Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 10, 1917, Page 9, Image 9

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Brief City News
Wadding Kings Edhohn. Jeweler.
Hm Root Print It Now Beacon Proas.
Towl Engineering Company has
moved to top floor New First National
bank building. Expert drainage and
municipal engineers. Phone Douglas
Bible Class , Mwtinc Mrs. G. G.
Balrd, the new leader ot the Bible
classes, will meet the leaders Monday
at 2:30 In the Young Women's Chris
tian association building.
Want To Be Americans More than
100 employes of the Cudahy .Packing
company have registered for the class
in citizenship recently started by the
South Side Young Men a Christian association.
Officer Breaks Hand Officer Joe
Bolster of the South Side police broke
his right hand at 6:30 p. m. yesterday
cranking an automobile that was
Btalled on Twenty-fourth and N
streets, blocking the traffic.
Patrick to Speak The Omaha
Philosophical society will meet Sunday
ar 3 o clock in LAbor temple. Nine
teenth and Farnam. William L. Pat
rick will speak on "The Federal Ju
diciary and the People's Rights."
Social Tonight The Holy Name so
ciety of St. Cecilia s cathedral will hold
a reception in honor of Archbishop
Harty at the school auditorium. Thir
ty-ninth and Webster streets, this
evening at 8 o'clock. Prot O'Nell will
To Build Next Year The Conserva
tive has extended the lease of W. A.
Plel, the druggist at Eighteenth and
Farnam streets, until February 1 next
year, when it is planned to build on
the corner, which was bought some
time ago.
George A. Custer, W. R. C. Mem
bers of the George A. Custer branch
of the Woman's Relief Corps are asked
to be in the municipal auditorium at
1:30 p. m, February 12, to be assigned
their places in the Lincoln-Washing
ton celebration.
Breaks His Ankle Captain Philip
Miller of hose house No. 9 sprained
his right ankle coming down the brass
pole to answer a fire call at 11 o'clock
last night Miller had just returned
to work after spending three weeks in
the hospital. He asserts a "jinx" is
following mm.
Hastening to Germany Answering
tne recall, lit. unricn zoepm, uerman
consul general at San Francisco, is on
his way home. Accompanied by his
wtte and stair, in all a party of ten,
Dr. Zoepffi will pass through Omaha
Saturday evening on the Union Paci
fic No. 2, arriving here at 8:20 o clock.
The doctor and his party are scheduled
to sail from New York next Tuesday.
Fine Fireplace Goods Sunderland
Central High Glee Club
, Will Give Minstrel Show
The Central High Glee club will
give a minstrel show in the school
auditorium on February 16. It has
been named A Breeze Irom Dune,
and will contain several good acts.
There will be a "Trial by Jury" sung
by several members of the club, also
an Hawaiian quintet, composed of
Floyd Paynter, Leonard Wallen,
George Benolken, Harry Hobson and
Rudyard Norton. Pickininy comedy
will be furnished by four members
of the club. .
.Jay Burns will be the interlocutor
ill the minstrel show. The end men
will be Floyd Paynter, Harold
Moore, Arthur Paynter, Leonard
.Wallen, Robert Russell, Charles
Brewer, Dwight Chase and Charles
A month later the annual road show
of eight or more acts will be given
for the benefit, of the military de-
, partment
The show is to be given in "an ef
fort to raise money to defray camp
expenses. Money must be raised by
some outside means this year to in
sure an encampment at the close of
the school year.
Episcopal Bishop Directs
Clergy to Say Special Prayer
Right Rev. Arthur L. Williams.
