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Dry, Hoarse or Painful
Coughs Quickly
j Haaar-Maa Reaedr tkat lam
I Vra 91 Don tk -nark
j Tkonckjr.
. The prompt and positire action of this
simple, inexpensive hoxnemade remodv in
quickly healinc the inflamed or swollen
membranes of the throat, chest or bron
chial tubes and breaking up tizht
foiirhs, has caused it to be used in more
homes than any other cough remedy.
Under its healing, soothing influence,
chest soreness goes, phlegm loosens,
breathing becomes easier, tickling in
tnroat stops and vou get a good night's
restrul sleep. The usual throat and
chest colds are conquered br it in 24
hours or less. Nothing better for bron
chitis, hoarseness, croup, whooping
cough, bronchial asthma or winter
To make this splendid cough srrup,
pour 2':. ounces of Pinei (SO cents
worth I, into pint bottle and fill the
bottle with plain granulated sngar sttup
and shake thoroughly. You then have
a full pint a family supplv of a much
better cough svruo than vou could buy
r?Rdy-made for $2.50. Keeps perfectly
and children love its pleasant taste.
Pinex is a special and hiehly concen
trated compound of genuine Norway
pine extraet. combined with guaiacol
and is known the world over for' its
promptness, ease and certainty in over
coming stubborn coughs and chest colds.
To avoid disappointment ask your
druggist for "2 ounces of Pinex" with
lull directions, and don't accept any
thing else. Guaranteed to give absolute
satisfaction or monev nromptlv refunded.
The Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne. Ind.
1 Saps Cream Applied In Nostrils j
Relieves Head-Colds at Once. j
If your nostrils are clogged and
your head is stuffed and you can't
breathe freely because of a cold or
catarrh, just get a small bottle of
Ely's Cream Balm at any drug store.
Apply a little of this fragrant, anti
septic cream into your nostrils and let
it penetrate through every air passage
of you head, soothing and healing the
inflamed, swollen mucous membrane
and you get instant relief.
Ah! how good it feels. Your nos
trils are open, your head is clear, no
more hawking, snuffling, blowing; no
more headache, dryness or struggling
for breath. Ely's Cream Balm is just
'vliat sufferers from head colds and
catarrh need. It's a delight. Adv.
Dandruff Surely
Destroys The Hair
Vote of Fifty-Six to Thirty-Six
Recorded in Favor of
Girls if you want plenty of thick,
beautiful, glossy, silky hair, do by all
means get rid of dandruff, for it will
starve your hair and ruin it if you
It doesn't do much good to try to
nrusn or wash it out. ilie only sure
way to get rid of dandruff is to dis
solve it, then vou destroy it entirely.
To do this, get about four ounces of
ordinary liquid arvon; apply it at
night when retiring: use enough to
moisten the scalp and rub it in gently
with the finger tips.
By morning, most if not all, of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or
lour more applications will completely
dissolve and entirely destroy every
Mngie sign and trace ot it.
) ou will find, too. that all itching
una digging ot tlic scalp will stop, and
vour hair will look and feel a hun
dred times better.' You can get liquid
arvon at any drug store. It is inex
pensive and four ounces is all you will
need, no matter how much dandruff
you have. This simple remedy never
fails. Advertisement.
Applying This Paste
Actually Removes Hairs
(Beauty Notes).
Merely applying an inexpensive
paste to a hairy surface, say beauty
specialists, will dissolve the hairs.
This paste is made by mixing a little
water wtih some powdered dclatonc:
alter about 2 minutes it is rubbed off
and the skin washed. This simple
method not only removes every trace
of hair, but leaves the skin free from
blemish. To insure success with this
treatment, be careful to get real dela
tone. Advertisement.
A New Hhh Cot That Aavm Cm Uh
Without Discomfort or Lou of Tlmo.
W hav, a N,w yttthcll that care.
Asthma, and we want you to try It at our
exoonao. No matter whether jrour case la
or long-atandlng or recent development
whether It ta present aa occaalonal or
chronic Asthma, you should send for a
free trial of our method. No matter in
what climate you live, no matter what your
age or occupation. If you are troubled with
awthma. our method should relievo you
We especially want to send It to those
Apparently hopeless cases, where all forms
of inhalers, douches, opium preparations,
furoea, "patent smokes," etc., have failed.
