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Killing Cattle Slow and Lower,
Feeders Very Weak
Sheep About Steady.
Omaha, Februarr . ""
Mher; top, I1J.JS; bulk of sale, HMO
Receipts were: Curia, lie"
Official Uonday . .l
Official Toesdaj . !.''
Official Wedlesd.Jf .. 7,4 84,14
rifflclal Thursday .... ,I7 SI.'"
Estimate Friday W
14 661
rive aal t - week ..J4.2JI lll.tM
Kama dan lat week..JI.S07 17.051.
Kama daya 2 was. ao.!,4S! I'.
Same daya I wka, alo.M.465 ".4
Kama daya 4 wka. 10.J4.J2 106.' Han laat raar. ,.:.74l l,tt
Receipt, and disposition nf live stock at
the Union Stock Yards, Omaha, fo' twent);
four hours endtni at p. m. yesterday;
' 6t,a
r... m. St. T
Missouri Pafltlc...
Union Pacific
C, R. I. P.. east..
C. N. W. west....
C, St. P., M. O. . .
C, B. Q. eaat
C. B. Xj Q. west...
r.. F. I. A P.. west.
llllnola Ontral
Chicago CJreat Vast.
Total receipts.
Morris A Co ti
Hwlft & Company...,, 614
Cudahv Packing Co.. 666
Armour Co .'. 3il
Achwarts ft Co. ....
J. W. Murphy
Lincoln Packing Co... IS
Ho. Omaha Park. Co,. , 6
('.udahy. country...... ....
Jlunnlgar 0 ,. - 12
w. B. Vanaant Co....
r. B. lwl :,J
.1. M. Boot ft Co 10
Roarnatm-k Hros. 6
F. O. Kellogg JJ
Werthelmer ft Dcgen.' St
IT. K. Hamilton 6
Sullivan Broa
Mo. ft Kan. Calf Co..
Hlcrlns ..i
Banner Broa
John Harvey :. 10
Jensen ft Lungren. ....
Other buyera.... 66
, 1 o
. I 66 10
.12 "2 S
.14 37 6 ..
. 1 '
, 1 34 15
. 1
.2 7
. 6 17
.! 261 82 1
2, .1.12
1, 661
Cttl. Are Weak Hoga Strong Sheep and
IjimbM Klrong.
Chicago, Feh. Cattle Receipts, S.rtoft
head; market, weak; naltvs beef catlle.
SOW12.2; western steers. 67. SUSS;
lockers and feeders, IH.i04jt.C6; cows and
heifers. t5.lttjl0.5O; calves. 110.26 14. 7S.
Hoga Receipts, 33.000 head; market.
trong. montly 16c abovo yesterday's aver
age; bulk, tl2.2t012.4b; light, lll.Tnn 12.40;
mixed, tl2.o5M;f.60; heavy, l!2.00ft IZ-oO;
rough. f la.nOfcrlM:.: pigs, tt. 76$ 1 1.00,
hheep and I.ambs Receipts. 10.000 heart:
arkel, strong; wethers, 1 10.60 W 11.8' ' ewes
lt.00Oll.26; lambs. 111.100 14 ft
SI. Ionia IJv. "tork Market.
. Iuis. .Mo.. Feb. . Catlle Receipts.
I head; market, steady: native beef
steers. t7. 6011. 76; yearling steers and helf-
tt.6OCtll.60; cows, t6.60et.oo; stockers
feeders, t6,60'6.fl0; prime southern
beef steers, tt. 0011. 00; beef cows and
heifers. t4.26fft9.0O; prime yearling steers
and heifers, $7.6010.00; native calves, 10.00
gs Receipts. 11,600 head ; market.
higher; lights, II : lor 1 2 4"; pigs. ! 00J
l.oo; mixed and riiKcrters, fis.iBti'is.ew;
good heavy, tl2. 460 12.50; bulk, 112.20
.Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 25a head;
market, steady; lambs, t12 76.rU.75; ewes,
t6.60O10.0; yearlings, II 1.004 12.25.
City IJre Ktock Market.
