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What .
is Going On
in Society Circles
(Mtml trva hp Om.)
, Mrs. Wagoner has not yet hid defi
, nite word in regard to the length of
. time .which Mrs. MacUowell will
spend in the city, but on the supposi
tion mat ne win oe nere ar. nasi a
.'- short time several affairs are being
: planned for her entertainment.
'.Among the Visitors.
Mr. Wilkins Rustin of Berkeley,
.Cal, is spending a few days with his
.' sister, Mrs. Brandon Howell, and his
grandmother, Mrs. C B. Rustin, en
route to West Point, where he will
" take the entrance examinations.
Mrs. George R. Cathro, who has
been visiting her mother, Mrs. K. S.
Rutter, since the holidays, hai re
4 -J . 1 1 : n,RM,
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hatfield of
Pawnee City, who have been visiting
. their daughter, Mrs. J. M. Parton, and
- ur. ration, since, inc nuuuaya, win
leave lor incir Dome we nrsi ui bwi
week. ' i. ' -'
Mrs. WiUiam W: Farish of Mont
clair, N. J, with her two daughters,
Miss Annette and Miss Florence Far
ish, will arrive Monday to visit her
aunt, Mrs. H. W. Yates. Mrs. Farish
is at present visiting in St. Joseph,
Mo, her home before she married,
and ber daughters, debutantes of this
season, have been the recipients of
much social attention during their
stay there.
Lieutenant George Fuller, U. S. N,
is in the city visiting his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Fuller, for ten days.
Messrs. Ben Keator and Edwin Fish
of Minneapolis will arrive Saturday to
J .L - 1. A I ..! ! k. l. -
apentj inc wccn cnu, auu win ire me
guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Davis
and the Misses Davis.
Miss Ruth Beecher is spending a
few days in the city visiting Mrs. C.
. E. Johannes and her niece, Miss Eliza
beth Maude Fitch, as well as her
sister at Brownell Hill.
miss arena Aoranams is nome irorn
the state university for a few days
with ber parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Miss Pauline Marx of Denver is the
guest of her cousin. Miss Ruth New
man. . , . v.
Creigbton College Affair.'
Patrons and oatronesses of the
formal banquet and dancing party to
be given m Honor ot the senior and
junior classes of the Creighton uni
versity by the University Mixers'
club at Hotel Blackstone, Tuesday
evening. Guests of honor invited to
attend include: Governor and Mrs.
Keith Neville, Mayor and Mrs. J. C
Maniman, Judge and Mrs. J. W.
Woodrough and Chief Justice An
drew M. Morrissey.
The patrons and patronesses are:
Doctor and Meedamee
L. A. Perrnodr. E. R. Vraontat,
!. W. Dlahonf, A W Hippie.
P. J. Srlilelar. William U Ikrnt.
C. F. Crowley. ,
alcaara. and Ifeedaini
r. U. Parrell,
J. J. fTentfhon,
Fred Hamilton, ,
T. 'C. Byrne, '
T. P. Hodmond,
P. C. Heater,
J. A. Kennedy,
W. C. Fraaer,
1., C. NaB, -
L, F. Crotoot,
J.' M. TJaHaherty,
T."J. Manoney, '
A.' r. Mullen, ? -Meedamee
Hen Oallacbor.
Udward Harden,
3. A. lira ham.
OeorfO Carroll,
K. J. KublUobek,
k. caivin,
Goerae Branded,
HarTy, Burkley,
H. O. Krina.
W. M. Jeffer.
T. B. Caleman,
W. t. Mote,
T. F. Quintan,
W. t. Carey,
B. Bueklnghaa. "
I. F. RUey. . 1
' Doctor '
Bryan II. Rller.
H. at FltaslbBon,
Mceere . . n Meaart.
C; W Hamilton, jr.; 0. W. Wattle.
Dinner for Nevilles.
