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Musical Calendar
-Jinusry 23, John McCormack,
tenor, in long recital under the
snspiecs of the Omaha Retailers'
association, Auditorium, 8:15
p. in. ,
January 2J, San Carlo Grand Op
en company in;"Airla," by Ver-
di, under auipicei of Tangier
Temple, Omaha Auditorium,
8:15 p. m.
January 26. Saa Carlo' Grand Op
era company in "Faust," by
January 27, San Carlo Grand Op
era company in 'Tales of Hoff
man,'' matinee performance 2:15.
January 27, San Carlo Grand Op
era company in the double bill.
"I Pagliacci" by Leoncavallo,
and "Cavalleria Rusticana" by
January 28, Katherine Kemp Still
inga, violin recital, Metropolitan
club house, 4 p. in. ,
January 30, Flonzaley String Quar
tet and Miss Corrtne Paulson,
presented by the Tuesday Morn
ing Musical club, Brandeis the
ater, 8:15 p. m.
HE LIFE or the Wat
T cal editors is going to be
I I quite metropolitan for the
next ten days,! as a brief
glance at the preceding
calendar of evrnta sio-nififa
It will not be metropolitan only in
Jhe number of events, but also in the
character of them, for every one is
welcome one, and of musical im-
portancc A great deal of interest
. centers around the appearance' of
John McCormack next Tuesday, as
una nis nrst appearance, la umaha,
I J 'A
. r
"Zf """i"f '" . 1
if33- Capjtmz jwruai, pmn
to it. Of course a grand piano, does
not need one-tenth the attention that
is bestowed upon an automobile, but
it should have a fair chance to give
returns upon its investment. It
should be tuned regularly, whether it
is used or not, for a piano will get out
of tune without use as well as when
it is used and if it is not used its
action will stiffen and it cannot give
of its best when it is rarely played.
Differences in temperature are bound
to attect the metal strings and the
wood and chame the aualitv of its
tone. Many a piano with a little pet
ting would last twice as long, hold its
tune Detter and be ot greater musical
value. With string instruments it is
the same and owners of fine old in
struments bestow the greatest and
Omaha to Have Grand Opera This Week
A genuine purpose to provide grand
opera for the people, at prices thai
are popular with everyone, seems re
vealed in the announcements of (lie
San Carlo Grand Opera company,
which, under the local management of
Lucius Pryor, comes to the Auditor
ium on Thursday next for a three-day
period. The San Carlo company is
just what it pretends to be; no more,
no less. As an institution it stands
upon its own feci, erect in the pride
of worthily earned success. It is man
aged by Fortune Gallo upon the safe
and sane basis of being a business
enterprise. His singers are paid the
salaries w hich they can earh, and the'r
reputations are based upon the effect
they actually project across the foot
lights. There is a spirit of honestv
and sincerity in ithc whole organiza
tion that has made for it thousands of
friends in the cities visited, and that
is sure to make it a great many more.
J he han Carlo has come to be a
national institution, h.verv mnninr
teacher and singiriE nunil in Omaha
should really attend these perform-1
auces as a part of his or her musical
education. There are four of them: I
Thursday, Aids; Friday, - "Faust:"
Saturday afternoon. Tales of llofi-
man; evening those twins of the
song world. "Cavalleria Rusticana"
and 'Pagliacci." The local promoter
has provided rates which brine the
performances within the compass of
everybody's pocket book. Ooera de
votees seeking novelties are reminded
that, while the list of works to be per
formed is of the more popular char-
atler, the San Carlo management is
quite within its province when it
elects to produce these standard
operas rather than those so-called
modern compositions that would have
no special appeal for the maioritv of
opera patrons. , The box office, Signor
Gallo knows only too well, has the
last word in grand opera affairs, and
it is because of the futile attempt to
stage novelties and so-called "nresent-
day" operas that most companics.have
been obliged to abandon their season
thus early, or have suffered total
collapse by reason of light patronage.