Kanaas Clly, Mn Feb. t, Cattle Re
ceipts, 800 head; market, weak; prime fed
steera, tll-25r7 12.00; dressed beef steers,
te.oQQll.oO; western steers, tt.00OU.t0;
cows, t5.60Ot.60; heifers, t7.0010.60;
stockera and feeders, 7. 00W9.76; bulls, tt.60
01. 60; calvea. 17.00012 26.
Hogs Receipts. t,500 hesrl; market
higher; bulk of Bales, til, too 12.30; heavy.
tl2.20O12.40; packers and butchers, tiz.oo
t12 JO; light, tll.0O12D0; Pigs, tt60tj
Bheep and Imbs Receipts, 1,100 head;
market steady; lamba, tl 2.60O1 4.40; year
lings, tl2.Ooeil.25; wetbera, flO. 60011.60;
ewoa, ll0.00O10.t0. , ,
Nloni City I Ive Block Market. '
Slotta City, la., Feb. t. Cattlo-rRerelpts.
1,700 head; market weak; beef steers, tlO.OO
11.26; butchers, t.ootiv.oot rat cows and
heifers, t6.00O10.00; csnners, 14.2605.76;
stockera and feeders, tt.60Ot.25; calvea.
K00O10.00: bulls, stags, etc., lt.00Ol.t0:
feeding eows and heifers, lt.00Ot.26.
Hoga Recelpta, It. 000 head; market IB
16c higher; light, IllSOff 11.96; mlaed, til. 70
OHIO; heavy. 111. 16012. 00; pigs, lio.ootj
10.60; bulk of salea, til. 76 011.90.
Hheep and lAmbs Receipts. 1.000 head:
market steady; fed muttons, tt. 00012.26;
wetners, fl0.25Oll.26: ewea, 99 60O19.tif
lambs, tlt.00O14.00.
....MM .." 1M
cttiaSecelnta of oattle were light aa
usual on a Friday but the traao waa verr
.i enrf dntl and It waa late bifora much
bnslneaa was transacted. The fact is, prices
ware generally lltlla lower, It being In
vary raapeet a typical Friday market, Buy
ra who hT Uken on a good many cattla
this weak did not appear to be In need or
any additional and were Indifferent aa to
whether they bought anything or not
uuotallone oj cattle: tioodj to choice
beeves, I10.60O11 : fllr to - "IV.
19 760 10.60; common to fair beeves,
76; good to oholca belfera. t7.76O0;
good to choice cows, I7.M0I.MI fair to good
oowa. M.Mt)7.Ml oommon to flr.fwa.
I6.l60t.tll; prime taedlng ".''".?
10: good to choice feedsra. M 7609.21;
.... . t-MAirm ll.susjt.76: common
to fair feeder..; gm.d to Che oa
Blockers. 17.7501.60: stock heifers, 17.000
I 10, stock cows, lt.HO07.7t: stock calves,
l7.OO0.Oi veal calves. H.MOll.Jt; beef
bulls, stags. 11.11001. M; bologna bulla, M.00
: 7 oo.
Repreeentsttve sslesr
. . x. No. At, Pr.
V....... t! IS 00 - 1 960 17 J5
1 610 7 40 21..
II........ 741 1 16 6..
II Kt I 16 II..
11 79t 60 II..
II 1070 I It I..
II 1041 It 7..
n 67 I 40 SI..
It IM I 76 71..
tl 1006 10 Jl II..
3t 1301 10 76 ..
II. ...... .1343 11 00 It..
21. ...... .1441 11 10
t MT
It ,. 94S
I 41
I. ...... .HOt
I... 1011
.... 190
.... 774
.... 161
.... Ill
.... ill
7 46
I 10
I 40
I 0
I 76
1 40
7 10
1 10
I li
11.. X
.1117 II 0
..lttl 10 60
..1461 10 90
..1120 11 10
.. tit
.. 7t
.. 141
I........ 726 7 25 . 1 666 7 0
31 Hit t 76 II HOt 76
Hoga While hoc receipts were a great
deal smaller than for the three preview
daya, the run waa liberal tor a rnaav. i
loads, or 11.100 head, being reported In.
ttn.,nllee A fee this Week fOOt UP llt.tnt
head, which break- the week'a record made
about a month ago, being nearly twice aa
- large aa either last week or two weesa agu,
and 16,000 heavier than a year ago.
