Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 06, 1917, Page 10, Image 10

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Cattle Fifteen to Quarter Up
Sheep Steady to Strong
"7v and Lambs Slow.
V Omaha, February &, U1T.
- tttpts were: Cattle, llos-a. Sheep.
Kstlmsta Monday .... 1.400 14.000
hn aay lut week .. I.C20 10,7:1 1M1
Bum day I wks. am. 7,032 10,177 6.871
Sms day I wka'aco. ",61 MSS S.729
Kama day 4 wki. ato. 11.0(8 Il.lii 11,171
Bam day la yaar .. 1,111 11,160 11,111
I Receipts and disposition of live itork at
fm Union stock Tarda, Omaha, for twenty-
fonr hours andlnc at I o'clock p. m yoa-
! terday:
Cattle. Hon. Shaep.RVa
Mtaaran Faelne ... I
Union Padno
C. 1. W., east... i
CAN. W west...
C, B. Q., east... 1
C. B. Q., west... 27
C. R. I. P., east.. 1
Chlcaao Ol West....
Total reeelota ...70
l 15 1
1 .. 1
I 1 1
ii 20 '..
si 11 4
Cattle. Hoia. Hneep.
Morris tt Co
J2S 1,163
444 4,027
flwirt and Company....
Cudahy Packlnr Co....
Armour Co
ehwarta Co
t. W. Murphy
Lincoln Packlnr Co....
So. Omaha Packing Co.
Wilson Packing Co....
Cndahy, K. C
Benton, Vansant ft Lush
Bill Bon
F. B. Lewis
I. B. Root Co
F. O. Kellof
H. r. Hamilton
olllvao Bros.
Rothschild Krebs....
Mo. Kansas Calf Co..
Olassberff .............
John Harvey
Jensen Luniren......
Other, buyers
1,041 1.270
J Totals. 1,470 1,466 11,114
Cattle Receipts were Hint, only fifty,
two cars being reported In, the run belns
freatly reduced by Sunday's storm, which
rendered loading a difficult matter and also
. fcy tke fear of market complications grow
Ing out of the European war situation. For
tsnately there was a good demand and that,
together with a light run, sent prices up
ward, the market being ll of 16gf26c
higher, which means that the break during
the latter half of last week was entirely
asgnlM4. In other words cattle sold back
bout when they did on Wednesday of last
Quotations on Cattle Oood to choice
leaves, llO.IOOH.16i fair to good beeves.
$0.764110.60; common to fair beeves, 1(1.00
&7t; good to choice heifers. 17.764tl.00;
food to choice cows. I7.604rl.16; fair to
good oows, 14.6007.60; common to fair
cows, I6.164y4.60; prims feeding steers,
10.00410.00; good to choice feeders, 18.60
0.00; fair .to good feeders. 17.6098.60;
sooimon to fair feeders. 16.60407.60; good
to choice suckers, 7.76f)8.60; stock heifers,
17.000)1.60; stock oows, I6.00O7.76; stock
salves, 17.00OI.00! Teal calves. 16.00011.00,
bnl bulls, stags, etc., 17.OOOI.60; bologna
bulls, I4.00O7.00.
. Hepresenutlvo sales:
Wo. Ar. Pr. No. A. Pr.
10........ 461 96 75 1... (10 7 B0
If 4 1 TO 1 7&0 7 16
I... Til I 25 I TM I 76
.......... Ill 00 II tt4 t 10
I Ill I 6S 20 1067 t 70
17 1121 10 35 40 Itti 10 40
I 170 I 26 10 MS I SO
4 143 S 71 S 731 f 00
I........ 094 8 75 17 10M 7 20
.,......1037 I 00 1)S I 2f
10 1121 f 35 1 UM I 60
t.. ....... 110 7 00 1 100 7 26
1 170 7 TB 1 712 00
1 .'.1020 I 0
HowCon tinned bd weather kept hoc
nottpu down to low (tguro this morn
ing, receipts of only fifty can, or 2,100 head
being Id 4b fact, the emalleit tor any
obo day fine October. The trade was
-"Keort t.tivt htjnn advance that
featured the close ofiast week. Prices
.wero very uneven, but movement waa active
at figure! that averaged around 96c higher
than Saturday, 8 hip peri led the way again
today, buying moat of the hoge offered
al flnirea that ran red all the way from 16c
to as much as 36026o higher, and were as
general thing eloee to a quarter better
than last weeaa ciois, ovy im?
pretty good job of cleaning up what ehlp
is. at tha nrAvnUina advance.
By shortly after I o'clock a pretty good
clearance had been made, only a few -mattering
loads remaining In the pena and a
4i n..ntr. nt these were second!.
Hardly enough hogo were offered to make
a bulk, but moat of the stuff here sold
at a spread of 111.16911.10 and choice
kinds reched 12.00, a flat quarter above
luuirday's top. All of today's quotations
ail the highest ev-r recorded here. Since
January 1 values have moved up nearly
II 00 per hundred, which advance Is more
Mnsmtionat thea the one made during the
corresponding period of Hi:, when on rec
rd receipts the market showed a steady
Wea AW. Ah. p. Hit. Av.
11 60
14. .Ill
50a. 101
13.. 26 8
74.. 114
, 11 60
11 II
11 71
11 16
11 II
71.. IM
71. .I7
77. .Ill
10. .211
11 70
11 80
11 10
IS 00 ,
lft 16
10 II
14.. 101
. ffl 10
Sheep The supply Included several cars of
feeders going through, but oven after de
ducting those, offerings of lambs were still
feaereus. Reports of advances elsewhere
caT Mllerg every reason to expect higher
prices, and they priced their holdings at
harp upturns, but packers, who are ex
periencing a shortage of refrigerator ears
and had to carry some lambs over from
last week, made first offers at lower levels.
