Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 21, 1917, SOCIETY, Image 20

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Solid Comfort in
The Furnishings
' Of Saottd Hotel
. Furnishing and decorating a new
hotel is a big chare. It requires many
hours of careful examination and
there are many details which the cas
ual observer would not think of.
The furniture of the, new 'Sanford
cost $35,000. A trip through the
home-like lobby, corridors and rooms
suggests the thought that somebody
ha'd a lot' of detail work to look after.
Mrs. Mary H. Conant and her son,
Harlcy G. Conant, spent much time in
the selection of the hotel appoint
ments. Jacobean oak furniture pre
dominates throughout the hotel.
Spanish leather easy chairs and set
tees have been placed in the lobby.
Some of the beds are of art metal and
others of splid oak. The rooms are
furnished with dressers of high-grade
quality, Cadillac writing tables and
chairs of superior quality.
Heavily cushioned rockers, settees
ol cane, rerstan tapestries ana uri-
The Sanford Cigar St anil
"The Latest in Cigar Store Equipment."
Only the best of cigars and tobaccos will find
their place here ; for instance :
mTn f Mture Made in our own An . exception
Factory e s t a b- factory. A mild, ally smooth and
lished in 1867. pleasing, domestic delightful
Their motto haeai. ioc cigar. ' smoke,
ways bean quality. - ' -
OA PREFERENCE II Antonia Y. Cleopatra
The La Preferencia was the Havana American Co.. Tampa,
Sioneer of broadleaf wrapped manufacturers. Quality and
tavana cigari. The biggest sell- vorkmuihip mauiM. a tnu
ing 10c Cigar In the U. S. airturki pleee of merthendlte.
Saaeka Y. Hay Niks Mosar'a JOHN RUSKIN
C Taaaaa Clear Chancellor Cigar Biggest and
, , ' i Wa guarantee these best cigar for
S H'.v.n0.' the ; high, five Cents
cigars, being made Quality possible to We are exclusive
in Factory No. 1. produce. . ' agents. .
Mies Campbell )
Mrs. Filch I
la Chart
" H. Beselin &Son
ental rugs add to' the charm of the
women's side of the lobby, while the
men's side is furnished with Axmin
stcr rugs and Spanish leather chairs.
The floor of the lobby is covered with
Terraza marble, which gives a pleas
ing effect to the scene. Suspended
from the ceiling of the lobby are thir
teen Brasco light fixtures, which send
forth a soft alow of semi-direct light.
The lighting fixtures in other parts
of the hotel are of the semi-direct
variety and finished in dull bronze.
Solid comfort and neatness are the
words which are coniured by the
mind of the visitor as he walks
throunh this newlv appointed hos
telry. The beds are inviting and the
chairs bid one tarry and rest within
their comfortable spaces. Carpets
and wall paper harmonize in' a pleas
ing color scheme and after nightfall
the soft light from the artistic fixtures'
sheds radiance which completes the
symphony to please the eye.
Marble-lined bath rooms have a
charm of their own and "every pros
pect pleases" at this new hotel.
Safety, Service and
Saving Features
Of Hotel Sanford
'I just had a thought," remarked
Harley G. Conant, as he was super
intending the finishing touches of the
interior of the new Sanford hotel.
" 'Safety, service and saving' will be
the slogan of the Sanford hotel," he
continued. "Just take a walk around
with me and I will show you that the
building is absolutely fireproof. The
only woodwork you will find in the
construction is that which was used
in the doors and the window frames.
How's that for safety first? It means
something to a guest to feel that he
is safe in a hotel.
"And as for service, I might state
that we have an ideal location, on the
line of the depot street cars, near the
retail district and the theaters, and
we have in the hotel a first-class cafe,
barber shop and free shower baths
on every floor for those who do not
care for private baths in their rooms.
There are attractive accommodation
Spacious Lobby at the New Sanford
One of the Ladies' Writing Room Settees in the New Sanford Hotel.
The Opening of the New Sanford Marks the Completion
of Another Large Hotel Furnishing Contract By the
Orchard Wilhelm Company I
Eyery yard of Fine Wilton Carpet, Every Beautiful Rug, as .
well as every Piece of Furniture, in this magnif iceni new Hotel :
was ordered through-Orchard & Wilhelm Co. specially de-
signed arid made by reputable manufacturers to meet the re-
' quirements of this modern type of hotel. f
Inthefaceof factories being over-run with orders, the freight
enne-estion. etc.: this laree order has been handled in a re- 1
1 markably short time, allowing the Hotel to open up on time
1 with all furnishings installed complete.
Allow us to cite this as an example of our efficient method of
handling large contracts. "
I .. We are. justly proud of this and the long list of other Hotels
: and public building contracts handled by us in Omaha.