AFtar lunch time yeaterday, the market,
which had been been Improving alowly aver
alnoa the opening, showed a marKea up
turn, and all the later sales were aa much
aa 6010c higher than early, while a good
many of the hoga that arrived on the last
three or four trains sold ateady with the
prevloua day. The most improvement waa
on mixed and butcher claaaes, which en the
Antes, Bold fully aa wail aa vteunesaay.
tele (An nf tll.tO WSS Oald.
Yesterday's trade waa so uneven that It
waa pretty hard to make comparisons this
- morning. Movement started In good aeason
' and while the market waa better In noma
: spot than in ethers, most of the sales
looked fully 16o higher than yeslerday'a
opening, or, ft anything, stronger than the
beat time on the' close. In other worda,
.i..m hd rutlv recovered yesterday's slump.
and ware aa high aa at the best time earlier
In tha week. Packers quoted the market
i 10016c higher' than yeaterday's average.
, A fair clearance was made before noon,
l close being about aa good aa any time eg.
, .m MMthtv on some of the plainest offer.
i . rw ears of which had not sold at
. a Iste hour. Bulk of the sales landed at
111.70011.16. with a scattering or the least
Heeimhi ktnda down towardo 111.60, and
a good shewing aa high aa 111.00. Rumors
that over 111.00 had been paid oould not
. be oonflrmaa, ana aa tar aa waa lena '
the time of closing this report, that figure,
which equals tha record, waa tha day'a top.
Representative sales:
j a. Rh ' Pr. No. Av. Bit. Pr.
S4..1SS so 41 as
6..101 40 11 76 ,
74. .137 It 11 16
71.. lot ... 11 15
6 76
t 60
7 16
1 60
7 76
1 00
I 0
Lowest Prices Registered on
Almost Minimum of
I, It Ht-wk In Hla-faft.
nerHDt et live tuck at Llm Uva Drinefita.1
wwHern marKew rosttraay:
LOTJll 1.7(10 11.60(1 SB0
ChiABKO 3.000 as. 004) 10.000
mom utr.. .,..2,300 13.000 1.000
Omaha , 1,300 18, 00 7.000
Kruuu City..... IOO 8,6,0 1,100
Nw York. JVh. 9. I.owt price of the
w-k and for a imwh lonsrr period III some
noteworthy Instance wtvnt rftn.U'ri mnmy
on almoin a minimum of p-rallon. The
ry movement wai of the uncertain char
ier recently noted, but in ttio laier ami-
lns receiwlona her a me more general. Kvery
rt of the aeeurltleit list waa auecieu,
nt f RDerla It ea In tb equipment
elat.11, hlh irrftfle aharea loelnB irround a
wall ax the lean representative laauei. Offer-
gB were moderate In almost an caaea, oui
required only alight Benin to cauae re-
Waahlnrton waa the center or lntereai ann
Wall Street buzscd with rumore and rooip
bearlnf upon the probable course or inter
national even ta. Theee ran g-ed from the
mildly optlmlnttc to the more omlnoui aa
prices roee and fell.
Ralli were alightly better durtnr the fore
noon, offering hope of an abatement of the
recent liquidation. Rfllef waa only tem
porary, however, trannnortatlon share fall
ing back with the general maraet w .or
loweut levels In the last hour, though rally
ing slightly at the close,
Trading In Iwmia was lignt oai wntnw
entirely at recessions. The Anglo-French &s
made an extreme decline 01 m m pom. i
the new low record of 00 and the latest
United Kingdom Issue also fell to a new
minimum. Speculative railway bond, es
pecially the convertibles, alw rectided. Total
bond sales, par value, a,0,000. A. fw
notable changes In stocks included People's
Gas of Chicago, which made an eatreme
decline of S point on the unfavoravle
statement for 191. Local tractions also fell
tn iii nnlnts with 1 to I DOtnts ror snip-
pings, motor accesaorlea, ooppers and war
supplies generally.
