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FATHER ' ' a
Dodge Champion Coming to
Omaha for Match With
Peters Tomorrow Night.
Ready for his first tangle since his
disappointing go with John Olin last
December, Joe Stecher, the Dodge
tanon, is expected in Omaha today
lor his clash tomorrow night at the
Auditorium with Charlie Peters, the
Papillkm carpenter.
Stecher, according to the more or
less meager reports which have
trickled out of his training camp at
Dodge, is in the very best of con
dition as good condition as when he
met Strangler Lewis last summer.
The neuritis, which gave him so much
trouble and which necessitated a pro
longed visit to Excelsior Springs last
month, is said to have entirely disap
peared and Joe is once more able to
stand the roughest kind of a grueling
without the necessity of protecting bis
arm and shoulder.
This bids well to make the clash
tomorrow night an interesting one.
Charlie Peters has announced his in
tention of mixing it with Joe. Charlie
hasan idea that the "keep away" tac
tics of Lewis and Olin are of little
value. Such a scheme of battle may
prevent Stecher from throwing him,
Charlie reasons, but it would give
jaqw'ig Moaif) 04 nutip ou sjjjsj
And Peters wants to throw Stecher,
not ' merely stay a couple of hours
with him. As Stecher is never in
clined to avoid a mixup some excit
ing scrambles seem to be scheduled
for that Auditorium mat tomorrow
Pesek Also Expected.
John Pesek, the Buffalo Countv
marvel, is also expected to arrive in
Omaha today. Pesek is coming to
Omaha determined to show the citi
zens of the metropolis that he is some
baby at the wrestling game. He has
been training as diligently as if he
were to be one of the principals of the
main attraction, and, according to
those who have seen Pesek work.
Omahans will see a real wrestler
when they cast their optics over this
latest Nebraska phenom.
The seat sale continued to be brisk
all day yesterday and prospects are
bright for a f 10,000 house, which
would be by far the largest that ever
attended a wrestling match at the
Happy Hollow Golfers
Think Spring Has Come
The proverbial robn never had a
thing on the Happy Hollow golf bugs
when it comes to rushing the spring
season. The Happy Hollow aggre
gation got a two-month start on the
robin yesterday, five of them hiking
but to Charley Johnston's links to
knock the gutta-percha around the
course. B. N. Robertson, S. W. Car
der, G. M. Graham, Joe Polcar and
W. H. Butts constituted the quintet
of golfers who couldn't wait for Mav
and they reported the course in pretty
decent shape except in the valleys and
around the creek where the land is
still sofe and some snow on the
Nearly Million Bales
Of Cotton for Munitions
Washington, Feb. ' 7. American
munition manufacturers used 898,015
equivalent 500-pound bales of cotton
fiber, including linters and hull fiber
in 1916, the census bureau today an
nounced. That is equivalent to 583,
710 bales of bleached cotton fiber
against 244,003 bales consumed in
1915. The loss in preparing linters
and hull fiber for guncotton and other
explosives is from 30 to 40 per cent.
England Will Look Over
Bernstorff at Halifax
Washington, Feb. 6. The Scan-
dinavuin-American liner Frederick
VIII, on which Count von Bernstorff
and the whole corps of former Ger
man diplomatic and consular officials
sail next week, from New York, for
Christiana will put in at Halifax, N.
S, for inspection by British naval authorities.
! Steering Wheel !
I positive I
! Theft !
I Insurance I
No two locks have keys
Alike. Front wheels are wild
I when car is locked. I
I Ask us about it now. Phone I
Douglas 3217. J
I Auto Device Sales Co. I
I " 884-6-8 Brandeis Bide.
Omaha, Neb.
Today's Sport Calendar
Sports Opnlir of annual Winter ft port
cam.ral at Dartliraoath coUrr.
Aatomobltoi Annual Dhow of Ordea An-
toitiobUe DealerV mmmIaUod, Ofdra, Utah.
Hockey: Yale anlnst MtiMachiiMtta
TMh, at New II a von.
Boxing: rat Dlantv agalniit Rorkr Kan
tian, ten roundi at Cleveland.
Varsity Students
Vote for Single
Amusement Tax
Lincoln. Feb. 7. (Special) The
single tax issue which was voted upon
by students the last week of registra
tion at the University of Nebraska
carried by an overwhelming majority
its application being confined to
support of college activities, the
measure affects the students them
selves and the parents ofthose not
the single tax provides tor a tee
to be paid by every registered under
graduate, raising a zuna 01 approx
imately $21,000 for the support of the
different college activities. It is to
be distributed proportionately among
athletics, dramatics, mixers, debates,
university night, the college publica
tions and convocation programs.
Under the plan all students will be
admitted free to all athletic contests,
intercollegiate games and exhibitions.