1 . We suggest the desirability of you allowing us to work out your f
1 furnishing; problem, whether it be a hotel, your own home or ,
a single item of. 1 '
1 Furniture Carpets Draperies j
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ff'fHf'G JSOUTU ,5 ,5yfr"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiini,
tvyiu'ihm ifPff-p -: Tim- s0i
( i a
rooms for men and women just off
the lobby. Every room is furnished
substantially and comfortably and no
detail has been overlooked for the
comfort and convenience of guests.
"We are going to save money for
our cuests. Our rates will be SI. 50
for the rooms with private baths or
showers and SI lor the rooms with
private toilet rooms. Just two rates
and all of the comforts of a high-
priced hotel.
Mr. Conant further explained that
the cashier, check clerk, telephone ex
change and other administration
features have been arranged in a com
pact space at the south side of the
Mrs. Conant was busy at the time
directing work on the various floors
and she might have been mistaken for
one of the "hired hands" rather than
the mistress of an extensive hotel
"There is nothing like looking
after the details of a hotel if you
would succeed," remarked this suc
cessful business woman.
Sanford Property Sold
For $12,500 Decade Ago
Just eleven years- ago the property
on which the new Sanford hotel now
stands sold for $12,500.
Mrs. Elizabeth Dufrene, upon the
advice of C F. Harrison of the Harrison-Morton
company, made the pur
chase of this location for the above
sum, Last year Mr. Harrison nego-
A MACH1ETTI, President.
C. BERTACINI, Treasurer.
S. LARESE, Secretary.
Terrazzo &
furnUhed all th
" Floor Work in th
i Sanford Hotel
S 1024 Dodge St, Omaha, Neb. s
Douglas 2364.
Typical Floor Plan of New Sanford
BuaW i
I tans t7 I ut tts
-f p niA U jtl rain rr
1 I I T I
J 1 -'' '-PL "J
Ckf fltftt IMW ' "" ittift
JU jmllf-f
111 i
VI I 1
U i -r icQLLa 1 iiMr -J
tiated a deal which brought Mrs. Du
frene an even $100,000 for her prop
erty. Dr. GifTord making the buy.
The great increase in the value of
this property, real estate men insist,
is conclusive evidence of the rapid
strides Omaha has made in the last
decade and of the wisdom of invest
ment in Omaha Omaha real estate.
Persistent Advertising Is the
Road to Success.
Hotel fawners Suffer
From Likeness of Names
Mr. and Mrs. W. C Stevens, pro
prietors of the Eureka hotel, have
been subjected to much annoyance
by the fact that a couple, arrested at
their hotel in connection with the
"dope trust" investigation, gave their
names as Mr. and Mrs. Stevens. The
landlord and his wife are in no way
connected with the arrest.
The New Sanford Hotel
Is without doubt the finest equipped tonsorial parlor
in the state of Nebraska. The latest in marble fixtures
and the most comfortable chairs have been installed for
your comfort.
Seven skilled barbers under the personal supervi
sion of the proprietors Messrs. Cary and .Crain are
ready at all times to serve you.
are our watch words.
A manicurist is always in attendance.
New Hotel Sanford Barber Shop,
at the left of the hotel lobby.
Under the capable management of Mr.
E. H. Anderson, invites your patronage.
5 'J
After-Theater parties cared for especially.
Dining Room connects direct with lobby.
A lunch room for the hurried patron.
aw ii I Mi
Evening Dinner, 40c. Sunday Dinner, 50c.
New Sanford Hotel
Polite, Uniformed Drivers
Limousine Taxicabs
Meter Rates
Phone Douglas 90. ' 2572 Harney Street.
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Women Are ;
Doing in the World'
Karl F. Adams, principal of the
Commercial High school, will address)
the Omaha Woman's club Monday
afternoon during the business houqi
on invitation of the president, Mra,
E. M. Syfert. ' The Need of a ComJ
mcrcial High School," the talk given,
by Mr. Adams Friday evening at thej
Dundee social center, will be repeated.
Meetings of the Woman's club an
at Metropolitan clubhouse.
Following the business hour the
open' program will be in charge of
Mrs. F. H. Cole, chairman of civil
service reform for the club as well as
for the General Federation of WonW
en's Clubs, and Miss Katherine
Worley, chairman of the civics coml
mittee, with Miss Worley presiding.