Governor and Mrs. Keith Nraillr
with Archbishop J. J. Harty, were
the honor guests at a dinner given
by Mr. anrf Mrs. Arthur Mullen at
their home Saturday evening. Gov
ernor ana Mrs. Meville came with
Chief Justice Morrissey from Lincoln
at 6 o clock for their first social event
in Omaha since the election. Thev
are stopping with the governor's cou
sin, rar. cimcr ricvuie, ana Mr.
Neville, daring their stay in the city.
Violets and Mrs. Ward roses formed
the centerpiece for the table. Covers
were placed for:
Governor and Mr. Keith Neville.
Chief Justice Andrew Merruwey.
D. and Mr. T. J, Dwyer.
Mr. and Mr. J, J. Sullivan,
Arrhtahop J. J. Harty
Hayne Mullen. ' Helen Mullen
ot Para, Man.: et O'Neill. Jfeb.
Stork Special ' '
A daughter was born to Mr." and
Mrs. H. Rogers of Florence Friday.
Betrothal Announcements.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Solisr announce
the ' engagement of their daughter,
name, to Mr. A. m. Meyer of ban
Diego, Cal. ' '!., j y
Lecture at Sacred Heart "
At the Academy of the ' Sacred
Heart, Park place, on Wednesday,
Miss Katherine A. Hehnessy of Al
bany, N. Y. will lecture on Robert
Louis Stevenson. Mist Hennessy,
though a recent acquisition to the
lecture platform, has had great suc
cess in the east The lecture is for
academy student. -V.
Sweet-Brinctonan Wedding. '
Miss Marie Brinckman, daughter, of
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brinckman, of
Madison, Neb., has been the guest
during the last week of Mrs. A. B.
Sweet and Mrs. Ethel Sweet Jackson
of this city, The marriage of Miss
Brinckman to Mr. Richard Sweet,
' Guaranteed Gold Filled
Pocket Knives
These beautiful Knives
have two blades and are just
the thing for your Waldemar
watch chain. Many fancy
designs to select from.
16th and Dourla Sta. '
son of Mrs. A. B. Sweet, who is con
fidential secretary to Secretary of
State Robert Lansing, will occur
February 26 at the home of the brule's
parents and the young people will
return to Washington in time for
the inauguration. During her stay
in Omaha Miss Brinckman was the
guest of honor at parties given by Mr.
and Mrs. A. A. Gaines and Mrs.
Valentine Party.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bertwell enter
tained last evening at a valentine
party when the game at cards was
hearts and the color scheme and
decorations carried out the same idea.
The following guests were in attend
Motor, anrl Meedamee
Anan Rairmortd, a. w. Gordon,
Howard Ruehton, William Burton,
Carroll Belden, - J. T. Bertwell.
Lane Dancinc Party,
Mr. and Mrs. C . Siefkin gave a
dancing party rriday evening at the
Blacksione. I heir guests were
Meara..-and Moedamea
Harry Gvornden,
Earl Allen.
Oeorr Hanoy,
n. D. Wllaon,
Georve A. Wrisht.
Sam Dreeher,
Charlee Dreeher
C. V. Bona,
K. D. Allyn.
R H. Laokey. .
D. M. Wyooff,
Walter Meyer. '
Wlllta C Crnaby,
8. C Benderaon.
R. D. Hyda,
I 1. Honderaaa.
W. R, Pratt.
H. H. Knap,.
U. H. Miller.
Lonlea White,
T. Hermanaen, y
a. C. Henderaon,
C. G. Rohortaoa,
J. A. Brure,
0. B. Nlehotra.
A. Foil. .
L. C. Roberta,
. H. M. Neetor.
J. Burr Taylor,
C H. Pulver,
A. B. Oahora,
C. C. Crlaa.
F. W. Eaalar,
C. N. Hendrtekaam,
R. r. How.
Rudolph T. Heyden.
Clyde Moor.
Olenn W. flm'th.
WUluua B. Pro ner, Jr.