We want lo show everyone at jur own
expense that this new method ta designed
to end all difficult breathing, all wheezing
. ........ iei.iv.w fin, ami, ai OUCC
and for all time.
This free offer la too Important to ne
glect a single day. Write now and then
hegtn the method at once. Send no monev.
Simply mall coupon below. Do It Today."
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Feb. 6. (Special.) Legis
lation to tax a minimum wage for
female workers completed the first
half of its course with the passage of
H. R. 34 by Howard, in the house this
afternoon. The vote stood 56 to 36.
Many members gave explanations of
their votes for or against the Mil.
It provides that regular adult work
ers shall receive at least $1.50 a day;
apprentices and learners, $1.20, and
girls under 18, not less than $1.
The Grecnwalt bill to relieve new
branch line railroads from operating
exclusive passenger trains, passed by
the vote of 92 to 0.
Another measure which got through
on third reading was the Renekcr bill,
H. R. 37. for standard-sized grape
baskets after October 1. 1917.
Notes from Beatrice
And Gage County
Beatrice, Neb., Feb. 6. (Special.)
The Southeastern Nebraska Dental
society will hold its annual meeting
in Beatrice on February 20. The btisi-
Lness sessions will be held in the Com
mercial club rooms and in the even
ing a banquet will be served at the
Paddock hotel.
The Gage County Farmers' insti
tute will be held at the court house
in this city next Wednesday and
Thursday. Among the speakers are
Messrs. Warner, Burbank, Prof.
Bengsten, Prof. W. W. Burr and Prof.'
H. F. Williams.
Mrs. C. D. McMillan of this city
yesterday received word announcing
the death of her father. R. D. Trent,
formerly of this city, which occurred
at his home at Tinbcr Lake, S. D..
aged 65 years.
Big Damage Suit is
On Trial at Aurora
Aurora, Neb., Feb. 6. (Special.)
The case of Mary Irene ISerry
against the city of Aurora for $20.-
000 damages is now being tried in llic
district court. Judge F; Corcoran is
presiding. E. J. Burkctt and E. W.
Brown of Lincoln, represent the
plaintiff, and R. R. Smith of Aurora
and C. G. Ryan of Grand Island, rep
resent the city. The plaintiff alleges
that she fell on the Aurora sidewalk
and fractured her hip and her arm.
She was carried into the courtroom
yesterday. It is thought that the case
will occupy the attention of court
and jury for two days more.
Judge Lindsey to Speak
To Teachers at Fremont
Fremont, Neb., Feb. 6. (Special.)
Judge Ben B. Lindsey of Denver
will deliver a lecture at the conven
tion of the East Central Nebraska
Teachers' association to be held in
Fremont March 30 and 31. Other
speakers of national reputation on the
program are Fred '.. Kecler, superin
tendent of the Michigan schools, and
Mrs. Mary C. C. Bradford, superin
tendent of public instruction of Colo
rado. It is expected that 500 teachers
will be in attendance. The declama
tory contest of tlje East Central Ne
braska High Schol district will be
held Thursday evening, March 29.
Omaha Firm Gets Big Ditch
Contract at Wakefield
Wakefield. Neb., Feb. 6. (Special.)
The contract for the big drainage
ditch here has been awarded to Pol
lard & Campbell of Omaha at an esti
mated cost of $75,000. The ditch will
be eleven miles long, running along
the valleys southeast of town. Work
will start in April.
House of
Gives Slap to Measures
With This in View.
Representatives j No Blood Flows and Senators
Quickly (Jet Down to
l From a Staff Correspondent.!
Lincoln, Feb. 6. (Special.) Turn
ing cow pastures into pleasure
grounds for city Jolks did not appeal
to some of the members of the house
today when the forestation bill backed
by Thomas and Waitc came up for
discussion. It was sought to provide
that the city man could condemn laud
for picnic grounds and turn it into a
park. This provision was killed. The
bill squeezed through.
The bill aimed at itinerant physi
cians who guarantee cures ami take
the notes of their patients before the
treatment is given finally got through
committee of the w hole.
Postpone Salary BUI.