Little signlricancs at taenia 10 nw roim
tlvMlv minor advances in Bethlehem Steel,
Central Leather, oils and prominent equip
ments, moat of which were enauea laier.
Total salea of stocks, 400,000 shares.
Rubles and lires out some of their recent
strength, but other foreign remittances were
not materially altered.
United Htates registered 4fl deciinea J per
cent, coupon 4s ft and 3s oi i ana
Panama Si, per cent each.
Number of sales and quotations on teaa-
insr inrite were:
BE ISA. nign.
2,000 97
1,100 43 V4
800 62
3,000 71
1,400 U
,1,000 14,800 11,360
International PesslblUtlet BUD Doinlnato AO
' Markets.
New York, Feb, .-Tomorrow Dun's Re
view will say:
International possibilities still dominate all
markets and cause a waiting policy In many
quarters, though confidence remains a con
spicuous feature in trade and Industrial
Financial mod It Ions are Intrinsically sound
and banking resources unprecedented, but
about foreign affairs restricted offerings of
money prompted business Interest to
defer important engagements for the future.
Preparation are In progress to meet any
economic contingency and some products
have been withdrawn rrom sale In anticipa
tion of federal requirements, government's
demands already being a factor In certain
with buyers and sellers alike adopting
a cautious attitude, new committments are
tit lessened volume though In some Instances
ine inquiry nas oroaaeneu ana in an lines
current needs continue extensive in spit
nt the high prices. Weekly bank clearings,
9 0,3 3 l, 7.
Am. Beet Sugar, . .
American Can
Am, Car A t- dry . .
m. locomotive. . .
m. ft Ref..
Am. Sugar Ref.,..
Am. Tel. & Tel. . . .
Am. Z.. L. 4 8....
Anaconda Copper..
Baldwin Locomo..
Baltimore ft Ohio.
Brook, Rapid Tran.
a a. 1,'opper. . ...
Cal. Petroleum....
anadian l'acuic, ,.
ientrsl Leather...
'heaapeake ft Ohio
.. m. ft at. p....
Chicago ft N, W...
C. R. I. ft P
Chi no Copper
Colo. Fuel A iron
Cnrn Prodnnte Ref. 2.000
Crucible Hteel 26,700
Distillers' Bo curl ties 400
Erie 2,00
Coffee Market.
New Tork. Feb, .Coffee The market
for coffee futures was more active today,
The liquidation attributed to European in
terest wan less In evidence and there was
local buying which appeared to be pro
moted by a firmer technical position and the
Idea in some quarters that should tbis noun
try actually become Invloved In war It
would have an ultimately bullish effect on
feoffee. The market opened unchanged
a points tower unuer a renewal or scattered
selling, but soon turned firmer with May
advancing from 1.10c to 1.20c and July from
8.16c to 1.350, or about I to li points net
higher. The close was a shade off from the
best under realising and a little trade sell
lug accompanied by reports that cost and
freight offers were easier. Last prices were
2 to 8 points net higher, Sales, 100.000
bags. February, 8.02c; March, 1,07c; April,
8.11c: May, I.He; June, B.lsc; July, K33e
August. 8.3LS0 ; September, 8.27c; October,
8.21c; November, 8. Hoc; December. s.40o;
January, 1.44c.
Boot, unchanged; Rio 7s, 19c; fianto 4a,
lHo. Offers of Santos 3s and 4b were re
ported at to. 16c London credits In the cost
and freight market, with Santos 4s offered
at I.TGC American credits and at 0c London
credits. High grade Santos coffees in the
cost and freight market are said to be on
practically a partly with contracts.
The official cables reported a decline of
7ft rets In Rio, but Santos futures were 2ft to
SO rels higher, Santos cleared 8,000 bags for
New Tork.
87. .189
18. .!