Verdi's spcetacular opera "Aida,"
the opening opera Thursday evening,
is promised upon an unusual plane of
traditional beauty, and a competent
.h k. k.. i i. - airuracnia orsrow me greatest ana
SteLte ?r?y I""' "verential care, upon them, for
(reputation and through his vast num
ber ot popular records. The San
.Carlo company and the other artists
, commg tn recital and concert; need
no introduction to Omahans, as they'
have all been heard here before, and
1 previous hearing makes them antiri.
sated with pleasure again. The year-
- in visns oi tne san carlo company
jror tne past tew years have given
Vien warm olace in the affections
of all opera lovers, and the operas
wnicn iney win present at tneir
Omaha engagement are all well
Jnown and, popular, "
Katherine Kemp Stilling appeared
here last season upon one of the pro
grams of the Tuesday Morning Musi
Jal club when she won the deep ad-
titration of this critical audience by
her remarkable violiin playing. 1 1
On Tuesday evening, January 30,
the Tuesday Morning Musical club
will give its third" program of the sea
son, when the Flonzaley String Quar
Irt in conjunction with Miss Corinne
faulson, pianist, will be presented at
(he Brandeis theater,
' What seemed to impress the Flon
taleys most on their last western
tour was the size of the audiences
that greeted them in contrast to the
limited support accorded them on
their first visit to the coast. In Fres
no, for example, where only a limited
audience heard them in a church two
years ago, the. largest auditorium was
Jlardly large enough to contain the
hudience that greeted them. ,
m "Chamber music," commented Iwan
ffl'Archambeau, the quartet's 'cellist,
In a Lqs Angeles interview, "is not
amusing, and it requires a cultivated
audience. In Fresno a Buffalo Bill
show was playing against us, and per
sonally I should have preferred to
have been a member of Buffalo Bill's
audience, rather than of ours. But
-nearly a thousand people came to
hear us, and this was our experience
throughout the west, it is an inspira
tion to find a universal desire,, even LiU rnneVrt .ni 101
in the smallest communities, to" seek H?". c.??,fe: 'J '"f 'ur,her nnpunce.
;in the smallest communities, to seek
musical education, and a willingness
to hear us play." '
A glance at the members of the
quartet is sufficient to impress one
with the fact that they are men of
unusual mental and artistic attain
ments. Adolfo Belli, first violin:
Alfred Pochon. second violin: Iwan
d'Archambeau, 'cello, and Ugo Ara,
viola, represent the highest type of
the true musician. The organization
is generally looked upon as the great
est string quartet in the world.
these persons appreciate the value of
doing so. - ,
But of all abused instruments in the
matter of upkeep the poor pipe organ
is the worst. Churches will' pay all
the way from $1,500 to $10,000 for a
pipe organ for use in their services,
and then will let it stand five or six
days in the- week during the winter
at a temperature below freezing and
on Sunday heat it up to from 60 to 80
degrees and then wonder why dif
ferent stops are all out of condition.
Then they send every few weeks for
a tuner to fix it and pay him his fee.
and wonder why it does not stay in
tune, or else they let it go, and blame
the organist because it doesn't sound
well, The fact of the matter is that
every tone of the pipe organ' repre
sents a DiDe and these ninea ir mJ.
of w.ood and different kinds of metal,
according to to the quality of their
sound, and each carefully adjusted and
regulated. These wide extremes in
temperature affect the different- ma
terials in many different ways, and
by contracting and expanding them
make a difference in the quality and
pitch of the tone, and are extremely
hard upon the organ. Keeping it in
condition is part of the upkeep. If
only a nice organ could be partitioned
off in some way and a litte heat kept
around during the severe weather, it
would be cheaper in the long run
than innumerable repairs and last
mucn longer, hven small pipe or
gans are expensive and precious in
struments. They cost too much not
to be worthy of careful treatment to
maintain their value.
It is disappointing news to mny
that Mme. Julia Culp, who was to
have appeared in recital under the
auspices of the Tuesday Morning Mu
sical club on February 8, will nof be
able to fulfill her contract. The pro
gram committee is planning tc( engage
some other equally welcome artist for
cast of principals will be heard. These
include Mme. Mary Kaestner, Mme.
Maddalena Carreno, the company's
new mezzo; Senor Manual Salazar,
the Spanish tenor; Signor Giuseppe
Battistini, new 'Italian baritone, and
the two sterling bassos of the com
pany Signors Pietro DeBiasi and
Natale Cervi. Chevalier Carlo Peron
win conduct. luesday evenings
raust, in hve acts complete, will be
given with an entirely changed cast,
save that DeBiasi will be heard in his
great role of Mcphistopheles. A
beautiful presentation of the tuneful
and popular Gounod opera is prom
ised. Saturday's matinee production of
Offenbach's light and scintillating
opera, "Tales of Hoffman," offers
much to the music patrons, because
the work calls for an especially large
and brilliant cast, and in it Mines.
Vaccari, the coloratura; Stella De
Mette and Maddalena Carreno, both
leading contraltos', Alice Homer, dra
matic; Messrs, Sciarctti, tenor; Bat
tistini, baritone; Cervi, basso; Delle
molle. baritone, and De Biasi. basso.
will .participate. It will indeed be a
gala performance.
the double bill in the evemns. as
sung by two especially selected casts,
Identifjpd as Footpads,
, Men fieaa Not Guilty
Edward Moore and F. K. Rodsers.
alleged leaders of a gang of footpads
resoonsible tor several holdups of
late, have been bound over to the dis
trict court on charges of robberv.
