Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 10, 1917, Page 3, Image 3

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Two Jewelery Department Specials
Of Exceptional Interest for Saturday
AFTER-INVENTORY has revealed these two items, which we shall offer
at exceptional prices for Saturday.
French Ivory Dressing Combs, 39c
That have sold here right along at $1.00. Dressing Combs of grained
ivory, very heavy, 9-inch comb, both coarse and fine; just 26 dozen of
these at 39c each.
Pin Seal Hand Purses, $1.00
Hand Strap Purse, fancy silk lining; special, Saturday, at $1.00 each.
Main Floor.
California Violets
A Large Bunch For
A Large Variety of Spring
Flowers and Blooming Plants
at Special Prices
Entrance to Pompeian Room
Splendid Spring Styles and Special Saturday Sales
Smartest Spring Suits for Women
Most Striking Styles of the Season -
To quote a recent review which makes a very vivid picture
of the very garments we are showing in this store right now :
"Coats vary from hip to almost full length. Sashes easily
outnumber belts; worsted embroidery and silk embroidery ef
fects are numerous. Buttons are used very effectively in trims
and many models are shown with collars extremely large and
unusual in cut. Skirts are irregular, but not extremis for
example, a garment which crosses surplicewise, makes the
skirt section dip at that side, or a side gore may forget to stop
at the edge and continue over, only to be snipped off in an
odd, but attractive manner somewhat below."
And so it continues, right through the sports styles, the new
Wool Jersey Suits, etc. new, NEW, NEW, following faster
and faster each step we take. This year's earliest arrivals are
fascinatingly interesting. COME AND SEE THEM.
One Smart Suit of Caster
Colored Gaberdine ; slipper
pockets on the hips is a strik
ing feature; embroidered in
chain stitching, in gold, silver
and colored silks.
Wool Jersey Suit, with
pleated jacket and "applied"
pockets button trimmed
it's rather a plain suit but it
more than makes up for its
plainness in its attractiveness
paradoxical as that may
Suits of Navy Blue Serge,
with coat of attractive straight
tailored cut with a pleated
skirt; some braid, some but
ton and some braid and but
ton trimmed.
A new Black and White
Suit is VERY chic a belted
model plain big collar of
White Poiret Silk and there
in lies the newness.
Another Wool Jersy Suit is
in a Russian Green ground
trimmed with gold and sil
ver stitching.
Prices, $22.50, $25.00, $29.00, $32.50, $35.00 to $50.00
Second Floor.
Newest Sport Shirts
Are Stunning
Be Sure to See Them
- Soiree Silk are the
materials the makers-have
employed and employed
so well that they have pro
duced some of the most
stunning models of this or
any other season.
Just a plain tailored
Blouse, with a big, full
sailor collar of contrast
ing silk, with a big sail
or bow in front and
pointed end turn-back
French cuffs not much
to describe but the
CHARM is here in large
letters THEY ARE
In checks, stripes and
one color effects, $7.50.
New Crepe de Chine
Blouses, $2.98
In gold, peach, flesh,
rose, emerald green,
maize, white, etc.
Beautiful Georgette
Blouses, $5.50 and $6.50.
In orchid, maize, peach,
gold, white and flesh; new
frill models included semi
dress style. New full models
Second Floor.
The Wonderful Success of the New Specialty Shop
Opened Here
For Misses and Small Women
Has Been a Revelation Even to Us
Even while we have endeavored, the success that
has been meted out to us, by exercising extreme care
in the selection of every garment brought here and
seeing that every woman was shown just the type of
garment best suited to her we were simply amazed
at the response. At this writing, although the new
Specialty Shop for Misses and Small Women is but
three or four days old, it has already thoroughly es
tablished itself.
Now Another Unusual Service Feature
Presents Itself.
We Are Specializing on Suits at $25.00
These are the strictly tailored models, severe but
charming in their lines and always excellent in style, then
there are the more extreme models with the barrel pockets,
the slipper pockets and the touches of bright and fascinat
ing colors here and there that add materially to their at
tractiveness. New arrivals in Poiret Twill, French Serge
and Tricotine lend their influence to make of this an unu
sually attractive display.
