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Tone of - Cattle Market Im
proves Under the Heary
Bun of Stock.
Omaha, Januarr It. lt
Receipts were! Cstlle Hon Sheep
Offlrrlel Mondnv Mil MIS
, Bstlmate Tttesdar t.tO .tt
Two im ihu wMk,m n.tii .
Sams dan leal weak .11.111 4t,!t ,tl
Kama dsvs I wki. ase.ia.ttl 11.113 H.
Bams tiara I vsa. aao. 1.117 4.M8 ll.SSJ
Santa daya I wka. sto. 10.447 88,018 11.188
.Sana daya teat rear. .11.111 M. IMS!
' Reeslpta and- dlipoaltlon of llva steel: at
Union Stock yards, Omaha, Neb., yesterday:
Call la. Hon Sheep HYi
St. T...
C. M.
Missouri Pactnc .
Union Farlne ....
CAN. W., eaat
CAN. W., writ.
f... St. P.. M. O.
C. B. A a., eaat... !0
C. B. A Q.. treat... M
C. R. I. A P.. eaet.. 10
C. R. ITA P., weal.. ..
llllnota Central ..... I
Chlcalo at. Weat..
1 t7
. .l.ll
., txo
Total receipts ...MS SI0 OS
' Cattle. Hots.
slorrls A Company.
Swift A Company.
f?unshy Pack. Co..
Armour A Co
Srhwarta A Co.....
1. W. Murphy
l.lnrnln Pack. Co 00
Bo. Omaha Pack. Co. 1
St. Clair Packing Co. 4
w. B Vanaant Co... 11
Benton. VanaantLuah 200
uni a ann - 60
r. B. Lewie
Huaton A Co
1. a Root A Co
J. H. Bulla
L. P. dual
Roaenotork Bros. ....
r. ci. Keiion
Solllvsn Broa .
Mo. A Kan. Calf Co..
Huffman ............
Meynre X ., ..........
Banner Broa,
John Harvey
Dennis A Franola ...
Jsnssa A Luntrea .J
Other buyera 117 .... 1,400
Total! 7,011 11,181 11,171
Uattto There ail a moderate run of cal
Te today. ' The quality of the offerlore oom
pered very favorably with Monday's arrlvala.
for the two daya auppllaa have bean a Utile
vor 10,000 head, or nearly 0,000 abort of
last week, and the tone to tho market aa
Bomswhsl Improved again today, although
thero waa no quotable advance la prlcea.
Demand waa good from both local packera
and for ablpplng account and all dealrablo
gradaa sold freely, the medium and com
mon ateora aa uaual being uncertain aalo
at Irregular prlcea. lnqulrlea for oawa and
helfora ware aleo rather broad and arloaa
firmly hold for anything la the way at
butebor or cenner stock.
Thar waa not a great deal of Hfo to tho
atooker and feeder trade, but aa a rule prlcea
were well auetalned and dealrablo offartnga
of all wolghta aold readily at firm flguroa.
Quota none ca oattlet Oood to choice
yearling Beeves, Sla.lttll.Mi food to
choice welabty oorafed beeves. 110.000
11.00; fair to goad oornfad beeves, 10.0000
10.00; common to fair oorafed beovoa, 17.70
0.00; good to choice grata beovoa, 88 ilt
Ml! fair to good graao beeves, 7.tK.W;
common to fair graao beovoa, 10.00007.00;
good to choice bslfsrs, 1.0O(S.00; good to
choice oowa, l!..e; fair te food oowa.
lo.OOOT.Ot; oommon la fair oowa, ti.0t
0.00; prVmt feeding ateera, tl.110l.lli goad
to choice feeders, toevtrl.ttj fair to good
feodere, I7.00ajt.0t; common to (air feedora,
lt.SO0O7.ot' .fair to choice atookera, I7.70
S.S0; ataek saltan, tt.lll.8l: atock oowa.
tl.ltt-l; atock calves. l7.WO0.00t veal
cejvee,; beef Bella, etage, ate,
04.teci7.70; bologna bulla. ts.stti.vt.
Hayroaentatlvo aaleai
At. Pr.
Its tl 10
further Gains of One to Three
Points in the Usual
New Turk, Jul Furthr galm of 1
to S points tn th uaum! leader and more
for Yarioua speculative) Muea aecompanlfd
the court of today'i tron and broad mar
ket. Total mIm of 126,000 abaree' were
more than double tboee of the precedtns
Apart from a irowtnr belief that the re
sent eel line has been omewhat overdone
and that the Immediate future offera more
ground for hope than discouragement, there
appeared to be no or tangible reason
for the rlee.
For the moat part the advance wa
Bteadra nd without apeotacular fmture.
An eitremtv-faln of 1 points In United
Htatts steel to 11- gase plausibility to the
rumor that events of Importance may de
velop at the quarterly meeting of the cor
poration two weeks hence.
Recoveries of I to s points in automobile
Issues, General Motors leading, were re
garded as a drive against the short Inter
oats, but the greater strength of metals.
Including sine shares, seemed to originate
tn a real renewal, domestic as well aa for
eliro of laat year's Inquiry for thee products.
Mealeana, Including oils, responded to the
dleaolullon of the joint commission and
shippings were' 2 to t points better on In
timations that foreign freight rates are
likely to hold Indefinitely, Industrial Alco
hol, American Woolen, sugar and other
stocks dependent upon tariff prospects made
variable, but fof the most part, substantial
The Inquiry for rails was more sustained
than at any recent period, Reading and
other coalers making the pace for grangers,
transcontt centals and low grade issues, Best
quotations were made in the last hour,
which also waa the most Active.
