Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 14, 1917, Page 10, Image 10

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Cattle Slow to Ten Cents Off
Sheep Slow, but Steady
to Stronger.
. Omaha. February 13. HIT.
Receipts were: ' Cattle Hogs. Sheep.
Dealings Broad,. But They Are
Insignificant as to
Official Mondar
Kttlmate Tuesday
Two days this weak. .10.242 30.H3 37,6f
Sam dvs laat week . MM 34.127 28.n
8ams day ! .ks. a no. U. 137 24.492 86,140
Ram dayi S wka. .1S,801 Ib.ftO 11.46
8am day 4 wka. a-o.l&,4 2MH 24.171
Sam days laat year.10.MI SI, 1 20.661
Cattle Receipts were urr today, mak
Inr th total for th two daya. H.J4S head. a rear ago, but smaller than two weeks
Good trades rf aoticht after and ware
not so very different from ateady, hut the
market aa a whole waa ilow and from that
down to 10c tower. Many tralna arrtvinr
late contribute to the dull nee of j trade.
Feeder of good quality were Bought after
and were gone rally gteady, otber grades
being- weak.
Quotation en eattla: Good to choice
beeves, 1.0 O0.1 40; fair to good beeves,
t 7a 10. 10. common to fatr beeves. 1109
t.U; good to choice heifer, tl.UOt.2t;
good to choice cow. $7.t48.fl; fatr to good
cow, M.0T.O; common to fair cow.
U J6f0 10: prime feeding steers. U.UQ
10.01; good to choice feeder, ftS-llf)!..;
(air to good feeders, 17. .?. common
to fair .eeders. IS M7 ; good to choice
stacker l T.) U; stneh belfer. 17.009
.S, stack eows, fc.0D97.7t; stock calve.
17.0090 00;' real calves. $I.9U.JJ; beef
bulla stag, etc. 17 29 bologna bull.
oo 9 f oo.
Representative aleai:
At. Pr. No,
. 7T1 17 AO
... 740
... til
... ST
... 013
... 18
If 1108 10 16
II 1031 10 lb
II 1111 10 40
II 1017 19 life
II 1411 11 00
17 1403 11 10
1 141
II 871
II 843
II 021
1 1210
1 1000
7 to
7 76
I 40
I 7fe
t 40
t 5
I 60
I 8&
I Kb
7 00
7 40
I 00
At. Pr.
787 7 16
61 7 10
I 10
I 0
t 00
f SF.
9 60
I to
It 1110 10 10
II 1121 10 20
20 1180 10 ll
18 147 10 60
I. ...... 132 It A
44 131.6 11 16
.. Ill
.. 700
. . 906
. . 840
li Tt.
0 16
0 76
7 26
7 60
1 26
Wear Turk. Feh. 12. The cottelniritlve
he raster of much of the newe over the
holiday probably arrotinted for the general
strength of today' market. Dealing were
broad, hat insignificant aa to volume, barely
amounting to 415,000 share.
There were few exception to ma general
trend, notably In the caae of New Haven,
htr.h oud fated it recent minimum quo
tation of 38'i before recovering. In general,
ml la were ubtanllally better. Union Pa
cific making a gmas gain of 3 "4 point, with
3 for Ht. I'aui, AtcniMon. rw iora
Central, Reading, J-ehlfh Valley and Kock
laland. Canadian Pacific regained .1 point
teat week' setback and Southern and
Southwestern issuo were higher on light
Shipping were ronelatentty strong, their
recovery being aarrlbed to the more hopefii
noon lor mat. mauairy, aiinnngn iiw nay
a not without It budget of freah marine
d tauter. Copper and motor kept Irregu
lar pare with other npeculatlve favorite
and eeae-oned Induatrlal were ajulated by
the steady Inquiry for United tjtatc Steel
at an extreme gain of 1 point.
The war and aeml-war groups, embracing
such dtverae laeuee American Woolen,
Central athef, Baldwin Locomotive, Inter-
ationai 1'aper, uenerai fciectric and r.a-
lona) FEnamellng, were I to 2 point better,
rlth IS for Induatrlal Alcohol and 4i for
Texas Company.
ah tne ga stock mane partial rauie
from their recent depreaaton and Ohio Oaa
-featured the later operations at an advance
or lti points. At no time, nowever, was
trading, evnept in steel and itanaard
rails, more than tentative, the absence of
outside participation being again a note
worthy Incident. Reumptlnn of th gold
Inflow from London via Canada did not
prevent a temporary shading of sterling ex
change, with a sharp reaction In lire and
recurrent heaviness In remittances to Berlin
and Vienna.
Bonda. especially In tern at tonal, were 1r-
rerular. with a new minimum for Anglo-
French Its at 10. Pari Ss also were under
preasure with united Kingdom issue. Total
sales, par value, 13,040,000,
United States coupon 2 roue per cent
and registered 4 declined 1 per cent on call.
Number of sales and Quotation on lead
ing stocks were:
Hales. High. j,ow. Close.