Arraneements have also been
made to provide free medical attention
to those coming under the single tax.
The undergraduate vote stood 85
per cent for the single tax, while the
parents were even more favorably
inclined. The total vote cast was
2,026 for and 366 against.
Senator Moriarty Presents
Gavel of Historic Wood
(Prom m Staff Correspondent)
Lincoln, Feb. 7. (Special.) Sena
tor Moriarty of Douglas county arose
to a question of privilege this morning
and presented the lieutenant governor
with a gavel made from a willow tree
which had been a part of the material
from which the first white man's
building had been erected in this state.
The presentation was made in behalf
of former State Senator Jeff Bedford
of Omaha, now county commissioner
of that county, who was present when
the presentation was made.
According to Senator Moriarty, the
building from which the gavel was
made was erected by the John Jacob
Astor exploration expedition when it,
passed through Bellevue a century
ago. On its return it stopped at the
place and made the building its head
quarters. Later the btiildin" was used
for a mission.
Later the first Nebraska Masonic
lodge was organized in this building
and the first Master Mason of the
lodge was Henry T. Clarke, who made
the gavel for the centennial of the
building in 1910. Mr. Bedford received
the gavel from Mr. Clarke.
In accepting the gavel Lieutenant
Governor Howard said that he cher
ished the site of Bellevue for its
beauty and for the fact that there he
picked a "beautiful flower of woman
hood" for his helpmeet thirty years
ago. .
Checker Toamey at Holdrvge.
Holdrege, Neb., Feb. 7. (Special.) Four
teen players have entered the race for state
checker champion at the annual state meet,
which Is being played here. L. T. rBookinaa
of Funk, four times state champion, is
leading the field In Karnes won, with Dr.
Copeland of Beaver City, O. A. Qroevenor of
Iloardvilie and J. C. Jenkins of Holdrege
pushing; him for the first place.
Colds Meed Attention.
Tour cold needs Dr. Bell's Plne-Tar-Honey,
it cuts phlegm, kills germs, stops
the cough. Only 25c. All druggists. Adv.
Students of University School
of Medicine Offer Services
to President Wilson.
Fifty students of the University of
Nebraska School of Medicine pledged
their services for the formation of an
ambulance company Tuesday after
noon following a meeting called by
Dr. C. W. M. Poynter, head of the
department of anatomy. Roy T.
Maurer, elected temporary secretary,
pending the military formation ot the
organization, telephoned the names to
Chancellor Avery of the University
of Nebraska, who was asked to offer
the services of the organization to
the president
About 150 students were present at
the meeting and- all seemed anxious
to join. No seniors were taken owing
to the fact that in case hostilities
started the upper classmen would
probably be advanced to higher posi
tions owing to the fact that for the
last two months they have been tak
ing special work under Dr. J. M. Ban
ister, retired medical officer, now on
the retired list with the rank of
Special Course for Seniors.
Dr. Banister attended the meeting
of the deans of medical schools called
by the War department recently In
order to outline a special military
medical course for alt seniors. The
course is now a part of the curriculum
of the seniors at the. medical school.
A number of the faculty at the Uni
versity of Nebraska School of Medi
cine are members of the reserve medi
cal corps and subject to call for mili
tary duty. They are: A. P. Stokes,
W. E. Eggers, A. A. Johnson and
Lynn Hall
Practically all of the students who
enlisted have had some military train
ing either in high schools or at the
two-year pre-medic course at Lin
coln, which is one of the requisites
before beginning on the medical work
Even if their services are not need
ed, the students plan to continue the
ambulance organization and will ask
that some regular army man be de
tailed to drill them so that they might
be prepared for any emergency.
Dr. Banister was one of the prin
cipal speakers at the mteting, his
talk being on the nature of the work
the students would probably be re
quired to do should they be called
upon for active duty.
I Thursday
I Men's Gun Metal :
I Dress Shoes, in lace
1 or button; $3 value,
I pair . :
1 $2.39
Made To
means made to fit you
and a perfect fit you will
get, combined with excel
lent materials and fabrics.
N. W. Cor. 15th and Harney
leaeura Measure
Finance Committee of Hoouse
Recommends Appropriation
to Cover This.
(From Staff CorrwpondDt.
Lincoln, Feb. 7. (Special.) The
finance ways and means committee
of the house has prepared its report
covering appropriation for salaries
and follows in general the same
amounts appropriated at the last ses
sions. The adjutant general gets a
The Highest-Grade Low-Priced Six-Cylinder Car
Built for those who want a thoroughly reliable, powerful, six-cylinder
car at a reasonable price.
Wanted in every county in erevy township in America.
No other car so perfectly fits the needs of many thousands of buyers.