Old aheep were fairly active at figures
that were fully steady to If anything
stronger. Among the earlier sales were
Navajo wethers at $11.16. and a little pack
age of Navajo yearlings at 111.36, both these
prices being the highest ever psld here.
Light western ewes sold to $10.76, breaking
the record for the market, and other light
and handy ewes reached $10.86910.70.
It was along towards midday when pack
rs finally began buying lambs. Movement
sroa anything but aclivs, and several loads
were stlil unsold at a lata hour. As a
general thing, sales when finally made
looked almost steady with last week's close,
though la spots reductions of anywhere
from a shade to 10c was noted, Packers
ay they are vnable to get an adequate
umber of refrigerator cars, and paid steady
prices only under protest, though at nearly
all other markets lambs sold to better ad-
vantage than they did on last week's close,
vocally most of the good light and handy
hnta .old around $14.30 14.16, with a de-
ent kind at $14.11 and aome weighty ones
"under the hill." A little package of Mex-
' loaus sold early at $14.60, but up to noon no
full loads had sold there, though the price
was reported as bid on eholoe Mexicans
Which were being held for more money.
Odd bunches of feeders were here, bat
' Anything In the feeding lamb line on which
eemparlsons could be based was lacking. A
hunch of feeding ewes brought $9.00.
Quotations on sheep and lambs: Lambs,
good to choice, $14.36914.60; lambs, fair
to good. $12.76914.86; Iambs, clipped, $11.36
911.40; lambs, feeders, $12.60914.26; year
Tings, good to choice, $12.60911-26; year-
lings, fair to good, lll.S6911.B0; wethers,
fair to choice, lt.60911.16; ewes, good to
choice, 110.26910.76; ewes, fair to good,
11.00910.26; ewes, plain to culls, 16.009
Representative aales:
No. Ar. Pr.
206 fd Umbo 74 14 16
0 fed lambs 76 14 16
126 fed ewes 17 10 76
Cattle Strong flora Ktrong Sheep and
Lsmbe Htrong.
Chicago. Feb. 6. Cattle Receipts. 0.000
head ; market, strong ; native beef cattle,
17.86013.26; WMtarn steers, 17.86910.26;
Mockers and feeders, 10.0099,26; cows and
heifers, .V10fr 10.40; calves, $10.26914.26.
Hose Receipt, 20,000 heed; market,
strong, 20 to 36c higher; bulk, !2.00 12,26;
light. 111.609 12.10; mixed, 1 11. 069 12-36;
heavy. 111. 70912.36. with a bid of 112.40
refused on prime heavy; rough, $11,709
11. 6; pigs, $0.60910.76.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 11,000 head;
market, strong : wethers, $ 1 0.60 911.86 ;
ewes, $7,76911-00; lambs, $12.10914.86.
fit, LonJs Lire Stock Market.
St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 6. -Cattle Receipt!
6,000 head; market higher; native beef
steers, 17.60911.76; yearling; steers and helf
era, l8.6O9il.6O: cows. $6.6097.60; stotk
ere and feeders, $6.3098.60; prime southern
beef steers, $8.00911. 60; beef cows and heif
ers, $4.2691.00; prime yearling steers and
heifers, $7.60 911-00; native calves, IS.009
Hogs Receipts, 11,100 head; market
higher; lights, $11.76912.26; pigs, $9,269
11.00; mixed and butchers, $U.012.3I;
good heavy, fl2.2tty 12.4&; bulk of sales,
$11. 96911-20.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 460 head ;
market higher; lambs, $12.76912.66; ewes,
$6.60910.ti0; yearlings, $11.00912.26.
Kauai City Lire Stock Market.
Kansas City, Mo- Feb. 6 Cattle Re
ceipts, 13,000 head; market steady to 16c
higher prime fed steers, $11.26 911-76;
dressed beef steers, $8. 60 9 1 1.00 ; western
steers, $7.60911-60; cows, $5,769 60; heif
ers, $7.00911.00; stockers and feeders, $6.90
910.00; bulk, l6.50tJ8.Ci0; calves, $7.00
Hogs Receipts, 10,000 head; market,
higher; bulk, $11.06912 06; heavy, $12,009
12.10; packers and butchers. $11.80912.70;
light, $11.60911-10; pigs, 19.60911-26.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 9,000 bead;
market, higher; lambs, $12.76914.70; year
lings, 112.00913.26; wethers, $10.60911.26;
ewes, $10.00910.76.
SIobx City Live Stock Market.
Slous City, Ta., Feb. S. Cattle Receipts.
300 head; market for killers, 10916c higher;
stockers, steady; beef steers, $10.00911.26;
butchers, $8.00910.00; fat cows and heif
ers, $6.00910.00; canners. $4.2696.76;
stockers and feeders, $8.6091.36; calve,
$6.00910.00; bulls, slags, etc., $6.6098.60;
feeding cows and heifers, $6.0098.26,
Hoge Receipts, 700 head; market 16c
higher; heavy, $11. 06911 70.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 600 head;
market steady; fed muttons, $9.26 912.26;
wethers, $10.26911.26; ewes. $9.26910.26;
lambs, $12.60 9 14.00.