County assessors who joined in an
attempt to get their salaries raised
now know how it feels to go up
against the legislative buzzsaw. The
committee on fees and salaries report
ed their bill, house roll No. 199, by
Scudder, for indefinite postponement.
This bill would have raised the Lan
caster county assessor from $1,800 to
$2,100 and other counties $100 or $200
The bill boosting the salaries ot the
registers of deeds in Lancaster and
Douglas counties from $2,500 to $3,000
and their deputies from $1,500 to $1.
800 was amended to cut out those in
creases, but the committee reported in
favor of raising the copyists and olhcr
assistants in the office from $80 o
$100 a month.
County judges were bumped by the
committee in recommending for pass
age the Fults bill reducing their sched
ule ot tees tor handling estates. 1 he i
bill as amended also cuts down the fee I
for adoption papers from $8 to $2.
An increase from $1,000 to $1,500 in
the salaries of supreme court judges'
stenographers was approved by the
fees and salaries committee, the hill
on that subject being recommended
to pass.
Bates Boxing Bill.
One of the bills soon to be taken
up in committee of the whole is house
roll No. 22, the Bates measure to
legalize boxing exhibitions and put
them under the control of a slate ath
letic commission, governed by strict
regulations. The bill is backed by
Gene Melady of Omaha. Petitions re
questing its passage have been re
ceived by many of the house members
from their respective districts.
The bill to amend the Lancaster
county paving law was reported Tues
day morning for the general file.
Others which came out were:
To prohibit elK.-.retta smoklnn In a speci
fied tlet of pulilc place. (Fulls hill.)
To remove Hie tia.-terioloftlcal laboratory
i,f the male h.-alth depurlmnnl to Omaha
and place It under the university repents.
t'onstll utiene I iimcndmenl empowering the
legislature to create inferior courts,
Bills Advanced.
Following are other bills advanced
to third reading:
To prohibit officers who draw a specified
annual salary, out of fees collected, from
drawing In any one month moro than one
twelfth of the yearly salary.
To make penalty for fee splitting apply
only to the doctor who pays a commission
and not to the person receiving it.
to relieve teacjiors Irnm paying seronn
fee when being re-examined for certificates.
County clerks to keep record of vital sta
tistics. Requiring approval of railway commission
for construction of high power transmission
lines. Penalty JHftrt to $1,000 fine.
Authorizing electric power and light coin
panics to erect towers on public highways.
From a Staff Correspondent.)
j Lincoln, Feb. 6. (Special.) Sen
; ator Ed Howell of Douglas and Sen
! ator Jack Robertson of Holt, who sit
side by side on the south side of the
I senate chamber, got into a wordy bat
tle this morning over delay in furnish
1 ing copies of a resolution, but no
j blood flowed.
The senators were a busy bunch of
toilers afterward. Fourteen bills were
i considered. Eight were passed to
third reading as follows:
S. R 1. Real. Coster Providing for vis
iting rToTSfs In any community.
H. R 4(1. Neal of Nemaha Publication of
legal notices In dailies, weeklies and seml
weoklles. II. 11. 7, Hofmelster Requiring forfeiture
of railroad right-of-way tf twenty miles a
year are not built after the first year or
S. !'. 7:', McMullen. Oage Raising pen
.ilty tor driving auto while Intoxicated froiv
100 to $300. or three to six months In Jail
If anyone is Injured the tine is raised to
from :100 lo ir.OP.
S. !-'. 7.1. Morlarty. roug!as Raising
balllfr's salary In I'ouglnn county to II. SOP.
Amended by Chsppcll lo raise other bailiffs
from $2 to $3 a lny.
K. l- 7t, Mu.MiiMen. Oage Raises maxi
mum pentlty for wrongfully taking an auto
mobile from 1100 to 9100 to 1:100 plus three
10 iv months in jslt.
11. R. Modification of revorsal of
Judgments by application to supreme court.
s. l' 1:15. rlplrk. Stillne I'rohlbltiog past
ing bridges full of signs. Amended by Hushco
so as not to tnterfero with road signs.
Medical Bill Under Way.
Senate Kile No. 60, the Fox bill re
organizing the State Board of Health,
almost came up for consideration. Dr.
Wilson, chairman of the medical so
cieties' committee, proposed its con
sideration, while Mattes, who intro
duced it, seconded him.