The firm tone of sterling and franca was
the more noteworthy because of the greater
weakness of rates on Berlin, Vienna and
Petrograd. while exchange on - Roma waa
at the lowest level since tho war.
Domestic bond! were strong, especially
railway Issues, 1 but Internationale, notably
Paris Is, were again offered at fractional
ooncosslona. Total sales, par value, l,37t,
000. United States bonds were unchanfed
on call.
Number of sales and ranee of mieea of
leading stocks:
Am. Ueet Sugar. . . 1.700 IK t2 9i
American Can 1,600 47 46 46
Am. Car A Foundry lot) 47 tfl
Am. Locomotive.. MOO 77 71 77U
Am. Smelt. A- Ref, J 3, WO 101$
Am. Sugar Refining lit
Am. Tel. A Tel.... 1,600 123 tU
Am. Z I st a:.. 1,706 3H 26 17
Aanaconda Copper. f,20 sb m
nam. euocomoiivs.t viuv
.Baltimore t Ohio.. 4,71)0
Brok. Rap. Trans
B. h. 8. CoDoer.... 1.600
Cel. Petroleum. ... 300
Canadian Pacific, 1.690 J 61
central uiatner... ,ioo
C'heeapeake t Ohio 1,100
C, M. 8t. P.... M
Chicago tt N. W.. .... ,
C, K. I, A P. By
ChlDo)Copper C.200
Colo. Fuel ft Iron. J.J oo
Corn Products Ref, 2,300
Crucible Steel 11,700
Distillers' Hoc us. ioo
Krie .4.200 22 U
Oensral Electric... 1.200 170
ui, rtorinern pin. i,vv in
Great No. Ore ct(s. 2,100
minou central
Inter. Con. Corn... 1.100 16U . 16
Inspiration Copper. 36,200 17 66
inter, Harvester. . ...
Int. if. M nfd, ctfa
Kao, City Southern 200 24 24
Kennecott Copper. 11.600 4 44
Loulavlllo Nash. IOO 122 121 132
ll.ilran 11,000 loot, 106
Miami Copper 0,100 IS ' 41
M.. K. a T., aid
Mlaaourl Pacific...'
National Lead
Nevada .Copper....
N. T. Central.
N. T., N. H. H..
Norfolk ft Weitera
Northern Paolflo...
Paoltlo Mall
Pacific Tela Tel...
Pennaylvaola ' 4,100 lH
Ray Con. Copper.. S.S00 27 i
Keadlm 17.000 103 .
Hep iron a at eel., id
Bhatuok aril Cop. 7, SOS 17
Southern Pacific .. 4.C00 00
nouthern Railway.. 11.000 81
Htudebaker Co. . . .. 0,000 100
Tenneaaae Cooper
Texaa Company.... 4,000 lit
iv. ....... ...
It. .,. 1S0S
St.. 070
11 1011
10 1170
Av. Pr.
. tit It 71
, ttt 1 0
Oil I 00
1100 -1 tt
ots t to
t 4t
I tt
t 70
I It
, Nt,
14 1070
17 1174
17 .U1I
I 11
I It
I u
t It
0 M
t It
.llltllt 10
10 Hit 11 M
Hole Tn. market let off to a aoeaeerkai
lew atari. Cblcaae receipt, were 14, eat
thort ot the cellmate and .early reparU
from tare Indicated a aaarp advaace. With
a bis ran bare all buyera were aktv about
making ftrat blda, evea ahlppera dolai Uttle
until later advice, were received tram other
pulnta. but aellara kald that tie Ike market
bore bad a .right to Ihara the general ad
vance la eplta of fairly large recelpu. They
carried their point, toe, ablpplng trade- fl.
aally opening otroag le lie higher, aaat
walla aaekara abewed a good deal at re
iuetaeee they made their that yartaaaea at
i.ibi kl.har nrtoea. .
Oaoa U. loe had bee brahaa the market
boeame mora acuve. ana aa the raenung
advaaoed It developed late a gen .rally 10c
higher affair, walla before aeea telle
f.w , Im had beaa aaade that were
much aa tit lie higher. a.t midday there
wore atlll aame tralaa baak, hat balk at th.
hoga yarded up te that time had, changed
The aeaeral market waa anyway a dlie
higher thaa yemrday, piioee being more
or leaa uaevan and Individual aetea raag.
Ing from a abade te lie higher. Bulk ot
the hoae aold un te Beaa landed at 010.10
lu.7t. There waa the uaual aprtnktlng ot
underweight, and eonunoa atug uaaar that,
while quite a few gee heavteo reached and beat net a aew January high
mark af 114.11.
Hepceeealatlve aeJeel
No. Av.
40, .IIS
10.. sot
81. . Sit
' 41. .lit
40. .111
No. A.
71. .IM
71.. Ml
. 77.. It7
tl. .811
74. .10
th. Pr.
... 10 10
... 10 40
... 10 to
10 10 70
... It it
... It It
.. It If
.,-10 It
" 10 tit
Sheen Thla maralag'a arrlvala at
and lambe wr ee the goneaoaa wt
run vounltng out aame etuyw a a
U.eoe bead. Thai makea the twe daya'
- total 18.721 head, aa compered with 14.14!
laat weak, 14.0U twe weeka aad and It.llt
. Xor th. ek-v,. daya a year ago.
