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Xeroses to Recede From Vote
' ' against "Advisers' of
; .' Members.
; a atari omnM.)
Lincoln, Feb. J. (Special.) By i
rott of 40 to 47 motion to recon
sider the action of the botue yesterday
m denying all people access to the
lobby of the house unless they coald
convince the sergeant-at-arms that
they did not carry concealed designs
a gam it the members was voted down.
Hostettler of Buffalo made a strong
fight for the reconsideration. He
tilled the action of yesterday a "slap
at the intelligence of the members,
and would keep away a member's con
stituents who might want to come
down and talk over matters in which
they were interested." He said that
he was not afraid of the lobbyists.
They did not bother him any and he
did not believe that when a man's
constituency came down to visit him
they should be insulted when enter
ing the lobby of the house by being
asked if they had registered as lobby-
tate . i
Hostettler said the place back of the
lobby rail was made for the public
' and the house had no right to deny
any citizen and taxpayer the oppor
tunity of standing therein as long as
he behaved himself. "If a man from
right to call me into the lobby and
talk to me if he wants to and we have
no right to say heshall stay out."
Window in House
Breaks With a Crash
(rreaj a Huff Cerreapeadeat.)
Lincoln, Feb. 3. (Specr-I.) The
.M w.hht a. win nf the state-
house took another fit this morning
and while the noose or representa
tives was reverberating with patriotic
speeches over the German situation
' the north side took a hand in game
and with a report like the sound of
gm the north window, immediately
below where Henry Richmond sits,
split across from top to bottom.
: For some time it has been known
that the sonth end of the wing was
i:n kM an th nnrth aide there
had been no sign heretofore that the
walk was weaic. l ne miner wm u
called to the attention M the .gov
ernor and an- examination made.
Commercial Travelers
' , To Increase' Membership
The United Commercial Travelers of
Council 118, Omaha, held , a banquet
Saturday noon at the Paxton hotel.
Grand Counselor Hogan of Nebraska
was present nd gave a talk. Plans
were laid for increasing the member
ship and a United Commercial Trav
elers club was formed, Talks were
given by Harry Whitehouse of the
National Cash Register company, and
' jthef members. i
Stella, Neb., Feb. 3. (Special)
Word has been received here -of the
marriage of Miss Ella McClain and
Frank Shifferd of Stella at Pawnee
City. After a shbrt visit at Liberty,
N'tf)., and Summerfield, Kan, they
will return to Stella to reside. ,
' ' Lanttwisch-Broton.
Fremont, Neb., Feb. 3. (Special.)
The wedding of Miss Emma Brunton
of Blair to Julius Langewisch of
Winslow was solemnized at the home
of the groom's parents at Winslow
Wednesday. The Rev. J. H. Gerges
of Hooper officiated. Miss Jessie
Brunton and Adolph Langewisch were
the attendants. Mr. and Mrs. Lange
wisch will make their home on a farm
near Winslow.
West Point, Neb., Feb. 3-( Spe
cial.) Freeman Givena and Miss
Martha Poldena were united in mar
riage at St Mary's church Wednesday
morninr. Father Peiltz was the cele
brant of the nuptial mast, The groom
is a son of Felix Givena of this city
and the bride the daughter of the late
John Poldena. They will occupy the
Farley farm, near Rosalie. ' , .
McRoberts-Matthls. ,
West Point, Neb., Feb. 3. (Spe
cial.) County Judge Dewald officia
ted at the marriage of M. J. McRob
erts and ..Miss- Lena Matthis. The
groom is a young man of Wayne and
the bride the daughter of Mr, and
Mrs. Gust Matthis of this county.
They will make their home on the
Matthis tarm in Bismarck township,
Special This Week
L Turns')
99c each
VltM (Park) Sice Pev4ar...a
Tin Beat Far Caeee
16th aad Howard Sts.
Pkona Dongla,,S46. .
Tee Mr.. W. Waal Is la Omaha
. leaking for future. Ha U krisht,
ream fellaar ekoet IS ram at an,
H aaa aalaa ability aad la awaiting
as araortaaity to preae n. '
The Opsmrtamlty U Hera
all a ark b that tkla man kr linear,
la kls efferta u ealaMlaa aim.alf aa
a repreeeatatiaa of ana of . . ,
Oataka's Landing Bualnaas Hooeae.
If raa ara ta aiaa en.wet tklr ad
aalek itll ua waa aoe ara, what roa
ara aainc at Bmmt and wkat your
' aalea euMrwaee la lha peat kaa baa a.
(it va teiaehen Biunbar aa wa Bay
make appatatment at aaaa. Yoar Wt
tar will ka traatad akaalulalr cacti
dantiaL Aadraee Ree-O-lS.