Beet sugar... 4 no ion 9ft 99
merlcan Can 800 42U 42 43
Am. Car F'dry. (0 83 82 82
Icomotlv. . . 1.700 71 U 70U 71
Am. Hmelt. Kef, 2,600 91 17 V 17
m. Huaar Kef inou
Am. Tel. A Tel 6A0 124 124 124
Am. Z, L. B 400 U 3 36V(
nacnnda Copper.. 9.700 7 7S 76
a,.tju ma mi
900 64 63 S3
1.000 7fi 78 7(iI
400 88 87
600 46 44
Hog Hog receipts were very generous.
though they tacked quite a bit of equaling
th record run of a week ago today. Ken
matao called for 171 car, or 17,000 head,
and th total for the two days of 19,642
head la 4.600 larger than a week ago, 6,000
heavier than two week ago and an 1,600
lain over the corresponding day laat year.
Th opening waa very draggy. neither
ihlpper nor packer doing much th early
part of th morning. Buyer were alt out
for declines of do to lOo and sellra who
did not think conditions warranted ucb
larg reduction refused to do anything until
they had given th market a good try
out. Other points did not report such se
ver breaks and local value are not any
too high compared with the price being
paid elsewhere, so in view of tne way tne
big runs laat week were absorbed at steadily
imnrnvlni nrinm aallara daeired at least to
give th market a goon woraout oeior
cashing anything.
Bid never did show a great deal of Im
provement and towand 11 o'clock movement
finally atarted at nrlces that were 69 lie
lower, the accent being on tbe lOo part ef
th quotation. Trade never became very
lively. Trains dragged In all forenoon and
as sellers had not uuit looking for nrlces
to strengthen, oven after a good many hog
had sold, It took them about a long to
let loose of th later arrivals aa it had th
arly one. At midday beat weighty hogs
war still gelling for as good figures u
they would have brought at any time of
day. but all other classes) were wanted at
even weaker prices than early, some that
sold about noon being a big 40e to pos
sibly as much as i&c lower.
hellers had nor or lea trouble with
light all day. In th first place shipper
who had taken a great many of th good
186 to 110-pound hogs yesterday at better
prices than packers war willing to pay for
tbe same stuff wera not doing a great deal
this morning and sellers found today that
th price killers wore willing to give for
lights looked cheap compared with ye
iraay snipper , wane. riainw uania.
which have net bean any too brisk at any
time, were even more draggy and uneven
than usual, at least aom of the mixed and
common light ana unaerwetgnts not nar
lng attracted a bid up to midday.
Th hogs sold up to noon were mostly
loo lower, some being only 6c lower, while
other ware aa much as 16c down. Bulk
landed at til. 10911.16 ami' quit a few
f the beet baa vie reached flSJO a nickel
below yesterday top.
Represent Live sales:
No. Av. 8b. Pr. No. At. Bh. Pr.
0, .m ... It 71 91.. 179 ... U II
44., 80 ... 11 10 44. .191 1M 11 16
21-Mll ... II 00 71. .221 ... II It
61. .164 .., II 10 24. .162 ... II 12
II.. Ill ... II 16 47. .261 ... 13 20
(..Ill ... II 10 It. .Ill ... 10 78
Sheep A liberal sheep and lambs run was
In sight for today, some sixty-nine cars, or
if.700 head, being expected to show up.
This would make the total for th two
days 27.161 head, aa compared with 28,901
laat week, U 141 two week ago and 10,111
a year age.
The lee ling was good from the outset, It
Being apparent that buyers wanted lambs,
and that they were holding back only oa
account of tbe tataneaa of trains in errtv
lng. It waa pretty well along toward noon
before much business was transacted, but
when th trade once did get started It was
fairly acUv at prices that wr aleedy to
as much aa 10c higher, moot of th lambs
that were in by noon having been cleaned
up. A good share of the desirable handy
westerns sold at 114.11914.24 and some
114.60914.10. the latter price a new record
for the market. A decent sort of moderate
weight sold downward from tl4.ll, and
some extreme beavlea brought 111.76.
stature stock showed If anything more of
an upturn than iambs, though the iuddIt
waa very fair, movement starting In pretty
good season on a strong to mostly 10916c
higher baais. Several loads of the decent
to good ewes sold around til. 00, while some
of the best here reached, th
latter prto being th days top and a rec
ord for the market. Tearllag sold at 111.16
and on down, th price named equaling the
noora ir dimbvi. tfuue m isw a near
' lng lambs moved around tll.10914.10, and
wniie no amies or anything llgbt were re.
ported, a nominal top of 114.16 la quotable.
quotations on sneep ana iambs; Lambs,
light and handy, 114.10914.60; lambs.
heavy. 111.10914. It, lamb, clipped, U.5
ey.3.., laniD, rreaer .i j.oets ; year
ling, good to choice, tl2.60911.2l; year-
lings, fair to good, IU.S6O11.60; wethers,
fair to cnoice, 91.00911. ; ewes, good
chotce. tl.6t911.1t: ewes, fair to rood
II. 26910.60; ewes, plain to culls, 11.009
Represents Ore sales:
" No. Av.