Episcopal bishop of Nebraska, has set
forth and directed the clergy of his
diocese to say a special prayer at
every occasion of public worship dur
ing the present crisis. The authorized
prayer is as follows:
"O, Almighty God, the Supreme
Governor of all things, Whose power
no creature is able to resist, to Whom
it belongeth justly to punish sinners
and to be merciful to those who truly
repent; save and deliver us, we hum
bly beseech Thee, from the imminence
of war; and grant that we, being
armed with Thy defense, may be pre
served evermore from all perils, and
truly glorify Thee, Who art the
only giver of peace; through the mer
its of Thy Son, Jesus Christ, our
Lord. Amen." ;
Fremont Man Burned by
' Explosion of Gasoline
Fremont, Neb., Feb. 9. (Special)
Rudy Marek of Fremont was qoite
painfully burned about the face and
neck when a gasoline torch he was
using exploded and the gasoline was
thrown over him. Marek Dut out the
flames that enveloped him by rolling
on the Moor ot the garage, where he
was working. Marek will be unable
to work for some time. Marek is a
well known lightweight wrestler. He
made a trip through the east with Joe
Stecher, acting as one of the trainers
in the Stedber ramp.
Aged Insurance Man Dies
After a Brief Illness
James A. Woodman, probably the
oldest insurance man in the tirty, died
yesterday at the home of his son,
Arthur E. Woodman, 2223 Capitol
avenue. He was ill only one day.
Mr. Woodman had been been is
On.iha since 1877, and was 80 years
of age. His wife survives him and
his sons, w!h whom he was engaged
in business.
He was a partner in the old Mur-phy-Leavitt-Woodman
company, an
insurance agency of the early days.
News Notes of Edgar.
Edgar, Neb, Feb. 9. (Special.)
Harry Welch, one-half mile west of
Edgar, has diphtheria. i
C E. Boyd, recently of Nelson, has
bought the drug store known as
King's Pharmacy.
Nels Anderson, ah aged Swedish
man, who came from Sweden a couple
of years ago to Ihre with his daugh
ter, Mrs. Charles Hanson, died at
their borne yesterday.
Dr. Fredflick H. MUtener has gone to
Washington, where be will look after eotne
private matters In eofmeettpn with patents
that tie is M-curtnir
Dr. Klasi Mew Dtaetmry.
There It nothinc better tor your coogh or
cord than Dr. Kin it's New Discovery, In nee
ever 40 yean. Guaranteed, AH dranrieta,
-A4verUsemen t.
Friday, Feb. 9, 1917.
Phone Douglas 137
There's Newness Creeping in at Every Nook and Corner at Burgess-Nash
Like the Scent of
a Pleasing Perfume
These New Spring uits
At $29.50 Will Captivate You
by express! hardly out of the tissue paper
newness, their style, individuality and distinc
tiveness will appeal to the women
who give a thought for the new.
The style trend is a decided
change from the past season
some are strictly tailored with
smart, close collar, snug shoulders
and straight silhoutte, that so many
discriminating women prefer.
The coats are box pleated from
belt down, odd shaped pockets, silk
collars that can be detached, knife
pleated skirts, that are slightly
longer than past season.
The materials are Poviet twills; poplins, gaberdines,
Burella cloth, English tweeds, in apple green, gold, mus
tard gray, copen, tan, navy aa well as black.
Biipn Nash Co. Sac Floor
.1 ra
Here are Hosiery Values
That You Will Appreciate at 75c
BECAUSE they are of more than ordinary importance. Women's
black Japan silk hose, doable garter tops, high spliced heel and
doable sole, fall fashioned, at 75c pair.
Women's Cotton Hose, at 39c
Women's extra quality black cotton hose, oat sizes, doable gar
ter tops, full fashioned, regular made foot, at 39c the pair.
Misses Silk Lisle Hose, 29c
Misses' fine rib black silk lisle hose, full seamless, all sizes,
at 29c the pair.
Burfooa-Naah Co. Main Floor
A Radical Clearaway of New Spring
Satin Trimmed Hats at $2.50
NEVER to our knowledge have we
offered bigger and better values
than these trimmed hats for Saturday.
