and Mexicans made further
recoveries from their reversal of the mid
week. The more distinctive war supply
stocks, notably Central Leather, Baldwin
Locomotive, Industrial Alcohol and National
Emanellne, were in steady demand, rising 1
to z points; witn i lor New Airbrake.
Transcontinental, particularly Canadian
Pacific and Union Pacific, featured the sea
soned rails, and New Haven threw off some
of Its recent depression.
Among the few exceptions to the general
advance were American Beet Sugar and
American Snuff, the latter falling 12 points
after gaining 7 the day before. Filial prices
were slightly under top levels, but the clos
ing was active and strong. Total sales, 273,
The actual cash gain disclosed by the
bank statement, which was under general
eetlmates, while the loan expansion of al
most 436,000,000 was In the nature of a cor
rection of last week's heavy contraction of
that item.
Trading In bonds was light, With an Irreg
ular tone except In internationals, which
showed slight Improvement. Total sales,
par value, $1,720,000.
United States coupon 3s advanced J point
and registered 4s lost a point on call during
the week.
Number of sales and Quotations on lead
ing stocks were:
Sales. High. Low. Close.
Am. Beet Sugar... 6,700 8914 74 87 4
American Can 400 44 43 43
Am. Car A Fndry 900 834 34 3
Am. Locomotive... 1,800 71 . 09 4 71
Am. Smelt, A Ref.. 2,400 97 96 97
Am. Sugar Ref.... 1.200 109 108 109
Am. Tel. A Tel ins
Am. Z., L, 4 8..,, 200 34 20 6
Anaconda Copper.. $.100 77 7 76
Atchison 300 102 102 102
Baldwin Locomo... 800 64 f3 64
Baltimore A Ohio.. 300 76 76 7R
Brook. Rapid Tran, 3 HO 68 67 67
B. A S. Copper 300 46 4f 48
Cal. Petroleum 700 ?4H 23 24 . .
Canadlad Pacific... 1,300 163 L2 162
Central Leather... 7,700 86 5 86
Chesapeake A Ohio BOO 60 5? 'I 69
C, M. A St. P.... . 400 81 '80 81
Chicago AN. W... 400 118 118 118
C. R. I. A P :6
Chlno Copper , 2,600 54 64 64
Colo. Fuel A Iron., 700 45 44 41
Corn Products Ref. 7,400 22 21 21
Crucible' Steel 9,700 66 64'i, 65
Distillers' Securities 200 26 2fi 25
Brie 1,400 2i! 26 26
General Electric... 200 166 . 165 165
Great No. pfd. 200 113 113 . 11S
Great No. Ore ctfa. 900 32 32 33
Illinois Central 101
Inter. Con. Corp . . . . 13-
Inspiration Copper. 3.600 66 55 56
Inter. Harvester 116
I. M. M. pfd. ctfs. 26.900 71 69 7!
K. C. Southern.... 400 ?,l V. ? 21
Kennerott Copper.. 2,900 43 43 4.1
Louisville A Naah 12G
Mox. Petroleum.,.. 2,400 7 " 87 S7
Miami Copjper 600 37 37 37
M., K. A T. pfd 14
Mo. Pacific, new.. . 600 28 58 28 ''
National Lead : 5f.
Nevada Copper 800 24 24 24
New York Central.. 700 95 96 91
N. T., N. H. A H. . 6,400 39 38 ' :tK
Norfolk A Western 300 1US128U 128
Northern Pacific... .".00 104 10:i 10:;U
Pariftc Mall 300 2 . VZ 22
Pennsylvania 1,700 54 64 64
Ray Con. Copper, . ,' 4.100 ' !iti 25 26
P.eadlng 1,200 91 B1 91
Rep. Iron A Steel.. 11.400 78 76 77
Shattuck Arlx. Cop. 1,900 27 26 26
Southern Pacific... 600 93 93 93
Southern Railway.. 1,100- 25 28
Studebaker Co,..., 600 104 103 103
Texas Company,... 1.700 228 .220 221
Union Pacific....:., 3,000 138 137 138
Union Pacific pfd 82 "
U. S. Ind. Alcchel.. 1,200 126 124 124
1. S. Rtecl 21.700 J0fi 105 infi
T". S. Step pfd 300 117 117 117
Utah, Copper f, 400 109 107 109
Wu-tkth pM. 'B'. 70tV 25 i!S . 26
Western union. 8,400 94 94 fln
Westtnghouse Elec. 2.400 60 60 50
Total sales for . the day, $73,000 shares.
Dry Goods Market.
New Tork; Feb. 17. Shipping conditions
continued unfavorable to affect the Import
and export trade In textiles today. Cotton
goods and yarns were steady. Burlaps and
wool goods were firm. Knit goods were
Arm, with a steady demand.
OU and Bosln.
Savannah, Ga., Feb. 17. Turpentine
Finn. 48c; sales. 16 bbls.; receipts, 86;
shipments. 94; stock, 14,686.