Ill fed ewe 94
71 fed ewes ..... 77
124 fed lambs IK
194 fed shearing lambs ........CI
146 fed Shearing Lambs ...... ..II
212 fed lamb ....It
, 114 fed lambs. .....II
11 cull Iambs 76
688 ted lambs II
111 fed ewes 99
37 fed ewes 71
tit It
T 76
II 71
14 14
14 1
14 00
14 1
14 06
10 7t
i City Mv Stork Market.
Kansas City, Feb. 11. Cattle RetelDtn
11,000 head; market steady; prime fed
steers, il 1.19 .aresaea beef steers,
f,.ivii,v, wmvctu SB. on f
, 11.60; cow, 6. 6099-60; heifers, 17.009
Ji. on; Btocaers acq seeaers, f.?oH9.oO
pi). if.bov9.oe; carve, 97.00911.26.
Hogs Receipts, 11,000 head; market
ower. closed strong; bulk of sale fu.ll
itll JO-, heavy, tlt.269i2.4O; packers and
suictiers,; light,;
pig. llB.2kVll.bfl.
Bbeep and Lambs Receipts. 14,004 head:
1 i market hlerher: lamb. 60 h t artier: ta.mtw
'; yearung. ois.sdvu.m; wUi'
era, 9iv..9iL7; ewes. 91e.60911.6O.
St. Lead live Stack Market.
St. Jxrals. Feb. 12. Cattle Receipts, 1,200
head; market strong; native beef steers,
h 17. 60910.70; yearling teem and heifers,
ll.609ll.60; cow. 16.60 91-00, atockers and
' feeders, 6.40(M. 60, prime southern beef
' steers. 18 00911.00; beef cow and heifers,
era. 17.60910.00; native calves, Il.t09l3.60.
HO(t necaipis, zj.iuw neaa; mark
lower; lights, 11 2.20 ft 12.16; pigs. oo
1100: mixed and butchers. ltl.26cal.ftA
. good heavy, 112.40912.60; bulk of sales,
ilhMii and Tjirih t wwlnla 1 AA k4
market steady- lamb. 91Z-1614.00; ewes.
Cash Grain Market is Excellent
and Brisk Demand Disposes
of Big Supply.
Omaha, Fehruary 13, 1907.
The cash grain situation was excellent to
day, and while the market was not very
strong, the bulk of th-j offerings sold pretty
well up around Saturday' level, although
corn was quoted about unchanged to c
The demand, however, for ererytning was
xcellent. and. while the table were loaded
with sample received since Haturday, the
trader had little difficulty In disposing of
their offering at very good prices. Tho
wheat market generally was quoted from
unchanged to lc higher, and while moat
th samples were or tne naro wimer
variety, there was a keen demand for both
is spring and mixed varieties, oom oi
hlch sold at firm prices. The quotations
on No. 2 hard wheat were tl.71 and 11.80,
the No. 1 bard 11.77 to 11.71, wnne tne
No. 4 hard brought from H .41 to 11.77.
2 durum sold at 1.78, No. i aurum
brought from $1.71 to $1.71, and mixed
wheat ranged In price from 11.76 to 11.77.
The com market was sugntiy weaaer, ana
while there was a good buelneee done In
this market, the trade was confined to I he
commercial grades, the demand for the
lower grade being rather alow.
The oats market seemed to be pretty
active and prices on this article were about
unchanged, tne NO. wnne equina ir
64c and 66c and tbe No. 4 whit nailing
around 64 c. )
Rye was dull at somewhat" lower pricen.
but there waa an excellent trade In barley
and prices on the cereal held firm.
Clearances weret Wheat ana novr,
to 1,140,000 bushels; corn, 214,000 bo be la;
oat, 862,000 bushels.
Primary wheat recetpta were
bushels and shipment 111,000 bushnls.
agalnat receipt or 1,221, too bushel and
shipment of 161,000 bushel last year.
Primary corn receipts were 1,746,000 nuan-
ls and shipment 910,000 bushel, against
receipt of 1,877,000 bushels and sJHpment
of 423,000 bushels last year.
Primary oat receipt were 1,044,000 bush
el and shipments 749.000 buehela, agalnat
receipt of 946.000 bushels and ehlpmeoLS
of 802,000 bushels last year.
If. 4'.
4,800 164 162
7,000 84 13
000 69 69
4,300 82 80
100 111 117 118
1,1 Of) 64
2.000 21
400 2fi
13.000 26
200 143
60(1 114
1,700 32
200 101
800 13
1,100 66
Baldwin Loco mo . ,
Baltimore sY Ohio.
Brook. Rapid Tran.
A a. Conner. . . ,
Cal. Petroleum. . . .
Canadian Pacific. ,
Central leather. , .
Chesapeake A Ohio
M. ft St. f . . . .
Chicago A N. W...
1. E f
Chi no Copper
uoio. rue iron..