Their bonds were fixed at $1,500
Joseph Young, night clerk at the
Keen hotel, swore to the complaint
against the two men. In police court
they pleaded not guilty and waived
preliminary examination.
Kodgers demanded a seoarate
I ... I I
JTme. Hary Kaestker
including Mines. Kaestner, Darclce,
DeMette, Haase, and Messrs. De
Folco, tenor; Salazar, Silva and An
tola this should prove one of the
most impressive events of the song
The detailed casts are as follows:
:', 8:16 p. m..
Mary Kfceatnor
.Oluatppt? Rflttlallnl
Manuel Pal a Bar.
, MaddalPiia Carreno
Pttro Rtasi
... Natale Cervi
Luciano Roislnt
Thumdaj-, January
"Aida." Cant:
AmnrlH ,
Kamf ta
King of Eirypt
A Meiwenger
M unit-til director, Signor Carlo Feroni.
Friday, January 26, 1:15 p. m.. "Fauat."
Mophlatophelet. Pietro De Blanf
Faurrt 8a I va tore Krlarettl
Htebel Maddalena Carreno
Martha ., Anna Haase
Valentine Angelo Antola
nrander (or Wagner). L. Doltemollr
Marguerite. , Lutsa Darclec
Mimical director. Hignor Carlo Peron).
Humrday matinee, January 37, I:lfi,
"Taleu of Hoffman." Cast:
Olympla Rdvlge Vteeari
Antonta tOdvlge Varrarl
The Poet Hoffman 8a I va tore Sciarettl
Uullletta Stella de Mette
Nlrlaus Maddalena Carreno
A Voice Allee Homer
Roalanxarii. Natale Cervi
t'reapel Mittale Cervi
Nathanact. , A lire Homer
liUlher L, Dellemolle
tHchlemll L. Dellemolle
Coppellua Guioeppe Battlstlnt
Dappertutto. Ouftteppo Battlstlnt
Miracle ...Pietro De Biaul
Cochenllle Luciano Roaalnl
Frana Luciano Rosaini
Muatral director, Signor Ugo Barduccl.
Saturday evening, January 27, at 8:1s,,
'Cavalleria Ruatlcana." Cast:
Rantutsa ,U . , Mary Kaentner
Iola , Stella De Metto
Turtddu t, . . . r.Eugenio De Folco
Mama Lucia,.....,., ...Anna Haaae
Alfio. Davlde Silva
Followed by "Pagliacci." Caat:
Nedda. Luiaa Darrlee 1
Canlo. . .-, .i'. Manuel Salakar
Tonlo Angelo Antola
Silvio :,, L, Dellemolle
Beppe (Harlequin) Luciano Roaalnl
Musical director, eignor Carlo Paroni
Only Two Holdups Are ,
Reported to the Police
Wholesale arrests of holdup sus
pects by the police during the last few
days Friday night resulted in a de
crease in robberies reported at head
quarters. James Morrin, 1813 Capitol ave
nue, reported that he was held up by
two men at Ninth and Douglas streets
and robbed of $14 and his watch. He
said one of the men had a gun.
James Casey of the Victoria ho
tel was strongarmed by two men at
Thirteenth anf Dodge. He lost $5
and a watch.-
Katharine Kemp-Stillings I
Violinist at Metropolitan
Katharine Kenip-Stillinjs, cele- i
brated violinist, aipears in Omaha
Sunday, January 8, as the third num
ber of the concert course under the
auspices ot the .Metropolitan Club
1 iousc.
In securing - Miss Stiilings, Miss
McCaffrey, manager uf the Club
Mouse, feels that she is ottering the
''UnUSUal" ill IlltKirnl t-.l...,, ... ,K-
Omaha music lovers. All that is good
and true in violinist music is brought
cmt by Miss Stillings. and her de
lightful simplicity of manner immc-
u.aicij captivates ner audience.
.Miss Stillings' musical education
has hpen under the direct tutorship
of such famous masters as the late
Joachim of qennany and Leopold
Aucn of Russia. This technical
training, together with a born mu
sical talent nhfritfii frl-.-. l,D- 1
father, Robert ICemp, known the
world over as "Father Kemp," the
originator of the "Old FoHcs Con
certs Of 3 few tfnnr.,,;r...
this violinist s future assured of Vine
nninant success after another.