It was a big nil!, and the medical
profession is divided, argued Beal,
Chappell. Oberlies and Howell. Beal
and Howell both declared themselves
for the bill, however. It was finally re
ferred back to get a more specific
category of points in which it differs
from the present law.
Go to Third Reading.
These bills were passed to third
reading by the committee of the
whole in the afternoon:
S. P. 130. Morittrt), INtuKlaa--Raitliif (Hil
ary of pubUf dcOrsdrr In Omaha from
J!. 200 to $2,400 & year.
H. P. 8G, Chappfll Shortens tlmr In hlrh
cBtHtfa may probated.
S. V. til Chartfiwi hoiran courtly from
Thirteenth to Twelfth judicial dtKlrlrt and
incorporatfa Arthur county, a judicial or
phan, in the Seventeenth dint riot.
8. K. 85 Provides hall pending an appeal
of criminal canes to suprrmn court.
8. F. 66 Allow! cities of nerond clans to
alter appointees' salaries, raising the max
imum for policemen from JKO a month to
f 1 10; chiefs of police, from 7b to $H0, and
city engineers from $4 to )6 a day.
S. F. 133, KouertHon, Holt Allows a rrf
oree's sale anywhere In the county, Instead
of at the court house.
Roy Roberts Given Twenty
Five Years in Penitentiary
North Platte, Neb., Feb. 6. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Judge Grimes of dis
trict court tins afternoon sentenced
Roy Roberts, confessed murderer of
Vernon Connett, to twenty-five years
in the stale penitentiary. The pris
oner wept when sentence was pronounced.
Stops Tobacco Habit
in One Day
Sanitarium Publishes Free Book
Showing How Tobacco Habit Can
Be Banished in From One
to Five Days at Home.
The Elders Sanitarium, located at S0
Main St.. ft. Joseph. Mo,, has published a
free book showing the deadly effect of the
tobacco habit and how It can be banished
in from one to five days at home.
Men who have used tobacco for more than
fifty years have tried this method and say
it Is entirely successful, and in addition to
banishing the desire for tobacco has Im
proved their health wonderfully. This meth
od banlsheB the desire for tobacco, no mat
ter whether it Is smoking, chewing, cig
arettes or snuff dipping.
Aa this book is being distributed free, any
one wanting a copy should send their name
and address at once. Advertisement.
Table Rock, Neb., Feb. 6. (Spe
cial.) John Woods and Miss Velma
Kent were married at Wymore Satur
day. The groom is a son of Mr. and
Mrs. Edgar Woods and the bride a
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George
Kent, who live three miles west of
.N'laKs.ia and Hudson Sis.. Buffalo, N. T
Send free trial of your mathod to:
Special This Week
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Violet (Paris) Ric Powder
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Too Beat Far Chapa"
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Phona Douflas Ma.
News Notes of Hastings.
Hastings, Neb., Feb. 6. (Special.)
The Chamber of Commerce held its
annual banquet and election last
night with upwards of 200 business
and professional men present.
Bert K. benner, one of the most
popular barbers in Hastings, died
Sunday night following an operation
for appendicitis. All barber shops in
Hastings were closed during the fu
neral this afternoon.
Found Dead in Room.
Columbus, Neb., Feb. ... (Special
Telegram.) Found dead in his room
at a hotel, O. W. Mead, a ersident
of this city for five years, was found
dead in his room at the Pacific hotel
yesterday evening. Coroner Water i
attributed the man s death to suicide.
The reason for the act is not known.
He was about 50 years old.
Filing in Paving Case.
Columbus, Neb., Feb. 6. Special
Telegram.) An amended petition in
the paving controversy was filed in
ditrict court today by attorneys for
Charles Wurdcman. It is alleged that
the required number of signers was
not obtained. An answer is to be filed
by the city this week.
Raymond's First Day of
Their February Clearance
passed into history, leaving that "big value bargain smile" on many
faces. Everybody who came wag pleased Because they found what
they wanted, and the clearance prices were right and not disap
pointing. WERE YOU THERE?
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Soldier's Home Notes
Grand Islsnd, Neb., Feb 6. (Special.)