Rosin Firm; receipts, 1.276 rfhls.; ship
ments, 60; stock, 80,497. Quotations: A. B. !
' W'M: K- s-2. N, 1
$6.40; WO, $6.60; WW, $6.76. I
Eleventh Annual Statement
Cash in Banks and Office $106,754.63
First Mortgage Loans on Real Estate 235,166.88
Lpan3 Secured by Municipal Warrants 91,163.59
City and County Bonds 50,546.12
Warrants, City and County 22,036.03
Outstanding Premiums, Less Commissions '. .... 68,992.77,
Real Estate. , 11,225.76
Accrued Interest 8,771.62
Accounts Receivable (Secured) $7,213.21
Accounts Receivable (Unsecured) 5,512.33
Bills Receivable 5,143.4417,868.98
TOTAL ASSETS $612,526.38
Unearned Premium Reserve $213,743.21
Contingent Claim and Expense Reserve 28,500.00
.Reinsurance Payable 15,043.91
Reserve for Taxes, Insurance, Etc 6,922.71
CASH CAPITAL 252,000.00
SURPLUS ..: 96.316.SS
Two Hundred Thousand Dollars Deposited With the State of Nebraska
for the Protection of Policy Holders.
Nebraska's Own Company
Surety Bonds, Accident and Health, Burglary and Plate Glass Insurance
Home Offices W. O..W. Building.
Columbus Toggery Team
Prove Victors in Match
Columbus, Neb., Feb. (7. (Special
Telegram.) Five men, Gutzmer, O.
Baker, Novel, Kavanaugh and Nich
ols, representing the local Toggery
team, defeated the Grand Island and
Schuyler bowling teams m two
matches on the Whitcomb & Ells
worth alleys here last night by the
scores of 2,891 to 2,607 and 2,705 to
Grand Island then nosed out a vic
tory over Schuyler by 2,579 to 2,564.
Reed Harrison, Fillmore, Ray Harri
son, Tackman and Fauble comprised
the Grand Island aggregation, while
O. Van Housen, Dr. Francis, G.
Wertz, M. Van Housen and R. Van
Housen rolled for Schuyler.
High score was made by Kava
naugh with 674, Nichols also register
ing 623. Bowling interest is running
high in Columbus and the regulars ex
pect to annex some honors at the
state tournament.
Doors of Big Nine Partly
Opened to Wolverines
i Chicago, Feb. 17. The door of the
1X7. ....... MnH(arna nrflv
opened today for the Kturn of the
University of Michigan to the "Big
Hot Springs Wins Title.
Rapid City, 8. P., Feb. 17. (Special Tele
egram.) Hot Springs High school tonight
wop the Black Hills basket ball champion
ship by de renting the local High school.
16 to 13.
In debate here -on compulsory military
service question. Rapid City won from Hot
Springs. Hapia uiy arnrmeo me quesnon.
Guaranteed Quarterly Return on Preferred Stock
Alfalfa Butter Company
Eleventh and Capitol Ave., Omaha, Neb.
itt.fiiflE u " m
Compare creamery stock with any other in this
locality. You will find the country contiguous to
Omaha rapidly .developing dairy industry; Omaha
" the logical' plac' for creameries; the largest butter
manufacturing center in the world; investment in
creamery stock superior in the essential elements of
good investment safety, earning power and appreciation.-
The Alfalfa Butter Co., Omaha, Neb.
Gentlemen :
Without any obligation to me, send fjll particulars regarding
the issue of Preferred Stock, guarantied to yield 7 Ms per cent
At of December 31st, 1916.
Salazar Makes
Threat to Kill All
Gringos in Juarez
El Paso, Tex., Feb. 17. While at
Sabinal, ninety-eight miles south of
Juarez, on the Mexico Northwestern
railroad, February 8, Jose Ynez Sal'
azar made a threat to attack Juarez
and kill all of the Americans attend
ing the Juarez races, according to a
Mexican who escaped from Salazar's
command at Sabinal and walked to
the border, arriving here last night.
The Mexican said he had been
taken prisoner by Salazar's command
the day preceding the attack on the
Guzman garrison and escaped when
Salazar started west toward Palomas
and Ojitos. . He said he overheard
Salazar and his minor chiefs talking
about the plan for the Villa cam
paign in the north and said Salazar
declared he would attack and take
Juarez some Sunday soon and "kill
all the gringoes at the race track."
Jackson Beat. Wallac. .
New York. Feb. it. Willie Jackaon of
this city, who gained prominence by knock
ing out Johnny Dundee several weekB afto,
defeated Eddie Wallare of Brooklyn here
toniKht. outpointing him in seven of the
ten rounds. Each welshed 128 pounds.
n&nk ClmrlBKa.
Omaha, Feb. 17 Bank clearing, for
Omaha today were 15.470,705.46 and for th
i a to., ta aa. 73fi. 74.
rorreapwmmis . 7 , .
VThe total clearings for the week ending to
day wero ,".oo ........
sponding wee& last year 12S,8;2,345,62,