Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 04, 1917, NEWS SECTION, Page 7, Image 7

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OT P Rfv Burgess-Nash Announce for Monday 'T
' Their Annual February -Sale of Mf
NOTE I Furniture elected durmt this tali will
be held for future delivery en the pay
ment of a imU depoiit.
Their Annual February Sale of
NOTE! Ticket with special prices are attache!
y to the various pieces in tbi aala of fur
niture. , . I
Involving the Entire Regular Stock (Excepting Sectional Book Cases, Springs and Mat-
uwoca-1 uuiiiurc juuduic iur every ivoom in uie nouse ai reductions Ranging trom 1U to 5U
mHE February sale of furniture is one of the big calendar features
of this service store an event to which shrewd home furnishers
have learned to look forward with great anticipation, fully realizing
that at no other time of the year are the assortments and range of se
lection so great and the saving possibilities so manifest It's one of
the most important contributing features toward the making of bet
ter homes, for it points the way to better furniture at lesser cost.
TnORTUNATELY, the great part of our regular stock is owned at
r low prices, which have not here advanced, and the new nurchasM
were made at large discounts for specific trade reasons. But with
all that one should give thought to the future. It is no yellow journal
scare that furniture is going to cost more. It is costing more at
wholesale this very minute. Manufacturers are raising their prices all
along the line, within the past six months there have been several de
cided increases owing to increased costs of materials and labor.
mHE sale this year promises to be the most important from a money
saving point of view, of any that have gone before. Months of
careful preparation have been given over to this big annual event,
and we cannot say too much in praise of the quality and workmanship
of the furniture, for only the best was selected to be consistent with
our standard of quality, dependability and economy furniture suit
able for every room in the home, offered at reductions ranging from
10 to 50.
The Illustrations and Descriptions Below Are But Guide Posts to Real Economi
This Dining Table, at
This round dining table, as
illustrated, is substantially
built of solid oak, with fumed
finish, 6-foot extension, spe
cially reduced for the Feb
ruary sale, to $9.85. ,
Other dining tables irt the
sale, from $9.85 to $100.00.
This Reed Rocker, at "
Rockers made of select im
ported reed, like illustra
tion, upholstered with tapes
try or cretonne, specially re
duced for the February sale,
to $7.95. v
This Wood Rocker, at
Splendidly const meted
high back rocker as pictured,
of solid oak, and upholstered
with genuine leather seat,
specially priced for the Feb
ruary sale, at $8.95.
Other wood rockers in the
sale, from $1.95 to $35.00.
This Chiffonier for -
Chiffonier, as illustrated,
well constructed and finished
in the popular ivory enamel,
specially priced in the Feb
ruary sale, at $21.75.
Other chiffoniers in the
sale, at $8.00 to $165.00.
V . u ;
I .
This Dresser, Monday, at
Adam designed dresser in
ivory enamel finish, mahog
any or American walnut;
well constructed throughout,
specially priced for the Feb
ruary sale, at $20.00.
Other dressers in the
sale, at $10.78
This Writing Desk, at
i $8.65
Writine- desks, as illus
trated, constructed of solid
oak with, furrted finish;
roomy compartment and
drawer,, specially reduced
for this sale, to $8.65.
Other writing desks in the
at $6.45 to $145.00.
This Magazine Rack for
Magazine racks, as pic
tured, built of solid oak with
fumed finish; three shelves,
roomy and substantial, spe
cially reduced for the sale,
to $1.65.
Other book racks in the
sale, at $1.65 to $25.00.
, This 4-Poster Bedstead,
Colonial design four-poster
bedsteads of solid mahog
any, as illustrated ; very sub
stantially constructed and
specially priced, in the sale,
at $19.95. !
Other wood bedsteads in
the sale, $6.75 to $125.00.
This All-Steel Bedstead,
Bedsteads of all steel con
struction, as illustrated, with
continuous two-inch posts,
five spindles in head and
foot, specially priced for the
sale, at $5.00.
Other iron or steel bed
steads in the sale, at $2,25
to $40.00.