Itellera waat higher prtoaa agala today,
and aa packera were trying hard te flu
tnvtr order, at yeatarday'a aguraa, early
rouada ot lae market aaw mil. buata,
tranaacted. A good ahare al the egarlaga
" were late la being yarded, aaether factor
which made for etewneae la alartlng. What
little Blue had aaaa up te mldforenoea waa
vailed ateady, aeveral leaaa of good lamba
bvlna caaaed at ttl.'.l.
tnatud ot aaowtag the aaalrBd atraagtb
the later lamb trade
yretty decent atuS eel I Ing aa aneeh em lac
lower, while In-betweea alada were alow
at any prloe, aad aalle a aumber of lamba
were atlll la the peaa at midday. The tope
up to noon waa $11.74, eajetoa Mexican, aet
having teen aold.
aheap held abewt ateady. pretty good
t evrea aelllng arewad lt.laot.70. with good
light Bluff at a aew record af Tear
llnga at were eaeady.
Keedera eoatlaaa I. .bow atreagth. Oeed
feeding lamba pceeeht III t, the
utter price tee aigaeal ever paid,
a Quotations oa abeep and lamba:
good te choice, 13.14; lamba, fair
to good. tll...ayil.M! lamaa, ollppad, 110.71 lamaa, feed.ra,; year.
' llnga, good to oowe,; year.
llnga. fair to good, lll.OtDll.oO; wetbera.
fair to good, lt.00Olt.0t; ewea, good to
. choice, lO.tttyOOO: ewea. fair to good. 11.10
a;..,; .wea, pmia to culia, lt.teg7.7i
.wea, reeaing, ,a.ea7i.e. . w
Kepreaentatlve aaleai
Ka. . Av.
411 fed lamba. 74
I call lambe It
281 fed lambe 1 it
fi S looti in 3
01 M 00 64H
ui I1M. IH
lit. , toy! tool
.. ... 188
It Mtt."
H 40'4ttt
tt tafi ooh
SI 87 tl 1714
SS S8t
1M ltttt
lieM ite
i2 nt st
, Z4
1.100 II 14 14
4.000 101 u: lootj 101 h
1.400 lltS 13(14 ISO
800 100 10. ft
401 8014 SO
101 U
tt. tt-i
St5 17
HO!. 102T4
7714 7014
14 8614 1714
14 07 I7l
1014 lit,
S lOtli 107 5
AH Markets Show Substantial
Gains Excellent Cash In
quiry and Light Receipts.
. Omaha, January 10. 1017.
Today - the local grain receipts were
rather light, but the caah Inquiry for all
careala waa excellent and all markata
ahowed aubetantlal . galna.
Tho wheat market waa especially active
and was quoted from 1140 to to higher,
with the No. I hard aelllng at ll.O101.t2l4
and the No. 1 hard ruling from 11.87 to
11.1114. with the bulk going at Il.tlOl.ll
The No. 4 hard and the mixed grades of
wheat wore aleo good sellers, the No. 4
hard going at gl.gigpl.17 and the No. 1
mixed aelllng at tl.l84tl.IO.
The corn market waa quoted tram Vie to
a higher and the bulk of the commercial
grades brought from 08c to 03c, with the
yelow selling at a alight premium over the
other grades.
Oats receipts were extremely light, the
No. 1 white selling nt Ho, tho No. 4 white
at fse, and the market generally being
quoted from 14c to 14c higher.
Th. trnd. In ry. and parlay waa also very
quiet, and as no aalea were reported, these
careala were quoted unchanged.
Clearances wore: Wheat and floor equal
to 484,000 bu; corn, 110,000 bu.j oats, 170,
000 bu.
Primary whuat reeelpta wore 740,000 bu.
and ahlpmente 470,000 bu., agalnat receipts
of 1,114,000 bu. and shipments, of 474,000 bu.
last year.
Primary corn receipts were 1,144,000 bu.
and shipments 073,000 bu., agalnat recelpu
of 1,081,000 bu. and ehlpmenta of 440,000 bu.
last year, ,
Primary Data receipts .. were SSO.Oet bu.
and ehtpmenle 438,000 bu., agalnat reeelpta
of 718,000 bu. and shipments of 731,000 bu.
last year.
Wheat Corn. Oata.
Chicago it 401
Omaha 31 -. ,83
Kanaaa City 101 10
St. Loula 114 It
These aales were reported today:
Wheat No. 1 hard winter: 1 oar.. 11.11;
1 car, 11.1314 i 7 ears, 11.11. No. I hard
winter: 1 car. 81. 8m; 1 car, 11.11; I cars,
1.0114: 1 cera,; 4 cars. : SI; 1 car.
11.11; 1 car, 11.11. No. 4 lard v-'nl.r; 1
car. 11.17; 1 car, 11.86; 1 car, till; 1
car. 11.14; 1 car, 11.88. fiample hard win
ter: 1 oar, 11.10. No. 4 durum mixed: 1 car,
1.1814. No. 1 wlxed: 1 car, 11.13. Na I
mixed: lcar, 11.10; 1 ear, 11.11: 1 oar
11.17; 1 car, 11.11. No. 4 mixed: 1 car.
11.1414; 1 car. 1.11; 1 ear. 11.11. Sample
mixed: 1 car, 11.88; 1 car. 11.74. No. I
mixed durum: 1 car. 1.1114; 1 ears, 11. tl:
1 car, 81.84. Wheat and barley iptied: 1
oar, 11.10. No. 4 spring: 1 ear, 1.71;
CornNo. 1 white: I ears. PTtic. No. 1
yellow: I cars, 08c No. 1 yellow: II care,
OSKe. No. 1 yellow; 1 oar, IlKe; 1 car,
0814c; 1 ear. 0314c No. 1 mixed: 1 cars.