7ft.. 202
84.. 222
80 11 8ft
... 11 70
... 11
... 11
80 II tO
Dry Goods Market.
New Tork. Feb. .Dry Goods Oovern
menet army authorities have called for bids
for about 9,000,000 yards of cotton goods
and 2,000,000 yards of wool goods. This
has had a strengthening effect on the mar
kets. Print clot ha and sheetings were sail
ing at lower prices. Tarns were Irregular
and In better Inquiry, Wool markets were
firm, dealers doing considerable trading
among themselves and bringing about a re
adjustment os stocks.
' Cation Market.
New Tork, Feb. .Cotton Opened
steady; March. IS 48c: May, 16.44c; July,
lft. 87c: October, lft.BOe; December, 1ft. 84c.
The cotton market closed steady at a net
decline of 1 to 12 points.
Liverpool. Feb. ft. Cotton Spot, steady
good middling, ltUed; middling, lO.fttd
low middling, 10.3Sd. Sales, 10,000 bales.
Bbep There was a very fair run of shaep
and lambs here for Friday, arrivals counting
out twenty-nine loads, or about 7,000 head.
Five days' receipts foot up 40.673 bead, aa
compared wtth 61.314 last week. 81.&44 two
- wvtka ago and 41,878 a year ago. This
week's ran la the heaviest that has bees,
here sine toar weeks ago.
Sellers put la most of the forenoon try
ing to get higher prices for lambs, but
packers, who started out bidding easier,
! eventually bought the bulk of the lambs at
' figures that were about the same as those-
paid at ua good time on yesterday s cios.
Most of the decent to good fed western
lamba sold around 214,00, none being re
ported above that figure, while several cars
of Mexicans equaled yesterday's late top
. of 814.2ft. and others reached 114.1ft. While
' not much of anything was sold until late
In tha forenoon, almost everything bad
chanted hands by midday.
utrenngs or oio sneep were not targe
enough to make a market, but on the few
here prices looked steady to If anything a
littla better. One car of ewea, mates of
t the ones that brought llft.lft earlier In the
week, stopped at 218.80, while good Ught
fed weatarus brought the day's tup . of
1 8. 76.
No feeders of nonsequenea were reported
' today. Tester day a pretty desirable sort
of foadtng lambs was bought at 81S.8&.
Compared wtth a week ago feeders look
quite a little lower. Fat lambs are selling
easily a quarter to probably Sfta under a
week ago. Aged sheep, which were easier
at midweek, are not far from ateady with
a weak ago, though they showed strength
i early la the week and are aot selling as
well as at tha high time Tuesday,
Qootationa on sheep and lamba; Lamba.
. light aad handy, I11.M014.34; lambs, heavy,
1 tlft.ltOyU.sot lamba, clipped. 811.3413.60;
lAmba. feeders. 812.l0wll.IO: yearlings, good
to choice. I1J.6O4J1J.0O; yearlings, fair to
good. lt.36U.60; wethers, fair to choice,
8t.Mdtll.gO: ewes, good to choice. 2 10. lit
10.7ft; ewea. fair to good, ftl.O0tPlt.3i; ewes.
plain to calls, ftl.ettf i.fcO.
Representative sales;
.No. . i V"'-.. Av.1 Pr.
4ft fed OW4 .,..,,.....160 110 80
11 fed ewea 10ft 10 0
ftl fed kunba Tt lt 16
8 coll lambs , 88 12 88
tl fed lambs II 14 10
242 fed lamba 71 14 1
22ft fed lambs 15 14 2ft
Uft South Jeota lambs U it 20
' St Jaseph Live Stock BfArkrt.
Si. Joseph. Feb. .Cattle Receipts, 40
i head; market ataady;. steers, !7.&otyll.7t;
v cows and hellers, fft.2ft9l0.08; calves, $a 00
ay 1 . ee. v
Sheep and Lambs Recelpta, 1,409 head
! market steady; lambs, 8lS.T6W14.3ft.
Mono aUaastpta, 4,108 bead; market 10c
Oil and JKoeln.