1 lire Stock In Sight. '
Receipts of live stock from the five prin
cipal western markets:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Omaha 1,400 8,600 14,000
Sioux City...,, 200 700 600
St Louis 6,000 11,900 460
Chicago 1 000 20,000 11,000
Kansas City 13,000 10,000 9,000
Total 26,800 48,200 24,900
St. Joseph Live Stock Market.
St. Joseph, Feb. 6. Cattle Receipts, 2.
000 head; market 10916c higher; steers,
$7. 60612. no; rows and heifers, $6.00910.60;
oalves. $0.60913.60.
Hogs Receipts, o.ono need; market
16o to 30c higher; top. $13.00; bulk of sales,
Sheep and Lambs Receipts. 8,600 head';
market trOng to 10c higher; lambs, $13,609
14.66; ewes, $1.7(910.06.
Coffee Market.
New Tork, Feb. 6. Coffee Reports of
an easy turn in the cost and freight situa
tion arid a bearish view of political affairs
seemed responsible for further liquidation in
the market for coffee futures today. There
also was some selling by trade Interests
and after opening 1 to I points lower,
active months sold 9 to 11 points under Sat
urday's closing figures. May eased off from
8.89c to B.23o and closed at 1.86c, bid with
the general list closing at a net loss of 0
to 0 points. Sales estimated, 10,000 bags;
February, 8.21c; March, 1.20c; April, 8.30c;
May, 1.36c; June, 1.38c; July, 1.41c; August,
8,46c ; September. 8.60c ; October. 8.68c ;
November, I. Mo; December. I.6I0; Jan
uary 1.62c.
Spot, quiet; Rio 7s, 10c; Santos 4s, 19tte;
coat and freight offers were lower with
Santos 4s said to be offering at 10.20c, Lon
don credits, neutral steamers.
The official cables reported no change In
Brail Han markets except a decline of 176
re Is in Santos futures, but private cables
reported a further decline in Santos futures
today, which doubtless promoted some of the
selling here.
Cotton Market.
New Tork. Keb. 6. Cotton Futures
opened steady;. March. 116.20(T16.10c; April,
16.164,16. llo; July, lb.304l6.ll; urtooor,
14l6pl4.11i; December, 16.H0lfl6.20o.
The cotton market closed alronff at a net
advance of 14 to 06 points.
Cotton futures closed firm; March, 16.16c;
Mav. 16.00c: July 14.06a: Ootober. 16.43c:
December, ll.filo. fepot, stesdy; rolddllnf up
land. 16.R0GI ssles, 1,800 bales.
Liverpool, Feb. 8. Cotton Spot, weak;
rood middling, 10. Sic: middling, 10.11c;
low mlddllm, 10.00c. Bales, 7,000 bales.
Metal Market.
New Tork, Feb. (.-Metals Lead, 11.60.
Copper, nominal; electrolytic first, sseond
and third quarters, 111.60031.60, Iron,
steady; No. 1 northern, 131. 604031.60; No. 3,
131. Q0tf33.00: No. 1 southern, 110.604040.00;
No. 1, 120.00 Q 20.60. Tin, nominal; spot,
At London: Spot copper, 134 6s; future,,
1130 6a; electrolytic, 1146. Tin, spot, 1300
17s 0d; futures, 1201 17s d. Lead, 120.
Spelter, 161 Its,
Omaha Ifay MaMeO.
Omshs, Feb. 1. Hay Cholos
I1IO0S11S0; No. 1, 111. 004011. 60; No. 1,
0.60O10.60. No. 1, I7.t00t.60i No. 1 mid
land, iio.60(,u.oo: No. :. ti.6or,,.60; no.
1 lowland, 1.0041.10; No, 1, I7..)T.60;
No. I. 14.00 0 4.60.
Alfalfa Choice, 11T.OO01T.IO; No. 1,
16.6O0't.6O; standard. 118. 60014.10; No. 1,
I10.l0tyll.60; No. 1. 10.60 0 10.60.
Straw Oa', 17.00 0 7.10: wheat, 16.00
Oil and Kosln.
Savannah, Oa., Feb. 6. Turpentine Mar.
ket dull. 610 ; sales, none; receipts, 11 bbla.;
shipments, none, stocks, 10,161 bbla
Rosin Firm; sales, none: receipts, 121
bbls.; shipments, 111 bbls.; stock, 71,137 bbla
Quotation.: A. B, C. D E. F, O, 14.10;
H. 1, K, 11.20; M, 14.35; N, 16.60; WO,
66.46; WW, 16.10.
Dry Goods Market.
New Tork, Feb. 6. Dry Goods Cotton
goods and yarns were steadier with trade
light today. Dress goods were firmer. Raw
silk was unsettled in foreign markets, but
quist here. Markets were generally steadier
ana more commence was shown in value.
s of earning power of Mid
Continent Consolidated Oil and
Utilities Corporation makes this stock
unusually attractive to small or large
investors seeking permanent and ever
increasing incomes. The stock repre
sents public utility corporatMos in It
ckies In the mid-west, owning In addi
two, oil and gas properties of proven
past and present production that should
rapidly develop Into great monev-mak-era.
The population of the territories
served is now 100,000. Present growth
indicates 2a0,000 within five years.
(Jnarpormitd umdtr tk Jstes
' tftk Sta Aim Yk)
Financial advisers of recognised
authority recommend public utility
stocks, and statistical experts have
proven that this type of eecurity shows
greater stability than most industrials
ana rsuroaas Because n is wsssuotcciio
fluctuating trade conditio na. Tremen
dous speculative values are aopplied by
end ass bold in as. while mutttea sale
guard the principal and income.