Roberts Returned to North
.Platte for Second Trial
North Platte, Neb, Feb. 3. (Spe
cial.) Roy Roberts, who was found
guilty of murder of Vernon Connett,
stepped from a train here today in the
custody of Sheriff Salisbury, who
brought him to North Platte from the
state penitentiary in Lincoln, was
taken to the county jail here to await
the opening of bis second trial Mon
day. I
It was just two years ago that sen
tence was pronounced on Roberts for
the murder of Cormett, who the jnry
found he had slain in order to ob
tain possession of a team and wagon.
The prisoner was taken to the peni
tentiary to await the coming of June
4, when he was to meet death in the
electric chair. In ' the meantime an
appeal to the supreme court had been
taken and sentence was suspended
pending the decision of the high
bench. In July, 1915, the supreme
court ordered a retrial on the ground
that the trial had been too spectacu
lar and detrimental to the best in
terests of the defendant-
Shamberg Clothing Store
! At Grand Island Burned
Grand Island. Neb- Feb. 3. (See-
cial.) The fire department has been
kept more than ordinarily busy, six
fires having occurred in the last two
days, three on each day. Overheated
stoves and furnaces on account of
the severe cold appears to be the
cause In almost all of the cases, and
in only one case has there been se
vere damage. This was the destruc
tion of the clothing store of H. Sham
berg, whose loss, however, is fully
covered by insurance. The one-story
frame building, one of the oldest in
the city, in which the store was lo
cated, was the property of L M.
Augustine, and the loss was partly
covered by insurance. Mr. Sham-
berg's loss is estimated, between
NAW ana ,uuu.
Two Divorce Suits at Auburn.
I .k. VT.U 17 u t c
Two petitions for divorce have been
filed with the clerk of the district
court Mrs. Ina Chuman of Brock
desires a divorce on the grounds of
cruelty, charging, among other things,
that her husband drew t knife and in
the scuffle that ensued she was
stabbed in the arm before he could
be disarmed; that he repeatedly struck
her with his fists, and has called her
grossly vile and insulting names. The
second case is Harry L. Simpson
against Bernlce L. Simpson. The pa-
Jiers ot this case have been withdrawn
rom the court's files. i '
J 'V aAC
I t
' Fremont Ctnartngf Gabu
Fremont. Neb- Feb. 3.(Speeiat)
Bank clearings for Fremont broke
all records for the month of January,
when the total reached $3,131,382,
against $2,133,447 for the same month
a vear ago. This was a gain of $1,-
OUtuary Notes
W. J. HALDKRMAN, president of
the First Stats bank ot Pawnee City,
died very suddenly and unexpectedly
from a severs attar k of the grip at his
home In Pawnee City Tueaday nlirht
Me had resided m this county since
1S7S.. Ha ana tarlra alMtad iwiunlv
treasurer of Pawnee county. He also
served In the Nebraska house of rep
resentatives ana later in tne state sen
ate. Us la survived by a wife and four
sons. "
F. C. KINZKU a former resident of
Cumins county and a member of one
of the oldest families, died at Kansas
City, aged M years. Mr. Klnsel was a
railway conductor for tne last twenty-
seven years. He woa a brother of
Mrs. Ferdinand Koch ot Went Point,
wife of the representative from this
seph's Hdms for the Aged at West
Point, aa-ed 74 yean. Mr, Kltter was
a native of Westphalia, Germany, and
had lived in thla country fort thlrty
flve years. He waa the owner of a
fine farm In Monterey township and
leaves a considerable estate. His wife
preceded him In death eight years ago.
He is survived by bis children, Joseph
A., aeputy county cleric or cnminr
county; Mrs. Conrad Woerdekemper
ot Howell, William L., John H. and
Mire Theresa, living at home. Fu
neral services were held from St. Boni
face church, Monterey, Rev. H. Behoof,
pastor, omciating, assisted oy Key.
William Roth of Aloys. -
Miss Mary I. Shumate has been ap
pointed by the Burgess-Nash com
pany as msnager and buyer for their
corset department on the second floor
and in the down stairs store. Miss
Shumate has had wide experience and
training in selection and fitting of
corsets, coming here from Marshall
Field & Co of Chicago.
Fire Endangers Several
Tecumseh Business Houses
Tecum seh, 'Neb-, Feb. 3 (Special)
Fire yesterday ignited 100 gallons
of oil in the cellar of Grant Sher
mans grocery store in the Onst
building and the result waa a blaze
which threatened the destruction of
adjoining buildings, including the Ma
sonic temple. Firemen fought the
flames for more than an hour before
netting; control.
A plumber, who was thawing out a
trine in the cellar, put bis blow torch
too near some kerosene-soaked rags
which had been placed around the
pipe and thus started tne tire.
A Winsome.
Bonny Complexion
Producaal by Using Sraart'r Calcium
Wafers After Meals. Tbey Purify
. tha Blood aad Remove All
Skin Btsmiihas,
Trial Psakaga MaBad Fraa. '
la a fair ears after urine SWarf Calcium
Wafer! yon will ka evariayad to raa thaaa
pimples ail gone, the redneal diaappear, new
kia gradually eovering tha beaks, leek
and iboskkn. fMt of bhcktowla. Moteha,
HTr ipota tad tfcoM other mpttou that
It been teh placucd aimoyanet.