Savannah, Oa- Feb, . Turpentli
Dull, 61c ; sales, none t receipts, ft
shipments, 102: stock, 14.487.
Rosin Firm; sales, 1,322 bbls.; receipts.
811: shipments. 84: stock. 71,861. Quote
R. C. D. H. F. O. 86.06: H. 1. K. M. 8.20
N, 84.40; WO, 6.ft6v8.80; WW, f8.7&.8Q.
Sugar Market. '
New Tork, Feb. .Sugar Raw, steady
centrifugal, 4.8c; molassea, 4.02c Refined
steady; One granulated, O.Tbo. sugar tu
tures were active and Arm on covering and
buying by commission houses. At noon
prices were 1 to 13 points higher.
Bask Clearings.
Omaha. Feb. .Rank clearings for
Omaha today were $6,9T,U5.69 and for the
corresponding day last year, 83,888,846.01,
Lyons to Play Fremont.
Lyons, Neb.. Feb. .(Special.) The Fre
mont Toung Men's Christian association
baaket ball team will ptaythn Lyons Alh
letlo club team at this place Saturday even
ing. Lyons has lost but one gams In three
we predict great
in the shares of Mid-Continent
Consolidated Oil and Utilities.
actively traded tn on the New York Curb
market. Preaetit selling price yields an
income better thin Bp. We have pre
pared in interesting special circular
Droving whv the m-we nf this stock mtiar
advance and its etntinga increase. It tg
yuusa icr we is rag, it you specuy
tt ir La Sail. atrMt, Oitaaga, lib
swag aneieaaa raaas. HtwrlM. MH
Low. Close.
91 fttt
424 42ti
106 1116
2011 124U 124. 124
73 74
lli 101 U
41 4 43
22 22
11 Aft 161 U 16flU 151
21,300 14)4 Sl 12 (4
1,600 56 67
3,600 10 71
700 lit 117
200 36
t.600 74
1,600 102
1,400 66
1,100 7614
1,400 17.
600 44
600 24H
1,600 61
16 4i
26 li
i,.bI Ifllartrlo... tfl 162
Oreat No. pM 600 11414 11314 11214
fires Ho lr elfs. 1.600 Sli 60 30
Illinois Central ..... 1?J V
nter. Con. t'orD. . . e.u J 'lie
Inaplratlon Copper. 2,200 64 6214 66
inter. Harvester. ..... ..... ...
I. M. 61. pta. ens. u,,eo sow o.
Hotltnern .....
Kennerott copper, , l,6eo
Louvll e A nmr
Mex. Petroleum. . . .
Miami Copper
l.. K. a i . pro....
Mo. Paclfln, new,.
Montana Power. . . .
Nat ona l.ead.....
Nevada Copper
New yorK centra,..
T.. N. H. ft H . .
Nnrfnlk . Western
Northern Pacific...
Pu n 61a
Pennsylvania ...... 2,400
Ray Con. Copper. . . too
Heading ,.-tuu
Rep. Iron & Steel.. 7,600
Mhattnck Arls. Cop.
Southern Pacific.
Southern Railway. .
BtudenaKer co
Texas Company
J Mil S'M
6,100 It14 8714 674
100 It 36 36
400 64 6S14 63
1,600 2314 22 22
6.000 t3li 12 2
2.700 4614 S 40
12X 1Z7U
nne 12s
1,000 10314 10214 10214
3 11, 21 Zl SI
6414 63 64
3614 261( 2614
90 HS
3,000 10214 101 102
1.700 210 ZUSW .08
Union Parlflo 14,000 136 134 134
tin on Pac flc pra sa
11 8. Ind. Alcohol.. 8.000 124 121 122
V. S. Steal 117,300 106 J03S 104
76i 74 74
2614 25 25
13 92 12
28 27 7
800 117 117 116
9,900 101 105 105
1,100 26 25 26
4,100 61 60 60
8. Steel pfd
Utah Copper
Wabash pra. ' w . Union.-. .
Weetlnghouss Else
Total wles for the flay. 460.160 shares.