D. a,, uallasner,
Omahans Move to 8t Louie.
Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Cornelius, with
their sons, Richard Thomas ano Nel
son Frank, will leave the middle of
February for St Louis to make their
home there. Mrs. Cornelius is well
known in the city because of her
readings before the Tuesday Morning
Musical club, the Omaha Woman's
club and other organizations.
L'Alliance Francalse Tea.' '
Madame August Mothe Borgtum ii
opening her home thil afternoon at 3
o'clock to the members of L'Alliance
Francaise for tea. The membership is
rapidly increasing, the most recent i
additions to the roster having been
made Saturday. Madame Borglum will
be assisted in receiving by Mesdaraea
C Will Hamilton, Frank Hamilton,
Sam Caldwell and Charles W. Mar
tin. Assisting in the dining room will
be Misses Regina Connell, Eugenie
Patterson, Anne Gifford, Katherine
Grable and Elizabeth Reed.
Birthday Party.
Miss Gertrude Siefken entertained
at a -birthday party on Thursday in
honor of her eighth birthday, which
occurred Friday. Valentines for dec
orations and games were the feature
of the party. A centerpiece df red
carnations was used on the table.
The guests were:
Fmneee Strlnn.
Franee Nlcholaa,
Leonora Belt,
Helen Belt. '
Dorothy Prlca.
Kleanor Plrkard,
Reran Plokard.
Mara-arot Burroushe,
Oortrvd fl tea ten,
Cornelia Storra,
Norma Archer,
Vlra-lnUi Powell,
Gertrude Marah. .
l,oula Ware,
May Wllaon,
Helan Brown.
Affairs In Prospect;
Le Mars club will give a daneint
party at Keep's Pancing academy. Fri
day evening. '.
the Catholic Research club will en
tertain friends Monday eveninv at
Knights of Columbus club rooms, 2025
From the "Garden of Allah"
which will appear at the Brandeis Theater three day, beguining
Arabian Shiek Ham-Med and His Tribesmen
wiU hold a public reception on our aecond floor, Oriental Rug Department
Monday Afternoon from 2:30 to 4:30 o'clock
' They will be dressed in their native costumes, brintTing; vividly to one's eve th H.
liKhtful spirit of the Orient and the desert with its elusiv charm. leryZln woman atd"
especially the children are invited to meet them. Visitors may chat with them (thrown
nterpretertO.and not on y get an idea of their ownjand, but of how our own couny
looks to them. Be sure to come between 2:80 and 4:30 Monday, February 5th.
Of interest to lovers of Oriental Rugs
. Our Oriental Rug stock consists of many rags it vronH be hwwible to"iri - .
doe to European nations at war. The large rugs which wi hmvnnJS.!!? T1- ""Art now,
the present conditions in the Orient " Wers purch3ed ""ported prior to
, We offer some very choice Kirmanshah, Khiva, Mosul. Kosaka and oth.v ,n v .
In many different colors and designs. . . ' our mn known Oriental rugs,
Lovers of good rugs should see this collection. , '
The value, cannot be duplicated In many instance, for or H more than these are now marked.
Kirmanshah, all-over Pattern. 8-10x11. . . - . t v.- ,,,. : '" -
tfahal, 8-10x12-2 ,. " ....7.
Serapi. 11-8x18-5
Ghorovan, 10-5x14-2
i Orchard & Wilheliii
" 'a
Dodge street A large attendance is
expected. The officers of the dab for
the present year are: President, Mrs.
Marry V. Burkley; vice presidents,
Miss Mary Cotter and Miss Alice Mo-
Shane; secretary, Miss Ella J. Brown;
treasurer, Miss Jessie Helen Mc
Veigh. Miss Mane Hodge will be honored
guest at a prenuptial kensington given
by Miss Emily Wentworth on Wed
nesday at her home, when she will
share honors with Miss Pauline Mans
field, a guest at the Carpenter home.