1 ICketS tliav tinu.- r urt.... n- -I
xlctropoluan Club House, 2301 Har-
e sircei.
Dr. Gardnerto Be at
StBarriabas' Sunday
Beginning tomorrow evening at
:45 at St. Barnabas' church, a series
of meetings and conferences planned
uy inc- uiocesan tiuard ot Religious :
education will be held, with Dr. Will
iam E. Gardner, D. D., general secre-!
lary of the general board, to conduct
the meetings. These meetings, which
take place Sunday evening, Monday
iiiui,iuiK ai iu, lYionaay evening at
7:45 and Tuesday morning at 10. arc
all held at St. Barnabas' and Tuesday
evening there will be a special ad
dress to the Brownell Hall students
at the hall.
Danes Celebrate Birth
Of Society by Dancing
The Danish society celebrated its
forty-fifth anniversary Friday evening
in Washington hall with a supper and
dance. Carl Nielsen was toastmaster.
The speakers were Jacob Jensen,
John Mathiesen, P. S. Boien and H.
T. S. Henningsen. The oldest mem
bers were Messrs. Boien and Mathie
sen. who have livi-rl in flin.l., "fif...
and forty-six years, respectively.
i L I
h Mr SYAtT
Mrs. Alillic Ryan is just now o:'
serving the sixteenth anniversary Vl
the establishment of he? studio in
Omaha. In those years, .she lias t -veloped
many a beautiful voice, and
has placed a large number of her
pupils high in the opera world. Mrs.
Ryan has recently published a re
vised and enlarged edition of her
book, "What Every Singer Should
Know," a carefully written treatise on
the voice, its training and care. It i.;
profusely illustrated; and contains
much of information and advice thru
will be found of value to all singers.
JmonZwEao DeTozco
Seven-for-a-Quarter to
Be Brought Up Again
The seven-for-a-quarter street car
fare ordinance, nearly forgotten in
the whirligig of time,- will be a mat
ter of early consideration by the citv
legal department. .. x
Corporation Counsel Lambrrt has
been reminded by several citizens that
this ordinance was approved by the
voters a few years ago when sub
mitted to a reterendum vote.
' "I i xpect to brine; the matter uo be
fore long and get it disposed of. The
case was started in the district court
and the street railway company con
tended it was a matter lor the State
Railway commission, explained Mr.
i ne ordinance was submitted to a
referendum vote when the city coun
cil failed to pass tire measure.
In a recent issue of Musical Amer-
,;ica there is a ballad entitled "Pianos
'I Have Struck," which humorously
describes tne various puuios to be
tound in dinerent places, and their
usual type. Among others are-"Some
I struck in Sunday schools, but "Lit
tle Sunbeams' and 'Pennies Dropping,'
not to mention hairoins between the
keys had made a lasting impression."
etc. some 1 found in the homes of
Ruglovers, where the rug was might
ier than the piano; where the mother
ly pile took up all the tone left kindly
by the daughter of the house." And
so on, through the theaters, the Chau
tauqua tents, charitable institutions,
what pianist does not know the type
of piano found in each one of them
as a general rule?
This is not particularly related, but
it brought to mind how very little
attention the average person or insti
tution owning a musical instrument
pays to the value of its uukeeD. If a
person buys an automobile, he puts
quite a sum of money into its initial
purchase, but he realizes that his ex
penses do not stop there, but will
Continue in its upkeep, in the co6t of
f -feasoline, tires, and other incidentals.
ind the minute the. least thing does
' not ran right he attends to it and
Jceeps it in firsX-class condition. But
many a person will out the same
mount of money or more into a
-iiano, and thereafter pay ao attention
ment will be made as soon as definite
arrangements are completed.
Musical Notes.
Th. Om.h. NradXHahn Choir will hold
full Khwnl I hi. tt.rno.n t 4 o'rlo" k
-. Duqinr. TnoirtRi J, Knlly,
,, , members
A recll.l by the pupil, ot Mlu Annie
Karberh block Friday evening, January I at
I o dock. The proarem will conalel of piano
""""". ir ana runt Hand work.
Thoae Uklns part will bo Mlaeaa Rnae Tay
lor. Lottlo Bteln. Anne h.hMw
Wohlford, Gertrude Bmadwell," Margaretta
- -Mic i .riu lay ior.
Puplla or Florobce Baaler Palmer will meet
In her atudlo on Wedneeday evenlnt lo read
the etortoa and atudy pome ot tho principle
(heme arl.e of the operaa to be ,l,n by
the Sao carlo Opera company thla week.