" 10 dividend ylela) with tOO
areteetiea Msiirssi
r dttmki inform, tpmfy Orarfar -19
General Advance in Prices
Stimulates Market, Though
Receipts Are Light.
Omaha, February 5, 1917.
Receipts of grain were comparatively light
today and a good demand for the dlnrent
cereals forced a general advance in prices.
Wheat wu strong at an advance of 2c to
3fcc. Corn followed wheat with praln of
3c to 2c, while oats were quoted from lc
to lfco higher. No. hard wheat brought
the bent prices, this grade selling from 11.72
to $1.73. and the No. 3 hard coins at
11.71 to 11.71V
No. 2 durum wheat sold around $1.72; No.
2 mixed brought. $1.73, and the nominal
quotations on spring wheat were 11.6 to
11.76 on the No. 2 and I1.S& to $1.72 on
the No. 3 grade.
The trade In com vai excellent and buy
ers took up most of the nam plea on the ad
vance, the bettr gradi-s of com selling
around &Hc and tho mixed and yellow
aamplee going at 94 to ibc.
Oats were very anlvo and were In good
demand at the prevailing prices. Receipts
of oats, however, were very light, and the
bulk of the offerings, which graded No. 2
and No. 4 white, sold from 12 fcc to 62c
on No. 3 white to Clc to 634c on No. i
Rye was very quiet at a 2c advance and
barley was very active with prices quoted
Clearancea were: Wheat and flour, equal
to 663,000 bunheln; corn, 239,000 bunheli:
oats, 39.000 bus he la.
Primary wheat receipts were 744.000 bush
els and shipment! 4x4.000 bushels, againiit
receipts of 1,7116,000 bushels and shipments
of 864,000 bushels lant year.
Primary corn receipts wre 918.000 bush
els and shipments 414.000 bushels, against
receipts of bushels and shipmenta
of 644,000 last year.
Primary oats receipts were 615,000 bush
els and shipments 761,000 bushels, against
receipts of 1,093,000 bushels and shipments
of 719,000 bushels last year.
Wheat. Corn. Oats,
Chicago a2 i8 58
Omaha J so 87 9
These sales were reported yesterday:
Wheat No. 2 hard winter: 1 car, 11.73;
3 cars, $1.73; 4 4-5 cars, $1.72. No. S
hard winter; 3 cars. $1.714; 13 cars, $1.71;
1 car, $1.70; 1 car, $1.9; No. 4 hard win
ter: I car, $1.68; 1-6 car, $1.67. No. 2
durum: 1 car, $1.72. No. 3 durum: 1 car
(light) $1.66. No. 2 mixed: 1 car. $1.78.
No. 3 mixed: 1 car, $1.71; 1 car, $1.67. No.
4 mixed: 2 cars, $1.67.
Barley No. 2: 1 car, $1.20. No. 1 feed:
1 car, $1.07. Rejected: 1 car, 96c. Bample:
1 car, 9bc.
Corn No. 3 white: 3 cars, 9&Sc No. 3
white; 3 cars, 95Vac; 2 cars, 96c. No. 2
yellow: 1 car, 96-c; 1 car, 96c; 3 cars,
95c. No. I yellow: 8 cars, 96o; No. i yel
low: 1 car, 94 c. No. 2 mixed: 4 cars,
96c; 1 oar, 94c. Nu. I mixed; I cars,
96c; S cars, 4c. No. 4 mixed: 1 car,
94c; 3 cars, Hc, No. 6 mixed: 1 car,
Uata No. 3 white: 1 car, 52c; 3 cart.
62 Ho. No. 4 white: 2 cars, G24o; 1 car,
52c; 1 car, 61 c; 1 car, 610. Sample
white: 1 car, 62c; 3 earn,, 61 He
Omaha Cash Prices Wheat: No. 2' hard,
$l.?201.73ftc; No. 3 hard, $1.7001.71 Vt ;
No; 4 hard, $1.66(1.68; No. 2 spring, $1.6SB
1.76; No. 3 spring, $1. 6501. 72; No. 2 durum.
$1.7001-73. No. I durum, $1. 6801. 70. Corn;
No. 2 white, 96140960; No. 3 white, 960
9&4c; No. 4 white, 94Q95c; No. 6 white,
HA94b; No, 6 while, 9494c; No.
2 yellow, 9&tt096ttc. No. 3 yellow, 940
96c; No. 4 yellow, 94094Hc; No. 6 yel
low. 94094c; No. 6 yellow. 9394c. No.
2 mixed, 9409Gc; No. 8 mixed, 94Vj095c;
No. 4 mixed, 9494c; No. 6 mixed.
4K094c; No. 6 mixed, 94094tta. Oats:
No. 2 white, 62 $ 5214 c; standard, 52 0
63c; No. 1 white, 62H082c; No. 4 white,
61 0 62Kc Barley: Malting, $1.1001.20;
No. I feed, 96c0$l.O8. Bye: No. 2, $1,360
1.38; No. 1, $1.3401.27.
Omaha Futures.
The future wheat situation was extremely
bullish today and the trade In the local
pit was very active. Buying by longs and
heavy short covering forced a sharp rise
In all options except September wheat
and May corn, closing on the highest quo
tation of the day. The sentiment In wheat
was not necessarily bullish today but the
sharp rise In Saturday's market not only
caused many traders who were bearlshly
inclined to get In the market.