I3KC No. 1 mixed: 11 care, 1114c. No. 1
mixed: 1 car, 1114c. '
. Oats No. 1 whits: 1 car. i4c. No. 4
whits: 1 can, 3o. Sample white: 1
oar, 1814c; 1 car, 0814c.
Omaha Caah Prices Wheat: No. 1 hard,
l.U!4!.S3tt; No. 1 hard, 1. 8101.1114;
No. 4 hard, 81.83, 1.S7; No. 1 cprlng, 11.87
lit; No. 1 spring, 81. 84 01. tl. Corn: No.
8 whits. 8144081c; No. I while. IJ14 2o:
No. 4 white. -;i40l'..c; No. i white,' 030
0214c: No. 0 White, 111408o; No. 1 yellow,
Ol0O3o; No. S yellow, O3140OSKO; No. 4
yellow, tS14 0llc; No. t yellow, l01314o;
No. 0 y.llow, 0114041c; No. 1 mixed, Oiuj
0O3c; No. I mixed, 8114 08114c; No. t
mlri. I9M09UC, No. I mixed. lltiOOlc:
No. i mixed, 11011tic. Oata: No. 1 whiter!
04140 1414c; standard, .vaei4o; no.
white, IlKOttc; No: 4 white, !!!40iS.
Barley: Halting, 11.00 01.11; No. 1 feed, 17c Rye: No. I, 11.4101.41; No. 1,
Quetalleaa st the Key ea Tartan Leading
New York, Jan. It. Flour Firm.
Wheat Soot, etront: No. Shard, 13.1414,
No. 1 northern. Dulutb, 3.2414: No. 1 north
ern, Manitoba,, t. o. b New York.
Corn Boot, firm: No. S yellow. 11.1114, a
L f.. New York.
Oeta flpot, firmer; atandard. 870I7V,C
Lard Hteady; middle west. Slt.00011.10.
Hay Steady: No. 1, 11.10; No. 2, 11.000
1.00; No. 1, 0500714c; ablpplng, 18 0 00c.
Hope Quiet: state, common to cnoico,
lilt. ts50c; llli, O014G) Pacific coast,
1810, 11014c: llli, 8011c
Hides Dull; Bogota, 41042c; central
America. 4tc.
Leather Firm; hemlock ftrata, 17c; sec
onds, lie.
Provlalona Pork, very firm; mess, 132.00
0 33.10; family, 131.00 0 32. (0; abort clear,
181.000 33.00. Beef, Arm; mesa, 1231000
I33.S0; family, 20.00027.00. Lard, steady;
middle weet, I0.0091t.10.
Tallow Steady; city. 1044c: country, 110
11 He; .pedal, 1114c
Butter Steady; receipts, 10,131 tuns:
creamery, 4004114c; firsts, lt03114c; sec
onds, 331403014c.
Kgga Eaalor; receipts, 7,010 eaaea; zrein
gathered, extra ftrata, iltri2c: Urate, 00c;
refrigerator, aeconda to flrats, 37030c.
Cheese steady: reeelpta. 0,201 boxes;
stale, held, specials, 34!4 0 24c; aame,
average fancy. 3314034c.
Poultry Dressed, strong;; chickens, ISO
38c; fowl., 20 340; turkeys, 10023c.
Llvs, steady; no prices quoted.
Ill 1131)
II. 8. Ind. Alcohol. '44.100 180 13314
United S la tea Steel, 10. too lift lull 1141
U. S. Steel pfd..... 100 ISO, 130 k 1314
Utah Cod cr lt.100 100 100 101
Wabash pfd, "B".. 1,400 10 11 111,
Western tlnlen too 00 3 8614 81 lj
WeaUnghouae Else. 1,100 1344 02 tl
xotat saiee lor me oay, sze.oro aoaree.
': ' Hew Terti laeaay aUrket.
New Tor. Jan. It. Mercantile Pacer
8 IV. per cent
Stoning aTxcbaage ee-aajr bills. It. 73:
ommeretal tt-day Mill on aanka, 14.714;
oommarolal 10-dajr Mile, 11.11)41 demand.
M lilti eaatea, 14.71)4.
Silver Bar, M140: Mexican aenars, 1714c
steady; railroad.
The furors grata rltuatlon showed a much
stronger tons today and tho trade today
waa featured by a good export Inquiry for
wheat and 00m and more .particularly for
corn. The present aupply and demand
aituatloa la evidently const rued as being
bullish, although some of the trad. Is un
easy about tho political situation and all
slicking pretty eloss to shore. Wheat opened
stsady and during the early part ot the sea
son both tho Hay and July hold around the
opening prlcea, but a lata advance closed
the Hay at 11.1114 ana tne suiy ei et.e,v,.
nam and eata followed wheat and corn
In the advance. May corn eleering at li0
and May oata at 1014 c.
Local range ef options:
Time Lean, Steady: sixty daya. 441 ner
eeat; ninety daya, I per eent; six months.
14 per cant
etui atonsy aveawr; higher, g per out;
w, 1 aer mat; rutin, rata, 1 per eeat:
last loan, 1 per eeat; closing bid, lit
per oent; ottered at 1 per oent
U. S. 8a. reg.... ltK. c. Sq, ret (a. t14
da coupon.... Mgrl N, un. ... 87 5
U. 8. la, reg...l01 M, X. k T. 1 4a 77V,
do coupon. ...101 "He Pac Con. Oe 104)4
U. a 4a, reg.:. 110 Mont Power la. .10014
-no . r. cen. deb ssllisi
Am. T. A T ov. 4UflN. T. Cllv tu,. Ill
Am T.AT. c 4!telSN T.J(.H.H.,c.lalotV,
Anglo-Freneh la II 14 No. Paclflo is.. 84)4
Atcnlnaon gaa. is lli.No. Pacific Is... 1014
nail, at unio ea. v ureva. 1. rer. 48. 0444
Beth. St. ref. I..101HP.6. T A TA 1. uiu
Can. Paclflo 1st. I3)tena. Con. 4U.B.1071.