Corn Product Ref.
Crucible Hteel
Dlatlllers' Securities
Genera! Elertrle...
Great No. pfd
ureal wo. ore etr.
Illinois Central....
Inter. Con. Corp. . .
Inspiration Copper.
nier. Harvester
M. M. nfd ctf. 22.900 19 U
K. C. Southern 800 21
Kennecott Copper. . 2,600 44
LrfniiBvui naan..
Hex. Petroleum....
Miami Copper
mo. i-acinc, new...
Montana Power....
National lv-sd
Nevada Copper. . . ,
New York Central.
N. N. H. ft H. .
Norfolk A Western
Northern Pacific...
Pacific Mall
Pennsylvania 1,900
Kay con. copper...
Rn. iron Steel..
Shattuck Aril. Cop.
Southern Pacific...
Southern Railway..
studebaker t:o I. too 103
Texas Company.... 4,100 111
union racir c m.vuu u
Union Pacific pfd 82
u. b. ina. Aiconoi.. 0 400 izt 12414 1
U. S. Steel 16,900 10? 106 108
li. k. ieei DIU.... HUU 111 111 111
Utah Corlper l.ioo 107 107 107
waDasn era. "t . . zvu as x&ib zt
Western llnlon 14
Westlnghouse Elec. 100 61 11 111
Total sale for the day, 411,000 shares.
200 123
1,300 129 127
1,700 104 103
son za 21
1,300 Z6
1,600 83 91
3.000 76 76
1.100 26 2ft
2,200 13 12
11.600 21 28
ze zr
183 163
114 114
31 32
I in iui
68 08
21 'tZ
43 43!
112 123
. 23
3 103 102
9 216 218
1 136 138
Slow; Begs. Weak) Sheep,
Chicago, Feb. 11 Cattle Receipt, 8.000
head; market alow; native beef cattle, 17.76
911.10; western steer, 87.86910.36; stock-
era and feeder. H.lO&t.lO: cow and heif
er. 16.10910.40; calve. 110.000 14.60.
Hogs Receipt, 16,000 head; market
weak 60 under yesterday's average; hulk
of sa.ea, 1S.309 1I-40; light, 111.66911.36;
mixed, 111.10912.46; heavy, 141.00912.60
rough, 112.00 9 12.16; pigs, tl.IOOio.i6.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 11,000 head:
market strong; wetoer, 910.86 v 12.00; i
I8.164J11.26; Umbs,
8Wx City Uee Clack Market.
Sioux City, la., Feh.ll. Cattle Receipts,
100 head; market 1 killers steady; tock
era, 10916c lower; beef steer. ti0.Ct9U.26
butchers, !. 00014. W; fat cows e J belfsra,
11.6191.76; cannera, 14.&09I.U0; atockers
aod feedera.ll.6t9l.00: calvea. 16.60910.00
bulla, ataaa. etc.. 8600SS.26: feedinc cows
and nailer, id.dodb-oq.
Hogs Receipt, n.koo need ; market
!91o lower: light. 111.549 H 75; mixed.
111.1091196; heavy, tu.96912.20-. pig.
ll.6091t.60; bulk yof sales, lll.7091L.96.
Bbeep and Lamns Recetpta, 600 head ;
market steady; fed muttons, 19.16911-16
wethers. Ilt.96911.11: vwes. 19.76910.16
lambs, 112,11914.21.
St. Oeeeph Uw Stack Market.
SL Joseph, Feb. It Cattle Receipt. 2,-
600 tread; market steady; steer. 17.109
40: cows sad heifers,; calves.
17.00 V 11.60.
Hog Receipts, 12,100 head: market 69
10c lower; top, tit. 16; bulk of sales, 112.00
sneep ana iaibm Heceipu, o.ooe neao
market slow; lain be, $13.60914.66; ewea,
live Stack la Sight.
Receipts of live stock at th five principal
western market yesterday;
Cattle, nogs. Sheep.
Omaha 1,000 27,000 11,700
Kansas City ......11,0000 18.000 14.000
Chicago 1.000 26.000 11,000
Sioux City ......... 1,300 17.600 , too
8L Loula 1,10 12,100 1,400
Totals 16.600 119,109 41.100
Mew York Money Market.
New York. Feb. 11. Money On call,
ateady : high. 2 per cent; low. 1
cent; ruling rate, 1 per cent; laat loan.
3 per cent; cioaing .01a, 1 per cent
offered at 1 per cent.
Time Lioana Firm; sixty daya. 8 94 par
cent; ninety days, 4 per cent; six months.
494 per cent.
Prime Mercantile Faper 4 per cent.
Sterling Kxcbange Sixty-day bills.
14.72; commercial alxty-day bills on beak.
14.71; commercial nxty-day bill. 94.71
demand, .to; caoiea, 94.70 7-1.