Mrs. Chester Nieman will entertain
one of the Tuesday bridge luncheon
clubs this week.
The Rockford College association
will meet Wednesday afternoon with
iss Isabel bhukert this will be
a kensington meeting of the club.
Mrs. Louis Nash will give a tea
Friday afternoon at her home for the
members of the Sacred Heart Alum-
n" "scl.t,on
The Fridav Nfsht Dancintr club's
Valentine party will be given Fri
day evening under the direction of
Mr.. Ed Brainerd.
' Mrs. William Simpson will have
eight guests at luncheon Wednesday
at the Blackstone.
Mr. Edward Updike will have a
party of five at dinner at the Black
stone today.
Social Gossip. .
Miss . Louise Dinning and Mrs.
Charles Turner of Fremont are leav
ing for New York within the next
two weeks, and, while their plans are
not definitely settled, they both hope
to go on with the hospital work in
which they took a three months'
course in New York last year.
Mrs. Clement Chase went to Chi
cago Tuesday to visit her daughter,
Mrs. Sebastian Hinton, and Mr. Hin
ton. Mr. and Mrs. James Paxton are
expected home today from Excelsior
Springs, where they,, have been for
two weeks. Mrs. W. A. Fraser, who
went down to the springs at the
same time, will remain another week..
Mra. Howard H. Baldrige will chap
erone Miss Betty Smith, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith of Kan
2,5. SSTiT
- 41 - 418 South 16th Street
fj t' ' ' K I
e 5. a a q q q
& 9 n a Q ft ...
.8425 Males, 7-2x10 .1
$275 Khiva. 5-10x9-10 . '.
sas City, who goes from school at
Dobbs' Ferrv to attend the Yale prom
as the guest of Clarence Peters of this
Mrs. E. W. Nash left Saturday
evening for New York, where she will
be until some time in March. Miss
Katherine Kemp Stellings and Miss
Frances Nash left Thursday for the
east Miss Nash goes to play with
the Boston Symphony orchestra and
will later appear in concert in New
Miss Ruth Latenser returned home
yesterday from a month's sojourn in
Florida, where she spent some time
in St Augustine, Palm Beach and
Miami. Miss Latenser, who was un
able to stand the oppressive heat any
longer, left her father there for two
weeks more.
Mr. and Mrs. John O'Connor are
making an extensive southern trip.
visiting the Isle of Pines, Havana,
Cuba, ana the Panama canal.
Mr. William J. Coad ha returned
trom ' a week in St. r'aut and Mrs.
Coad is expected in Omaha today.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Wharton re
turned Saturday from Battle Creek,
Mrs. Ella Magee goes from New
York next week to Palm Beach with
Mr. and Mrs. Belding of New York.
To Honor House Guests,
Mr. and Mrs. George Tunison are
entertaining Mr. and Mrs. H. h. Cor
nell of Dietrich, Idaho, who are re
turning from the Automobile show
in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Cornell
will be here for several weeks and a
number of affairs are being planned
for them. Among the first is a ken
sington Monday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Tunison, when the
guests will be the members of the
Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, of
which the guest of honor is a mem
The Prettiest Mile clnb has post
poned its golf game on Clarke's in
door golf course from Tuesday morn
ing until Thursday morning on ac
count of the monthly meeting of the
Prettiest Mile Woman's Golf club at
the home of Mrs. Charles H. Bratton
Tuesday evening.
Creighton Glee Club Concert.
Tickets will be on sale on and
after February 7 at the Beaton drug
store for the Creighton Glee club
concert at the Brandeis theater, Feb
ruary 15. Unique features of the con
cert are being promised by the mem
bers of the club and the director,
Prof. Bock. Those who have taken
boxes for the concert are: Messrs.
and Mesdames C. Will Hamilton, T.
J. Dwyer, L. C. Nah, Dr. L. B. Bush
man and Rev. F. X. McMenemy. Line
parties will be entertained by: H. V.