Corn and oats were quite active and
closing prlcea on these articles were strong,
May oorn closing at 96 He and May oats
at ic. Local range of options:
Art. Open. jHIgh, 'Low. Close, jfiat'y.
! WhlTl j 1
May I148H6S 1711164 I 711U.
July I 1 44 1 46 141 1 46l43
Bept 1 1 82 1 83 130 ) 1 32ft131tt
May 94140 94 U 94H
July j 94 9&fe 94 I 96fe 934
"is. I lii ;
May B3fc 63(41 G3 5214
July 49 49 49 49fci 48
Chicago closing prices, furnished The Bee
by Logan A Bryan, stock and grain brok
ers, 316 South Sixteenth street, Omaha:
Art 1 Open, High. Low.) Close. Hat.
WhT f !
May 1 69 1 74 167 1 74 168
July 1 60 1 60 144 1 49 148
Sept 1 40 1 40 135 1 8B 137
May 99 1 00 98 1 00 98
July 97 99 97 99 97
May 54 65 3 64 63
July 63 64 52 63 62
May 3 10 80 00 28 80 29 60 39 32
July 28 10 39 40 28 80 29 16 29 00
May 18 It 1 67 18 30 18 46 18 16
July 18 63 16 72 16 62 18 60 16 32
May IS 33 IS SO IS 25 IS 46 IS 10
July 16 45 16 62 IS 46 16 SO 16 36
Wheat Rises at Opening oa Rumor Austria
Will Adhere to tiertnaa View.
Chlcaa-o. Feb. 6. Wheat rose sharply In
value today after wavering until the last
hour. A notable oecreaso in ine unttea
States visible supply total did a good deal
to lift nrlces and so. too, did ad vires that.
regardless of Germany's change of sea meth
ods, the loading and shipment of breads tuffs
purchased for the entente allies would at
present, In any event, not be Interrupted by
Every Man
Should invest portion of hi profit or savings
so that they will yield a reasonable income. The
quires such investments.
The SERVICE we render, the PRODUCTS we
ell and the ADMINISTRATION of our busi
ness policy makes this company desirable to
such investors. . n
The motor age is advancing so rapidly we
need additional capital to meet the demand for
our products, and we offer a portion of our
capital stock at $100 per share, in allotments
of from one to ten shares. We shall be glad to
have you invest with us.
Vjrtholas Oil Company
Grain Exchange Bldg.,
Omaha, Neb.
the owners but, on the contrary, would be
rushed. The market closed strong, 1 to
c net higher, with May at $1.74 to $1.74 H
and July at $1.49 to $1.4H- Other leading
i tap leu likewise scored gains, corn 3c to 2c,
oats 14 01c to Iftc, and provisions 27030c
to $1.27.
At first the chief -characteristics of the
wheat trade were nervousness and lack of
volume. Recent fluctuations apparently had
been tuo violent for all but the hardiest of
speculators with ample financial backing.
Buying orders predominated in Initial busi
ness, but were soon checked by reports that
Austria had taken the same position as
tlermany regarding unrestricted activity of
BUbmarines. Pronounced weakness followed,
owing to prospects that an Immediate break
In diplomatic relations with Austria was
likely. When traders, who had sold short,
attempted, however, to collect profits the
-narket was found to be bare of offerings.
H was at this juncture the visible supply
ligures were Issued showing that the aggre
gate readily available stock In this country
had shrunk to nearly 18.600,000 bushels less
than was the case a year ago.
Word of continued rapid forwarding of
supplies to the entente allies seemed to
glvo decided Impetus to the upward ten
dency of the wheat market as the end of
the session approached. The rise, though,
was largely confined to May and was
ihared to but a moderate extent by the new
crop months, July and September. May
closed at the topmost point reached, about
20 cents up from the lowest figures of Sat
urday. Com was etrong from the start. Scanti
ness of rural offerings Intimidated sellers,
who were a I no affected by talk that the
prevailing low temperatures had Increased
the feeding demand. Oats were Influenced
by the same conditions as corn, but were
less active.
New high record quotations on hogs car
ried provisions sharply upgrade. Pork led
the advance, and at one time showed a
Jump of $1.72 a barrel, as compared with
the clone on Saturday.
Cash Prices Wheat: No. S red, nominal;
No. 3 red. $1.66H: No. 3 hard, $1.7401.76;
No. 3 hard, $1.6901.71. Com: No. 2
yellow, $1.00; No, 4 yellow, nominal; No. '4
white, 96c. Oats: No. 3 white, 63 065c;
standard, 644056c. Bye: No. 2, nomi
nal; No. 3, $1.2701.38. Barley: $1,000
1.27. Seeds: Timothy, $3.6005.60; clover,
tl2.00fiM7.60. Provisions: Pork, $29.60;
I lard, $16.17; ribs, $16.00016.60.
I Butter Higher; creamery, 32039c.
HeKn Higher; receipts, 2.090 cartes; firsts,
UtyiiHc: ordinary firsts, 42043c; at mark,
cases included, 40044c.
Potatoes Receipts, 22 cars; unchanged.
Poultry Alive, unsettled; fowls. 20 He;
springe, 20c.
Quotations of the Day on Vartons Leading
New Tork, Feb. 6. Klour, steady; spring
patents, $8.508.76: winter patent. 8.25t?p
8.50; winter straights, $7.8008.15; Kansas
straights, $R. 50608.75. ,
Wheat Hpot, strong; No. 2 liard, $1.96;
No. 1 northern, Duluth. $2.09; No. 1 north
ern Manitoba, $3.07 H. f. o. b.. New Tork.