Silver ear, 79c; Mexican dollars, tlc
Bonds uoveramsnt ana railroad, irregu
U. 8. r. la reg. " M. K. T. 1st 4s 76
ao coupon .4. av 'wo. r. con.
ni. a 1. res?. ...100 MonL Power 6a. 18
do coupon ...10tN. Y. C. deb. Ca.108
U. B. 4. reg,...l7N. T. City 4a..107
do coupon ...lot Nw Haven e. ta.100
A, T, 4 T. c. 4s.l04 No. Pacifw 4s.. 13
jingio-jreuon a. " no u .........
Atch. sen. 4a 93 "A Ore. S. I, ref. 4. 93
B. A O. 4s 13 Po. T. A T. Be., .100
Beth. St. ref. 6.100penn. con. 4.. 106
Central Pac. tat. 89 do gen. 4.. .101
C. A O. cv. 4a. 81 Reading gen. 4s.. 94
C, B. A Q. )t. 4 9?so. Pac. ref. 4s. .100 103 do ref. 4 11
CH.Lt P. r. 4s 76 So.Railway 6s.. .100
C. A S. ref. 4.. !3Unlon Pacific 4s. I
D. A R. U. C 4. 80 do cv. 4 92
Rrl gen. 4i 47U. S. Rubber Is. .102
Oeo. Klec. 6s 10KU. 8. Steel Is. ...106
ul np. iei m. av-e-TT. union t., o
I. u. rt. . i3Lwrn. oc ii
K. C. Bo. ret Is.. 87 Bid,
I 4s.. 14
lover, 116.00 91800. Provision: Pork,
29 96; lard. 116.17; ribs. 116.36916 86.
Potatoes Steady ; receipts liny car ;
Wisconsin white. $2 .3092.40; Michigan
white. 12.3602.40: Idaho, Colorado and
Washington, -2 .4092.60.
Poultry Alive; unsettled; rowra, aic;
ifrtngs, tie.
Chicago 4
Minneapolis I7T
Oututh t
Omaha 144
Kansas City 366
I .mils 361
Winnipeg 477
These sales were reported today:
Wheat No. 1 hard winter: 1 car, $1-80.
o. 2 hard winter: t car. $1.80; car,
11.79: 3 car. $1.71. No. 3 hard winter:
2 car. 11.79: 6 car. 11.71: 1 car. 11.77:
3 3-6 car. $1.77. No. 4 hard winter; 1 car
(shipper weight), $1.77; I cere, 91.74;
1-6 car (smutty), l.l; 1 car (smutty),
11.87 U. Sam Die hard winter: t cars, $1.48.
2 durum: 1 car, l.7l. no. 3 aurum: 1
car, 11.78; 1 car, $1.72; 1 car, $1.71. Sam
ple durum: 1 car. 11.61. No. 4 durum,
mixed: 1 car, $1.71. No. 3 mixed: 2 car,
$1.77. No. 4 ml led; l car. $l.7o; 1 car,
$1.76. No. I mixed, durum: 1 car, $1.73;
3-6 car, $1.72.
Bye No. 2: 2-6 car, $1.11. No. s: 1 car.
Barley ho. 4: I care. car, ai.iv.
car. $1.07. No. 1 feed: 2 cam, $103. Re-
lected: 3 car. 11.01.
corn no. z wnite: 1 car, ec. no.
white: 7 cars, 9e. No. 4 white: 1 car,
6c. No, I yellow: 3 cars. II c No. I yel
low: 1 cars. 6Hc: 14 cars. I4c: 1 cars.
14c. No. 4 yellow. I cars. 6c No. 2
mixed: 2 car. 9c; 1 car, 6c; 1 car,
96c. No. 3 mixed: I cars, llc; It cars,
96c; 1 car. I6c.
oats No. 1 white: 11 ears, ote: 1 car,
64c. No. 4 white: 4 cars, 64c. Bampie
hits: 4 cars. 6 "Ac.
Omaha Cash Prices Wheat : No. 2 hard.
1.7891-80; No. 2 hard, tl.7691-71; No.
4 hard. I1.68A1.77: No. 2 serin. 11.7691.12;
No. 2 spring, $1.7291-71; No. 2 durum. $1.72
91.78; No 1 durum, $1.7091.74. Corn: no.
3 white, !6994c; No. 1 white, I69
96n; No. 4 white, I69lc; No. 5 white.
!696e; No. 6 white, 9bt96c; No.
yellow. 96U096tto: No. 1 yellow,
16c; No. 5 yellow, 969t6o; No. 6 yel
low, 96996c; No. 2 mixed, 69tlc;
No. 1 mixed. I6996c: No. 4 mixed,
96996c; No. I mixed, 9&9ttc: No. 1
mixed, 96916c. Oata: No. 2 white, 6&9
66c; standard, 6&06&o; No. 8 wnite,
64966c: No. 4 white, 64 9 64c. Bar
ley: Malting: $1. 1291.20; No. 1 feed, 98o
& 1 1.08. Rye: No. t, 91.17 & 1.3V : No. 3,
Quotation ef the Day on the Tarieas Lead
ing t omnvMitie.