... . v. - , - n ..... .. . u. i,,m
C, B. A Q. It 4s. 1814 Reading gen. 4s. 1114
C. H. A St P. c. laflo. Pacific cv. la. 104 5
CM ASt.P. e. 1.1(17 Ho. Paclrio ret ts 04 5
C..R.1.AP. r. 4s 71 So. Railway IS..103I4
Cole A a. r. 414s li Union Pacific Is. Ill,
lien. tOlectrifl lalOO UU. fl. Ruhher Sa lAikT
111. No let OliallOltkU. a Steel is. ...101
til. uentrat r. a. lOM'west union 414s I8H
Pork. ,
May '
Omaha, Jaa. la. Bank clearings for
Omaha today ware 14Jti.ttt.7t and for the
oorreatMBOiag aay last year 11,411.171.01.
Cattle, Steady, Hogs, Kaey,
Ixiaana, Jaa It. American eeeurlttee were
Idle oa the stock sxchangs here today.
Dlsceant Bates Sholr bllla, 1 per eent; three
ueoire, a pv. oon,.
Chicago, Jaa, II Cattle Reeelpta. 1.0O0
bead; market oteady aatlve beef, 17.000
11.80; weeurn steers, 7.70 011.10; Blockers
and,; oows and heifers,
84 40010 II; calves. 10.7114.81.
Hoga Receipts, 40,000 head; market easy
at lie above yesterday's average; bulk of
aalea, flo.lovil.oi; light, 810.1(011.00
mixed.; heavy. 810.700101
rough. 110.700 10.01; plga. II.MtllO.IO.
Sheep and Lamba Receipts, 13,000 head
market unsettled; wethers, 10.70010.1;
City uve Star Market.
St Lasts live steak Market,
23 4 fed lambs
178 fed tames
201 fed lambs
471 Colorado lambe
Ill tl
, M. Jeeoph 'Jw Stack Market 1
St Joseph, ho, Jaa. la. Cattle Re
eelpta, 1.444 bead; market a trees: stsers. oowa aad heltera, 14.IO01O.M;
calve., t4M0l!.tt.
Hogs Reeelpta, 14.000 heed: markst
mostly ltc big aer; top.; bulk of aalea,
Sheep and Lean be Receipts, I.Mt hae;
market 10c hlghsr; lamba, I1S.H011.M;
ewea, 1.1001.00.
Bee 'Want Ads Produce Results.
St. Louis, Jan. II. Caltle Recelpu, 1,100
head: markal ateady; native beef ateera,
17.10011.00; yearlings atesrs -and heifers.
1.00 0 11.10: cows and heifers. 18.1000.10;
Blockers and feeders, 0.8008.11; prime
southern beef steers and heifers, 17.1101.00
native calves. 10. 00 0 11.00.
Hogs Receipts, 11,700 head; market lie
higher; inula,; plga, IS 31 a)
11.00; mixed snd butcherB, glO.iO011.Oi;
good heavy, (10.11011.17)41 bulk ot aalea,
Sheep and Lamba Reeelpta. 1,701 head;
market higher: lamba, 112.7l014.SiL ewea.
8.e.eyi..v.; yeariiaga, gll.ss0ts.3i.
Ctty leva Meek Market
Kansas City, Jsn. 1 1. Cattle Receipts.
11,000 bead: market strong; prima fed
ateera. 17.00011.00: cowe, gi.li0t.OO: half
era, gl.IO011.tO: Blockers and feedsrs, 10.00; nulla,; calves, 17.000
Hogsa-Reoslpta, 1I.0M head: ' market
higher: bulk of aales, glg.IO01l.Hi heavy.
gio.lt0is..i; packers and butchers, 110.100
10.10; light, 110.20010.71; plga, 11.710 -
BhMp and Lamba Receipts. l.iOA head;
markst higher; lambs, ll.tt0ll.OO: year-
lings,; wethers, I8.8O0IO.35
ewes, .
Dry Oeeds Market. ' '
New York, Jan. If. Dry Ooode Oray cot.
tea godda were today easier la sales betwMn
aeeend handa. Tame, quiet Burlaps were
Irregular. Men's wesr openings continued
with buyer, numerous la the markets.
1 tilt
1 44
1 84
1 44 w
1 11
'' :
1 StM
1 4ii
1 w
Cklcege oleatng prtoee. furnished Tbs Bee
by Logan uryaa, atoca ana gram oroa'
srs. Hi South Sixteenth street. Omaha:
1 Silt
1 41
1 U)4
' 11
: 17
II 11
11 li
11 71
it 10
14 It
It 13
High. I Low,
1 18
1 11
1 tf
I It
II 11
II 11
II li
II 17
10 00
tii 14
St 111
II 17
11 101
14 10
11 M
, 1 11
.: )4
,' 1SI
' '!!
18 11
II 11
11 II
It 11
II ti
It 41
111 Tl
St It
14 71
IB 13
decline of I to I pointr and aold off to
for Mar and I7.:e for September during the
afternoon, or about 12 polnta not lower. The
cIom waa at practically tho low point of the
day, abowlng a set loaa of 11 to 12 polnta.
Salea wore eatlmated at 68.500. January,
83 i; February, 84. 0e: March, 84. Be; April.