Mrs. Cole will give a ten-minute talk
on "Civil Service Reform Versus the
High Cost of Living;" Mrs. Lee C
Edwards, formerly chief clerk of the
Cook" county civil service commission
at Chicago, who came to Omaha over
a year ago as a bride, will tell some
thing of her personal experiences
with practical civil service examina
tions and its administrations; Miss
Autumn Davies, civics instructor in
Central High school, will tell what
high school students are doing in the
study of civics, and J. P. Palmer will
talk on "Custodial Farms for Petty
Criminals." I
Mrs. Edwards worked under the
first woman who was ever appointed
on a civil service commission in Chi
cago, Miss Anna E. Nichols. Miss
Nichols was associated with Miss
Jane Addams in social work and re
ceived her appointment on the
strength of her work. Mrs. Edwards
will suggest that clubwomen empha
size the importance of having public
spirited women consulted on maiiera
of city and country administration of
welfare institutions.
Practice to overcome stage fright
will be a feature of the oratory de
partment's meeting Tuesday morn
ing at 10 o'clock Tennyson's "Mer
maid" and Eugene Field's "Little Boy
Blue" will be used to exemplify the
In planning the open day program,
great difficulty was experienced in
selecting plays to be produced by de
partment members on account of the
necessity for men characters. As a
result, the department will put on but
one play for the open program, with
vocal selections byjnusical members
of the department,
A dress rehearsal of the parlia
mentary practice class' open day pro
gram, a political convention, to be
given February 5, will be held Tues
day at 2 o'clock.
Colonel T. W. McCullough, manag
ing editor of The Bee, will speak on
"American Pageantry" before the lit
erature department Wednesday morn
ing at 10 o'clock. Mrs. E. M. Syfert,
president of the club, will describe
the New York production of the
masque, "Caliban by the Yellow
Sands," written by Percy Mackaye
for the Shakespearean tercentennial.
Mrs. F. H. Cole is leader of the pro
gram, which promises to be one of
the most interesting of the year.
Drama league and Dundee Woman's
club members have been invited to
Mrs. Charles Lotz will give an il
lustrated talk on furs for the home
economics department Thursday
morning at 10 o'clock. Mrs. Lotz will
have some skins at the meeting and
will tell the women what trade names
really means, as well as, forecasting
the styles for next year.
Election of officers is scheduled for
the South Omaha Woman's club
meeting Tuesday afternoon at Library
Rev. J. F. Poucher will lead the
prayer meeting of the Business
Women's council Tuesday at the
court house. Women of the Good
Shepherd Episcopal church will serve ,
luncheon between the hours of 11
and 2.
Chapter B. P. of the1 P. E. O. sis
terhood will be the guests of Mrs.
Alva Miles Smith and Mrs. Edwin
Shouse at the home of the former,
6140 Florence boulevard, Tuesday at
luncheon at 1:30. After luncheon
there will be a musical program.
An Edgar Allen Poe program will
be given by the West Omaha Moth
ers' Culture club Friday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. B. F. Bonordcn,
1512 North Forty-first street. Roll
call response will be quotations from
his works; Mrs. George A. Roberta
will give a biographical sketch, Mrs.
T. W. Cox an essay, Mrs. Edwar4
Peterson an analytical tale, Mrs. R. C
Dozier one of adventure, Mrs. J. A.
Hamilton, allegory; Mrs. Clinton
Hamilton, supernatural; "Mrs. W. E.
Baehr. humorous, and Mrs. Bornor- .
den and Mrs. T. J. White will read
two of his poems. ,
Members of this club have sub
scribed to a fund which will take care
of two children for one year at the
new free dental dispensary to be es
tablished. They are particularly in
terested in this work because the hus
bands of half of the membership are
either dentists or physicians.
Mrs. C W. Axtell will lead the pro
gram on Shakespeare's. "Henry IV,"
to be given for Mu Sigma club
Wednesday morning at 9:30 o'clock
at the home of Mrs. E. W. Gunther.
Mrs. C C Belden will give the char
acter of the king; Mrs. C H. Balliet,
"Hotspur;" Mrs. A. O. Peterson, the
prince, and Mrs. A. L. Patrick,
women of the play. Bernard Han
ighen, panist, and Olga Eitner, vio
linist, both child musicians, will fur
nish the music.
Tennyson chapter of the Chantan-
3ua circle will begin its meeting Mon
ay at the public library at 2 o'clock
to permit members to attend the
Powys lecture. Miss Eva Friend
will lead the lesson on chapters 11 to
13 of "France Under the Republic,"
and Mrs. H. N. Craig chapter 4 of
"The Spirit of French Letters." Mrs.
W. A. George will review the Powys
lecture of last week.
North Side circle of the Child Con
servation league will discuss better
movie films for children Friday at
2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. B. L.
Wonder, 3709 North Twenty-second
The Scottish Rite Woman's club
will hold a reception and give a pro
gram Friday at 2 o'clock at the cath-
(CmtlntMd o Pare Seven, Column Three.)