Corn Hpot, strong; No. 3 yellow, $1.43 i
C. 1. f. New York.
Oats Spot, strong; standard, 67 068c.
Hay Steady; No. 1, $1.10; No. 2. $1,000
1.06; No. 8, 5097ttc; shipping, 90 0 97c.
Hops Si eady State, common to choice,
1916, 40047c; 1915, 8014c; Pacific coast,
1916, 110.4c; 1915, 8011c.
Hides Quiet;. Bogota, 43c; Central
America, 41c
Leather Firm; heiwtock firsts, 67c; sec
onds, 66c.
. Provisions Pork, strong: mess, $33,000
33.60; family, $32.00034.00; short clears,
$32.000 33.00. Beef, firm; mess, $23,000
23.60; family, $26.60027.00. Lard, strong;
middle west, $16.60016.60.
Tallow Steady; city, 11c nominal; coun
try. 11 4 ?ll4c; special, Uc.
Butter Firm; recelpta, 7,467 tnbs; cream
ery higher than extras, 43 4 044a; cream
ery extras 92 score 48c; firsts, 27 0 42c;
seconds, 3602614c.
Kggs Firm; receipts, 4,408 cases: fresh
gathered extra firsts, 49c; firsts, 48048c;
refrigerator finest, 48c; refrigerator, good
to fair. 4OU041ttc
Cheese Firm: receipts 3.351 boxes; state
held specials, 26025ftc; state held average
fancy 24 025c.
Poultry Live, steady; no prices settled
Dressed firm; chickens, 19029c; fowls, 170
24c ; turkeys, 20 0 34c.
Minneapolis Grata Market.
Minneapolis, Feb. S. Wheat May,
$1,764: July. $1.73. Cash: No. 1 hard,
$1.84 01.90 ; No. 1 northern, $1.77 0
1.89; No. 2 northern, $L7401.8O.
Flour Unchan ged.
Barley 86n$l. 17.
Hye $1.3501.36.
Bran $31.00033.00.
Corn No. 3 yellow. t70tte.
Oats No. 3 white. 62069.
Flaxseed $2.79 02.86.
Kansas City General Market.
Kansas City. Feb. Wheat No. 3 hard.
$1.6601.77; No. 3 rod, $1.66 01.76; May,
$1.72; July, $1.46.
Corn N. 2 mixed, 97097c: No. 3 white,
97098c; No. 1 yellow, 98 0 98e; May,
97097c; July,. 96096c.
Oats No. 3 white, 67068c; No. 3 mixed,
56058c. .
St. lAois Grain Market.
St. Louis, Feb. 6. Wheat .No. 3 red,
$1.80; No. 2 hard, $1.7701.83; July, $1.46.
Corn No. 2, 98c; No. 3 white, $1,000
1.00; May, $1.00: July, 98c
Oats No. 2, 64 c; No. 3 white, nominal.
Liverpool Grain Market.
Liverpool, Feb. 6.-Flour Winter, 47s.
Hops (In London) Pacific coast, 14 15s0
6 16s.
Bank Clearings.
Omaha, Feb. 6. Bank clearings for
Omaha today were $4,404,168.80, and for the
corresponding day last year $3,662,967.63.
Announcement !
Ham Builders, Ine wish to
announce that its non-participating
$1.00 shares are now
available. Its participating
($1.21) shares are exhausted.
The new shares are guaranteed
7 straight interest, payable
January 1 and July 1.
Offices: 17th and Doagla Sts.,
Omaha, Neb.
Break in Relations With Ger
many Made Occasion of Fur
ther Advance in Shares.
New Tork, Feb. 6. Far from causing
dismay or even hesitation, the break in
relations between the United States and
Germany was made the occasion of a fur
ther advance in stocks today, last Satur
day's spectacular up rush being supple
mented Dy advances ot I to 6 points in
many fssus of importance.
Prominent specialties, particularly those
embracing the so-calId war group, made
even greater gains Bethlehem Steel (old
stock (rising 16 points, although the new
stock yleled 4 points. Shares of numerous
other concerns, which have been the most
conspicuous In the war booms of the last
two years were substantially better, a few
gaining at their best as much as 6 to 10
points. United States Steel occupied Its cus
tomary commanding position throughout the
day and on a total turnover of about 360,000
shares, or almost 80 per cent of tho whole,
made an extreme advancs of 1 OS hi , and
closed at 107 4, a net gain of 3S. poinU.
Kindred Issues such as Lackawanna, Cruc
ible Steel, Sloss-Sheffleld common and pre
ferred: Republic Iron. American Car anrt
allied equipments were 3 to 4 points better
wim s points each for Gulf States and
Nova Scotia. Metals, especially the fore
most coppers, were In steady demand, Ana
conda, Utah and Gran by rising to 8
points, with 4 points for Butte and Superior.
Soml-war descriptions like Central Leather,
industrial Alcohol, Petroleums and Sugars
were sufficiently etronsr to indicate a re
newal of past preferment and shippings ap
peared to ignore the rise In maritime In
surance rates to the highest figure thus
far quoted on ships of American registry.