84:0e; May, It.Se; June, 16.8c: July, lf.3c;
Auguat gd.Sc: September, 87.2c: October,
87.7c; November, 88.2c; December, 18.8c
Spot quiet; Rio 7s, 10c; Santoa, 10e.
More offers were reported In tho cost and
freight market with aSntos 4s quoted at
10o London credits, and Rio 7a at 0c
American credits. Krelghtn were reported
flrrn In Rraxll at 13 per bag.
The offtctel cablea reported an advance ef
71 rets st Rto whlls Ssntos was unchsnged
Si rets higher on futures. Rio cleared
i.000 bags for New, York.
Kanaaa City Caere! Market.
Kansas City, Jan. 18. Wheat No. 1 hard.
1.1001.11; No, 1, 11.1701.03: No. 3 red.
1.0001.13; Nc I, 11.1001.01; May, 11.1414
01.84; July, 11.48. v
Corn No. 1 mixed, 815 08414c; No. 1
white, fl.; No. 3 yellow, M0O8c; May,
808Oc; July. O80Ofc
Oata No. 1 white, f70i7)4e; No. S mixed.
Butter creamery, 4le; firsts, lle; sec
onds, S7e; packing, 10c
Ens Firsts, 88 o. -
Poultry Hens, 10o: roosters, 12c; tur
keys, 14c.
Minneapolis ttretn Market.
Minneapolis, Jsn. 14. Wheat May, July. 11.11. Cash: No. 1
hard. 1.1O03.O114; No. 1 northern, 11.8114
01.18; No. 2 northern, 1.1101.00; No. 8
wheat H.7101.81.
Cora No. I yellow, 1409ie.
Oata No. I white, i40Bic.
Flaxseed 2.88 01.13 .
Flour Unchanged. 1
Barley lo081.1S.
Rye 1.4001.41.
Brett 837.600)28.00.
The decision ot the United States
supreme court in placing; the literal
interpretation on the Mann act law
In upholding the decisions of the state
courts in the cases of Maury I'. Diggs,
F. Drew Caminetti and L. T. Hayes,
wilt" have no bearing on the future
workings of the United States De
partment of Justice, according to
Marshall Eberstein, agent in charge
of the local office of this bureau of
the secret service.'
The Mann act has been in operation
since lyiU. since that time about
half a hundred) cases have been tried
in the federal court in this state. Over
forty of these cases have been tried
sinccMr. Eberstein came to Omaha
three years ago.
In the three years Mr. Eberstein
has been at the head of the local
bureatrtnly two have been acquitted.
One man was acquitted in the United
States court in Omaha and one in
the court at Lincoln. Forty have
been convicted in the three years.
Twenty-two were convicted of violat
ing the law during 1916.
Evidence Elusive.
"As a matter of fact," declared Mr.
Eberstein, "practically all of the white
slave" cases are commercial, but this
feature is generally very hard to
prove. It is many times impossible
to obtain evdrnire proving the com
mercial feature when it is known to
be contained in the case.
Of the forty convictions in this
state since I have been in Omaha we
were positive of the commercial fea
ture in practically every case.
"The decision of the court will not
affect our methods at all. The law
remains the same. The law does not
make an exception for noncommer
cial cases, and our department in
making investigations and arrests has
never made exception. The decision
of the supreme court will not make
it any easier for us, will not influence
our work at all, and we intend to con
tinue as we have done in the past."
St Lotus Grain Market
St. Loula, Jan. It. Wheat No. I red,
1.K01.17; No. 1 hard, 11.1701.18; Hay,
1.17; July, 11.41.
Corn No. 1. ote; No. I white, 8808c;
May, 8114c; July, 1814 0 890.
Oata NO. 1, ife( Ho. z While, osc.
Stetrx City Live Stock Market .
Sioux City, la., Jan. 11. Cattle Reeelpta,
2,000 bead; market for killers strong, J0o
hlghsr; Blockers steady; beef steera, 30.600
10.00; butchers. 7.iO0l.2i;. fat cows and
heifers, 0.00 0 0.00; Banners, t4.li0i.iO;
stockers and feeders. 10.10 0 8.00: calves,
1.0001.10; bulls, a tare, etc.. IB.lO07.iO;
feeding cowa and heifers, gi.OO08.OO,
Hogs Receipts, 12,000 bead; market 10
Bloo higher; light. 111.OO01O.SO; mixed,
lO.88 01O.tO; heavy, 810.16010.80; pigs,
8.00 01.00; bulk of aalea. gio.Si01t.lo. .
Sheep, and) Lambs Recelpu 2U0 head;
market ateady; fed muttons, . S8. 00 011.00;
wsthsra, M.oo0io.o; awes,. fi.zi0i.;
Don't take too long to "think it
over" when the break comes. McAdoo
nearly lost his job ones because he
could not answer promptly "yes" or
no." To take advantage ot a real
good thing, you must act promptly.
If you do not, the ether fellow gets
the "plum" while you are dreaming.'
Prepare yourself to set promptly, and
Watch these columns closely tor a
day or two.
New York. Jaa. 24. Cetttm Futures
opened barely stsady; January, 17.10c;
March, 17.44c; May, 17.01c; July, 17.040;
October, 11.40c
Futures closed steady: January, 17.1io:
March, I7.44c; May, 17. lac; July, 17.11c;
October, 11.31c
Spot cotton, ' quiet;' mddllng upland,
lt.SOo: aalea, too bales.
- The cotton market today closed steady at
a net advance ef te 11 points.
Liverpool, Jan.. If. Cotton Spot easy;
good middling. 10.13d; middling, 10.70d;
low middling, JO.tld: aales, 7.0M bales.