This Brass Bedstead, at ,
Brass .bedsteads, as illus
trated, with two-inch posts
and five spindles in head
and foot, well constructed
and specially priced in this
sale, at $8.25.
Other brass beds in the
sale, at $&25 to $65.00.
This Overstuffed Davenp't
Davenports, as illustrated,
upholstered with best qual
ity tapestry, in a variety of
patterns and colors; spring
cushion seat, specially priced
in the sale, at $59.50.
Other davenports in the
at $25.00 to $125.00.
BnrM-Nah Cm. Third Floor.
China Cabinets Reduced to
China cabinets, construct
ed of American walnut in
Queen Anne . design, well
constructed throughout, spe
cially priced in the Febru
ary sale, at $36.75.
Other cabinets in the sale,
at $9.95 to $55.00.
This Library Table for
Library tables, as illus
trated, in William and Mary
design, constructed of solid
mahogany; specially priced
in the February sale, Mon
day, at $20.50. -
Other library tables in the
sale, at $6.85 to $110.00.
This .Upholstered Rocker,
Rockers, as illustrated, up
holstered with best quality
velour or tapestry; big,
roomy and comfortable
rockers, specially priced in
the sale, at $26.95.
Other rockers and qhairs
in the sale, at $19.95 to $140.
THAT'S something yon get
here, even if you don't ask
for it
; The chief duty of our ad
vertising, as we see it, is to
give the public the exact in
formation , abont our mer
chandise. The same policy rules in
our selling.
We believe in bur merchan
dise, or it would not be here.
It most possess definite
quality standards, or we will
not invest oar money in it.
It mast prove itself to as be
fore we Day it.
That is why we can recom
mend it to you with absolute
assurance that it is right, and,
being right, we can see no rea
son for misrepresenting any
of our goods to our customers.
Our advertisements' do not
contain comparative state
ments of value, because oft
times, through over enthusi
asm, values are exaggerated
a tendency to mislead and mis
inform. ' W welcome the
most exacting comparison of
our merchandise in every es
sential. We believe this policy will
meet the approval of discrimi
nating and careful people,
saeh as it is our desire to
Monday in the Down Stairs Store
A GALAXY of special values, characteristic of thjs big economy supply center, I we do not quote comparative prices,' you have every assurance that the value
novo noon aalanari fnr Mnnrtov in iha TVtim CJfaiia Cw -i iU- V..x V. 1 -- j. a ...
"v"" """-c "7"uuj " "" w uwiia uKJic, juov ao uiujdbuiB aic uic uesfc wj ue jLuuuu in uie ciiy. mane a lest oi tnai statement, (jome with
of the many good things this tmder-pnee section has in store for you, and although high expectations, we are certain you will not be disappointed.
Men's Shirts, at 59c
Neckband shirts, coat style,
standard made, with soft and stiff
caffs. The patterns are good, but
some are soiled and mussed. There
are some white stiff bosom shirts
in the group, too; very special,
at 59e.
Zephyr Ginghams, 22c
32-inch Scotch zephyr ginghams,
in striped, checked and plaid pat
terns, good selecton of colorings;
at 22c yard. . ;
; Notion Bargains
Pearl buttons, doz, 2c.
Fancy trimming buttons, doz le
Shopping bags, 10c.
Men's shirt bands, the
Silk finish crochet cotton, spool,
200-yd. spool machine cotton,
at 2H.
50-yd. spool machine silk, 3m.
Wooden coat hangers, le.
Wire hair pins, paper, 2c
Bone hair pins, box, Be.
Hooks and eyes, card, la.
Large size needle books, 10e.
Hair barrettes, Sc.
Dressing combs, Be.
Kid hair curlers, doz., 10c.
Children's hose supporters, pair,
at 10c
Safety pins, card, 2Jt.
Percales, at 11 Vic
Percales, 86 Inches wide, light
and dark colors; reduced for Mon
day, at II M the yard.
Crepe Remnants, 14c
Short lengths of plisse crepe,
lengths to 10 yards; reduced for
Monday to 14c yard.