Mrs. 8. A. Swart yesterday morning asked
for a furlough to extend over slily' days.
The administration is much pleased orer
a ruling the flute Board of Control has
made in reward to the issuance of under
wear for the members at Burkett. Here
after the winter weight underclothing will
be delivered to the Bo Idler's home during
the months of .Tnly and August, and all
summer underwear will be delivered In the
fall months.
The body of Comrtdo William Huth win
laid to rest In the Home cemetery on Sat
urday afternoon at 1 o'clock, ftev. A. A
Stnldt of the Presbyterian church delivered
the funeral orstloD
Here Is a Good Model
Most men like comfort mixed with fashion in
their footwear. This model meets the most ex
acting requirements for good looks and ease.
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Long List of Increases Pro
vided for Office Holders
in Their Bills.
New York Appropriates
Million for the Militia
Albany, N. Y.. l"cb. 6. The senate
unanimously tod.iv passed a bill ap
propriates Jl.OiKI.OOO for the ex
penses of the National Guard, naval
! militia and other organizations called
into service in connection with the exf
isting situation arising from Ger
many's submarine campaign.
Mother Praises Remedy
That Relieved Her Baby
(From a Staff Correspond.1 nt. )
" Lincoln, I'cb. W-(Spccial.) Mem
bers of the Douglas county dclegatino
are a bunch of philanthropists and as
such should be given great credit for
(ehir generosity for they have intro
duced bills in the legislature raising
Ihe salaries of all of the Douglas
county officers except their own. If
these hills all pass the salaries will
be raised as follows:
Cntlnty JuilK from $3,000 10 14 000.
PubUo stpfrndsr from H.L'OO to 1.1.000.
Chlsf drputy sheriff from (2.600 to (3.000.
Register of deeds, IS.f.00 In 13.000: depill)'.
$1,600 to $1,1,00; clerks, (so per month
to $100.
County surveyor, $11,000 to $2.fifl0
Deputy elet-tlon commissioner, $J,&00 to
Clerk municipal court. $1.1100 in $L',00,
County clerk to be counly comptroller
wtth Increase of $1,000.
Additional probation officer at (100 per
Highway commissioner tnew), not more
than $3,600.
Three municipal Judges with a clerk nt
$1,800 a year.
County clerk from $2,500 lo $3,000.
County commissioners from $11,500 1
$3. iOO.
County assessor from 9 J. 100 to $1.00,
Police detectives from (100 and $110 to
(126 and $136.
County auditor (new), (l.sflo.
District court liallllff from (1.200 to $1.:.00.
There are other minors changes,
but none them effect salaries of the
members of the legislature and they
will still continue to light off ihc
grim wolf at $10 per day.
Dr.CaldwelVs Syrup Pepsin
Is a Dependable Family
Nearly all the sickness incident to a
baby's lite is due to constipation, or
inaction of the bowels. At the first
indication of irregularity in this im
portant function, relief should be af
iorded promptly. A mild laxative
should be administered to gently carry
off the congested waste and leave the
stomach and bowels free to perform
their allotted tasks.
Of the various remedies recom
mended to relieve constipation, the
combination of simple laxative herbs
with pepsin, as prescribed by Dr. V.
LI. Caldwell and sold in drug stores
under ihe name of Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup I'cpsin, is the most effective. It
contains no opiate or narcotic drug,
is pleasant to the taste, mild and gen
tle in action, and quickly brings the
desired relief in an easy, natural
Mrs. C. J. Douglaa, Mason, III.,
writes that she cannot say enough in
praise of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup I'epsin
as a dependable family laxative. Lit
tle Mary Kva had been badly consti
pated until they tried Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin, which brought the first
natural relief the child had had in two
fir '
Ji I lv je j " ijjjl
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is sold
in drug stores everywhere and costs
only fifty cents a bottle. To avoid
imitations and ineffective substitutes
be sure to ask for Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin. Sec that a facsimile of Dr.
Caldwell's signature and his portrait
appear on the yellow carton in which
the bottle is packed. A trial bottle,
free of charge, can be obtained h)j
writing to Dr. V. B. Caldwell. 4is
Washington St., Monticello, Illinois.
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"Every One Is Simply a Darling9
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Misses' and Small Women's
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Crochet Cotton Day
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