New York. Feb. 12. Flour Steady;
flpring patent. $9.0099.26; winter patent.
18.8691.10; winter at re 1 gnu,;
Kansas straight, $9,009 IS-
Wheat Spot, caay; no. 3 naro,; 10.
northern. Oulnth. $3.10; No. 1 northern.
Manitoba. $2.01. f. o. b New York.
Corn Spot, steady; No. 2 yellow, 91.1,
1. f., New York.
Oata Spot, barely steady; standard, M
969 e.
Hay Juit; No. 1, 9M; o. a. fi wov
06; No. 3, 90996c; shipping, 70&90O.
Hope Easy; itate, common to choice,
916, 39947c; 1916, 1913c; Pacific coast.
1916,. 11914c: 191&. 1910c
Hide Steady; Bogota, 4290; central
America, 4!c.
leather Firm; bemloc nrsta, &7c; sec
onds, 66c.
Provisions Pork, firm: mess, 931.10 v
33.60; family, 133. 09986.00; short clear.
32.OO934.OO. Beef, firm; mesa. 922.009
: family. 26.60Z7.0U. l-Ara, easy;
middle wet, $11.16914.76.
Tallow Firm: city, 11 c, nominal; coun
try. 11912c; special. 12c.
Butter Firm; receipts, s,sa xoiw; crm-
ery, higher than extras, bV4tc; cream-
rv extra. (93 oore, 4c nrsia,
second, 36938c
Kaa Unsettled: rereipia. ,! caaw:
fresh gathered, extra flru, 47c; first, 49
4c; refrigerator, nneet, woi.nci 1000
to average beat, 41&42c.
Cheeee Firm; recetpta, 4,oti noxes; eiaie.
held, perlala, 36924c; same, averaaje
fancy, 292c-
Poultry ureawefl, very quiet; cnieaen, m
29c: fowl. 48924c: turkey, 20934c
Live, Arm; no price settled.
MmneapolU Oram Market.
Minneapolis, Feb. It. Flour Fancy pat
ents advanced 10c; quoted at $9.10; other
grades unchanged.
Barley 8lc9li-is.
Rye 11.1191-St.
Bran $32.00933.00.
Wheat May, $1.76; Jaly, $1.73. Cah:
No. 1 hard, 11.64 91.86 ; No. 1 northern '
H.7791.80; No. 2 northern, l.749
Corn No. 1 yellow, svev1'
Oat No. I white, 639b4c.
Flaxseed $3.10 92.84-
Heavy buying at the opening causdH the
early advance in wheat, one of tbe factors
making the market firmer petng im
proved weather condition, which are favor,
able for more effective operating of the rail
There was, however, soma talk among
th trade of renewed embargoes, wblch
would generally have an opposite effect aod
which had something to do with the late
break, although a lack of export bus I neaa
was a big bearish factor.
Wheat and corn suffer d sharp declines
Juat before the close, which waa followed
by comparatively sharp breaks In oats, the
May article on oat closing at 04 c.
Local range of prices:
whtTT I I
May 1 73 1 74
July 1 44 1 47
Sept. 1 36 1 tt
Corn. I
May 18 91
July 7 17
Oaia. I
May 66 66
July 1 62 I 62
open I High I Low. Close. Yes
1 71 172
1 43 146
1 12 134
97 f
17 j 17
54 I 64
50! I
Chicago closing price furnished The Bee
by Logan A Bryan, stock and grain broken,
316 South Sixteenth street, Omaha:
Open. I High. I Low.! Clone. I Tea,
I 1
May 1 77 1 T7 172 1 74 174
July 1 62 1 63 147 1 48 160
Sep. 1 41 1 11 137 1 31 131
May 1 tl 1 03 101 1 01 101
July 1 01 1 tl 11 1 00 110
May 67 17 61 61 M
July 66 66 64 64 66
, May 20 20 SO 10 21 10 21 tt 30 12
! July 21 It' 21 10 II 10 21 30 21 66
I Lard.
May II 7S1 II 10 It $7 II 17 II 77
July II 17 II 13 14 77 II tO II 90
May II 91 16 90 16 47 16 72 16 16
July 16 16 II 00 16 9o 14 llU6 16
Hay Market.
Reoolut light, market firm.
good on all grades ef hay and alfalfa.
Prairie Hay Chotce upland. iil.609Utt;
No. : ,111.6091114; No. 2. lt.t91iet;
No t, 41 0099 00. Midland. No. 1. midland.
Ill.wt11.60, No. 1. $1.00911.00. Lowland.
Kc. 1. $16091.11; No. t, $7.tt9M; No. g.
H 60 f 1.00
Alalia -Cholc. $17.60918 No. I. $11.00
11.00; standard, HI 00 9 14 00: No. t,
lil 00912 00; No. I.
straer Oat,, $1.91.4; wheat, lit I
Features ef the Trading and Ciaetng Prices
of Board of Trade.