Burkley. Charles F. Crowley, J. M.
Daugherty, Leo A. Hoffman, E. A.
Wickham, Guy Kuray and Miss Nettie
Young Women to Assist.
Young women who will act as ush
ers at the Congressional union lunch
eon Wednesday at the Blacks'tone are
as follows: Mrs. Ben Boyce, Mrs.
Ross Towle and the Misses Anne
Gifford, Regina Connell, Eugenia Pa
terson and Alice Carter.
Notes at Random.
Miss Marjorie Smith leaves, Wed
nesday to visit Brynl Mawr for a few
days. She will also visit Miss Erna
Reed at 'Vassar and attend the Law
renceville prom; the guest of Btir
dette Kirkendall.
Miss Elizabeth Davis expects to go
to Memphis, Tenn., at Easter time,
$ 75
to be bridesmaid at the wedding of a
school lnend.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Connell, whp
have been in New York and Atlantic
City for the last Ihree weeks, re
turned yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C Bradford's twin
daughters, Bertha May and Martha
Kl will stay at the Sacred Heart con-
vent during their parents' absence in
Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Ingwersen are
expected borne tomorrow from three
weeks in California.
Elias Vail of Ponghkeepsie, N. Y,
came over Saturday from Chicago,
where he attended the automobile
show, and will remain here with Mrs.
Vail until the middle of next week.
Mrs. Vail has been here for over
two weeks with her mother, Mrs. A.
B. Jaquith.
Miss Mildred Butler will come up
from Kansas City Friday to attend
the Davis dinner-dance Saturday.
Miss Butler will visit Mr. and Mrs.
Jack Webster.
Mrs. , Edward P. Smith left Wed
nesday for Haines City, Fla., to
spend a month with her son, Lisle
W. Smith, who lives there. Her
daughter, Miss Ida Smith, has gone
to California to visit a, cousin, Mrs.
Bert Mason, at Bakersfield, until
George B. Prinz went to Chicago
Wednesday to meet Mrs. Prinz, who,
with Mrs. Luther Kountze, has been
at the Biltmore in New York for
three weeks.
Benjamin F. Smith, who has been
visiting his daughter, Mrs. ' Joseph
Baldrige, for several weeks, left
Thursday for New York to join W.
Farnam Smith, who went east last
Saturday. Together they will go to
Palm Beach next week.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Bradford en
tertained Archbishop Harty at din
ner Tuesday evening at their home,
with Mr. and Mrs. T. F, Kennedy,
Mrs. E. W. Nash. Mr. and Mrs.
James I. Woodard, the Misses Wood
ard and Monsignor Colaneri.
Mrs. Mary Wade returned Satur
day from Chicago, accompanied by
her sister, Mrs. .Brown, of Lincoln.
They spent the holidays in Chicago
with their brother. W. R. Bennett,
and Mrs. Bennett. Mrs. Brown will
remain with Mrs. Wade at the
Colonial for awhile. '
Events of Past Week:
Mrs. H. L. Vest gave a luncheon
Wednesday for her sister, Mrs. J. E.
Bailey, who leaves soon for St. Jo
seph. Covers were placed for nine
1 he H. and A. Kensington club was
entertained by Mrs. C. A. Burns at
- 'V .
I Make Macaroni for the Millions and
I am Very Particular How I Make It
My Signature
Beautiful Recipe Book
Skinner Manufacturing Company
her home Tuesday. The afternoon was
spent in crocheting and tatting. Mrs.
Guggemos won the prize for the game
of the afternoon. Ten members and
two guests were present. The club
will meet in three weeks at the home
of Mrs. Barry.
Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
Fairfield sve a dinner for Dr. and
Mrs. J. E. Summers, Mr. and Mrs.
E. W. Dixon, Miss Daisy Doane and
Dr. W. O. Bridges.