Prelrla Bay Choice upland, 111.10; No. L
llll.M01I.M; No. 3, 810.00011.10; No. I,
It 80011.01. Choice midland.; No. 1,
1011011.11; Nc a, I1.M011.M: No. I.
88.I40I.M. Choice lowland, ll.BO01t.tO;
No. 1. 8l.M08.iO; No. a. tl.M0t.OO; No,. I,
Straw Choice wheat ll.M0l.6l; choice
oat or rye. I7.to07.ii.
Alfalfa Choice, 17.ITvll.10: Me. 1,
lt.tt17.M; standard, lll.01i.4t; No. 2,
118.00 0 14-M; No. 1. 111.11011.00.
live Stack tm Sight 1
Receipts af live stock at the flvs' principal
westorn markets:
Omaha L ' 8,000
Sioux Cltr.......... S.Boo
Chicago. Jan. It Enlarged export boat
neaa, together with a big decrease In the
United States' visible aupply. gave a atrong
upward Impulse to tne wneat roaraet toaay.
Aa a result nrlces, although nervous at the
lose, showed sn aqvancs ox i n is net,
with May at 81.11 to 11.81 and July at
11.11 to 81.11. corn gained o to
cent, oata 0 to cent and provisions
31 to 7ic.
Export sales of wheat for tne day totaled
aa much as 1,100,000 bushels and It waa said
three foreign governments were buying. In
this connection tbs fact waa pointea out
that the world's avallabls stock showed a
hugs reduotlon In the laat week, about f,
001.000 as against an Increase ot about !,-
O00.0M at ths corresponding time a year
ago. Still more stgnncaat, according to
the bulls, was tn. circumstance inei,
000 buahsls bad to be noted as a cut la the
amount on hand In the United States. The
hesvy abridgment of the domestic aggre
gate was announced Juet heforethe open
ing and exerted an Immediate Influence on
velues. a consequence that kept heightening
throughout the session as from time to time
fresh export Bales were made known.
Berlin edvlcee tbat tne answer 02 we
entente allies to President Wilson's 'nets
barred for tho present any further steps by
Germany te bring about peace oounted (0
a material extent as a bullish factor In the
wheat markst Bene feera or crop damage
the soft wheel slates tsnded also to
handicap the bears.
Export buying and tne acarctty or rural
offerings helped to lift corn. ArgenUne re
ports oontlnued telndtcate a big shrinkage
of tho probable yield. Besides, there waa
much notice tsken of the etrength of the
domestic live stock markets at high record
levels. Oata, llks what gnd corn, responded
Improved eeabosrd demend. shipping
business, however, wss restricted by dl cul
ty of obtaining railroad care. Advaace In
the hog market mads previsions soar. In
addition, ths semi-monthly report on ware
house Blocks wee regarded aa bulllab. .nee
ds! I r concerning perk and rlba.
Cash rncee Wheat: No. 1 red nominal :
No. I red, 11.1401.13; No. I aad I hard
nominal. Corn: No. I yellow, 8l0S8o;
No. 4 yellow, H0t7c; No. 4 white, 18
01! Ho. Oata; Ns. I white, it0i7c;
atandard. i70llc Rye: No. 8. 11.17.
Barley. Olc081.ll. Seeds: Timothy,; clover. 111.000 17.00. Provisions.
Pork, 110.0; lard, 816.10016.86; ribs, 814.80
Butler Unsettled: creamery, Sl0 37c-
Kgga Lower; receipts. 1.141 csaee; firsts.
4l 0 47oj ordinary flreta, 11041c; at mark,
cases Included. 310400.
Potatoes Stesdy; reeelpta, tl cars: Wis
consin ami Michigan white, 11.1001. 10;
Idaho, Colorado, Oregon and Washington
whit.. 1.0003.01.
Poultry Allv. steady; fowls, ltc; springs,
lie . ..
' ; Ceffea Market
Mew oTrk, Jan. It. The market for cof
fee faturea was sxsln stesdy todey but
with scstterlng liquidation which seemed te
come largely rrom nroaere wttn oetteo
trade or Well Street connections. Ths leaa
faverkble view ef peace pit pacts probably
acceuated for a good pert of tbls pressure,
while there were alee reporte ef freer offar
tnga from Brasll. Tbs market opeued at a
.. 1.100
.. t.MO
14,11 101,700
Hogs. Sheep.
11,000 11,000
12,000 200
. 1B.700 1,700
40,000 13,000
18,000 1.600
Kansas City.,
Evaporated Apples end Dried Fruits,
New Tork, Jan. It. Bvaporated Apples
Dull: fancy, 814c choice, f0lc; prima.
707c .
Dried Fruits Prunes, dull; Calif orntas.
101Oc; Oregons, 80to; Apricots,
firm; choice, 17c; extra oholoe, I7c; fancy,
ltc. Peaches, quiet but nteady; choice,
8c; extra choice, lc; fancy, lc. Reta
ins, arm; cboice to tancy seeoeo, strive;
seedless, 1001114c; London layers, 11.10.
Ytavannah. Oa., Jan. 11, Oil Turpentine,
firm. ilc; aalea. 111 bbla.; receipts, 183
bbla.: shipments. 86 bbls. ; stocks, 38,414 bble.
Rosin Ftnnl ssles, 1,214 bbls.: reeelpta
till bbls.: shipments, 717 bbla; stocks, 87
171 bbla Quotstions: A, B. C, 0, G, F,
11.3000.37: O. 8B.2CDS.X714: it. i. 8B.40
K. 18.10; M, tt.BO0O.7i; N, 16. IOO 7.00; WO,; wv. fi.sveyi.av.
New Tork. Jan. la. .Soger Raw, quiet;
sentrifuaaJ. l.Sto: molssees. 1.83c Refined,
steady; fine granulated, l-Ttc Futures were
eesy under aelllng by trade Interests,
prompted by the bearish weekly figures
from Cuba. At boob nwvcee were to
points net lower.