Chicago. Feb. 12. Bearish sentiment re
garding wheat received Impetus today from
Washington report that were taken to indi
cate a growing likelihood of extnalve forci
ble measures to protect American interest
on th high seas. largely In consequence
early advances In prices were more than
offset and the market closed 91c net
lower, with May at $1.72 9 1.74. and July
at l.4l9l-4R. Corn loat 91c, oata
ic ana provision isvsoe.
Sharply In contrast with late decree-
Ion In th wheat market, the feeling at th
outset waa notably optimistic aa to the out
look for higher price. Repora of the de
parture of nearly two score merchant afatpa
from tne Virginia cape. 1 nouna for
rope, and convoyed by BrtUoh cruiser, had
done much to encourage the bulls, and there
was further reason for hopefulness on ac
count of weather conditions that promised
to diminun congestion or railway leclltttaa.
As th day. wore on, however, the Inability
rf the roads to receive or ship grain from
Chicago tended te chill enthusiasm on tbe
buying aide. Then came Intimation of
movement to start food export embargo
resolutions through many state leri latere.
Downward swings in wheat prices reached
a maximum during th laat half ef the
ion, when reports from Washington were
current which seemed to point te such ac
tion as arming of all merchantmen and the
mobilisation of hundreds ef submarine
chasers, weakneaa of values, especially
the final hour, was also due in part to th
absence of any new export buying either for
neutrals or tne entente antes.
Corn gave way with wheat and as e result
01 mild weatner tnar would naturally lea
demand for feed. Besides, an Increase
country offerings was reported. Oats sagged
owing chiefly to the heaviness of other
grain. There waa some unloading, too, by
no icier wno were unable 4o Obtain
for hi omenta from her.
Lower quotation on hog pulled down
provlatoaa. The lessening of export acted
also as a weignt on in maraet.
Kggs Lower; receipts 4,420 caaea; ft rata,
40o; ordinary firsts, 81 931c; at mark.
caaea included, notice.
Butter steady: creamery, 12941c
Cash Prices Wheat: No, 2 red $1,779
1.77; No. 2 red. tl.741.76; No. 1 hard
nominal No. 3 ham, 91.79. corn: No.
yellow. Ml. tl91-02; No. 4 yellow,. 18;tNo .4 white. Ilc9ll.01. Oats:
No. 1 white. 9Uc; atanderd. I7U9
68c. iRve: No. 1. I1.U91.41. Barley.
li.ot91l, Seeds: Timothy. 1 1.50 9 6.60: S
December, 11.16c. Spot, steady; middling.
The cotton market closed eteady at a
net advance of 67 to II points.
Liverpool, Feb. II Cotton Spot, firm;
good middling, lO.Hd; middling, , lt.!4d;
tow middling, 10.44d; sales, 1,000 bale.
Metal Market.
New York, Feb. 13. Metal Lead. tt-4f
1.76. Spelter, quiet; spot. East St Louie
delivery, 10.87. Copper. Arm; electroly
tic, spot and nearby, nominal; second ana
third quarters, 131.00938.00: sales for third
quarter have been made at $11.60, with pro
ducers asking $32.00. Iron, firm; No. 1
northern. 112.0093.00; No. 2, 221.69932.60;
No. 1 southern, S0.O9'l-9. no. 3, 910.009
21.S0. Tin, ateady; spot, 161.00966.90.
At London Copper: Spot, 118; rorares.
f 134 electrolytic, 147. Tin: Spot, 1199 So;
futures, 113. Lead, ill 10. Spelter, 47.
Roger Market,
New York, Feb. 18. Sugar Raw, firm;
centrifugal. 6.02c; molasaes, 4.16r. Refined,
steady; cut loaf, 7.90c; crushed. 7.76c; mould
"A" and cubes, 7.2&C; aaaa pownerea,
4.90c; diamond "A," 4.76c; confectioner
4.7&c; diamond "A." 4.76c; confectioner
A, 6.16c; No. 1, 1.60c. Unsatisfactory poli
tical conditions In Cuba and a firm spot
market led to active covering In sugar fu
ture. At noon prices were 14 to 19 points
One of Leading Figures in the
Anto World to Come to
Omana Exhibition.
Oil U
flarannah. Tub. II. Tnrpilin Firm,
41c; ulw, nnna; rcrtpta, 128 bbla.; ship
menu, 321 bbla.: atoca. li.114 bbla.
Rosin Ptrm; sains, 6,3 bbta.; renalpta, 19.
bbls.: shipments. 470 bbla; stock. 79.243
bbla. Quots: A. B, C. I. E. F, O, l.0:
II. r, K. M. Sl.2; N. Si.4; WO, IS.S0,
WW. M M.
John N. Willys, president df the
Willys-Overland company of Toledo
and one of the most prominent figures
in the automobile industry today, will
attend the twelfth annual - Omaha
automobile exposition which will be
held at the Auditorium February 26
to March 3, according to word that
has just been received by Manager
Clark G. Powell.