Gunny Burl that new material which is attracting
so much attention is employed on many of the Suits we
are offering.
The Specialty Shop of Personal ServiceWelcomes You
Second Floor.
Drugs and Toilet Needs
Glycothymoline, 50c size bottle for, 33
S. S. S., for the blood, $1.00 size bottle 67
Seidlitz Powders, 10 in a box for 14J
Pluto Water, large bottle 29
Bromo Seltzer, 25c size bottle 16
Lapactic Pills, 100 in bottle, for S4
Pompeian Olive Oil, 25c size 19$
Fletcher's Castoria, 35c size bottle 21$
Elder Flower Soap, 3 bars for 20$
Putnam's Dry Cleaner, 25c size for 18$
Madam Ise'bell's Cold Cream, 50c size 29$
Ida May Face Powder, the box 21$
Java Rice Powder, all shades, the box 29$
Djer-Kiss Talcum Powder, the box 24$
Rite Baby Talcum, 25c size box 14$
Toy Talcum Powder, the box 18$
Peroxide Toilet Soap, the cake 6$
Verbena Bath Tablet, 10c cake 7$
4711 White Rose Glycerine Soap, the cake. 14$
White Vaucaire Galega Tablets, the box 69$
El Perfecto Veda Rouge, the box 29$
Roger & Gallet Rice Powder, the package 25$
Mary Garden Perfume, original 1-ounce bottle $1.88
Djer-Kiss Perfume, special, the ounce $1.10
4711 Lilac Vegetal, the bottle 48$
Hughes' Ideal Hair Brush, waterproof, special $1.39
White Ivory Manicure Buffer, worth 75c, at 49$
Gillette Safety Razor Blades, $1.00 size 75
Genuine Thermos Bottle, quart size, special $1.89
Ricksecker's Complexion Soap, 25c size cake 12$
Lustrite Nail Enamel, 25c size 16$
Main Floor.
We Are Indeed Proud of These Pretty Petticoats
And a New Section is Devoted to Them Entirely
"SIMON PURE" SILK is the simple story of real worth they
are all made of this.
In color they start with the prismatic and include all the
tints of the rainbow.
We see Persian, Paisley and. the changeable hues that
are truly beautiful.
There are hundreds and hundreds of these Petticoats, all
lengths and sizes and styles but we cannot end this little story
without mentioning one that will make a rare appeal on its very
A WHITE WASH silk petticoat, double paneled, is an offering
that we want you to come and see $3.98
Second Floor.
Beautiful Gray Lace Boots
Just Received from the East
ABOUT 200 pairs in this lot and they won't last
long just long enough to give some fortunate
Omaha women the opportunity to buy an exceptional
Shoe at $6.00 a pair. -
Allover Gray Kid, 8 inches high, lace style, light
. welted and stitched soles and leather Louis heels.
. Children's Shoes, $1.19
Sizes 6 to 8 and about 300 pairs in the lot grouped
together for Saturday's selling at this low price. They
have sold here in regular stock up to $1.75.
Every kind of leather and both kid and cloth tops; all
button style.
Main Floor.
Women's White Kid Gloves,
Worth $1.50-Saturday OOC
JUST 50 dozen of these Gloves that are selling here every
day in regular stock, at $1.50 a pair.
Also a Generous Assortment of Long White Kid Gloves
A fortunate purchase by our Paris office is the reason for
the little price on this lot.
We put this into short, concise statement so that "she who
reads may run" for they surely will not last long at this price.
600 pairs is not a great quantity, when 65c may be saved on a
single pair.
This is the lowest price we havesver announced for White
Kid Gloves as good as these, and this aespite the fact that in to
day's wholesale market prices have soared skyward.
This is more than an offering IT IS AN EVENT stock up for future use.
Main Floor.
Sugars and Creamers, Selling Right
Now at $2.98
To be $1.69 a pair
Just a fcrief description that ia all everyone knows what these
Sugars and Creamers are worth a pair suffice to say that these are
richly cut in a floral pattern with deep cot star bottom, at $1.69 a pair.
They are values that you will hardly feel like missing.