Of all the representative Issues, rails alone
were consistently Irregular, gains In some
transcontinentals and grangers being offset
by losses in other shares of the same char
acter. New Haven at the new low record of
3 and Brooklyn Transit 3s decline
of 7 points, were attributed to specific
causes. Totals sales of stocks, 1,245 000
New minimums for United Klnrrtnmi and
Parts fie and weakness in local transactions
made for an irregular bond market Total
sales of bonds, par value. 14,660,000. United
States bonds were unchanged on call.
numoer or dales and quotations on lead
ing stocks were:
Sales. High. Low. Close.
Am. Beet Sugar... as.00 99 92 9H
American Can it. .tori nu in a-.u
Am. Car & Foundry 3.300 64 62 63
n.iu, uocomouve. . . 7,700 71 68 '70
Am. Smelt. & Refg. 21,200 99 97 98
Am. Sugar Ref soo 106 106 106
Am. Tel. & Tel 2,600 126 124 125
Am. Z.. L. A S at lx
Anaconda Copper.. 36,600 77 74 76
Atchison 2,600 103 102 102
Baldwin Locomot.. 8,600 61 48 50
Baltimore & Ohio. . 2,900 77 76 76
Brooklyn Rapid Tr. 6.200 72 65 67
Butte 4 Sun. Cod.. 5.000 4f i.if.
Cal. Petroleum 3,000 24 22 23
Canadian Pacific... 3,500 167 156 156
Central Leather 29.500 81 77 80
cnesapeahe & Ohio 2,900 60 58 68
C, M. A St. Paul.. 2,300 85 84 85
Chicago & North... 200 120 120 120
C. R. 1. & P. Rv
Chino Copper 6.700 65 52 53
coio. j'uel & iron.. 6,200 44 42 43
Corn Prod. Ref 7.700 2nA isu. vntL
Crucible Steel 32,700 61 57 60
Krie 10.300 21 2BTt
Oeneral Rlecrlc... 500 166 165 165
Ureat North, pfd.. 500 116 115 114
Gt. North. Orectfs. 4,100 33 31 32
Illinois Central.... 600 103 100 101
Inter. Con. Corp... 1,500 13 13 13
Inspiration Copper. 24,800 67 64 55
Inter. Har., N. J lis
Int. M. M. pfd. ctfs 28,900 69 65 68
K. C. Southern 1.000 21 21 ii 21 U.
Kennecott Copper. . 30,100 44 42 43
Louis. A Nash 125
Mex. Petroleum.... 6.800 90 87 88
Miami Copper 4,200 37 36 36
Mo.. K. & Tei. pfd 16
Mo. Pacific, new... 2.100 29 i 28U 2ft
Montana Power. . . 700 98 97 99
National Tad 600 56 54 55
Nevada Copper.... 6.700 23 22 23
N. T. Central 7,400 96 95 9.1
N. T., N. H. & H.. 11.400 42 39 39
Norfolk A. West.... 2,400 130 129 129
Northern Pacific... 3,500 106 103 104
Pacific Mall 1.900 23 19fe 23U
Pacific Tel. A Tel 29
Pennsylvania 3.500 55 54 54
Ray Con. Copper. , . 9,900 26 25 25
Reading 42.600 94 90 92
Rep. Iron & Steel.. 7,100 78 73 76
Shattuck Arts. Cop. 1,700 21 24 26
Southern Pacific... 8.200 93 91 92
Southern Railway.. 10.200 29 28 28
Studebaker Co 7,100 101 99 100
Teaas Comoanv.... .600 216 209 209
Union Pacific 11,900 135 134 1.14
Union Pacific pfd.. 400 83 83 83
Daily Trains
to Colorado
Denver Special
Leaves Omaha, 7:45 A. M.
Daily Trains
to California
Restricted to first class passage. Extra fare of $8.00 Omaha to San Francisco.
Barber and baths, ladies' maid, valet, stenographer, vapor heat, electric ventilation,
' select library, club car for men, stock and market reports by wire, writing desks and
stationery, compartments and drawing rooms ensuite if desired.
Two other trains for San Francisco, leave Omaha at 11:55 A. M. and 12:40 A. M. (midnight),
each carrying Pullman Standard and Tourist sleeping cars.
Two trains for Los Angeles leaving Omaha
Los Angeles Limited, 11:55 A. M. Pacific Limited, 12:40 A. M.
2D a 1 1 y Trains Each of which follows for nearly two hundred miles
in Panfit Inrlhwest the Scenic Columbia River. From Omaha to Port
10 r acme nonnwesi Tacoma geattle and intermediate points.
Oregon-Washington Limited Portland and Puget Sound Express
Leaves Omaha, 10:30 A. M. ' Leave Omaha, 12:40 A. M. midnight)
For additional information about train service, literature jescriptivif of routes of Union Pacific
System, Pullman reservations, apply to '
1324 Farnam St Omaha,
U. a Ind. Alcohol. 3S.600 120 114 134
V. S. Steel 329,600 108 106 107
U. S. Steel pfd.... 700 118 118 118
Utah Copper 40,600 111 107 109
Wabash pfd "B".. 2,000 26 26 Z5
Western Union 9f0 94 93 94
Westlngh. Electric. 11.900 61 49 0
Total sales for the day, 1,246,000 shares.
New York Money Market.
New Tork, Feb. 5. Mercantile Paper
3 fc3 per cent.
Sterling Exchange 60-day bills. $4.73;
commercial 60-day bills, on banks, 14.72;
commercial 60-day bills, 14.72; demand,
$4.7570; cables, $4.76 7-16.
Silver Bar, 76c; Mexican dollars, 64 c.
Bonds Government, steady; railroad, Ir
regular. Time Loans Strong: 60 days, $0 days and
S months, 404 per cent.