The Beit monthly recital of Mra. K
J'.VSli" Y1" " ' be
held many evenlnr. January Ji, at lilt
m. In Thoophloal hall. Room Til, Bee
bIMIn Admlulon la tree and the public
la loelted to attend theae roottala.
Martin W. Bneh, planlat. awlated by
Hra. Baah. aoprano, taye a recital at the
Academy of Uo Sacred Heart laat Wednea.
day. Hr. Bub played numbers by Rlndlnr.
Schumann and Brahma, and groom by
Main bat! and LlaaL " '
t'ndar the direction ot tho PreabyterUn
choir of Tork. Neb.. Lynn a.,.,... .......
Omaha appeared at the Proabylerlan rburch
there Tueeday evening In aong recital, win
ning enthuelaatlo pralae from pre., and pub
lic In a. varied and oanfully choeen pro
Dr. Frederic C. Premantel hm-
recital. "Sad Pacta and 1-aluu.u. .e a,..
and Teochere" before tho muelc department
ot tho Omaha Woman'a club Thuradav. J.n.
va IS. Dr. Promantel llliu...,. ...
lecture with aonga.
A oplla' reelul was given under th. ji.
roctlon of altea Helen Hackln In h.r .ih.1
on vWedneeday evening, January IT. About
twenty piano ooloa and duet were played
Reading were given by Dorothy Kdwarda, a
pupil ot Cloodwal Dtckermann. On Sunday
January II, at I p. ra. a mueh-al program
will be given at the Hoaae of Hope In Klor
enoa by puplla of Mlea atarhtn and vocal
puplla ot Mra. Millie Ryan, t'riende art to
rite. .
S1 i-.sf-
!iS -8
Rearrangement of the seating layout
for the
Next Tuesday Night
Makes it possible to offer a limited number of
Seats on Arena Floor and Stage at
$1.50, $2.00 and $2.50
It will be the "early birds" who will secure
i these choice seats
Box Office Open Sunday 10 A. M. to 5 P. M.
HUH U 'lcjl' v.
4."o PV T
.TV. -Vt 1-i , . SVW
Let Dreshser Clean It!
The Dresher Boys knew
just what the public want
ed, and filled the want.
The inimitable "Dresher
Service", commences the
moment you have tele
phonic communication
with Tyler 3-4-5.
It takes nearly . 100 peo
ple to' do the necessary
work such as Cleaning,
Pressing, Dyeing, Alter
ing, Remodeling, Tailor
ing, ikat Making, Dress
making, etc., etc.
The Dresher Bros. Cleaning Plant
Includes Five Buildings in and about
2211-2217 Farnam Street, Omaha, Neb.
t:ik sr.Asox-s rorri.AR and artistic Mi sirAi. fvent.
Third Annnal En(fff'mi'nt In (hrmhii oi I
AroertTiri. nam ( oinplPtF btiiI Ptrffrl
Bntanrfrl Sitieinr Oriranizntlnn. FT'Ell
Btftidrcd Bfeoibcra, Brilliant Rintrinr Chorus. Tmditional Stace hctlings, Lmqae
Uh(tng Effects, Cmtly Costuming.'
Twenty World-Famous Stars. Four Casts of Principals.
PrvMntlng, Upon Flanc of Metropolitan Excellence:
Verdl'a Spectacular Opera I 1
Mmea. Kaeatner, Carreno; Heaara. Salaaar, Rattlatlnl, DeBiaal. Cerrl.
Cioanod'a Mastvrwwrk.
Mmea. Daxclr, CarreDo; Mrsnrs. Rctanttl, Antola, DeBiasi.
" miTntac'hT nwlhttnf- "TALES OF HOFFMAN"
Mmea. Vaccari, DMett. Camiw; McMfr. Slarettl, Battistini, DeBtasl.
oZiTEn- "Cavalleria Rusticana" & "Pagliacci"
(1) Mmes. Kaeatner, DMettr; Measrs. Folco, Sllra.
X) Mme. Darfle; Measrs. Kalatar, Antola, Dellemolle, Rossini.
Magical Dtrrctors, Nlv. Carlo Peroni, Htg. I go Bardnccl.
PRICES 7V to IX.OO, acnartHns to location. Ail seats now on sale at Aniiltoriam
hoi office. Mail and phone orders both from In and nt of town still received and
filled. Still irood seat left. Local Manaajer, Lochia Pryor.
We can show you now
a few very desirable
Well located, easy of access, plenty,
of light and heat, in the bes
known, modern and fireproof
"The building that is always new"
Prices vary with size and location
Let us show you what we have
Heat, water and electric light free.
Office Room 103.