The range of selection is extremely
wide, embracing all the latest shapes
in such shades as :
Shadow Lawn green,
Copen blue,
Niger brown
Delft blue
Daintily trimmed with flowers,
Chinese and Japanese ornaments,
scores of individual creations from
which to choose at the reduced price
of $2.50.
Barrets-Nub Co.
It's Not Often You Get Better
Underwear Values Than These
WOMEN'S vests, low neck and sleeveless, white swiss
rib, fancy lace inserts, at 25c.
Women's Union Suits, 59c
Women's union suits, low neck arid sleeveless cuff knee, band
tops, special, at 59c
Women's Union Suits, 85c '
Women's extra size low neck and sleeveless white cotton fleece
lined union suits, very special at 85c.
Burgoaa-Nash Co. Main Floor
These are Indeed ,
Very Special -
New Tub Silk Blouses at $1.95
That Are Unusual Values
SMART, new blouses, in sports and tailored styles, with
low, flat collars and long sleeves, box plaited and
tucked, smart pockets, pearl buttons.
They come in white, flesh, coral and maize, also white with deep
band around sailor collar of maize, nile and coral. The sizes are 36
to 46. Remarkable values at $1.95. ,
Crepe de Chene Blouses, $3.95 to $6.50
Tailored models in flesh, white, gold and coral others with
dainty trimmings of filet lace or "Khaki Kool" design silk on collar
caffs and ties in bright colors.
Georgette Crepe Blouses, at $6.50
They come in orchid, maize, coral bisque, peach, white, rose and
flesh with dainty tuckings, hand embroidery and hemstitching. The
sleeves are long and the collars low, sizes 34 to 46.
Burgaaa Naah Co. Sacond1 Floor
Five New Spring Models Women's
Boots Specially Priced
ND this price is for Saturday only. Here's
an idea of what the offering means.
New brown kid lace boots
New gray kid lace boots. . .
Black kid vamp with white kid top. . . .
Black kid vamp with gray kid top. . . .
Black kid vamp with ivory kid top. . . .
Light torn soles with leather louis heels
Welted soles with leather louis heels . .
"Special in the Children's Section"
A clearaway of all the short lines of child's.
-" uis gulp " ' '"-
Sizes 8H to 2, special at $2.45.
Sizes 2ft to 6, special at $2.95.
Buigaaa Naah Co. Sond Floor
Jamas A. Banister fine shoe for men Fourth Floor
Sale ,
Representing Reduc
tions of 10 to 50
Burfeaa-Naah Co. Third Floor ,
OANDY Day at
Pure, delicious sweetmeats
the kind that makes you want
Chocolate and vanilla nut
caramels, 29c lb.
Old fashioned chocolate
drops 29c lb.
Delicious Maple caramel
glaces 29c lb.
Home made cream pecan
roll 50c lb.
Pecan croquettes at 60c lb.
Burgaai-Naah Co. Main Floor
y 15c a Bunch
Fresh California violets, 60
in a bunch, special Saturday
at 15c.
Spring Flowers
Daffodils, Freesias, Tulips,
etc., at special prices.
Bursoaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
SEND Her a
There's a little bit of senti
ment in every one and every
one likes to receive a valentine.
Our range of selection is excep
tionally good wiih a price range
of le to 25c.
Bnr(Ma-N.h C. Mala Floor
A Sweeping Clearaway Saturday of
Men's Furnishings
At Radical Price Reductions
PASTE this in your hat to be here early Saturday morning, for there's not a man in
Omaha or hereabouts who can in justice to himself allow this sale' of men's fur
nishings to slip by unnoticed. It means unusual saving advantages on merchandise of
the wanted sort. The different items will be displayed on tables and counters, assorted
in sizes and priced for easy selection.
Men's Shirts, at 89c
A large collection of broken lines mostly taken from our regular
stock, guaVanteed to fit and to be of the highest grade material and
workmanship, clearaway price, 89c.
Men's Neckwear, 98c, 69c and 29c
All of our men's neckwear in three lots, large apron flowing end,
4-in-hands, also reversible and a few ascots and knitted scarfs,
price 98c, 69c and 29c.