Tb tmmo for all this ( th aalehin ntt-
?hid, tho prlnefpaj ntt of thtaa Wafera.
hi la a BatoraJ trabatanea, wbleh tha blood
mutt haw and wfaieh it utilUaa to overcome
tha Irapvarltiaa and body wan tat that load
op tha ikta and maka It amiffhtlT. Try
Stwt'i CaJerora Wafari. Gat a toat box
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win some bonny eonplexioiv. Or If you with
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Stre..... ......,..
City.;... State
Hot Lemonade at Bedtime
TVTOST children can avoid1
1 A colds and grippe if a few
precautions are taken. In bad
weather plenty of hot lemonade fol
lowed by a warm night's sleep is
valuable help. Good for grown folks,
too. .
Be sure the lemons ate "Sonkist"
and the water is piping hot -
Uniformly Good Lemons
When yea order lemsnt, ask far Sunkirt,
Iks unrfarmly goad Califernia leawoa
kakist are waxy, tart and joky. See that '
they reach yea in the clean, crisp tisws
wrapaers susaptd "Sunkist. They will
stay fresh mack wnger if
you leave mess la these i
wrappers natil yea dm
them. Always have st
leiat a haH.daaea la the
bouse. .
SOl aewallia,g rSaaaOiaaa.
eanaa af SS graaaaa
University Extension Helps
Farmer Fight Middleman
Tilden, Neb. Feb. 3. (Special.)
Getting the better of the middleman
has always been the hobby of the
farmer and he is now getting instruc
tion on the best way to win in the
light through the extension depart
ment of the University of Nebraska
school of griculturc
This week Prof. K. F. Warner paid
a visit to Madison county and in com
pany with County Agent H, E. George
gave a series of demonstrations on
the proper way to prepare meat for
use in the farmers' kitchens. At the
farm of Louis Hansen on Friday
farmers from several miles around
gathered to witnesr the scientific ex
ecution of a hog and later on saw'
half of it cut up in the way a skilled
butcher prepares it, and then tried
their own hand at it on the other
portion of the porker.
The meat was then prepared in va
rious ways best suited to the farm
as a start on its . way to the table.
These demonstrations are being con
tinually given over Nebraska by Prof.
Warner, who is one of the experts in
animal husbandry of the Lincoln
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Douglas 1662
15th and Harney Sts.
Soldier Who Shot Self '.
Taken to Fort Crook
Auburn, Neb., Feb. 3. (Special.)
Jesse Nance, the young man who shot
himself in an alleged attempt at sui
cide last Wednesday, wss taken to
Fort Crook yesterday and placed un
der a physician's care in the prison
ward. Seen just before he was taken
away, Nance appeared in the best
of spirits and still maintained that
the shooting was accidental and that
he was practicing the manual of arms
at the time. The wound is healing
Studebaker Engine is
Used to Light, Theater
All the power for lighting Her
Majesty's theater, Sydney, Australia,
through the recent coal crisis was
supplied by s six-cylinder, fifty-horsepower
Studebaker engine taken from
a, stock car and loaned to the theater
management by the Studebaker Cor
poration of Australasia, Ltd. Strong
quiet and efficient, night after night,
it produced the power for 4,000 lights,
amounting to 200,000 candlepower,
without hitch or strain. Its work in
operating the big electric generator
was equivalent to a motor car run
ning at a speed of forty miles an hour,
carrying with its own body a load of
ten passengers averaging 160 pounds
each, for over four hours continuously
every night, in addition to frequent
There is real common sense in jost
noticing whether the hair is well kept
to judge of a woman's neatness or
good taste. II you are one ot the few
who try to make the most of your
hair, remember that it is not advis
able to wash the hair with any clean
ser made for all purposes, but al
ways use some good preparation made
expressly jor snampooing. lou can
enjoy the very best by getting some
canthrox from your druggist, dis
solve a teaspoonful in a cup of hot
water. This makes a full cup of sham
poo liquid, enough so it is easy to ap
ply it to an tne nair instead of just
the top of the head. Dandruff, ex
cess oil and dirt are dissolved and en
tirely disappear. Your hair win be so
fluffy that it will look much heavier
than it is. Its lustre and softness will
also delight you, while the stimulated
scalp gains the health which insures
hair growtn. Advertisement.
Humphreys' Seventy-seven
For Colds, Influenza,
Be a Devotee
One experience of the joy of "
convalescing under Homeo
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tle disturbance of the system
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Seven" for Grip and Colds.
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"Seventy-Seven" at the first
chill or shiver. ,
At Drosriata, 26 eenti and 91 or nailed.
Humphreye Homeo. Medicine Co IBS
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Floor Samples, a Great Many Odd Pieces and Discontinued Pat-
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This annual selTing event is for the nrrr-
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accumulated from the past season's
heavy business. All this merchandise is
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Beautiful Brass Beds, massive in design and
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all the different
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