It has size, beauty, power. It is economical and dependable. It
can be. bought at a moderate price.
raise, the attorney general is given
a third assistant to have charge of
the enforcement of the prohibitory
law and other minor changes arc
made. The changes are as follows
for the biennium: '
Governor'! office, HOOtl; fntreaie of 1730
becaum of rain of 930 a month In nalary
of Uenoffraphnr.
Stfta ttuperintendftnt'B office, amount! for
AMletantB cut. from l.4B0 to I10.M0.
Attorney femoral, tot I HOMO; Incrrane
of $3,601) for asJilNUnt for enforcement, of
prohibitory amendment.
Hallway commlMton, ft J. 840; tncreaira
Hoard of control. fH.Itt; Inrreaae 16,010.
National Ouard, UMAti Inorewo, $8.310;
aalary of adjutant irenertl tncreaned from
11,800 per year to 11,000.
Rankin department. tftMOO: Inoraaae,
14,000, becauee of additional bank examiner.
Jtlntorh-al eooMy, $15,4110; deer pa, $6t.
Food commlMlon, $U,bt; IniTi'ene, He.
Ong Town Team Wine.
On, Neb., Feb. T. (flpeelal.) The On
town team defeated the Rtratiff town team
In a same of henket lull on the local floor
by th record eoore of X to 0.
Now $1090
After March 1st. $1250
Buy Now And Save $160
Chalmers Style
Q aim en design, finish and icceuoriei always turn
been beyond criticiim.
The name of Chalmers stands always for a car
of beauty. There it grace and harmony in erery
line and enrre, Chalmers npholitery, tops and
trimmings are goodness clear through. ,
No car at a leu price approaches its charm.
Few, even at much higher prices equal it
Erery Chalmers owner is proud of his car.
Chalmers Comfort
Smoothly elastic tprings built with costly Tan
adium steel unbreakable in ordinary use, and
imezceDed for luxurious riding.
Cushions firm, yet soft as eider down. Wide,
eatcvinducing seats. Ample room for even the
tallest and longest
A balance that exquisitely swings with the con
tour of the road, yet holds it with a grip of steel.
Windshield just tight; glare-fitting top and
artaias; doors that don't rattle and joints that
don't squeak.
(All f.o,b.
Two-pattenger Roadster,
Fioe " Touring Car,
Western Motor Car Co.
Franz Bopp and
Aides Ordered to
Give Heavier . Bail
San Francisco, Feb, 7. Fraiu. Bopp,
former German consul general here,
and (our aides tinder prison sentences
for conspiring apainst American neu
trality, were ordered to furnish in
creased bail of $25,000 each today by
Judge William 11. Hunt in the United
States district court.
Theodore J. Roche, Bopp's coun
sel, said it probably meant Bopp
would be sent to jail.
Washington, Feb. 7. Franz Bopp,
former consul general at San Fran
cisco and his three aides, Vice Consul
F.. H. von Shack, Lieutenant George
Wilhelm von lirincken and C C.
Chalmers Performance
Scores of gold, silver and bronze trophies adorn
the reception room at the Chalmers factory. They
were won for speed, for hill-climbing, for endur
ance and economy.
In 1916 Chalmers cars won in recent events
Pike's Peak hill climb record run from Chicago
to New York famous Giant's Despair climbing
classic and other convincing road performances.
To drive a Chalmers u a constant pleasure. The
motor is a giant in velvet clothing its smoothness
and power delight all users.
In city-traffic slowness or at arrow-speed along
the open road the Chalmers is supreme.
Chalmers Economy and
Economy begins with the price of the car. It
is needless to pay more than the Chalmers price.
Upkeep is satisfyiugly low. The car is econ
onu'cal of fuel and easy on tires. A Chalmers always
can be depended upon to meet any conditions of
roads or weather. r
Prices ,
Seven-pauenger Touring Car, $1350
Seven " Sedan, 18SO
Chas. R. Hannan, Jr., President.
Walter S. Johnson, Secy, and Sales Mgr.
E. V. Abbott, Vice Pres. and Gen. Mgr.
Crowley will not be permitted to ac
company Count von BernstorfT and
the German consular representatives
when they depart from the United
States next week. The men being un-.
dcr sentence for conspiracy in con
nection with violations of American
neutrality laws will not be given safe
conduct by the entente governments
even if the American legal authorities
were willing.
Creighton Students Give
Dinner-Dance at Blackstone
Tuesday night the students of Creigh
ton university mixed among them
selves at a formal dinner-dance held
at the Blackstone hotel. Judge Wood
rough and Mayor Dahlman were
present at the dinner and enlivened
the feast with spicy speeches.
It is planned to make the dinner
dance an annual affair.
1 iWI