Men's Sweater Coats, $2.45
Jumbo and shaker knit, one big lot; any sweater coat in the
house, Harvards alone excepted; all the good colors, sizes to 46;
clearaway price $2.45.
Men's Sleeping Wear, 3 for $1
Pajamas and night robes; one lot including
muslins of good quality and outing flannel robes;
clearaway price, 3 for $1X0.
Outing Flannel Pajamas, 98c
Any man's outing flannel pajamas in the stock,
it "Faultless" make, 98c.
Men's Pa jamas ,Clearaway,$ 1 .29
Another big lot of year round weight pajamas;
blues, tan and striped patterns, soiled and mussed
some would require laundring before they could
be used; clearaway price, $1.29.
Burf oaa-Naah Co. Mitn Floor,
Men's Union Suits, 65c
Mostly summer weight samples athletic and
knitted garments, all sizes but very strong on the
40 and 42 sixes, some medium weight and a few
winter weights, mostly ecru and white; these an
the "samples" from a large jobbing bouse; ekar
away pries 65c.
Men's Fabric Gloves, at 39c
Very strong on the small situs, mostly brown
color, imported fabric, look like mocha leather
stock, no more can be imported until after the war;
clearaway price 39c pair.
Juit Inalda Homo? SI. Door
A Remarkable Clearaway of
Novelty Jewelry
AHOUSECLEANING effort-a disposal of all small
lots and odd pieces of novelty jewelry at extreme
reductions, for instance
Including: Solid Gold Jewelry Vi Price
Including:- Diamond Set Jewelry lt Price
including: Novelty Jewelry y2 Price
Jewelry at $2.49
Cameo pins, solid gold mtg.
Cameo bracelets and lavalliere.
Gold filled lavallieres.
Solid gold rings.
Sterling cigarette cases.
Jewelry at 49c
Included in this lot are a few
solid gold scarf pins, also gold
filled neck chains, cuff buttons,
scarf pins, sterling silver rhine
stone set brooches and pendants.
At this price we are also offering
very special values in fancy hair
pins, including jet and stone set
pins and combs.
Jewelry at $1.95
Solid goU cigar clips, scarf
Eins, rings, gold filled, emblem
uttons and charms, cameo
Sterling silver brilliant
brooches, sterling silver match
Jewelry at 95c
Under this price you will find
sterling pencils, match boxes,
German silver cigarette eases.
Gold filled lockets, emblems,
charms, beads, crosses, solid gold
links and scarf pins, shell goods,
jet combs, brilliant and colored
atone barrettes and fancy combs.
Standard Watches, About V2 Price
Men's 18 size, 15-jewel Elgin, complete in a 25-year James Boss
case, open face and bunting style special, $12.50.
Women's O size, "7 -jewel Elgin movement, complete in a 20-year
guaranteed gold filled case, special, $7.95.
Men's 16 site, 7-jewel New York standard movement, in a 10
year guaranteed gold filled case, special, $5.00.
Men's 16 size, open face, thin model watches, 10-year guaran
teed gold filled case, 7-jewel movement: gilt dial; special, $4.95.
12 and 16 size, O face New England watch, gold filled case, spe
cial, $2.95. BarfMNuh Co. Main Floor
Clearaway Saturday of Men's
Specially Reduced to
$9.75 and $16.75
The coats are all this season's
product, including a wide assort
ment of fancy mixtures and weaves
such as boucles, cheviots, tweeds
and kerseys, in gray, brown, blue
oxford and plaids. Made double or
single breasted with plain box and
semi-fitting belt or pinch-back with
sloping shoulders and flared skirt
6ne-fourth, one-half or full lined
and finished with velvet or self-material
collar, patched, plain or muff
pockets; all sizes 33 to 48, but the
greatest range of selection is 33 to 37
bust measure.