New Tork, Jan. 18. Mate la Lead. 17.10
bid. Spolter, not eaoted. Copper, firm;
electrolytic nrat second and third quarters.
37.M031.tO. Irea, ateady and un
changed. Tin. strong, swot M4.M0 41.10.
Dr. Ring's Never IMeeoverv.
There at BOthuvg hotter for yonr cough
or cold than Dr. Kmc New Dlauosou; tn
use error 4, years. Otsaranteed. All drag,
(lets. Advertteevient
Th first motiaarid dollars is the
hirdettto make. We are going to
help youto make that first thousand.
After tbat the rest comes easier.
Watch these column.
We Buy
and Grain
It Will Pay Yoa ;
M. Peter.
Mill Co.,
South SM StMiw
Marshal Eberstein Says Fed
eral Secret Service Here
Anticipated Decision. ,
Ladies' Relief Society
Sends fund to Budapest
. Nellie Pollack of the Ladies' Relief
association for war victims has for
warded 2,500 kronen to Budapest in
the name of the society. The dona
tion is- equivalent to $300 in American
money. V
Subject to Croup.
"Our little girl is subject to frequent
attacks of croup," writes F. O. Strong,
Calpella, Col. "I always give her
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, as one
or two dosei of it cures her." This
is a favorite remedy for croup, as it
can be depended upon and is pleasant
and safe to take. It contains no nar
cotic. Advertisement.
Last Tim
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r iwiiusim A woLFiii,
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C.rmea. OrsheeM Travel WaUtr. Prices: Bailer.
10.; Beet Hut. (exeoot Saturday is euasaj), 2tc;
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wuiui't srtrM rrWTK D "
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ociaie traTfjlerB Gto, HJekinvi, Elate JLtTedtu, Irv
ing u 11 ay. virfinig, rtatrtj. .uua uuotu. i iuv xnu
and Kifvtible Beaut Khonu. Fun for all; U for fun.
eUdiaa' Dime Mctine Evtry Wek Day.
Sat. Mat. and Wk: The Great Behman Show.
In Rural Satira
RAB&rMk aV MeGradei Gladhra Cor-
rialli Lulu CeaU A CrackerJacka.
Bryant Washburn and Nell Craig
aVa - - " RDIT AltTITRsZ
Tuesday and Wednesday
A Thrilling and Romantic Tala.
Francis Ford snd Grscs Cunard in No.
S of "THE PURPLE MASK." "Heart
sick at Sea,'' L-KO. "The Wrong Mary
Wright," caneerf. I
In an Eliht-Reel
PhotB Dramatic
Version af
War Brides"
Marian Craig
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From th Fsmous Cartoons.
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Mary Pickford
Her Second Superfetnttire,
"The Pride of the Clan''
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Julius Steger
'The Stolen Triumph'
First Run BBS. sa. gat I Contlnoous
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Photoplay.. I 11 P. M.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Louise Hnff
Jack Pickford
"Great Expectations"
The fiett Drened and Beat Known
Woman in America,
' Mrs. Vernon Castle
The Serial Supreme.
There is such a thing; as s person
being absolutely pushed into s access.
That is what we are going; to do to
you watch these columns.
Reminhcent of Old Creole
Days-Beauregard 's Home
Standing ii) columned
majesty, the Beauregard
home is typical of old
New Orleans days. Its
slender Ionic pillars recall
the halcyon times of the
'fifties, when Louisiana
ball-rooms were thronged
with glittering toilettes
from the ateRtrt of great
modistes. One can
almost picture the court
ly master, as Tie returned
from the Mexican wars,
a hero of heroes, ac
claimed by North and
fYsv tf Ca. BtAUreiarJ
South alike a warrior worthy of his gallant Creole ancestry,
Fiery romance still makes the Beauregard home her own. In
recent years it has staged desperate scenes, even to bloody battles
between rival Italian clans.
That is the- piquant charm of New Orleans today; at any corner one
may stumble on an unexpected story, some fantastic tale of happenings
which make the past live again in the reality of modern times.
Everyone who b aGve to the thrill of romance wants to visit this
magic city now. Its cafes are a-bubble with lifej its ball-rooms again
resound to the music of Creole airs; its Opera House is packed to
the roof as in the early days of Calve. For the opening of the
Panama Canal has brought gold and gaiety to New Orleans once more.
The Panama Limited
To Neto Orleans from Chicago and St. Louis
provides for the traveler a journey as unique as the pleasures
which await him at the journey's end. It is the most sumptuous
train, ever ' run between the North and South; jhe "magnates1"
train, people call it, because it is the train business men take when
they want luxury and speed. No extra fare.
The Panama Limited has materially cut the fastest schedule to New
Orleans Ver made before. Leave Chicago at half-past noon, or St. Louis
at 4:30 p. m.,and arrive in New Orleans in time for lunch the next dajr.
No one who goes to California, to Cuba, to Panama or to South
America can afford to neglect-New Orleans tn joule. And every
one who values the good things of travel goes via Panama Limited.
, Leaves Chicago Daily 12:30 P. M.; St. Louis 4:30
P. M. Arrives New Orleans 11:30 next morning.
Illinois Central
S. North, District Pusenjrrr Agent
407 South Sixteenth St., Omaha, Nebraska