John N. Willys, in less than a de
cade, 'made the Overland company
one of the very largest manufactures
in the United States became one of
the leading captains of industry in
this country, and compiled for him
self a fortune reported to be $o8,WKJ,
000. That Mr. Willys, who ordinarily
finds time only to visit the two na
tional shows at New York and Chi
cago, intends to be present at the
Omaha exposition this year shows the
importance with which the local show
is regarded by the big men of the in
dustry, and Mr. Powell and his asso
ciates were very much elated when
they learned of his intended visit.
Gold Auto Coming.
Another bit of good' news came from
the Studebaker factory. It contained
the information that the famous
Studebaker gold automobile would be
sent to this city. This gold car is
the evolution of the gold chassis v
which was shown here last year and
created so much inlerest The gold
car is valued at $30,000 and is said to
be the most expensive automobile
ever built. Four hundred ounces of
rwnety-four-karat gold were used in
the construction of this machine. All
the metal parts are plated with gold,
the body is white enameled, the up
holstery is white, as is the Victoria
top. It is said to be a most striking
exhibit, and at the Jfew York and
Chicago shows was regarded as the
biggest attraction of the displays.
Kanaaa City. Fob. IS. Whsat No. I hard.
II. No. I, ll.7iai.ll; Har. 1171:
July. II.441, 1.4H4.
Com No. 3 miaoa. nvn,., i.-. .
ttfttfr; No. I r.Uow, ll,t(i.ii; mar.
nc: Jolr,1 7c
Oatsataaay; no. a wdiib, ow..tiw
mild. 68 O ilr..
Huttsr UnchanKOd
F.tcim Firsts, 38c.
Poultry Unchanfcfld.
M. IhIi Oral. MarM.
Oata, Fb. Il Whoat No.
I rod,
lilt: No. I hard. 11.840
1.T4K-, .July. ! .
Corn No. l, ,i.s.m..i;
fi.u: May, li.oi; July. i .
Oata Htsady; iraca, no. a. omc, -
white, nominal.
OCTm Maakrt.
N.w Tork. Fh. 11. Coffeo Th marh.t
for corfs. futnros waa comparatively quiet
todsv with price, worklnc lower under
scatter, liquidation and a little selling;
from trade source. Reports th.t German
commerce raider had been .unk In. South
American water, may have created rather
a more optlmtaUo view In Import conditions,
but there was not enough business to Indi
cate any fen.ral chance In sentiment. The
market opened at a decline or i 10 o po,n.
u. .nli, off from 8.30c to 1.16c: and the
close was 8 to 12 points net lower. Sales.
33.320 basa; February 1.03c; Marin, ,.,;
April. 8.11c; May. 8. 18c; June. 8.1c; July.
8 23c; August, 8.3c; September, 8.2fc;
October, 8.32c; November, 8.36c; ueeero-
ber, 8.37c; January a..ic.
Spot, Irregular, Rio 7s, 10c: flantos 4s.
l,c Offers of Santos 4s wero reported
In the cost antt freight market at 10c, Lon
don credits, and at 8.70c to .0c, Ameri
can credits. The official cables snowen an
advance-of 76 rets in me wo spoi mw...
1th Santos ruiures uncuanseu
rela I
Cotton Market.
New Tork, Feb. 13. Cotton
opened ateady; March,
May, 15.81c;
July. 16.86c; October. 16.4c.
Cotton futures ciosen nrm; mr, ... ""'
May, 11.44c; July, la.tic; vjctooer, ...v .
This Is the Chalmers 5-Passenger 6-30
Needless to ask you what price 70a wast to pay for ttk
attractive car. Toa very muca prefer tbe present price, $1098.
For kpnnins March 1, the price wiD be $1250. $160 is a
nod saring certainly enough ts make any man accelerate
his iorchase on such an attractive valve as the Chabners.
Well btuanced. Easy te drive. Easy on tires. Economical
f gaaoime and oiL Big. OmiiertaUe. Roomy. SoantL
Good from end to end.
On the 2 -passenger roadster . there is a saving of $181
Ike present price. $1070, becomes $1250 a March L
aBwaajsrlssia. - $H9)
" IJbMBBWS &9)
X " lialatsr - 1(7. T
T " ho - 13S 7
Chaa. R. Hannan. Jr., PresieVant.
Walter S. Johnaoa, Sec'r and Salsa Mgr.
E. V. Abbott. Vice Pre, aad Cess. Mgr.
20S4 Famam St, Omaha Neb. .mm Phone Dottflas 3958.
At the
Feb. 26
A Million Dollar
to March 3, ' 17
Of Gasoline and Electric Pleasure
Cars and Trucks, elaborately dis
played in tasteful settings. It will be
the "Greatest Show Ever Held West
of Chicago." Don't fail to visit the
Palm Room.
Every Dealer
in Omaha,
Will be represented in this olossal
Exhibition, and every dealer will per
sonally strive to make your visit a
profitable and pleasant one. It will
be a "Show for Everybody."
For any further information on anything pertaining to the thou), please
addres Clarke C.Powell, manager, 2051 Farnam Street, Omaha, Neb.