Men's Mackinaw at $6.95
Double breasted style with large
shawl collar, pinch-back or norfolk
style, skate or heavy welt patch pock
ets; overplaids and fancy mixtures;
sizes 34 to 46, reduced to $6.95.
Bur(MS-Nih Co. Fourth Floor
DRUGS and Toilet
Goods Underpriced
Listerine, medium size, 34c.
Pebeco tooth paste, special,
at 29c.
The new Hughes waterproof
ideal, special, $1.29.
Large powder puff, 10c.
Locust blossom extract, oz., 29c
Free, 1 cake of Palmolive soap
with a 25c bottle of Almo
A sheet steel, electric welded
hot water bottle, guaranteed
for 5 years, $1.39.
Large 1-Ib. can talcum powder,
for 19e.
Danderine, medium size, 34c.
Pond's vanishing cream, 16c.
Rubber gloves, special, at 25c.
Hand drawn solid back bristle
hair brushes, 49c.
Mentholatum, 15c.
Castoria, 19c.
Sal.Hepatica, medium size, 34c
1 -quart ammonia, 13c.
1-lb. absorbent cotton, 37c.
Peroxide, bottle, 10c.
Cocoanut oil soap, cake, 4c.
Toilet soap, 3 cakes,,, 11c.
Bath tablets, box, 7c
Sayman's soap, cake, 7c.
Burs u-Naah Co Main Floor
More Good News for Saturday From the
Down Stairs Store
THIS big underprice store
table of special values
Men's Overcoats, $4.95
Men's ulsters, in black and'
gray ; all sizes 34 to 40; very
specially priced, Pri- &X QC
day, at Pa7J
Men's Suits, $4.95
Men's suits, of cheviots, wor
steds and cassimeres; sizes for
young men, 16 up to 20; and
for men 34 to 44; sale (M AC
price . P'iwJ
Cedar Oil, 15c
Big Wonder cedar oil for
polishing hardwood floors,
pianos, etc, specially priced
Saturday,, at pint 1 C
can . 1C
Men's Pants, $2.95
Cassimere and worsted pants,
good neat stripe effects, all
sizes waist measure 32 CO AC
to 44, at W'W
Men's Underwear, 45c
Men's 2-Piece Cotton Ribbed
Underwear, heavy weight and
lighter garments. Very jC-
special, at, each.
is a veritable harvest field these days with . table
in merchandise you need and want every day. -
Union Suits, 98c
Any man's union suit, eith
er wool, cotton or fleeced lined,
in our Down Stairs Store sec
tion ; this means a sur- QO
prising reduction, at. . . . aOC
Men's Underwear, 29c
Men's 2-piece fleeced under
wear, heavy weight, soiled,
mostly shirts, very spe- 90-
cial, at, each wC
Flannel Shirts, 98c
Any man's flannel shirt in
our -entire Down Stairs Store;
all sizes, blue, gray and, in fact,
all good colors; remember QC
your unrestricted choice vOQ
Men's Shirts, 44c
"Odds" and "ends" of shirts,
accumulated, In one big lot at
an enormous cut in price, even
below what any shirt, no matter
how inferior the quality might
be, can be bought at A A
wholesale; sale price. . . TC
Soaps! Soaps!
Felt' naphtha, 19 rMkea, 40c.
White borax naphtha, 10 cakea 35c.
Small Ivory, S rakes, 22c.
Diamond "C" loap, 9 cakca, 25c.
Linht Houa-j r.'eanacr, 2 cana, 10c.
Old Dutch cleanlier, can, Sc.
Men's Blue Denim
THINK of it!
Men's high
back and suspen
der overalls,
made of 220 and
2 4 0 American
blue denim, with
two front-swing
pockets, watch
and pencil pocket
on bib, rule
fiocket on right
eg, two patch
hip pockets, two
buttons on side
opening and two
on bib; all seams
double stitched
and felled.
None sold to
JSS Mm '
Bnrnst-Nuh Co. Down Stain Star I