New York Money Mawket.
New Tork, Feb. Prim. Mercajttll.
Paper 4 per cent.
Sterling njxonango oixiy-ay uin.
14.73; commercial aUty-day bills en bank.
14.72: commercial aixty-dny bills, M-72;
demand, 14.76: cablea. I4.7t 7-l.
HUver Bar, 77 o; Mexican aoiiare, ow.
Bonds Uovemmont; Irregular; railroad,
woak. , 4
Time Tjoana meaoy: sixit ana ninety
days and six months, 404 per cent
Cell Money Firm; highest, 1 per cent;
lowest, I per cent; ruling rate. 2 per cent;
last loan. 1 per cent; closing bid, 1 per
cent; offered at 3 per cent.
U. 8. r. 3s, reg. ss at. tv. i: isi is
0O COUpon ... vv .mi. r. uuii. .....v..
U. S. 3s, reg... .100 Mont. Power 6s.. 99
dO Coupon ,,.,ui,li. 1. v.. uou. vm.ivtTi
U. S, 4s. reg....l08N. Y. City 4S..107
do coupon ...109 New Haven c. ts.100 104 No, Paclflo 4a.... 93
Anglo-French ts. 60 do ts 66
Atch. gen. 4s.... 93Ore. 8. L. ref. 4s. 93
n I). 4s 92 Pac. T. & T. 6s. .100
SQeth. St. ref. 6S.101 Penn. con. -4 s. . 106
Conlral Pac. 1st. 86 do geu. 4S...100
C. ft U. u. 4s BJ 'neaning gen. ss. r.
f . M A O. It. 4s 97f4So. Pac. ov. 6s. ..100 102 do ref. 4S 11
C H. 1. r. r. l.Ttou. nsiinv ...vw
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D. ft R. U. C. 4a. B3 UO.CT. .B V4
Krle gen. ts..... 66TJ. 8. Rubber la. .103
tlen. 16leo. 5s...lfl6U. 8. Steel 6s. ...106
Ol. No. 1st 4s 99'W. Union ts.. 96
I. O. ref. 4s 92Dom. of C, lttl. 98
K. C. So. ret. 5n.. 87 "Bid. Offered.
L. ft N. un. 4s... 94 .
Metal Market. '
vw Tork. Fob. . Metals Lead. 19.0046
9.60. Spelter, quiet; spot, Kast St. Louis
.i.tiv.rv. tio.tfi aaked. Cooper, firm: elec.
trolytlc, second ana tniro quariers, sai.uuv
33.00. Iron, steady ana unensngea. na,
Arm. snot. 163.0069 66.00.
At London copper: ppoi, ttas; luiures.
1134: electrolytic, 147. Tin: Spot, 300 10a;
futures, 1201 to. Le, C10 10s. Speller, 147.
Londom Stack, and Hands. "
London, Feb. I. American securities bare
ly moved and olossd Idle on the stock
exchange today.. ,s
Silver Mar. S7a per ounce. ;
Money 3lr4 per cent.
Discount Hates Short bills. 606 per
cent; six months. 6U6 per oent.
Safety, coupled with as
sured libera, and growing earn
inp and an trvCT-mcrtasing value of the
principal, are just a few reason why
MidontinTOtConsolrditedOilandlltii- ,
itiea Corporation stock snould appeal to
you when sekmit the maximum of
safety and earnings for your invtst
ment fund.
in mi mums COIPIIATIOM
Ineorformttd mw&mr tk hm -1
owns and operates public utilitiea
in 12 citwa. in rich and rapidly growinf
distneu of the mid-west. Tha popula
ttonof this section is 100,600 and it the
present rata of growth will be 2S0.0DV
-.i in five years. This corporation is man-
sjred by the atmo men who are awxtaa
fully managing public uUlitiea whoaa
assets are $&0.0o0.000. or store. Tht
etock-'ssi furnishes a 10 divi
dend yield and 500 protection. It sf
teortky s tot cUutt mtmtigattaK
tat . L. Ball. St., CMeag.