Miss Dorothy Zust gave an Or
pheum theater party, followed by tea
at the Cricket room, Saturday, Her
guests were:
Misses Mtaeea
Dorothy Handbera. Emma Hoaarland,
Hr-len Sandberg-, Adnee Hamilton,
Ruth Carpenter, Eleanor Hamilton.
The Quivive club entertained Fri
day evening at a dancing party at
Turpin's hall.
California Sojourners.
Mrs. Joseph Barker, with her
daughters, Elizabeth and Virginia,
and her son, Joseph, jr., expect to
go to California in a week or two
to remain until Easter, when Mr.
Barker will join them. Miss Eliza
beth will re-enter school at La folia
and her mother and sister and brother
will remain in La Jolla, too.
Mrs. Walter Page and her daughter.
Mrs. John Trinder, and the tatter's
little daughter, are expected in Omaha
this week from Los Angeles.
Mr. H. D. Neely plans to leave
Thursday for California.
Dr. and Mrs. B. B. Davis returned
Wednesday from California.
Personal Mention.
Mr. E. A. McGlasson leaves Mon
day for Detroit to take up his resi
dence in that city. Mrs. McGlasson
and the children will follow him after
the close of the Omaha schools in
Dr. W. 0. Bridges returned Tues
day from the east, where he went to
attend the wedding of a cousin.
Frank T. Hamilton returned last
week from Washington, where he ac
companied G. W. Wattles on a busi
ness trip. Mr. Wattles returns this
Mrs. D. W. Cook returned to her
home in Beatrice Friday evening after
a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Wil
liam Ramsey.
Mrs. W. W. Scott of Beatrice, who
has been spending the last week with
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kurtz, leaves
Monday for her home. Mrs. Kurtz
will accompany her mother for a two
months' visit.
Mrs. W. W. Johnston left Satur
day for a few days' visit in Beatrice
with relatives.
Mrs. John C. Howard, vJho has
For and Get
Macaroni Factory in America ' . .
been confined with a severe attack
of the grip, is recuperating.
Harold Pritchett, who has been ill
with pneumonia for several weeks,
is now recovered sufficiently to be
up and around the house, but has not
yet been out.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Baird will take)
the Walter Griffith house at 3501
Cuming street March 1. Mr. and
Mrs. Griffith have left Omaha' to make
their home in Wilmington, N. C
Mrs. Sophia Lemen, who has been
seriously ill with the grip for soma
time past, is on the road to recovery,
Mrs. David Degen of New Yorkj
who has been the guest of Dr. and
Mrs. J. S. Goetz, left last evening for
her home.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Levering win
leave soon for their new home in
Chicago. Mr. Lovering has been an
active member and secretary of tha
Omaha Gun club for several years,
Mrs. Lovering is one of the active)
members of the Carter Lake Swim
ming and Bowling club. They haa
lived here twelve years.
Beaton-Laier Company Has
New Drapery Department
One of the most extensively foe,
nished drapery departments in thj
middle west has been installed by
the Beaton & Laier Co.
This new department occnoies the!
entire north side of the main floor
of the store and Dracrjeallv ever
known article of drapery, both staple)
ana novelty, is included in the stock.
The department is neatly decorated '
in French gray and mahogany. The,
show cases are carefully arransred.
so that a complete inspection of tha
stock may be made without difficulty
anu in a snore rime.
H. A. De Bough, who has het
many years of experience in bothi
Europe and the United States, is
manager of this new department Foe
five years he was associated with WiV
liam Baumgarten of New York Qtjt,
one of the largest and best-knowat
drapery experts in the country.
The workshop, a very important!
essential in the drapery business, ia
in charge of Jack Astertag, for many
years with Marshall Field of Chi
cago. "We invite everybody m Omaha!
to inspect onr new department" said
Mr. De Bough. "It is one of the best
equipped and most completely fur
nished in the middle west We ara
in a position to supply any demands
that may be made upon us and our
service ia strictly superior in every
On Every
Omaha U.S.A.