Main Floor. 1'
Bully Overcoats For Boys,
at $3.15
Your Choice -Sizes From 3 to 10 Years
for every mother of a healthy boy to take
advantage of Saturday. These Overcoats
are all well made, of excellent materials
warm, cosy and stylish PICK THEM
OUT. '
70 Chinchillas, in grays and blues, many
are all pure wool.
200 Mixtures in neat patterns and color
ings. It will pay you to buy for next year as well
at tliis price.
Here's Another Bit of Good News
Extra Knee Trousers for boys are a necessity if you want
the suit to last to its capacity.
A Big Lot of Odd Suit Pants at 85c
Combined with a splendid lot of Corduroy Knickerbock
ers; Saturday, for your benefit, 85c a pair. Pants of service
able mixtures that are fully lined as welL
Third Floor.
A Timely Sale
of "Munsing"
A Third and More Under
Regular Prices
These arrived at the last
minute, and with the ther
mometer keeping right
around the zero mark, it is
indeed a fine bit of good
news. Mostly women's
union suits, vests and
pants, with a goodly as
sortment of children's
union suits. To be sold at
39c, 79c and $1.29
Seconds of the 59c to
$1.75 qualities.
Main Floor.
Smart NeckwearNew Arrivals
We have just received a very attractive assortment of Colored
Georgette Crepe Collars. The leading shades are represented, such as
Mustard, Tan, Gray, Navy and Black. Priced at $1.25
Dainty New Georgette Collars, trimmed with filet lace. Very fas
cinating styles are shown, at .'504
Main Floor.
A big assortment from which to
choose, at prices to fit every
Unique cut-out designs.
More artistic and attractive
than ever.
Popular fiction and beautiful
gift books make most acceptable
Main Floor.
of Bewitching Beauty
Every well dressed wo
man appreciates the
smartness of a pretty veil.
We are showing many at
tractive styles and pat
terns, such as scroll, em
broidered and motif "ef
fects, t
The Drape Veil takes
the lead for Spring. Under
this heading comes the
Circular and Military
Veils, and the Diadem
Veil, beautifully embroid
ered around . the bottom,
and a design on the top
which adds trimming and
charm to the hat.
Prices range from 59c
to $2.50.
Main Floor.
Saturday Night Dinner
6 to 8:30 P. M.
Cream of Tomato with Whipped Cream
Young Radinhrn Celery Hirt
Queen Olivet
Rout Young Duck with Dressing,
Apple Sauce
Browned Sweet Potatoes
Stewed Com
Celery, Apple and Pineapple Salad
Hot Holla Hot Corn Bread
English Plum Pudding. Bard Brandy
Sauce, or
pple or Hurttleberry Pie a la Mode,
or Chocolate Meringue Pie, or
Ice Cream and Cake
Tea Coffee Milk
Special Muaieal Attraction.
Gren Room.
Delicious Candies
Special Crisp Deviled Pea
nuts, something new and sure
to please. 1 Q
Pound 12C
Delicious Opera Fruit Rotl,
rolled in nuts. Oft
Found LVC
Cream Peanut Squares, van
illa, strawberry and 1 C
chocolate. Pound .... IOC
Old Fashioned Black on
Walnut Taffy. Pound. .CiJZ
Fresh Maple Confections
every Saturday. OA
Pound ZUC
Pompeian Chocolate Bitter
Sweets and Swiss Style Milk
Chocolates. . QQ
Pound wC
Pompeian Room.
There's a Difference
to vast, between the ordinary
Sewing Machine and
that once any woman realiz
es it, she is never satisfied
with any other make but
"The Free."
The opportunity to TRADE
and receive $12.00 for it to
apply as first payment on
"The Free" makes it easy for
you to get rid of the old.
hard-working machine
possess this beautiful
chine and wonderful
chanical marvel.
v if
n 1
The 1917 Model
"The Free."
This machine will sew anything from fine chiffon and
Lawns, to worsteds, with a perfect stitch it is the most effi
cient Sewing Machine that we know of today,
The Beautiful
1917 Model
"The FREE"
is finished in all styles, to harmonize perfectly with the
furnishings of your home.
DON'T DELAY get the best Sewing Machine that
your money will buy RIGHT NOW. . "
$1.00 Down Buys It. ,
$1.00 a Week Pays for It. '
Third Floor. ' '