Call Money High, S per cent; low, 2 per
cent; ruling rate, 3 per cent; last loan, 2
per cent; closing bid, 2 per cent; offered at
2 per cent. ,
U. S. r. 2s. reg. 99 L. & N. unl. 4s. 95
do coupon 99M. K. & T. 1st 4s 77
U. S. 3s. reg.. .101 "Mo. Pac. con 6s.l04
do coupon. .. .101 Mont. Power 6s. 99
U. S. 4s, reg... 110 N. Y. C. deb. 6s. 109
do coupon 110N. T. City 4s.l08
A. T. A T. &4s.l05 New Haven c. 6s.l04
Anglo-French 6s. 92 No. Pacific 4s... 94
Atch. gen. 4s... 94 do 3s 67
B. & O. 4s 92Ore. S. 1 ref. 4s 92
Beth. St. ref. 6s.l00 Pac. T. A T. 5s. 100
Cent Pacific 1st. 91Penn. con. 4s.l06 1
C. A O. cv. 4s. 84 do gen. 4s..l02
C, B. A Q., J. 4t. 98Resdlng gen. 4s. 95
C..M.& 105 So. Pacific cv. 5s.l01
C. R. I. A P. r. 4s 74 drt ref. 4s 92
C. A 8. ref. 4s. 84So. Railway 5s. .101
D. A R. G. c. 4s. 82 Union Pacific 4s. 97
Erie gen. 4s 70 do cv. 4s 93
Gen. Electric 6s.l05 IT. 8 .Rubber 6s. 102
Gt. No, 1st 4s.l00 U. S. Steel 6s... 105
I. C. ref. 4s.... 93W. Union 4a.. 96
K. C. 8. ref. Gs. 89 Dom. of C, 1913 99
London Stock Market.
London, Feb. 5. American securities
moved with Wall street and only a few
transactions were recorded on the stock
exchange today.
London, Feb. 5. Silver Bar, 37 d per
Money 3 per cent.
Discoun t Rates Short bills, 5 5 per
cent; three months, 695 per cent.
Sugar Market.
New York, Feb. 6. Sugar Raw, steady;
centrifugal, 4.83c; molasses, 3.96c. Refined,
steady; cut loaf, 7.90c; crushed, 7.75c;
mould A and cubes, 7.26c; XXXX powdered,
6.90c;, powdered, 6.85c; fine granulated,
6.75c; diamond A. 6.75c; confectioners' A,
6.66c; No. 1, 6.60c. Futures opened lower
under scattered liquidation, but later ral
lied on good demand from Cuban interests
and at noon were unchanged to 1 point
Evaporated Apples and Dried Fraits.
New Tork, Feb. 6. Evaporated Apples
Dull; fancy, 89c; choice, 8t$8c; prime,
Dried Fruits Prunes, easy; California, 7fl!
7c; Oregons, 810 c. Apricots, firm;
choice, 17c; extra choice, 17c; fancy, 18c.
Peaches, steady; choice, 8c; extra choice,
9c; fancy. 9c. Raisins, easy; choice to
fancy seeded, 810c; seedless, J0(gll c;
London layers, $1.80.
For Sale Three first mortgages on three
separate Eastern Nebraska farms. Security
three times value of mortgages. Amounts,
$1,000, $2,000 and $5,000. Will sell one or
all. No commission. No discount. No brokers.
If interested state if you want, subject to in
vestigation, one or all. Address Security,
Box 1133, Omaha Bee, Omaha, Neb.
Over the only line that is double tracked
all the way between Omaha and Colorado.
Colorado Express
Leave Omaha, 4:30 P. M.
The foremost of these trains is the famous
Leavee Omaha, 8:00 A. M. Arrives San Francisco, 10:10 A. M.
L BEINDORFF, City Passenger
SteeL Smelter, Copper and
Kindred Issues Open One to
Three Points Up.
New York, Feb. 5. Wall street be
gan the day in a mood more serious
than at any time since the beginning
of the war. The developments over
Sunday suggesting the extent of the
precautions taken throughout' the
country brought the financial com
munity to a further realization of the
grave conditions resulting from the
diplomatic break with Germany.
At the stock exchange the attend
ance, despite the storm, was larger
than on any day since the memor
able 1st day of August, 1914, when
the exchange entered upon an en
forced and prolonged period of sus
pension. The tone of the market at the open
ing was strong, with gains of 1 to
points in American Smelting, Lacka
wanna Steel, Utah Copper and Cen
tral Leather.
United States Steel made an initial
gain of 2 points, at 106, on its offer
ing of 2,500 shares.
Bethlehem Steel, old stock, rose 15
points, while the new stock was otl
j points
Highest Price Ever Paid
For Hogs On This Market
Never before did hogs sell as high
as they did Monday in the stock yard.
at Omaha.
A flat 12 cents was reached on a
few loads, and the bulk sold at from
$11.65 to $11.90. All the quotations
on hogs were the highest ever .re
ceived on the market here. The fig
ures averaged 25 cents higher than
Recratttna; for both the army and ih
navy during the month of January raaehet!
satisfactory proportions, according to tin
ares made public. The navy made a net In
crease of 1,422 men, and the army of 1.10C
Colorado Special '
Leaves Omaha. 12:30 A. M.
(Pullman keeping- Car
ready for occupancy 9:30 P. M.)
Agent J
Phone Doagla, 4000.
il . La Sail $3t,, CMeage
V .