Lssuj a...,, HarHeM ml
New Spring Hats
For Men
Are Arriving
brandeis Stores
Bags and Suit Cases
For Those
Who Contemplate"
a Travel Trip
Hart Schaffner & Marx
The biggest organization, employing the best
materials and the best tailoring as a logical result
produce the best Overcoats THE BEST NEWS
you may purchase these superb overcoats now
at $19.50 and $23.50
Be it pinch-back or the more conservative and
every style that goes between, you will find it here
on Saturday, in almost any Overcoating material you
The size range is complete, 34 to 52, and it is the
best Overcoat proposition we have made to you this
i J SSzSa
Hart Schaffner & Marx Full Dress and
Tuxedo Suits, $40.00 and $5.00
About 1500 Pairs Pants
For Men and Young Men-Three Big Lots
Pants that are made of the most excellent materials
and in the RIGHT WAY and that have sold for very much
more money in regular stock.
$2.98 2-3. 98 Lot 35. 00
CanrTigbt Hurt SchaflnerAr SUfix
Beginning Saturday We Offer II O EA
Suits and Overcoats at One Price P 1 O'M
At Present Market Prices, Worth
$18.00, $20.00 and $25.00
THE LARGEST assortment of correct
styles in excellent materials including
the popular Pinch Backs, Chesterfield mod
els and conservative styles Coats that are
extremely well tailored and Coats that sold
like hot cakes all season. Your choice now
at $12.50.
At Present Market Prices, Worth
Up to $22.50
A most extraordinary variety of fabrics and
colorings, including Scotch Cheviots, Silk Mixed
Worsteds, Cassimeres, Tweeds and Blue Serges and
Novelty Suitings, in a remarkable array of choice
patterns. The style range is broad and embraces
everything that is new. in conservative and extreme
models tailored and finished in the manner you
would expect if you paid full price.
Fur and Fur Lined Coats and Mackinaws
Fur Lined and Fur Collar Coats
at Reduced Prices.
Hundreds of fine Skating Mac
kinaws, from $5.00 to $15.00.
Sacond Floor Ride Up on the Escalator.
Coon Coats, values $125.00,
now go at $65.00.
Men's Shirts, Hose and Neckwear
Unusual Saturday Values
The shirts are of the best materials, in most desirable patterns. Beauti
, ful ties in the new large shapes and practical silk and lisle hosiery all of
fered at savings.
Any man in need of some shirts, hose or neckwear should share in these
splendid offerings Saturday.
About 100 Dozen Men's Shirts, some with laundered
cuffs,' others have soft cuffs. All desirable pat- 79c
terns. Sizes to' 18. $1.00 to $1.50 values, Saturday 1 w
All our $5.50 and $6.50 Silk Crepe Shirts, j0 QC
plain and fancy stripes. Limited quantity vOtUU
150 Dozen Men's Fiber Silk Hose, "run of the mill"
grade. Including most of the prevailing colors. Ol .
Pair '.'
About 125 Dozen Men's Egyptian Cotton and' Lisle
Hose, all the desirable shades. According to the present
market conditions this hosiery is very modestly 11.
priced, indeed, at, pair 1 1C
30 Dozen Fine Silk Four-in-Hand Neckties,' pure silk
weaves; in the desirable large shape. Our regular CO.
$1.00 ties, very special, Saturday, at UUC
Main Floor, Men's Building.
Men's Sturdy, Stylish Shoes,
All Famous Makes . . . .
Hurley Bros., Williams Kneeland, Richards and Brennen, Mullen Shoe Co. and T. D.
Barrya are the makers represented. Several . hundred pairs; just enough for one day's
selling. If these Shoes were bought in today's market and we had to pay the present
wholesale prices they would not be sold to you for less than $6.00 to $8.00 a pair.
Your Unrestricted Choice on Saturday, at $4,35
Styles are button, lace and blucher; either
straight, English or round toe lasts.
' : Men's Shoe Department, Men's Building.
Leathers are black kid, tan Russia calf and
black dull calf. Plenty of sizes in the lot.