Dress Ginghams, 11c
Everett classic dress ginghams,
in a variety of beautiful patterns
fqr selection, special, at He yard.
Silk Dresses, Vt Price
An assortment of women's silk
dresses of measaline, crepe de
chine and Belding satin in navy,
green, brown and black; specially
reduced to price.
Evening Dresses, Vi Price
Made of chiffon, in light blue,
pink, yellow, and white; some are
embroidered, others trimmed with
black velvet ribbons; at price.
Corsets Reduced to 97c
Large assortment of odd corsets,
including all sizes, made of coutil
and fancy batistes, with long skirt,
elastic top, medium and high bust)
pins ana i
far 7e.
Linen Napkins, 10c
Linen napkins, 18x1 8-inch,
weient. pare linen, neat red bor
ders, hemmed ready for use, at
10e each.
Crash Toweling, 10c
Bleached crash toweling with
blue border, good weight,' soft and
absorbent; the yard, 10c.
Pillow Cases, 39c
Hemstitched pillow eases, nicely
embroidered, good grade casing,
regular size; each, 39. ' ':
"Burnasco" Sheet
Broken stock, only narrow sizes
left at the odd prices.
63x90-mch, S5c each.
72x0-inch, 95e each. ' '
72x99-inch, 88c each.
Pillow Cases, 23c
"Burnasco" quality pillow cases,
size 42 or 46x36-inch special, at
23c each.
white; sizes 18 to 88;
Untrunmed Hat, 19c
A decided clearaway of an en
tire stock of velvet shapes j assort
ment of colors and styles; for
quick clearaway, at 19c each.
Women's Shoes, $1.19
About one-fourth to one-half
price. Including
Women's kid Juliets,
Women's cloth juliets,
Women's strap boose
- slippers,
Women's felt slippers,
Women's comfy slip
pers, Women's high shoes,
odd sizes,
Children' Dresses, 89c .
Voile, " crepes, ginghams and
percales; pretty stripes and soma
plaids and a iW plain colors)
sizes 6 to 14 years; all slightly
mussed; very special, at 89c. ,
Union Suits, 50c
Women's anion suits, low neck
and short sleeves, ankle length,
lightly fleeced, sizes 34, 36 and 38,
for 60c.
Women' Vest, 10c
Low neck and sleeveless, full
taped, white swiss, ribbed, at lOe
each. ,
Drug and Toilet
1 lot solid-back hand-drawn hair
brushes, guaranteed, 49a.
1 lot toilet soaps, special, 3c
Sayman't soap, cake, 7c
1 pint witch hazel, 29c.
Maasatta talcum powder, 13c.
Sal hepatica, 34c.
Listerlne, 34c.
1 lot toilet soaps, 3 cakes, 13c
Tooth brushes, transparent han
dles, 12c.
Free, 2 cakes of Palm Olive
soap with 25c Almond Cream or
Hot water bottles, 2-year guar
antee, (1.29.
Metal hot water bottles, guaran
teed 5 years, $1.39.
1 qt household ammonia, 13c
Cocoanut oil soap, cake, 4c
Peroxide soap, cake, 7c
Mentbolatom, very special Mon
day,, 18c
Women' Hose, 10c
Women's and children's black
cotton hose, full, Seamless; special,
at lOe pair.
Sample Piecea of Merchan
dise, 15c to $3.50
Sample pieces, including wom
en's and children's gowns, sweat
ers, ' petticoats, corset covers,
scarfs, caps, combination suits, en
velope chemise, drawers, dresses,
coats, etc.; very special, at 15c to
$3.50. 1
Bath Robes at $1.50
Women's blanket bath robes,
good selection of colors and sizes;
specially reduced to $1.50. .
Cretonne Remnants, 5c
Short lengths of cretonnes and
curtain materials, big selection;
Monday, at 5c to 35c yard. .
Candle Sticks, 19c
Candle sticks and bad vases,
solid mahogany; 'specially reduced
to 19c each.
i . v.
-- ' .
' " 4